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泉州妇幼贵不贵泉州新阳光医院A piece of oily fish should be the same size as a mobile phone.一片富含油脂的鱼应与一部手机的大小相同。For cooked pasta, imagine the size of a tennis ball to estimate the correct portion size.对于煮好的意面,想象一下一个网球的大小来估计一下意面的正确份量。Fill a coffee mug with dry cereal to get an indication of the size of a portion of dry cereal.往一个咖啡杯中装满干麦片,就可获得干麦片的食用份量。Is the size of your piece of b no bigger than a five pound note? If so, it#39;s the right size.你的面包片还没有一张5英镑的纸币大?如果是这样的话,则大小合适。Imagine the size of a lightbulb when doling out portions of fruit.在发放水果的时候,想想一个灯泡的尺寸。Fill your glass with greens, not wine, to get an idea of how many green vegetables you should be eating.在你的玻璃杯中装满绿叶蔬菜,不是酒,就可得出你应食用的绿叶蔬菜的份量。Chocolate and make-up are some women#39;s weaknesses - use one to signify the size of the other.巧克力和化妆品是一些女人的弱点——用化妆品的尺寸来表示巧克力的大小。Judge the number of raisins you should be eating by the size of a matchbox.根据火柴盒的大小来判断你应该食用的葡萄干的数量。Measure your nut butter by the dimensions of a golf ball and your portion size will be correct.根据一个高尔夫球的尺寸来衡量你的果仁奶油,它的份量会是正确的。Is the potato you#39;re planning on eating the same size as a computer mouse? It should be to be the right size.你要吃的土豆和一个电脑鼠标一样大?这应该是正确的尺寸。Find out if the amount of butter you#39;re eating is correct by measuring it against the size of a die.通过衡量一个骰子的尺寸来弄清楚你要食用的黄油的份量。A cupcake that#39;s the same size as a make-up compact is the correct size for a portion of cupcake to be.纸杯蛋糕的正确食用份量与化妆粉盒大小相同。A portion of nuts should be the same size as a book of six stamps.坚果的份量应与6枚邮票的尺寸相同。Find out how much popcorn you should be eating by measuring it against a roll of sellotape.通过测量一卷塑料胶带来弄清楚你应食用的爆米花的份量。 /201605/442625泉州炎症妇科 Punctuality is something many people struggle with - especially in an age where technology has made it easier than ever to let people know you might be late.守时是一件让许多人都感到困扰的事--尤其是在这样一个科技发达的时代,比以往任何时候都更加容易地让别人知道你可能会迟到。However tardy timekeepers may be glad to know over in Mexico, turning up half an hour late is entirely acceptable, and in Morocco you can be anything from an hour to a day late without anyone batting an eyelid.但是,在莫斯科行动缓慢的人可能会高兴,因为迟到半个小时是完全可以接受的,而在洛哥你可以任意迟到一个小时或者一天,其他人甚至连眼都不会眨一下。But those keen to adhere to scheduled times needn#39;t panic as Japan and Germany are sticklers for punctuality with the latter even requiring you to be early for meetings, a new infographic reveals.但是那些热衷于坚守时间表的人也不必恐慌,因为据一份新图表显示,日本和德国都坚持守时,德国甚至要求你在会议开始前提前到。Free online gaming website Mr Gamez has created a study to find how much and how little value different nations around the world place on punctuality - and the results differ enormously.免费在线游戏网站Mr Gamez发起了一项研究,从而指出守时对全世界不同国家的重要性有什么不同--而结果差异非常巨大。In South Korea people view being late as a sign of disrespect. But in Malaysia saying you will be five minutes late usually means an hour and being late is an accepted norm that does not require an apology.韩国人认为迟到是一种不尊重人的行为。但是在马来西亚,人们说迟到5分钟却往往意味着迟到1个小时,而且迟到是一种可以被接受的行为,不必要道歉。In China it is not considered late if you arrive within 10 minutes of the agreed time, but in Japan, if a train arrives more than one minute after it is scheduled to, it is considered late.在中国,如果你在约定时间过后10分钟之内到达就不算迟到。但是在日本,如果火车比预定时间晚一分钟到达,那么就会被认为是迟到了。On the other side of the Pacific it is not uncommon for people to turn up half an hour late for a scheduled meeting in Mexico在太平洋的另一边,墨西哥人经常在会议开始半个小时后才露面。Thanks to its industrial past, in Germany you are expected to arrive at least 10 minutes early for any scheduled meeting. But down in Nigeria if a meeting is scheduled at 1pm, that means the meeting will start any time between 1pm and 2pm.由于过去的工业习惯,在德国你应该比任何预定的会议时间提前10分钟到达。但是在尼日尼亚,如果一场会议预定在下午1点举行,那就意味着这场会议将在下午1点到2点之间的任意时间举行。Similarly in Saudi Arabia time is not such an important commodity, with people frequently turning up half an hour late to meetings. Looking at your watch during an event is also considered to be discourteous.同样在沙特 ,时间也不是很重要,人们经常在会议开始半个小时后才露面。在一场活动中看着你的手表也被认为是不礼貌的。When making a social appointment in Brazil, you are not required to be there on time unless the phrase ‘English time#39; is used, which means you have to be punctual.在巴西,你不需要对预约准时,但是如果使用了“英国时间”的字眼,那么你就必须要准时了。In Ghana most meeting times are considered to be flexible, even if an exact time is given. It can very often mean at any point during that day. Likewise punctuality is not seen as a virtue in India. People appreciate it but it may not be reciprocated.在加纳,大多数会议的时间都是很灵活的,即使给出了一个确切的时间。那经常意味着会议可以在那天任何时候举行。同样,印度也不将守时看作一种美德。人们欣赏守时,但是守时却可能不会得到回报。 /201608/458282Have you ever found yourself staring down at an empty bowl of ice cream wondering what just happened?你是不是也遇到过这种情况:自己盯着空空如也的冰激凌杯,在想刚刚到底发生了什么?Or holding an empty bag of M and Ms?抑或傻乎乎地拎着被消灭干净的巧克力袋子?Let#39;s face it—no one consciously decides to sabotage their diet. So how is it that your best intentions can be so blindsided by...by what?面对现实吧——大家都不是有意识的要破坏自己的节食计划。那么,我们立志瘦身的初衷究竟是怎样被攻破的?又是被什么攻破的?According to stimulus-response theory, we#39;re often derailed by a kind of knee-jerk way of thinking: You see a TV commercial for a juicy bacon double cheeseburger (stimulus) and next thing you know you#39;re driving to McDonald#39;s (response).根据刺激反应理论,我们常常会被下意识的思考方式所干扰:上一秒你在电视上看到培根双层芝士汉堡的广告(刺激),下一秒你就发现自己已经在开车去麦当劳的路上了(反应)。In order to minimize this kind of mindless eating, you need to become aware of the circumstances that leave you most susceptible to falling off the healthy food wagon.若要尽可能地控制这些无意识的贪吃行为,你需要了解哪些情境因素会使你更容易偏离健康饮食的轨道。You are particularly susceptible to knee-jerk sabotage when:在下面这些情况下,你尤其容易受下意识思考方式的影响:1. You#39;re stressed. Whether it#39;s caused by life challenges, illness, or fatigue, stress depletes you emotionally as well as physically.当你倍感压力时。生活中的挑战、疾病或劳累都会让你感到压力,而不管是哪一种都会在精神上和体力上击垮你。When you become depleted, food—especially the salty, sweet, fatty, high calorie kind—beckons you with promises of escape, sedation, and comfort. Ah!当你感到被击垮时,食物——尤其是高盐、高糖、高脂、高卡路里的食物——就在向你招手了:来吧!我能让你逃离压力,镇静放松下来!啊,如此美好!And these promises aren#39;t exaggerations. Food does offer the relief you seek—well, at least until you swallow!而且它们没说谎——食物(是的,吃进肚的食物),的确能帮我们释放压力。2. You#39;re bored. Boredom is an emotion that leaves you feeling fidgety and somewhat out of control. Your go-to comfort food not only promises the distracting pleasure of something to do, but will flood your brain with feel-good chemicals. Your restlessness is swept away by the blissful tranquility of escape.当你无聊时。无聊会让你感觉烦躁不安、难以自控。这时你便向食物索取安慰,因为它不但能让你忙活起来,分散注意力,还会让你的大脑血液中流过令人愉快的化学物质。你的焦躁不安一扫而光,心头洋溢着成功摆脱空虚的喜悦和宁静。3. You#39;re watching TV (or otherwise distracted). We are creatures of habit as well as creatures of comfort. And what#39;s more comforting—or mindless—than zoning out binge-watching your favorite TV series while digging into that bag of chips?你在看电视的时候(或者其它思想不集中的时候)。人类是追求舒适感的生物,更是享受按习惯行事的生物。想象一下,当你可以放空大脑,一边放肆地追你最爱的电视剧,一边疯狂地吃薯片,如此舒适惬意,无忧无虑,夫复何求?Mindless distraction and snacking become ritualistic habits, just like a tub of popcorn becomes a must at the movie theater.放空大脑、吃零食好像已成为一种固定的搭配,就像看电影就必须吃一桶爆米花一样。4. You#39;re depressed or anxious. Emotional struggle and stress are inseparable, leaving you feeling desperate and out of control. Destructive eating is an anesthetic to your emotional pain and discomfort.你沮丧或焦虑的时候。情绪上的困扰总是和压力相伴相生,让你感觉歇斯底里,不受控制。而大吃大喝就像麻醉剂,让你暂时忘却情绪上的痛苦和不适。The feel-good chemical dopamine is released in the brain and—at least while you#39;re eating—your emotional pain is numbed.这时,大脑会释放一种名为多巴胺的化学物质,你的情绪痛苦会被暂时麻醉——至少在你吃东西的时候是这样的。5. You#39;re in a restaurant or planning to go out to eat. This is where your mind begins to ;graze:; ;Hmm, what am I in the mood for tonight?;你在餐馆或者正打算去下馆子的时候。这时你的大脑就开始臆想了:“哎呀呀,今晚吃点什么好呢?”This is ;mind-tasting.; Once you begin to mind-taste, you#39;re aly putting in motion the physiological changes associated with actually eating those delicious foods. Mind-tasting is a surefire way to open the door to destructive eating.这就是“臆想的美味”。一旦你开始臆想美味,你就会经历真正品尝美食时才会有的心理变化。所以臆想美味必然导致大吃大喝。6. You feel your stomach growl. You haven#39;t eaten in a few hours, it#39;s almost lunch time, and your stomach growls. For many people, this sets off a small panic: ;I#39;m starving! I need to eat something right now.;你觉得肚子在叫的时候。好几个小时没吃东西了,又快到午饭饭点了,于是肚子开始叫了。而这会引起许多人的心理小恐慌:“饿死我了!必须马上吃点东西才行。”In typical knee-jerk fashion, you#39;re conditioned to jump when your stomach beckons. More often than not, it#39;s your mind, not your body, that needs to be fed.这是典型的下意识行为:肚子一叫,你就习惯性地坐不住了。但往往真正饿的不是你的肚子,而是你的大脑。7. You#39;re alone or lonely. Loneliness is a stressful state, which at times is unavoidable. We try to reduce the stress of loneliness by using food to fill the emptiness in our lives.你独自一人或倍感孤独的时候。孤独能让人感到压力,这是不可避免的。于是我们用食物来填充空虚,以此减轻随孤独而来的压力。Food, quite literally, ;fills; us. And when you#39;re feeling empty and alone, being full can be quite comforting.直白的说,食物就是能使我们充实的“实物”。如果你觉得空虚寂寞,吃饱肚子能让你舒许多。8. You see or smell a nostalgic comfort food. The sight or aroma of a childhood comfort food can release in the brain the same chemicals involved in tasting these foods (mind-tasting again).当你看到或闻到能让你怀旧的食物时。当你看到或闻到童年吃过的食物时,大脑会释放出和真正品尝这些食物时相同的化学物质(又是臆想美味)。It#39;s why fast food restaurants have pictures on their s. You stand there mind-tasting each possibility until you settle on the one choice that seems to offer the most satisfaction.这也解释了为什么快餐店会在菜单上附图片。你只需站在那里就能臆想出每一道菜的美味,然后就拿定主意选择了看起来最好吃的那一道。9. You#39;ve had an alcoholic beverage—or three. Alcohol distorts both your physical and psychological perceptions of hunger. You probably aly know that alcohol adds calories, weakens self-discipline, and stimulates hunger.你喝了一杯酒精饮料的时候——或者三杯。酒精会使你对饥饿感产生错觉。你也许已经知道了这些事实:酒精会增加卡路里摄取量,削弱自律能力,并刺激你的饥饿感。Having a drink before or during your meal will lower your inhibitions and diminish your willpower. Save the wine for dessert.饭前或饭中喝酒会使你放下防备,削弱你的意志力。所以红酒还是留作饭后吃甜点的时候喝吧。10. You#39;re tired, you have access to junk food and it#39;s late at night. Fatigue reduces your capacity for tolerating stress. Nighttime is when things begin to wind down, you#39;ve had a hard day, and you#39;re hoping to reward yourself for having survived the day#39;s demands.你觉得累了,此时正值深夜,手头又有现成垃圾食品的时候。劳累会削弱你对压力的抵抗力。夜晚时分,万籁俱寂,你已经忙碌了一整天,此时不由得希望能犒劳犒劳自己。Or perhaps it#39;s your knee-jerk, ritualistic need for a ;night cap; before retiring. It#39;s easy to fall prey to “tomorrow is another day” thinking and go for the brownies and glass of milk.又或者,这只是你下意识的想法,你其实只是想在睡前再例行公事来点夜宵而已。你轻而易举地说自己,随便今天怎么样了,反正“明天又是新的一天”,然后就兴致勃勃地跑去拿巧克力糕饼和牛奶了。 /201603/434276安溪县儿童医院地图

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