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And you have a dog that you rescued from a pound in Louisiana,right?你有只 手从路易斯安那州的一个收留所里救出来的 对吧And whats the name of your dog? Hes called Bear. Bear. Its a good name for dog.你的叫什么名字 它叫熊 熊 真是个好名Thats kind of dog you are looking for,Taylor,right? im obcessed.这就是你想要的 对吧 对吧 对 就是这样的He was supposed to be a big mans dog.But he just kind of got stumted.它是个大胚子 但却有点营养不良He is a big mans dog,he looks de-size to the picture.不管怎么说 它有只大 照片有点失真而已Is just the head or something? Or what?是因为只拍了头吗 还是什么别的原因Yeah,he kind of...I dont know why he looks so big in the picture,对 他有点 我不知道为什么他在照片显得那么大I want to see no man we are. he looks cute.他真的还是只小 它看着好萌Well his tongue certainly looks big anyway.For his mouth or something?不管怎么说 他舌头真够大的 还是有别的原因It looks like a Gene simmons dog or something.他看起来就像是GENE SIMMONS的It looks like a curtain.Was it a, hum it is like a curtain.看着像个帘子 是啊 是像个帘子Was it the puppy when you got it from the pound?Yeah,he was like 5 weeks old.你在收留所发现它的时候它是幼犬么 对 他才五周大And it was kind of like tour to end of their time,right?但是他的生命即将结束 对吗Is that what I ? yeah,he was. Yeah,he was in the 5-day-kill shelter.我从哪里读到的 是的 它五天没人领养就会被杀掉And it was his forth day.Lucky dog.那天是他的第四天 幸运的And you walked in that day.And a couple of days later,那天你走了进去 然后几天之后just by coincidence,i had to go back to L.A.我偶然要回到洛杉矶And this is not my usual way of travelling,but we had like a private plane.这不是我平时的旅行方式 但那天我们有架私人的飞机So I took him from the worst pound in Monroe,Louisiana and he was sitting on所以我就把大熊从路易斯安那州门罗市 最糟糕的收留所带回来 所以第二天她就坐在了a little private jet the next day. on a private jet. Its hilarious. its awesome.私人小喷气飞机里 私人喷气飞机 太搞了 真棒Having a cocktail looking forward out of the window,so long, suckers.喝着鸡尾酒 还看着窗外 永别了 倒霉蛋们We were staying at the Four Seasons afterwards.之后我们呆在四季酒店的房间里They didnt have and dog food so i got him a little plate of prosciutto.他们没有粮 所以我给了他一小盘火腿注:EllenShow中英字幕来源于:艾伦秀字幕组 /201310/262754

Business商业报道African entrepreneurs非洲企业家Parallel players同舞者Why many of Africas budding businessfolk are jacks-of-all-trades为何许多非洲的新兴企业家杂而不精ONE of the many terms Silicon Valley has bequeathed to the business world is serial entrepreneur, a label for those restless souls who start one business after another.硅谷留给商界的众多术语之一是连续企业家,指的是那些接连创业的不安分的人。Perhaps Africa can now contribute another expression: the parallel entrepreneur.也许非洲正在提供另一种表述并行企业家。More than in any other part of the developing world, the continents budding business folk create networks of several firms across a number of different sectors of the economy, according to research by IMANI, a think-tank based in Ghana.根据加纳智库IMANI的研究,与世界任何发展中的地区相比,更多非洲大陆的新兴企业家创造了横跨不同经济领域的系列公司网络。The 189 successful entrepreneurs it surveyed in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya own, on average, six businesses each.在参与调查的加纳,尼日尔和肯尼亚的189个成功企业家中,他们人均拥有6家企业,其中一位拥有超过60家企业。One boasted more than 60. What explains this entrepreneurial hyperactivity?如何解释这种企业家的极度活跃现象?One reason for it is simply the wealth of opportunity, says Cyril Allen II, a well-connected businessman in Liberias capital, Monrovia.利比里亚首都蒙罗维亚一家实力雄厚的家族式企业家,Cyril Allen 二世表示,大量的机会是造成这种现象的原因之一。He and his family farm cocoa and coffee, run a cleaning business, lease out property and manage logistics for international companies.他和他的家族种植可可树和咖啡树,经营一家清洁公司,财产租赁以及为跨国公司提供物流管理务。The civil war here ended less than a decade ago.他还表示内战已经结束将近十年了。Once a firm has established a degree of trust among its customers, that can in turn spawn new businesses, particularly when many other firms are unreliable.公司一旦在客户群中建立了一定的信用度,这就可以育出新的公司,尤其是在其他企业没有信用的情况下。We work based on relationships, so if I have a good relationship with a client, they might ask for another service,我们的工作基于关系网,这样如果我与客户维系一个良好的关系,客户就有可能会要求提供其他务。explains Njeri Rionge, an entrepreneur in Kenya whose interests extend from an internet provider to a management consultancy.肯尼亚企业家Njeri Rionge的业务涉及网络接入到管理咨询务等领域,他解释道。Necessity can also give rise to the creation of more than one company.需求会导致更多公司的创建。UT Holdings, in Ghana, started out in 1997 granting loans.位于加纳的UT Holdings创建于1997年,提供贷款务。But Prince Kofi Amoabeng, its founder, soon discovered that he needed to provide additional services to make the loans business work. He first added a debt-collection company, then security firms.但创建者Kofi Amoabeng王子很快发现他需要提供额外的务来维持贷款业务的运行。We found existing companies wanting, says Mr Amoabeng.他说:我们发现已有公司的需求。He keeps expanding his business portfolio, which now includes a life-insurance firm.他首先创立一家债务收缴公司,然后是劵公司。他不断的扩展公司的业务组合,目前还包括了一家人寿保险公司。Certain characteristics of African economies also make it more profitable to keep starting new firms rather than build a single big one.非洲经济的特性同样使得创建新企业比建立一个大型企业更加有利可图。Key resources are scarce.关键资源非常稀少,Mid-level managers are in sufficient supply, but few are capable of running large businesses, which is why they often apply their talents in several firms simultaneously.中型企业的管理者可以获得充足的供应,但很少人有能力运行一家大型企业,这也是他们使人才同时从事不同企业的原因。Financing is hard to come by; entrepreneurs find it easier to get several small loans for each business rather than a large chunk of money.融资非常困难,而企业家发现为几个企业单独申请小额贷款比一宗大笔贷款更加容易。But the most crucial factor may be bureaucracy.但是最关键的因素应该是政府。Its unpredictability deters businessmen from putting all their resources into one basket—out of fear that the market could be the target of onerous regulation.它们不可预知的阻碍商人将所有资源集中到一起—由于担心市场会被麻烦的监管条例所限制。Separate companies are often used to lower tax payments, says Bright Simons, an entrepreneur in Accra, Ghanas capital, who also works as a business analyst.Bright Simons是加纳首都阿克拉的企业家,同时也是一名商业分析师。A second firm might be formed to supply materials to the first, he explains, allowing the owner to adjust the prices and profits.他解释说,单独的公司通常缴纳较低的税金,而第二个公司为第一个提供原材料,这使得企业家可以调整产品的价格和利润。And once an entrepreneur has learned how to navigate the red tape, why not apply this valuable skill to other undertakings?如果一个企业家学会了如何驾驭这些政府的繁杂手续,为何不将这种有价值的技术应用于其他的企业中呢?Critics of Africas parallel entrepreneurs worry that jacks-of-all-trades cannot become masters of any.针对非洲并行企业家的批评家担心,这种杂而不精的方式会使企业变得没有专长。And some investors are wary of putting money into African firms because of their often labyrinthine ownership structures.一些投资者由于非洲企业错综复杂的所有权结构而采取非常谨慎的投资行为。But multitasking has its good sides, argues Ms Rionge, who in one of her parallel activities mentors young entrepreneurs.但在自己的并行企业中培训青年企业家的Rionge女士认为,这种多企业的并行方式有着自身的优点,It makes African business leaders agile and adaptable—both good skills that are absent in many developed economies.它培养了非洲企业领导人的灵活性和适应性,而这两种优秀技巧正是许多发达经济体中所欠缺的。 /201307/247736

A listener from Ontario, California wrote to A Moment of Science with a question her sons hadasked her.一位来自加利福尼亚安大略的听众我们给写信询问她儿子们遇到的问题。The boys wondered why is it that when you get sunburned you often feel chilled.这些小男孩想知道为什么人晒伤的时候会觉得冷。It really doesseem like a contradiction: youve been burned, but you feel cold.这简直就是矛盾至极:你明明晒伤了,却觉得冷。The answer to this seeming contradiction is in your blood.这个看上去自相矛盾的问题的就在你的血液当中。Sunburn is an injury to your skin, and your bodys usual reaction to being injured is to enlarge theblood vessels in the damaged area.晒伤表明你的皮肤受到了损伤,而通常人体应对损伤的办法就是使受创的血管扩张。This allows more blood to be circulated near the injury, whereit can deliver cells to help heal the wound.这使得更多的血液在伤口附近循环,同时血液中的一些细胞也会被输送到伤口附近,帮助伤口愈合。Since sunburn is usually damage to the surface of your skin, the blood vessels in the area of theburned skin enlarge so that more blood is circulated there; this is where the redness comes from.由于晒伤通常会损害你的皮肤表面,而晒伤部位的血管会扩张,使更多的血液在附近循环。这就是为什么晒伤部位会变红。When youre sunburned a large area of your body is usually involved, so a result of so muchblood being near the surface of your skin is that you lose more than a normal amount of bodyheat through it.晒伤通常会波及到人体的大部分区域。而大量血液聚集在皮肤表面附近的结果就是:你会散失比平时更多的热量。Your brain tries to balance this loss of heat by activating reactions which attempt to conserveheat.为了平衡损失,大脑尝试通过刺激人体作出某种反应来保存热量。A common reaction is shivering, which is the body trying to generate heat in an effort tocompensate for the heat that is being lost.该反应通常表现为颤抖,这一动作表明人体正试图产生热量来补充正在散失的那一部分。So, even when your skin feels hot to the touch, you shiver and feel chilled as your body tries tomake up for the extra heat loss.因此,即使你的皮肤摸一下都觉得发烫,但你还是会颤抖,觉得冷,因为这是人体正设法补充额外散失的热量。201403/283054

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