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The Colosseum and Trevi Fountain aren't even mentioned in a hot-off-the-press guide to Rome. Instead, the pocketbook provides a guide to survival for homeless people in the Eternal City. Some 5,000 people are homeless in Italy's capital and up to 50,000 people are dependent on others for help--especially the elderly and the handicapped, according to the Sant'Egidio religious charity which drew up the book.The 2008 edition of "Where to Eat, Sleep and Wash," which has been dubbed the "Poor-Man's Michelin Guide to Rome," tells the needy and homeless where to find shelters, soup kitchens, public baths and health services.Demand for the book has skyrocketed since it was first published in 1990. The group printed 2,000 copies of the first edition but this year 13,000 copies of the 148-page "Bible" were printed, highlighting 760 locations that provide services for the needy."It contains the secrets to survival in Rome," said Mario Marazziti, a spokesman for the Sant'Egidio community. "This is a different face of Rome, and the guide tells us how to cope with its problems.""Because of the economic crisis, more and more people are falling below the poverty line," Marazziti added. Indeed, it was the death of a vagrant in 1983 after ambulance workers refused to pick him up that inspired Sant'Egidio to start publishing its pocket-sized guides to Rome.For the first time, Sant'Egidio also included a fold-out plastic-coated map with symbols representing all of the eating, sleeping and washing hot spots across the city.Although the Colosseum does not feature in the guide, it appears on this map. "But it's just a reference," Marazziti said. "The normal Rome that tourists look at is a backdrop for us." /200812/59012

Good News: Hot Chocolate Is Good for Your Heart!巧克力热饮有益心脏 Drinking green tea all the time may get a little boring,but it's helping me stay healthy. Antioxidants fight cancer and heart disease. I heard that fruit juices like cranberry juice also contain a lot of antioxidants.But I don't like cranberry juice. Fruits and vegetables in general are a great source of antioxidants, but if you're not in the mood for fruits and vegetables, what about drinking some hot cocoa? Hot cocoa contains 2-3 times the amount of antioxidants that green tea does, and twice as much as red wine. You can, of course, get the antioxidant benefits of cocoa in other forms too, such as in candy bars and other desserts. But your average cup of cocoa contains a lot less saturated fat than a regular chocolate bar. And you can cut down fat and sugar more by using skim milk and an artificial sweetener. What's more, though you could drink your cocoa cold, researchers recommend hot cocoa because the heat tends to trigger more antioxidants than cold cocoa. 一直喝绿茶可能会让人觉得厌烦,但是它能帮助我保持健康。抗氧化剂能对抗癌症和心脏病。我听说果汁像红莓汁也含有丰富的抗氧化剂。可我不喜欢红莓汁。 水果和蔬菜通常都含有大量的抗氧化剂,但是,如果你不喜欢水果或蔬菜的话,来杯巧克力热饮怎么样? 热可可饮料所含抗氧化剂是绿茶的2-3倍,同时是红酒的2倍。当然没你也可以以其他方式获得可可中的抗氧化剂,比如可可糖和其他一些甜点。 一杯可可饮料所含的饱和脂肪要比巧克力少得多。并且可以使用脱脂奶和人工甜味剂减少脂肪和糖。 更重要的是,尽管你可以喝冷的可可饮料,但研究人员还是建议喝热饮。因为热度能够产生更多的抗氧化剂。 /201110/158409

Knowing a little first-aid could be life-saving if you see someone lying unconscious.  如果你看见有人晕倒,而你又了解一些急救措施,那很可能会挽救一条生命。  Too often people don't do anything because they think they will kill the patient, but by learning simple rules you could make the difference between life and death.  通常人们都是什么都不做,因为他们认为自己的做法可能会害死病人。但是学习些简单的措施你就可能救死扶伤了。  First, you need to find out if they're unconscious, asleep or drunk, by squeezing the skin between their neck and shoulder and shouting.  首先,你需要通过挤压他们脖子和肩膀之间的皮肤,并大声呼喊来确定他们是无意识了,还是睡着了或者喝醉了。   If there is no response at all, you need to establish if they are dead or just unconscious - sometimes it's very difficult to tell the difference.  如果没有回应的话,你需要确定他们是死了还是仅仅是晕过去了,虽然有时是很难分辨清楚。 /201007/107986

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