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New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has resigned following a sex scandal that rocked the state and stunned political observers across the country. The resignation takes effect next Monday in order to give Lieutenant Governor David Paterson time for an orderly transition. Paterson will become the state's first African-American leader. 纽约州州长斯皮策辞去了他的州长职位。此前,他的性丑闻震惊了纽约州和全美国的政治观察人士。斯皮策的辞职将于下星期一生效,以便留给纽约州副州长佩特森充足的时间进行权力交接。佩特森将成为纽约州的第一位非洲裔州长。Spitzer's resignation has been anticipated since The New York Times reported on Monday that the governor was involved in a high-priced prostitution ring. Spitzer is alleged to have spent tens of thousands of dollars on sessions with call girls.  自纽约时报星期一报导纽约州州长斯皮策与一个高价卖淫团伙有牵连后,就有人预计斯皮策会辞职。斯皮策被指称花费了几万美元嫖妓。In a brief statement, Spitzer said he has aly begun to atone for his private failings with his family and he apologized to his supporters.  斯皮策发表简短声明说,他已经开始为他个人的失败向家人做出补偿,并向他的持者表示道歉。"I am deeply sorry that I did not live up to what was expected of me. To every New Yorker, and to all those who believed in what I tried to stand for, I sincerely apologize. I look at my time as governor with a sense of what might have been," he said. 斯皮策说:“我为辜负人们对我的期望而感到深切的歉意。我向每一个纽约人和所有相信我所代表的价值观的人表示诚挚的道歉。我在反省我作为一个州长的表现。”Spitzer said his resignation will take effect on Monday at the request of Lieutenant Governor David Paterson to provide time for an orderly transition.  斯皮策说,应副州长佩特森的请求,他的辞职将于星期一生效,以便给佩特森足够的时间进行有秩序的交接。Spitzer's announcement ends a high profile career as a crusader against corporate corruption. As a popular state attorney general, he successfully prosecuted cases against Wall Street stock traders, mob leaders and several prostitution rings. He was elected governor in 2006 by a landslide. As governor, he signed into law a bill that increased the penalties of those who patronized prostitutes. But his abrasive style also made enemies who were stunned by his fall from grace but not prepared to support any attempt by him to stay in office.  斯皮策的辞职结束了他声望很高的州长生涯,他曾经是打击企业腐败的先锋。作为一位深得民心的州检察长,斯皮策成功地起诉了华尔街股票交易商、犯罪团伙头目以及几个卖淫团伙。2006年,他以压倒优势当选纽约州州长。作为纽约州长,他签署了一部法案,该法案增加了对嫖娼者的罚款。但是他的严厉作风使他的敌人对他的失足感到震惊,也使人们无法为持他继续留任做出任何努力。Lieutenant Governor David Paterson, who is legally blind, represented Harlem for 20 years in the New York State Senate, where he enjoyed the respect of colleagues on both sides of the political aisle. He has deep roots in New York City politics. His father Basil is a well-known political figure who once served as deputy mayor. 纽约州副州长佩特森是位法定盲人。他在纽约州参议院代表纽约的哈莱姆黑人区将近20年,并且受到两党人士的尊重。佩特森在纽约市政界有很深厚的根基,他的父亲巴兹尔曾经担任过纽约市副市长,是一位非常有名的政界人士。200803/30323。

  • Katie Couric: In 1927, Time magazine put Charles Lindbergh on the cover of its final edition of the year, called him their "Man of the Year", and a tradition was born. Since then the honor has been bestowed on leaders, presidents and peacemakers. Jim Kelly is Time's Managing Editor and he's here to reveal this year's finalists for "Person of the Year". Matt Lauer: You get nervous since you are gonna say, reveal the actual winner.Jim Kelly: Exactly, when I went here, I didn't sign up for this. Katie Couric: Nice to see you. Listen. I know you've got six finalists and they represent sort of a wide variety of potential people. Let's start with the world of politics. You have two. You have President Bush and Valerie Plame.Jim Kelly: Right, we put President Bush who hasn't had a very good year. But this would not be the first time we put the president on with a bad year. Lyndon Johnson was on in '67 with the war in Vietnam and slab of bad opinion polls. Valerie Plame really interests me because without Valerie Plame there is no Patrick Fitzgerald, there is no Karl Rove in trouble. And I met Valerie Plame for the first time a few months ago. She is an absolutely charming, really interesting person. And that would be an interesting way to tell the story of this year.Matt Lauer: But, but wouldn't it be kind of different? I mean, she didn't do anything on purpose to be put in that position. And shouldn't someone have to initiate some kind of behavior or some kind of action? Jim Kelly: Well, that's fair enough. You could do Patrick Fitzgerald, I suppose. I was just struck by just how unlikely a...a person like Valerie Plame is to be in the part of this whole investigation. Katie Couric: Because she really opened up the floodgates.( Exactly, right.) Speaking of that, Katrina,(Katrina. Yes.) and opening up the floodgates, I mean, I know that obviously, was the domestic story of the year, if not, the decade. (Exactly.) Um, and...and you have put in animated objects on the cover before,(Yes, we have, the computer.) I guess twice, right? The computer. Jim Kelly: Yeah, the computer, I mean we put the planet of earth once on the cover of "Time of the year". Matt Lauer: And when we talk about Katrina, we're talking about the Mother Nature. Jim Kelly: Yes, exactly, exactly, or, also, if you do Mother Nature that you'll also get the tsunami which was of technically late last year but obviously its effects are so felt, to get the terrible earthquake in Pakistan. And on an online poll, most people have voted for Mother Nature. The problem which we're, you know, have struggled with is how do you illustrate Mother Nature for the cover.Katie Couric: You do. You also talk about possibly the...the refugees that resulted from, (Yes.) but, they weren't called refugees (Kind of victims. (Right..) except for that, at the very beginning. But really I guess the homeless and displaced individuals from Katrina. Jim Kelly: Exactly, exactly. And now they sp still all across the country, and there is, as you know, there is hundreds of thousands of them, and it's likely they won't return to New Orleans for months and months. Matt Lauer: And yet we'd like to prognosticate it, (OK) and without Mother Nature you don't have their story, (yes, exactly) so again, I am, well, I'm leaning toward Mother Nature here.Jim Kelly: I see where you are going. (Yeah, right.)Katie Couric: And, and then there are two other personalities. I guessed Oprah is a possibility.Jim Kelly: Well, Oprah is supposed a possibility mostly frankly because the way she responded to Katrina which obviously was very effective. And some leaders have reckoned in and nominated Bono for his work on debt relief. Matt Lauer: Who's gonna be? (....)Katie Couric: Matt Lauer, I nominate Matt Lauer. Matt Lauer: Matt Lauer as Mother Nature. How about that? I tell you can illustrate that on the cover. Jim Kelly: We're gonna use (inaudible), but you would do if you like. (Hey. Jim) (Matt)Matt Lauer: It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature(inaudible).Katie Couric: Anyway, thanks, Jim, we are gonna see you on Monday. ( you bet ) and you actually will reveal your Person of the Year, right here on today. (Yes. I'll be here with Mother Nature.) 200808/46322。
  • European Leaders Seek Common Response to World Financial Crisis欧洲领导人寻找应付金融危机对策  French, German, British and Italian leaders are meeting in Paris Saturday to look for a common European response to the world financial crisis.法国、德国、英国和意大利领导人星期六在巴黎举行会议,设法找到欧洲对世界金融危机共同的对策。French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for the summit as European financial institutes began to feel the bite of a financial crisis that has sp from the ed States to most parts of the world. The summit aims to prepare European members of the G8 Group of Industrialized Nations for a larger meeting on the crisis although no date has been set for such a meeting. 法国总统萨科齐呼吁召开这次首脑会议。与此同时,欧洲金融机构开始感受到这场从美国蔓延到世界大部分地区的金融危机的痛苦。这次首脑会议的目的是为8个工业化国家集团的欧洲成员国召开一次有关这场危机的大型会议作准备。不过,目前还没有确定这次大型会议的日期。Philip Whyte, an analyst at the Center for European Reform, supports the idea of European leaders working together to find joint solutions to the turmoil.欧洲改革中心的分析师怀特.菲利浦持欧洲领导人努力寻找应付这次金融动荡的共同解决办法的想法。"It's certainly a good idea for the leading EU countries to be concerting with each other," he said. "Two things have actively happened this past week: European countries have shown they can actively cooperate to rescue banks that have cross-border presences."他说:“欧洲主要国家互相协调,这当然是个好主意。在过去一周中发生了两项积极的进展:欧洲国家已经表明,它们能够积极合作,挽救跨国。”That was the case of last week's rescue by four countries of the Benelux banks Dexia and Fortis. Whyte said experts had been skeptical countries would actually cooperate in such a way. On the other hand, Ireland acted unilaterally to back its banks this past week. 上个星期,四个国家向荷卢伸出了援手。怀特说,专家们一度对这些国家是否能够以这样的方式合作持怀疑态度。另一方面,爱尔兰上个星期单独采取行动持本国。It is unclear just what Saturday's summit will produce. Countries are divided over a Dutch proposal to create a European crisis fund to rescue troubled banks - somewhat similar to the U.S. rescue plan newly approved by Congress. 目前还不清楚究竟周六的这次首脑会议将产生什么结果。荷兰提出建立一个欧洲危机基金以拯救陷入困境的,类似美国国会新近批准的救援计划,但是欧洲各国对这个建议看法不一。Thomas Klau, head of the Paris office of the European Council on Foreign Relations, doubts the leaders in Paris will back that plan. "I don't think we'll get agreement on that because the Germans for one are very much against it," he said. "But I do expect some commitment to reinforce coordination."欧洲外交关系理事会巴黎办事处主任托马斯.克拉乌怀疑各国领导人是否会在巴黎持这一计划。他说:“我认为我们在这个问题上不会达成共识,因为德国就坚决反对。但我认为会做出一些承诺以加强协调。”Some believe Europe will be able to weather the financial storm better than the ed States but many say it is just too early to say.有些人认为,欧洲能比美国更好地渡过这场金融风暴。但也有许多人认为现在这样说还言之尚早。200810/51752。
  • to carry the day ------ 占上风 英文释义To prevail against all opposition; to win. 例句After arguing with my colleagues for a whole afternoon, I finally was able to carry the day by patiently explaining their misunderstanding, and then they agreed with me.在和同事争论了一个下午之后,我终于占了上风。我耐心地解释了他们的误解之处,他们后来也同意了我。 /201610/466528。
  • US Says Iran's Nuke Program Could Produce Disaster美国:不能听任伊朗搞核武害子孙 US National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley says the world cannot let down future generations by allowing Iran to develop a nuclear bomb, saying such a development would be a disaster for the Middle East and the rest of the planet. 美国国家安全顾问哈德利说,世界各国不能听任伊朗发展核武器而遗害子孙后代,他说,这种情况对中东及全球各地都是灾难。Marking the fifth anniversary of the Proliferation Security Initiative, Hadley told representatives of more than 80 nations that have endorsed the principles of the program that much has changed since the Cold War when nuclear weapons built by the former Soviet Union dominated America's national security perspective. 哈德利在纪念《防扩散安全行动计划》开展5周年之际,对已经批准这个计划的原则的80多个国家的代表说,自从冷战以来,情况发生了很大变化,当年美国国家安全的焦点是前苏联制造的核武器。Hadley says the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the ed States shattered the idea after the Cold War that global security faced no serious challenges. 哈德利说,2001年9/11针对美国的恐怖袭击粉碎了以为冷战后全球安全不再面临严重威胁的想法。The national security advisor singled out Iran, saying it must not be allowed to build a nuclear bomb. 哈德利特别提到伊朗。他说,不能允许伊朗制造核武器。"We will not betray future generations by allowing Iran to have a nuclear weapon," said Hadley. "Iran is a particular worry since it is both a potential proliferator and an active state sponsor of terror and thus a potential route of weapons of mass destruction for terrorist groups." 哈德利说:“我们不能允许伊朗拥有核武器,这会辜负我们的子孙后代。伊朗特别令人忧心,因为它既是潜在的核扩散国家,又是积极持恐怖主义的国家,所以伊朗可能是向恐怖集团提供大规模杀伤性武器的潜在途径。”Hadley says the ed States and its international partners will continue to pressure Iran over its uranium-enrichment program with diplomatic isolation and U.N. sanctions.  哈德利说,美国及其国际夥伴将继续通过外交孤立和联合国制裁向伊朗施加压力,制裁伊朗的浓缩铀项目。He says the world cannot allow Iran to use negotiations to stall for time, hedge its bets and keep open an indigenous route to a nuclear weapon. 他说,世界各国不能允许伊朗利用谈判来拖延时间、回避作出保,并保持本国获取核武器的途径。"If there is one thing I hope we can all agree on, it is that a nuclear-armed Iran would be disastrous for the peace of the Middle East and the world," said Hadley. 哈德利说:“如果可能,我希望大家能一致认同:拥有核武器的伊朗会给中东和全世界带来灾难。”The ed States and its European allies fear Iran wants to enrich uranium to build an atomic weapon. 美国及其欧洲盟友担心伊朗要浓缩金属铀以便制造原子武器。Tehran insists its efforts are entirely peaceful and are producing fuel for civilian nuclear reactors. 而德黑兰却坚持说,伊朗的核计划纯粹用于和平目的,是为民用核反应堆提供燃料。The ed States and other major nations have offered incentives to Iran to scrap the enrichment program and Hadley says diplomatic work will continue to find a peaceful solution. 美国等主要国家为了要伊朗放弃浓缩铀规划,已经向伊朗提出奖励计划。哈德利说,将继续进行外交努力,以便找到和平解决途径。"At the same time we will continue to hold open the door for a negotiated solution that offers Iran economic, political and security benefits if it will only give up its nuclear weapons ambitions," he said. 他说:“与此同时,我们将继续为通过谈判解决问题敞开大门。只要伊朗愿意放弃发展核武器的野心,我们就给予伊朗经济、政治和安全上的好处。”Hadley says the Proliferation Security Initiative, which has led to dozens of inspections designed to stop shipments of weapons of mass destruction, would be more effective if countries working to stop proliferation shared better intelligence information. 哈德利说,已经根据“防扩散安全行动计划”进行了几十次旨在拦截大规模杀伤性武器输送的检查。如果正在争取制止核扩散的各国能更好地交流情报,这个计划就会更有效。"This is no time to fall under the spell of an apparent calm or the illusion of false security," he said. "Much more work is needed and we will not be able to declare victory in the effort for many years to come." 哈德利说:“目前决不能被表面的平静及虚假安全所迷惑。还有大量工作有待完成。我们还要经过多年努力才能宣告取得胜利。”Hadley called for nations to deepen their commitment and expand their efforts to stop proliferation during the next five years. 哈德利呼吁各国坚定决心,加强努力,争取在5年里制止核扩散。 200805/40423。
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