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China in Delicate Balance on Iran Nuclear Talks中国主持上海会谈讨论伊朗核问题  China is for the first time hosting talks on Iran's nuclear programs. China wants to show it is a responsible power while balancing its need for oil from Iran. 中国首次主持有关伊朗核计划的谈判。中国希望能展现自己是一个负责任的大国,但同时也不会影响对伊朗石油的需求。 The meeting Wednesday in Shanghai brings together the five permanent members of the ed Nations Security Council plus Germany and the European Union. The delegates will discuss increasing incentives for Iran to stop enriching uranium and to cooperate fully with the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency. 参加星期三在上海举行的会议包括联合国安理会的5个常任理事国以及德国与欧盟的代表。代表们将讨论如何对伊朗提供更多的刺激,以使其停止提炼铀的计划并与联合国国际原子能机构进行全面合作。The ed States, France, Britain, Germany and the EU are concerned Iran wants to use enriched uranium to build nuclear weapons and have been pushing for stronger sanctions against Tehran. 美国、法国、英国、德国和欧盟对于伊朗打算提炼釉来建造核武器感到关注,并且一直推动对德黑兰采取更严厉的制裁措施。Iran denies the allegations and rejects the U.N. demands despite three rounds of limited sanctions. 伊朗否认上述指控,并且不顾3次的有限制裁,依旧拒绝联合国的要求。Russia and China, both permanent Security Council members, do a lot of business with Iran and have been reluctant to support tougher sanctions.  安理会常任理事国俄罗斯和中国都与伊朗有著密切的贸易关系,它们一直不愿意持对伊朗实施更严厉的制裁。Shen Dingli is an expert on nuclear politics at Shanghai's Fudan University. He says China is in a delicate balancing act, trying to please both sides in the dispute.  沈丁力是上海复旦大学核政治专家。他说,中国表现得非常谨慎,试图让争执双方都感到高兴:"We have to care [about] Iran's legitimate right for civilian nuclear energy and Western countries legitimate demand for Iran to clarify its nuclear past. So, China is caught," he said. "We need to do both, but this might not reconcile." “我们必须考虑伊朗发展民用核能的权力,也要顾及西方国家提出的伊朗必须澄清其过去核项目的合理要求。所以中国进退两难。我们需要两者兼顾,但或许无法让双方都称心如意。”Iran is China's third largest source of imported oil.  伊朗是中国第三大石油供应国。Shen says Beijing will not likely support tougher sanctions unless more evidence emerges of a nuclear weapons program. 沈丁力说,除非有更多据显示伊朗的确有发展核武器计划,否则北京将不会持对伊朗采取更严厉的制裁措施。International pressure against Iran eased somewhat when a U.S. intelligence report said Iran had halted plans on developing nuclear weapons several years ago.Shen says a breakthrough at the Shanghai talks is not likely. Iran has refused offers of economic, diplomatic, and security incentives as well as cooperation on civilian nuclear power. But, in a possible sign of flexibility, Iranian officials this week said compensation for economic damage caused by the sanctions should be a part of the negotiations.  沈丁力说,上海会谈不太可能取得突破。伊朗已经拒绝接受经济、外交以及安全方面的刺激方案,并且拒绝在民用核能上的合作。但是伊朗官员这个星期曾经表示,对于制裁造成的经济损失的补偿问题,应该列入谈判的内容。这显示,伊朗可能在谈判中表现一定的灵活性。Iran's foreign minister also said Tehran would soon offer a proposal to resolve the dispute. He gave no details but said any agreement would have to respect Iran's rights and not limit them, an apparent reference to its nuclear programs. 伊朗外长也曾表示,德黑兰将尽快提出解决争议的方案。但是他并未提供细节,他只是说,任何协议都应该尊重而不是限制伊朗的权益。这显然指的是伊朗的核计划。200804/35297So I believe it was Mae West to (have) said in 1932, "It's not the man in my life that counts, it's the life in my men." But it turns out that Mae West may have been under what is possibly a dying breed. No less an institution than Harvard has been wondering whether or not manly men are in fact on the wane. And Bill Wales is here to look at it. Oh, Diane, you know, manly men that can also mean er destructive men, self-absorbed, sometimes misogynistic men. And a feminist gender-neutral societies got a long way towards breaking up the He-Man Women Haters Club. But according to manliness, say a thought provoking new polemic, we should stop pretending men and women are equal, and brace the inner caveman and let guys be guys.Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, cool, independent, self sufficient."He is looking at you, kid" No doubt, a very manly man. But what about the men of today? Manly, definitely manly. He is manly, but just in a different way. (He's like soft manly.)Manly, yes, the Terminator thing. Manly or not?Manly, yes. (You can be honest.)Not.Not?Absolutely not.No.No.Not manly.Not at all.Not even a little bit.Take heart, Tom Cruise, you are not alone. Because according to a controversial new book, America's on the verge of a manliness crisis. Men are still free to be manly, but there is no justification for it. There is no welcome for it, no respect for it. Harvard professor Harvey Mansfield wrote Manliness and he defines it as confidence in the face of risk. Think Gary Cooper in High Noon, President Bush, and on the dark side, even Sadam Hussein. Women like Margaret Thatcher can be manly, and even the cowboys of Brokeback Mountain. But manly men deserve to be cocky, Mansfield says, after all, they built the world.We are losing the contribution that manly men can make, and we are er, confusing women and men who don't quite know what to do about manliness.He says we should stop pretending women are equal in all tasks, and he says women should stop pretending they want something else in a man.He is so sensitive. But what women wouldn't want a sensitive man?Women may say they want a sensitive man but they don't always love one. They are sometimes much more attracted to a manly man, who maybe more oblivious of their needs and their desires but impresses them more. Whether or not they want macho? More modern women may be yearning for old-fashioned roles, in a recent survey of 5000 couples, the happiest wives said their men support them financially and emotionally. A Bogart who cuddles. I mean it takes a lot of energy to flex your muscles all the time, you know, it's nice just to relax.Now convincing them to do the ironing, that's a whole other thing. Critics accuse the author here of trying to turn back the clock. But his basic premises, "We should let women be women, guys be guys".So he says it's men who build the world, huh?Yes.Yeah, tell that to Eve, Ok!?Touche. 200809/47727

... that is wonderful, but what about richer? GMA, ...financial contributor Mellody Hobson, the president of Ariel Capital Management is here to tell us about this . All right, what is the~ what's the magic in here? it's not just two people coming together and pooling resources. No, it's not just that, it's not just situations where there are 2 incomes. It actually is about the other pre-person, often keeping you honest. They, you maybe have a different saving style than you do and they actually keep you on tracks (so it's), when it comes to money. A lot about savings and~and setting priorities and one person is more likely, one person alone is more likely expend it. That's exactly right, one person doesn't have that same discipline , as someone else telling you, you know, we really shouldn't do this. And children make that difference to them. Huge difference,having another person depend on you financially, either a spouse or a child, really makes you responsible when it become~when it comes to money. So what does a single person do to catch up? Well, it's interesting , one of my favorite es that I have of all time is from Judy Collins and she says, as women, we are raised to have rescue fantasies and I am here to tell you, no one is coming. There're 54 million single women in this country like me and oftentimes we delay saving or investing, because we think someone will come and my, ~my tip~to them, " start now, don't wait ". Go ahead and be your own friend. That's exactly right, (Love yourself. )love yourself. That's exactly. Love yourself and starts saving the money. I wonder, just though ur there's a statistic that interests me. On the average people are getting married 5 years later now than they used to , women at the age of 25, men at the age of 27. Does that mean that this marriage benefit is gonna go down a little bit, (well)does it matter that you marry later or earlier? Getting married, married later absolutely affects your finances for the reasons I've aly mentioned since we delay saving or investing for that husband or wife though come along. They'll keep us honest and doing the right thing. We end up not only not putting away that money , but missing those 5 years of that money compounding which leaves us~leaves us less well off. Well, who knew that you're not just marrying for love, you're marrying your conscience, (That's true. )sometimes, anyway. 200808/46900

Rice Says Africa Must Step Up on Zimbabwe Election Crisis赖斯:非洲应加大对津巴布韦压力  U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is calling for Zimbabwe's neighbors to step up and press for an end to that country's post-election political crisis. Rice said it is time for Zimbabwe to move on after years of mis-rule by the government of President Robert Mugabe. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe's opposition leader is calling for South African President Thabo Mbeki to stop mediating Zimbabwe's crisis.  美国国务卿赖斯敦促津巴布韦的邻国加大对津巴布韦的压力,以期结束津巴布韦选举后的政治危机。赖斯说,津巴布韦经过穆加贝政府多年的错误统治,现在应该向前走。 U.S. officials had been privately expressing disappointment with the seeming lack of commitment by southern African countries on the Zimbabwe crisis. 美国官员们一直在私下表示,对南部非洲国家在解决津巴布韦危机方面缺乏努力感到失望。But Rice, in a news conference here, took U.S. concerns public, saying regional organizations like the African Union and the Southern African Development Community need to take the lead in pressing for the release of presidential election returns in Zimbabwe, and if necessary a peaceful transition of power. 但是,赖斯在国务院举行的新闻发布会上公开了美国的关切。她说,非洲联盟和南部非洲发展共同体这类地区性组织需要率先施加压力,要求津巴布韦公布总统选举的结果;如果必要,它们还应要求津巴布韦进行和平的权力过渡。"The longer they hold the results of the election, the more suspicion grows that something is being plotted and planned by the ruling party. And frankly the ed States and the European Union and others have spoken out about this and made calls," said Rice. "But it is time for Africa to step up. Where is the concern from the African Union and from Zimbabwe's neighbors about what is going on in Zimbabwe." 赖斯说:“津巴布韦当局推迟公布选举结果的时间越长,人们的怀疑就越大。大家怀疑执政党有阴谋计划。直率地讲,美国和欧洲联盟以及其他国家已经坦率地谈到这一点,并且发出了呼吁。现在非洲应该加大压力。非洲联盟和津巴布韦的邻国对津巴布韦局势的关切在哪里?”Rice said U.S. concerns about the situation have been heightened by new accusations of treason by the Mugabe government against opposition presidential candidate Morgan Tsvangerai, who claims he won the March 29 election. 赖斯说,由于穆加贝政府新近指责反对派总统候选人茨万吉拉伊叛国,美国对局势的关切变得更加紧迫。茨万吉拉伊宣称自己在3月29号的大选中获胜。Rice stopped short of flatly calling for the departure of President Mugabe, who has run the country since independence. But she used her strongest language to date to characterize his administration. 赖斯没有直接敦促穆加贝总统下台。自从津巴布韦独立以来,穆加贝一直统治这个国家。但是赖斯用迄今为止最强硬的措辞来形容穆加贝政府。"Obviously this is a matter for Zimbabwe as to whether he steps down. But I think he has done more harm to his country than would have been imaginable, if you look at what Zimbabwe was 15 just years ago or so," said Rice. "I know the role that he played in liberation of Zimbabwe, but the last years have really been an abomination." 赖斯说:“很明显,穆加贝是否下台,这是津巴布韦的事情。但是我认为,穆加贝给他的国家带来的伤害已经超出了人们的想象。如果你回顾津巴布韦15年前的情况就会明白这一点。我知道,穆加贝在津巴布韦解放的过程中发挥了一些作用。但是最近一些年的情况的确令人厌恶。”Rice said Zimbabwe, once a food exporter, will apparently be requiring a dramatic increase in food aid from the international community. 赖斯表示,津巴布韦过去是食品出口国,可是现在这个国家却需要大幅度增加国际社会的食品援助。She described Zimbabwe as "a country that really needs to move on, and get on with its future."  赖斯说,津巴布韦真的需要向前走,需要开始开创自己的未来。 200804/354651:45 AM, the 38th parallel, along the border of North and South Korea. The 148-mile-long border is the most heavily militarized in the world. This joint South Korean-American platoon is on constant alert for infiltrators from the North. Behind these fences, North Korea has a million-man army, and now nuclear weapons, which they could use or possibly give away to terrorists. The soldiers can monitor every sound and movement close to the border, but what makes this place so dangerous is the uncertainty of what lies on the other side of the divide.North Korea is one of the most secretive countries on Earth. It's regarded as an intelligence black hole. But we know some basic facts. North Korea is roughly the size of Mississippi. It has 23 million people, a showcase capital Pyongyang, and is completely controlled by Kim Jong-il. The Dear Leader is an absolute dictator, worshiped in a personality cult perhaps more extreme than any other in history."Kim Jong-il is the Son of God in North Korea. He is the state. The notion of questioning his ability to rule or what he does doesn't enter into things."Everyone is trained from birth to love the Dear Leader. And no outside sources of information are allowed. Newspapers and television are controlled by the state. There is no Internet. Cell phones have been banned. And many don't even know a man has walked on the moon."There is no freedom. It's a country run in tyranny and dictatorship. I don't think anyone can understand North Korea until they experience it."North Korea is known as the "hermit kingdom" because of its extreme isolation from the rest of the world. But on the other side of Asia, one man is literally planning to bring light to the darkness of North Korea. Nepalese eye surgeon Dr. Sanduk Ruit travels the world setting up eye clinics in developing countries. Dubbed "a miracle doctor" by the media, Ruit trains local doctors in inexpensive and effective treatments for cataracts. North Korea may be his biggest challenge yet. Thousands of people go blind due to a lack of even the most basic medical facilities."The annual number of surgeries performed is just, just very little, and the blindness magnitude is one of the highest in the world."Ruit plans to travel from Nepal to North Korea to do more than 1,000 surgeries in less than 10 days. His mission is purely humanitarian. What the North Koreans don't know is that our camera crew is going with him."So what do you think of the cameras so far, Dr. Ruit?""I think it's big.""You think these cameras are big?"Our camera crew is posing as members of Dr. Ruit's medical team. We are going to document his work and show the world what life is like inside North Korea. (Send it back. Be sure you won't be in trouble.) This meeting in a Katmandu hotel room will be the last time our team can converse in private."So there would be a North Korean man traveling with us the entire time (yes) from here to Pyongyang.""From here to Pyongyang and back to Katmandu."infiltrator: someone who takes up a position surreptitiously for the purpose of espionagecataract: opacity of the lens or capsule of the eye, causing impairment of vision or blindness200709/17487India's Stock Markets Plunge Sharply印度股市周一猛烈下跌   India's stock markets have plunged sharply, largely on worries increasing oil prices will hurt the country's fast-growing economy. The Indian stock markets have been falling since worries rose about a slowdown in the U.S. economy earlier this year.  由于市场担心持续上涨的油价可能会抑制迅速增长的印度经济,印度股市星期一急剧下挫。自从今年年初美国经济走软在印度引发焦虑后,印度股市一直走低。The Mumbai stock index, the Sensex, tumbled by 4.5 percent soon after trading opened. It recovered somewhat later, but had lost more than three percent by the end of the day, closing at 15,066 points.  星期一,孟买股指SENSEX指数开盘后大幅度下滑4.5%。尽管该指数稍后有所回升,但在收盘时仍然下挫超过3%,收在1万5千零66点。The Indian stock market was the hardest hit compared to other Asian markets such as Japan, and Singapore, which also recorded losses.  尽管日本和新加坡等其他亚洲股市当天也出现下滑,但印度股市的跌幅最大。Analysts say the latest surge in prices of crude oil, which topped 8 a barrel last week, has raised worries that India's economy could be hit harder than estimated. India imports three quarters of its oil, and its state-owned oil companies have been losing billions of dollars since oil prices began climbing.  分析人士说,最近原油价格的上升让人担心印度经济受到的影响可能超过原先的预计。原油价格在上个星期一度升至每桶138美元。印度的石油需求有四分之三依赖进口。自从油价攀升后,印度的国有石油公司已经损失了几十亿美元。But high oil prices are not the only factor affecting the Sensex, which has lost about 23 percent of its value since the start of the year.  不过,高油价并非拉低SENSEX指数的唯一因素。从今年年初以来,该指数已经下滑了23%。Rajesh Jain, at Pranav Securities in Mumbai, says the steep stock-market decline has been driven by heavy selling by foreign institutional investors or FII's.  孟买普拉纳夫券公司的拉杰什.贾恩说,外国机构投资者的大笔抛售也造成了印度股市下滑。"Holdings are concentrated in the hands of large FII's who sell any quantity on a single day," said Jain. "To absorb that kind of quantity you may not have y buyers at all times, and both long-term buyers and speculators are absent from the market."  他说:“这些大型外国机构投资者控股相对集中,他们在任何一天内减仓都会影响股市。印度股市不是随时都有足够的买家去消化庄家减持。现在的股市既缺少长期买家,也没有短期的炒家。”The foreign investors have pulled approximately billion from the Indian stock markets this year. They began pulling out earlier this year amid concerns that a slowdown in the U.S. economy will adversely impact emerging economies such as India.  今年截至目前,外国投资人已经从印度股市撤资大约50亿美元。今年早些时候,由于投资人担心美国经济不景气可能会殃及印度等新兴经济体,他们开始撤离印度。Those worries have been intensified by the relentless rise in crude oil prices and high domestic inflation.  而与此同时,不停上涨的原油价格和印度国内高位通胀又加剧了投资人的担心。200806/41757

Humpback whales. During the brief summer they gorge themselves on krill. When the krill swarms are near the surface, the humpbacks collect them by lunging. They simply open their cavernous mouths and scoop it up. Often the whales cooperate, working together as fishing boats do. When the krill is more dispersed, the whales have to dive deeper. After a while, lines of bubbles appear on the surface. The bubbles gradually form a pattern that spirals inwards, then suddenly in its center, the whales appear. Time and again, the pair dive. When they reach the bottom of the dive, they start releasing bubbles and continue to do so as they swim upwards, spiraling around one another. These curtains of bubbles rise through the water, creating a ring on the surface. Underwater, the curtains drive the krill into the center of the spiral and the humpbacks then surge up through the middle, jaws agape. The humpbacks that visit Antarctica only feed during the brief southern summer, building their reserves for the winter that will be spent in less productive northern waters. And so, for hour after hour, throughout the long Antarctic day, these 40-ton creatures perform a splendidly synchronized and very productive underwater ballet.New Words amp; PhrasesHumpback: (n.) A humpback whale. 座头鲸lunge: (v.) A sudden forward movement or plunge. 冲,扑scoop: (v.) To gather or collect swiftly and unceremoniously; grab 掏agape: (a.) Wide open. 大张着的200808/46996探索世界奥秘之Supermassive Black Holes(超大质量黑洞) 12This correlation is the most important thing we've learned about supermassive black hole so far. Astronomers are always looking for correlations. Whenever you find one that's really tight like this one, it's a sign that there is some basic physics there that you need to look for. As it happens, the physics that might explain what was going on had been suggested years before by theorists Martin Rees and Jo Silk. Jo Silk has spent much of his life trying to solve the mystery of galaxy formation. Three years ago it became clear that he had been missing a vital ingredient. If there was a black hole in every galaxy, then scientists would need to explain what it was doing there. We had to rethink our ideas of how galaxies were made. To understand the first light at(of/in) the universe we really have to include the role of the supermassive black holes in galaxy formation. All previous ideas of galaxy formation had assumed that gas in the early universe simply condensed to form stars in galaxies. Silk and Rees came up with a completely different idea. They proposed that the center of each early gas cloud could have collapsed to form a giant black hole. The black hole would immediately start feeding on the gas around it creating a brilliant quasar.correlation: a mutual relationship of interdependence between two or more things200808/46189concinnity ———— 文体优美(名词)英文释义 (noun) Elegance of literary style or artistic skill.例句 The famous novelist was renowned for her exquisite concinnity.这位著名的小说家以她精致优美的文体而著称。 /201607/455743

Yes?什么事?Stop! Thats all wrong.停下!大错特错。Im going to call you again. This time…我再打给你,这次……Hello. Here we are in the middle of a telephone training session with Denise and Anna. What fun!你们好。我们正在看的是丹尼斯和安娜的电话练习。多么有意思!This time, you dont say yes when you answer, its rude.这次你接电话的时候不能说“什么事”,这很没礼貌。Call me and Ill show you how its done.给我打电话,我告诉你如何做。Hello? Tip Top Trading.你好?这里是Tip Top Trading。Wow, that’s good.太好了。And, you can say your name. Hello? Tip Top Trading. Denise speaking. Try it.你还可以说出你的名字。你好?这里是Tip Top Trading。我是安尼斯。试试。Hello? Tip Top Trading. Denise speaking. No!你好?这里是Tip Top Trading。我是安尼斯。 不对。What? Say: ;Anna speaking!;怎么了? 说“我是安娜!”Oh, sorry, Im so stressed by all this.不好意思,我被搞得压力很大。Hello Anna speaking.你好,我是安娜。You sound like youre sitting on a pineapple.你的声音听起来像是很不安。Listen to my voice: Hello? Denise speaking.听听我怎么说:你好?我是丹尼斯。Hello? Anna speaking.你好?我是安娜。 /201701/483838Host: And Helen Fisher is the author of Why We Love and studied relationships for years. Hey, Helen nice to see you. So it's a little bit like ok when, when people get(s) together, initially they say ah, there is such chemistry (Right.)between me and her. That's true, but unfortunately it seems like the chemistry changes after a year. You buy it? H: Uh, it... probably not after a year. I mean, actually this study they said it was one to two years. But they also were studying only people who were um said that they were not in love after that period of time. So they weren't studying people who re... remained in love, which is possible you know. Host: When we talk .... Before we talk about the concept, then let's just talk about the study. (Right.) If it was a good sampling, do you think it was an accurate study? H: Well, it's hard to know. I mean they had 39 people and would have been great if they had 1039. But 39 is better than nothing, then. You know you would expect, I mean, this is one of the most powerful experiences on earth when men make love and it's much more powerful than the sex drive. And you would expect all kinds of bodily chemicals to be involved in it. What they've done is they found just another. Host: Have we heard about these nerve growth factors before? I mean that did, did they apply in other situations? H: Yeah absolutely. They help with the nourishment of the cells of the body. And some people think that they are associated also with anxiety, and feelings of dependence and euphoria, which are associated with romantic love. Host: What about age? Does that apply in here? I mean do you , do you tend to have more fluctuation in the levels of these things when you are younger or when you are older? H: We don't know about nerve growth factor. But I studied 430 Americans and actually 420 Japanese and my sample of people over 45 show just as mush as that sweaty palms syndrome as those who are under 25, so...Host: So you don't lose that puppy love feeling just because you are 45 years old. H: No, you know what, I have had an 8-year-old boy, perfectly described to me his infatuation for an 8-year-old girl. And I certainly know people in their 70s who are mad in love. I think this is a brain system a lot like the fear system. It can be triggered at anytime in life. Host: If there is in fact a decrease in certain body chemicals(Right.) and the euphoria starts to wane. Is there anything people can do to keep it going? H: Yes, very definitely. First of all, you gotta pick the right person so that there is real chemical continuing reaction between the two of you. And second you can do novel things together. Novelty drives the levels of the dopamine in the brain, and I and my colleagues have found that dopamine in the brain is associated with romantic love so that's why vacations are so exciting. You know you do something novel, you do something exciting. It changes those chemicals and you can feel that feeling again. Host: By the way, you don't think it's a bad idea if the euphoria goes at the end of the year because if you stay in the relationship, you will find out if you really truly love that person or you are just having a chemical reaction? H: Absolutely, absolutely, as a matter of fact I mean, you know, I've often recommended to people that, you know, waiting till that intense passion wears off then you know what you've got. Host: Call me in a year, right. Helen Fisher, thanks so much. H: Thank you. 200808/46185Major European Economies Agree to Support Banking Sector欧盟誓言尽最大努力避免经济危机 Leaders of Europe's major economies vow to do their utmost to prevent the 27-member EU from being hit by a major economic crisis. 欧洲主要国家的领导人星期六在巴黎召开特别峰会,他们誓言尽最大努力来避免有27个会员国的欧盟遭受主要经济危机的冲击。Leaders of Germany, France, Italy and Britain have agreed to sign a formal pact to support their financial banking sector that is being beaten by the world financial crisis. French President Nicolas Sarkozy - whose country currently heads the European Union and who called the Paris summit - outlined several other areas the leaders agreed on.  德国、法国、意大利与英国的领导人同意签署一项正式协定,持各国受到国际金融危机冲击的金融部门。法国是本届欧盟轮值主席国,法国总统萨科齐召集了这次巴黎峰会。萨科齐简述了各国领导人达成的一致。Mr. Sarkozy said the countries will coordinate with other states in dealing with the crisis, and that they will demand EU regulators be flexible in aiding businesses. But he said they also agreed that business executives be responsible for their failures. The governments also called for global leaders to meet as soon as possible to deal with the financial meltdown.  萨科齐说,各国将与其他国家协调,共同处理危机。他们将要求欧盟监管人员在帮助公司方面保持弹性。但是各国领导人也同意公司执行长要为他们自己的失败负责。与会各国也呼吁世界领导人尽可能赶快会面,来处理金融风暴。British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said EU leaders agreed to release about billion to help small business deal with the crisis. And he sounded a note of assurance when it came to banks.  英国首相布朗说,欧盟领导人同意释出大约440亿美元来协助小型企业应付危机。在谈到的时候,布朗保说:"As our central banks are aly doing, liquidity will be assured in order to preserve confidence and stability. We agreed that we must do more to coordinate our response in times of crisis and in the interest of stability," he said. “正如各国中央已经在做的,为了保持信心与稳定,将确保资金流动。我们同意在危机时刻,为了维持稳定,必须付出更多努力来协调我们的回应。”Also attending the summit were the European Central Bank head, the prime minister of Luxemburg who is also head of the Eurozone group, and the head of the European Commission. 欧洲中央总裁、卢森堡首相兼欧元区主席,以及欧洲委员会的主席都参加了本次峰会。200810/51917

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