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顺德妇幼保健医院男科咨询芦苞镇大塘镇乐平白坭镇泌尿外科Mr. Speaker, in recent months, the international community has reacted, with virtually unanimous outrage and alarm at the rise of ISIL, the so-called ‘Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.’ISIL has established a self-proclaimed Caliphate, at present stretching over a vast territory roughly from Aleppo to near Baghdad, from which it intends to launch a terrorist jihad not merely against the region but on a global basis.Indeed it has specifically targeted Canada and Canadians, urging supporters to attack, e, ‘disbelieving Canadians in any manner’, vowing that we should not feel secure even in our homes.It would be convenient to dismiss such statements as the mere rambling of lunatics were it not for the fact that ISIL’s deeds have been fully in line with its words.More shockingly, ISIL’s words are matched by its actions.In the territory ISIL has occupied it has conducted a campaign of unspeakable atrocities against the most innocent of people.It has tortured and beheaded children, it has raped and sold women into slavery, it has slaughtered minorities, captured prisoners and innocent civilians whose only crime is being or thinking differently from ISIL.Indeed by late last summer, ISIL stood on the brink of committing large-scale genocide in Northern Iraq.It was at that moment that Canada’s allies in the international community, led by President Obama, decided to intervene.Canadians have joined in this response.On September 5th, I announced that members of the Canadian Army, in a non-combat role, would advise and assist security forces in Iraq battling the terrorists.We had aly begun, through the Royal Canadian Air Force, moving weapons and supplies donated by our allies to security forces in Northern Iraq.And we indicated that Canada was prepared to do more.Today we are bringing forward a motion asking this House to confirm its confidence for a government decision to join our allies and partners – the ed States, the ed Kingdom, France, Australia, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the ed Arab Emirates and likely others – in launching air strikes against ISIL.In addition to these air strikes, the Government of Canada will, in response to requests from Iraqi authorities as well as other allies and partners, continue to assist in other, non-combat, counter-terrorism roles.We will also contribute one air-to-air refuelling aircraft, two Aurora surveillance aircraft, and the necessary air crews and support personnel.In addition we are extending the deployment in a non-combat role of the up to 69 members of the Canadian Army advising and assisting security forces in Iraq.There will however be no ground combat mission, which is explicitly ruled out in the resolution.These contributions are for a period of up to six months.201505/376141佛山市顺德区均安医院治疗阳痿早泄 Every era has its defining struggle and the fate of Africa is one of ours. Its not the only one, but in the history books its easily going to make the top five--what we did or what we did not do. Its a proving ground, as I said earlier, for the idea of equality. But whether its this or something else, I hope youll pick a fight and get in it. Get your boots dirty. Get rough. Steel your courge with a final drink there at Smoky Joes, one last primal scream and go.每一个时代都有其特定的斗争使命,而我们的一个使命就是改变非洲的命运。这不是我们唯一的使命,但无论是对我们已经解决的或尚未解决的困难来说,这都会很容易被历史列为五大挑战之一。正如我之前说过的,非洲是平等理念的试验场。不管是什么原因,我都希望你们掀起这场斗争并为之奋斗。去感受苦难,去磨练你们的意志,在斯莫基乔酒吧再饮上最后一杯,大喊一声,然后踏上征程,去锤炼你们的意志吧。Sing the melody line you hear in your own head. Remember, you dont owe anybody any explanations. You dont owe your parents any explanations. You dont owe your professors any explanations. You know, I used to think that the future was solid, or fixed, or something you inherited like an old building that you move into when the previous generation moves out or gets chased out. But its not. The future is not fixed. Its fluid. You can build your own buildings, or hut or condo, whatever. This is the metaphor part of the speech by the way.唱出你心中最美的乐曲!记住,你无须向任何人解释,你无须向父母做出解释,你也无须向你的教授做出任何解释。我曾经认为未来是注定的,一成不变的,就像继承一座老房子,上一代搬出去或被逐出去,你们就可以搬进去。但事实并非如此。未来并非一成不变,而是可以改变的。你们可以建造自己的大楼或小棚子或公寓。顺便说一下,这只是今天致辞中的暗喻。But my point is that the world is more malleable than you think and its waiting for you to hammer it into shape. Now if I were a folksinger Id immediately launch into ;If I Had a Hammer; right now, get you all singing and swaying. But as I say I come from punk rock, so Id rather have the bloody hammer right here in my fist. Thats what this degree of yours is, a blunt instrument. So go forth and build something with it. And remember what John Adams said about Ben Franklin, ;He does not hestitate at our boldest measures but rather seems to think us too irresolute.;但我要说的是,世界比你们想象的更具可塑性,它正等待着你们把它塑造成形。现在,如果我是一名民间歌手,我就会立即开始唱《假如我有一把铁锤》,带领你们一起唱,一起跳。但如我所言,我是朋克乐队的一名歌手,我宁愿手中握着一把带血的铁锤。你们的学位不过算是一把不算锋利的武器,所以,向前冲吧!用它去铸造未来!记住约翰·亚当对本·富兰克林的评价:“对于我们最勇敢的行动,他毫不犹豫地响应,而且似乎认为我们过于优柔寡断了。”Well this is the time for bold measures. And this is the country. And you are the generation. Thank you. Thank you very much.现在是大胆去行动的时候了,就在这个国家,就是你们这一代,大胆地去行动吧!谢谢大家!非常感谢。 /201312/269533佛山市三水区人民医院包皮手术多少钱

顺德区伦教医院电话号码顺德新世纪医院新地址 Allow me to start this talk with a question to everyone.请允许我以一个问题开始You know that all over the world,你清楚世界各地people fight for their freedom,有人为了自由而奋斗fight for their rights.有人为了权利而战Some battle oppressive governments.有的人反抗压迫他们的政府Others battle oppressive societies.有的人对抗强权的社会阶层Which battle do you think is harder?你们觉得哪种挑战更难?Allow me to try to answer this question请允许我在后面的几分钟里in the few coming minutes.再来回答这个问题Let me take you back two years ago in my life.跟随我回到两年前我的生活里It was the bedtime of my son, Aboody.那是在我儿子阿布迪快要睡觉的时候He was five at the time.那时候他只有5岁After finishing his bedtime rituals,在完成了睡前祷告后he looked at me and he asked a question:他看着我,问道:;Mommy, are we bad people?;“妈妈,我们是不是坏人呀?”I was shocked.我一下没了主意;Why do you say such things, Aboody?;“阿布迪,你为什么要说这些呢?”Earlier that day, I noticed some bruises那天早些时候,当他从学校回来时on his face when he came from school.我发现他脸上有些瘀伤He wouldnt tell me what happened.他不肯告诉我发生了什么he was y to tell.他肯说了;Two boys hit me today in school.“今天在学校里,两个男生揍了我They told me, We saw your mom on Facebook.然后他们对我说:’我们在脸谱网上看到你妈妈了You and your mom should be put in jail.;你跟你妈妈都应该被送进监狱 ;Ive never been afraid to tell Aboody anything.我从来都不害怕告诉阿布迪任何事情Ive been always a proud woman of my achievements.因为我的成就,我一直是一个自豪的母亲But those questioning eyes of my son但当我儿子的眼中流露出质疑were my moment of truth,当这一切袭来when it all came together.我知道这是很关键的一刻You see, Im a Saudi woman who had been put in jail你要知道,在沙特女人是不允许开车的for driving a car in a country我就是因为这个where women are not supposed to drive cars.曾经进过监狱Just for giving me his car keys,也就是因为把车钥匙给了我my own brother was detained twice,我的亲哥哥被拘留了两次and he was harassed to the point he had之后他不断被骚扰to quit his job as a geologist,以至于不得不放弃他地理学家的工作leave the country with his wife and two-year-old son.带着他的妻子和两岁大的儿子,逃离了这个国家My father had to sit in a Friday sermon我父亲坐在一个周五的讲道里listening to the imam condemning women drivers在无数信徒面前and calling them prostitutes听阿訇训斥女司机amongst tons of worshippers,辱骂她们是some of them our friends and family of my own father.那些信徒们有的是我们的朋友,有的是我父亲的亲人I was faced with an organized defamation campaign我曾面对过一个有组织的诽谤组织in the local media combined with false rumors利用当地媒体与不实的谣言shared in family gatherings, in the streets在家庭聚会、在街头巷尾、and in schools.在学校中讹传It all hit me.这深深地伤害了我It came into focus that those kids这件事的重点是did not mean to be rude to my son.那些孩子并不是有意欺负我儿子的They were just influenced by the adults around them.他们其实是被周围的成人带坏的And it wasnt about me, and it wasnt a punishment这不仅仅是针对我的for taking the wheel and driving a few miles.不是因为开车走了几公里所带来的惩罚It was a punishment for daring to challenge它的本质是镇压那些the societys rules.敢于质疑传统旧社会秩序的人201509/400538佛山市三水区人民医院男科专家挂号

佛山新世纪医院割包皮手术价格We do not accept this, and we will not allow it.我们不能接受这种分歧,也无法容许它的存在。Our unity, our union, is the serious work of leaders and citizens in every generation.我们的团结和统一,是每一代领导人和每一个公民的严肃使命。And this is my solemn pledge: I will work to build a single nation of justice and opportunity.在此,我郑重宣誓:我将竭力建设一个公正、充满机会的统一国家。I know this is in our reach because we are guided by a power larger than ourselves who creates us equal in His image.我知道这是我们的目标,因为上帝按自己的身形创造了我们,上帝高于一切的力量将引导我们前进。And we are confident in principles that unite and lead us onward.对这些将我们团结起来并指引我们向前的原则,我们充满信心。America has never been united by blood or birth or soil.血缘、出身或地域从未将美国联合起来。We are bound by ideals that move us beyond our backgrounds, lift us above our interests and teach us what it means to be citizens.只有理想,才能使我们心系一处,超越自己,放弃个人利益,并逐步领会何谓公民。Every child must be taught these principles.每个孩子都必须学习这些原则。Every citizen must uphold them.每个公民都必须坚持这些原则。And every immigrant, by embracing these ideals, makes our country more, not less, American.每个移民,只有接受这些原则,才能使我们的国家不丧失而更具美国特色。Today we affirm a new commitment to live out our nations promise through civility, courage, compassion, and character.今天,我们在这里重申一个新的信念,即通过发扬谦恭、勇气、同情心和个性的精神来实现我们国家的理想。America, at its best, matches a commitment to principle with a concern for civility.美国在它最鼎盛时也没忘记遵循谦逊有礼的原则。A civil society demands from each of us good will and respect, fair dealing and forgiveness.一个文明的社会需要我们每个人品质优良,尊重他人,为人公平和宽宏大量。 /201306/245840 大良容桂伦教勒流街道治疗男性不育哪家医院最好佛山新世纪男科医院男科专家挂号



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