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1. Exercise During the DayThere are plenty of great reasons to exercise, and I won’t rehash them all here. Many people, though, find that exercising helps them to sleep well at night – yet another health-boosting benefit.If you’re struggling to fit exercise into your day, try looking for ways to get active in your lunch hour or straight after work: if exercise forms a natural part of your routine, you’ll be much more likely to stick with it.每天锻炼。锻炼好处很多,这里我就不加赘述了,如果你很难找到时间去锻炼,午餐时间和下班后可以好好利用起来。 /201002/97127Did you ever think there was a better, different way to live? Did you ever think, “Maybe I don’t have to go to a job and work 40+ hours a week, feel exhausted, wish for more time for myself or my family, and wonder when the fun stuff begins?” If so, get y: your life’s about to change.When I was a little girl, I woke up every morning with the sun. I opened my eyes, heard birds chirping outside my window, and smiled, thinking about the adventures of the coming day. Fast forward to my last corporate job, when I woke up with the alarm clock, slammed my hand down on the snooze button and laid in bed, a feeling of d in the pit of my stomach, thinking about the eight hours I was about to spend working under fluorescent lights, in a small cubicle, so my boss could take credit for my work and someone else could profit.Why do we do this to ourselves? When I look back on the time I spent in Corporate America, I realize that I didn’t know any better. Despite the entrepreneurial spirit I’ve felt through my entire life, there was a period of time when it simply didn’t occur to me that my life belonged to me and I didn’t have to live according to the narrow path that had been defined for me.It took carpal tunnel syndrome and an inflexible corporate environment for me to realize that I desperately needed a change. And that’s what it took to remind me of the philosophy my dad taught me as a little girl, something I’d long forgotten: that work is what makes the rest of your life possible.From this perspective, “work” takes on substantially less meaning, while “life” takes center stage. I like this because it reminds me where my priorities lie. I’d much rather my tombstone , “She truly lived,” than “She worked a lot.”It’s easy to say “work makes the rest of my life possible,” but how does it look in real life, and how do you put this into play in your own life? How it looks in real life:I wake up each morning, knowing that the day belongs to me. I have a schedule, but I’m not beholden to a boss or supervisor who will dock my pay or fire me if I decide the schedule doesn’t suit my mood that day. One of my priorities is my health and physical well-being, so most mornings I start my day off with a workout at the gym. Since my day is my own, I can work out without rushing, and that allows me to get to know the other members of my gym, which means it’s a social event as well.Then, depending on the day and what I’ve committed to, I may work with clients, do some writing for my blog, e-zine, the book I’m working on, or the other sites I write for, or one of the several books I’m into at any given moment. Aside from scheduled meetings with clients and deadlines, I do what suits my mood the best - if I’m struggling for inspiration for my articles, I spend more time ing. If I’m in the mood to bake b with my husband, I do. And I’ve structured my businesses so that if I want to get on a plane and fly to South America, England, or New Orleans for a weekend or a month, I can do it without a second thought and my income doesn’t change a bit.The point is, no day is completely consumed by work, it’s all flexible, and everything I do for “work” is something that I enjoy doing. If I don’t enjoy it, I either don’t do it or I find someone who does and I outsource that work to them.When I speak to groups, I’m often asked, “How many hours a week do you work?” Sure, just like Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, some weeks I only work four hours. But if I’m working on a book or one of my one-on-one clients is launching his/her business, I work at least forty. Those are the extremes: most weeks I stay somewhere in the twenty to twenty five hour range. But I can tell you this: I wake up with the sun and the birds chirping, just like I did when I was a little girl. I always wake up smiling, and I love what I do.But I’m not that different from you. I’m not overly lucky and nothing that special has happened that made this possible for me. Virtually anyone can do this. So how can you incorporate this into your own life?The mindset comes first. You have to take responsibility for your life and know that it is yours to live in whatever way that you want. Think this is easy? It’s not. This can be one of the scariest things you’ll ever do. But as Seth Godin recently wrote, “the riskiest thing you can do is play it safe.” So take a risk and believe that your life belongs to you.Second, figure out your priorities and your goals. What’s most important to you? Are there things you want to do, places you want to see? Maybe you just want more quality time with your family, or want more time to relax- that’s okay. The point is to figure out what’s most important to you.Third, design a business to suit your lifestyle goals. This is the most challenging aspect of applying this philosophy, because it requires some extra knowledge- what opportunities are out there, how to repurpose what you aly know and/or do, how to brand yourself and market your business. There is no one-size-fits-all solution- a business model that works for one person may not be suited to another. Your best bet, the easiest and fastest way to accomplish this, is to work with someone who has successfully made the transition themselves, who knows the opportunities out there, can help you figure out what suits you best, help you put it all together and show you the ropes.Finally, be prepared to work to get to the point of living the dream. I’m not going to lie to you. It rarely happens overnight. Some of my clients have transitioned into this lifestyle (what I call the “Business in Blue Jeans lifestyle”) within a month or two, while others have taken a bit longer. Some of it depends on the industry you’re in and some depends on what you’re willing to put into it and how focused you are. Because the fact is, even though you aren’t working as much or as hard as before, in this lifestyle, when you are working, you need to be really focused.Ultimately, the bottom line is that when you’re working for a life that you’ve designed, when you love what you’re doing and when you know that you aren’t just putting in the time, everything changes. Change the way you view work, and you’ll completely change your life. /200902/62549睡前使用手机影响睡眠Using a mobile phone before going to bed can damage your health, according to a major study.It claims that radiation from the handset can cause insomnia and headaches as well as cutting the time spent in deep sleep.Failing to get enough sleep can lead to depression, lack of concentration and personality changes.In teenagers and young children, lack of sleep can result in attention disorders and poor academic performance.The research, carried out by scientists funded by handset manufacturers, showed that using the handsets before bed causes people to take longer to reach the deeper stages of sleep and to spend less time in them.Deep sleep is essential as it is the time when the body rejuvenates cells and repairs damage suffered during the day.Dr Chris Idzikowski, director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre, said: "There is now more than sufficient evidence from a large number of reputable investigators who are finding that mobile phone exposure an hour before sleep adversely affects deep sleep."In the study scientists examined the sleep patterns of 36 women and 35 men aged 18 to 45.Some were exposed to radiation that mimicked what a person receives when using a mobile phone. The others received none.The first group took longer to enter the first of the deeper stages of sleep and spent less time in the deepest one.The scientists concluded: "The study indicates that during laboratory exposure to 884 MHz wireless signals components of sleep believed to be important for recovery from daily wear and tear are adversely affected."The findings will shock many parents whose children routinely chat to friends on their mobiles before sleep.The study, by scientists from the Karolinska Institute and Uppsala University in Sweden and from Wayne State University in Michigan, is thought to be the most comprehensive of its kind.The research was published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and funded by the Mobile Manufacturers Forum. 一项大规模研究表明,睡前使用手机会损害健康。该研究称,手机产生的辐射会导致失眠和头痛,而且会缩短深度睡眠的时间。而睡眠不足则会导致情绪低落、注意力不集中及性格变化。对于青少年和儿童来说,睡眠不足会导致注意力障碍和学习成绩下降。该项由科研人员开展的调查由手机制造商提供资金持。研究结果表明,睡前使用手机会使进入深度睡眠的时间延长,而且深度睡眠的时间会缩短。深度睡眠对健康很重要,因为身体在这段时间内会更新细胞及修复白天的损伤。爱丁堡睡眠研究中心主任克理斯#8226;艾迪兹科维斯基说:“资深科研人员搜集的大量据已足以说明这一点,而且研究人员发现,如果睡前使用手机达到一小时,就会影响深度睡眠。”研究人员对年龄在18岁至45岁的36名女性和35名男性的睡眠习惯进行了研究。其中一部分人处在与手机辐射相同的模拟环境中,而另一部分人则处于无辐射环境中。结果发现,受到辐射的那组研究对象进入深度睡眠第一阶段所用的时间较长,而且深度睡眠的时间也较短。研究人员得出结论:“该研究表明,当研究对象受到实验室884兆赫无线信号的辐射后,对恢复白天损伤十分重要的睡眠结构便受到了不利的影响。”这个结论一定会让很多家长大吃一惊,因为现在不少孩子有睡前与朋友打手机聊天的习惯。这项研究由瑞典卡罗琳斯卡研究所和乌普萨拉大学及美国密歇根韦恩州立大学的科研人员开展,被认为是迄今为止这一领域最全面的一项研究。该研究由“手机制造商论坛”提供资金持,研究结果由马萨诸塞科技研究所公布。 /200803/31799We’re bombarded every day by magazines and websites advising us how to find our soul mate. But how honest are you being with yourself? Is a small or a huge part of you content being single? Not every sign is delirious1 about being part of a perfectly matched twosome. 我们每天都被杂志和网络上的很多建议我们如何找到灵魂伴侣的信息轰炸,但是,你对自己有多诚实呢?你是有一点点安于单身现状还是非常满足于单身?不是每一个星座都着迷于投身到完全和谐的二人世界之中。Virgo is probably top of the list for self sufficiency2, especially the female of the species. They can be phenomenally picky about prospective partners, to a degree where they put off commitment for years and years. But they have to watch that they don’t get too out of touch with their earthy animal side4 and end up perpetually alone.处女座很可能是最独立的星座,尤其是这个星座的女性。他们可能会很明显地挑剔未来伴侣,而且能达到很多年一直不给对方承诺的程度。这个星座的人必须要警惕,他们不能不顾及自己最基本的生理需求而孤独终老。 /201008/111119

美好婚姻秘诀?分担家务!Sharing housework is important to marriage.The percentage of Americans who consider children "very important" to a successful marriage has dropped sharply since 1990, and more now cite the sharing of household chores as pivotal, according to a sweeping new survey.The Pew Research Center survey on marriageand parenting found that children had fallen to eighth out of nine on a list of factors that people associate with successful marriages - well behind "sharing household chores," "good housing," "adequate income," a "happy sexual relationship" and "faithfulness."In a 1990 World Values Survey, children ranked third in importance among the same items, with 65 percent saying children were very important to a good marriage. Just 41 percent said so in the new Pew survey.Chore-sharing was cited as very important by 62 percent of respondents, up from 47 percent in 1990.The survey also found that, more Americans say the main purpose of marriage is the "mutual happiness and fulfillment" of adults rather than the "bearing and raising of children."The survey's findings buttress concerns expressed by numerous scholars and family-policy experts, among them Barbara Dafoe Whitehead of Rutgers University's National Marriage Project."The popular culture is increasingly oriented to fulfilling the desires of adults," she wrote in a recent report. "Child-rearing values - sacrifice, stability, dependability, maturity - seem stale and musty by comparison."Virginia Rutter, a sociology professor at Framingham (Mass.) State College and board member of the Council on Contemporary Families, said the shifting views may be linked in part to America's relative lack of family-friendly workplace policies such as paid leave and subsidized child care."If we value families ... we need to change the circumstances they live in," she said, citing the challenges faced by young, two-earner couples as they ponder having children.The Pew survey was conducted by telephone from mid-February through mid-March among a random, nationwide sample of 2,020 adults. 一项大规模的最新调查显示,美国人中认为孩子对于美好婚姻“十分重要”的比例自上世纪90年代以来急剧下降,如今更多的美国人认为分担家务才是美好婚姻的关键。美国皮尤调查中心此项有关婚姻和育儿的调查发现,在人们列举的与美好婚姻有关的九大因素中,“孩子”下滑至第八位,位居“分担家务”、“住房条件好”、“收入富足”、“性生活愉快”及“忠诚”几大因素之后。在1990年的“世界价值观调查”中,“孩子”在以上几个因素中排名第三,65%的美国人认为孩子对于美好婚姻十分重要。而在此项最新的皮尤调查中,只有41%持相同观点。62%的受访者认为“分担家务”十分重要,超过了1990年的47%。另外,调查还发现,更多的美国人认为婚姻的主要目的是两人之间的“相互愉悦与满足”,而不是“养育孩子”。该调查的结果造成了很多学者和家庭政策专家们的担忧,鲁特格斯大学国家婚姻项目的芭芭拉·达佛·怀特黑德就是其中一位。她在最近的一篇报告中写道:“大众文化正日益以满足成年人的欲望为导向。而牺牲、稳定、可靠及成熟等育儿的价值观似乎已经过时了。”弗莱明翰州立大学的社会学教授、当代家庭研究会的理事会成员弗吉妮亚·鲁特称,这种观念的转变一部分可能与美国缺少如带薪假期及子女津贴等关心员工家庭的政策有关。她在谈及年轻的上班族夫妇在考虑要孩子时所面临的挑战时说:“如果我们重视家庭……我们就应该改变他们生活的环境。”此项随机电话调查从今年2月中旬持续至三月中旬,全美共有2020名成年人参加。 /200803/32260

巨蟹座(6月22日━ 7月22日) 英文名:Cancer Cancer is emotional, sensitive and a symbol of motherhood with arms circling around the chest. Tt reflects the mother nature of protecting children. But the baby under the security of mother indicates a fragile characteristic. The arms illustrates Cancer owns the strong sense of self-protection. 敏感多情的巨蟹座是母性的象征,双臂环绕着胸前,表现母亲护卫子女的天性   不过,就另一种象征意义而言,怀中婴儿代表了无助脆弱的自我,而环绕的双臂,则说明了巨蟹座浓厚的自我保护意义。 Hercules is hero in the Greek legend. one day, he was ordered to get rid of the dangerous nine-headed snake Hydra. In the fierce battle, Cancer, Hydra's assistant, was killed by Heracles who crushed shells with a stick. But Hera hated this hero, and later she put cancer into the sky, as one os the constellations. 传说一  赫拉克勒斯是希腊传说中的英雄,他受命除掉伤害人畜的九头水蛇许德拉。在激烈的战斗中,许德拉有一只巨蟹助战,被赫拉克勒斯用大棒将蟹壳击碎而亡。神后赫拉非常憎恨这位英雄,把巨蟹放在天上成为星座。在二三月的夜晚,在南方天空可以看见巨蟹星座。 Cancer first appeared in legend of Babylonian culture. In Egypt, the symbol of this constellation is two turtles, sometimes referred to as "the constellation of water", sometimes referred to as allul(allul, an unknown of aquatic life). 传说二  巨蟹座最早脱胎于巴比伦的传说。在埃及,这星座的象征为两只乌龟,有时被称为“水的星座”,有时又被称为阿璐儿(allul,一种不明的水中生物)。 /201101/123640

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