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上饶市肿瘤医院激光去痘手术多少钱上饶市中医院祛疤多少钱There are lots and lots of tests of English.各种各样的英语测试。And millions and millions of students take these tests every year.每年成千上万的学生参加这样的考试。Now you might think, you and me, ;Those fees arent bad, theyre okay,;你会觉得,你和我都这么认为,这些考试价格还是合理的,but they are prohibitive to so many millions of poor people.但是数百万穷人却望而却步。So immediately, were rejecting them.所以一开始我们就把他们挡在了外面。It brings to mind a headline I saw recently: ;Education: The Great Divide.;这让我想到我最近看见的一条新闻:“教育:大鸿沟。”Now I get it, I understand why people would want to focus on English.现在我明白了为什么人们都关注英语。They want to give their children the best chance in life.他们希望给予他们的孩子最好的人生机遇。And to do that, they need a Western education.而要达到这个目的,他们需要西方教育。Because, of course, the best jobs go to people out of the Western Universities, that I put on earlier.因为,显然最好的工作都让西方大学的毕业生拿走了,就跟我之前说的一样。Its a circular thing. Okay.这是个循环。是吧。Let me tell you a story about two scientists, two English scientists.让我们告诉你们两个科学家的故事,有关两个英国科学家。They were doing an experiment to do with genetics and the forelimbs and the hind limbs of animals.他们在做一个实验,跟遗传学有关,以及研究动物的前后肢,But they couldnt get the results they wanted.但是他们无法得到他们想得到的结果。They really didnt know what to do,他们有点束手无策,until along came a German scientist who realized that they were using two words for forelimb and hind limb,直到一个德国科学家参与后,他发现他们在研究前肢和后肢时用的是两个词,whereas genetics does not differentiate and neither does German.而遗传学上并不区分两者,德语也不区分。So bingo, problem solved.所以,瞧,问题解决了。If you cant think a thought, you are stuck.如果你想不通,就卡住了。But if another language can think that thought, then, by cooperating, we can achieve and learn so much more.但是用另外一种语言就可以想通,那么通过合作,我们可以教学相长,受益颇多。201703/494977波阳县卫生学校附属医院减肥手术多少钱 VOA流行美语 48: REDNECK / IN THE STICKS今天李华从 Michael那儿学到了两个新词 redneck 和 in the sticks。M: Come in!L: Hi Michael! 真抱歉,我没先告诉你就来了。你的电话一直占线, 所以我没法打电话给你。M: That's no big deal. I was on the phone with my friend Bob who lives in Georgia. He is such a redneck!L: 原来这样。对了,你把你朋友叫什么来着?你说他是什么啊?M: I said he's a redneck, R-E-D-N-E-C-K.L: 一个红的脖子? 这是什么意思啊?M: A redneck is someone from the countryside who lives a country lifestyle.L: 所以你叫一个人 redneck就是说他是乡下人或很土气。哎,这样 说别人很不礼貌吧。M: Well, maybe. If you call someone a redneck, it means you think that they are not very cultured or sophisticated.L: 你就因为你朋友住在乡下,你就开他玩笑说他是redneck ,未免 不太好吧。M: I'm not really making fun of him. Some people are proud to be rednecks. Bob likes to call himself that.L: 你说叫他redneck,Bob他还很得意呀。那我就不懂了。在中国, 大多数住在乡下的人都巴不得往城里跑呢。M: Well, the U.S. is different. Being a redneck doesn't mean being poor or uneducated. It is a way of living, I guess.L: 那么rednecks到底像什么呢?你来说说。M: Let me see, how can I describe them? When we say someone is a redneck we mean they are from the south, and speak with a southern accent。L: 现在我懂了, redneck 呢一般是指美国南方人,或者说话有南方 口音的人。不过说真的,那些南方口音我真的听不太懂。M: Also, rednecks like life in the countryside. They enjoy sports such as hunting or fishing. They like living in areas with lots of open space.L: Hmm, rednecks他们不住在 城市,他们更享受乡下的生活。M: Exactly. Also, most rednecks have blue-collar jobs, or work on a farm. By the way, Li Hua, be careful how you use this word. Some people might get angry if you call them a redneck.### ### ###L: 哎,对了,Michael,你那个红脖子朋友Bob为什么事打电话给你 啊?M: Well, he asked me if I wanted to visit him this summer. I'm not sure if I really want to go though.L: 真的吗? 为什么你不想去呢?M: He lives out in the sticks. There's nothing for me to do out there.L: 他生活在那儿?The sticks 是什么地方啊?M: Oh, when I say in the sticks, that just means in a rural area, far from a big city.L: 噢,原来是指乡下啊。哎哟,只不过离开城市几天,这样你也受 不了啊?M: Well, I am used to city life. I don't know how to fish or hunt, and I really don't like farm work. I don't think I would like living in the sticks.L: 你觉得你不适合乡下的生活啊,不过偶尔去呼吸一下新鲜空气不 是挺好的吗?M: I guess. Maybe I should visit him.L: 要是有人自称是 redneck 的话,他也许觉得生活在乡下 in the sticks 也是很值得自豪的了?M: Actually, the phrase in the sticks is not very polite. You shouldn't tell someone that they live in the sticks unless you are just joking with them.L: 奥,说别人 live in the sticks 并不是很好,除非你是在开玩笑啊?M: You are right. Usually when you say something is in the sticks you mean it is far from anything civilized.L: 其实美国人并不懂得什么是真正的乡下。就算他们住在乡下好了, 只要一开车就到城里了嘛。M: That's true. Still, some places out in the sticks are pretty far from a big city, even if you drive a car.今天李华学到了两个新词:redneck 和 in the sticks 。Redneck 是指乡下人。 In the sticks 则是指远离城市的农村地区。 /200602/3123上饶市南昌大学医院韩式三点多少钱

上饶激光点痣价格德兴市妇幼保健人民中医院打瘦腿针多少钱 The Bible suggests that those who divorce and remarry should be put to death.圣经里建议那些离婚之后又再婚的人,应该被处以死刑。Why? Well because the New Testament defines divorce as adultery; the Old Testament prescribes death for adultery.为什么?因为根据新约,离婚则视为;奸淫;,而旧约里规定了;奸淫;者要处以死刑。Again, this doesnt sound very good.同样,听起来也不是那么舒。The Bible suggests that slavery is morally acceptable.圣经里认为奴隶制是符合伦理道德的。People dont believe me when I tell them this.我跟别人说起这些来,他们甚至不相信这真是出自圣经。And I say, ;Okay, Ill to you.;好,我来给你读一下:This is from Leviticus 25:44-46: You may buy male and female slaves from among the nations that are round about you.利未记25:44-46:;至于你的奴仆、婢女,可以从你四周的国中买。You may also buy from among the strangers who sojourn with you and their families that are with you, who have been born in your land; and they may be your property.并且那寄居在你们中间的外人和他们的家属,在你们地上所生的,你们也可以从中买人,他们要做你们的产业。You may bequeath them to your sons after you, to inherit as a possession forever.你们要将他们遗留给你们的子孙为产业,要永远从他们中间拣出奴仆。;Who says this, according to the Bible?这些话是谁说的?根据圣经的记载。God says that, according to the Bible.这是上帝的话。And yet, we have a hard time imagining how an all-good, all-loving God could condone an institution like slavery.我们怎么能想象,拥有至善大爱的上帝,竟然可以容忍像奴隶制这样的制度。And its not just the Old Testament, either.而且不只是圣经旧约。St. Paul says in Ephesians, ;Slaves be obedient to your earthly masters, in fear and trembling, in singleness of heart as you obey Christ.;圣保罗在新约的以非所书中说:;你们做仆人的,要惧怕战兢,用诚实的心听从你们肉身的主人,好像听从基督一般。;Again, you look at this and say, ;Well, whats a believer to do?;看到这里,你可能要问:;虔诚的信徒该怎么做?;One thing I think you can do is to say maybe the Bible is wrong about certain things.我的看法是,你可以承认,也许在某些事情上,圣经里的文字并非永远正确无误。This does not mean that God is wrong.这并不意味着我们说上帝是错的。Rather, maybe human beings have been wrong in discerning Gods word.更有可能是人把上帝的言语理解错了。After all, we should not confuse complete faith in God with complete faith in our ability to discern Gods voice.毕竟,对上帝全心全意的信仰,和对我们人类自己理解上帝意旨的能力的自信,是不能混为一谈的。And, in fact, any honest look at history should tell us that we should be wary of people who are too certain that they speak directly for God.事实上,我们只要用客观的态度回望历史,就会发现那些坚称自己是上帝意旨直接传达者的人,往往都值得我们高度警惕。But, some people want to say, ;No no no, the Bible is Gods word.有人也许要说:;不不不,圣经是上帝的言语。The Bible is infallible.圣经一贯正确。The Bible contains no error.;天衣无缝,无懈可击。;And, I say, ;The Bible contains no error? What are you going to do with those slavery passages?;而我要说:;圣经真的没有谬误吗?那些持奴隶制的段落你怎么看?;And you know what the people say to me? They say, ;John, you are pulling those passages out of context.你猜他们怎么回答我?他们说:;约翰啊,你怎么说是在断章取义,You cant just take passages out of the Bible and e them as if they mean the same thing today as they did for the people at the time.你怎么能离开上下文,单独引用某一段圣经,然后把这段本来只适用于古代的话,硬是和现在这个时代作对比。You cant just pull the passages out of context!;你这分明就是断章取义嘛。; And I say, ;Well, wait a second! If its not okay to do that with the slavery passages, why is it okay to do that with the homosexual passages?;等一下,如果赞同奴隶制的段落我们不能这么来理解的话,为什么反对同性恋的段落就可以这么做呢?Because, after all, the context surrounding same-sex relations was very different in Biblical times than it is during our own day.毕竟,对于同性关系来说,圣经时代的环境背景和现在的环境背景截然不同。201605/443575德兴市OPT祛斑好不好

玉山县人民医院做双眼皮开眼角手术多少钱Later on, he said, ;it was the right thing for me to do.后来 他说 ;我这样做是正确的;.Someone needed to be the first;.总有人要成为第一人.And today, Chester is here celebrating his 50th reunion.而今天 切斯特在这里庆祝他毕业50周年.Where is Chester davenport?切斯特.达文波特在哪.Hes here.他在这里.So if youve had role models, fathers, brothers like that.如果你有这样的榜样 不管是父亲 还是兄弟.Thank them today.今天你该感谢他们.And if you havent, commit yourself.如果你没有这样的榜样.To being that man to somebody else.你可以致力于成为这样的榜样 激励后人.And finally, as you do these things, do them not just for yourself.最后 这样做的时候 不要只为了你自己.But dont even do them just for the African American community.甚至不要只为了非裔美国人群体.I want you to set your sights higher.我希望你们把目光放得更远.At the turn of the last century, web. DuBois spoke about.在上个世纪之交 w.e.b.杜波依斯提出了.The ;talented tenth;.天才的十分之一.A class of highly educated, socially conscious leaders in the black community.即黑人群体中受过良好教育 具有社会意识的领袖们.But its not just the African American community that needs you.但不仅是非裔美国人群体需要你们.The country needs you.国家也需要你们.The world needs you.世界也需要你们.As Morehouse men, many of you know what its like to be an outsider.作为莫尔豪斯人 你们很多人知道作为局外人的感受.Know what its like to be marginalized.知道被边缘化的感受.Know what its like to feel the sting of discrimination.知道被歧视会多么让人难受.And thats an experience that a lot of Americans share.这是很多美国人所共有的体会.Hispanic Americans know that feeling when somebody asks.西语裔美国人也有这种感受.Them where they come from or tell them to go back.总有人对他们说 ;你从哪里来 就回哪里去;.Gay and lesbian Americans feel it when a stranger.美国同性恋者也有这种感受.Passes judgment on their parenting skills or the love that they share.经常有陌生人质疑他们的养育技巧 以及感情是否真挚.201605/443089 So we have gone through almost 30 characters.我们已经学了差不多三十个汉字,By using this method, the first eight radicals will allow you to build 32.通过这个方法,这八个基本字可以衍生出三十二个汉字,The next group of eight characters will build an extra 32.下一组的八个汉字又会衍生出另外32个汉字。So with very little effort, you will be able to learn a couple hundred characters,所以,大家很轻松地就可学到几百个汉字,which is the same as a Chinese eight-year-old.这相当于八岁中国孩子的汉语程度。So after we know the characters, we start building phrases.在学过了这些字后,我们开始学习造词组。For example, the mountain and the fire together, we have fire mountain. Its a volcano.比如,把“山”和“火”放在一起,我们有“火山”。这是“火山”。We know Japan is the land of the rising sun.我们知道日本是太阳升起的地方。This is a sun placed with the origin, because Japan lies to the east of China.这里把太阳和原点放在一起,因为日本位于中国的东面。So a sun, origin together, we build Japan.所以把太阳和原点放在一起,就是“日本”。A person behind Japan, what do we get? A Japanese person.在“日本”后面加个“人”,我们得到什么?“日本人”。The character on the left is two mountains stacked on top of each other.左边的字有两座山,上下叠在一起。In ancient China, that means in exile,在古代中国,这意味着流亡,because Chinese emperors, they put their political enemies in exile beyond mountains.因为中国的皇帝把政敌流放到大山之外。Nowadays, exile has turned into getting out.现今,“流放”变成了“走出去”。A mouth which tells you where to get out is an exit.一个“口”字告诉你从哪里出去,就是“出口”。This is a slide to remind me that I should stop talking and get off of the stage. Thank you.这张幻灯片提醒我,该结束演讲了,并走下台。谢谢。201703/498818上饶怎样脱毛好上饶韩美整形美容医院祛疤痕多少钱



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