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WHO Calls for Complete Ban on Tobacco Advertising世卫组织敦促禁止所有烟草广告  The World Health Organization (WHO) is urging governments to ban all tobacco advertising. The aim is to protect the world's youth from becoming addicted to a product WHO says could cause one billion premature deaths this century. The U.N. organization issued the call on World No Tobacco Day. 世界卫生组织敦促各国政府禁止所有烟草广告,其目的是防止世界上的年轻人对烟草上瘾。世卫组织说,烟草可能会在本世纪造成10亿人过早死亡。世卫组织在“世界无烟日”发出上述呼吁。The World Health Organization says recent studies prove the more young people are exposed to tobacco advertising, the more likely they are to start smoking and the less likely they are to quit. 世界卫生组织说,最近的研究明,年轻人接触烟草广告越多,就越容易开始吸烟,戒烟的可能性就越小。Despite this, WHO officials say only five percent of the world's population is covered by comprehensive bans on tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship. 世卫组织说,然而全面禁止烟草广告、促销或是赞助活动的禁令只涵盖了世界上5%的人口。The Director of WHO's Tobacco Free Initiative, Dr. Douglas Bettcher, says that leaves 95 percent of the world's population exposed to the unbridled marketing activities of the tobacco industry. 世卫组织无烟草行动负责人道格拉斯.巴彻士说,这样一来,世界上就有95%的人接触到烟草行业各种没有任何限制的营销活动。"The tobacco industry continues to sp its deadly product as the vector of the tobacco epidemic," he said. "The tobacco company spends tens of billions of dollars to market its products and tens of billions of dollars a year around the world to particularly develop and study and market to young people, especially in developing countries."  他说:“烟草工业继续向世界广泛推销它们的致命产品,成为烟草疾病的最大催动力。 烟草公司每年花费数百亿美元促销产品,在全球花费数百亿美元特别研究和开发年轻人市场,特别是发展中国家的市场。”The World Health Organization says most people start smoking before the age of 18, and almost a quarter of those before the age of 10. Because of this, it says tobacco companies target young people by falsely linking the use of tobacco products with qualities such as glamour, energy and sex appeal. 世卫组织说,大多数烟民在18岁之前就开始吸烟,大约四分之一烟民10岁之前就开始吸烟。由于上述原因,世卫组织说,烟草公司以年轻人为目标,把吸烟与魅力、力量以及性感等品质联系在一起,误导年轻人。Dr. Bettcher says the tobacco industry markets its product in movies, on the Internet, in fashion magazines, music concerts and sports events to get young people hooked onto their product. 巴彻士说,烟草业在电影、互联网 、时尚杂志、音乐会以及体育比赛中推销产品,让年轻人对烟草上瘾。He says the industry has even converted young people into walking billboards. Wherever tobacco companies cannot advertise, he says they put their logo on boots, shirts and other personal items.  他说,烟草业甚至把年轻人变成了活烟草广告。在无法做广告的地方,他们想办法把烟草商标印在靴子上、衬衫上,以及其它私人用品上。He says young women and girls are particularly at risk of being targeted and ensnared by these aggressive marketing techniques.  巴彻说,年轻女性和女孩特别容易成为烟草公司这种不择手段的市场推销术的目标,最后被诱惑。"We have recommended total advertising bans. WHO recommends these because enforcement of a complete ban on advertising promotion and sponsorship will definitely reduce consumption," he added. "Evidence shows that countries that put into place and enforce them and make sure that all the companies adhere to these bans, will enjoy a 16 percent drop in consumption over countries that do not impose such bans."  他说:“我们建议全面禁止烟草广告。世卫组织提出这种建议是因为全面禁止烟草促销和赞助一定会减少烟草的使用。有据显示,那些执行烟草广告禁令并且确保所有烟草公司遵守禁令的国家与那些没有施行这种禁令的国家相比,烟草使用量下降了16%。”The World Health Organization (WHO) says 5.4 million people a year die prematurely from tobacco-related illnesses, with 70 percent of these deaths in developing countries. It expects this figure to rise to 8.3 million deaths by 2030. 世卫组织说,世界上每年大约有540万人因为患上与烟草有关的疾病而过早死亡,其中大约70%的死亡病例出现在发展中国家。世卫组织预计,这个数字到2030年时会增加到830万人。And if current smoking trends continue, WHO warns up to one billion people could die from tobacco-related diseases this century. 世界卫生组织警告说,如果目前的吸烟趋势继续下去,本世纪会有多达10亿人死于与烟草有关的各类疾病。 200806/40700国家地理:China's Lost Girls 被抛弃的女孩[1]Not too far away is a little girl who has never known a mother, and she's never known a father, and she's never known a big sister. And today she's gonna get out of that.Hi, welcome to Ultimate Explorer, I'm Lisa Ling. Tonight, a story I've been wanting to do for a long time. Over one quarter of all the babies adopted from abroad into this country come from China, and most are girls. It's a consequence of one of the biggest efforts to control population growth in history, China's so-called "one child" policy. It limits millions of families there to having only one child. Now traditionally baby boys are preferred, and as a result, girls are often abandoned, aborted, or hidden, sometimes they are even killed. Where do they end up and what does it all mean for China? Take a look. China, one of the world's oldest civilizations, with more than 4,000 years of history and culture. Today, China is booming. With over a billion people, it has the world's largest population. One in every five people on the planet lives here. And for China, that is a big problem. So the Chinese government has put limits on how many children people can have. When combined with the centuries-old preference for boys, this means that untold thousands of Chinese girls are being aborted, hidden, or abandoned every year. Where do some of these abandoned girls end up? Marissa, whatever you do, don't touch the tits...Places like Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Ready?Richard and Denise Holler adopted their daughter Marissa from China three and a half years ago. Today they are taking Marissa to her Chinese dance performance.Can I give you a hug. Ok. Oh, that's sweet.Not long after, they'll take her back to China. Marissa, why do you close your eyes when you take a picture?I'm going with Richard, Denise and Marissa who frankly looks more like me than her parents. I just smiled.That's the way you smile?In every way Marissa is an ordinary American kid. But this American kid was abandoned in a park in China when she was three days old. Now her parents are headed back to China because they want to adopt another baby girl."Well, actually, sometimes my parents say that, like I was meant for them, and sometimes I really do think that. But sometimes I think it's just a miracle, or sometimes I just think it just happened."As soon as we arrive in Beijing, we meet dozens of families from all over America who are also adopting little girls. Some of them have never been out of the US."And these are the Knives. They are also gonna be adopting a baby girl."Orson and Tracy North Ross from Alabama. Donna McPhillips and Gary King from North Carolina. Richard and Lisa Foaken from Texas who are also going back to adopt their second child."It's not about us getting a daughter, it's about her getting a sister, you know"The adoption process has taken more than a year for most of these couples and cost them upwards of ,000. (First time you get the picture of your new child. How is, it's real...) They've waited anxiously for the Chinese government to approve them and then assign them a baby whom they've never even met. The couples are given little more than a photo which many of them carry everywhere. Now in three days they'll meet the babies for the first time.So what do you do for the three days before your life changes forever? How about take a tour of Beijing?"This is Chairman Mao. OK? Chairman Mao lighter.""OK. First, let's look at this building.""Is that a temple over there?""One, two, three, cheeeeeese. Thank you.""This is a bald man.""Do you know who that is? It's in the big picture right there.""Chairman Mao.""Chairman Mao. Chairman Mao Zedong. We have his Little Red Book at home."Under Mao in the 50s and 60s, China's population exploded. By 1980 Mao's successors began limiting most families to only one child, or in some cases two. It's been called the largest population control effort in human history.200709/17503The president and Mrs. Bush are in Ghana where they were the guests of honor at a state dinner hosted by President John Kufuor and his wife, Theresa.  正在加纳访问的布什总统和夫人受到加纳总统库福尔和夫人特里莎的国宴款待。Ghanaian dancers performed at the official dinner at Accra's State Banquet Hall, which was renovated for the 50th anniversary of Ghana's independence last year. 在阿克拉国宴大厅里,加纳舞蹈演员表演歌舞。这个大厅在去年庆祝加纳独立50周年时重新修缮过。Ghanaian President John Kufuor thanked President Bush for supporting conflict resolution efforts in Somalia, Chad, Kenya, and Sudan. He commended Mr. Bush for working with the heads of the world's leading industrialized nations to cancel billion of debt owed by poor countries to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. 加纳总统库福尔感谢布什总统为解决索马里、乍得、肯尼亚和苏丹冲突提供的持,他赞扬布什和其他世界主要工业国领导人合作,免除了贫穷国家拖欠世界和国际货币基金会的400亿美元的债务。President Kufuor said the American leader's decision to extend lower tariffs under the African Growth and Opportunity Act have helped Ghanaian businesses. He thanked Mr. Bush for issuing performance-based grants through the Millennium Challenge Corporation, which currently has a more than 0 millionr compact with Ghana to improve agricultural production. 库福尔总统说,美国领导人根据非洲增长和机会法案提供低关税,帮助了加纳的商业。他还感谢布什总统通过千年挑战计划根据表现发放拨款,这个机构目前和加纳签有5亿多美元的合同,用来改善农业生产。"We note with great admiration your commitment to the respect of human rights, democracy, and good governance as well as your humanitarian support for the drive toward poverty alleviation," he said. 库福尔说:“我们非常敬佩您尊重人权的努力,良好的执政业绩和为减轻贫困提供的人道主义援助。”President Bush's father has the international airport in Houston, Texas named after him. Now George W. Bush has his own road in Accra. President Kufuor announced the renaming of one of the capital's busiest routes, which is being rebuilt as a 14-kilometer, six-lane highway. "Henceforth, it will be called the George Bush Motorway," he said. 德克萨斯州休斯顿的国际机场是以布什总统父亲的名字命名的。现在,阿克拉的一条路被命名为乔治.W.布什。库福尔总统宣布,为加纳首都最繁忙的一条街道重新命名,这条大道正在被扩建为14公里长、有6条行车道的高速公路。库福尔说:“从今以后,它的名字是乔治.布什高速公路。”President Bush responded by joking about the traffic problems his visit here has created as security has shut down roads around his event sites. "The next time I come and ride on the George Bush Motorway, I promise that we will not shut the highway down," he said. 布什总统对此进行回应时,对他的访问带来交通问题开了一个玩笑。出于安全考虑,他所到之处附近的公路都被关闭。布什总统说:“下次我来的时候在乔治.布什高速公路上行驶,我保我们将不会把高速公路关闭。”In his toast, President Bush called President Kufuor a close friend, saying the outgoing head of the African Union has earned the respect of leaders around the world. "We first met in 2001. We were new presidents. And here we are nearly seven years later, and we are fixing to leave office. But we both vow we will finish strong with our heads held high," he said. 布什总统在祝酒时称库福尔总统是一位亲密的朋友,说这位即将离职的非洲联盟负责人赢得了世界各国领导人的尊敬。布什总统说:“我们在2001年首次见面。我们当时都是新上任的总统。现在将近7年之后我们又聚在一起,我们都要离职了。但是我们都誓言在任期结束时昂首阔步,把工作做好。”President Bush finishes this trip to Africa Thursday in Liberia. 布什总统星期四访问利比里亚,这是他非洲之行的最后一站。200802/27658

Inquiry of entry入境咨询A:Hello, Immigration Department. What can I do for you?A:您好,这里是入境处。请问有什么可以帮您的吗?B:Hello. I am calling today to inquire the formalities of entry.B:好的。请问您的国籍是什么?A:OK. What nationalities are you, please?A:好的,请问您的国籍是什么?B:I am a Chinese.B:我是中国人。A:If this is the case. I am very glad to tell you that you do not need a passport nor a visa, since we have an agreement with your country, and in accordance with the treaty, people from both your and my countries are allowed to enter the other country without passports of visas.A:如果是这样的话,我很高兴地告诉你您入境不需要护照和签,因为贵国我国签订了一项协议,协议中规定贵国和我国公民进入对方国家无需护照及签。B:Fantastic. That will save me a lot of time. Do you mean we can go to your country at any time without any formalities?B:这太好了。这能节省很多时间。你的意思是说我们可以随时进入贵国而不需要办理任何手续吗?A:Not exactly. Generally speaking, such kind of people are not allowed entry into my country as psychopaths, infectious people, criminals and people who are in illegitimate occupation. As a result, we need you to provide us with your ID card, health certificate and employees card two weeks before your entry.A:不完全是这样的。通常来说我国一般不允许以下人员入境:精神病患者、传染病患者、刑事罪犯、从事不正当职业者。因此,您必须在入境前两个星期内向我国出具身份件、健康明及工作明等材料。B:Sure, I will. Anything else?B:没问题,我会照办。还有其他的要求吗?A:Of course you will have to go through the entry formality, too.A:当然你还需要办理入境手续。B:How exactly should I go through the entry formality?B:究竟该如何办理入境手续呢?A:You will have to provide the detail information about yourself, such as name, age, marital status, how long you are going to stay in my country and so on and so forth.A:办理入境手续你必须向我国提供您的详细个人信息,比如姓名、年龄、婚姻状况以及将在我国停留多久等等。B:Thank you so much. This is really helpful.B:非常感谢。这对我确实帮助不小。A:You are welcome. Is there anything else you would like to know?A:不必客气,还有其他的事情吗?B:I guess not. Thank you. Bye.B:没有了,谢谢。再见。 /201603/430554

China to Attend Southeast Asian Summit温家宝赴老挝参加东南亚首脑会议Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao leaves for Laos, at the end of the week, to take part in a Southeast Asia summit that is held every three years. The regional gathering is just one of several China has pursued in recent years, in an effort to build stronger relations with its neighbors.  中国总理温家宝本周末将启程前往老挝,出席每三年召开一次的东南亚国家首脑会议。这一地区峰会只是中国近年来争取参加的会议之一。中国这样做是为了加强与邻国的关系。The Greater Mekong Subregion includes the six countries along the 4,000-kilometer Mekong River, which starts in China, flows past Burma, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam, before reaching the South China Sea. 大湄公河次区域包括湄公河4千公里沿岸的6个国家。湄公河起源于中国,流经缅甸、老挝、泰国、柬埔寨和越南,最后流入南中国海。Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao goes to Laos, Saturday. He will join other heads of state for the third Greater Mekong Subregion summit. The grouping is sponsored by the Asian Development Bank and is aimed at enhancing regional cooperation.  中国总理温家宝定于星期六启程前往老挝。他将会见出席大湄公河次区域第三次首脑会议的其他国家领导人。亚洲开发为召开这一峰会提供经费,目的是加强地区合作。One controversial issue has been use of the Mekong River, itself. China aly has two hydroelectric dam projects on the part of the waterway that flows through China. A third, huge dam -- the Xiaowan Hydropower Station -- is to be completed in 2012.  如何利用湄公河是一个存在争议的问题。中国在本国境内的湄公河河道上已经修建了两个用于水力发电的水坝。第三个大坝、也就是小湾水电站大坝,预计在2012年竣工。Speaking to reporters in Beijing Wednesday, Assistant Foreign Minister He Yafei acknowledged there are disagreements with other countries about China's use of the river.  中国外交部部长助理何亚非星期三在北京对记者说,有关国家在中国利用湄公河的问题上存在着分歧。He says there have been media reports that China's upstream hydropower development is having a negative impact on downstream countries, especially environmentally. 他说:“有些媒体在说,中国开发了水电,上游开发水电对下游国家有没有影响啊?生态环境会不会遭到破坏?我想这是媒体和大家关心的问题。”He says China will never do anything to harm the interests of downstream countries and says Beijing is y to have discussions on the issue. But he also stresses that what he calls reasonable development of water resources will serve the interests of all countries in the region. 何亚非还说,中国决不会做任何损害下游国家利益的事,并表示北京准备就这个问题进行讨论。但他同时强调,他所说的负责任地开发水资源将对本地区的所有国家有利。The two-day Greater Mekong Subregion summit begins Sunday. One highlight will be the opening of the Lao section of a major highway that will link Bangkok to the southwestern Chinese city, Kunming. 为期两天的大湄公河次区域首脑会议将于星期天开幕。一个引人注目的安排将是举行一条主要高速公路在老挝境内路段的启用仪式。这条高速公路将把曼谷与中国西南城市昆明连接起来。200803/32444探索世界奥秘之Life Story(生命物语) 10It is incredible, and it is incredibly hard to believe too, because although we've changed so much, we don't actually see any of those changes happening. Generation after generation, we just look the same. The problem is one of time. The periods over which even tiny changes happen are so long that almost beyond our imagination. But to make sense of those time periods, to see them in some perspective, I've brought you here to a cave deep in the French Pyrenees. In the middle of the last century, a bookseller from a nearby town of Tuluz, used to visit this cave. And as a hobby, he dug around for bones and evidence of prehistoric remains. And he did this for some 40 years. And then late in the afternoon, on June the 11th, 1905, having been digging all day, he prepared to go but chose to go by a different route. And as he left, he was passing this wall and something caught his eye. He lifted up his lamp and this is what he saw--stencils of human hands from nearly 30,000 years ago. They are amongst the oldest images made by human beings on the planet. They are 6 times older than the Pyramids in Egypt and 8 times older than Stonehenge. Quite what they signified to the people who made them, no one knows. They were a Stone Age people and they came here at the coldest part of a last Ice Age. And over here are the most interesting images of all. It is thought that these stencils here were made by someone no bigger than a toddler, a child in a primitive world, the son or daughter of somebody who you would think of as a caveman. And yet if I had taken such a child and brought it up as a baby in my own house, it would be indistinguishable from one of my own children. Because by the time these people pressed their hands against these walls, all the changes which make us what we are had aly happened. The evolution of the human body was, to all intents and purposes, complete. If this child were to be raised with my own children, it would look the same, it would talk the same, it would play the same computer games, and it would grow up wanting to be a doctor, a footballer, or maybe even an astronaut.words and expressionsPyrenees: 比利牛斯山脉:欧洲西南部山脉,从比斯开湾沿着法国与西班牙边境,到地中海在皮科·德·皮妮特,它高达3,406·2米(11,168英尺)stencil:The lettering or design produced with such a sheet.图案,文字:用模板或蜡纸复制出的字形或图案toddler:One who toddles, especially a young child learning to walk.蹒跚行走的人:一个蹒跚行走的人,尤指一个刚学习走路的幼儿indistinguishable:(常与from连用)不能区别的;不能辨别的"The synthetic material is indistinguishable from real silk, but much cheaper.""这种合成衣料与真丝难以区别,但便宜得多。"to all intents and purposes:实际上200707/16010

Chinese Stocks Drop After Central Bank Raises Reserve Ratio中国央行准备金率创记录股市暴跌   Chinese stocks have dropped nearly eight percent after China's central bank announced it would raise the amount of cash banks must keep on hand to a record high. China has been struggling to rein in excess cash to control inflation, but pressure is growing on Beijing to let its currency appreciate faster. 在中国央行宣布把存款准备金率提高到一个创记录的高点之后,中国股市暴跌近百分之8。中国一直在努力控制过多现金的流动,以遏制通货膨胀。然而北京政府正在承受日益增加的要人民币以更快速度升值的压力。China's stock market benchmark, the Shanghai Composite Index, plunged by 7.73 percent Tuesday after the People's Bank of China said it would raise the reserve ratio by one percent this month. 中国人民宣布将于本月把存款准备金率提高一个百分点后,具有指标性的上海综指星期二暴跌百分之7.7。The reserve ratio is to go up in two stages, half a percent on June 15 and another half on June 25, to a record high 17.5 percent. 存款准备金率分两步提高,6月15日提高半个百分点,6月25日再提高半个百分点,达到百分之17.5的创记录高点。The move marks the fifth time this year the bank has raised reserves to discourage excessive lending and investment. The bank last year raised interest rates six times to encourage savings and make lending more expensive. 这是今年中国央行第五次提高存款准备金率,为的是收紧过度贷款和投资。去年央行为鼓励储蓄、提高借贷成本,曾经六次调高存款利率。Michael Pettis is an associate professor of finance at Peking University. He says the problem is China's currency, the yuan, is undervalued and a gradual appreciation has not slowed the flow of cash. 迈克尔.佩蒂斯是北京大学金融学教授。他说,问题在于人民币币值过低,逐步升值还是没有能够起到减缓现金流通的作用。"The fact is none of these things are working. No matter what pace they use, hot money seems to be pouring into the country. And, that's very, very destabilizing for stock markets, banking markets, and everything else in the country," said Pettis. 他说,“事实上这些办法都不灵,不论他们以什么速度来提升币值,看来热钱还是照样涌入中国。这是股市、对业务和中国的所有一切活动中非常不稳定的因素。”The excess cash has fed inflation, which neared a 12-year high of 8.5 percent in April. Food prices were up a massive 22 percent. 过量现金流动导致通货膨胀,4月份百分之8.5的通胀率是近12年来的最高点。食品价格大幅攀升了百分之22。If inflation continues to rise authorities may have to take more drastic measures, to keep rising prices from stoking public unrest. 如果通胀率继续上升,当局有可能采取更有力的措施,以避免不断上升的物价引发民众骚乱。Pettis says China may be forced into a one-off revaluation of the yuan, perhaps by as much as 20 percent. 佩蒂斯说,中国有可能被迫以百分之20的幅度,一次性重新估价人民币币值。200806/41754President Bush says the House of Representatives risks reopening a dangerous gap in intelligence gathering by failing to pass a law expanding warrantless surveillance. Opposition leaders in the House say the president has all the authority he needs to protect the nation. 布什总统说,众议院议员没能通过延长一项未经授权进行监听的法律可能让情报搜集重新面临危险。众议院民主党领导人说,在保护国家方面,布什总统拥有他保护国家所需要的一切权力。President Bush wants retroactive immunity for telecommunications companies that complied with government requests to monitor telephone and computer traffic between the ed States and suspected terrorists abroad without a court warrant. 布什总统希望,为那些“按照政府要求监视美国和国外恐怖分子嫌疑人之间电话和电脑互联网数据传送而没有法庭许可文件”的电信公司授予追溯豁免权。Many of those firms are now facing civil lawsuits for their actions following the 2001 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington. Mr. Bush says allowing those lawsuits to proceed would be unfair because those companies were told their assistance was legal and vital to national security. 2001年恐怖分子袭击纽约和华盛顿后,许多这种从事监听行为的公司目前面临民事诉讼。布什总统说,允许进行这些诉讼案件是不公平的,因为这些公司被告之他们的协助是合法的,并且对国家安全非常重要。"Allowing the lawsuits to proceed could aid our enemies because the litigation process could lead to the disclosure of information about how we conduct surveillance and it would give al-Qaida and others a roadmap as to how to avoid the surveillance," he said. "Allowing these lawsuits to proceed could make it harder to track the terrorists because private companies besieged by and fearful of lawsuits would be less willing to help us quickly get the information we need." 布什总统说:“允许进行这些诉讼案件可能会帮助我们的敌人,因为诉讼程序可能会暴露我们如何处理有关监听的信息,这会让基地组织和其他组织知道如何避免被监听;允许进行这些诉讼会让追踪恐怖分子变得更加困难,因为被官司缠身和害怕惹上官司的私人公司可能会不太愿意迅速帮助我们获得我们需要的信息。”Without private sector cooperation, President Bush says the government cannot protect the country from terrorist attack. He says that protection is not a partisan issue as Republicans and Democrats in the Senate approved retroactive immunity. The bill is now stalled in the House. 布什总统说,没有私人公司的合作,政府无法保护美国不受到恐怖分子的袭击。他说,参议院共和与民主两党议员通过的关于追溯豁免权的议案,提供的这种保护不是一个党派性的问题。"Republicans and Democrats in the House stand y to pass the Senate bill if House leaders would only stop blocking an up-or-down vote and let the majority in the House prevail," the president said.  布什总统说:“只要众议院领导人能停止阻拦议员们进行直接表决投票,让众议院大多数议员占优势,在众议院的共和党和民主党议员已经做好准备,通过参议院的这项法案。”House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she is certain that delaying the law does not place the nation at greater risk of terrorist attack.  众议院议长佩洛西说,她确信拖延这项法律不会让国家在遭受恐怖分子袭击方面面临更大的风险。The Democratic leader in the House says what is at stake is the separation of powers established under the 1978 Foreign Service Intelligence Act, which gave Congress the authority to decide the terms under which intelligence collection can take place. 佩洛西说,利害攸关的是根据1978年外国情报监督法案建立的分权制度,它给予国会权力来决定情报搜集的期限。"This president is saying it is not about the law and it is not about the courts," Pelosi said. "It's about the president deciding that he has inherent authority to spy on anyone. We do not want any president, Democrat or Republican, to have that authority. And that is why we are making this fight on protecting the American people and protecting and defending the Constitution of the ed States." 佩洛西说:“布什总统说,这同法律无关,也同法庭无关。而是总统有权决定监视任何人。我们不想让任何总统,不管他是民主党人还是共和党人,具有那样的权力,这就是我们进行这次抗争来保护美国人民、保护和捍卫美国宪法的原因。”President Bush wants to broaden the circumstances under which intelligence agents need not obtain a warrant from a secret court before listening in on communications between the ed States and suspected terrorists abroad. 布什总统要求国会明确指出在何种情况下,情报人员可以在不需要得到秘密法庭许可的情况下对美国和外国恐怖分子嫌疑人之间的联络进行监听。Pelosi says the president aly has all the authority he needs under the original FISA law. President Bush says that law is out of date and does not allow intelligence agents to track foreign terrorists abroad quickly and effectively. 佩洛西说,在原来的外国情报监督法案下,布什总统已经拥有他所需要的权力。布什总统说,这项法律已经过时,该法律不能让情报人员快速和有效地追踪外国恐怖分子。200802/28028

At the Merkit(蔑儿乞惕) camp in the mountains of northern Mongolia, Temujin(铁木真) went looking for his wife. "We made the Merkits pay for their deed. We destroyed their families and emptied their breasts."Temujin, the man who was to become Genghis Khan, was barely 20 and he'd aly eliminated one of Mongolia's great tribes.In those early days, Temujin and Jamuqa (扎木合) shared the leadership of the tribe. Yet, even as they celebrated the victory over the Merkits, there was a hidden tension between them. At the root was a fundamental question--- how to measure a man's worth? Both Temujin and Jamuqa were the sons of tribal leaders, Mongolian aristocrats. But only Temujin had experienced a childhood of real adversity and learned from it."Now I cared only for the strength in a man's heart. A warrior does not win a battle by virtue of his birth."Temujin rewarded ability and loyalty alone. One of his most promising warriors was Subedei(速不台), the son of a humble herdsman. But this attitude flew in the face of Mongol tradition. Jamuqa's noble birth led him to believe that high rank should be reserved only for Mongol aristocrats. But now, his blood brother was throwing out the old ways. The gulf between Temujin and Jamuqa widened still further until a prophecy of the Mongol holy man brought their relationship to a crisis."The shaman (萨满) said he had ascended into heaven in a holy trance where the Supreme God told him that he would give to me and to my sons the whole surface of the world."adversity: a state, condition, or instance of serious or continued difficulty or adverse fortuneby virtue of: because of , due to; based onfly in the face of: defy, clearly disobeyshaman: tribal priest or priestess who uses supernatural forces to heal illness or predict the future200809/49397Global Financial Crisis Hits Banks in London, Other World Markets金融危机击倒英国大威胁世界As the financial crisis claimed more victims this week on Wall Street, the rest of the world's markets and banks have been in turmoil. In Britain, 45,000 banking jobs are now in jeopardy. 这个星期,随着华尔街 一家又一家的金融机构在当前的金融危机中败北,世界其他地区的金融市场和也同时陷入混乱。在英国,四万多个职位现在都显得岌岌可危。Another financial titan has fallen in Britain. This time, it is the ailing mortgage giant HBOS which owns Halifax Bank and the Bank of Scotland. Lloyds Bank has agreed to take over HBOS but, reports say, that has put 40,000 jobs on the line.  英国又有一家金融巨头轰然倒下。这一次是英国最大的抵押贷款哈利法克斯苏格兰(HBOS)。这家业巨头拥有哈利法克斯和苏格兰。英国的劳埃德(Lloyds TSB)已经同意以122亿英镑收购哈利法克斯苏格兰,但是并购之后势必大量裁员,受影响的四万多职员都感到前途未卜。The buyout comes as fears of a global financial collapse following the heavy losses among some of the world's biggest financial institutions. Wall Street investment bank Lehman Brothers went into bankruptcy this week, and other large investment houses have been sold off or propped up by the U.S. government. 最近世界最大的一些金融机构接连垮台,人们担心一场全球性金融风暴正在来临。华尔街大投行雷曼兄弟公司这个星期宣布破产,其他机构有的被对手并购,有的被政府挽救。Central banks from the U.S., Japan and the European Union have pumped hundreds of billions of dollars into the banking system to stave off a collapse. Stock markets have suffered sharp losses. 为了防止系统垮台,美国、日本、欧盟、加拿大等国的中央通过大笔注资来联手救市。股票市场几天来出现罕见的大起大落。In Russia, trading on the country's main stock exchanges was halted two days this week because of the turmoil. When regulators suspended trading at mid-day Wednesday, Russia's RTS Index of leading stocks had fallen nearly 6.5 percent, adding to its 50 percent drop since June 1.  在俄罗斯,主要的股票市场在混乱当中被停盘两天。在市场监管人员星期三宣布股市停止交易的时候,俄罗斯交易系统指数下跌了6.5%。从6月1日到现在,俄罗斯股市已经下滑了50%。But Roland Nash, head of research, Renaissance Capital, says Russia should not worry. "It shouldn't have a longer term impact on the Russian economy," he said. "Russian economy is being driven by a lot of factors which is still very very much in place. In that sense Russia has one of the most healthy macro-economies in the world today."  但是复兴资本公司研究部主任罗兰德·纳什说,俄罗斯不必过分担忧。“这不会对俄罗斯经济造成长期影响。俄罗斯经济受到很多因素的推动,而这些因素现在大多一如既往。从某种意义上讲,俄罗斯在全世界都是最健康的经济体之一。”The outlook is less rosy for Britain after new figures show unemployment on the rise. The collapse of Lehman Brothers cost 5,000 jobs in London at its European headquarters.  可是英国的前景却并不那么好,尤其是最新的经济数据显示,英国的失业率正在上升。单单是雷曼兄弟公司破产就导致其设在伦敦的欧洲总部的五千多人失去工作。Taine Randell works in London as a broker. He trades in oil and says while his job is safe, financial positions for others will be scarce.  泰恩·兰德尔是伦敦的一位石油期货经纪人。他庆幸自己还有一份工作,但是他说,金融领域的职位现在是越来越少了。"The repercussions, I think, with the financial sector is going to be huge," said Randell. "There's not going to be as much money floating around and as a result there's not going to be as many people employed to get it."  “金融领域受到的影响将是巨大的。由于资金的流动不像以前那么多了,结果受雇的人也不会像以前那么多了。”But there are those who say that this is just another cycle. Business analyst Robbie Clayton says after the boom, now it is time for the bust, and the world economy will recover.  不过,也有人说,这只不过是一次周期性变化。商业分析师罗比·克雷顿说,在高潮过去之后,现在又到了低潮的时候了,世界经济总是会复苏的。"You know, for the last 10 years it's been a pretty good ride," he said. "Now things have obviously got to where they are, but it is a cycle and there will be new developments and the show will go on."  “你知道,在过去的十年中,经济一直都是相当好的。现在又到了走衰的时候了,这是一个周期。今后还会有新的发展,事情都会循环往复下去。”But with so much volatility, experts say the final curtain is unlikely to drop on the global credit crunch any time soon.  然而目前的局面是如此的反复无常,专家们说,全球信贷危机看来在短期内并不会尘埃落定。Vanessa Rossi is an international economic expert and says the Asian economies are under threat. 瓦尼萨·罗斯是一位国际经济学家。他指出,亚洲经济也受到威胁。"I think it is important to see this as a rather big rock that could drop in a pool in Asia and could cause massive ripples all across these economies so I think China will be working very hard so its own reasons to prevent such a slump but it will also be critical for many of these other economies," she said.  “我认为,重要的是我们要看到这块巨石有可能落到亚洲的某个池子里,有可能引起巨大的波澜,波及各个经济体。所以我认为,中国出于自己的原因将会非常努力地防止经济滑坡,对于其他经济体来说目前也是非常关键的时候。”On the streets of London's financial sector, many say they have been left in shock and are simply waiting to see what will happen next. 在伦敦金融区的大街上,很多人都说,他们对这场金融危机感到吃惊不小,然而他们也只能耐心等待,看看接下来会发生什么。200809/49441

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