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信丰县医院人流要多少钱江西省赣州市妇幼保健院联系电话The diplomatic crisis between Iran and Saudi Arabia intensified Thursday, with Tehran banning all Saudi imports and accusing Riyadh of conducting ;deliberate; airstrikes on its embassy in Yemen.星期四,伊朗和沙特阿拉伯之间的外交危机加剧。德黑兰禁止来自沙特的一切进口产品,并指责利雅得对伊朗驻也门大使馆进行了“蓄意”轰炸。Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari said the alleged air attacks in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, were ;a violation of all international conventions that protect diplomatic missions,; according to state television.伊朗国营电视台报道,伊朗外交部发言人安萨里说,在也门首都萨那针对伊朗使馆进行的空袭“违反了所有保护外交使团的国际公约”;Saudi Arabia is responsible for the damage to the embassy building and the injury to some of its staff,; he said. His statement did not specify who was wounded or to what extent.他说:“沙特阿拉伯要对使馆建筑受到的破坏和使馆人员受到的伤害负责。他的声明里没有具体说明受伤者的身份以及伤势如何。Saudi Arabia is carrying out a campaign of airstrikes in Yemen in support of forces fighting against Iranian-backed Houthi Shiite rebels. Riyadh has not commented on the Iranian accusations.沙特阿拉伯在也门空袭,是为了持跟胡赛什叶派反政府武装作战的部队。胡赛什叶派反政府武装背后有伊朗撑腰。沙特阿拉伯尚未对伊朗的指责发表。Also Thursday, Irans cabinet banned the import of all products from Saudi Arabia, according to a government statement. It also put in place a ban on Iranians traveling to the holy city of Mecca.伊朗政府星期四还禁止来自沙特的所有进口产品。官方发表的声明还说,伊朗禁止人们前往圣城麦加。The developments come after Saudi Arabia cut diplomatic ties with Iran last week following violent protests at the Saudi embassy in Tehran. The protesters were upset over the Saudi execution of prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr, who was critical of the Riyadh kingdom.沙特阿拉伯上周跟伊朗断交,因为一些抗议者冲击沙特阿拉伯驻德黑兰大使馆。抗议者对沙特处决什叶派教士尼姆尔感到愤怒。尼姆尔一贯对沙特阿拉伯王室持批评态度。Several Arab countries have since severed diplomatic relations with Iran, in solidarity with Saudi Arabia. Other nations have downgraded ties with Tehran.此后,一些阿拉伯国家也宣布与伊朗断交,以示对沙特的持。还有一些国家降低了与伊朗外交关系的级别。来 /201601/422192定南县人民医院是几级 Kim Jong Un LINKED TO FRIDAY ADVANCE PE aly rules North Korea like a medieval despot, but his latest eccentricity is actually trying to turn back time. To mark the 70th anniversary of victory over the “wicked Japanese imperialists the poobah of Pyongyang has decreed that his country will set its clocks half an hour later to reject the timezone Japan imposed during its occupation of the Korean peninsula.金正Kim Jong Un)已经像个中世纪专制君主那样统治朝鲜了,但他最近的怪异法令事实上是试图改变时间。为纪念战胜“邪恶的日本帝国主义0周年,这位朝鲜普巴(poobah,意为至高无上的君主——译者注)颁布法令,规定他的国家将把时区推后半小时,以抵制日本在占领朝鲜半岛时强加于朝鲜的时区。Eccentric it may be, but there is a history of rulers changing time zones to assert their power. When such decisions institutionalise real authority, they look masterful; when they substitute for it, they range from in to absurd.这一法令或许怪异,但历史上不乏统治者更改时区以彰显自己权力的先例。当这类决定将真正的权威制度化时,它们显得专横;而当这类决定只不过是假装权威时,它们呈现出从不安到荒谬的各种面貌。Time zones were forced by new technology but shaped by political whim. They emerged as the agricultural pulse set by the sun was replaced by the grinding rhythm of industry. In the agrarian mid-19th century the US had more than 300 time zones. As railways took over, a private sector solution emerged: in 1883 railroad companies imposed the four time zones that still exist.推进时区的是新科技,但时区的面貌则是由政治上的心血来潮决定的。当工业的刺耳节奏取代了太阳设定的农业节拍时,时区就诞生了。在农业社会时期9世纪中叶,美国有300多个时区。随着铁路的发展,一个私营部门解决方案诞生了:几家铁路公司在1883年强制分出四个时区,一直沿用至今。The world soon organised itself into longitudinal zones anchored on Greenwich Mean Time in London. But symbolic quirks and anomalies persist.全世界很快理顺了时间——基于伦敦格林尼治标准时GMT)划分成数个纵向时区,但具有象征意义的古怪、异常安排依然存在。Imposing a single timezone on a recalcitrant populace, as did the Japanese in Korea, is a show of power as well as of administrative efficiency. No one can control the sun but rulers can change how much of it their subjects see. Nazi Germany enforced uniform time on its conquered countries in western Europe. Russian President Vladimir Putin imposed Moscow time on Crimea after seizing the province last year.对不顺从的民众强行施加单一时区,就如日本曾经对朝鲜做过的那样,除了可以展示力量,还能提高行政效率。没人能控制太阳,但统治者可以控制臣民能看到多少阳光。纳粹德国在它占领的西欧国家实施统一时间。俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔渠Vladimir Putin)去年侵占克里米亚后,在该省强行实行了莫斯科时间。However, adopting inconvenient time zones for symbolic reasons begins to look like insecurity. After the Communist takeover in China in 1949, Mao Zedong imposed Beijing time nationwide. China now has one timezone covering latitudes where Russia has five. Inhabitants of western China have to get up in darkness for winter months on end. But introducing a new zone might look like a concession to the repressed discontents in the western region of Xinjiang, some of whom have informally adopted their own local time.但是,出于象征原因而采用不方便时区,就显得缺乏安全感了949年共产党接管中国后,毛泽东在全国推行了北京时间。中国现在只有一个时区,而横跨同样纬度范围的俄罗斯有五个时区。每年冬天,中国西部地区居民都有好几个月得在黑暗中起床。但实行新的时区,看起来可能像对新疆西部地区受压抑的不满分子作出让步,其中一些人已经非正式地用起了当地时间。Similarly, India combined several imperial time zones into one after independence from Britain in 1947, and then underlined the point by setting it an awkward five and a half hours ahead of London time. This wastes electricity, and farmers in Assam in India’s far east have to use an informal “tea garden timeto align the sun and the clock.同样地,1947年印度脱离英国独立后,也将英帝国统治时期的几个时区合并成一个,然后刻意将这个统一时间奇怪地设定为比伦敦时间早五个半小时。统一时区浪费电力,而且为了让太阳和时间相一致,印度最东边的省份阿萨姆邦的农民不得不使用非正式的“茶园时间”。And when a timezone is purely symbolic, it really can begin to look odd. President Hugo Chávez set Venezuela’s clocks back half an hour in 2007, putting them out of kilter with its neighbours, for no apparent reason but cussedness.而当一个时区的设定纯粹出于象征意义,它真的会显得奇怪007年委内瑞拉总统乌戈查韦Hugo Chávez)将本国时区调后半小时,让委内瑞拉的钟表与邻国对不上时间,这么做唯一明显的理由就是因为固执。The most entertaining example is Spain. It should really observe the same time as the UK and Portugal since the vast bulk of it is west of the Greenwich meridian. Instead it keeps central European Time, putting it in the same zone as Poland. A parliamentary commission has concluded that using the wrong clock keeps Spaniards up too late and makes them tired and unproductive.最有趣的例子莫过于西班牙。西班牙大部分国土都位于格林尼治子午线的西边,其实本应该与英国和葡萄牙遵循同样的时间。可是西班牙全国使用的是欧洲中部时间,与波兰位于同一个时区。西班牙的一个国会委员会已经得出结论,使用错误的时区导致西班牙人起得太晚,容易疲倦,且生产效率低下。The timezone is the legacy of the deep cunning of Francisco Franco. Knowing a terrible idea when he saw one, the dictator resisted pressure from Adolf Hitler to abandon neutrality and enter the second world war. But, realising the symbolic importance to fascism of uniformity in everything, he made the magnificently pointless gesture of adopting Berlin time. (A reminder: Hitler committed suicide as his Reich imploded in 1945; Franco died peacefully in office 30 years later.)西班牙现行时区是朗西斯科嬠朗Francisco Franco)留下的一个老谋深算的遗产。当年阿道夫希特Adolf Hitler)要求佛朗哥放弃中立、加入第二次世界大战,因为佛朗哥这个人对坏主意有敏锐的判断力,他抵挡住了希特勒的压力。但他知道一切保持一致对法西斯具有重要的象征意义,于是他作出了一个了不起的、毫无意义的姿态,改用了柏林时间。(提醒一下,1945年希特勒在德意志Reich)崩溃后自杀,而佛朗哥则是0年后安详地死于位上。)It is not hard to see where on the spectrum of absurdity North Korea’s action lies. Given its shambolic economy, it scarcely matters what timezone Pyong adopts. Japan may have lost the war, but its economic miracle won the peace. Mr Kim may change the clocks, but he cannot put history into reverse.不难看出朝鲜此次更改时区在“荒谬光谱”上处于何种位置。考虑到朝鲜一团糟的经济情况,平壤方面采取何种时区其实没多大重要性。日本当年输掉了战争,但日本的经济奇迹赢得了和平。金正恩能改变时区,但他无法逆转历史。来 /201508/394361赣州市赣南片区医院医术怎么样

赣州兴国妇幼保健院医生有哪些Chinese police have detained five people in an investigation into a supplier of meat to fast-food chains including McDonald’s Corp KFC parent Yum Brands Inc. and Starbucks , agencies reported Wednesday.各大新闻社本周三报道称,在对麦当劳(McDonald’s Corp)、肯德基(KFC)母公司百胜餐饮集团(Yum Brands Inc.)以及星巴克(Starbucks)等连锁快餐肉类供应商的调查中,中国警方拘留了五名相关人士。Those arrested include the head of the company concerned, Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd., which is owned by Chicago-based OSI Group. Chinese state-owned news agency Xinhua said that Zhang Hui, manager of Husi’s quality control department, had confessed during interrogation that the company “has been conducting the malpractice for years under tacit approval of senior managers.”其中有涉及案件的上海福喜食品有限责任公司(Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd.)的领导。该公司是位于芝加哥的福喜集团(OSI Group)旗下公司。据新华社报道,福喜的质量部经理张晖在审讯中供认,公司“在高层领导的默许之下,多年来一直进行着违法生产。”The scandal erupted at the end of last week after the network Dragon TV aired a documentary alleging that Shanghai Husi mixed expired meat with good meat and used meat salvaged from the floor in its shipments.上周末,东方卫视(Dragon TV)将这一丑闻曝光。节目指出,上海福喜将过期肉类与新鲜肉类混在一起,还在将掉在地上的肉饼装运发货。Reuters reported that Shanghai consumer protection authorities had sealed more than 1,000 tons of suspect produce from OSI in China, and another 100 tons of produce at selected customers.路透社报道称,上海消费者保护部门已经在福喜中国公司查封了超,000吨可疑产品,还在福喜的部分客户处封存00吨产品。OSI Group had said earlier this week it was “appalledby the allegations, and is fully cooperating with the investigation.福喜集团在本周早些时候对此指控表示“震惊”,公司正在全面配合调查。“Our company believes this to be an isolated event, but takes full responsibility for the situation,OSI said on its website.OSI在网站发表声明称:“福喜集团管理层相信,本次事件是一起个体事件。集团愿为整个事件承担全部责任。”Sheldon Lavin, OSI’s owner and chief executive, followed up with a statement Wednesday saying that what happened “is completely unacceptable.”OSI的所有者及董事长谢尔登o拉文随后在周三发表声明,表示这起事件是“完全无法接受的”。“I will not try and defend it or explain it,he said. “It was terribly wrong, and I am appalled that it ever happened in the company that I own.”他说:“我不会试图辩护或是寻找借口。如此可怕的错误发生在了我拥有的公司,这让我震惊无比。”Yum said in an e-mailed statement that it “It is difficult to believe and completely unacceptable that the management of Shanghai Husi, a division of OSI, would oversee and organise illegal and dishonest operations.”百胜集团在一份电子邮件中声明:“福喜作为一家享有声誉的大型跨国企业,旗下公司竟然发生由管理人员主导、有组织实施的违法违规和不诚信行为,这令人难以置信和无法接受。”It said it has stopped buying from Shanghai Husi and arranged alternative supplies, and consequently doesn’t expect any disruption to KFC restaurants in China. However, it said Pizza Hut might experience “some temporary shortages of certain products百胜表示已经停止向上海福喜的采购,并已安排其他供应商调货。此事不会影响中国肯德基餐厅的供应。不过,声明称必胜客(Pizza Hut)可能会“有少数产品临时断货”。The scandal has widened in the last couple of days as the extent of Shanghai Husi’s customer base has become clear. In addition to supplying meat to McDonald’s and KFC in China, it has also supplied chicken products to McDonald’s and to FamilyMart in Japan.在过去几天中,随着上海福喜的客户群浮出水面,丑闻的波及面也越来越大。除了向中国的麦当劳和肯德基餐厅供应肉类外,福喜还向日本的麦当劳和FamilyMart供应鸡肉产品。The scandal appears to be creating the risk of political consequences for the likes of McDonald’s and Yum, which have expanded rapidly in China over the last two decades. Xinhua ed Zhao Ping, deputy director of an arm of the Ministry of Commerce specialising in international trade, as saying that inadequate management capacity and training was responsible for “continued food safety scandals.”这一丑闻对于麦当劳和百胜等过0年中在中国迅速扩张的企业而言,可能会产生不良的政治后果。新华社引用商务部研究院消费经济研究部副主任赵萍的话,称企业管理层能力不足,缺乏培训,是“食品安全丑闻不断”的原因之一。No-one at McDonald’s was immediately available to comment early Wednesday.截至本周三早些时候,麦当劳尚未就该事件发表 /201407/314738赣州仁济孕育医院要预约吗 Frank Blake, the CEO of the Home Depot HD -0.04% , and I are out for a stroll—really, it’s more of a hike—across the company’s sparkling new, 1.1 million sq. ft. direct fulfillment center in McDonough, Ga. The Locust Grove center, as it’s known, is a humongous warehouse, yes, but it’s also a cathedral built in homage to a customer that the billion-in-revenues company ignored for a very long time; the do-it-yourselfer who orders his or her stuff from home rather than trudging to one of Home Depot’s 2,200 stores.我和家得宝公司(Home Depot)的首席执行官弗兰克o布莱克外出闲逛了一番,说是散步,其实更像是远足,因为我们要穿越公司新建的一栋光夺目的直供中心,该中心位于乔治亚州麦克多诺,面积达110万平方英尺(约合10.2万平方米)。这座名为洛卡斯特o格罗夫中心(Locust Grove center)的建筑实质上是一个巨大无比的货仓,但同时也是一座向一群特殊客户表达敬意的教堂式建筑,这是一个被这家年营收高90亿美元的公司长期忽略的客户群体,即那些喜欢在家中采购原材料,而不是长途跋涉至家得宝某家门店(该公司共,200家门店)去选购商品的DIY(自己动手)一族。We pass row and rows of enormous boxes stacked 50 feet high, full of 340-lb. vanities. Then we watch items as small as house numbers and as large as toilets travel down massive conveyor belts, where they are trafficked directly into bays holding trucks by orange-apron wearing employees. Almost none of those trucks are bound for a Home Depot store. Instead, they’ll be heading directly to your house or mine. “The idea,says Blake, “is that we want to be able to serve our customers how they want to be served.”闲逛途中,我们穿过一排排巨大的箱子,这些箱子堆得足有50英尺(约5米)高,里面装满了重40磅(约合154公斤)的洗面台。随后,我们看到小至门牌号码大到坐便器等各式各样的商品沿着巨大的传送带向前推送,这些商品被直接传送至身着橘色工作,正严阵以待的员工操控的卡车上。这些卡车基本上都不会开往家得宝门店,而是径直驶往你我的家中。布莱克“我们希望以客户期望的方式向他们提供贴心务。”The fact that customers increasingly like to buy online is not exactly news. Stifel Financial estimates that in 2014, fully half of retailersoverall sales growth will come from online orders. And while Home Depot’s stellar performance under Blake’s seven-and-a-half-year tenure has made the company the happy exception to the new rule—that there are too many physical retailers taking up too much space in hopes of selling too much stuff—it has been for far too long behind the online curve. “That’s fair to say,admits Blake, 64, with a wry smile.人们越来越喜欢在线购物,这早已不算是什么新闻了。施蒂费尔金融(Stifel Financial)预计,2014年零售商整体销售增长中的一半份额将来自于网络购物。虽然在布莱克担任首席执行官的七年半时间里,出众的业绩表现使得家得宝公司幸运地躲开了一条新规则,即无数拥有过多店面的实体零售商希望售出过多商品,但在网络购物发展的大潮中,他们一直被远远地抛在了后面。“这是大实话,”现年六十四岁的布莱克苦笑着承认。Whether Home Depot could even have pulled off a substantive e-commerce push much before now is another matter.不过,就在不太长时间以前,就连家得宝能否实质性地进军电子商务也是一个问题。When Blake succeeded Bob Nardelli as CEO on Jan. 3, 2007, the company was in crisis, with stagnant sales, poor customer service and an antiquated supply chain. Home Depot’s 2,000-plus stores could barely communicate with each other, let alone cater to online buyers. “Seven years ago we really could not have done this facility,he says.2007年的1日,当布莱克接替鲍勃o纳尔德里(Bob Nardelli),出任家得宝首席执行官的时候,这家公司正陷于危局,销售额停滞不前,客户务糟糕透顶,供应链破败不堪。公司的2,000多家门店几乎处于彼此封闭的状态,更不用说迎合网购顾客们的需求了。“要是放在七年之前,我们真的不可能盖起这座中心,”他说。Blake decided to stop opening stores—anathema for any retailer—and focus on simply making the store experience better. He did. The stock has returned 145% (with dividends reinvested) from when Blake assumed the CEO mantle to the end of June 2014, compared with a total return of 60% for the Samp;P 500. On an annualized basis (share-price change only) Home Depot stock clocks the Samp;P, 9.7% to 4.3%. And last year, Home Depot’s same store sales growth was the best it has been since the late 1990s. “Not having to build the stores has freed us up to make significant capital expenditures,he says.面对危机,布莱克决定停止开设门店——这在零售商们看来简直就属于离经叛道的行为——转而将精力放在改善现有门店的购物体验上。结果,他获得了成功。从布莱克担任首席执行官之时014年的6月底,公司股票的收益率为145%(包含股息再投资),而相比之下,标准普尔 500指数 (Samp;P 500.)的同期收益率仅为60%。按年率计算(仅考虑股价变化),家得宝公司也.7%的收益水平远超标准普500指数.3%。去年,家得宝公司同一门店的销售增长创下了自上世纪九十年代末以来的最佳水平。“不再发展新门店让我们如释重负,节省了大量资本开,”布莱克表示。Before Home Depot could focus on the Internet, the company’s entire supply chain needed to be overhauled, a process led over the past several years by Mark Holifield, EVP of supply chain and product development. But now the company is catching up to the prevailing standard, analysts say, and what was once a huge liability is beginning to become an asset if you consider its online potential—and the trajectory so far. In 2013, the company received just 3% of its sales from online purchases. Meager, yes—but that was double the share from the previous year.在家得宝能够将注意力放在互联网上之前,公司的整体供应链必须得进行全面调整,负责供应链和产品开发的执行副总裁马克o霍利菲尔德(Mark Holifield)在过去几年中一直在领导这方面的工作。分析师表示,眼下家得宝正在迎头追赶通行标准,如果你认真考虑该公司的网络销售潜力,以及截至目前的发展轨迹,你就会发现,一些曾经的拖累因素正在演变为一种资本013年,网络销售仅占公司总销售额%。虽然这听起来微不足道,但相比前一年已经是翻了一番。With the opening of the direct fulfillment center in Georgia (two more DFCs will open this year—one in California, another in Ohio), the company is able to ship up to 700,000 different SKUs (types and variations of products) online—and ship 100,000 of these items the same day an order is received. An average store, by comparison, has about 35,000 SKUs on hand. That’s a huge shift, and one that makes Home Depot much more competitive with the likes of Amazon AMZN 1.90% . The DFCs will also be used to ship items directly to stores, if customers prefer to pick up products themselves.随着乔治亚州直供中心的落成(家得宝今年还将在加州和俄亥俄州各建一座直供中心),家得宝公司不仅可以运送多0万个不同的库存单元(即各式各样的产品类型),还能够在接受订单的当天发0万件单品。相比之下,一般的门店只拥.5万个库存单元。这样的转变相当惊人,这使得家得宝在面对亚马(Amazon)这样的竞争对手时更有底气。如果客户更喜欢在线下自己挑选商品,直供中心也可以向门店直接供货。Unlike with Amazon’s warehouses, Home Depot’s DFC is set up to handle large packages, primarily. (Some 80% of Home Depot’s products weigh more than five pounds.) Blake believes that increasing the speed and quality of delivery here will help it take share. (Plus, he jokes, drones won’t work so well with floor coverings.) “We think we have a competitive advantage as a bricks-and-mortar retailer, and we want to leverage that,he says.与亚马逊的货仓不同,家得宝的直供中心主要是用于处理大件商品(家得宝大约80%商品的重量都超过磅)。布莱克坚信送货速度和品质的提升将有助于公司占据市场份额(他还开玩笑说,无人机在直供中心地板上表现不佳)。“我们认为我们拥有作为一家实体零售商的优势,我们希望能利用这一优势,”他说。A competitive advantage as a bricks and mortar retailer? It seems like an odd thing to say, given the incredible success of pure online retailers relative to the big boxes. But Blake does have a point, especially because he has restored the in-store experience that made Home Depot a destination for so long. It’s wrong to think about what Home Depot sells as “online,or “in-store,says Blake, who points out that half of his customers go to HomeDepot.com before they make an in-store purchase, and that one-third of online orders are picked up at a physical store location. Customers want access to both the service of the store and the convenience of the Internet. The DFC, if it does what Blake says it will, can help make that experience more seamless.传统零售商的竞争优势?这话听起来有些奇怪,因为相比仓储式商店,纯粹的在线零售商已经取得了不可思议的商业成功。但布莱克的观点也并不是全无道理,特别是因为他已经重塑了让家得宝长久以来一直是人们理想卖场选择的店内购物体验。布莱克表示,那种把家得宝的销售模式定性为“在线”或“店内”的观点是错误的,因为有一半的顾客在进店选购之前会登陆HomeDepot.com浏览商品,而三分之一的网络订单是在实体店里达成的。顾客们希望能够同时享受到店内务的贴心和网络购物的便捷。按照布莱克的说法,直供中心的建成将有助于这种购物体验变得更加顺畅。(财富中文网) /201407/314169赣州于都医院预约

赣州寻乌人民医院无痛人流好吗World saddened by accident多国哀悼长江沉船事件The world was saddened and many countries and International organizations, including the US, France, India, UN, and the EU, have sent condolences over what could be the worst shipping disaster in China for nearly seven decades.中国近日发生了可能是0年来最严重的沉船事件,世界为之痛心,美囀?法囀?印度、联合国和欧盟等多个国家和国际组织纷纷表示哀悼和慰问。By 9:00 am Thursday, 65 bodies have been recovered, and 14 of 456 people on board the Eastern Star were found alive.截至4时,东方之星轮船56名乘客中14人生还,打捞5具遇难者遗体。UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that he was ;deeply saddened; to learn of the major loss of life as a result of the passenger ship accident in China.联合国秘书长潘基文表示,对中国客船沉没事件造成的巨大人员伤;深感悲痛;。Naming it a ;terrible tragedy;, US State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said her country sent its ;deepest condolences to China and to the families of the victims;.美国国务院发言人玛丽·哈夫表示,长江沉船事件;可怕的悲剧;,美国政;向中国以及遇难者家属致以最深切的哀;。来 /201506/378833 赣南人民医院在什么位置兴国妇幼保健院看男科咋样



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