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昆山妇幼保健院联系电话昆山市第一人民医院治疗妇科疾病多少钱An email threat which led Los Angeles to shut down more than 1,000 public schools on Tuesday is likely a hoax.周二,一封邮件威胁致使洛杉矶一千多所学校关闭,这很可能是一场骗局。According to federal officials, the email which was routed through Germany, probably originated locally.据联邦官员报道邮件经由德国,可能源于本地。Their assessment echoed those made by New York City Police Commissioner William Bratton who called the decision to close the school district an overreaction.其评估得到了纽约警察局长威廉·布拉顿的呼应,称关闭学校的决定反应过度了。However, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti backed the decision along with Police Chief Charlie Beck who added safety of the public schools should not be second-guessed.然而,洛杉矶市长埃里克持警长查理·贝克,称公立学校的安全不应再度猜测。The unprecedented move at the second-largest public school system in the ed States left over 643,000 students and their parents confused and frustrated.在美国第二大公立学校体系中,这是史无前例的举动,超过643,000名学生和他们的父母感到困惑和沮丧。City Councilman Joe Buscaino, who has two children in LAUSD schools, complained about the lack of a timely district-wide emergency alert system.市议员乔·布斯卡有两个孩子在LAUSD学校,他抱怨地区紧急警报系统存在不足。译文属。201512/416455昆山市第四人民医院看妇科好不好 Business this week本周经济要闻HewlettPackard decided to hive off its PCandprinter business and create a new company, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, to focus on servers, cloud computing and big data. It will be run by Meg Whitman, HPs boss. When she became chief executive three years ago Ms Whitman jettisoned the idea of spinning off the PC business. But with the rise of tablets HPs computer sales have suffered, falling 7% last year, according to Gartner, a consulting firm.惠普决定分出的个人电脑和打印机业务,创建一个专注于务器、云计算和处理大数据的新公司。这将由惠普的老板梅格·惠特曼亲自操刀,早在三年前惠特曼女士成为首席执行长的时候就有剥离个人电脑业务的想法。但据高德纳咨询公司的数据显示,随着平板电脑的兴起,惠普的电脑销量遭受重创,去年下降了7%。Samsungs announcement that profit in the third quarter had halved from the same period last year, its fourth consecutive quarterly drop, got some wondering how it would respond to the challenge of an increasingly saturated smartphone market. Squeezed between lowcost competitors and Apple, the South Korean companys share of that market has fallen further this year.三星宣布第三季度利润从去年同期减少了一半,这是它利润连续下降的第四个季度,众人都很疑惑它将如何应对智能手机市场日益饱和的挑战。低成本的竞争对手和苹果公司的夹缝中生存,这家韩国公司今年的市场份额再次下降。Back down to earth神话的破灭Rocket Internets stock continued to slide. The German company, which backs ecommerce startups, made a disappointing stockmarket debut on October 2nd, with its share price closing 13% down on the day after being priced at the top of the IPOs range. Still, Rocket raised 1.4 billion and said investors would be more interested in its long-term prospects.火箭网股价继续下滑。这家持电子商务的德国创业公司,在10月2日的首次上市就令人失望,在达到IPO价格区间的上限之后其股价在收盘时下跌13%。不过,火箭网依然筹资到了14亿欧元(约合18亿美元),并表示投资者对其长期前景更感兴趣。Facebook completed its takeover of WhatsApp. The deal is now valued at .8 billion, almost billion more than when it was announced in February, as the price of Facebooks shares, which are being paid out to WhatsApps investors, has risen since then. So has the number of people using WhatsApp, to 600m monthly active users.脸书现在完成对WhatsApp的收购工作。这次的交易金额估价218亿美元,脸书股票的价格比它在2月宣布时增长了将近30亿美元,股票收益将被付给WhatsApp的投资者。这也难怪WhatsApp的使用人数不断增加,每月的活跃用户达到了6亿。The slow-growth movement增速缓慢The IMFs latest assessment of the world economy weighed heavily on stockmarkets. Although the downward revision to overall world output for this year was small, estimates for Germany, Japan and Brazil were reduced considerably. The debt hangover and recession “still cast a shadow”, the IMF said, and investment after the recovery has been weaker than expected. Underscoring this, new figures for August recorded the biggest drop in German exports and industrial production since January .国际货币基金组织的最新评估显示,世界经济主要依赖于股票市场。虽然今年全球总体产出的下调幅度很小,但德国、日本和巴西等国的产出都大大减少。国际货币基金组织认为,全球经济依然停留在遗留的债务问题和经济衰退“造成的阴影”之中,经济复苏后的投资力度也弱于预期。值得强调的是,8月份新数据记录了年1月以来最大的降幅发生在德国出口和工业生产。The Bank of England gave British banks less than three months to submit plans on how they will ringfence their retail operations from riskier parts of their business, which the Vickers commission recommended in 2011. But the banks will have to present their proposals without knowing how much capital they will be expected to hold, details that the central bank will provide later next year.根据2011年维克斯委员会的建议,英国央行要求英国在不到三个月的时间里,提交关于如何在业务风险较高的地区限制其零售业务的计划。不得不在不知晓其资金数量的情况下提交他们的计划,央行也将在明年晚些时候提供详细资料。Responding to speculation in the markets Rio Tinto confirmed that it had been approached by Glencore during the summer about a takeover, but had turned it down. A merger would create the worlds biggest mining group. Ivan Glasenberg, Glencores chief executive, submitted the proposal personally to Rio Tinto; he is not known to be one for giving up so easily.为了应对市场的投机行为,力拓矿业集团实它已在夏季与嘉能可国际集团接洽收购事宜,但被拒绝了。这次的合并将创建世界上最大的矿业集团。嘉能可的首席执行官伊万·格拉森格亲自向力拓矿业集团提交提案,他并不是一个会轻言放弃的人。No magic kingdom没有魔法的王国The operator of Disneyland Paris was thrown a 1 billion lifeline by Walt Disney Company, its biggest shareholder. The theme park, which opened in 1992, is burdened by debt and has not made a profit for years, as attendance and hoteloccupancy rates have tumbled after the financial crisis.巴黎迪斯尼乐园的运营商抓住了一根救命稻草,其最大的股东华特迪士尼公司提供了10亿欧元(约合13亿美元)的赞助。这个于1992年开业的主题公园,负债累累而多年未曾盈利,金融危机之后游客的到访率和酒店入住率持续下跌。The Waldorf Astoria hotel in Manhattan was sold to a Chinese insurance company for .95 billion, or nearly .4m a room. The hotel, which opened its doors to visitors in 1931, is to undergo a big renovation to restore it to its former glory. Some of its 1,413 rooms could possibly be turned into apartments.在曼哈顿的华尔道夫酒店以19.5亿美元的价格(每个房间的售价约140万美元)被卖给一家中国保险公司。酒店于1931年对游客开放,它正在进行一场大改造,以恢复它昔日的光。其中1413个房间可能会变成公寓。译者:徐牧之 校对:董思琪 译文属译生译世201410/336880Open the window and let some fresh air down.Ok!打开窗户让新鲜空气进来。好的。Take a deep breath of oxygen.啊!深吸一口氧气。It might not always been there,you know.你知道的,它不是一直都有的。What do you mean?什么意思?According to climate researcher James Kasting, when the earth first formed there might not have beenany oxygen around.气候研究员的 James Kasting指出当地球初始形成时,周围并没有氧气。Before the begining of the life?在生命开始之前吗?No,there would have been life, just no oxygen.不,有生命,只是没有氧气。For example, take methanogens, the microbes that make methane.比如产烷生物,一种制造甲烷的微生物。They only thrive when theres no oxygen around.它们只在周围没有氧气的时候才能生存。 Is that why they live in airless places like the stomachs of cows?这就是它们为什么生活在像牛胃那样不通风的地方的原因吗?Correct!And according to the theory, back when the earth was young and there was no oxygen around, methanogens ruled and the atmosphere was filled with methane.正确。根据理论,当地球年轻并且没有氧气的时候,产烷生物统治着地球,空气里面充满了甲烷。So when did Oxygen come on the scene?那么氧气是什么时候出现的呢?Not untill about a billion years later.直到大约十亿年后。But without methane, oxygen-producing microbes might not haveevolved as quickly as they did.但是如果没有甲烷,制氧微生物就不会进化的如此之快。See, methane is a powerful greenhouse gas, meaning that it could havehelped keep the suns rays trapped near the earths surface.甲烷是一种强有力的温室气体,它可以维持地球表面的太阳光线。This was important, since billions of yearsago the sun was weaker than it is today.这是非常重要的。因为几十亿年前太阳的光线比现在弱。So without the methane-induced greenhouse effect, the earth might have frozen solid until the sun got hotter.因此如果没有甲烷制造的温室效应,地球可能会被冻成一个坚硬的固体,直到阳光变强为止。But when the earth would have become way too hot?但是地球变得太热了怎么办呢?Yes. If not for the fact that the methane rich atmosphere also could have helped to reflect enough incoming sunlight to maintain a delicate temperature balance.是的。甲烷丰富的大气同样有助于折射足够多的射入阳光,使温度保持一种微妙的平衡。So maybe the earth stayed warm, but not too warm, until oxygen-producing microbes evolved andfilled the atmosphere with oxygen, which drove away most of the methane.所以地球保持着温暖,但不至于太温暖。直到制氧生物进化完成,赶走了绝大多数的甲烷,让大气充满氧气。Right.是的。Well!Youve just made my breath of fresh air more interesting.嗯,你让我呼吸新鲜空气变得更有趣了。201412/346092昆山包皮价格是多少钱

陆家镇治疗脱肛多少钱Hi,everybody,hi.Im so happy,this is our first week of shows.你们好吗 我太开心了 这是节目的第一周And Im happy to be back,doing what I love doing with the people I love doing it to 很高兴能够回来 对我喜欢的人做我喜欢做的事So,thank you for letting me do what I do to you谢谢你们让我继续做我对你们做的事In case you missed our premiere show,I didnt fly my audience to Australia可能你错过了我们的首映秀 我没有把我的观众都送去澳大利亚But,thanks to Ashton Kutcher,we all got to see the land down under但是 得谢谢Ashton Kutcher 我们都见识到了下面的世界People have been asking if Ashton was actually naked,he was wearing a nude color sock有人怀疑Ashton是不是真的全裸了 好吧 其实他穿着一只肤色的袜子Unfortunately it was on his foot.thats where the sock was但不幸的是 他穿在了脚上 是的 袜子在脚上And that was not the only scary thing that happened to me on saturday但这并不是上周六发生的唯一一件吓人的事Listen to this,Im not kidding around,I got struck by lightning听我说 我可没开玩笑 我被雷击中了Well I didnt,but my house did.But still scary确切的说不是我 是我的房子 但是仍然很吓人吧I dont know if you live here in Los Angeles,any of you,but theres a warning,I was watching TV我不知道你们当中有没有人住在洛杉矶 当时有警报 我正在看电视and I heard the beeps.At first I thought wow Judge Judith swears a lot because然后就听到了哔哔声 刚开始我还在想 朱迪法官可真爱飚脏话And then it turns out the beeps were those emergency alerts后来才发现哔哔声原来是紧急警报and warning that thunderstorms were in Los Angeles and Ive only seen the emergency alert in Los Angeles only once before暴风雨要来了 在洛杉矶我只见过一次紧急警报And it was a serious emergency,It was Jamba Juice who was out of wheatgrass那可是非常严重的紧急情况 是他们在用小麦草做然巴果汁时发出的声音 /201610/471150昆山无痛流产 Its Sunshine Week, when Americans celebrate access to public information (and highlight instances where there isnt enough transparency). The Freedom of Information Act became law in Michigan in 1976. But it came with a big loophole:, exempting the governor and the lieutenant governor and their staff. This meant documents and records could be shielded from the public, except in rare occasions.Then, in 1986, the law was amended to make that loophole bigger—exempting the Michigan Legislature as well.Frank Kelley was Michigans Attorney General for 37 years (1961-1999), longer than anyone has ever held that position anywhere in the country. In 1986, he was asked to offer an opinion of the changes made to the FOIA law.;I obviously wanted the Freedom of Information Act to be as broad as possible, but the Legislature, for their own purposes, exempted themselves,; said Kelley. ;And I was asked formally … for an opinion on it and of course we got into it. And we found direct es in there, and theyre in my opinion, that the Legislature did exempt themselves from the Freedom of Information Act, applying it to all other bodies of government except themselves.;I didnt like it at the time, but I had to issue an opinion because that was the law,; added Kelley.The Flint water crisis has highlighted that Michigan is among just a handful of states that exempts their elected officials exempt from FOIA. The crisis could lead to massive FOIA reform in the state.But FOIA aside, Kelley says on his watch the Flint situation could have been avoided.;Had I been attorney general, the matter would have been handled quite a bit differently,; said Kelley. ;I dont think we would have ever gotten to the point where Flint would have converted to the water in the first place.;How would things have been different?;The attorney general would have gotten in the act a lot earlier,; said Kelley. ;If you look at the staff of the attorney general, even then, we had a public health department. We had a municipal affairs department. We had attorneys who did nothing but look after health and look after cities. They would have been on the ball and would have seen that coming and would have taken steps to avoid it back in those days. Also joining the show was John Lindstrom, the publisher of the Gongwer News Service, which keeps tabs on everything happening at the capitol.Lindstrom feels that if lawmakers werent exempt from FOIA, then our government could be a lot different.;I think anybody is always a little bit more careful about what they do when they think that someone is watching them,; said Lindstrom. ;Not wanting to ascribe bad motivations, but clearly when you think you have something of a free pass, in terms of materials getting out to the public, then you clearly feel you have a freer hand in doing certain things … free speech is often more praised than it is practiced to protect it.;Lindstrom points out that the further away we get from the origins of FOIA, the more people became complacent with the changes that have been made to the law over the years.;All of these laws, by and large, came into effect after Watergate in the 70s,; said Lindstrom. ;But as people have gotten away from Watergate, as theyve gotten away from the idea of government conspiracies in large measure, weve seen governments try to make things more convenient for themselves. What weve seen now with the Flint water situation certainly puts a bit emphasis on making changes to FOIA.;I wouldnt put a big bet on any major changes happening to FOIA any time soon. Not under the current political structure anyway,; added Lindstrom.201603/432554昆山男科大夫

淀山湖镇泌尿系统在线咨询 President Hindenburg had just died,and now Hitler was head of state as well as Chancellor.兴登堡总统刚刚过世,刚做总理的希特勒已成为最高统帅。Just a few weeks later, in September 1934,Hitler was here in Nuremberg for the Nazi Party rally.数周后,1934年9月,希特勒前往纽伦堡参加纳粹党集会。The Nazis had first held a rally in Nuremberg in 1927.纳粹在此举办的首次集会是在1927年。But this rally would be remembered more than any other and would play an important part in the creation of a Hitler myth.但这次集会将更加难忘,它将对希特勒的神话起关键性作用。Because this rally was filmed for the feature length documentary Triumph Of The Will.因为这次集会被拍摄成长篇纪录片《意志的胜利》。Hitler was portrayed as a flawless, almost God-like leader,descending from the clouds to meet his adoring subjects.希特勒被塑造成完美无瑕,上帝般的领袖,他从天而降,受世人拥戴。Thanks to Triumph Of The Will,it wasnt just the people who were physically present who experienced the emotional impact of seeing their leader.多得这部《意志的胜利》 使没有到现场的民众亦能身临其境 感受到见领袖时的激动。Now, millions more could see in cinemas a carefully crafted vision of Hitler.现在数百万人可在电影院看到一个精心雕琢的希特勒形象。 译文属201512/415254昆山男性霉菌性尿道炎治疗昆山男性专科



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