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Anti-bribery laws反商业贿赂法Palms ungreased揩油A long-delayed anti-bribery law will soon come into force 姗姗来迟的反贿赂法即将生效THERE is a lingering assumption among Britons that their country stands for probity and fair play. Ask about it abroad, though, and you sometimes get a different reaction. Anti-corruption campaigners still bring up Tony Blair’s decision in 2006 to abandon an investigation into a 43 billion ( billion) weapons deal with Saudi Arabia. Then there is the peculiar paucity of British “sanctions” imposed under an international bribery convention: two between 1999 and , compared with 88 in America, 26 in Germany and 40 in Italy. 英国人一直自矜的认为他们的国家建立在正直和公正的基石上。然而国外的反应却不尽如此。反腐竞选人依旧利用Tony Blair2006年的决定拒绝调查与Saudi Arabia的一项43亿英镑(70亿美元)的军火交易。因此国际贿赂协议对英国的约束力就罕见的微弱,在1999年和年之间只有2项受到制裁,相较而言美国有88项,德国26项,意大利40项。Stung by such talk, in 2008 the previous Labour government proposed a new law updating the country’s antiquated rules on backhanders and bungs, including those dispensed overseas. Both the Liberal Democrats and the Conservatives, now in government, backed the law in opposition. It reached the statute book in April last year; under it, miscreants risk big fines and up to ten years in prison. It was due to take effect in April this year, after the publication in January of guidelines on how to apply it. But, as the date approached, the Ministry of Justice said the implementation of the law had been postponed to allow the guidelines to be tweaked, following intense lobbying from business groups such as the Confederation of British Industry.被如此言论激怒的前工党政府2008年提出了一项新法律,以改革对回扣和红包的过时规定,在海外具有同等约束力。但是政府里的自由民主党和保守党都反对此法案。它涉及去年4月的法令全书,在该全书中,歹徒将被处以巨额罚款和最多10年监禁。在今年1月实施指导条例公布之后,该法预定4月份生效。但是随着日期临近,在一些商业集团如英国工业联合会紧张的游说之后,司法部说该法会延迟施行以便修改指导条例。On March 30th the ministry said the law would finally come into effect on July 1st and issued a revised set of guidelines. These clarify some of the things that were worrying bosses. To the relief of football clubs, swanky nightclubs and Formula 1, taking clients on company-sponsored jollies seems unlikely to cause any problems. The question of how responsible British firms are for the misbehaviour of contractors in other countries has been clarified. 在3月30日司法部说该法最终将在7月1日生效,并发布了修改后的指导条例。这些阐明了一些正困扰着老板们的麻烦事。为了救济足球俱乐部,骄傲的夜总会和F1方程式赛车,让顾客参加公司赞助的活动似乎不会引起任何麻烦。英国公司为合约商的失误应付多大责任的问题也得到了解答。On the other hand, “facilitation payments”, a euphemistic term for the small bungs sometimes paid to foreign officials to expedite a legitimate service—a licence application, for instance—are discouraged. America’s Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, one of the inspirations for the new law, allows them. 另一方面,“便利费”不受鼓励,实际上这只是有时付给外国官员以加速合法业务如许可申请的小额回扣。而让英国的该新法受启发的美国外国腐败行为法案却允许此类行为。Lawyers are still pondering precisely how much legal force these guidelines will have. One particularly thorny question is whether foreign firms that are listed on British stockmarkets but conduct little other business in the country will be covered. The government has offered no opinion; the question might one day make for a fascinating court case. 律师们仍在深思这些指导条例会有多大的法律效力。一个特别棘手的问题是该法律对那些参与英国股票市场但是几乎没有在英国开展其他业务的外国公司是否有法律效力。政府没有给出选项,或许有一天这会诉诸司法并引起广泛关注。201105/134772。

It’s all about making fashion accessible to everyday shoppers. A catwalk show in a London underground train kicked off an innovative high street fashion week. For the first time a host of mainstream stores are getting together to put this spot light on design ahead of the exclusive shows of London fashion Week. Retailers estimates the week will bring in an extra 200 million dollars and nearly half a million more shoppers. Here in London this is one of the busiest shopping streets in the world and all the stores here are taking all kinds of measures to bring the designer trends to the public.Stylist Liz Thody says it’s possible to buy top-end styles for affordable prices. A lot of the British designers really sort of jumped on the 80s, animal print but in green, tweed’s just great fabric ‘cause it always looks really smart and actually expensive when in fact, you know probably be quiet cheap on the high street. Liz, I’ve got my animal prints, I’ve got my tweed, I’ve got my 80s’ style I’m gonna go to try these on now. A complete outfit for just over 200 dollars. In the current economic climate that’s an added bonus. And top designers are being forced to take note.I think it gives everybody a little wake-up call. We all have to keep looking in at how we have done rather than blaming the recession. Let ’s give people not only what they want but a wonderful experience as well. Ben De Lisi was ahead of the curve and introduced a more affordable line to this London department store 15 years ago. Someone who is, aspires to get into my brand but can’t necessarily afford 3000-pound price point. Given the economic situation, I think we’ll be very cautious and careful about how we do it, looking to a different approach to our spending and our shopping. Others have introduced special one-off lines to high street stores. The likes of Matthew Williamson and Jimmy Choo for instance. For the average women in the street, high street retailers can help translate those high street fashions, very high-end fashions into their daily lives. Okay I’m y.Time to see if this average woman can really pull off the latest trends. High fashion perhaps, am I a fashionista? Perhaps not. Maybe I should just stick to my jeans and T-shirt. Leone Lakhani, CNN London.Vocabulary:1. high street: the main street of a town where most of the shops and businesses are2. wake-up call: an experience or event that shocks you and makes you realize that you must do something to change a situation3. ahead of the curve: 走在潮流尖端4. price point: The retail price of a product, usually when viewed as one of a series of possible competitive prices5. fashionista: someone who is very interested in fashion and who likes the very newest styles 11/89482。

In the northwestern ed States, the city of Seattle requires its residents to separate food waste from the rest of their trash. The food gets recycled into compost for lawns, gardens and, soon, into electricity.美国西北地区的西雅图市要求居民把残羹剩饭等食品垃圾跟其他垃圾分开。食品垃圾回收发酵以后,用来给草坪和花园施肥,而且不久以后,还可以用来发电。Every day, at Cedar Grove Composting north of Seattle, truck after truck pulls into this huge warehouse to dump loads of food and yard waste.在西雅图北面的杉木林积肥场,每天都有卡车一辆接着一辆开进这个巨大的仓库,倾卸满载的食物垃圾和庭院废弃物。"There's a nice mix of green waste and material. We actually have different seasons here in the tipping building," says Susan Thoman, business development director for Cedar Grove. "There's pumpkin season, that's the first of November after Halloween. We have Christmas tree season, which is obviously the first part of January after the holidays."杉木林积肥场的业务发展部主任苏珊.托曼说:“绿色废物和材料很好的混合在一起。实际上在这个垃圾场有不同的季节。有南瓜季节,那是万圣节后的11月1号。有圣诞树季节,明摆着那是节日之后的1月上旬。”According to Thoman, food waste and yard waste are currently all dumped in a pile together. Then they're mixed with microbes, ground up, and poured in long, covered rows to biodegrade for a month. 托曼说,现在食品垃圾和庭院废弃物都堆放在一起。然后,这些废物里搀进微生物,碾碎,再注入一个长形的有盖子的池子里沤上一个月。The people who work at Cedar Grove talk about compost the way chefs talk about food. Thoman digs her hands into a rich, dark pile of the finished product.在杉木林积肥场工作的人谈论起积肥来就像厨师谈论菜肴一样。托曼把手伸进一堆沤好的肥润乌黑的产品当中。"This is what it's all about, though, here. This is what those wonderful things we divert from the landfill turn into."她说:“这才是它全部的意义所在。这是我们变废为宝搞出来的东西。”Alternative energyNow Cedar Grove has a new recipe in mind for its food waste. Before turning banana peels and b crusts into compost, the company wants to use them to create alternative energy.目前,杉木林积肥场正在考虑一个新的处理食物垃圾的方案。在把香蕉皮和面包屑放进积肥堆之前,公司要用它们来创造替代能源。201011/118400。

Europeans Wrapping Up Parliament Elections欧盟议会选举 选民投票率低 Europeans voted in the last day of European Union parliamentary elections Sunday, with conservative and far-right parties expected to score over the left. Conservatives are expected to control the largest number of seats after election that saw a record low voter turnout.欧洲人星期天在欧盟议会选举的最后一天投票,预计保守派和极右派政党的得票率将超过左派政党。很多欧洲人对这次选举并不热衷。The vote is taking place amid the larger backdrop of the economic crisis, and experts predict this dour atmosphere will generally favor conservative parties across the 27-member European Union. Eight EU countries finished voting in the first three days of the elections, with the rest casting their ballots on Sunday.这次欧盟议会选举是在经济危机的大背景下举行的。有关专家预计,这种令人忧心的气氛一般会对保守派政党有利。在由27个国家组成的欧盟中,8个国家在选举的头三天已经结束投票,其余的国家在星期天进行投票。Britain's Conservative Party is expected to score major gains against Prime Minister Gordon Brown's Labor Party. Conservatives in Poland are also expected to fare well in the vote, as is Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's Freedom People's Party in Italy.英国保守党预计将在同布朗首相的工党的较量中获得较大领先。波兰的保守派预计也会在投票中表现良好,意大利总理贝卢斯科尼的自由人民党也是一样。In France, too, President Nicolas Sarkozy's conservative Union for a Popular Movement party is expected to emerge the winner in the E.U. parliament polls. But here and elsewhere in Europe, the larger sentiment is indifference.在法国,总统萨科齐的保守派“人民运动联盟”预计将在欧盟议会选举中获胜。但是在欧洲的其他地方,选民们总的来说是漠不关心。In the Paris suburb of Le Perreux, residents like Lucille Svay and her husband Chan Phal said they had not voted for their EU parliament representatives.在巴黎的一个郊区,斯威和她的丈夫法尔等当地居民说,他们从来没有为欧盟议会代表投票。Svay said she likes the idea of a European Union, because individual European countries are too small to wield much clout in world affairs. But she says politicians generally fail to live up to their promises, and the European Union overall seems unable to agree on anything.斯威说,她喜欢欧盟的构想,因为单个的欧盟国家都太小,不能在世界事务中发挥重大影响。但是她说,政治家通常都不能兑现他们的诺言,而且整个欧盟似乎都无法就任何事情达成一致。Opinion polls show the Svays are not alone. Fewer than half the European electorate is expected to cast ballots. Many criticize the European Union for not doing enough to tackle the economic crisis, and for either meddling too much or too little in their daily lives.民调显示,和斯威有同样看法的人并不少。预计不足一半的欧洲选民将参加投票。很多人批评欧盟在应对经济危机的过程中做的不够,在他们日常生活中不是管得太多,就是照顾的不够。But Ludivine Kedziora, 29, is an EU supporter.但是29岁的凯季奇拉是欧盟的持者。Kedziora says the European Union has granted lots of subsidies to her home region in northern France. This election, she voted for a leftist party because she believes it will do a better job than conservatives to help people cope with the economic crisis.她说,欧盟向她所在的法国北部地区的家乡提供了很多补贴。她在这次选举中投了一个左派政党的票,因为她相信,左派政党在帮助人民应对经济危机方面会比保守派做得更好。But analysts predict that far-right parties, many of them running on anti-immigration platforms, will score gains in this vote.但是分析人士预计,极右派政党会在选举中得到较多的选票。其中很多人都把反移民作为他们的竞选纲领。06/73371。

First stop score in the course is a step-down or it starts at the very top of the mountain up there. It's like probably 5.5-meter step-down gap jump. And then that flows into a wall ride. The riders ride off the jumps,carry speed and ride then along the wall and off the curve at the end of it and 1 through the track. The bikers show off their tricks on steeves,specially designed course made up mostly of turf. Norway's Extreme Sports Weekend is talked about the world over. BMX slopes stile is one of the newest extreme sports of the competition. The sport is very popular,so there's no worry if we'll fail to catch on. It combines typical BMX tricks,but with the more difficult terrain and bigger jumps of mountain biking,it's not as easy as it looks. It's not all extreme sports in Norway. Oslo is the capital and also the third largest city in Scandinavia. It has transformed itself in the last few years from being a sleepy town into a large modern city with a varied cultural life, diverse museums and theaters. Oslo is also the traditional home of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. On the 10th of September each year,they give out a Nobel Peace Prize on the anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death. Another popular attraction is the palace of the Norwegian royal family where the changing of the guard is a visitor favorite. The palace is one of the most important buildings in the country and symbolizes Norway's young history. It is also where King Harold V has his administative offices and greets foreign Guests of State. Nearby is the Oslo City Hall which is 2 in Pipervika within the harbour district. With its cafés and restaurants,it's a popular destination for sailing boats and yawls from all over the world. With a population of just over 500,000,Oslo is the thrid largest Scandinavian city after Stockholm and Copenhagen. The Karl Johans Gate is the main shopping street,offering everything from traditional hand-made gifts to the latest designer trends. The city offers a wealth of public spaces, which provide a platform for local artists.课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201109/155415。

Obama to Discuss Iraq, Afghanistan Wednesday奥巴马将开会制定对伊阿新政策  President Obama meets with his national security team, including top military officers, Wednesday to begin to chart a new U.S. policy toward Iraq and Afghanistan. 奥巴马总统星期三和他的国家安全团队举行会议,开始制定美国对伊拉克和阿富汗的新政策。As a presidential candidate, several times Mr. Obama said something like this comment he made in July about the war in Iraq. 奥巴马在竞选总统的过程中就伊拉克战争的问题曾经说过几次像他在7月份所说的话。"Let me be as clear as I can be. I intend to end this war. My first day in office I will bring the joint chiefs of staff in and I will give them a new mission, and that is to end this war, responsibly and deliberately, but decisively," said Mr. Obama. 他说,“让我尽量地说清楚。我准备结束这一战争。我上任的第一天就会召集参谋长联席会议成员,给他们一个新的任务,那就是负责任地,稳步地,但是果断地结束伊拉克战争。”Now that the day is here, officials say he will not exactly meet with the Joint Chiefs of Staff - the heads of the four U.S. military branches - but he will meet with their chairman, Admiral Mike Mullen, and with Defense Secretary Robert Gates and key combat commanders, along with other members of the new national security team. The new president gave a hint of his plans during his Inaugural Address on Tuesday. 现在奥巴马已经上任。官员们说,他不一定会召见参谋长联席会议的成员,也就是美国军队四个军种的负责人。但是总统会和他们的主席海军上将马伦,国防部长盖茨和主要的作战司令员,以及新的国家安全团队成员举行会议。新总统在星期二发表就职演说时谈到了他的计划。"We will begin to responsibly leave Iraq to its people, and forge a hard-earned peace in Afghanistan," said Mr. Obama. “我们要很负责任地将伊拉克交给伊拉克人民,并在阿富汗实现经过艰苦努力赢得的和平。”During the campaign, he was more specific about his Iraq plans, calling for the withdrawal of U.S. combat troops within 16 months. That plan worried many military commanders during the campaign, and they still call the situation in Iraq "fragile."  在竞选期间,奥巴马在他的伊拉克计划方面讲得更具体,呼吁在16个月内撤出战斗部队。这个计划在竞选阶段使很多指挥官感到不安,他们现在仍然认为伊拉克的局势很“脆弱”。But with the progress made during the last year and a half in Iraq, they say something like 16 months might be possible, without risking a reversal of the security gains. And President Obama has said he will listen to the military commanders before making any final decisions. 但是,伊拉克在过去一年半时间内已经取得了进展。这些指挥官现在说,16个月也许是可能的,而且不会在安全方面出现倒退的危险。奥巴马总统说,他要听取军事指挥官的意见后再作最后决定。"In putting this plan together, I will always listen to the advice of commanders on the ground, but that ultimately I am the person who is making the strategic decisions," he said. “在制定这个计划时,我总是要听取实地作战指挥官的意见,但是最后的战略决策由我来定。”Mr. Obama has also said he plans to leave behind enough troops in Iraq to hunt terrorists and train the country's security forces. But there is now a U.S.-Iraq agreement to have all U.S. troops out, combat troops and support units, in three years.  奥巴马还曾经说,他计划在伊拉克留下足够的军力来追踪恐怖分子,训练伊拉克的安全部队。但是,现在美国和伊拉克之间已经签订了一个协议,规定美国部队,所有作战和后勤部队,必需在三年内撤离伊拉克。As he plans to move as quickly as possible with an Iraq withdrawal, President Obama also plans to follow through with former President Bush's plan to nearly double the U.S. troop commitment in Afghanistan. And in his inaugural speech, the new president indicated he will also continue what Bush called the Global War on Terrorism. 奥巴马总统计划在尽快从伊拉克撤军的同时,他还打算完成前总统布什的有关把在阿富汗的美军人数增加近一倍的计划。这位美国新总统在就职演讲时指出,他还将继续进行布什所称的全球反恐战争。"We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense, and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you," said Mr. Obama. 奥巴马说:“我们不会为我们的生活方式辩解,我们也会毫不犹豫地捍卫它。对于那些通过实施恐怖袭击、滥杀无辜来推动自己目标的人,我们要对你们说,我们的精神更加坚强,不可摧毁;你们不可能比我们更加持久,我们将打败你们。”But the Inaugural Address is more of a blueprint than a detailed design. Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell, who like his boss Secretary Gates is staying on in the new administration, said last week the details of President Obama's approach are still to be worked out. 不过,这篇就职演讲是一幅蓝图,而非具体的设想。五角大楼新闻秘书杰夫·莫雷尔上星期说,奥巴马总统的具体方法还在研究之中。"What ultimately is the strategy that the president-elect and his team wish to pursue is something that is still under discussion and likely will be for some time once they take office," he said. 莫雷尔说:“当选总统和他的团队最终要执行哪些战略仍在讨论当中,很有可能在他们就职之后还需要讨论一段时间。”That process begins in earnest at the promised first-day meeting on Wednesday. 这个考虑的进程就在星期三第一次会议上迅速开始。01/61332。

Swiss Bank to Turn Over Account Data to US Authorities瑞士将向美国当局提交帐户信息A major Swiss bank has agreed to turn over information on thousands of accounts targeted by the ed States for possible tax evasion.一家瑞士主要已同意向美国提交涉嫌逃税的数千个帐户信息。From Nazis to modern-day criminals, Switzerland's legendary bank secrecy has long been exploited by those with assets to hide. For decades, Swiss banks have had a no-questions-asked policy when it comes to deposits, and a no-questions-answered policy when it comes to investigations of their customers.从纳粹到现在的罪犯,瑞士著名的保密系统长期以来一直被那些要隐藏资产的人利用。数十年来,瑞士对用户存款一直奉行不问问题的政策,在发生针对客户的调查时,它们则奉行概不回答的政策。Those policies are changing. The latest evidence: Swiss banking giant UBS has agreed to hand over details on more than 4,000 accounts to the U.S. government.这些政策正在改变。瑞士巨头瑞银集团同意向美国政府提交四千多个帐户的细节就是最新的明。America's top tax official, Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Doug Shulman hailed the accord on Bloomberg television.美国最高税务官员、国税局局长舒尔曼在彭电视台采访中对与瑞银达成的这项协议表示赞扬。"It is a huge victory for the U.S. government. This is an unprecedented agreement," he said.“这是美国政府取得的巨大胜利,这是一项史无前例的协议。”The accounts are believed to hold as much as billion in undeclared assets that until now were hidden from U.S. taxes.这些帐户据信存有价值高达180亿美元的未申报资产,这些资产至今一直没有在美国纳税。Shulman praised reforms in Swiss banking.舒尔曼赞扬了瑞士的改革。"Until this year, we [U.S. authorities] had no access into any country that had banking secrecy laws," he added. "We are very pleased, and it is part of our ongoing effort to crack down on off-shore tax evasion. You can expect to see a lot more from us in terms of investigations of individuals and institutions over the next several years."“美国当局以前无法进入任何有保密法的国家进行调查,今年就不同了。我们非常高兴,这是我们持续打击海外逃税工作的一部分。在未来几年,你们会看到我们将对更多个人和机构进行调查。”Switzerland's bankers association issued a statement in support of UBS' agreement with the ed States. The accord effectively suspends a federal court case against UBS that could have dealt a severe blow to the bank's international operations and the Swiss economy, which relies heavily on the country's robust banking sector.瑞士协会发表声明持瑞银集团与美国的协议。该协议有效地延缓了一个美国联邦法院针对瑞银的诉讼案。这一诉讼案可能会对瑞银的国际业务和整个瑞士经济造成巨大打击。瑞士的经济严重依赖该国强大的业。Under the agreement, targeted UBS bank customers will be notified before information on their accounts is released.根据协议,瑞银集团受调查的客户会在他们的帐户信息被透露之前得到通知。08/82015。

This is East Africa, the Great Rift Valley, a land in constant upheaval. The flamingos and baboons here at Lake Bogoria live in harmony. They share this landscape and all it has to offer. They may not be compatible. But in the midst of Bogoria's bounty, they can afford to be indifferent. In July, after a successful breeding season, nearly four million flamingos gather along the scenes of the Great Rift Valley. They carve the inlets and crowd the local residents.The baboons who live here all year round can't help but take notice of the sheer numbers of new arrivers. Some baboons have never seen these many flamingos before, and some of them don't know how to behave. There are so many birds at Bogoria that they trip over each other in order to escape. Baboons aren't meat eaters, but this is something unusual for baboons. Choosing between fruits and flesh is a simple matter for these meat eaters.Until now, such an orchestrated attack on flamingos has rarely been witnessed or recorded. The graceful wading birds become a buffet of pink feathers and crimson flesh.The young have discovered a new taste and they like it. Perhaps this is nature's coldly indifferent way of restoring balance.200812/58597。

Dear Annie: I am a 24-year-old female and have been friends with "Danielle" for 12 years. In fact, she is the only friend I have. Recently, I expressed some personal frustrations to her about my brother-in-law's lifestyle. Last weekend, he came to visit and was obviously angry with me, but refused to say why. My brother-in-law and Danielle converse often, and I am fairly certain she told him what I said. This isn't the first time Danielle has done spiteful things to me. I have even called some things to her attention, and she apologizes, but nothing changes. In the past, I have overlooked Danielle's underhanded behavior in order to save our friendship. I want to confront her about this latest incident, but don't know how to do it without hurting her emotionally. — Confidences Betrayed in N.C. Dear N.C.: If this latest incident turns out to be Danielle's fault and you confront her, at best she will follow custom and apologize but change nothing. This is a toxic friendship, where you think it's necessary to appease her every time she hurts you. Apologize to your brother-in-law for whatever you may have done that upset him, and be cordial—nothing more—to Danielle. You need to branch out and find more trustworthy friends.07/78494。

Norwegian police are questioning the suspected gunman who shot and killed at least 85 people at a youth summer camp hours after he allegedly set off a bomb blast that killed seven people in the capital, Oslo. Police are also investigating the possibility there might have been a second gunman involved in the attack. 挪威警方正在对一名在夏令营开打死至少85人的手进行讯问。在他击行动之前的几个小时,他据称在首都奥斯陆制造了一起炸弹爆炸事件,导致至少7人丧生。目前警方还在调查是否有第二名手参与了袭击。Police say the primary suspect in the attack is Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik, 32. They say Breivik has posted extreme right-wing and anti-Muslim comments online. 挪威警方表示,袭击事件的首要嫌犯是今年32岁的挪威人安德斯.布雷威克。他们表示,安德斯.布雷威克在网上发表了极端右翼和反穆斯林的言论。But at a news conference Saturday, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg said it is too soon to draw any conclusions about what motivated the attack. 但是在星期六举行的一次记者会上,挪威首相斯托尔腾贝格表示,目前就袭击事件的动机得出任何结论还为时过早。"Compared to other countries I would not say that we have a big problem with right-wing extremists in Norway," Stoltenberg said. "But we have some groups - we have followed them before - and our police is aware that there are some right-wing extreme groups or at least has been some groups of that kind in Norway." 他说:“与其他国家相比之下,我不想说挪威在右翼极端分子方面有很大的问题。但是我们确实有一些组织,我们以前也在跟踪这些组织,我们的警方知道挪威有一些右翼极端组织,或者说挪威至少有一些类似的组织。”Two separate violent attacks took place on Friday. In mid-afternoon at least one bomb exploded near the Prime Minister's offices in central Oslo. Within hours, at least one gunman opened fire at a youth camp on nearby Otoeya island. 星期五挪威分别发生两起暴力袭击事件。午后时分至少有1枚炸弹在奥斯陆市中心的首相办公室附近爆炸。几个小时之后,又至少有一名手在奥斯陆附近的乌托亚岛上向一个夏令营开。201107/145835。