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Tobacco giants charged烟草商遭遇巨额罚单Quebec court of Canada has awarded Cb to smokers in a battle against three Canadian tobacco giants.加拿大魁北克法院近日持烟民的诉讼请求,判决加拿大三大烟草公司赔偿烟民150亿加元(约合750亿元人民币)。The class-action suit involved over one million plaintiffs of two groups, some of whom became seriously ill from smoking, and others couldn#39;t quit.提起集体诉讼的100多万原告分为两类烟民,一类因吸烟患上重病,另一类则是无法戒烟的烟民。They argued that the companies were liable because they knew they were producing a harmful product and hid its health effects.原告称,烟草公司生产有害产品,同时还隐瞒这种产品的健康隐患,须对此负责。JTI-Macdonald and Imperial Tobacco said they#39;ll appeal the decision, arguing that people knew about the risks of smoking and that the products were sold with federal government approval.JTI-麦克唐纳烟草和帝国烟草表示将就该判决提出上诉,两公司称,人们知晓吸烟的危害,而且香烟售卖已获联邦政府批准。 /201506/378768The death toll from Nepal’s worst earthquake in 80 years rose to about 3,800 yesterday, with 6,500 injured, as rescuers struggled to reach remote hill villages while Kathmandu’s small airport was overwhelmed by flights carrying relief supplies.昨天,尼泊尔80年来最严重地震的死亡人数攀升至约4000人,另有6500人在地震中受伤。与此同时,救援人员正在艰难地向尼泊尔偏远山村进发,携带救援物资的航班数量大大超出了加德满都小机场的承载能力。Nepalese media said rescue teams had failed to reach some villages in northern Gorkha, near the earthquake’s epicentre, by yesterday afternoon, more than 48 hours after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck on Saturday. Overnight rain and fresh landslides hindered rescue attempts.尼泊尔媒体表示,截至昨天下午,救援队伍仍未抵达震中附近的廓尔喀(Gorkha)北部部分村庄,当时距这场上周六发生的7.8级地震已超过48小时。连夜的大雨及新出现的多次山体滑坡,妨碍了人们的救援努力。However, international efforts to assist the stricken Himalayan nation were gathering momentum. Search-and-rescue teams from India, China, Pakistan, the US, Israel and the Netherlands are on the ground, with more from the UK, Finland and Japan expected shortly. The squads are carrying emergency relief supplies and using specially trained dogs to search for people trapped in the rubble.不过,国际社会援助这个受灾喜马拉雅国家的努力正在积聚力量。来自印度、中国、巴基斯坦、美国、以色列和荷兰的搜救团队已抵达当地,来自英国、芬兰及日本的团队预计将很快抵达。这些团队携带着紧急救援物资,并使用受过专门训练的犬搜寻困在瓦砾中的人们。Kathmandu’s tiny Tribhuvan International Airport has struggled to keep pace with the volume of air traffic, with many aircraft forced to circle for hours before landing.加德满都特里布万国际机场(Tribhuvan International Airport)是个很小的机场,很难应对如此巨大的空中交通量,许多飞机在着陆前不得不盘旋数个小时。Many commercial flights from India, carrying relief supplies and anguished Nepalis hoping to aid distressed relatives, were diverted or cancelled because of the congestion.由于空中交通的堵塞,许多来自印度的商业航班被分流至其他机场或被取消。这些商业航班要么携带着救援物资,要么坐着希望帮助危难中亲友的痛苦的尼泊尔人。Meanwhile, Nepali helicopter pilots took advantage of improved weather to ferry climbers stranded on Mount Everest back to safety following an avalanche triggered by the quake.与此同时,尼泊尔直升机飞行员趁天气好转,运出了此前被地震引发的雪崩困在珠穆朗玛峰的登山者。Further west, aerial surveys of the worst affected valleys, carried out jointly by Indian Air Force helicopters and Nepali military officials, revealed widesp devastation.在更靠西部的地方,印度空军直升机与尼泊尔军官对受灾最严重村庄展开的联合空中勘察发现了大面积的受灾情况。“Helicopters found village after village in remote Himalayan valleys completely flattened by the quake,” Kunda Dixit, editor of the Nepali Times, wrote on a blog. “Tens of thousands of people are without shelter and in urgent need of medical attention.”“直升机在边远的喜马拉雅山山谷发现了一个又一个被地震夷为平地的村庄。”尼泊尔时报(Nepali Times)主编孔达#8226;迪克西特(Kunda Dixit)在客上写道,“数万人失去住所,急需医疗救助。”More than 900 of the deaths have occurred in or near Kathmandu, according to police, who are waiting for earthmoving equipment to arrive so they can begin digging in the rubble in the hope of finding more survivors.警方表示,逾900名死难者是在加德满都或加德满都附近遇难的。警方眼下正等待挖掘设备到达,以便开始挖开瓦砾,希望能找到更多幸存者。Thousands have been injured across Nepal and the UN Development Programme estimates more than 40 per cent of the country’s land mass has been affected. About 6.6m of Nepal’s 28m people live in the earthquake zone. Binod Bhattarai and Victor Mallet in Kathmandu and Amy Kazmin in Delhi尼泊尔全境内有数千人受伤,联合国开发计划署(UN Development Programme)估计,该国境内逾40%的土地都受到了地震影响。尼泊尔2800万人口中有约660万人在地震带上生活。 /201504/372526

It is not easy to come back from a scandal involving sick infants; nor should it be. When Chinese milk producer Sanlu was caught selling product doctored with melamine in 2008, China’s entire dairy industry was tainted.从致使婴儿得病的丑闻中恢复过来并不容易,也理应不容易。2008年,当中国奶制品生产商三鹿(Sanlu)被查出销售含有三聚氰胺的产品时,整个奶制品业都沾染了污名。Seven years on and it is recovering — after considerable effort. Full-year results from Mengniu, one of the last brand s standing, might finally point to the future. After Wednesday’s close it said 2014 revenues were up 15 per cent and net profit up two-fifths, beating forecasts by more than a tenth. Growth in higher margin yoghurt and health drinks contributed to the beat. On Thursday, the stock rose 10 per cent.7年过去了,中国奶制品业开始复苏——当然它为此付出了相当大的努力。未倒下的品牌之一——蒙牛(Mengniu)去年全年的业绩或许预示着未来。周三收盘之后,蒙牛表示,2014年收入同比增长15%,净利润同比上升五分之二,超出预期逾十分之一。利润率较高的酸奶和保健饮品对这一超预期的业绩做出了贡献。周四,蒙牛股价上涨了10%。Product mix has improved, but there is more to it than that, namely operational improvement. Mengniu has been consolidating its supply chain to ensure quality control. By the end of last year, 96 per cent of its domestic raw milk supply came from larger-scale farms, up from 70 per cent in 2010. It has also built economies of scale elsewhere, lifting asset utilisation in its chilled product line with a simplified offering. Expertise from Danone of France (with 10 per cent of Mengniu) and Denmark’s Arla (5 per cent) have helped. Mengniu has also been lucky. Falling raw milk prices caused by a supply glut have boosted margins more than discounting hit revenues.产品结构得到了改善,但不止于此,运营方面也有进步。蒙牛一直在整合其供应链以保质量控制。到去年底,蒙牛96%的国内原奶供应来自规模化、集约化牧场,这个比例高于2010年的70%。蒙牛也在其他方面实现了规模效益,通过精简产品提高了低温产品线的资产利用率。持股蒙牛10%的法国达能(Danone)和持股5%的丹麦爱氏晨曦(Arla)带来的专业经验,对蒙牛的业绩提升也有帮助。蒙牛去年也比较走运。供应过剩所致原奶价格下跌,提升了利润,缓冲了打折销售对收入的冲击。The company has not just wallowed in its improving fortune. Competition from foreign brands has been fierce since 2008. So as well as a supply chain offensive, Mengniu has boosted marketing spend. In 2014, selling and distribution costs rose to one-fifth of sales, that is up 6 percentage points from a decade ago. But sales, general and administrative costs are still lean by international standards. Danone, for example, spends a third of revenues on SG amp; A.时来运转的蒙牛并没有沉迷于好运气。自2008年以来,来自外国品牌的竞争一直十分激烈。所以,除了在供应链上主动出击,蒙牛也增加了营销出。2014年,销售及经销费用升至销售额的五分之一,比10年前提高了6个百分点。但以国际标准来衡量,销售、一般性及管理出(SG amp; A)仍处于较低水平。比如,达能的SG amp; A就达到销售收入的三分之一。There is a risk that marketing costs will keep rising faster than sales. But in a consumer market where brands have room to build, that investment should pay off.目前蒙牛存在着营销费用增速持续高于销售额增速的风险。但在一个仍有品牌建设空间的消费者市场,这一投资应会获得回报。 /201504/367556

The Chinese state could be behind a surge in gold imports that will see China overtake India as the world’s largest consumer of the metal, according to one of the sector’s most influential investors.黄金行业最具影响力的投资机构之一指出,中国政府或许是中国黄金进口量大增背后的主要因素。中国将超越印度成为全球最大黄金消费国。Evy Hambro, chief investment officer of BlackRock’s Natural Resources Equity team, said the investment community had been surprised by the amount of gold flowing into China given its spot as the world’s biggest gold producer.贝莱德(BlackRock)的自然资源股票(Natural Resources Equity)团队首席投资官韩艾飞(Evy Hambro)表示,投资界对流入中国的黄金数量感到惊讶,因为中国是全球第一大黄金生产国。“The total amount of gold being consumed in China is a gigantic quantum, and you have to wonder where that gold is going,” he said in an interview with the Financial Times. “Is it going on to wrists, ears and necks or is it going into state reserves?”韩艾飞在接受英国《金融时报》采访时表示:“中国的黄金消费总量是一个巨大的数值,你不能不猜想这么多黄金究竟去了哪里。是变成了人们手腕上、耳垂上以及脖子上佩戴的首饰,还是成为了国家储备?”The People’s Bank of China has not provided an update on its gold reserves since 2009, when it reported a holding of 1,054 tonnes. But the suspicion among some analysts is that China’s central bank has purchased up to 300 tonnes of gold this year.中国央行(People’s Bank of China)自2009年以来就未再公布过有关其黄金储备的最新数据,2009年该行持有1054吨黄金。但一些分析师怀疑,中国央行今年买入了多达300吨黄金。Gold has lost more than a quarter of its value this year, falling from ,674 a troy ounce to ,233, and is on course to record its first annual price fall in 13 years. Against a backdrop of persistently low inflation, an improving global economy, surging stock prices and the imminent end of US monetary stimulus, institutional investors have dumped gold.今年以来黄金价格下跌超过四分之一,从每金衡盎司1674美元降至每金衡盎司1233美元,即将在近13年以来首次出现全年价格下跌。在通胀水平持续偏低、全球经济形势好转、股票价格飙升以及美国货币刺激政策即将告终的背景下,机构投资者纷纷抛出黄金。Holdings of gold-backed exchange traded funds, one of the most popular methods of gold investment, have fallen by 824 tonnes to 1,939 tonnes in the year to date, according to Barclays. Demand from India has been muted because of government restrictions on gold imports. Indian consumption fell 32 per cent in the third quarter to 148 tonnes, the lowest since early 2009.实物黄金持的交易所交易基金(ETF)是投资黄金最流行的方法之一。巴克莱(Barclays)提供的数据显示,这类基金的黄金持有量已从年初的1939吨降至目前的824吨。此外印度的黄金需求也受到抑制,因印度政府出台了限制黄金进口的措施。印度今年第三季度的黄金消费量下降32%,至148吨,为2009年初以来的最低水平。China does not report on its gold trade. Analysts rely on data from other countries, of which Hong Kong is by far the biggest supplier. Records show exports of gold from Hong Kong to China reached 955 tonnes by the end of October, up from 376 tonnes over the same period in 2012.中国不提供其黄金贸易数据。分析师依靠其他管辖区的数据来推算中国的黄金进出口规模,其中香港是中国内地遥遥领先的最大黄金供应来源。记录显示,今年1月至10月,香港对中国内地的黄金出口量达到了955吨,远高于2012年同期的376吨。Including local mine production and recycling of scrapped gold, Macquarie estimates total gold supply into China this year could reach 1,800 tonnes.若计入中国国内矿企的黄金产量以及废旧黄金回收利用,麦格理(Macquarie)估计中国今年的黄金供应总量可能达到1800吨。Outside of China, central banks have slowed their purchases of gold this year to 300 tonnes by the end of September.在中国以外,各国央行今年放缓了黄金购买速度,截至9月底的黄金购入总量仅为300吨。 /201312/269478

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