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四川成都第八医院挂号四川中西医结合医院的权威医生Two new studies suggest lack of exercise is associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer and of death from the disease. 两项新的研究表明,缺乏锻炼会增加患卵巢癌和疾病死亡的风险。In one study, the researchers analyzed data from more than 8,300 ovarian cancer patients and more than 12,600 women without ovarian cancer. 在一项研究中,研究人员分析了8,300多名卵巢癌患者和超过12,600名健康女性的数据。Those who said they had done no recreational physical activity during their lives were 34 percent more likely to develop ovarian cancer than those who exercised regularly, the researchers found. 研究人员发现,生活中没有体力活动的人比那些经常锻炼的人患卵巢癌的可能性增加了百分之34。The link between inactivity and a higher risk of ovarian cancer was seen in both normal-weight women and those who were overweight or obese. 正常体重的女性和超重或肥胖的人群中,不活动和更高卵巢癌风险之间都有联系。The findings were recently published online in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention. 这项研究结果发表在最近的癌症流行病学生物标记及预防杂志上。Kirsten Moysich is a professor of oncology at Roswell Park Cancer Institute, in Buffalo, N.Y., and the senior author of both studies. 柯尔斯顿是纽约水牛城罗斯维尔癌症中心肿瘤学教授。She told UPI, ;Women may be overwhelmed with mixed messages about physical activity or exercise recommendations 她告诉合众国际社,女性可能对体力活动或运动建议的混合信息不知所措,and opt to be inactive because they feel that they cannot meet the recommended amount of physical activity.;选择不愿活动,因为他们感觉不能满足体力活动的建议量。译文属。 /201606/450551四川成都第五人民医院在线咨询 First, the bomb needs to be armed.首先要进行原子弹的组装Captain William Parsons.One of its designers, bomb commander.威廉·帕森斯上尉 是原子弹的设计者之一 也是投弹指挥官He removed the detonator before take-off To make it safe to fly.在起飞前他取出了雷管 以保飞行的安全Unscrewing bridge-plate.Now, he must re-fit it.Loading charges.旋开桥板 现在 他要重新装上雷管 装上炸药The core of the bomb: Uranium.炸弹的核心是铀Born in a cosmic explosion 6 billion years ago,铀产生于六十亿年前的宇宙大爆炸Before the birth of our planet.比地球的诞生还要早Dormant, until scientists split its atoms,一直处于蛰伏状态 直到科学家分裂了其原子Unleashing an apocalyptic power释放出一种世界末日般的力量To annihilate our species or fuel our future.毁灭全人类或是推动我们的未来Dawn, 850 miles from Japan.黎明时分 距离日本还有八百五十英里An American b-29 bomber, the Enola Gay,一架名为埃诺拉·盖伊的美国b-29轰炸机 Carries the most destructive weapon In the history of mankind.携带着人类历史上 最具破坏力的武器I had been entrusted With the most frightful weapon ever devised.我受委托 携带着有史以来人类发明出的最可怕的武器I thought, yes, were going to kill a lot of people,虽然我知道我们会杀害很多人But by God were going to save a lot of lives.凭借上帝的力量 我们也将拯救许多生命We have the power that we have always reserved only for God.我们拥有一种力量 一种我们一直只为上帝 而保留的力量We now have it to end everything.我们如今用它终结一切Its in human power.这是人类的力量That pervades every single part of our lives today.如今它渗透到我们生活的方方面面201605/446282And scientists realised there was a barrier that was beginning to form at exactly the right time,科学家们意识到那道屏障正好也在当时开始形成something else that was created as the super-continent split apart: the Atlantic Ocean.超大陆的分裂还创造了别的东西:大西洋In the mid-Jurassic the new ocean flooded in,中侏罗世诞生了一片新的大洋cutting present day North America off from South America.隔开了今天的北美洲和南美洲Because of the oceans, animals would have been isolated on the newly formed continents因为有了海洋,动物被隔离在新生大陆上allowing them to evolve separately and creating many new types of dinosaur.使得它们独自进化成许多种新的恐龙Its a process scientists call vicariance, but vicariance is very difficult to prove.科学家们称这一过程为地理分隔,但是地理分隔很难得到明Up until now its been very difficult to demonstrate the connection between vicariance and dinosaur diversity in the middle Jurassic.直到现在我们都很难明地理分隔和中侏罗世恐龙多样性之间的联系We have lacked any site that has sufficient high resolution to show us any connection between these processes.我们还没能找到一个地方能充分说明这些过程之间的关系But that was before Argentina.但这只是在阿根廷这次发现之前The first clues about vicariance came from something surprising,第一条地理分隔的线索来自一个令人吃惊的发现a discovery that seemed to have nothing to do with dinosaurs.这一发现似乎与恐龙没有任何关系。201706/513283资阳市中心医院看妇科好不好

龙泉驿区看乳腺检查多少钱After a string of terrorist attacks, Great Britain is considering arming its front-line police officers.经历一连串的恐怖袭击后,英国正在考虑给一线警察配备武器。Unlike the U.S. or even fellow U.K. territory Northern Ireland, police in England and Wales generally dont carry weapons. Less than 5 percent are armed.不像美国或北爱尔兰, 英格兰和威尔士的警察通常不携带武器。小于百分之五进行了武装。But attitudes about armed police appear to be changing. While a 2006 survey found 82 percent of police in Great Britain didnt want officers to be armed, a more recent survey of Londons police force found just over half said they would carry a gun if asked.但关于武装警察的态度似乎改变了。2006年的调查发现,英国百分之82的警察不想军官佩带武器,对伦敦警方最近的调查发现,超过一半表示如果问及他们会携带。England has seen several recent terror attacks, including one in which an attacker stabbed and killed an officer guarding Parliament.最近英国遭遇多次恐怖袭击,包括一名攻击者刺杀一位守卫议会的军官。Even if the police want more firearms, it would be difficult and costly to purchase and distribute the guns and train police to use them.即使警察想要更多的,购买并分发这些以及训练警察使用它们将是困难和昂贵的。A spokesperson for the U.K.s National Police Chiefs’ Council, which will make the final decision on if officers should have firearms, said: ;These are early stage discussions, not yet at a phase of formal proposals.;英国国家警察局长协会的发言人将就军官是否要携带作出最终决定,称这些是早期阶段的讨论,没有进入正式提案阶段。译文属。201706/515717龙泉驿区做人工受孕 You work at the college library.你在大学图书馆工作Youre in the middle of a quiet afternoon when suddenly a shipment of 1,280 different books arrives.你正在享受在一个静谧的午后这时运过来1280本不同的书The books have been dropped of in one long straight line, but theyre all out of order,书被卸下来摆成长长一排而且顺序是混乱的and the automatic sorting system is broken.这时自动排序系统也坏了To make matters worse, classes start tomorrow,更糟糕的是 明天就开学了which means that first thing in the morning, students will show up in droves looking for these books.这就意味着明天一大早学生们将争相来搜寻他们所需要的书How can you get them all sorted in time?你如何及时把它们整理好呢One way would be to start at one end of the line with the first pair of books.一种方法是从排在书列端点的两本书开始If the first two books are in order, then leave them as they are.如果这两本书已经按顺序排好了 那就不要再动它们了Otherwise, swap them.否则 就把它们调换一下Then, look at the second and third books, repeat the process,之后 看看第二本 第三本如此进行下去and continue until you reach the end of the line.直至你摆到最后一本书At some point, youll come across the book that should be last,有时候 你可能会遇到应该排在最后的那本书and keep swapping it with every subsequent book,这就需要把它和随后的每一本书调换位置moving it down the line until it reaches the end where it belongs.不停地向后调换 直至调到最后它该呆的地方Then, start from the beginning and repeat the process to get the second to last book in its proper place,然后从头开始 重复这一过程把第二本和剩下的书都依次合适地摆放and keep going until all books are sorted.继续下去直到所有的书都被放到正确的位置This approach is called Bubble Sort.这种方法被称为上推分类法Its simple but slow.它很简单但是很耗时Youd make 1,279 comparisons in the first round,then 1,278, and so on, adding up to 818,560 comparisons.第一轮下来你一共要进行1279次对比然后是1278次 这样依次下去完成整个过程一共要进行818560次对比If each took just one second, the process would take over nine days.如果每次比较花一秒 完成整个过程需要超过9天的时间A second strategy would be to start by sorting just the first two books.第二种方法是从前两本开始排序Then, take the third book and compare it with the book in the second spot.之后 把第三本和第二本进行对比If it belongs before the second book, swap them,如果它应该排第二本前面 那就把它们调换一下then compare it with the book in the first spot, and swap again if needed.然后再把它和第一本对比如果它应排第一 那就再调换一次Now youve sorted the first three books.那么现在前三本书就排好了Keep adding one book at a time to the sorted sub-line,每次在排好的书列里加一本书comparing and swapping the new book with the one before it将这本新加入的书与其前一个对比 调换until its correctly placed among the books sorted so far.直到它被正确地放到已经排好的书列中This is called Insertion Sort.这种方法被称为插入式分类法Unlike Bubble Sort, it usually doesnt require comparing every pair of books.不像上推分类法 这种方法不需要把所有的书两两对比On average, wed expect to only need to compare each book to half of the books that came before it.平均来说 我们估计只需要将每本书与排在前面的一半的书进行对比In that case, the total number of comparisons would be 409,280, taking almost five days.那样对比的总次数就是409,280,花费大约五天的时间Youre still doing way too many comparisons.你仍然需要很多次的对比Heres a better idea.这有一个更好的办法First, pick a random book.首先 随机抽取一本书Call it the partition and compare it to every other book.把它作为分隔参照物与其他的书相对比Then, divide the line by placing all the books that come before the partition on its left然后将所有排在其前面的书放在它的左边and all the ones that come after it on its right.把应该排在它右边的书放在它的右边Youve just saved loads of time by not having to compare any of the books on the left to any of the ones on the right ever again.这样你就能节省很多时间 因为左边的书不用再跟其右边的书再进行一一对比了Now, looking only at the books on the left, you can again pick a random partition book现在只看左边的书 然后你从里面再拿出一本书作为分割参照物and separate those books that come before it from those that come after it.然后将排在它后面的排在它前面的书分开You can keep creating sub-partitions like this until you have a bunch of small sub-lines,你可以一直这样创造作为分割线的书直到这排书变成了一群分开的更小排的书each of which youd sort quickly using another strategy, like Insertion Sort.这时你就可以将每个小段的书用其他方法排好了 比如 插入排序法Each round of partitioning requires about 1,280 comparisons.每次划分需要1280次的对比If your partitions are pretty balanced,如果你设置的参照物位置很平均的话dividing the books into 128 sub-lines of ten would take about seven rounds,or 8,960 seconds.把这些书以10本为一段 一共分128段 大概需要7轮能分好也就是8960秒Sorting these sub-lines would add about 22 seconds each.每一小段的排序大概要花22秒钟All in all, this method known as QuickSort could sort the books in under three and a half hours.总而言之 这种方法被叫做快速分类法排好这些书不超过三个半小时But theres a catch.但有一个问题Your partitions could end up lopsided, saving no time at all.如果选取的参照物非常不对称 则根本无法节约时间Luckily, this rarely happens.幸运的是 这种情况很少发生Thats why QuickSort is one of the most efficient strategies used by programmers today.这就是为何快速分类法是如今程序员使用的最高效的方法之一They use it for things like sorting items in an online store by price,他们用这种方法将网店里需要以价格分类的商品进行归类or creating a list of all the gas stations close to a given location sorted by distance.将某个位置附近的加油站以距离远近的顺序列一个表In your case, youre done quick sorting with time to spare.至于你 你已经快速分好类而且还有剩余时间Just another high-stakes day in the library.在图书馆等待另一个高强度的一天吧201706/512664成都大邑县治疗龟头炎哪家医院最好

成都市中心医院收费如何栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghais English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。201607/455705 Imagine youre at a football game when this obnoxious guy sits next to you.想象你在一场足球赛中,这个讨厌鬼坐在你的旁边。Hes loud, he spills his drink on you, and he makes fun of your team.他大吵大叫,把饮料溅到你身上,并且还嘲笑你持的足球队。Days later, youre walking in the park when suddenly it starts to pour rain.几天之后,当你正在公园散步,突然下起大雨。Who should show up at your side to offer you an umbrella?此时谁会出现在你身边为你遮雨?The same guy from the football game.恰巧就是足球赛上你旁边的那个人。Do you change your mind about him based on this second encounter, or do you go with your first impression and write him off?此时你对他的看法会因为第二次相遇而改变,还是会坚持对他的第一印象继续讨厌他?Research in social psychology suggests that were quick to form lasting impressions of others based on their behaviors.社会心理学专家认为我们会基于别人的行为作出永久的印象评价。We manage to do this with little effort, inferring stable character traits from a single behavior, like a harsh word or a clumsy step.我们为此无需付出太多努力,通过单一的行为作出对他人稳定性格的判断。比如一句伤人的话,或者笨拙的步伐。Using our impressions as guides, we can accurately predict how people are going to behave in the future.凭借主观印象,我们能准确预测他人将会发生的行为。Armed with the knowledge the guy from the football game was a jerk the first time you met him,由于把足球赛中第一次遇见的那个人定义为混蛋,you might expect more of the same down the road.你可能会预想他会做出更多混蛋事。If so, you might choose to avoid him the next time you see him.如果是这样,下次遇见的时候你可能会选择躲着他。That said, we can change our impressions in light of new information.基于这样的理论,通过新的信息我们可以改变自己的刻板印象。Behavioral researchers have identified consistent patterns that seem to guide this process of impression updating.行为研究者发现了引导印象更新过程的固定模式。On one hand, learning very negative, highly immoral information about someone typically一方面,对一个人的负面评价所带来的影响has a stronger impact than learning very positive, highly moral information.要高于对一个人的正面评价所带来的影响。So, unfortunately for our new friend from the football game,所以,很不幸对在足球赛中认识的那位新朋友来说,his bad behavior at the game might outweigh his good behavior at the park.他在观众席上不道德的行为带来的影响会大于他在公园里的友善行为。Research suggests that this bias occurs because immoral behaviors are more diagnostic, or revealing, of a persons true character.研究表明,这种偏见产生的原因在于负面行为更容易识别,或者说让一个人的真实性格更有呈现力。Okay, so by this logic, bad is always stronger than good when it comes to updating.根据这种思维逻辑,在涉及到信息更新时,坏行为的影响力要大于好行为。Well, not necessarily.这一理论不一定完全适用。Certain types of learning dont seem to lead to this sort of negativity bias.某些认知方式不会导致这种负面的偏见。When learning about another persons abilities and competencies, for instance, this bias flips.当了解到某人的能力时,以此为例,这种偏见就跳开了。Its actually the positive information that gets weighted more heavily.实际上,积极信息的影响力变得更大了。Lets go back to that football game.让我们再谈回足球赛的事。If a player scores a goal, it ultimately has a stronger impact on your impression of their skills than if they miss the net.一个球员踢进球在你对他技术的印象上比他们丢了球影响力更大。The two sides of the updating story are ultimately quite consistent.两方面的信息更新最终相当一致。Overall, behaviors that are perceived as being less frequent are also the ones总的来说,在人们建立或更新印象时that people tend to weigh more heavily when forming and updating impressions, highly immoral actions and highly competent actions.越是少见的行为人们越容易看得更重,比如,非常不道德的行为和能体现能力的行为。So, whats happening at the level of the brain when were updating our impressions?所以,在我们刷新印象时大脑里发生了什么呢?Using fMRI, or functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging,利用fMRI--功能性磁共振成像researchers have identified an extended network of brain regions that respond to new information thats inconsistent with initial impressions.研究者发现,回应新信息的新扩展出的脑区网络同最初的印象并无关联。These include areas typically associated with social cognition, attention, and cognitive control.这些区域尤其同社会认知、注意力以及认知控制相关。Moreover, when updating impressions based on peoples behaviors,再者,当别人的行为刷新了印象,activity in the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex and the superior temporal sulcus correlates with perceptions of how frequently those behaviors occur in daily life.腹内侧前额叶皮层的活动和颞上沟告诉我们这些行为在日常生活中是否频繁。In other words, the brain seems to be tracking low-level, statistical properties of behavior换言之,大脑似乎在进行低水平的行为统计in order to make complex decisions regarding other peoples character.以此来做出关于别人品行如何的复杂的决定。It needs to decide is this persons behavior typical or is it out of the ordinary?大脑需要判断这个人的行为是十分典型还是与众不同。In the situation with the obnoxious-football-fan-turned-good-samaritan, your brain says,在这个烦人的球迷变成好人的情境下,你的大脑告诉你“;Well, in my experience, pretty much anyone would lend someone their umbrella,依据往常经验,通常大部分人都会为别人遮雨,but the way this guy acted at the football game, that was unusual.;但这家伙在球赛时的举动可不多见。”And so, you decide to go with your first impression.所以,你决定遵从自己的第一印象。Theres a good moral in this data: your brain, and by extension you,这个信息里存在良好的道德:你的大脑,或者说你本人might care more about the very negative, immoral things another person has done compared to the very positive, moral things,也许更关注别人做出的负面的、不道德的事而不是积极的、有道德的事,but its a direct result of the comparative rarity of those bad behaviors.但这是那些罕见的坏行为带来的直接结果。Were more used to people being basically good, like taking time to help a stranger in need.我们习惯上认为人大体上是好的,乐于花时间帮助别人。In this context, bad might be stronger than good, but only because good is more plentiful.在这样的背景下,坏影响就远多于好的,但这只是因为好事更常见。Think about the last time you judged someone based on their behavior,回想一下你上次根据一个人的所作所为来评价一个人,especially a time when you really feel like you changed your mind about someone.尤其是在你真的想要改变对某人的看法时。Was the behavior that caused you to update your impression something youd expect anyone to do,那个引发你改变对方印象的行为,是每个人都会做的事,or was it something totally out of the ordinary?还是不同寻常的事?201707/516898四川七院专家咨询四川成都阳痿早泄好的医院



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