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Three hundred sixty-three thousand and fifty-three dollars was the amount that Edith Windsor was assessed in federal estate taxes when her wife, Thea Spyer, died in 2009. Zero dollars, everyone agrees, would have been the amount she owed if the federal government had recognized their marriage, as the state of New York aly did. There are other numbers that are more relevant to their story—like forty-four, the number of years they spent with each other; or twenty-two, the share of those years during which Spyer lived with a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis, the disease that eventually killed her—and that Windsor gave up her own job to nurse her through. There were the numbers Windsor worked while getting a graduate degree in mathematics in the nineteen-fifties, and those in the early computer codes that she wrote for the Atomic Energy Commission’s UNIVAC and at I.B.M., where she was, at the time, one of very few women programmers. But the difference between zero and three hundred sixty-three thousand andfifty-three is what gives Windsor standing to bring a case challenging the Defense of Marriage Act. The Supreme Court will hear her case on March 27th, and, the day before, it will hear another one challenging Proposition 8, California’s ban on same-sex marriage.36万3053美元——这是伊迪斯·温莎在其伴侣西娅·斯拜尔去世以后应当缴纳的联邦遗产税。不过所有人都一致同意,如果联邦政府能像纽约州那样承认她们的婚姻,那么她将付的税额则为:0美元。还有些数字和她们联系更为紧密——例如“44”,她们陪伴彼此44年;或者“22”,斯拜尔与多发性硬化症斗争了22年,而温莎也辞去工作照顾了她22年,并一直陪着她走到了生命的终点。还有的数字伴随温莎于20世纪50年代拿到了数学研究生学位,有的蕴含在她为原子能委员会的通用自动计算机编写的代码里,抑或是在美国国际商用机器公司(IBM)工作的时候,那时她可是极为少有的女性程序员之一。虽然数字众多,但正是0和363053之间的差距成为了温莎上诉,挑战《婚姻保护法》权威的立足点。最高法院将于3月27日审理她的案件,而在26日,法院会审理另外一宗叫板加利福尼亚州禁止同性婚姻8号提案的案件。How much does money matter when thinking about same-sex marriage, or about marriage at all? The essence of the debate—and certainly its emotional heart—lies with words like family and respect, honor and honesty, and, above all, love. But those words, and even more so others—security, protection, sickness and health, home and career—are not divorced from finances. This is particularly true when any one of them is used in the same sentence as “children.” Another number to add to the equation: eleven hundred and thirty-eight, which is the number of federal laws that rely on a definition of marriage. Many more of them are about money, in one way or the other, than about love. Nor is the concern simply that of the family involved: companies have an interest, too, as does the larger business world, in not having families live in what might be called an economic closet.当谈及同性婚姻或者干脆只谈婚姻的时候,钱到底有多重要呢?这场辩论的实质——当然还有它的情感内涵——是“家庭和尊重”、“荣誉和诚信”、以及最重要的“爱”等词汇。但是这些词汇,甚至是其他的一些诸如“安全”、“保护“、”疾病“、”健康“、“家庭”、“事业“等都和财产有着紧密的联系。尤其是它们和”孩子“一词出现在同一个句子里的时候。在这个等式当中还能加进一个数字:1138,这是给”婚姻“下一个定义所需要的联邦法律的数目。这些法律当中,更多的是和金钱有着千丝万缕的联系,而并非是和爱有关。而似乎和家庭本身也并没有多大关系:因为只要能让同性家庭出”经济柜“,公司和企业界都能从中获利。That there is a business case for marriage equality was confirmed this week with the news that at least sixty major corporations will file an amicus curiae brief in support of overturning Prop. 8—a move, depending on how the Court writes the decision, that could establish a right to same-sex marriage not only in California but in the country as a whole. (Some leading Republicans are also submitting a brief.) More may sign on before the filing deadline on Thursday. The companies range from Apple to Xerox, with everyone from Levi Strauss, Cisco, Morgan Stanley, Nike, and Panasonic in between. Fortune got a draft of the brief, which s in part这周有一起关于婚姻平等的案子,据说该案件周至少有60家企业会作为法庭之友进行案件陈述,以此来持推翻8号提案——这一举动很可能会在加利福尼亚州乃至全国范围内为同性婚姻建立一项合法权益,当然也要依赖于法院的最终判决。(一些共和党领导人也提交了案件陈述。)周四提出议案之前可能还会有更多成员签字。这些公司范围从苹果到施乐,其间还包括李维斯、思科、根斯坦利、耐克、松下等公司。《财富》杂志拿到了一份案件陈述的草稿,该陈述在某种程度上是为一些受到不公正待遇的人群辩护,因为8号提案阻止了商业进行市场理想的高效运作——尤其是在招新、雇佣以及维持状态最佳且最能胜任工作的人才方面。埃米希公司正与来自美国内外的公司竞争,他们持不管是不是同性的所有情侣都享有平等的婚姻权利。If one believes that protecting children is a priority, then so is same-sex marriage. A third of lesbian couples and a fifth of gay couples who live together aly have children, according to the Census, and a lack of access to marriage takes both social and economic security away from them. A widow or widower with a minor child whose income falls below a certain level can get social-security benefits based on the deceased spouse’s earnings—but not if the spouse is of the same sex. The same is true of tax laws, like the one affecting Windsor, that might cost families their homes. Some opponents of same-sex marriage have turned this on its head and wondered if it will cost the government too much money. The answer, according to a Congressional Budget Office study, is that it most likely will not, both because the amounts, though large in the life of, say, a widow with a child, are not so large in terms of the federal budget. The government will also make money from things like imposing the income-tax marriage penalty on more couples, and from some people losing eligibility for benefits when their combined income is calculated. (There are harder-to-answer questions, like how much it might save Medicare if, earlier in life, a person had access to preventive care through a spouse’s insurance.) Marriage equality does not inflate budgets; it removes irrational distortions from them.有人觉得对于儿童的保护应该摆在首位,而实际上同性婚姻也是如此。据人口普查,三分之一的女同伴侣和五分之一的男同伴侣已育有子女,可是由于婚姻不能合法化,子女的社会和经济安全都无法得到保障。丧偶的寡妇或鳏夫如果育有未成年子女,且收入未能达到一定水平,则有权利获得社会保障金——但如果配偶是同性则无权获得。而税法,比如影响温莎的税法,却对于同性婚姻具有同等效力,这很有可能让家庭离破碎,以至于让很多人无家可归。一些同性婚姻的反对者却将此归罪与同性婚姻本身,并怀疑这会给政府带来很大的经济负担。不过,据国会预算办公室的调查显示,这种情况并不会发生,因为尽管现实生活当中,一个寡妇带着孩子的情况很多见,但实际上联邦政府的预算并不多,政府可以从向更多的夫妻征收婚姻罚款所得税以及向因计算累计收入而失去获利资格的人那儿把钱挣回来。(还有一些更难回答的问题,例如如果早先一方从配偶的保险当中获得了预防护理的话,那么承认同性婚姻可能会省下多少医疗保险的钱等等。)婚姻平等并不会扩大政府预算,反而会去除预算当中的非理性因素。And that is why, if one believes in protecting free markets, then same-sex marriage should be a priority, too. This is the point that the amicus brief made with regard to recruiting. It hurts companies and the economy when the choice in taking a job at one firm or the other is not based on its salary offer or a belief in its prospects, but by whether it is based in a state the recognizes the employee’s marriage. It hurts, too, when a spouse who is a foreign citizen is not welcome here. And—something the corporate brief also mentions—there is the wedding business to consider, too. Last summer, New York City estimated that it gained two hundred and fifty-nine million dollars from same-sex marriages in the first year that they were legal in the state. “Marriage equality has made our city more open, inclusive, and free—and it has also helped to create jobs and support our economy,” Mayor Bloomberg said.这也就是为什么持保护自由市场的人也将同性婚姻合法化视作是首要任务。这也是法庭之友的书面陈述所要表达的关于公司招聘的观点。如果人才在选择工作的时候不是看公司所开出的薪资待遇也不看公司的发展前景,而是看公司所处的州是否认同员工婚姻的话,那么这将危及到公司以及经济的发展。如果因配偶不是本国公民而不被接纳,这也会带来一定损害。在公司的案件陈述当中还提到,婚姻产业也是需要考虑的一个因素。去年夏天,纽约市估计,在纽约州同性婚姻合法化之后第一年,同性婚姻为其带来了2亿5900万美元的收益。纽约市长彭说:“婚姻平等让我们的城市变得更加开放、包容和自由——而且也帮助我们创造更多的工作机会,并持我们的经济向前发展。“But there are less obvious ways that a failure to recognize same-sex marriage can reduce the transparency that helps the private sector thrive. For example, the Windsor brief notes that DOMA has the effect of exempting same-sex spouses of politicians and public officials from financial-disclosure requirements. It also denies them the protection of laws that, for example, make threatening the spouse of a federal agent a crime.但是,不任何同性婚姻还会以一些不太明显的方式减弱有利于私营部门发展的透明度。例如,在温莎的案件陈述中指出,《婚姻保护法案》具有免除同性恋政府官员及公职官员披露财务的效力,而同时也否认他们受到例如认为威胁政府机构配偶为犯罪的法律保护。I.B.M. didn’t know it at the time, but it came close to losing Edith Windsor when, as her brief recounts, it “unwittingly ran afoul” of an executive order that forbade companies with federal contracts from having gay or lesbian employees—the order was issued in 1953, the year before the computer pioneer Alan Turing, who had faced similar barriers in Great Britain, killed himself by eating a poisoned apple. Luckily, the F.B.I. didn’t ask Windsor about the women in her life when interviewing her for a security clearance (to work on that UNIVAC), and I.B.M. didn’t find out, either; she wore a diamond pin, rather than a ring, as a symbol of her long engagement to Spyer. And then she left the company to care for a woman who, for many years, she could only say was a friend.IBM公司起先并不知道她是同性恋,而在温莎快要离开的时候,(据温莎陈述)公司与一项行政命令“无意间发生冲突“——这一命令是在1953年签发的,禁止和政府签约的公司雇佣同性恋员工,而在前一年,计算机工程师阿兰·图灵也在英国面临同样的障碍,最终他选择了毒自杀。所幸的是,联邦调查局在对温莎进行(通用自动计算机)安全调查的时候,并没有问及她另一半的情况,而IMB公司也并没有察觉。她当时戴着一枚钻石胸针而并非传统的钻石戒指来象征着她和斯拜尔的婚姻。接着,她便离开了公司,去照顾那个多少年来,她只能以”朋友“相称的女人。 /201303/228261

BEHIND THE BEAUTIFUL FOREVERS Life, Death, and Hope in a Mumbai Undercity.《永恒美丽的背后:孟买地下城的生命、死亡与希望》By Katherine Boo.作者:凯瑟琳·布This National Book Award-winning study of life in Annawadi, a Mumbai slum, is marked by reporting so rigorous it recalls the muckrakers, and characters so rich they evoke Dickens. The slum dwellers have a skillful and empathetic chronicler in Boo, who depicts them in all their humanity and ruthless, resourceful glory.这份荣获国家图书奖的报告记录了孟买贫民窟Annawadi的生活。报告极其写实的风格使人想起狄更斯笔下的各色下层人物和角色。凯瑟琳·布娴熟且入木三分地刻画了贫民窟的居民,展现了他们的悲天悯人、冷漠无情以及足智多谋。FAR FROM THE TREE Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity.《背离亲缘:父母、儿童与自我寻求》By Andrew Solomon.作者:安德鲁·所罗门For more than a decade, Solomon studied the challenges, risks and rewards of raising children with “horizontal identities,” traits that they don’t share with their parents. As he investigates how families have grown stronger or fallen apart while raising prodigies, dwarfs, schizophrenics, transgendered children or those conceived in rape, he complicates everything we thought we knew about love, sacrifice and success.数十载来,安德鲁一直在用“横向自我”概念研究抚养子女的挑战、困难和回报,以及子女不愿与父母分享的特性。作者涉及面十分广泛,在探索抚养神童、侏儒儿、精神分裂症患儿、变性患儿的家庭或所谓的强奸怀家庭的分离聚合时,安德鲁告诉读者:爱、牺牲与成功远比我们想象的复杂。THE PASSE OF POWER The Years of Lyndon Johnson.《走向权力的通道:林登·约翰逊的岁月》By Robert A. Caro.作者:罗伯特·A·卡罗The fourth volume of Caro’s prodigious masterwork, which now exceeds 3,000 pages, explores, with the author’s signature combination of sweeping drama, psychological insight and painstaking research, Johnson’s humiliating years as vice president, when he was excluded from the inner circle of the Kennedy White House and stripped of power. We know what Johnson does not, that this purgatory is prelude to the event of a single horrific day, when an assassin’s bullet placed Johnson, and the nation he now had to lead, on a new course.本书为卡罗的“约翰逊总统传记”系列第四卷,这部卷帙浩繁巨作共有三千多页。作者以包罗万象的戏剧手法、心理学洞察力以及细致艰辛的调查展现了约翰逊作为副总统的风雨岁月。彼时,约翰逊受肯尼迪政府内部排挤,同时还被剥夺了权力。今天看来,约翰逊当时丝毫不曾料到会遇上那个可怕的日子——刺客的口顶着约翰逊,他所领导的国家正翻开新的篇章。THE PATRIARCH The Remarkable Life and Turbulent Times of Joseph P. Kennedy.《开天辟地:老约瑟夫·P·肯尼迪时代的辉煌与动荡》By David Nasaw.作者:戴维·纳索Nasaw took six years to complete this sprawling, arresting account of a banker-cum-speculator-cum-moviemaker-cum-ambassador-cum-dynastic founder. Joe Kennedy was involved in virtually all the history of his time, and his biographer persuasively makes the case that he was the most fascinating member of his large, famous and very formidable family.纳索花了六年时间才完成这部煌煌巨著。乔·肯尼迪身兼家、投机商、电影制作人以及大使等职,同时还是整个肯尼迪家族的创始人。他完全就是那个时代的历史风云人物,而他的传记作者则令人信地将其视为整个庞大出名且强盛的肯尼迪家族中最具魅力的人物。WHY DOES THE WORLD EXIST? An Existential Detective Story.《世界为何存在:一个关于存在的侦探故事》By Jim Holt.作者:吉姆·霍尔特For several centuries now, thinkers have wondered, “Why is there something rather than nothing?” In search of an answer, Holt takes the er on a witty and erudite journey from London to Paris to Austin, Tex., as he listens to a varied cast of philosophers, scientists and even novelists offer solutions that are sometimes closely reasoned, sometimes almost mystical, often very strange, always entertaining and thought-provoking.几个世纪以来,思想家们一直在思索:“世界为何存在?”为解答这一问题,霍尔特将读者引入一段智慧学的旅程;从伦敦、巴黎到奥斯汀及德克萨斯州,作者走访了各个领域的哲学家、科学家乃至小说家,得出或合理或神秘的,有些很奇怪,却也很有意思、引人深思。 /201212/213098One day, the phone rang, and a little boy answered.“ May I speak to your parents? ”“ They#39;re busy. ”“ Oh. Is anybody else there? ”“ The police. ”“ Can I speak to them? ”“ They#39;re busy. ”“ Oh. Is anybody else there? ”“ The firemen. ”“ Can I speak to them? ”“ They#39;re busy. ”“ So let me get this straight -- your parents, the police, and the firemen are there, but they#39;re all busy? What are they doing? ”“ Looking for me. ”电话铃响了,小男孩接了电话。“请你父母听电话好吗?”“他们很忙。”“噢,那家里还有其他人吗?”“还有警察。”“我可以和他们说话吗?”“他们很忙。”“那还有其他人吗?”“还有消防员。”“我可以和他们说话吗?”“他们也很忙。”“请直接告诉我——你的父母、警察和消防员都在你家,但他们都很忙,他们到底在干什么?”“在找我。”

There#39;s something so romantic about summertime. The warm summer breeze, the smell of flowers and cut grass, the sounds of fun and laughter, summer has a wonderful sense of casual lightness. It#39;s a great time to get out of the dating rut and dust off your playful side. Whether it#39;s a first date or a date night with a long-time partner, it#39;s always fun to try out some new date ideas. Summer offers many dating options that aren#39;t available at other times of the year…and best of all, many of them won#39;t break the bank.夏天到处都充满着浪漫的气息:夏季那温暖的和风,那鲜花和草坪修剪过后的味道,还少不了那欢声笑语。夏天就是有一种休闲轻盈的奇妙感觉。夏天也是一个外出约会、重温欢乐的最好时间。无论是你第一次约会或想与交往已久的男(女)朋友共度温馨夜晚,尝试一下新的约会方式,这样会让双方都很开心回味无穷。在夏天,你可以拥有许许多多的约会方式,这是其它季节不能与之相比的。最好的是,这些约会建议还不需要花费过多金钱。Looking for a romantic summer date idea? Give one of these a try…还在找夏日浪漫的约会建议?那就在下面建议中选一个吧!1.Outdoor movie - Drive-Ins are making a comeback. Seek out your nearest drive-in and pack the snacks.1.露天电影——汽车露天影院正在慢慢回归。去找找最近的露天影院,然后扫一堆零食过去边看边吃。2.Pull up a blanket - No drive-in nearby or just not your thing? That#39;s ok. Many cities show outdoor films in the park. Don#39;t forget your blanket and refreshments. Or do it yourself – set up your lounge chairs in your backyard or on your deck, open a bottle of wine and watch a movie on your laptop.2.准备一张毯子——附近没有露天影院,或是不是你的菜?没关系,那你可以找一些城市里面播放户外电影的公园。别忘了要带毯子和饮料。或者自己做一个户外影院:坐在后院的躺椅或阳台上,开一瓶红酒,把手提电脑放在膝上,然后看电影吧。3.Bowling is so old school that it#39;s hip again - Just about everybody has a bowling alley somewhere nearby. It#39;s a casual, fun date night. Invite some friends and make it a group date. Have a beer or soda and a slice of pizza and unwind while engaging in some friendly competition.3.古老而又“新颖”的方式:打保龄——几乎每个人的附近都有一家保龄球馆。打保龄会让你的约会之夜即休闲又有趣。可以多叫一些朋友,让这个夜晚变为“情侣团体约会之夜”吧。和朋友们进行保龄比赛的同时,喝瓶啤酒(或苏打水)吃块批萨,是多么舒适啊。4.Visit the zoo - You don#39;t have to have young children to enjoy the zoo. Wandering among the animals, taking in their habitats and behavior, even their antics is a great low-key date. Top it off with some popcorn or an ice cream cone and it#39;s a fantastic date.4.逛动物园——并不是只有带着小朋友才能去动物园的。其实徜徉在不同动物的围绕中,观察它们的行为习惯,甚至看它们做滑稽动作,也不失为一个即不错又低调的约会。更让人开心的是,逛动物园的同时还吃着爆米花和雪糕,这种约会实在太好了。5.Take a wine tour - Either join an organized wine tour, where someone else will do the planning and take you from winery to winery to do your sipping or plan your own, grab another couple and a designated driver and let the tasting begin.5.红酒之旅——参加一个红酒之旅旅行团,旅行社的人会给你做好安排,带你从一个酿酒厂到另一个酿酒厂,期间你们还可以畅饮葡萄酒。或者你们自己计划安排红酒之旅,另外抓上另一对情侣,找一个专门的司机,那么,红酒畅饮之旅就可以开始了。6.Go on a dinner cruise - If you live near a body of water (ocean, lake or even some rivers) you can probably find a dinner cruise. Don#39;t be afraid to mix it up; try a breakfast, lunch, or evening cocktail cruise too. There#39;s just something so romantic about eating on the water while someone else is in charge of the driving.6.船上餐会——如果你家附近有大海、湖泊或是小河,那么,你就可以和你的伴侣来一个“船上约会”。不必担心状况会混乱,早餐、午餐甚至一个鸡尾酒小会都能在船上搞定。有专门的船夫掌舵,而你们就可以在水上享受美味和浪漫啦。7.Live music is everywhere - Summer concerts are a great way to spend a date. Get tickets to a big-ticket concert in the grandstand; enjoy a local concert in the park, or find a local bar or tavern that offers live music.7.无处不在的现场音乐会——夏季音乐会是一个浪漫约会的好去处。你可以弄看台票去看大型音乐会,或是在公园里欣赏小型音乐会,亦或是在当地的酒吧欣赏乐队的表演。8.Visit the fair - Be a teenager again. Buy some cotton candy or some terribly unhealthy, but delicious fair treat. Ride the Ferris wheel, roller coaster, or whatever twirling, upside down ride strikes your fancy, (preferably, before you eat your cotton candy.)8.参加游园活动——你可以再一次成为小朋友:去买一些棉花糖,或是买一些非常不健康但很美味的小甜品。坐上天轮,玩一遍过山车,或是坐上那些让你到处旋转上下颠倒、还弄得你头昏脑胀的游园项目(建议在游玩这些项目前最好别吃棉花糖)。9.Make a romantic picnic - Pack up your favorite picnic fare and a blanket and off you go. Bring some wine and cheese or pack a themed – think Mexican, French, Italian or whatever cuisine suits your mood. Choose a nice spot at the local park, gardens, or by the water. To make it even more fun, try a breakfast or moonlight picnic (be sure to pack the bug spray.)9.浪漫的野餐——带上你最喜欢吃的食物和毯子,你们就可以出发野餐去了。然后,要带一些红酒和芝士,或者弄一个主题菜谱——可以是墨西哥式、法式、意大利式,合你口味就可以了。你的野餐地点可以选择在当地的公园、花园或是小河旁。如果要让野餐更过瘾,那你们可以尝试早餐或月光下的野餐(要记得带杀虫剂哦)。10.Get out on the water - Rent a sailboat, rowboat, paddleboat, kayak, or canoe. Grab a pole and go fishing or don your swimsuit and jump in.10.水上约会活动——你可以租一艘帆船,皮划艇,划艇,皮艇,或独木舟。有了船,你可以划船和钓鱼,或是穿上泳衣潜水去。 /201208/195820

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