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惠州妇幼保健院治疗睾丸炎多少钱惠州市口腔医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱惠州医院属于几级 It#39;s rare when a single photograph defines an historic event. But one of those photographs is ;The Kiss.; It#39;s from Aug. 14, 1945, the day Japan surrendered to end World War II, when a sailor and nurse locked lips in Times Square.一张照片定格一个历史事件,这是很罕见的,然而“胜利之吻”恰好正是这样的一张照片。1945年8月14日,日本在二战中正式宣布投降。时代广场之上,一名水兵和一位护士相拥而吻。Until just recently, their identities remained a mystery, but with the 67th anniversary of VJ Day coming up Tuesday, the time seemed right for CBS News to reunite them. The photo is one of the most famous from the 20th century - a moment filled with such spontaneous euphoria it seemed to last forever.随着二战胜利67周年的日子临近,这正好是CBS新闻让这二位过去一直身份不明的两位主角重逢的好时机。这张照片是20世纪最著名的照片之一,它记录下了永久珍藏的狂欢之景。;It was the moment. You come back from the Pacific, and finally, the war ends,; reflects 89-year-old George Mendonsa, who says he#39;s the sailor in the photograph. The sailor, in uniform, is seen with Greta Friedman, a nurse, in her white uniform.“那时我刚从太平洋回来,接着战争就结束了。” 照片中的水兵,现年89岁的乔治·门德萨回忆道。照片中的水兵身着军装,而那个护士格丽塔·弗里德曼也穿着她的白色护士。As the perfect strangers embraced and kissed, world famous photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt snapped four pictures, taking only ten seconds to do so.目睹着素不相识的陌生人相拥而吻,摄影师阿尔弗雷德·艾森施塔特只用了10秒钟就抓拍了四张,记录下了这个瞬间。Greta was a dental assistant on break. George, a first class sailor in the Navy, was on a date with another woman when he heard the news at Radio City Music Hall.当时格丽塔是正在休假的牙医助手。乔治则是海军一等兵。当他在和女友约会,从城市广播里听到了日本投降的消息。He and his date then went to a nearby bar, celebrating that he wouldn#39;t have to return to combat.听到这个好消息,他和当时约会的女友走进附近的酒吧,庆祝他也许再也不会回战场厮杀了。;The excitement of the war being over, plus I had a few drinks,; George explains. ; ... So when I saw the nurse, I grabbed her, and I kissed her.;“战争结束了,我实在太高兴了,再加上我喝了点酒,” 乔治解释说,“所以一看到那名护士,我就抱住了她,吻了下去。”His date, Rita Petrie, can be seen in the background, smiling from ear-to-ear. She says, ;Either I was dopey or something, but it didn#39;t bother me!; Rita said with a laugh about George kissing another woman the first week they were dating. It must not have: She#39;s been married to George for the last 66 years.“胜利之吻”的照片中还能看到他当时的约会对象丽塔·皮特里在背景中咧嘴而笑。她表示:“我可能是太迟钝了,不过我不介意这个吻!” 聊起乔治在他们约会的第一周就当着她的面拥吻别的女人,丽塔边笑边说。值得一提的是,丽塔嫁给了乔治,他们在一起66年了。Greta says she#39;s ;sure; he saw the photo when it was published in Life magazine, and ;of course,; she recognized herself. ;You don#39;t forget this guy grabbing you!; she remarked.格丽塔则说,当生活杂志把照片刊登出来的时候乔治肯定看到了。当然她也在照片中认出了自己。“我永远忘不了抱住我的那个帅哥!”People write George all the time now, asking for autographs, and offering words of encouragement. He described a recent letter, saying the writer ;states something like, #39;It must be something great to be involved in a photo that means the end of World War II.#39; Well, I#39;m proud of that.; As is a nation that#39;s still mesmerized by his timeless kiss.很多人至今还在给乔治写信,索要签名并致以赞美之词。有封信这么写:“能够成为象征战争结束的照片中的一部分太了不起了!” 乔治说:“是的,我也为此感到自豪。” 至今他经久不衰的“胜利之吻”仍令万众着迷。 /201208/195231While most young people celebrate Valentine#39;s Day on Feb. 14 every year, others find entire new arrangements for this grand tradition, Guangzhou Daily reported.《广州日报》称,对许多年轻人来说,每年的2月14日是一个隆重的节日,然而,有人却选择另类的方式度过情人节。Many conservative Russians hold that Valentine#39;s Day makes no good on youngsters#39; spiritual and moral development. So the government of Belgorodskaya Oblast announced in 2011 that the festival could not be celebrated in any form of activities.很多保守派的俄罗斯人认为,情人节对青少年的精神和道德培养无益,该国别尔哥罗德省于2011年宣布,禁止举办任何形式的情人节庆祝活动。Some French men may receive a special Valentine#39;s Day gift ; hardcover bull dung if they broke up before the festival. Their ex-girlfriends can buy bull dung weighting 100 grams online for 14 euros.而一些在情人节前分手的法国男人,可能会收到特殊礼物;;精装牛粪。被抛弃的女友可以花上14欧元网购重达100克的精装牛粪。The founder of the site claimed that if a woman is dumped by her boyfriend, she can send him a box of bull dung to let him be suffocated by the stinking smell.网站创始人称,如果在情人节前被前男友甩了,寄给他一盒牛粪,让臭气熏死他。Elsewhere, the Rock radio station in New Zealand is to spring divorces by a radio program. The participant can the divorce declaration through the radio. The radio station also promised that they will pay the divorce lawsuit fees for them.另外,新西兰;摇滚;电台策划节目促成离婚,参与者不仅可以通过电台宣读离婚宣言,电台还答应替他们承担离婚官司的费用。 /201202/171565惠州惠东县妇幼保健人民中医院治疗龟头炎多少钱

惠州眼睛咨询热线I#39;m 13 years old and lately I#39;ve been angry a lot. Anything will make me mad, and when I do get mad I usually go into a rage. Is this normal and is there anything I can do to get rid of this anger?“我今年13岁,近来常常感到容易愤怒。几乎任何事都能让我发狂,而一旦陷入这种状态就会继而开始暴怒。这样算正常吗?我要怎么做才能远离这种情绪呢?”Our emotions, like our bodies, can go through some crazy and unfamiliar changes during adolescence. Feeling angry from time to time is a normal part of this. Everyone experiences mood swings during their teenage years, and these emotions may be so strong that they catch us by surprise.和我们的身体相似,在青少年期,我们的情绪也会经历一些大的,特别的变化。时常感到容易发脾气也算是这些变化中的一部分。每个人在青少年时期都会经历情绪的波动,有时候这种波动很大,甚至让我们自己都感到吃惊。There are ways you can try to manage anger. First, try to mentally back away from your anger and figure out if anything in particular is making you mad. Sure, the hormones of puberty may be playing a part, but are other things in your life causing you to feel like this? Maybe you#39;re under more stress at school or perhaps your family is going through difficult changes, like a move or divorce.有些方法可以试着去管理好我们的情绪。首先,试着从心理提醒自己不要发怒,并且理出是否有某些特殊的事情让你愤怒。当然,青春期的荷尔蒙变化也可能导致这样,但是是否生活中确实有某件事情导致你变得烦躁,易怒?比如可能是来自学校的压力或者家庭里正经历着一些困难(搬迁或父母的离异)让你这样。Sometimes, it#39;s not one thing but a lot of little things leading to frustration. Although you may not recognize what#39;s making you mad at exactly the moment you feel like exploding, taking time to evaluate things can help you learn to manage those emotions.有些时候可能并不是单独的一件事,而是许多事导致你感到很沮丧。虽然在你正处于情绪失控当时并不能及时发现原因,但花点时间分析下可能的原因会帮助你更好地管理自己的情绪。Try to deal with what#39;s causing you to be angry. If pressures at school or home are mounting, talk them over with a parent or another adult. Learning when and how to calm down can be very useful for people of any age. Working off some of that negative energy in constructive ways, like exercising or writing in a journal, also can help.然后,再试着去面对,处理导致你恼火的事情。如果来自学校或家庭的压力在不断增加,那么试着和父母或者其他成年人谈谈。学会何时及怎么使自己能够冷静下来对于正在发怒的人来说非常有用。也可以通过一些有益的途径来排解那些消极的情绪,比如锻炼,写写日记,都不错。   If you feel like you#39;re angry a lot of the time or are having trouble controlling your anger, talk to a doctor or counselor.如果你觉得自己大多数时间都处于发怒的状态中或者在控制情绪方面有困难,那么可以和医生或者心理顾问多交流下。 /201208/195565惠州真菌龟头炎 惠州市妇幼保健院治疗睾丸炎多少钱

惠东县治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好咖啡豆的命名是以三大类来做依据:1.咖啡豆的产国;2.咖啡豆的生产地;3.咖啡豆的出口港。以生产国命名的咖啡豆略为人熟知的像是巴西(Brazil)、哥伦比亚(Colombia)、墨西哥(Mexico)、祕鲁(Peru)、瓜地马拉(Guatemala) 、牙买加、(Jamaica)、肯亚(Kenya)、海地(Haiti)、印尼(Indonesia)、象牙海岸(Cote D'ivoire)、越南(Viet Nam)等等...以生产地命名的,像是蓝山(Blue Mountain)、夏威夷(Hawaii)、安地斯山(Andes Mountain)、卡.马塔里(Mocha Mattari)、吉力马札罗(Kilimanjaro)、卡.哈拉(Mocha Harrar)、安提瓜(Antigua)...以出口港命名的像是曼特宁(Mandheling)、卡(Mocha)、圣多斯(Santos)...以上都是咖啡豆种类的命名方式,由于每个地方的地理环境不同,才会导致咖啡外型和味道香气特性各有本身的特色。 My dream ended when I was born. Although I never knew it then, I just held on to something that would never come to pass. Dreams really do exist. But in the morning when you wake up, they are remembered just as a dream. That is what happened to me.I always have the dream to dance like a beautiful ballerina twirling around and around and hearing people applaud for me.When I was young, I would twirling around and around in the fields of wildflowers that grew in my backyard. For hours I would dance as if people were watching me. I would dance so fast that I would forget where I was, until I would hear sounds that reminded me of where I really was. I thought that if I twirled faster everything would disappear and I would wake up in a new place. Reality woke me up when I heard a voice saying, "I don't know why you bother trying to dance. Ballerinas are pretty, slender little girls. Besides, you don't have the talent to even be a ballerina." I remember how those words paralyzed every feeling in my body. I feel to the ground and wept for hours.We lived in the country by a nearby lake and I would sometimes go there to hide. My parents were never home anyway and I did not like to be at home where I could hear the walls talking of pain. When they were home, my mother just yelled and criticized because nothing was ever perfect in her life. She dreamed of a different life but ended up living in a country far away from the city where she believed her dreams would have come true.I enjoyed hanging out by the water. I would sit there for hours and stare at my reflection. There I was, looked nothing like a pretty ballerina dancer. Reflections don't lie. Once the waves would come, my reflection was gone. Washed away just like my dream to dance. I sat there staring at the water, hoping that my reflection would reappear and be different.As I grew older, I began to realize that the reason my dream was even born in the first place, was because it was something that was inside of me. The dream I had was never nurtured and cared for, so it slowly died. It's not that I wanted it to die, but I allowed it to die the day I started listening to the words, "You can't do it." When I finally woke up from many years of dreaming, I realized that you can't settle for dancing in the wildflowers, you have to move on to the platform. I still go to the lake sometimes and sit there. Looking at my reflection is different now too. When I was young, I looked at how others saw me, now that I am older and wiser; I look at how God sees me . 从出生那天起,我的梦想就注定了只能是一个梦想。 但是那时,我却从来没有意识到这一点,我只是一厢情愿地去抓住那些易逝的美好时光,努力珍惜眼前的点点滴滴。而梦,无论多么真切,当你在清晨睁开双眼的刹那,都仍只是梦。我时常梦想着能像最优美的芭蕾舞演员般在观众热烈真诚的掌声中翩然而舞。在我小的时候,我家后院里有一大片不知名的花丛,我常常在花丛中一圈又一圈的飞速旋转,越转越快,快得我仿佛感觉到四周有许多观众在注视着我;越转越快,快得我忘了置身何处,仿佛整个世界都随我转动了起来。直到,一声轻响将我拉回现实。我时常幻想着,如果我能转得更快一些,整个世界会不会随之消失,而我也将在另一个地方醒来呢?可是现实总会一次次无情的将我唤醒。“我不明白你为什么要自寻烦恼的去尝试跳舞。芭蕾舞演员都是些漂亮、苗条的年轻女孩,你根本没有成为芭蕾舞演员的天赋啊。”直到今天,我仍清楚地记得当我听到这些话时,那种刻骨铭心的麻木和无力。置身于冰冷的绝望之中,泪水肆意的汹涌着。那时,我们住在一个沿湖的村子里,有时我会一个人走到湖边,仿佛在那里可以逃避现实的无情。不管怎么说,反正父母也经常不在家,而我也不愿在家里被痛苦和忧伤笼罩。即使他们在家的时候,母亲也只是不停的抱怨和指责,她总觉得她的生命充满不幸和烦恼。她梦想有一个不同的生活,可惜这个梦想却只能在远离城市的乡村中破碎得无影无踪,而城市才是她坚信可以让她实现梦想的所在。我喜欢沿着湖水散步,在湖边一坐就是几个小时,长久地凝视着自己的倒影。那就是我,没有任何地方像一个美丽的芭蕾舞者。倒影是不会撒谎的。波浪卷来,倒影碎裂,一如我的芭蕾之梦。我没有起身,我仍坐在那里凝视着湖水,盼着倒影再次出现,焕然一新。梦想,从诞生起那一刻就对我有着非凡的意义。当我渐渐长大,我开始意识到这是因为那是深深印刻在我体内的灵魂烙印。但是,我从来没有好好的去滋养过她,照料过她,所以,她慢慢枯萎了。我并不希望她枯萎,但当那一天我听到“你无法做到”的时候,她已经在我的懦弱下枯萎了。直到成年后,当我从漫长的梦中醒来时,我才认识到,你不能仅仅甘心于在无人的野花从中舞蹈,你必须走向舞台,唯此,你才可能实现你的梦。现在,我仍会时不时独自去那片湖边静静坐上片刻,而我的倒影也已经有所不同了。当我年少时,我在乎的是他人眼中的自己;现在,我长大了,多了对人生的体悟,更加从容淡定了,我在乎的是内心真正的自我。 /200810/54147惠州市口腔医院男科专家挂号惠州地区医院有泌尿科吗



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