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IT has been years since the death of Hong Kong pop star Leslie Cheung, whose hit songs and sentimental movies won him huge popularity around Asia.香港巨星张国荣已经逝世十年,他的畅销歌曲和感伤电影使他在亚洲大受欢迎On April 1, , the 6-year-old superstar committed suicide in Hong Kong by jumping from a hotel. It was especially shocking since the star in his last movie, a suspense thriller ;Inner Senses; (), ended his life in the same way.年月1日,这位6岁的超级巨星在香港一个酒店跳楼自杀这是特别令人震惊的因为这位明星在他的最后一部电影悬疑惊悚片《异度空间()中以同样的方式结束了自己的生命There was deep mourning and much speculation about the reason behind his death. Memorial events marking the th anniversary of Cheung death will be held in Hong Kong, Shanghai and elsewhere.对于他的死因有至深的悲哀和众多的猜测纪念张国荣逝世周年的活动将在香港、上海和其他地方举行Cheung close friend and mer agent Florence Chan and Cheung fan club, the Leslie Club, organized a memorial concert yesterday in Hong Kong. Another is planned today.张国荣的好朋友和前经纪人陈淑芬以及张国荣的粉丝俱乐部张国荣俱乐部昨天在香港组织了一场纪念音乐会另一场是计划今天The concert will feature around of Cheung popular songs and look back at the star life story. Chan revealed Cheung final message about himself at the tribute concert.音乐会将涉及大约首张国荣的流行歌曲,并回顾这位明星的生命故事陈淑芬在纪念音乐会上透露了张国荣发给自己的最后短信In Shanghai, the New Hengshan Cinema will host screenings of Cheung key films, including ;Inner Senses,; the award-winning film ;Farewell My Concubine; (199), the romance film ;The Phantom Lover; (1995), and the acclaimed martial arts movie ;Ashes of Time; (199) directed by Wong Kar-wai.在上海,新衡山电影院将放映张国荣的关键电影,包括《异度空间,获奖电影《霸王别姬(199年),浪漫电影《夜半歌声(1995),王家卫执导的著名武术电影《东邪西毒(199年) Chen Dieyi, a Peking Opera singer in Chen Kaige ;Farewell My Concubine; is one Cheung most famous roles. His permance won the Cannes Palme dOr and an Academy Award nomination.陈蝶衣,陈凯歌《霸王别姬中的京剧歌手是张国荣最著名的一个角色他的表演赢得了戛纳金棕榈奖和奥斯卡奖提名Cheung also starred with Tony Leung in many of Wong famous movies such as ;Happy Together; (1997) and ;Days of Being Wild; (1991).张国荣还与梁朝伟主演王家卫的许多著名电影,像《春光乍泄(1997)和《阿飞正传(1991);Cheung movies and songs have greatly influenced the post-1970s and 1980s generations and have become a nostalgic part of our memory,; says Tao Jin, an official with the cinema. ;These classic films represent his different perming style at different time.;“张国荣的电影和歌曲都极大地影响了过去70年代和80年代的那代人,并已成为我们记忆中的一种怀旧部分,” 影院一位工作人员陶金说“这些经典电影代表了他在不同时期的不同表演方式” 397

William Chang Suk-ping was busy on a Beijing film set when he got a phone call from his octogenarian mother, who lives in Hong Kong. Shed in the newspaper that his costume designs The Grandmaster, directed by Wong Kar-wai, were nominated an Academy Award. She told him: You have to go! Several friends also got in touch, urging him to attend the March ceremony. Everyone is calling, trying to convince me to go because they all thought I wont go since they know I dont like attending awards, Mr. Chang recently said, laughing. But of course Im going to the Oscars. At least once, right?当张叔平(William Chang Suk-ping)接到他年迈的母亲从香港打来的电话时,他正忙着为一部电影布景他的母亲在报纸上看到了他凭藉《一代宗师(Grandmaster)获得奥斯卡金像奖(Academy Award)最佳装设计提名的消息她对张叔平说,你必须去!还有几位朋友也联系了他,力劝他出席3月日举行的奥斯卡颁奖典礼张叔平笑着说道,大家都给我打电话,想要说我出席典礼,因为他们都觉得我不会去,他们知道我不喜欢出席颁奖典礼,不过,我肯定会去奥斯卡的,至少得去一次,对吗?The Oscar nomination recognizes the 60-year-old Mr. Chang meticulous interpretation of Chinese style from the early 1900s to the 1950s. The honor comes after almost four decades of filmmaking punctuated by dozens of international accolades--including a technical prize at Cannes In the Mood Love, set in the 1960s Hong Kong of his childhood. Famously publicity-shy, the multitasking Mr. Chang has art-directed, designed costumes , and edited all of Mr. Wong feature films, and has worked with nearly every major Chinese director.奥斯卡提名是对张叔平细致入微地刻画从二十世纪初到二十世纪五十年代中国风格的认可在近四十年的电影制作生涯中,张叔平曾摘得数十项国际大奖,其中包括凭藉《花样年华(In the Mood Love)在戛纳电影节获得的技术大奖张叔平多才多艺,常常身兼数职,王家卫导演的所有故事片都由他担任艺术指导、装设计和剪辑他和几乎所有中国大导演都有过合作Straight from dim sum in Hong Kong with his mother and brother, he spoke with the Journal about his careers in film and interior decoration, shopping on eBay inspiration, and his pursuit of authenticity in Chinese design. Edited excerpts:从香港的点心聊起,张叔平和本报记者谈到了他的电影和室内设计工作、在eBay购物寻找灵感以及他对中式设计真实性的追求以下是访谈摘要:Usually editing, production design and costume design are different jobs on a movie set, but you did all of these The Grandmaster. How did you juggle them?问:通常,剪辑、造型设计和装设计在电影制作中属于不同的工作,但你在《一代宗师中却身兼三职,你是如何做到同时兼顾这些工作的?They all concern the look of the film. Art direction is about the texture, the feeling, the lighting. Editing is creating the rhythm, the timing, a sense of flow. Mixed together, you can create a world. It makes people believe.答:这些工作都与电影的视觉效果相关艺术指导是关于质地、感觉和灯光剪辑则是创造韵律、节奏和流动感这些工作加在一起,就可以创造一个世界它让人们相信What was your biggest challenge in making sets The Grandmaster?问:你在《一代宗师布景工作中遇到的最大挑战是什么?The brothel is so elaborate. We found a similar house with gold carving in Guangdong [province in southern China]. We hired carving guys, did the gold leaf. The lighting fixtures we hand-made. Everything we created. We needed quantity so we could not just buy. Even spoons, bowls, silver chopsticks, wineglasses--all of this we had made.答:妓院的布景相当复杂我们在广东找到了一座类似的金楼请了雕刻师傅来制作金箔灯具是我们手工制作的每一样东西都是我们创造的,我们要求的质量很高,因而不能一买了事就连勺子、碗、银筷子、玻璃酒杯,所有这些都是我们自己做的The film spans the first half of the th century. What was your research the costumes?问:电影故事的时间背景跨越了二十世纪上半叶你是如何研究装的?Mostly old pictures, documentaries, old films. I want to show something to be as authentic as possible. Id never done the 1900s or 19s. There are four kinds of silhouettes [in the film]. We had to do research very carefully so we wouldnt mix up the details. Most people will hardly notice, but the details differentiate the periods.答:多数时候是通过研究老照片、纪录片和老电影我希望展示尽可能真实的饰我们需要非常仔细地进行研究,这样才不至于把细节弄混大多数人很难注意到这些细微差别,但就是这些细节把年代区分开来了What is your costume team like?问:能谈谈你的装团队吗?I had 18 tailors, many who I trained a long time. Then I also had eight people to do embroidery, trimming, piping, beading. We designed the jewelry. We bought cheap jade, then had real jewelers use real gold because I wanted the color and the mounting. My team is mostly from China. It took one and a half years to produce the costumes just the ladies in the brothel. We made, like, 0 cheongsams. winter scenes, we had others hand-stitch the quilts, to do the fur lining. We bought vintage Western fur coats from eBay and remade them.答:我有18位裁缝师,他们中的很多人经过了长期培训我还有八个人负责刺绣、镶边和串珠这些工作我们自己设计珠宝首饰我的团队大多来自中国单是制作妓院里的女子所穿的装就耗费了一年半时间我们大概缝制了0件旗袍针对冬天的场景,我们还有其他人缝制棉被,制作毛皮衬里我们在eBay上购买老旧的西式毛皮外套,然后重新改装Do you use eBay a lot?问:你经常使用eBay吗?Yes. I have an assistant who just does eBay searching. Sometimes just small things like handkerchiefs. The things are from all around the world. Also hats, shoes, handbags. Even if I cannot use them, I need the shape and the look I can reproduce.答:是的我有一位助手,他的工作就是在eBay上搜索东西有时候只是像手帕这样的小玩意还有帽子、鞋和手袋,这些东西来自世界各地即便我用不上它们,我也可以根据它们的形状和样子进行再制作Do you have an archive?问:你会把设计过程中的点点滴滴存档吗?I dont like to keep things. I do a rough sketch, give it to my tailor and he throws it away after. What done is done. I dont reuse things different films.答:我不喜欢保存东西我会画一个大致的略图,交给我的裁缝师,他用完后就扔掉了过去的就让它过去吧我不喜欢在不同的影片中重复使用同一种东西Are costumes still fun you?问:你仍能在电影装中找到乐趣吗?Yes. I would like to do a film in the Song dynasty--very subtle, very minimal. Or the opposite in the Tang dynasty, so elaborate, so garish. I have not done these bee.答:是的我希望参与制作一部故事背景设定在宋朝的影片,非常细腻,非常简约或反过来设定在唐朝的影片,非常精致,非常华美这些都是我以前从未做过的What are your other creative interests?问:你还对哪些需要创意的工作感兴趣吗?Everything I want to do is in art direction--I can be a graphic designer, an interior designer, a fashion designer--it all in film. I also work on commercials. I do interiors, which is like set design. I used to paint.答:我想做的一切事情都可以通过艺术指导实现,在影片制作过程中,我可以做平面设计师、室内设计师、装设计师我还参与广告制作我做室内设计,就像布景设计一样我过去画过画What art do you like now?问:你现在喜欢哪种艺术?When I work in China, I go to museums and galleries. I collect some paintings by Chinese artists. I like Zhang Enli. I like more-abstract painting. Chinese, abstract painting is not so popular, but I like things that need more imagination. I also like sculpture. I have two small ones by Antony Gormley. I love the big ones, but they are too expensive. Sculpture has construction. When Im doing clothes, I am interested in structure. Cheongsams in the 19s and 1930s had no darts, but had shape from the way the tailor ironed, twisted and cut the fabric. I told my tailor: You have to do it like this.答:我在中国工作时,会去物馆和画廊我会收藏中国艺术家的一些画作我喜欢张恩利我喜欢偏抽象的画对中国人来说,抽象派的画不是很受欢迎,但我喜欢需要更多想象力的东西我还喜欢雕塑我收藏有葛姆雷(Antony Gormley)的两座小型雕塑我喜欢大型雕塑,但太贵了雕塑蕴含着结构我做衣时对结构感兴趣上世纪年代和30年代的旗袍是没有皱褶的,但裁缝熨烫、扭转和裁剪布料的方式赋予了其形状我告诉我的裁缝:你必须也这样做When you started as a film student in Canada, what was your dream?问:你最初是在加拿大学电影专业,当时你的梦想是什么?I wanted to become a director, of course. When I came back to Hong Kong, I did fashion design two years--the garment industry in Hong Kong was very big then. Then in the early 1980s I did art direction. One day, Wong Kar-wai, who was a scriptwriter, asked me to do the art of his first film and he asked me to cut the film. It worked well us. Then we did it again. I thought, Why not? Why should I suffer to become a director? A lot of people are asking me to direct, but I turned them down. Im happy.答:我当然想成为一名导演我回到香港后,做了两年的装设计,当时香港的装业规模非常庞大上世纪80年代初,我从事过艺术指导有一天,当时做编剧的王家卫请我为他的第一部影片做艺术指导和剪辑我们合作很愉快然后又进行过合作我当时想,为什么不呢?我为什么要受苦做导演呢?现在有很多人请我做导演,但我拒绝了他们我现在很开心How do you pick your projects?问:你如何挑项目?I dont pick. If I have time, I accept every project. Low-budget films, big-budget films. And Im always doing interiors private residences at the same time. that the clients pick us.答:我不挑如果有时间,我会接受每一个项目无论是小成本影片还是大制作影片我同时还一直为私人寓所进行室内设计在这方面,是客户挑我们Are you expensive as an interior designer?问:你做室内设计要价高吗?Not really. We charge the same as everyone. Doing interiors is like exercise. When not making a film, I work with real people, making real things that people can use in daily life.答:不是很高我们和别人的收费标准一样做室内设计就如同体育锻炼一样当不参与电影制作时,我会和真实的人一起制作人们可以在日常生活中使用的真实东西How do you know what visuals will create the best impact?问:你如何知道什么样的视觉效果会带来最强烈的视觉冲击?When I encounter it, I immediately know. In The Grandmaster it is the use of black. It was very risky. We used hundreds of black fabrics. Different textures, glossy, less glossy, matte, very matte. Black with blue in it, black with brown, black with red. Velvet creates a very deep black. One day my assistant said: Everyone is wearing black! Is it OK? I said: Dont worry. Im very sure.答:我一碰到时立刻就会知道在《一代宗师中,这一点体现在黑色的运用上这样做风险非常高我们使用了数百种黑色布料各种质地的、亮光的、光泽度不高的、哑光的、高哑光的黑中带蓝的、黑中带棕的、黑中带红的天鹅绒可以产生一种非常深厚的黑色有一天我的助手说:每个人都穿黑色!这样好吗?我说:别担心,我非常肯定 786

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语言本是人们沟通的工具,没有性别之分,但由于男女的社会分工、性格特色、生理特点不同,每一种语言都深深地打上了性别的烙印在国外,有部分社会语言学家,专门研究语言与性别的关系美国有一位学者Graham Goodwin,从1990年到00年,先后十次,在费城街头,收集不同年龄、种族、职业的男、女行人的谈话,进行比较研究,结果发现,与男人的语言相比,女人的语言至少有下列特点A 女人喜欢使用第一人称复数(我们)形式,比如We need...(我们需要),而男人喜欢使用第一人称单数(我),比如 I want...(我想要) 0195739

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