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海盐县中医院割双眼皮手术多少钱Business this week一周商业要闻Aug 24th 2013 |From the print editionIndia was plunged into financial turmoil. Markets swooned in response to the government’s imposition of capital controls on domestic investors to stop cash flowing out of the country in order to halt the decline of the rupee. Investors fret that India’s large current-account deficit makes it particularly exposed to capital flight out of emerging markets prompted by the Federal Reserve’s plan to taper quantitative easing. As share prices in Indian banks fell and Indian bond yields rose, the central bank promised to intervene to boost liquidity.印度陷入金融危机。印度政府为了抑制卢比贬值,对国内投资者实行了强制资本管制,以防止现金外流导致市场混乱。受美联储缩减量化宽松规模的影响,印度大量的经常账户赤字使该国大量资本流出。由于印度业股价下跌,国债收益增加,印度央行承诺将进行市场干预以增加流动性。However, the rupee fell to a new low against the dollar after the minutes from the Fed’s latest meeting confirmed it was on track to ease bond-buying this year. Currencies in other emerging markets also came under pressure. In a surprise move Turkey’s central bank raised interest rates to support the lira. The Brazilian real sank to its lowest level against the dollar in four years.然而,美联储召开最新一次会议,确认将缩减本年度购买债券规模。消息披露数分钟后,卢比兑美元汇率跌至历史新低点。其他新兴市场里的货币也面临压力。土耳其央行采取了令人吃惊的举措——提高利率,以此持里拉汇率。巴西货币雷亚尔兑美元的汇率跌至四年来的最低点。Falcone has his wings clipped法尔康羽翼受损The Securities and Exchange Commission fined Philip Falcone and Harbinger, the hedge fund he runs, m for his misuse of clients’ cash to pay a tax bill. More importantly, Mr Falcone had to admit to wrongdoing, the first such admission under the SEC’s policy of reducing the number of deals it cuts with defendants in which they neither admit nor deny guilt.美国券交易委员会(SEC)给菲利普·法尔康和他经营的对冲基金公司Harbinger开出了高达1800万美元的罚单,原因是他挪用客户的现金去付税单。更重要的是,法尔康不得不承认违约行为,这也是交会出台减少与被告交易的政策以来第一个承认不法行为的被告;此前,被告总是不承认其不法行为或者不认罪。Two electronic-trading mishaps further undermined confidence in automated markets. A sudden spike in the Shanghai stockmarket was caused by a computer glitch at Everbright Securities. Chinese regulators banned the broker from proprietary trading for three months as a result. And a software error at Goldman Sachs saw it place enough mistaken orders for stock options on American exchanges to drive prices lower. The blunder could potentially cost the bank hundreds of millions of dollars.两笔电子交易的失误进一步打击了人们对自动交易市场的信心。日前,上海股票交易所股指骤升,起因是光大券的电脑系统出现了小故障。为此,中国监会决定在3个月内,禁止光大券进行自营交易业务。此外,由于高盛投资公司的一个软件故障,美国股市出现了大量订购股票期权的错误订单,导致股价下跌。这个错误可能会给造成数亿美元的损失。BHP Billiton’s net profit for the year to June fell by 30%, to .9 billion. The mining company is to invest heavily in potash, an ingredient used in fertiliser and for which there is a burgeoning demand worldwide. This should offset some of its decline in prices for iron ore and copper, as the Chinese-led commodities boom cools.截止今年六月,必和必拓公司净利润下降30%,仅为109亿美元。由于全球对化肥原料碳酸钾的需求急速上升,这家矿业公司打算斥巨资投资碳酸钾。随着中国掀起的大宗商品交易的热潮的降温,必和必拓公司投资碳酸钾的举措将会弥补由于铁矿石和铜矿价格下跌而遭受的损失。Glencore Xstrata reported its first earnings since merging as a new company in May, and announced a .7 billion write-down of its mining assets.近日,今年5月刚完成合并的嘉能可斯特拉塔公司报告了其首份收入报告。这份报告显示,自并购以来,其矿业资产已经减记了77亿美元。Vestas, a Danish maker of wind turbines, replaced its chief executive, after its quarterly earnings revealed steeper losses. Once a leader in the industry, Vestas’s windpower business has been buffeted by competition from China; it also gets less from European subsidies for green energy. Anders Runevad, who used to work at Ericsson, a Swedish telecoms firm, is the new boss.丹麦风电巨头维斯塔斯在本季度收益进一步下滑后,更换了其首席执行官。受到不断来自中国市场竞争冲击和欧洲对清洁能源的补贴的缩减压力,当年的巨头风光不再。曾在瑞典电信企业爱立信工作的安德斯·伦沃德成为其新任首席。Brewers’ droop天气让啤酒市场“遇冷”Carlsberg and Heineken saw profits slip in their latest set of earnings, partly because the cooler-than-usual European spring watered down the demand for beer. Carlsberg said the closure of outdoor beer kiosks in Russia in an effort to curb public drunkenness had also hurt it. Both companies pointed to Asia as a bright spot.嘉士伯和喜力最近收益下滑,部分原因是由于欧洲天气较往年偏低,使啤酒的需求减少。嘉士伯公司分析说,俄罗斯为了抑制在公共场所喝酒行为关闭了各种户外啤酒亭,这也是销量减少的原因。现在两家公司都把亚洲作为翻盘之地。The Bank of Israel issued new rules to banks on mortgages, including a requirement that monthly repayments be no more than half of a borrower’s household income. Lending has surged over the years, though the economy is slowing and unemployment rising.以色列央行对于抵押贷款颁布了新规定,包括月还贷额不能高于家庭总收入的一半的要求。经济增势缓慢和失业率的增高并没有给贷款热降温。Meg Whitman’s turnaround plan for Hewlett-Packard hit a bump in the road, when she said she now no longer expects to see a return to revenue growth next year after almost all its divisions recorded a drop in quarterly sales. HP’s big push into computer servers has so far failed to offset the decline of its PC business.惠普的复兴之路可谓是崎岖不平。本季度几乎所有部门销售量都有下滑之后,梅格·惠特曼说她不再对明年收益增长抱有期望。虽然在务器方面取得一定的成绩,但对于想以此缓解陷入个人电脑销售困境的惠普来说无异于杯水车薪。A judge refused Carl Icahn’s request to speed up his lawsuit to stop the proposed buy-out of Dell, the latest setback to the activist investor’s alternative takeover proposal for the computer-maker. A postponed shareholders’ vote is now due to take place on September 12th. Dell, meanwhile, reported a 72% drop in quarterly net profit, after heavily discounting sales of its PCs and servers.卡尔·伊坎为阻止戴尔按计划被收购提出了加速审理诉讼请求,而这一要求被法官驳回。这对于激进投资者卡尔·伊坎另外提出收购提议无疑是一个新的打击。9月12号将召开延期的股东投票大会。本季度,戴尔公司由于对个人电脑和终端务器的打折销售,净利润降低了72%。Al Jazeera began broadcasting on its new news channel in the ed States, building on the network of Al Gore’s Current TV, which it bought in January. With bureaus in 12 American cities, the Qatari company promises to provide an alternative on cable to CNN, Fox and MSN.半岛电视台已在美国开播了新的新闻频道。此频道原属于阿尔·戈尔创办的美国潮流有线电视台,于今年1月份被半岛电视台收购。卡塔尔半岛电视台已经在美国建立了12个分部,它承诺将为看惯了CNN,FOX和MSN的美国观众提供一个新的选择。That lost Kodak moment重拾柯达时刻A judge approved Eastman Kodak’s plan to restructure and leave bankruptcy protection, which it filed for in January last year. The company has shed its photography business (and .1 billion in debt) to focus on commercial printing technologies. It designed the world’s first working digital camera in 1975, only to discard the project and stick to film.法院通过了伊士曼柯达公司重建计划和脱离2012年1月提交的破产保护的申请。此前,柯达为专注于商业成像领域出售了负债41亿的照相机业务。柯达放弃负债41美元的摄影业务,以专注于商业印刷技术。1975年,柯达制造了世界上第一台数码相机,然而现在却转向数码影像业务。201309/254933嘉兴瘦腿针Pitched back into the past新电影,回到过去A new film about Jackie Robinson is a surprise hit新版《杰基罗宾逊的故事》强势来袭BRIAN HELGELANDS latest film is steeped in nostalgia without ever being sentimental. Its title, “42”, is the number on the back of the jersey worn by its hero, Jackie Robinson, a gifted player who broke the colour bar in baseball.由布莱恩海尔格兰德导演的最新电影充满了怀旧之情,但又不伤感。电影名称《42号》,正是男主角杰基罗宾逊—一个打破种族歧视的天才棒球运动员球衣的号码。Robinson played himself in “The Jackie Robinson Story”, which was released in 1950 when the violence that led to the civil-rights movement was raging. The fact Mr Helgelands script sticks closely to the narrative of that film means audiences are hearing Robinsons story the way he wanted it told, as a manual of non-violent resistance to injustice.1950年,美国的黑人民权运动日益高涨,由罗宾逊本人主演的《杰基罗宾森的故事》在此时上映。海尔格兰的剧本非常忠于影片(《杰基罗宾森的故事》)的叙述,他希望以自己的方式让观众知道罗宾森的故事,使之成为用非暴力向种族歧视抵抗的典范。Harrison Ford plays Branch Rickey, the major-league baseball executive who recruited Robinson to be the first black player in the league. Mr Ford brings authority as well as a touch of celebrity to the film, and he is rewarded with some of its best lines. “Robinson is a Methodist,” Rickey explains to a worried colleague. “Im a Methodist. God is a Methodist. So were going to do just fine.”哈里森福特饰演布鲁克林道奇队的总经理布兰奇瑞基,他招收了道奇队第一个黑人运动员罗宾逊。福特给影片增添了好名声和权威,他也因为剧中出色的台词而赢得嘉奖。“罗宾逊是卫理公会派教徒,”瑞基向满腹忧虑的同事解释道,“我也是卫理公会派教徒,上帝也是。所以我们这样做很好。”Mr Helgeland mines the imagery of old sports movies to show the way Robinson faced up to a series of ferocious pitchers. And he skilfully uses symbolism from 1940s films to create a national mood that harks back to a gentler time. “42” is a tribute to a post-war America in which sports stars had not yet been corporatised and the victory over fascism abroad was a recent memory. The fact that this weeks Boston bombs were detonated on what has come to be called “Jackie Robinson Day” makes his film seem more poignant.海尔格兰德挖掘出旧版本电影中罗宾森面对一个个实力强大的投球手这些场景的内涵意义,并且他灵活运用了1950年版电影里的经典镜头,营造出回到那个和平年代的民族情绪。《42号》是向体育明星还没被商业化运作的战后美国的致敬,也是对世界反法西斯胜利的一次回忆。 事实上,这周发生波士顿爆炸案的日子,正是“杰基罗宾逊纪念日”,这也使得电影显得更加意味深长。 /201405/298760Good day. Nice to meet you. Pardon? I guess some people do like to use the word thank you a lot. Another word we like to use often is cheers. That can be quite confusing because we also say cheers when we clink glasses. And in some English speaking cultures, people say cheers instead of goodbye. A shortening for cheerio. Cheers.不错的一天。很高兴与您见面。请原谅?我想喜欢用“thank you”这个词的人应该很多。另一个我们经常用的词是“cheers”。因为人们经常在碰杯的时候说“cheers”,所以这很容易让人困惑。且在有些英语文化中,人们用“cheers”代替“goodbye”。“cheers”是“cheerio”的缩写。Today many go around the streets quarter dressed; people snack when and where they like: walking in the streets, sitting on the Tube or in buses. Ours could not be called a respectful society.如今,大街上人们的穿着越来越暴露,人们随时随地都在吃东西:走在大街上吃,坐在地铁里或公交上吃。我们的社会不再是互相尊重的社会。Some argue that many people in Britain have become disrespectful. And it is especially young people who are disrespectful. So who is to blame? Suzy Hayman runs a charity for parents called Parent Line Plus. This is what she has to say about bad manners in Britain.有些人认为许多英国人变得很无礼,年轻人表现地尤为明显。那么是谁的责任呢?苏西·海曼经营着一家倡导双亲家庭的慈善机构,它被叫做“Parent Line Plus”。以下就是她对英国人的不文明习惯的说法。There isnt that much change from 50 years ago, its just that we now hear about it more. But I think that one thing that is different, of course, is the pressures on a lot of parents about work and about split families. And that there are a lot of parents who are absolutely struggling.这与50年前相比没有太大变化,只不过我们所听到的越来越多。当然,我想有件事是不同的,那就是来自工作和家庭分裂的压力。许多家长正在为此而竭力挣扎。Sue Kirkham is a head teacher of a school. This is what she thinks.苏·柯卡汉姆是学校的校长。以下是他对此的看法:I think young people now are spending more time with children their own age and less time in social settings, whether it be in the family or the community, where youve got mixed age people. And the demise of the family meal, and I think that is an important point, is one aspect of this.我认为现在的人与同龄人在一起时间更多,与社会其它年龄段的人士打交道较少,不论是对于混龄的家庭还是社区来说都是如此。我想家庭聚餐的减少主要因为这一点,这是一方面。原文译文属!201307/246501嘉兴曙光吸脂多少钱

浙江嘉兴去除胎记的价格嘉兴双眼皮手术有几种When you go back to work or class after lunch, why is it so hard to stay awake?当我们用完午餐回去工作或上课时,为什么很难保持清醒呢?Although we get energy from food, we also use lots of energy to digest it. Your energy use increases 25-50% as you digest a meal.尽管我们从食物中获取能量,但也需要耗费许多能量来消化这些食物。消化一餐就会增加百分之二十五至五十的能量消耗。With all that action going on in the digestive system, the body sends extra blood to the gut to supply oxygen and other necessities.有了消化系统内的一系列活动,身体才能源源不断地将额外的血液输送到消化道以提供充足的氧气和其它必需物。How does the body know when to do this?身体如何知道何时这样做?As food enters the stomach, the intestines secrete substances that dilate, or expand, the blood vessels that supply them with blood.当食物进入胃,肠道便分泌许多物质,它们使得为肠道供血的血管膨胀或扩张。As a result, more blood flows to the upper digestive tract, and there’s a bit less to go around to the rest of the body.结果便是更多的血液流向上消化道,而循环于身体其它部分的血液则相应减少,That might make your arms and legs and brain feel a little sluggish!这时你可能感觉浑身懒洋洋的,连大脑也变得迟钝起来。At the same time, the small intestine releases a hormone that activates the part of the brain that controls sleep, making you drowsy.同时,小肠释放出一种荷尔蒙,它可以激活控制睡眠的大脑区域,让你昏昏欲睡。Finally, the natural components in foods can also contribute to the snooze effect. Certain foods, especially carbohydrates, increase production of serotonin in the brain.最后,食物中的天然成分也会让你打盹。某些食物,特别是碳水化合物,会增加大脑中血清素的生成。Serotonin works both to stop sugar craving, and to make you very relaxed. The larger the meal, the more pronounced that feeling can be.血清素既可以抑制吃甜食的欲望,又可让你倍感放松。吃得越多,这种感觉就越明显。With all of these physiological reasons why we might feel sleepy after eating, a siesta after lunch sounds like a brilliant idea, and maybe after dinner and breakfast too!鉴于诸多生理原因导致我们餐后昏昏欲睡,也许午餐抑或早晚餐后小憩一会儿是个明智的选择。 /201306/243199海宁红蓝光去痘费用嘉兴鼻梁整形价格

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