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1.What do you plan to contribute to the work in our company?你计划怎样促进公司的工作?.What are your plans the future if you are hired?如果你被雇佣了,你有什么计划?3.How are you going to do your job?你打算怎样开展工作?.I will make a long-term plan and then update my professional expertise.我会制定一个长期的计划,然后更新我的专业知识5.I want to be the leader of the RSD Department and get involved in the designing of new products.我想在研发部门领导并参与新产品的设计6.Ill do my utmost if I am hired.如果我被聘用了,我会竭尽所能地工作7.I want to make more contact with extra clients and use my organizational skills in tl^ future.我想与外部客户有更多接触,将来发挥我的组织能力8.I would not leave the company as long as I get along well with my supervisor and colleagues.只要和上级、同事都相处愉快的话,我就不会离开9.I look ward to taking more responsibility on recruitment and the training of new staff in the near future.我渴望不久以后在招聘新人和培训新员工承担更多的责任.My long-term aim is to be a good manager in administrative level.我的长期目标是在管理层做个优秀的经理Dialogue 1 对话1 A: What are your plans the future if you are hired?A:如果你被雇佣了,你有什么计 划吗?B: Ill do my utmost if I am hired.B:如果我被聘用了,我会竭尽所 能地工作A: Do you have any short-term goals?A:你有短期规划吗?B: No, that thought doesnt cross my mind.B:没有,我从来没想过Dialogue 对话 A: Are you a goal-oriented person?A:你是个目标明确的人吗?B: Yes, I am. That why I make plans bee I do anything.B:是的,我是这就是为什么我 做任何事情都要制定计划A: How do you plan to do your present job?A:那你对目前的工作是如何规划的?B: I want to make more contact with extra clients and use my organizational skills in the future.B:我想与外部客户有更多接触, 将来发挥我的组织能力 13。

Part At the Urologist第四部分 在泌尿科门诊1.How long has this been going on?这种情况有多久了?.Does it hurt when you pass water?小便时有痛感吗?3.How often do you usually pass water?你通常每天小便几次?.Do you sometimes feel like you want to but fail?你是否有时有尿感但又排不出?5.Youd better do an IVP X-ray to see if you have kidney stones.你最好做一个静脉肾盂造影,看一看是否有肾结石. 18。

A: Hello, is everything alright? Can I help?您好,一切还是好吗?我能帮忙吗?B: I have a Promissory Note, but it not called that. It a Bill of Exchange.我有一张本票,但它又不叫那个名称它叫汇票A: Similar to a Promissory Note, yes. I can deal with that you right here. The difference between a Promissory Note and a Bill of Exchange is that this product is transferable and can bind one party to pay a third party that was not involved in its creation.是的,它和本票类似我马上可以为您处理本票与汇票之间的差别在于这个汇票产品是可转让的,可以约束一方将钱付给开始时没有参与的第三方B: So, even if someone wasnt directly involved, they can become involved? Like the bank you cash it in?,即使某人没有直接参与,他们也可以变成参与者?比如兑现的?A: That right. We didnt issue it to you, but technically we are buying it from you. So, we become involved.对我们不曾给您开票,但说起来我们要从您那里收购我们参与其中了B: I see. Sorry about this, Im new in this job and Ive never even seen one of these bee! My boss just told me to come here and sort it out.我明白了很抱歉,在这方面我是新手,而且之前我从来没见过这种东西!我的老板只是告诉我到这里来,在这里处理它A: As long as you have all of the documentation we require you have nothing to worry about.只要您有我们所要求的所有文件,您就没有什么可担心的 0618。

Bake potatoes. 烤马铃薯Contrary to popular belief,potatoes don’t have that many calories. a filling meal,bake or microwave one.Top it with low-fat yogurt,chives,broccoli or other tasty vegetables. Be sure to eat the skin,too. It contains lots of nutrients.和一般想法相反的是,马铃薯所含的卡路里并不是那么多.吃顿填饱的一餐可以烤或用微波炉加工一个马铃薯来吃.食用时可以加上低脂酸奶、香葱、花椰菜或其他好吃的蔬菜一定要连皮一起吃,马铃薯皮含有很多营养成分健身短语contrary to... 与……相对相反 35771。

Just three months ago, China was in diplomatic overdrive to establish a grand plan for economic and political cooperation with central and eastern Europe (CEE) at a summit with 16 regional leaders in Bucharest.三个月前,在罗马尼亚首都布加勒斯特举行的中国-中东欧国家领导人会晤上,中国大施外交手段,极力促成与该地区进行经济和政治合作的宏伟计划。Since then, more than bn in Chinese investment and loan pledges have flowed to the region, outstripping in scale any previous phase of bilateral economic engagement, according to research by Grison’s Peak, a London-based merchant bank. The bn plus in pledges since November accounted for the lion’s share of a total of .2bn in signed loan and investment deals between China and the region for all of 2013, the Grison’s Peak figures show.总部在伦敦的商业Grison’s Peak研究发现,此次会晤之后,中国向中东欧国家承诺的投资和贷款总额已超90亿美元,规模大于以往双边经济合作中的任何一个时期。Grisons Peak的数据显示,2013年全年,中国与中东欧国家总共签署22亿美元的贷款和投资协议,1月份之后这批超过190亿美元的承诺资金占了绝大多数。But “plans cannot keep pace with changesas a Chinese phrase puts it. The revolution in Ukraine has thrown up a series of delicate questions for Beijing, which had a “strategic partnershipwith the government of ousted president Viktor Yanukovich.Ukraine was a key plank in Beijing’s CEE strategy. Of the estimated bn in investments and loans announced since November, bn was destined for Ukraine. In addition, most of a further .9bn for Romania, 3m for Macedonia, 7m for Hungary and 6m for Serbia was in the form of Chinese investment and loan pledges, according to data collected by Grison’s Peak.但正如一句中国俗话所说,“计划赶不上变化”。乌克兰革命给中国政府提出了一系列难题,因为北京方面与被罢免总统维克#8226;亚努科维Viktor Yanukovich)的政府拥有“战略伙伴关系”。Ukraine has several key attributes from Beijing’s point of view. Logistically, it is a gateway to China’s big markets in western Europe as Beijing ramps up rail freight exports along the “iron silk road Its farmland, aly the object of ambitious leasing schemes with China, could help secure Chinese imports of grain. Strong military ties include Kiev helping to build engines for Chinese fighter jets and co-operating on other projects as part of the strategic partnership.在中国的中东欧战略中,乌克兰是一个关键部分。去1月以来公布的90亿美元投资和贷款协议中,0亿美元是和乌克兰签署的。此外,Grison’s Peak获得的数据显示,在向罗马尼亚提供09亿美元、向马其顿提供的7.83亿美元、向匈牙利提供的5.07亿美元和向塞尔维亚提供的3.06亿美元中,大部分都是以中方承诺投资和放贷的形式提供的。For these reasons and others, Beijing had extended about bn in loans to Ukraine even before the bn in Chinese investments promised at the end of last year. A key question now is how much of an impact the revolution may have on these commercial arrangements and on Beijing’s broader plans for engagement.从中国的角度来看,乌克兰有几大价值。物流上,乌克兰是西欧一道通往中国巨大市场的大门,而中国正希望通过“钢铁丝绸之路”扩大铁路货运出口。乌克兰的农田有助于保障中国的粮食进口,中乌已制定了庞大农田租赁计划。两国军事关系密切,乌克兰帮助中国制造战斗机发动机,此外双方还根据战略伙伴协议在其他项目上合作。“I don’t see that this development is likely to change China’s investment policy very much,said Rana Mitter, professor of history and politics of modern China at Oxford University. “It seems to me that China does not have the ideological commitment that Russia has to a particular view of Ukraine.”出于诸如此类的原因,早在去年底承诺投资80亿美元之前,中国就已经向乌克兰提供了00亿美元的贷款。目前的关键问题是,乌克兰革命会对这些商业安排以及中国加强与中东欧联系的全面计划造成多大影响?“China’s major issue these days is to encourage other countries to serve its security and trade interests, not to pay much attention to the form of those governments per se,Mitter added.牛津大学(Oxford University)当代中国历史与政治教授拉#8226;米特(Rana Mitter)表示:“我认为乌克兰局势的变化不太可能显著影响中国的投资政策。在我看来,中国不像俄罗斯那样,对乌克兰的看法存在着意识形态因素。”This type of pragmatic approach would be broadly consistent with Beijing’s nuanced diplomatic stance during the protests against Yanukovich’s government. The foreign ministry hedged its bets, supporting Kiev’s efforts to “preserve stabilitybut expressing respect for the “people’s choice“中国目前的主要问题是鼓励别国照顾它的安全和贸易利益,而不是高度关注这些国家的政府形式本身,”米特补充道。China’s main preoccupation now will be protecting its economic interests in Ukraine, said Bill Bishop, author of the Sinocism China Newsletter. But it will t carefully so as to avoid antagonising Russia, which views Ukraine as within its sphere of influence.这种实用主义的态度与中国政府在亚努科维奇政府遭遇抗议期间的微妙外交立场是相吻合的。中国外交部两面下注,一方面持乌克兰当局“维护稳定”的努力,但另一方面又表示尊重“人民的选择”。“I assume Beijing does not want to be at odds with Russia and [Russian president Vladimir] Putin over this, nor does it want a ‘victoryfor the west [US and EU] in a colour revolution,Bishop said.Sinocism China Newsletter新闻简讯的作者利明璋(Bill Bishop)表示,中国的当务之急是保护自身在乌克兰的经济利益,但中国会小心行事,避免对抗俄罗斯。俄罗斯认为乌克兰在其势力范围之内。“Yes, Beijing will want to protect their economic interests but is there even a new government with whom they can negotiate?he added. “Ukraine clearly needs cash and Beijing could play a role in a bailout, but I doubt they would do that given the uncertainty and Russia’s concerns.”利明璋称:“我认为北京方面不愿意在此事上与俄罗斯和总统普京(Vladimir Putin)起冲突,也不希望西方(美国和欧盟)在颜色革命中获胜。”The deals struck during Yanukovich’s visit to China in December were for investments in energy, infrastructure, ports, airlines and food. The largest was with Wang Jing, a Chinese entrepreneur, who signed a bn agreement for the first phase of a deep water port construction project in the Crimean peninsula.“不错,北京方面希望保护自身经济利益,但是有没有新政府跟他们谈判都是个问题,”他补充道,“乌克兰无疑需要资金,中国可以参与救助它,但我怀疑,考虑到局势的不确定性和俄罗斯的顾虑,中国会不会这么做。”The port would be designed to redistribute rail freight flows from the east to Europe by cutting 6,000km off the current shipping routes. A second phase in this envisaged project, costing bn, would be focused on grain elevators, crude oil reserves and natural gas production bases, according to Grison’s Peak.去年12月亚努科维奇访华,与中方达成能源、基建、港口、航空、粮食等领域的投资合作协议。最大的一笔交易与中国企业家王靖有关,他签署了价0亿美元的协议,投资克里米亚半岛一个深水港建设项目的一期。However, with armed men seizing Crimea’s regional parliament and government buildings on Thursday amid fears that separatists could split the region from Ukraine, the outlook for Wang’s Crimean port investment looks bleaker.这个港口项目旨在重新布局东方至欧洲的铁路货流,它可将目前航运路线缩短6000公里。Grisons Peak表示,项目二期预计投0亿美元,将建设配备有升降机的粮食储备区、原油储备区和天然气生产基地。Some doubt may also attend the closeness of the strategic ties that Kiev under Yanukovich had built up with Beijing, analysts said. Much in this regard depends not on Beijing but on the attitude of Ukraine’s new leaders.然而,武装人员周四7日)占领克里米亚地区议会和政府大楼,外界担心分离主义分子会将该地区从乌克兰分离出去。在此背景下,王靖的港口投资前景似乎变得黯淡起来。Nevertheless, in other areas of its CEE strategy, China is showing no sign yet of scaling back the momentum. In one example this month, Viktor Orban, Hungary’s prime minister, met with Li Keqiang, his Chinese counterpart, and announced that they had agreed on the financing of a Budapest to Belgrade rail project which they had proposed at the China-CEE summit in Bucharest last November.分析人士表示,亚努科维奇政府与中国建立的战略关系的紧密性也存在疑问。这方面主要取决于乌克兰新领导人的态度,而不是中国政府。Orban appeared to be keen on seeing further Chinese investment in infrastructure in CEE countries. “Highways and high-speed railways in the North-South direction are still not completedand central European countries lack resources. We believe we have cooperation opportunities with China in this respect,Orban was ed in China’s official media as saying in Beijing.但在其中东欧战略的其它领域,中国没有表现出放慢脚步的迹象。例如本月,匈牙利总理欧尔#8226;维克Viktor Orban)与中国总理李克强会晤,宣布就布达佩斯至贝尔格莱德铁路项目的融资问题达成一致,该项目是他们在去1月的布加勒斯特中中东欧领导人会晤上提议的。James Kynge is the FTs Emerging Markets Editor and an Associate Editor.欧尔班似乎盼望中国进一步投资中东欧国家基础设施。据中国官方媒体报道,欧尔班在北京表示:“南北方向的高速公路和高速铁路还没有建完……中欧国家缺乏资源。我们相信在这方面与中国有合作机会。”来 /201403/278020。

Clothes Damage衣遭到损坏Room service.May I come in?客房务我能进来吗?Yes.please.请进Here is your laundry.l am sorry to tell you that one Of your clothes has shrunk due to our fault.这是您送洗的衣很抱歉地告诉您,您的一件衣缩水了Oh,my god.哦,天啊We are terribly sorry that.CouId you please buy a new one and give us the reoeipt?We will refund the cost of the laundry and the new sweater.我们对此深表抱歉您愿意再买一件新的,并把发票给我们吗?我们会退还您洗衣费并赔偿您的毛衣的I hope so.希望这样吧Would you please fill out the m?能把这张表填了吗? 3873。

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says he would consider a trip to North Korea as part of his efforts toward peace on the Korean peninsula.联合国秘书长潘基文说,他将考虑访问朝鲜,作为争取他实现朝鲜半岛和平的努力的组成部分。Mr. Ban, a South Korean, made his comments Tuesday as he received the 2012 Seoul Peace Prize.潘基文是韩国人。星期二,潘基文在接012年首尔和平奖时做出了上述表示。He also said he looks forward to the day when North Korea ;heeds the international communitys call; by giving up its nuclear weapons and improving the lives of its people.潘基文还说,他期待有朝一日朝鲜会听到国际社会的呼声,放弃其核武器,并改善本国人民的生活。Mr. Ban was chosen for the Seoul Peace Prize because of what the selection committee called his ;outstanding achievements in resolving and preventing international conflicts.; He is the first Korean to receive the prize.评选委员会说,潘基文在解决和防止国际冲突方面做出了杰出贡献,因此授予他2012年首尔和平奖。潘基文是第一位获得首尔和平奖的韩国人。来 /201210/206709。

Over the next few weeks, investors will be bombarded with commentary about how the outcome of the presidential election will influence the financial markets.未来几周,投资者将会被大量研究结果淹没,这些研究试图分析美国总统大选结果将如何影响金融市场。Before you even consider changing your portfolio based on the expected-or actual-results of the election, its vital to analyze the conventional wisdom first.在你根据美国大选的预期或实际结果考虑调整投资组合之前,很有必要先分析一下“传统智慧”Is gridlock good-that is, should investors root against having the same political party control both Congress and the White House? Who is better for stock and bond returns: Republicans or Democrats?僵持局面是好事吗?换句话说,投资者是否应该反对同一个政党同时控制国会和白宫?哪个政党赢得大选更有利于提高股市和债市的回报,共和党还是民主党?Most of the answers you are likely to find are propaganda or wishful thinking; many are flat-out wrong. What matters are changes in interest rates, not which party passes through the White House gates.你可能找到的大多数不是宣传口号就是一厢情愿的想法,其中很多完全错误。你真正应该关心的是利率的变化,而不是哪个政党迈入白宫的大门。Since 1926, when reliable stock-market data began, the ed States has had 15 presidents and nine elections in which control of the White House passed from one party to the other. Thats a small sample. So you should take any statistical conclusion about the relationship between presidential election results and financial returns with a grain of salt the size of the Capitol dome.926年有可靠的股市数据可查以来,美国总共有过15位总统,有九次选举出现白宫控制权从一个党转移到另一个党手中。这个样本不算大。因此,对于任何关于总统选举结果和金融回报之间关系的统计结论,你都应该大大地表示怀疑。Such caveats wont stop pundits from speculating. One of their most prevalent beliefs: Gridlock is good for the stock market. (A Google GOOG -1.90% search returns 135,000 hits on the phrases gridlock is good + Wall Street.) And a divided Congress is what many political forecasters expect, with Pres. Obama winning re-election, the Democrats keeping the Senate and the Republicans retaining the House.尽管如此,金融界的翘楚们还是会花心思猜测一番。这些人中最流行的一个信念就是,僵持对股市来说是件好事。(在谷Google)浏览器中搜索;gridlock is good;(僵持是好事)和;Wall Street;(华尔街)可以得35,000个结果。)很多政治预测人士都认为将出现“分裂国会”的结果,奥巴马总统成功连任,民主党控制参议院,共和党控制众议院。A hard look at the evidence, however, shows that gridlock isnt good for stocks, says Robert Johnson, a finance professor at Creighton University in Omaha. In a working paper that covers 1965 through 2008, he and his colleagues found that gridlock had no effect on the returns of the big companies represented by the Standard amp; Poors 500-stock index. Small stocks (as measured by Dimensional Fund Advisors small-company portfolios) returned an average of 21 percentage points less in years when Washington was in gridlock than they did when Congress and the White House were under common control.不过,奥马哈市克瑞顿大学(Creighton University)的金融学教授约翰Robert Johnson)说,仔细看看据就会发现,僵持对股市不利。在一篇研究范围涵盖了1965年到2008年时间段的工作论文中,约翰逊和他的同事们发现,僵持对标00指数代表的大企业的股票回报率没有影响。对小盘股(Dimensional Fund Advisors的小公司组合衡量的对象)来说,与国会和白宫在同一政党控制之下的情形相比,如果华盛顿陷入僵持,这些股票的回报率平均要低21个百分点。Bickering does have benefits: Corporate bonds have returned an annual average of nearly nine percentage points more in gridlock years than in years of governmental harmony. Gridlock reduces the chances of the initiation of major government programs, which can be inflationary and harmful to bond prices, says Prof. Johnsons colleague Gerald Jensen, a finance professor at Northern Illinois University.不过争吵也的确有好处:与政治和谐年相比,在僵持年内,公司债的回报率平均每年高出近9个百分点。与约翰逊教授的一同参与研究工作的詹森(Gerald Jensen)说,僵持降低了政府出台重大项目的可能性,而政府项目容易引发通胀,而且对债券价格不利。詹森是北伊利诺伊大Northern Illinois University)的金融学教授。Which party controls the White House certainly appears to matter. Since 1926, the Standard amp; Poors 500-stock index has gained almost exactly twice as much under Democratic presidents as under Republicans, according to quantitative stock analysts Pankaj Patel and Joseph Handelman of Credit Suisse. Stocks have racked up an average annual return of 15.4% when a Democrat is in the White House, versus 7.8% under Republican presidents.当然,哪个党控制白宫似乎也很重要。据瑞信(Credit Suisse)股市定量分析师帕特尔(Pankaj Patel)和汉德尔Joseph Handelman)说,926年以来,民主党总统执政期间标普500指数涨幅几乎正好是共和党总统当政期间的两倍。民主党执掌白宫时,股市平均年回报率5.4%,相比之下,共和党总统执政期间.8%。That doesnt mean stocks are bound to boom if Pres. Obama is re-elected. But as Adam Parker, chief U.S. equity strategist at Morgan Stanley, points out, a presidential election hasnt resulted in a Democrat in the White House with a Congress divided along those lines in at least 112 years. So the historical averages might not even matter.这并不是说如果现任总统奥巴马获得连任,股市必定大涨。但正如根士丹Morgan Stanley)首席美国股市策略师帕Adam Parker)所指出的,在至12年里,在国会分歧如此之大的情况下,总统选举的结果都不是民主党候选人当选。所以历史平均数据可能根本不重要。The dominance of stock returns under Democrats might be a subtle kind of statistical illusion. The research by Prof. Johnson and his colleagues suggests the Federal Reserves monetary policy is far more important.民主党执政时期的股市高回报或许只是统计上的假象。约翰逊及其同事进行的研究表明,美联储(Federal Reserve)的货币政策要重要的多。Since 1965, according to the study, large stocks have returned an annual average of nearly 12 percentage points more when the Fed was cutting rates than when it was raising them. (The researchers started their analysis then because 1965 was the dawn of modern Fed policy.) Over the same period, the difference in stock returns under Democratic versus Republican presidents was less than seven percentage points; a statistical analysis shows that the effect of Fed policy dwarfs the impact of presidential party.据研究显示,965年以来,相比美联储加息时期,降息时大型股的平均年回报率要高出2个百分点。(研究人员选择从那个时候开始分析是因为1965年是现代美联储政策的开端。)同期,民主党总统执政期间和共和党总统执政期间的股市回报率相差不到七个百分点;一项统计分析显示,美联储政策的影响要大于哪个党派控制白宫的影响。In short, Fed policies matter more than party politics. Democratic presidents happened to benefit disproportionately from periods when the Fed was cutting interest rates-which is rocket fuel for stock returns. Thats especially true for small stocks, which have returned 26 percentage points more, on average, in years when the Fed was cutting rates rather than raising them. Says Prof. Johnson: Theres no systematic relationship between the party of the president and asset returns.简而言之,美联储的政策比党派政治更重要。民主党总统只是正好赶上了美联储降息的时候多──降息对股市回报可以起到极大的推动作用。对小型股尤其如此。相比美联储加息时,降息时小型股的平均回报率要高6个百分点。约翰逊说,总统属于哪个党派与资产回报率没有系统性的关系。What does all this mean for investors? You should cast your vote based on what you believe will benefit the country, not what pundits think will benefit your portfolio. Dont let anyone scare you into making major investment changes because one party or the other takes the White House. No matter who wins, its the direction of change in interest rates that will make the biggest difference to the returns of the financial markets.所有这一切对投资者意味着什么?你投票的依据应该是你认为什么将给美国带来好处,而不是专家认为什么将给你的投资组合带来好处。不要因为一个党派或另一个党派控制白宫而让任何人吓得你做出重大投资调整。无论谁胜,利率调整的方向才是对金融市场回报影响最大的因素。来 /201211/207263。