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东台市治疗便血哪家医院最好的东台市男科咨询China#39;s ;father of hybrid rice; is planning to expand its production of sea-rice at a newly founded research center in Qingdao, a port city in the eastern province of Shandong, local sources said last Saturday.据当地知情人士上周六透露,中国“杂交水稻之父”正计划在中国东部山东省青岛市最近成立的研究中心里扩大海水稻种植。Within three years, the sea-rice research and development center, headed by scientist Yuan Longping, is expected to expand the yield of sea-rice to 200 kilograms on each ;mu,; the Chinese unit equivalent to 666 square meters, according to local authorities in Qingdao#39;s Licang District, where the new research body is located.据新研究中心所在地青岛李沧区政府表示,在未来三年里,科学家袁隆平将带领海水稻研发中心,把海水稻每亩产量增产到200公斤。Wild sea-rice is sometimes found in saline-alkaline soil at the junctures where rivers join the sea.人们有时会在河流入海口的盐碱地上发现野生海水稻。The plant is resistant to pests, diseases, salt and alkali and does not need fertilizer. But its unit output is only around 75 kg.这种作物可抗害虫、疾病和盐碱,而且不需要肥料。但是它的单产量只有75公斤左右。The Qingdao research center will use gene sequencing to cultivate new strains of sea-rice that will yield more rice and grow with saline water.青岛市研究中心将会利用基因测序技术来研发培育新型海水稻,届时这种水稻的产量将会更高,并且可以在海水中生长。With start-up funding of 100 million yuan (14.86 million U.S. dollars), scientists will start their experiment on a 2-hectare saline-alkaline marsh land just north of the Jiaozhou Bay in April.研究的启动资金达到了1亿元人民币(约合1486万美元),科学家们将从明年4月份开始,在胶州湾北部一块2公顷大小的盐碱地上开始试验。The project will eventually draw an investment of 2 billion yuan.这个项目最终将会吸引到20亿元人民币的投资。 /201610/473675阜宁县医院电话 Putting feelings into words makes sadness and anger less intense, U.S. brain researchers said on Wednesday, in a finding that explains why talking to a therapist(1) -- or even a sympathetic(2) bartender -- often makes people feel better.They said talking about negative feelings activates a part of the brain responsible for impulse control."This region of the brain seems to be involved in putting on the brakes(3)," said University of California, Los Angeles researcher Matthew Lieberman.He and colleagues scanned the brains of 30 people -- 18 women and 12 men between 18 and 36 -- who were shown pictures of faces expressing strong emotions.They were asked to categorize(4) the feelings in words like sad or angry, or to choose between two gender-specific names like "Sally or Harry" that matched the face.What they found is that when people attached a word like angry to an angry-looking face, the response in the amygdale(5) portion of the brain that handles fear, panic and other strong emotions decreased."This seems to dampen(6) down the response in these basic emotional circuits in the brain -- in this case the amygdala," Lieberman said in a telephone interview.What lights up instead is the right ventrolateral(7) prefrontal(8) cortex(9), part of the brain that controls impulses."This is the only region of the entire brain that is more active when you choose an emotion word for the picture than when you choose a name for the picture," he said.He said the same region of the brain has been found in prior studies to play a role in motor control."If you are driving along and you see a yellow light, you have to inhibit one response in order to step on the brake," he said. "This same region helps to inhibit emotional responses as well."The researchers did not find significant differences along gender lines, but Lieberman said prior studies have hinted at some differences in the benefits men and women derive from talking about their feelings."Women may do more of this spontaneously(10), but when men are instructed to do it, they may get more benefit from it," he said. 周三,美国大脑科学家称:将悲伤和愤怒转化成语言人就会感觉好很多。此发现能解释为什么当人们和心理医生、甚至是有共鸣的酒吧招待诉说心里话后心情会舒畅些。科学家说谈心能够刺激大脑中负责控制冲动的部分。加利福尼亚大学洛杉矶研究员Matthew Lieberman说:“大脑的这一部分似乎能够停止某些脑部活动。”他和同事们让18到36岁间的18名女子和12名男子分别观看面部照片,并用语言描述出这些面部情绪,同时对他们进行脑部扫描。受测者要用“难过”或者“生气”这两个词来描述不同照片,或者用性别特点分明的“Sally”或“Harry”来描述。科学家发现,当人们看着愤怒表情说“生气”一词时,他们脑中负责恐惧、惊慌和其他强烈情绪的扁桃体状物质的反应便会降低。Lieberman在电话采访中说:“语言似乎能压制大脑的这些基本情绪通路的反应—在这里是指扁桃体状物质”。相对的,大脑中负责冲动的右外腹前额皮层会变得活跃。当人们为图片选择一个情绪词汇时,右外腹前额皮层是唯一一个比选择人名时活跃的脑部区域。他说在此前的研究中发现,此区域还负责动作控制。他说:“如果开车时看到黄灯,你必须作出反应踩刹车。此区域同样可以反应阻止某些情绪”。研究人员称并为发现男女在此有区别,但是Lieberman说之前的研究曾显示谈心对于男女来说是不一样的。“女人本能地谈心,男人则往往是被提示才会谈心,但是一旦男人开始谈,他们能比女人得到更多的释放感”。 /200805/37921盐城协和医院挂号预约平台

建湖县中医院妇科大夫盐都区做孕检哪家医院最好的 What tools do you use at work that you didn’t a decade ago? That’s the question I posed to a group of friends recently, hoping for a host of interesting examples of how technology is transforming the workplace. 有哪些你正在使用的办公工具是10年前没有的?这是我最近向一群朋友提出的一个问题,希望能够收获一堆关于技术正在如何转变工作场所面貌的有趣例子。 But the responses from a disparate group that included insurance brokers, speech therapists and entrepreneurs surprised me. All the new digital products they rated were, in effect, secretary substitutes. 但是,这个由保险经纪人、言语矫治师以及企业家等组成的差异很大的人群给出的让我意外。他们列出的所有新式数字产品实际上都是秘书替代品。 I heard paeans to the utility of Skyscanner for corporate travel, the benefits of Google Docs for holiday rotas and the value of EchoSign for electronic signature of documents. 我听到的称赞是:航班搜索网站Skyscanner安排商务差旅是多么有用,用谷歌文档(Google Docs)安排轮流休假是多么便利,用EchoSign软件在文件上进行电子签名是多么有价值。 Regardless of industry or seniority, document encryption services and tools designed to prevent endless email trails also cropped up with regularity. 不论是在哪个行业,也不论级别多高,人们还都会提到文档加密务以及为防止没完没了的电子邮件往来而设计的工具。 This is self-service in action and a vivid example of why administrative jobs frequently top the list as those most at risk from automation. 这是自助式务的生动实例,它也形象地说明了行政类职位为何频频“领衔”受自动化威胁最大的工作榜单。 Back in 2001, there were nearly 400,000 secretarial and personal assistant roles in the UK. Now there are fewer than 200,000. 2001年时,英国有近40万个秘书及个人助理类职位,而现在仅有不到20万个。 The disappearance of that person who used to be the linchpin of office life has been driven by a combination of cost-cutting in the wake of the financial crisis — there was a 12 per cent drop in such roles between 2009 and 2010 alone — and the internet revolution. 曾在办公室生活中扮演关键角色的人的消失,受到两个因素的联合推动:一是金融危机过后的削减成本(从2009年至2010年,秘书及个人助理类职位的数量就下降了12%),二是互联网革命。 Administrators’ salaries proved a tempting target for businesses desperate to trim budgets, with the bonus that cuts could be billed as modernisation and as embracing new ways of working. 对于急于削减预算的企业来说,行政类职位的薪酬被明是一个诱人的靶子;砍掉此类职位还能带来额外好处:比如美其名曰“现代化”以及拥抱新的工作方式。 But has the efficiency drive gone too far? The days when companies needed someone to type letters and file correspondence physically are long gone, but the digital era has brought its own version of the administrative grind. The work has not gone away, it has just been dispersed across the workforce. 但对效率的追求是否已走得太远?企业需要某人来打字并将纸质信函存档的旧时光早已远去,但数字时代带来了自己版本的行政苦差。这些工作并没有消失,而只是被广泛分散给了员工队伍。 While phasing out jobs that just “turn the handle” is all part of the move to a higher skilled workforce, there are consequences. A recent survey from Qualtrics found UK workers estimate that less than 65 per cent of the time they spend at work is productive. The hours wasted spent trying to get a computerised approval system to understand an edge case are staples of many a pub rant. 虽然淘汰那种仅仅“转动把手”的工作是向更高技能员工队伍转型进程的一部分,但这是有后果的。调查公司Qualtrics近期的一项调查显示,英国的工薪阶层人士估计,他们在工作场所仅有不到65%的时间是有成效的。为了试图让计算机审批系统理解某个特例所浪费的大量时间,是人们在酒吧吐槽的常见内容。 Vickie Sokol Evans, who trains Bill Gates’ executive assistants, and those in other organisations, in Microsoft technology, says there is great pressure in all organisations to “do more with less”. 为比尔#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)和其他组织培训行政助理、使她们掌握微软(Microsoft)技术的维基#8226;索科尔#8226;埃文斯(Vickie Sokol Evans)表示,各类组织都面临着巨大压力,要求它们“用更少的资源办更多的事”。 But she argues that efficiency comes from using technology well, not just dropping it in front of the workforce and expecting them to get on with it. Is it really more efficient for 20 sales people to all do their own expenses and travel, or can one person who really understands both the software and the rules help remove some of the grit from the wheels of corporate life? 但她指出,效率来自于对技术的有效利用,而不是仅仅将技术扔给员工,然后期待他们自己搞定。让20名销售人员都自行处理他们个人的费用报销以及差旅事务真的更有效率吗,抑或一个既懂软件又了解相关规章制度的人有助于让公司生活少一点烦扰? That would also mean the sales team could be out there doing what they were hired to do: selling. 这还意味着,销售队伍能够腾出时间履行他们的本职工作:推销产品。 Top executives, of course, have managed to hang on to their secretaries — nowadays more often than not termed executive assistants. But these roles are far broader than they used to be. 当然,顶级高管们设法保住了他们的秘书——现在这类职位往往被称为“行政助理”。但这些岗位如今的职责范围比过去广泛多了。 Monitoring budgets, preparing reports, designing slidedecks and similar tasks are increasingly part of the required skillset. A recent survey by Hays for Executive Secretary — whose conference Ms Sokol Evans will address in London next week — reported that nearly 90 per cent of senior staff said they could not to do their jobs without their PA. 监控预算、撰写报告、设计幻灯片,诸如此类的任务日益成为行政助理的必备技能。猎头公司Hays近期为《行政秘书》(Executive Secretary)杂志所做的一项调查显示,约90%的高级职员表示,没有个人助理的话,他们做不了自己的工作。(索科尔#8226;埃文斯女士将在该杂志于伦敦举办的会议上发言。) Peggy Grande, who was executive assistant to US President Ronald Reagan for 10 years, says no amount of technology or progress towards virtual assistants can make up for the human factor. “It is about not just what needs to be accomplished now, but staying three steps ahead,” she adds. 佩吉#8226;格兰德(Peggy Grande)曾为美国前总统罗纳德#8226;里根(Ronald Reagan)当了10年的行政助理。她表示,没有什么技术或是虚拟助手领域的突破能够替代人的因素。她补充称:“这不仅关乎目前必须完成的任务,还要走在前面,超前三步。” Ms Sokol Evans says she knows of at least one multinational that is reviewing its career options for PAs and is looking to create a twin track structure: one path for those who want to push for more responsibility and widen the definition of their role and another for those who get job satisfaction from ensuring systems actually work. 索科尔#8226;埃文斯女士表示,据她所知,至少有一家跨国公司正在评估其向个人助理提供的职业发展选择,并正在试图构建一种双轨结构:一条面向那些想要承担更大责任、拓展自身角色定位的人,另一条面向那些从确保系统有效运转获得工作成就感的人。 The pace of the digital revolution shows no signs of slackening and few office jobs will be the same in a decade. But that means the need to help humans and systems gel is more pressing. Sometimes a calm, helping hand can deliver greater efficiency gains than a software upgrade. 数字革命的速度没有显示出任何放缓的迹象,10年后几乎不会有哪项办公室工作还保持今天的面貌。但这也意味着,帮助人类员工和数字系统有效融合的任务变得愈发迫切。有些时候,一个沉着冷静的人类帮手能够比一次软件升级带来更显著的效率提升。 /201604/437358江苏盐城市打掉孩子哪家医院最好的

盐城割包皮 Apple has announced smaller versions of the iPhone and iPad Pro at an event hosted in San Francisco.  苹果公司在旧金山举行的发布会上宣布,公司将推出小版本的iPhone和iPad Pro。  The iPhone SE has the same processing and graphics performance of the larger Apple 6S, the firm said, and can capture 4K . The iPhone SE will be available in 110 countries by the end of May. With a starting price of 9/9, the new iPhone is the ;most affordable; handset Apple has ever released, Apple said.  苹果公司宣称,Iphone SE和苹果6s拥有同样的处理性能和图像表现,此外iphone SE还持4k摄像。五月底,iphone SE将在超过110个国家开售。售价仅为399/499美元的iphone SE是苹果公司有史以来“最经济”的手机,苹果公司说。  The new iPad Pro will have a 9.7 inch screen - the same size as the original iPad. It also said the new iPad Pro would be available in three different storage sizes with an extra large 256GB version.Pricing will begin at 9 for the smallest version and will ship in the US at the end of the month.  新版的iPad Pro拥有9.7寸屏幕——和第一代iPad屏幕大小相同。此外苹果还宣布新版iPad Pro将有三个储存版本,特大储存版本为256G。其中最小内存版本售价为599美元,将于本月底在美国上市。  Geoff Blaber from CCS Insight said there were ;no surprises; but that the products were still ;crucial; to Apple#39;s business. ;A new price point and new hardware should not be underestimated,; he said.  英国移动咨询公司CCS Insight的员工杰夫·布拉巴认为,整场发布会“毫无惊喜”,但新产品对苹果公司的经营依旧十分重要。“绝不要低估新的价格起点和新的硬件”,他说。  The firm also showed off a recycling robot called Liam which can strip down old iPhones into their components for reuse. The Apple Watch is to come down in price to 9 from its launch price of 9, chief executive Tim Cook also announced.  苹果公司还展示了他们的回收机器人——李阿姆,这个机器人可以把苹果手机零件剥离,并回收利用。苹果总裁蒂姆·库克还宣布,苹果手表价格即将由发布价349美元下调至299美元。 /201603/433455盐城/市中医院男科咨询盐城协和医院宫颈糜烂术后阴道会松吗



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