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They may have lived some 1,700 years ago, but the ancient Maya had an incredible knowledge of celestial bodies, which they believed influenced everything.古玛雅人也许生活在距今1700多年前,不过他们对天体却有着让人难以置信的研究,玛雅人相信天体可以影响一切事物。Now a 15-year-old boy has studied astronomical charts devised by these ancient Mexican people, as well as satellite photos, to pinpoint the location of a forgotten Mayan city. William Gadoury, from Quebec has named the #39;lost city#39; in the Yucatan jungle K#39;aak Chi, or Mouth of Fire.现在,一名15岁的男孩通过观察由古墨西哥人绘制出来的星象图,结合卫星图像,发现了一座失落的玛雅古城。这个来自加拿大魁北克、名叫威廉·甘德瑞的男孩将这座在尤卡坦丛林中发现的失落古城命名为“火山口”。Satellite images suggest the lost city could be among the largest built by the ancient civilisation, which thrived between 300 and 700 AD.根据卫星图像显示,这座失落古城有可能是在公元300年到公元700年间兴盛的古文明时代最大的建筑。Wondering why the ancient people built their cities far away from rivers and in inhospitable mountains prompted the teenager to look to the sky for answers.对玛雅人为何会远离河流,选择在深山的热带丛林中建立城市的好奇,促使了这位这位少年开始研究星象图以找寻谜底。Incredibly, the brightest of the stars match up with the largest cities.不可思议的是,最亮的星星恰好就代表的是那些主城。#39;I was really surprised and excited when I realised that the most brilliant stars of the constellations matched the largest Maya cities.#39; He told The Journal of Montreal.他接受《蒙特利尔日报》采访时表示:“当我发现那些最亮的星座正好对应玛雅那些大城市时,我惊奇不已。”He is said to be the first to make the connection, which could lead to further finds.据说,威廉是第一个发现这种对应关系的人,而这项发现会通向更进一步、更深层次的研究。It was in the 23rd constellation, containing three stars, that he found two matching cities on the map, suggesting one has not yet been re-discovered. To investigate further, he used satellite images from the Canadian Space Agency and Google Earth to search the dense jungle for any signs of buildings.在研究第23张星座图时,他发现图中的三颗星星只有两颗能与已知古城对上号,这就意味着极有可能还有一座尚未被发掘的古城。为了更深入地调查,他使用了加拿大太空局及谷歌地球提供的卫星图片,寻找茂密的丛林中任何有关建筑物的迹象。Armand LaRocque, from the University of New Brunswick believes one of the images shows network of streets leading to a large square, which may be a pyramid. #39;A square is not natural, it is mostly artificial and can hardly be attributed to natural phenomena,#39; he said.来自新不伦瑞克大学的专家阿尔芒·拉罗克认为,其中一张图片显示出的街道布局通向一个大广场,这极有可能是一座金字塔。他说:“广场并非天然形成,很可能是人工造的,不太可能是自然现象所致。”It#39;s possible 30 buildings accompany an impressive pyramid at the site. If true, the lost city would be one of the five largest known to archaeologists, built by the Mayans.除了这座让人惊叹的金字塔,此处可能还有30栋建筑。如果被验属实,那座古城将会是考古学家已知的、玛雅的第五大城市。Linking the position of stars and the location of a lost city and the use of satellite images on a tiny territory to identify the remains buried under dense vegetation, is quite exceptional. Dr la Rocque thinks William Gadoury#39;s technique could lead archaeologists to pinpointing the location of more possible lost Mayan metropolises.将星座的位置与失落的古城联系起来,使用一小块地域的卫星图象,以鉴别掩埋在浓密植被下的遗址,这真的是让人非常意外。拉罗克教授认为,考古学家或许能借鉴威廉的这种技术,发掘出更多的玛雅失落古城。 /201605/444848

As an entrepreneur of ten years I#39;ve learned all too well what failure feels like. The perpetual wheel of reinventing myself has been the only constant in my life. Ups and downs, highs and lows; the roller coaster of perceived failure can be exhausting.作为一名创业十年的企业家,我太明白失败的滋味了。不断地重塑自我是我人生唯一不变的主题。那些起起落落,风风雨雨,失败的体验像过山车一般,让人精疲力尽。Success happens when we go outside our comfort zone, stretch ourselves beyond recognized limits and experience new people, places and things. Success happens outside ;normal;, and the only way to reach it is to walk though failure without losing your enthusiasm.成功的前提是,我们要走出舒适区,把双手伸往未知,去感受新的人、新的地方、新的事物。成功需要一些不平凡,而唯一达到它的方式就是走过失败却不失热情。Success and failure are symbiotic-without one the other is not possible. So whatever your perceived failure is right now embrace it. Maybe you#39;re experiencing failure for the first time, or maybe you#39;re sitting by me in the roller coaster of ups and downs. No matter the number of failures in your tally box, know that each failure is simply a message that says, ;Congratulations, you#39;re living life!; Then take a deep breath and get y to walk through your next failure knowing you#39;ve aly achieved success.成功与失败是共生的,没有其中之一,另一个也不复存在。所以无论你正经历着怎样的失败,去接受它吧。也许这是你人生第一次尝到失败之苦,或者也许你和我一样已经经历了大起大落。无论这是第几次失败,你必须明白,每一次失败都在向你传递:“恭喜呀,这才是人生!”。然后你深呼吸,昂首阔步地为下一次做好准备,而内心深处却明白自己已经迈向了成功。 /201607/455279

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