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The custom of Dragon Boat Festival端午节的习俗1.Dragon Boat Racing赛龙舟Because Chuese don’t want virtuous minister Qu Yuan died at that time, so there are a lot of people boating to save him after he jumping into river.当时楚人因舍不得贤臣屈原死去,于是有许多人划船追赶拯救。2.Eating zongzi on Dragon Boat Festival端午节吃粽子People boiled sticky rice or steamed reed on May 5 and then jumped it into the river, to sacrifice to Qu Yuan, with bamboo tube array sticky rice rolls for fear of fish to eat, gradually reed leaves maize replacing bamboo tube.人们在五月五日煮糯米饭或蒸粽糕投入江中,以祭祀屈原,为恐鱼吃掉,故用竹筒盛装糯米饭掷下,以后渐用粽叶包米代替竹筒。3.Wearing perfume satchel佩香囊Children wear perfume satchel on the Dragon Boat Festival can avoid devil.端午节小孩佩香囊,避邪驱瘟之意。4.Eating eggs吃蛋Some areas will boil tea eggs and brine eggs to eat on the Dragon Boat Festival. Eggs are henapple, duck eggs, goose egg. Painted red on eggshell, with colorful net bags, hanging in a child#39;s neck, for blessing children, and hopping them are safe.一些地区,端午节要煮茶蛋和盐水蛋吃。蛋有鸡蛋、鸭蛋、鹅蛋。蛋壳涂上红色,用五颜六色的网袋装着,挂在小孩子的脖子上,意为祝福孩子逢凶化吉,平安无事。5.Drinking Realgar Wine饮雄黄酒This custom is very popular in the Yangtze river area.此种习俗,在长江流域地区的人家很盛行。6.Wash all diseases游百病This custom is prevalent in part of Guizhou province on Dragon-Boat festival custom. Some people will go to swim as well.此种习俗,盛行于贵州地区的端午习俗有些人也会去游泳。7.Eat twelve red吃十二红Gaoyou and other places have the tradition of eating ;twelve red;. Twelve red refers to oil shrimp, Fried amaranth, salted duck egg yellow, cinnabar tofu and so on.高邮等地有吃“十二红”的习俗。十二红指油爆虾、炒红苋菜、咸鸭蛋黄、朱砂豆腐等。 /201506/381347。

In an announcement abruptly moved up after his death, the German architect Frei Otto on Tuesday was named the winner of the Pritzker Prize in recognition of his airy tentlike structures and other inventive feats of engineering.周二,德国建筑师弗雷·奥托(Frei Otto)因其轻盈通透的帐篷式建筑结构,以及其他独树一帜的工程作品被授予普利兹克奖,这项决定是在他去世后迅速公布的。Mr. Otto, 89, died in Germany on Monday, two weeks before he was to be named this year’s laureate, the prize jury said. He is perhaps best known for roof canopies designed for the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, admired for their blend of lightness and strength.奥托于周一在德国去世,享年89岁,普利兹克奖项评审团称,他本应于两周后获得该奖。他最著名的作品是为1972年慕尼黑奥运会设计的顶棚,它们既轻盈又有力,因此备受赞誉。“He has embraced a definition of architect to include researcher, inventor, form-finder, engineer, builder, teacher, collaborator, environmentalist, humanist, and creator of memorable buildings and spaces,” the jury said in its citation.“他相信,建筑师应当是研究者、发明者、形式的发现者、工程师、建造者、教师、合作者、环保主义者、人文主义者,乃至令人难忘的建筑与空间的创造者,”评审团在评审词中说道。The Pritzker is regarded as architecture’s highest honor and usually goes to a living architect. The committee said it was the first time that a winner had died before the announcement was made.普利兹克奖是建筑师的最高荣誉,通常授予尚在人世的建筑师。评奖委员会说,获奖名单尚未公布,获奖者已经死去,这还是第一次。Mr. Otto learned of his selection early this year when Martha Thorne, the prize’s executive director, flew to Stuttgart to inform him of the jury’s choice. He was blind but otherwise in good health, the panel said. Mr. Otto was honored and surprised, according to Edward Lifson, a spokesman for the prize.今年年初,奥托已知道自己获奖的消息,该奖项的执行官玛莎·索恩(Martha Thorne)坐飞机来到斯图加特,把评委们的意见告诉他。委员会说,他双目失明,但健康状态良好。该奖项的发言人爱德华·里弗森(Edward Lifson)说,奥托得知获奖消息,感到荣幸和惊喜。“I’ve never done anything to gain this prize,” Mr. Otto was ed as saying. “Prizewinning is not the goal of my life. I try to help poor people, but what shall I say here — I’m very happy.”他引述奥托的话说“我从来没为这个奖而做过什么,普利兹克奖并不是我的人生目标。我一直努力帮助穷人,但现在我该怎么说呢——我很高兴”。Mr. Otto may not have been a household name, but he was widely esteemed in the profession. Prominent architects had quietly pushed for him to receive the award for years.奥托的名字或许并非家喻户晓,但他在行业内广受尊敬。多年来,许多著名建筑师都默默持他获得该奖。“Time waits for no man,” said Peter Palumbo, the Pritzker chairman, in a statement, calling Mr. Otto’s death “a sad and striking example of this truism.”“时间不等人,”普利兹克奖主席彼得·帕兰波(Peter Palumbo)在一项声明中说,他说奥托的去世“是这一真理悲伤而显著的例”。The announcement was originally to be made on March 23. The architect Frank Gehry was to award Mr. Otto the prize at a ceremony on May 15 at the New World Center in Miami. That will proceed as scheduled, with past Pritzker laureates speaking there about Mr. Otto’s life and work.该奖项本应于3月23日公布。5月15日,将由建筑师弗兰克·盖里(Frank Gehry)在迈阿密的新世界中心举行的典礼上为奥托颁奖。颁奖礼仍将按计划进行,届时将有往任普利兹克奖获得者进行关于奥托的生平与作品的讲演。Mr. Otto first became known for tent structures used as temporary pavilions at the Federal Garden Show in Germany and other events in the 1950s.奥托是在20世纪50年代最初为人们所知,当时他为德国的联邦园林展等活动设计了帐篷结构的临时建筑。His large-scale roofs for the 1972 Olympics stadium in Munich, designed with Günter Behnisch, defied expectations, though the games were vastly overshadowed by the massacre of 11 Israeli athletes there by Palestinian terrorists.1972年,他与甘特·班尼奇(Günter Behnisch)合作,为慕尼黑奥运会场馆设计了挑战传统的大型顶棚,然而那年的奥运会被笼罩在11名以色列运动员遭到巴勒斯坦恐怖分子杀害的阴影之下。Mr. Otto often designed in collaboration with others, collaborating with Shigeru Ban on Japan’s pavilion for the 2000 Hannover Expo in Germany and with Rolf Gutbrod on the West German pavilion at the Montreal Expo of 1967.奥托经常同其他人合作进行设计,他与坂茂(Shigeru Ban)合作,设计了2000年德国汉诺威世界览会上的日本馆,与罗尔夫·古特布罗德(Rolf Gutbrod)合作设计了1967年蒙特利尔世界览会上的西德馆。Born in Siegmar, outside Chemnitz in eastern Germany, Mr. Otto grew up in Berlin. He designed glider planes as a hobby, fascinated by the structural forces at work when thin membranes are stretched over light frames.奥托出生于德国东部开姆尼茨城外的西格马尔,在柏林长大。他爱好设计滑翔机,迷恋结构的力量,喜欢纤细的薄膜在轻盈的结构撑下伸展的样子。During service as a pilot in the Luftwaffe during World War II, he was captured near Nuremberg, Germany, and spent two years as a prisoner of war near Chartres in France, where he worked as a camp architect, learning to build various structures with the minimal materials available.“二战”期间,他在纳粹空军中担任飞行员,在纽伦堡附近被俘,在法国沙特尔,他度过了两年战犯生涯,在战俘营担任建筑师,学会了使用手头极为简单的材料建造不同的建筑结构。After the war Mr. Otto returned to study architecture at the Technical University of Berlin, where he earned a doctorate in civil engineering in 1954.战后,奥托回到柏林技术大学学习建筑,1954年获得土木工程士学位。In a clear reaction to the heavy columned buildings commissioned under the Third Reich, Mr. Otto’s work was lightweight, democratic, low-cost and sometimes temporary.奥托的作品轻巧、平民化、低成本,有时是临时建筑,这显然是对第三帝国时期布满重重圆柱的建筑风格的一种反拨。After a trip through the ed States, where he viewed the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, Eero Saarinen, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and others, Mr. Otto became a freelance architect in 1952, opening an office in Berlin. He went on to found several institutions dedicated to lightweight structures.去美国旅行时,他参观了弗兰克·罗伊德·怀特(Frank Lloyd Wright)、埃罗·沙里宁(Eero Saarinen)、路德维格·密斯·凡·德·罗(Ludwig Mies van der Rohe)等人的作品,1952年,奥托成了自由建筑师,在柏林开了事务所。其后又开了若干致力于轻型建筑的机构。He was inspired by “natural phenomena — from birds’ skulls to soap bubbles and spiders’ webs,” the British architect Richard Rogers, a member of the Pritzker jury and a past laureate, said in a statement prepared before Mr. Otto’s death.普利兹克奖评委、该奖曾经的得主——英国建筑师理查德·罗杰斯在一份写于奥托生前的声明中写道,奥托的设计受到“从鸟儿的头骨到肥皂泡和蜘蛛网等自然现象”的启发。Mr. Otto’s work has been widely recognized. In 2006, for example, he won the 18th annual Praemium Imperiale prize for architecture, awarded by the Japan Art Association; in 2005 he received the Royal Gold Medal for architecture from the Royal Institute of British Architects.奥托的设计广受好评。比如,2006年,他曾获得第18届年度日本皇室世界文化奖,该奖项由日本文化协会颁发;2005年,他获得英国建筑皇家协会颁发的皇家建筑金奖。“Frei Otto is one of the great architects and engineers of the 20th century,” Mr. Rogers said. “His work has inspired and influenced modern architecture, as we all learn to do more with less, and to trade monumental structures for economy, light and air.”“弗雷·奥托是20世纪的伟大建筑师与工程师,”罗杰斯说。“他的作品启发并影响了现代建筑,我们都多少从中受益,他的作品用经济简约和轻盈通透取代了纪念碑式的沉重。” /201503/364585。

Aliens are REAL and FRIENDLY, claimsex-Area 51 scientist51区空军基地科学家称,外星人是真实存在的,他们很友好Dr Boyd Bushmanmade the extraordinary claims in his last ever interview and showed pictures ofwhat he alleged were extra terrestrials.Boyd Bushman士在他最后接受的一次采访中说了特别的话,他还展示了他所说的外星人的图片。He said people at the secretive USair base are studying UFOs 24 hours a day and that he helped develop flyingsaucer technology for a major defence firm.他说,美国空军基地的工作人员正在全天候隐秘地研究不明飞行物,他曾为一个重要的防卫公司研发飞碟技术。scientist#39;s claims were made in a recorded days before his death in August and posted recently to YouTube.这位科学家于8月份离世,就在此前数日,他的这番言论被制成了录像带并于近日被发布到了视频网站上。Mr Bushmansaid: ;With respect to the alien craft, we have American citizens who areworking on UFOs 24 hours a day.Bushman先生说:“至于外星飞船,美国公民正在全天候研究这些不明飞行物。”He said there are two groups of aliensbeing studied at the Area 51 military base in the Nevadadesert, America.他说,位于美国内达华沙漠的51军事基地正在对两组外星人展开研究。Mr Bushman claimed the extra terrestrials are five feet tall and that ;oneor two of them are around 230 years old;.Bushman先生称,外星人身高5尺,“其中一两名大约有230岁了”。He said: ;There are two groups of aliens.他说:“有两组外星人”。;They divide them into two groups. It#39;s like a cattle ranch.;“他们将外星人分成两伙,就像在畜牧场上一样”。;One group are wranglers, and the others are rustlers – the stealers ofcattle.“一伙是牧人,另一伙是偷牛贼——偷牲畜的人”。;The ones that are wranglers are much more friendly, and have a betterrelationship with us.;“牧人那一伙要友好很多,他们与我们的关系更好”。Mr Bushman claimed while the aliens#39; eyesand noses are different to humans they have five fingers and fives toes on eachhand and foot.Bushman先生称,虽然外星人的双眼和鼻子有别于人类,但他们的双手和双脚与人类无异。He also incredibly alleged that the beingsfrom outer space are telepathic mind ers.他还令人难以置信地说道,这些来自外太空的生命会读心术。Mr Bushman added: ;They#39;re able to usetheir own voice by telepathy to talk to you.;Bushman先生还说:“他们还可以通过传心术与你交谈。” /201411/342750。

All In the family都在这一家Eight-year-old Sally brought her report card home from school .八十岁大的 莎莉从学校把她的成绩报告卡带回家。Her marks were good mostly .她的成绩不错,A#39;s and a couple of B#39;S .大部分都是A,还有几个B。However ,her teacher had written across the bottom,可是, 她韵老师在卡片下方写道:;SALLY is a smart little girl,but she has one fault,“莎莉是个聪明的小女孩,但是她有一个毛病。she talks too much in school.I have an idea I am going to try,她在学校太爱讲话。我有一个想法我要来试试看,which I think may break her of the bad habit.;我认为.这个想法可能会让她改掉这个坏习惯。”Sally#39;s dad signed her report card,莎莉的爸爸签了她的学习报告卡,putting a note on the back ,并在卡片背面注记:;Please let me know if your idea work on SALLY“如果你的想法对莎莉很有效,请你让我知道,because I would like to try it out on her mother.;因为我想要把它试用在她妈妈身上。 /201503/361447。

It had been another long day for Eliza, a 41-year-old stay-at-home mother who lives in Los Angeles with her two sons. She had taken the boys, 10 and 13 at the time, to school, taken care of the house, and after putting them to bed, planned to relax in front of her computer.对41岁的全职妈妈伊丽莎(Eliza)来说,这又是漫长的一天。她和两个儿子住在洛杉矶。她把10岁和13岁的两个儿子送去学校,然后开始整理房间,晚上打发他们上床后,她打算在电脑前放松一会儿。At least that’s what she was hoping to do. Eliza opened her computer and started to search for a document, but based on previous searches, the term “child porn” appeared on the screen.至少,那是她的打算。伊丽莎打开电脑,开始寻找一份文件,但是基于以前的搜索,“儿童色情”这个词出现在屏幕上。“I went into a panic,” said Eliza, who was given anonymity to protect the identity of her children. Her mind started to race in a million different directions.“我吓了一跳,”伊丽莎说(为了保护孩子的身份隐私,她决定隐去姓氏)。各种念头涌进她的头脑。Two nights later, as they were going to bed, she asked the older son if he had searched for “child porn” and if so, why. “He said he was looking for porn made for children,” she told me. “He explained, embarrassed, that he just wanted to know what his body was supposed to look like at his age.”两天后,她在睡觉前问大儿子是否搜索了“儿童色情”,如果是的话,为什么要这样做。“他说自己在找给孩子看的色情片,”她说,“他尴尬地解释说,他只是想知道他这个年纪的身体应该是什么样子的。”Welcome to the new teenage years. Not long ago, boys and girls nearing that curious age might sneak a peek at Playboy or scour the underwear section of a J. C. Penney circular.欢迎来到新的青少年时代。不久前,男孩女孩们在这个好奇的年纪可能会偷看《》或者翻看杰西潘尼百货公司宣传单的内衣部分。Today, teenagers have easy access to a seemingly endless supply of pornography, including things that even many adults don’t want to see, such as mock sexual violence, misogynistic s and, in extreme cases, child pornography.如今,青少年很容易接触那些似乎无穷无尽的色情片,其中一些甚至连很多成年人都不想看,比如模拟性暴力和歧视女性的视频,极端的例子包括儿童色情片。“At first, I told my son the next time he wanted to look at things like this, to talk to me and we’d do it together,” Eliza said. “Yet as soon as the words left my mouth I realized, and said, ‘No, no, no, that would be a terrible idea.’ ”“一开始,我对儿子说下次他想看这种东西时,告诉我,我们一起看,”伊丽莎说,“但是话一出口我就觉得不对,连忙说,‘不,不,不,这个主意很糟糕。’”Parents I’ve spoken with who have young boys acknowledged that trying to stop them from seeing online pornography is all but impossible. One father, for example, said that he installed web filtering software on the home computer, only to learn that his son had watched a gross-out pornography clip at a friend’s house.我采访过一些有未成年儿子的父母们。他们承认,阻止孩子看网络色情片几乎是不可能的。比如,一位父亲说,他给家里的电脑安装了网络过滤软件,但是发现儿子在一个朋友家里看了一段令人作呕的色情片段。I spoke with researchers at the Crimes Against Children Research Center at the University of New Hampshire, who walked me through a number of long-term studies that the group has been conducting since 2000 on children’s exposure to pornography. In one paper, the group found that 42 percent of online users ages 10 to 17 had seen pornography, and that 66 percent of those had seen it unwittingly, often as display ads on file-sharing sites.我采访了新罕布什尔大学涉童罪行研究中心(Crimes Against Children Research Center)的研究员们。他们给我简要介绍了该机构从2000年起进行的一些关于儿童接触色情内容的长期研究。其中一项研究发现,在10至17岁的上网者中,有42%看过色情片,其中66%的人是在无意中看到的,通常是在文件共享网站的醒目广告中。Another study by the same university found that 93 percent of boys and 62 percent of girls were exposed to online pornography during their adolescence. You don’t need to be a scientific researcher to realize that’s a lot of exposure for children.这所大学的另一项研究发现,93%的男孩和62%的女孩在青春期看到过网络色情内容。即使不是科学研究者,你也能感觉到,对孩子们来说,这也有点太多了。For parents, this leaves two questions. First, is the pervasiveness of online pornography bad for today’s youth, potentially creating a society of sexual deviants? And second, what can parents do to help protect their children?对父母们来说,这引出了两个问题。第一,网络色情无处不在,这对如今的青少年有害吗?会导致这个社会充满性变态者吗?第二,父母们能做些什么来保护孩子?There is no definitive answer to the first question, although it is a running debate in the nation’s culture wars. For example, the 2013 movie “Don Jon,” which starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a man hooked on pornography, prompted a new round of anti-pornography commentary, including one from a sex therapist arguing that online pornography is severely corrupting today’s youth. “I see a sexual and relational train wreck happening,” the therapist said.第一个问题没有确切,不过它是美国文化论战中的一个长期论题。比如,在2013年的影片《唐璜》(Don Jon)中,约瑟夫·高登-李维(Joseph Gordon-Levitt)饰演一个痴迷色情片的人。该片引发了新一轮反色情,其中有一位性心理医生认为,网络色情正在严重侵蚀如今的青少年。“我看到很多人难以维持正常的性关系和亲密关系,”这位心理医生说。But other experts who monitor teenagers and sexuality say that there is plenty of evidence pointing in the opposite direction. Teenage pregnancy has dropped sharply in recent years; the number of sexual partners that teenagers have is down; and the number of ninth graders having sexual intercourse has fallen, to cite just three examples.但是其他观察青少年和性的专家说,有很多据表明情况正相反。先举三个例子:近些年,青少年怀案例急剧减少;青少年拥有性伴侣的人数减少了;发生性关系的九年级学生人数减少了。“If you just look at the indicators of sexual responsibility, you don’t see a generation of kids looking like they are off the rails,” said David Finkelhor, an author of several books on child abuse and a director of the Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire. But Dr. Finkelhor acknowledged that the long-term psychological effects of teenagers’ access to online pornography was still being determined.“如果只看和性责任相关的某些指数,你就不会觉得这一代孩子好像都误入歧途了,”大卫·芬克霍尔(David Finkelhor)说。他是新罕布什尔大学家庭研究实验室的一位主管,写过几本关于虐待儿童的书。但是芬克霍尔承认,青少年接触网络色情对心理的长期影响仍有待确定。Which leads to the second question. Dr. Finkelhor and other experts I spoke with said that today’s easy access to pornography, especially its violent and illegal forms, makes it imperative for parents to educate their children, not only about sex but specifically about online pornography, in all its flavors. And given how easy it is to find it online, it is important to inculcate them at an early age.这就引出了第二个问题。芬克霍尔以及我采访过的其他专家说,如今接触色情内容变得太过容易,特别是暴力和非法的色情内容,所以父母们必须得教育孩子,不只是关于性,还要特别就各种类型的网络色情对他们进行教育。考虑到现在很容易在网上找到色情内容,所以从很小就谆谆教诲很重要。Here’s the new reality: Thanks to the Internet, children will see things that children probably shouldn’t. Teenagers with active hormones will get together with their friends and, when parents are out of sight, seek out and explore dark and salacious imagery.新的现实情况就是这样的:因为有了互联网,孩子们会看到他们不该看到的东西。父母不在身边时,荷尔蒙分泌旺盛的青少年会和朋友们聚在一起,寻找阴暗淫荡的画面。So as uncomfortable and embarrassing as it may be for both parents and teenagers, part of raising a child today means explaining that, like Hollywood movies, pornography is often a fantasy that can take things to extremes.所以,虽然对父母和青少年来说,这让人难受、尴尬,但是如今养育孩子的部分责任是向他们说明,色情片就像好莱坞电影,往往是一种幻想,有时会比较极端。Also, children should be warned about the dark and dangerous material they may stumble across online. If parents don’t, that uncomfortable and embarrassing feeling could be replaced with something much worse.另外,应该警告孩子们,他们在网上会碰到一些阴暗危险的内容。不警告的话,倒是可以避免难受、尴尬的感觉,但取而代之的是更糟糕的情况。Take it from Eliza. The last thing you want to find on the home computer is a previous search for the term “child porn.”伊丽莎就是个例子。你在家庭电脑上最不想看到的就是历史搜素记录里有“儿童色情”的条目。 /201501/355265。