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池州割包皮费用是多少池州贵池区人流医院商贸英语实用对话 14:Business at the Office(14)Business at the OfficeBusiness discussions around the office I Accountant: Did you send out an invoice to the Sun Electronics Company? Clerk : Yes. Its also time to send them a statement now。 Accountant : Whats the total due on their account? Clerk : They owe 0,000. Accountant: Lets get all the invoices and statements out this afternoon, if we can. Clerk : I think we can. Ive aly started on them, How often do you send them? Accountant : We send them monthly.Business discussions around the office II Accountant : Heres our accounts department, Mr. Chen. Clerk : My job will be preparing the monthly statements for customers? Accountant : Yes, A big part of your job will also be to collect delinquent accounts. We often end up with bad debts. Clerk : How do you collect them? Accountant : We generally have to keep sending reminders. If they still dont pay, we threaten to put the matter in the hands of our lawyer.Business discussions around the office III Accountant : These are our account folders. Clerk : Will these files be part of my work? Accountant : Yes, youll need to write new clients names on the projecting tab of a folder, then file them alphabetically. And make sure you adjust the file drawers so that the folders are held upright. Clerk : What do the different colors indicate? Accountant : These indicate which products are sold to each client. Each of our products is color-coded. Clerk : So Ill find the cards for a given client together, color coded to show what products theyve purchased? Accountant : Right. Clerk : That sounds like a good system. Accountant: Each product, indicated by a different color, is numbered in a separate series. For example, our ampliphones, represented by red, would be numbered 1-500. Our portaphones, represented by yellow, would be numbered 501-1001, and so on. Clerk : That must avoid a lot of mix-ups. Accountant : Yes, it does. And over heres our computer system. Its sophisticated, but quite easy to use. Clerk : Are these computers used for data entry or billing? Accountant : We use them mainly for billing. /200707/15828青阳人民医院是几甲 池州女子医院有药流吗

池州妇幼保健院网上预约咨询8、询问学习成绩你在大学时成绩如何?How about your academic records at college?How about your grades at college?How about your scores at college?How about your school report card at college?How were your scores at college?What were your grades in college?What were your scores in college?How about your grades of study?For example:A: How about your academic records at college?你大学时学习成绩如何?B: In fact my records were excellent.事实上我每门课都非常优秀。你的化学成绩是多少?How was your score in chemistry?For example:A: How was your score in chemistry?你的化学成绩是多少?B: It was 98 points. 98分。in(表示范围、领域、方面)在……之内;在……方面。我不及格。I didnt pass the final exam.I failed in the final exam.你哪门科目的得分最高?In what subject did you get the highest marks?For example:A:In what subject did you get the highest marks?你哪门科目的得分最高?B:Calculus.微积分。我在班里名列前茅。I am at the top of my class.I am a cut above my classmates.I am second to none among my classmates.我学习成绩一直不错。Ive been doing quite well.do well做得好,进展好我连续四年获得大学奖学金。I won the university scholarship for four academic years on end.I won the university scholarship for four successive academic years.I won the university scholarship for four academic years in succession.on end (adv.)连续地你考了多少分?How many points did you get?What was your score?我得到平均85分的成绩。I got an average of 85 points.I obtained an average of 85 points.你通过了大学英语的哪一级?What band did you pass in College English Test? For example:A:What band did you pass in College English Test?你通过了大学英语的哪一级?B:I passed Band Six.我通过了六级。你读大学时最好的科目是哪一门?What was your best subject at college?For example:A:What was your best subject at college?你读大学时最好的科目是哪一门?B:English.英语。到目前为止,你在校的学习情况如何?How have you been getting on with your studies so far?For example:A:How have you been getting on with your studies so far?到目前为止,你在校的学习情况如何?B:I have been doing quite well at college. I was one of the top students in the class.我在大学时学习很好。我是班里最优秀的学生之一。so far到目前为止,so far so good目前还好你大学时获得过荣誉和奖励吗?Did you get any honors or awards at college?Did you hold any honors or rewards at college?For example:A:Did you get any honors or awards at college?你大学时获得过荣誉和奖励吗?B:Yes. I was awarded a scholarship from the university every year.获得过。每年我都获得学校奖学金。你读中学时的成绩如何?What records did you get at middle school?For example:A:What records did you get at middle school?你读中学时的成绩如何?B:I got excellent records:90 points average.我的成绩优异,平均90分。按照平均分数,我名列全班第一名。Im ranked the first of my class in terms of average marks.in terms of( adv.)根据,按照根据成绩的排列顺序,我算中上。I am above the average in the order of merit.merit(n.)成绩,价值我的成绩不是很好。My record isnt too good. /201501/352451池州开发区妇幼保健院做微创人流手术要多少钱 Welcome back to Business English Pod for the second episode of our two-part series on English gambling idioms.欢迎收听2节商务英语播客的第2节课,将要学习有关的习语。Any time we take a risk with money, we’re gambling. Whether it’s a card game, a horse race, or a game of dice, we bet money in the hopes of winning more. Business also involves taking risks with money, and for this reason gambling idioms have become very common in business. They are especially common in the world of investing. If you think about it, betting money on cards is a lot like making a high-risk investment.无论什么时候我们总是花钱去冒险,我们一直在。无论是纸牌游戏,骑马或是掷骰子,我们下注希望赢得更多的钱。经商也会用钱去冒险,正因为这个原因,有关的习语在商业中使用得较为普遍。尤其是在投资行业。仔细想想,玩纸牌赌钱很像高风险投资。For today’s lesson, we’ll continue our look at gambling idioms and explore how they are used in business discussions. As you listen to the dialog, you might hear some phrases that are new to you. Keep a note of these expressions and we’ll go over them in the debrief and explain what they mean and how they can be used.今天的课程,我们将继续学习有关的习语并看下如何在商业讨论中使用。听对话时,你会听到一些新短语。将这些表达记下来,我们会在汇报中来复习这些短语并解释其意思和用法。In our last episode, we heard Kevin and Dan talking about investing their money. Kevin likes to invest in stocks, but Dan normally prefers safer methods. However, Kevin tells Dan that he has just found out about an investment opportunity that might be very profitable. Today, we’ll hear Kevin try to convince Dan to accept some risk and take the opportunity.上节课中,Kevin 和 Dan讨论投资。Kevin 喜欢投资股票市场,而Dan通常喜欢更安全的方法。尽管如此,Kevin告诉Dan他刚发现了一个可能会赚很多钱的投资机会。今天,我们来听下Kevin是如何说Dan接受风险并抓住投资机会。Listening Questions:1. Why is Kevin excited about the company called Golem Mining?2. What does Kevin say about the amount Dan would have to invest?3. What does Dan finally decide to do about the investment opportunity? /201104/131567池州青阳县人民医院在线咨询

池州那家医院治疗前列腺囊肿好第一句:I stick to the original plan.我坚持按原计划执行。A: That may take two more days.那样做会多花两天的时间。B: It deserves. I stick to the original plan.那完全是值得的。我坚持按原计划进行。第二句:We require 30 research analysis at least.我们至少需要招聘30名研究分析师。A: We require 30 research analysis at least.我们至少需要招聘30名研究分析师。I will inform HR as soon as possible.B: 我会尽快通知人力资源部的。知识扩展:1.我们按原计划行亊:Just go ahead as planned.按原计划来吧。Things will go on as scheduled.事情会按计划进行。 Lei s set out on schedule.咱们按计划出发。2.由于引进新项目,很多公司会临时招聘很多员工:We are looking for good candidates to fill the following positions.我们需要招聘以下岗位的员工。We are seeking to recruit 30 experienced research analysists. 我们正在招聘30名有经验的分析员。We need 5 more persons to strengthen our team.我们还需要招聘5个人来增译队伍实力。 analystn. 分折家candidate n.申请求职者,候选人 /201403/278051 东至妇幼保健院介绍贵池人民医院妇科怎么样




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