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Marks amp; Spencer has agreed to make the packaging of all of its toys gender neutral by spring 2014, after customers complained that it was marketing items according to stereotypes.据英国《卫报》报道,玛莎百货同意在2014年春季之前为所有的玩具换上性别中立的包装。此前顾客抱怨玛莎百货根据性别成见进行市场营销。Customers contacted Mamp;S to complain at a range of toys called ;Boy#39;s Stuff;, which included planes, cars, dinosaurs, racing cars, cat toys, a marble run and a pop-up fire station.顾客联系玛莎百货,投诉该商场将一系列商品归类为“男孩玩具”,包括玩具飞机、小汽车、恐龙、赛车、猫、单子和弹出式消防站。The description on the latter said: ;This pop up fire station is perfect for little fire men everywhere;, while the description of a watch in the same range : ;The perfect wrist accessory no boy should be without,; and a joke book : ;Boys know the best jokes and here are 500 crackers to keep you ahead of the girls.;其中,弹出式消防站玩具的说明上写道:“这个弹出式消防站非常适合各地的小消防员”。这一系列中的一款玩具手表也有这样的说明:“最完美的腕部配件,所有的男孩都不应错过”。还有一本笑话书上则写道:“男孩子们知道最厉害的笑话,这本书里有500则帮助你领先女孩儿的爆笑秘籍”。The Boy#39;s Stuff range will be rebranded to use a simple graphic logo, while the ;Little Miss Arty; range will become ;Poppy and Blue;, using character-based branding.“男孩玩具”区域已经重新挂牌,换成一个简单的图形标志,而“女孩艺术”区域被重命名为“波比和布鲁”并使用人物形象的标牌。Mamp;S told the Guardian it was aly in the process of updating its policy but this became public when it responded to a specific criticism on Twitter by Labour MP Stella Creasy. It Tweeted back: ;Hi Stella, we#39;ve listened to customer feedback and by spring next year all of our toys will be gender neutral. Thanks.;玛莎百货向《卫报》表示,正在进行政策修订流程,但是在回答工党议员史黛拉?克里希发布在推特上的批评时被公开。玛莎百货在推特上回应称:“史黛拉您好,我们已经听取顾客的反馈,会在明年春季前将所有玩具换成中性的包装。非常感谢”。Mamp;S said in a statement: ;We offer a wide range of fun and educational toys, which are designed to appeal to children regardless of gender. We have listened carefully to feedback from our customers and by spring next year all of our toys will be gender neutral.;玛莎百货发表声明:“我们提供大量有趣而富有教育意义的玩具,为所有儿童的需求而设计而不针对性别。我们已经认真听取顾客们的反馈,将在明年春季前将所有玩具换成中性的包装”。Meanwhile, the number of shops organising their toy departments into separate sections for boys and girls has fallen by 60% in the past year, following pressure on retailers from shoppers and campaigners, it has been claimed.同时,玛莎百货表示,在顾客和社会活动者对零售商的压力下,将男孩与女孩的玩具分在不同区域的商店数量在去年下降了60%。Campaign group Let Toys be Toys said reports from the high street suggested that a fifth of stores were still organising their toy sections by gender rather than genre, compared to half in the runup to Christmas 2012.“让玩具成为玩具”活动小组说,来自主要街道的调查报告显示,五分之一的店铺仍然以性别而不是风格为标准对玩具分类,而这一数据在2012年圣诞到来之际曾高达50%。The group, which started in November 2012, has been calling on retailers to end gender-stereotyping in toy departments which has seen some display play kitchens and colouring sets under ;girls; signs and science sets and doctor#39;s costumers under ;boys; signs.“让玩具成为玩具”成立于2012年十一月,旨在呼吁零售商停止玩具部门的性别成见,诸如在“女孩”的标示下摆上玩具厨房和涂色集,而科学装置和医生装则被归在“男孩”的标示下。 /201312/270374Proving that the sharing economy has no boundaries, a new app will soon let users share their leftover dinner with strangers. Seriously.分享经济是没有边界的,现在有一款新的应用登场了,它可以让你和陌生人分享剩饭剩菜。我是说真的。Launching at the end of July, LeftoverSwap will allow users to upload a photo and description of their pad thai, pizza or pho and connect them with hungry neighbors nearby.“分享剩饭”应用是在七月底上线的。该应用可以让用户拍照上传并描述自己的剩饭,无论是泰式炒河粉、披萨或是越南米粉,都可以上传。上传剩饭照片后,就可以和附近正在挨饿的朋友们取得联系了。But while the idea may sound a bit crazy, it might actually be contributing to the greater good: LeftoverSwap will start as a donation-only model.虽然这个主意听上去有点疯狂,但是它却可以做出很大的贡献,因为“分享剩饭”应用是以捐赠的方式开始运营的。;If you get a good meal and you want to pay it forward, you can,; founder Dan Newman told The Huffington Post.“分享剩饭”应用的创始人丹-纽曼表示,“如果你得到了一顿大餐,你也可以付钱作为回报。”Newman said that, while a payment model could be a possibility in the future, the app could also be more philanthropic in nature.纽曼表示,“分享剩饭”以后可能会推出付的形式,但是这个应用还是旨在做慈善。;There is hunger in the ed States,; said Newman. ;Do those people have iPhones? Maybe not. But we#39;re hoping to test this with iOS and potentially reach out to other platforms.;“在美国还是有很多人在挨饿。但是这些人有苹果手机吗?也许没有。我们希望能和苹果ios以及其他平台取得联系进行测试。”;As long as there#39;s another user near you,; said Newman, ;Anyone can join.;“只要你附近也有用户在使用这款应用,你们就可以进行分享。” /201308/251240

Are you intensely disappointed by the resolution of your laptop screen? Didn#39;t think so. Yet, Apple thinks it could be better. This has long been a theme for the famed technology company: Find a product that people don#39;t think is all that flawed (early MP3 players) and replace it with a product so captivating (iPod) that they forget whatever came before it. 你是不是对自己笔记本电脑屏幕的分辨率极为不满?没这么想过?然而苹果公司(Apple)认为笔记本电脑屏幕完全可以做得更出色。这就是这家著名的科技企业长期以来一直都在奉行的主题:找到一个大家并不觉得有多大缺陷的产品(早期的MP3播放器),用一款魅力无穷的产品(iPod)取而代之,让人将之前的东西忘得一干二净。 The company continued its pattern last week with a new addition to the MacBook family: the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. This isn#39;t a laptop for average, mainstream consumers, but for pros and enthusiasts. (The MacBook Air, once an exotic niche, has taken over the mainstream role.) 本月中旬,这家公司延续了它的一贯作风,MacBook家族又添新品:视网膜显示屏MacBook Pro。这款笔记本不是面向普通的主流消费者推出的产品,而是以专业人士和发烧友为消费群体。(MacBook Air曾经也是差异性定位产品,现在已经成为了主流机型。) I#39;ve been using this laptop over the past week, and my retinas are properly impressed, if that#39;s scientifically possible. Apple describes its Retina Display as such a high pixel density that a user#39;s eyes can#39;t see individual pixels on it. On this screen, colors pop, text seems crisper and image details - like light catching on water droplets - seem more pronounced. Its screen makes others look muted, including my regular MacBook Pro, a MacBook Air and two Windows PCs that I set up near it. On the downside, its battery life came up short in my tests, and its 15.4-inch-diagonal screen size is too big for some people#39;s taste. 在过去的一周里,我一直在使用这款笔记本电脑,可以说我的视网膜对其印象良好。苹果公司描述视网膜显示屏时称,它的像素密度之高,用户的肉眼看不见屏幕上的单独像素点。这块显示屏色分明、文字清晰、图像细节──比如照射到水滴上的光──似乎更明显突出。这款笔记本的屏幕让其它电脑黯然失色,包括我那台普通的MacBook Pro、一台MacBook Air和两台我放在旁边的Windows系统的PC机。不足的是,在我的测试中,这款笔记本的电池续航时间很短,而且它15.4口的尺寸对有些人来说太大了一点。 The MacBook Pro with Retina Display is the first MacBook Pro to rely solely on flash storage and has an improved processor and graphics. This new build makes it thinner and over a pound lighter than a 15-inch MacBook Pro with a hard drive. It is only 0.03-inch thicker than the thickest edge of the slender MacBook Air. And its speakers sounded remarkably good as I blasted Latin and classical tunes throughout my living room. 视网膜显示屏MacBook Pro是第一款完全依赖闪存存储的MacBook Pro笔记本电脑,处理器和显卡都经过改进。这种新的构造使其更薄,重量比带硬盘的15口MacBook Pro笔记本还要轻一磅多,厚度上只比纤薄的MacBook Air最厚处多0.03口。我在客厅里开大音量播放拉丁或古典乐曲时,它的扬声器听起来音质格外好。 Beauty and power like this come at a price. The MacBook Pro with Retina Display costs ,200 for 256 gigabytes of flash or ,800 for 512 gigabytes of flash, making it one of the most expensive MacBooks. 像这样一台集实力与美感于一身的机器价格也是不菲的。闪存容量为256G的视网膜显示屏MacBook Pro售价2,200美元,512G闪存容量的售价2,800美元,成为价格最昂贵的苹果笔记本电脑。 Meanwhile, prices have dropped for three of the four MacBook Air models, which, since their 2008 debut, have been thought of as the gold standard in ultra-thin laptop design. The least expensive, 11-inch MacBook Air remains at ,000, while the other 11-inch and two 13-inch MacBook Airs have come down by 0 each. All MacBook Airs were updated with improved processors, graphics, faster flash storage and larger amounts of memory. 与此同时,四款MacBook Air机型中的三款已经降价。自2008年面世以来,MacBook Air就被视为超薄笔记本电脑设计领域的标杆。价位最低的一款11口MacBook Air售价维持在1,000美元,而另一款11口和两款13口的MacBook Air价格都下调了100美元。所有的MacBook Air电脑都进行了升级,处理器和显卡得到改进,闪存速度更快,存储容量更大。 Regular MacBook Pros without new screens were upgraded with features like new processors and faster graphics, and they start at ,200 for a 13-inch or ,800 for a 15-inch. 未使用新屏幕的普通MacBook Pro笔记本也得到了升级,换了新的处理器和速度更快的显卡,13口的机型起售价为1,200美元,15口的则为1,800美元。 The MacBook Pro with Retina Display is the first MacBook Pro without a disc drive slot, though MacBook Airs never had one. The ports that remain include two USB ports (compatible with both USB 2 and the faster flavor, USB 3); an HDMI port for directly connecting this laptop to a TV; two Thunderbolt ports, which provide fast connections to external screens or data devices, and an SDXC memory card slot. 视网膜显示屏MacBook Pro是第一台没有光盘驱动器插槽的MacBook Pro笔记本电脑(MacBook Air则是一直就没有),保留的端口包括两个USB接口(兼容USB 2和速度更快的USB 3);一个可以直接和电视机连接的HDMI接口;两个能够快速连接外接屏幕或数据设备的Thunderbolt接口以及一个SDXC存储卡插槽。 I don#39;t normally run half of the programs that a power user might, but this MacBook zoomed along as I used it for tasks like downloading music, importing dozens of high-resolution photos, opening over 30 tabs at a time in my Web browser and editing images in iPhoto and Aperture, Apple#39;s high-end photo editing software. 我开启的程序通常不及一名高级用户可能运行的一半,但我在测试时也同时执行了下载音乐、导入数十张高分辨率照片、在浏览器中一次打开30多个标签、用iPhoto和苹果的高端照片编辑软件Aperture编辑图像等诸多任务,这台MacBook快速地进行着处理工作。 I also used it to record songs in Apple#39;s music program, GarageBand. It took less than seven seconds to open iPhoto and generate high-resolution thumbnail images for 183 12-megapixel images. In five seconds, it imported 42 of those images onto the computer. Using Aperture I edited a 43.6-megabyte, RAW (unprocessed) image with instant results. It started up in just a few seconds. 我还用苹果的音乐程序GarageBand在这台电脑上录制歌曲。打开iPhoto并生成183张1,200万像素照片的高分辨率缩略图耗时不到七秒钟。五秒钟之内,那些照片中有42张被导入进电脑。我用Aperture编辑一张43.6M大的RAW格式(未经处理的)照片,编辑结果可以实时显现,软件在几秒钟之内就启动工作了。 In my standard battery test, which I performed twice for accuracy, I got just over four hours each time, though Apple claims up to seven hours. My test taxes the computer more than a normal user and involves keeping Wi-Fi on, cranking the screen to full brightness, turning off all power-saving features, keeping email retrieval going in the background and playing an endless loop of music. Four hours of juice with this test likely means that a person using it more regularly would get 5 or 5 1/2 hours of battery life. 我对电池进行了两遍标准测试,以求精确。在我的测试中,每次电池续航时间都是四个多小时,虽然苹果公司号称可以达到七个小时。我的测试比一般的用户更消耗电脑的资源,测试中要打开Wi-Fi、将屏幕亮度调到最亮、关闭所有省电功能、后台运行电子邮件接收程序以及不停地循环播放音乐。在这样的全方位测试下,四个小时的续航能力很可能意味着一个正常使用这台电脑的人可以获得五小时或者五个半小时的续航时间。 When I used my own MacBook Pro after using the MacBook Pro with Retina Display, its screen appeared as if a thin, hazy film was floating on top of it. 在我使用过视网膜显示屏MacBook Pro笔记本之后再去用我自己的MacBook Pro时,感觉屏幕上面好像飘着薄薄一层模糊视野的薄膜。 Apple says the 2880-by-1800 resolution of the Retina Display has more than five million pixels, or over four times that of the previous MacBook Pro and over three million more than an HDTV. Apple claims this computer#39;s screen cuts down on reflective glare by 75%. While I did notice less glare when I compared it to other glossy screens, sunlight did affect it. 苹果公司称,这块分辨率为2880×1800的视网膜显示屏像素超过500万,也就是说它的像素是之前MacBook Pro笔记本的四倍多,比一台高清电视(HDTV)多300余万像素。苹果公司声称这款电脑的屏幕可以降低75%的反射眩光。虽然我在拿它与其它的镜面屏幕作对比时没有注意到它的眩光是否更少,但是阳光对它的影响的确存在。 It#39;s no surprise that Apple#39;s newest product improves on its last. This move to a better screen, all-flash storage and the elimination of a physical slot for discs shifts the company ahead in its typical, pack-leading style. Power users will be thrilled by the MacBook Pro with Retina Display. Average users will now consider the MacBook Air more seriously. 苹果的最新产品会在上一代的基础上进行改良,这一点不足为奇。这次升级电脑屏幕、采用全闪存存储方式、取消物理光驱的改进措施让公司前进了一步,继续保持它典型的引领潮流的风格。高级用户对视网膜显示屏MacBook Pro笔记本会怦然心动,而普通用户现在也会更加认真地考虑一下MacBook Air了。 /201207/188995

Google GOOG -1.06% has its checkbook open, and it’s y to dole out as much as billion to buy companies overseas. What could the Internet giant possibly buy, considering it’s aly working on everything from driverless cars to futuristic Internet eyeglasses?互联网巨头谷歌(Google)已经打开了它的票本,准备拿出300亿美元进行海外并购。谷歌已经把目光投向无人驾驶汽车和未来互联网眼镜领域,那么,它可能的收购对象会是谁?Google has said it plans to use most of its offshore funds to make acquisitions abroad, according to a recent letter to the Securities and Exchange Commission. By keeping its huge money pot overseas Google can avoid paying U.S. corporate taxes on the cash. Those taxes are as high as 35%.谷歌近期向美国券交易委员会(the Securities and Exchange Commission)提交的文件显示,它计划利用大部分境外资金进行海外并购。通过进行海外投资,谷歌可以避免付在美高达35%的公司税。When it comes to acquisitions, Google’s options are nearly endless. Looking at the obvious holes in its business, or even what the company has tried to go after in the past, may reveal the company’s grand plans, said Jason Helfstein, an analyst with Oppenheimer.说到并购,谷歌的选择可谓无穷无尽。投行Oppenheimer公司分析师贾森o赫福斯顿表示,通过查看谷歌业务的明显漏洞或过去曾尝试收购的公司,或许可以发现它的宏伟计划。“They have a very broad view of what their ultimate purpose is,” said Helfstein. It’s the data that’s central, he added, and it “is ultimately what they’re going to use.”“他们对最终的并购目标有着非常广泛的考虑,”赫福斯顿表示。数据是核心要素, “他们最终会用到数据。”There are three main areas where the company has faltered – or is still under-invested – and may want to beef up: social, payments and cloud services.谷歌蹒跚不前、投资不足和希望充实的三个主要领域分别是:社交网络、付业务和云务。Building Beyond Google+超越Google+Google has had a lot of success with its consumer-focused acquisitions, including YouTube and Android. It could find similar success with Belgium-based music streaming service Spotify, said Tom Taulli, founder of MasterCFO and author of “The Complete Mamp;A Handbook.”谷歌在以消费者为导向的收购中战绩辉煌,其中就包括视频网站YouTube和安卓操作系统(Android)。MasterCFO创始人、《并购完全手册》(The Complete Mamp;A Handbook)一书的作者汤姆o陶利表示,谷歌还能在总部位于比利时的音乐流务企业Spotify身上取得类似的成绩。Spotify comes with a built-in social network, an area in which Google has struggled to gain much traction. With over 10 million global subscribers, Spotify could give Google’s social ambitions – so far limited to Google+ – a big lift.Spotify提供内置社交网络,而这正是谷歌努力争取推动力的领域。Spotify的全球用户数量超过1,000万,能够让谷歌在社交领域的野心——目前仅限于Google+——搭上顺风车。“It’s been crickets for G+ and all their efforts on the social side,” Taulli said. “It’s been a big hole; a big gap in Google.”“G+及其在社交领域付出的所有努力已经走到了尽头,”陶利指出,“这是谷歌的巨大漏洞和缺口。”Buying a music service is also critical for Google if it wants to compete against Apple AAPL -0.69% and its recent billion acquisition of Beats, the audio equipment maker and music streaming service.如果谷歌想要与苹果(Apple)(AAPL -0.69%)及其近期30亿美元收购音频设备制造商和音乐流务公司Beats的计划相抗衡,收购一家音乐务公司对谷歌来说具有决定性意义。Buying Its Way to Data砸钱搞数据The payments business, which reveals all sorts of valuable information about consumers and businesses, such as what they buy and where they shop, is an area Google has wanted to enter for years, said Helfstein. The company aly has the Google Wallet payment service, but it likely wants to expand by buying foreign payment companies that would bolster Google’s capabilities. The value may even be worth foregoing profits.赫福斯顿表示,付业务披露各种有关消费者和商业的重要情报,如购买目标和购买地点,这是谷歌多年来一直希望进入的领域。谷歌已经推出了谷歌电子钱包(Google Wallet)付务,但是它或许希望收购增强公司能力的海外付公司,以此实现公司的扩张。收购价值甚至可能相当于前述利润。“It would be happy to run one of these businesses, make no money and collect all the data,” said Helfstein. It could then monetize the reams of information by using it within its current businesses.赫福斯顿表示,“谷歌很乐意在不盈利的基础上运营上述业务中的某一项业务,收集所有数据。”之后,它可以在现有业务中使用数据,实现大量信息的盈利。Cloud Connections云连接Google may choose to look beyond the consumer towards cloud-focused companies abroad, in a bid to build its offerings for small businesses, governments and big-name corporations为了向小型企业、政府和知名企业提供务,谷歌可能选择超越消费者层面,把目光投向海外的云务公司。“The Europeans are really lamenting that only the U.S. is really good in the cloud space,” said Roger Enter, founder of Recon Analytics. “It would make sense to put a lot of the servers closer to their clients. Move closer and everything gets faster. They’ve done that aly and they’re going to do it more.”“欧洲人常常抱怨,只有美国擅长云空间,”市场分析机构Recon Analytics公司创始人罗杰o埃特纳表示,“使大量务器靠近客户不无道理。距离更近,一切变得更快。他们已经就此采取行动,未来还将加大工作力度。”Google has also said it plans to spend as much as billion on infrastructure abroad, including data centers, and investing in a smaller, European-based cloud company could complement that investment and help Google deliver its cloud services to a European market that is hungry for more.谷歌还表示计划对数据中心等海外基础设施投资40亿美元。收购位于欧洲的小型云务公司可以对这项投资形成补充,而且有助于谷歌向需求庞大的欧洲市场提供云务。“For them, everything that connects, they should be interested in,” Enter said. “It helps them improve their product.”“他们应该对云连接的一切事物感兴趣,”埃特纳说。“云务可以帮助他们改进产品。” /201406/303462

  Money really does grow on trees – at least in Australia.树上真的可以长黄金——至少在澳大利亚是如此。Scientists have found gold in the leaves of eucalyptus trees.科学家们在桉树树叶里找到了黄金。The particles are much too small to be seen with the naked eye but have been detected using a type of x-ray that is especially good at picking up trace amounts of metals and minerals.这种树叶中含有的黄金粒子十分微小,不足以凭肉眼观察到,但是科学家们通过一种专门探查微量金属和矿物的X射线仪器发现了它们。However, gold hunters shouldn’t start felling gum trees in the hope of becoming rich.但是,猎金者们大概不能通过伐木来采金致富。Study leader Mel Lintern told the Brisbane Times: ‘If you had 500 eucalyptus trees growing over a gold deposit, they would only have enough gold in there to make a wedding ring.’科研小组的领队梅尔·林特恩对记者说,“如果让500棵桉树生长在一个金矿上,这些树中收集到的金子大概足够打一枚金戒指。”The real value of the study is that nature’s own version of gold leaf could provide mine companies with an inexpensive and environmentally friendly indicator of where to drill test sites.这一研究的真正价值在于,这种自然界而非小说里出现的金叶子可以充当金属探测器,这种探测方式既环保又方便,可以告诉探勘者在哪里能开采到金子。The study by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation in Western Australia showed levels of the precious metal were highest in trees growing directly over gold seams, one of which was 115 feet down.这项研究成果是由澳大利亚西部的联邦科学与工业研究组织成员做出的,该研究组织发现,直接生长在金矿层上的桉树叶中的黄金含量是最高的,其中一个金矿在地下115英尺(约35米)深。The researchers believe the gold was taken up by the trees’ extensive roots from while scouring for water during times of drought.研究者们相信,树叶中含有的金子是树根在干旱时期、四处蔓生以寻找水源时被吸取到树中的。It was then transported through the tree to the leaves, where concentrations are higher than in the twigs, trunk or surface soil.被树根吸取的金子被输送到枝干和叶子中,金子在叶子中的密集度比在树枝、树干和表层土壤中都要高。The researchers said: ‘Gold is probably toxic to plants and is moved to extremities, such as leaves in order to reduce deleterious biochemical reactions.’研究者说,“对于植物来说,黄金是有毒的,因此黄金被传送至树叶等植物的末端,这样可以减少破坏性的生化反应。”Writing in the journal Nature Communications, they said it was the first time that gold had been found naturally incorporated into a living thing.这一研究成果已经在《自然通讯》期刊上发表,科学家称,这是人们首次在植物体内发现自然贮藏的黄金。 /201310/262668


  If multiple communication systems aboard Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were manually disabled, as investigators increasingly suspect happened, it would have required detailed knowledge of the long-range Boeing Co. 777#39;s inner workings.调查人员愈发怀疑马来西亚航空(Malaysia Airlines)失联370航班上的多个通讯系统是被人为破坏的,如果真是这样,则蓄意破坏的人需要对波音(Boeing Co.) 777客机的内部情况拥有详细的知识。The first loss of the jet#39;s transponder, which communicates the jet#39;s position, speed and call sign to air traffic control radar, would require disabling a circuit breaker above and behind an overhead panel. Pilots rarely, if ever, need to access the circuit breakers, which are reserved for maintenance personnel.首先被关闭的应答器可向空中交通控制雷达发送飞机位置、速度和呼叫信号,关闭它需要切断顶部仪表板上方和后面的一个断路器。飞行员很少需要动用断路器,这些断路器是为维修人员准备的。Pulling one specific circuit breaker, which is labeled, would render inoperative both of the 777#39;s transponders, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal and bolstered by comments from according to aviation industry officials and those who have worked with the 777.根据《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)见过的文件、航空业官员,以及曾务过波音777的人员提供的信息,拔掉某一个断路器(断路器上有标签)将导致飞机上两个应答器停止工作。Becoming familiar with the 777#39;s systems requires extensive training for pilots and aircraft mechanics alike, experts said. However, considerable technical data on the airplane is also available online in discussion groups or other websites.专家称,要熟悉波音777系统,需要接受大量有关飞行员和机械师的培训。不过这种机型的相当多技术数据也可以在讨论小组或其他网站上获得。Investigators are trying to establish a sequence of events that transpired on the jet, which vanished from radar March 8, most critically the loss of communication.对于这架在3月8日消失在雷达屏幕上的飞机,调查人员正试图对机上发生的事件理出一个顺序。The shutdown of the on board reporting system shortly after the jet was last seen on radar, can be performed in a series of keystrokes on either of the cockpit#39;s two flight management computers in the cockpit. The computers are used to set the performance of the engines on takeoff, plan the route, as well as other functions to guide the 777.在飞机最后一次出现在雷达屏幕后不久机上应答系统关闭,这一操作可以通过在驾驶舱内两台飞行管理电脑中的任意一台上敲一系列键就可完成。这些电脑用于设置发动机在起飞时的性能、规划飞行路线以及指导777飞机的其他功能。After vanishing, the jet#39;s satellite communications system continued to ping orbiting satellites for at least five hours. The pings ceased at a point over the Indian Ocean, while the aircraft was at a normal cruise altitude, say two people familiar with the jet#39;s last known position. Investigators are trying to understand that loss, and whether or not #39;something catastrophic happened or someone switched off#39; the satellite communication system, says one of the people.在失联后,飞机的卫星通讯系统在至少五个小时内继续向卫星发出连接请求。两名知情人士表示,卫星连接请求在印度洋上方某处中断,当时飞机处在正常的巡航高度。其中一人称,调查人员正试图了解中断原因,是否发生了一些灾难性事情,或者是有人关闭了卫星通讯系统。A physical disconnection of the satellite communications system would require extremely detailed knowledge of the aircraft, its internal structure and its systems. The satellite data system is sp across the aircraft and disabling it would require physical access to key components. Disconnecting the satellite data system from the jet#39;s central computer, known as AIMS, would disable its transmission. The central computer can be reached from inside the jet while it is flying, but its whereabouts would have to be known by someone deeply familiar with the 777.物理阻断卫星通讯系统需要极为详细地了解飞机、其内部结构和系统。卫星数据系统遍布机身,要关闭这一系统需要能够实际接触到关键部件。从被称为AIMS的飞机中央电脑关闭卫星数据系统可以切断数据传输。在飞机飞行过程中,机上人员可以接触到其中央电脑,但是需要对这架波音777极为熟悉。Getting into the area housing the 777#39;s computers would #39;not take a lot#39; of knowledge, said an aviation professional who has worked with the 777. However, this person added, #39;to know what to do there to disable#39; systems would require considerable understanding of the jet#39;s inner workings. Some airlines outfit the access hatch to the area below the floor with a special screw to prevent unauthorized intrusion, the person added.据一位曾务过777机型的航空专家称,进入777飞机放置电脑的区域不需要许多知识。但是这位专家表示,知道如何关闭系统需要相当了解该飞机内部工作原理。这位专家还说,有些航空公司会为进入这一地板下区域的舱门安装一个特别的螺丝,以防的进入。Orbiting satellites are designed to check in with the aircraft#39;s satellite-communication system hourly if no data is received during that time. The pings from the aircraft became a subject of scrutiny earlier this week, said a person familiar with the matter, several days after the plane first went missing.轨道卫星如果没有接收到数据的话,每小时都会检查一次飞机的卫星通讯系统。一位知情人士称,在马航客机失联数天之后,该架航班的数据连接请求在本周早些时候成为调查目标。Because the pings between the satellite and the aircraft registered that the aircraft#39;s satellite communications system was healthy and able to transmit, the data did not immediately raise any red flags in the hours after the jet#39;s disappearance.由于卫星与这架客机之间存在数据连接请求,显示飞机的卫星通讯系统情况正常且能够进行信号传输,所以在飞机失联之后的几个小时里,相关数据并没有立刻引起警惕。At first, the origin of the final ping from the Malaysia Airlines jet seemed like an anomaly to investigators, according to a person familiar with the matter, given that the plane was believed to have crashed off the coast of Vietnam, hundreds if not thousands of miles from the location of the final ping.据一位知情人士称,最初阶段,考虑到这架马航客机被认为已经在越南海域坠毁,距离最后发出数据连接请求的位置有数百甚至上千英里之远,客机最后发出数据连接请求的地点在调查人员看来似乎有些异常。Until just a few years ago, the satellite communication system used by jetliners didn#39;t include data on an aircraft#39;s location in the pings, the electronic equivalent of handshakes used to establish initial contact.直到数年之前,客机使用的卫星通讯系统并不包含有关飞机发出数字连接请求的位置信息。For instance, before Air France Flight 447 crashed into the Atlantic Ocean in 2009, the jet sent some diagnostic data indicating problems with various onboard systems, including the autopilot#39;s deactivation. But notably the plane#39;s position wasn#39;t transmitted with that data.比如,在2009年法国航空公司(Air France) 447航班在大西洋坠毁之前,该机发送的诊断数据表明,飞机上多个系统出了问题,其中包括应答器关闭。但值得注意的是,该飞机的位置信息并未得到传输。Partly as a result it took nearly two years to locate the plane#39;s #39;black boxes#39; and the majority of the wreckage. In the case of the missing Malaysian jetliner, precise locations were provided. However, it is unclear why the transmission ceased and where the plane may have ended up after the final ping.其中一个后果就是,寻找这架飞机的黑匣子和主体残骸用了将近两年的时间。而在马航失联飞机事件中有精确的位置信息。但目前还不清楚为何这种信号传输会中断,以及在最后一次数字连接请求发出之后飞机可能最终去了哪里。 /201403/280282

  While much of the nascent civilian unmanned aircraft industry looks at ways to optimize small unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for specific tasks such facility security, infrastructure inspection, or precision agriculture, a New Mexico-based aerospace startup is thinking bigger and longer-term.眼下,当尚处襁褓中的民用无人机行业还在设法优化小型无人机(UAS),以执行设备安保、基础设施监控或精准农业之类的特定任务时,一家位于美国新墨西哥州的航空初创企业却已经有了更宏大、更长期的规划。Titan Aerospace, a one-year-old venture-backed aircraft designer, last week unveiled its Solara 50 and Solara 60 unmanned aircraft. These are two massive solar-powered, high-altitude vehicles the company plans to send aloft for weeks, months, and eventually years at a time without ever having to land.这家公司名叫“泰坦航空”(Titan Aerospace),是一家成立仅有一年、已获风资的航空器设计公司。它上周推出了两款无人机:Solara 50 和Solara 60。这是两架硕大无朋、靠太阳能驱动的高空飞机,这家公司计划让它们一次性升空后在空中巡航数周、数月直至数年,中途完全无须降落。Titan doesn#39;t refer to these concept aircraft as ;drones; or by the industry-preferred ;unmanned aerial system,; but instead calls them ;atmospheric satellites; for their ability to remain aloft for extended periods of time just as orbital satellites do. The company hopes to provide a sub- million platform that governments, private industry, and research institutions can put high into the atmosphere for extended periods of time for a fraction of the cost of a space satellite.泰坦并没有把这些概念机叫“遥控无人机”(drone),也不用这个行业所习称的“无人机系统”,而是叫它们“大气层卫星”。因为它们就像轨道卫星一样,能在空中长时间巡航逗留。这家公司希望将这个售价不到200万美元的平台卖给政府、私营企业和研究机构,让它们只需付出卫星成本的九牛一毛,就能在大气层拥有自己的航天器。The idea is that an atmospheric satellite can conduct most of the same operations as an orbital one: atmospheric observation and weather monitoring, communications relay, oceanographic research, and earth imaging. Other operations are impractical for space satellites, such as border security, maritime traffic monitoring and anti-piracy operations, disaster response, or agricultural observation. And with continuous flight time of up to five years, Solara#39;s aircraft would have endurance on par with many small satellites, making them a more attractive option for a range of these applications (not to mention that if a sensor or instrument goes down, you can land and relaunch).这家公司的理念是,这样一台大气层卫星就能执行轨道卫星的绝大多数任务:大气观测和天气监测,通讯转播,海洋研究和地球成像。而它所能完成的其他任务则是空间卫星无能为力的,比如边境安保、海上交通监控,打击海盗行动,灾害响应以及农业观测。另外,Solara的续航时间长达五年,使用寿命和很多小型卫星不相上下,使它们对上述应用来说成了一个更具吸引力的选择(更别提如果传感器或是仪表坏了,还能让它们降落,然后重新发射升空)。;If you have to go up to the satellite and rent that service, that#39;s a lot of money,; says Dustin Sanders, Titan#39;s chief electrical engineer. ;And launching a satellite, that can be in the billions of dollars. We#39;re trying to do a single-million-dollar-per-aircraft platform. And the operation cost is almost nothing -- you#39;re paying some dude to watch the payload and make sure the aircraft doesn#39;t do anything stupid.;泰坦首席电气工程师达斯汀#8226;桑德斯说:“租用卫星务要耗费巨资。发射卫星也会耗资数十亿美元。而我们要开发的是每台航空器仅百万美元级的平台,而且这个平台的运营成本几乎为零——只需要花不多的钱就能了解实际载荷情况,确保这台无人机不会出问题。”Other long-endurance solar UAS concepts -- including Aerovironment#39;s (AVAV) Global Observer and QinetiQ#39;s Zephyr, a demonstrator for a Boeing (BA) concept -- have had little success in generating the kind of long-term atmospheric satellite Titan envisions, but the company#39;s engineers think they#39;ve worked around some of the thornier problems that have grounded previous efforts. For one, 160-foot-plus wingspans of the Solara 50 and Solara 60 will be covered edge-to-edge with advanced solar cell technology that will provide enough energy for both day and night flight (batteries will store power during the day for use at night) with enough left over to power up to 70 pounds of sensors and instruments.而其他长航太阳能概念无人机——包括航空环境公司(Aerovironment)的“全球观察者”(Global Observer)和奎奈蒂克公司(一家英国国防科技公司——译注)为波音公司(Boeing)开发的展示概念机“西风”(Zephyr)——都没能造出泰坦设想的长寿命大气层卫星,但泰坦的工程师认为他们已经基于以前的努力解决了一些棘手问题。比如,Solara 50和Solara 60翼展长达160多英尺的机翼上密集覆盖着先进的太阳能电池板,它们提供的电力不仅足够白天黑夜飞行所用(电池白天存储电力供晚上用),还足以供重达70磅的传感器和仪器使用。But perhaps the most important part of the formula is not how it will fly, but where. To sustain such long flight durations, the aircraft will operate in an atmospheric sweet spot known as the tropopause, a zone at roughly 65,000 feet (or more than 12 miles) above sea level where winds are generally less than 5 knots. In this relative calm far above any turbulence or weather that would otherwise challenge its flight capabilities, Solara could linger for up to five years, Titan engineers say. It doesn#39;t hurt that the tropopause resides far above the weather that can damage conventional aircraft or, more critically for Solara, block out the sun.不过最关键的也许不是它的飞行方式,而是它到底在何处飞。为了维持这么长的飞行时间,这种飞行器将在大气层的最佳位置即所谓的对流层顶飞行。这个区域距海平面约65,000英尺(即12英里多),风速通常小于5节。泰坦的工程师称,这个空域相对平静,且远高于湍流或其他会影响其飞行性能的恶劣天气,Solara可以在其中飞上五年之久。对流层顶下的天气会损坏普通飞行器,对Solara来说更关键的还在于,它会遮蔽太阳,因此在远高于这种天气的对流层顶飞行Solara就不易损坏。With rather simple mechanical systems and enough solar power to run them indefinitely, the thing limiting flight duration right now is the batteries themselves, Titan engineers say, which deteriorate over time and must be swapped out every few years. To prove it, the company has two fifth-scale test aircraft currently conducting test flights and -- pending a round of Series B funding -- will have a full-sized prototype in the air by spring or summer of next year.泰坦的工程师称,由于这种飞行器机械结构简单,同时还有足够的太阳能驱动它长期运行,因此现在限制飞行时长的因素就只有电池了。而电池会随着时间推移而逐渐老化,每隔几年就必须更换。为了论这个问题,公司现在用两架五分之一大小的试验机进行试飞——同时推迟了B轮融资——到明年春季或夏季时才会让全尺寸机型上天。By the time the company delivers its first aircraft -- which could happen as soon as the end of next year -- solar cell and battery technology may have improved such that the aircraft can extend their flight durations or carry even more payload, Sanders says. ;We#39;re focusing on the simplest, most lightweight solution for this and trying not to get overly complicated,; he says. ;That#39;s really the key to keeping this thing affordable as well as to enable it to stay up there for years.;桑德斯表示,到公司交付首架飞机时——最快要到明年年底——太阳能板和电池技术也许已大幅提高,可让飞机飞行时间更长或携带更大载荷。他说:“我们正为了这个目标致力于开发最简单、最轻量化的解决方案,同时努力避免过分复杂化。这才是让这款无人机物美价廉、同时能够不间断飞行数年的关键所在。”Of course much of Titan#39;s success, at least in the U.S., hinges on the FAA clearing the aircraft to fly in the national airspace. While rules governing UAS integration into the national airspace are pending (delivery of a regulatory framework is slated for 2015), the rules attached to larger UAS like the planned Solara are expected to be fairly strict.当然,泰坦能否成功,至少在美国很大程度上取决于联邦航空(FAA)是否允许这种飞行器在国家空域中飞行。目前允许无人机进入国家空域的管理规定还未出台(相关制度将于2015年推出),针对像Solara这样大型无人机的管理制度应该会非常严格。But Sanders and company aren#39;t particularly worried. Titan has been working closely with the FAA through its design process, and anyhow the only part of that multi-year duration the FAA is technically concerned with is the initial climb. Class A airspace ends at 60,000 feet in the U.S.; above that the FAA doesn#39;t regulate, Sanders says (that#39;s roughly twice the altitude that commercial airliners operate).不过桑德斯及公司对此并不怎么担心,因为在该机型的设计研发全程中泰坦都与联邦航空保持着密切合作。而从技术上说,虽然这个机型的飞行寿命长达数年,但联邦航空真正关心的只是其最初爬升的那一段。桑德斯称,美国的A级空域最高到60,000英尺为止,超过高度就不是联邦航空管辖的范围了(这个高度大概是民用飞机飞行高度的两倍)。But while fitting into the existing flight paradigm is necessary, that#39;s not really the driving idea behind Titan, Sanders says of the young startup (Sanders is 32, founder and CTO Max Yaney is in his mid-30s, and chief operating operator Nick Renold is 24). That#39;s why the company refers to its products as atmospheric satellites rather than UAS. In a way, Titan is trying to hack the UAS and satellite space by providing something radically different and far more accessible than what#39;s aly out there.桑德斯谈及这家年轻的公司(桑德斯32岁,创始人兼首席技术官马克斯#8226;雅尼35岁左右,首席运营官尼克#8226;雷诺德只有24岁)时表示,尽管符合现行飞行管理规定势在必行,但这不是泰坦公司真正的动力所在。这就是为什么公司称其产品为大气层卫星而不是无人机的缘故。在某种程度上,泰坦是要拿出一种截然不同、比现有产品更容易使用的产品来冲击无人机和卫星领域。;We don#39;t want any operating costs, we don#39;t want you to spend thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars just to get the stupid thing certified all the time,; Sanders says.桑德斯说:“我们不希望它带来任何运行成本,不想客户为了让一台不像样的飞行器获准飞行而不停地大笔花钱。”;We want something very simple and that doesn#39;t take up all of your time and energy to keep it running. If all you need is one person to keep an eye on the aircraft, that completely changes things. We#39;re trying to change the mindset on how aircraft should operate.;“我们想打造一台非常简单的产品,它能持续飞行,无需占用客户大量时间和精力。如果只需要有一个人监控飞行器,那就会让局面彻底改观。我们是要努力改变大家对飞行器运行方式的普遍看法。” /201309/256037The speed and volume of mergers and acquisitions large and small in the technology industry has ramped up. Global tech Mamp;A volume in the first half of this year was up 55% over last year, reaching its highest level since 2000.科技行业大大小小的并购在速度和规模上都有所提升。今年上半年,全球科技行业并购规模同比增长了50%,达到2000年以来的最高点。Part of the reason for the buying spree is because tech companies have massive cash piles on their balance sheets. There’s also the acqui-hire trend, where tech companies are created cheaply, raise seed funding easily, fail, and then “sell” to Yahoo YHOO 0.76% , Facebook FB 2.35% , or Google GOOG 0.98% – which merely want the employees.出现收购热潮的部分原因是科技公司手中积累了大量现金。同时出现了为获得人才而收购的趋势——在这种趋势下,以低成本创立的科技公司轻松获得种子资金,然后倒闭,接下来就“转让”给雅虎(Yahoo)、Facebook和谷歌(Google)——但后者想要的只是所收购公司的员工。But that’s not all. As vice chairman of JPMorgan Chase, Jimmy Lee has a front-row seat to the deal action. And he’s been increasingly pushing the firm into tech deals, most notably, the much-anticipated initial public offering of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba.但这还不是全部。根大通(JPMorgan Chase)副董事长吉米o李在并购领域一直处于前列。他推动根大通越来越多地参与到了科技公司的资本运作,其中最引人注意的就是中国电子商务巨擘阿里巴巴(Alibaba)备受期待的首发上市。Speaking on stage at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference in Aspen on Monday, Lee pointed to another sign of a tech Mamp;A boom: Shares of publicly traded tech companies going up, not down when they announced acquisitions in recent years. Traditionally, companies that acquire another lose value because of the expense along with the uncertainty about making the deal pay off.周一,吉米o李在阿斯彭举行的财富头脑风暴技术会议(Brainstorm Tech Conference)上登台发言。他提出了科技行业出现并购热潮的另一条佐,那就是最近几年,就并购事项发布公告后上市科技公司的股价没有下跌,反而节节攀升。传统上,收购方的价值会下降,因为收购会产生费用,而且收购能否带来收益存在不确定性。“So the buy side is saying, we’re going to pay for growth, and it’s okay if we pay a premium,” Lee said. “A lot of it is a growth challenge that companies now want to go after, and attack it hard.”吉米o李说:“买方会这么说,我们买的是成长性,因此溢价收购没问题。在很多情况下,这是一个有关成长的挑战。现在的企业都想追逐这样的挑战,全力出击。”See a of the discussion here.吉米o李引述了两个通过收购成功实现增长的例子,一是Facebook斥资10亿美元收购图片和短视频分享网站Instagram(最新一期《财富》杂志对此进行了探讨),二是八年前谷歌(Google)收购YouTube。Lee cited Facebook’s success with its billion Instagram acquisition (recently outlined in the latest issue of Fortune magazine) and Google’s success with buying YouTube eight years ago as examples of successful growth by acquisition.吉米o李指出,各家公司一直在囤积现金,而资本成本“实际上为零”。资产负债规模巨大的科技公司纷纷崛起,导致风险投资领域出现了一个有意思的现象。除了四处收购,风投资金还在相互竞争。谷歌的风投业务已经令人望而生畏,而包括康卡斯特(Comcast)和时代华纳(Time Warner)在内的大型传媒公司也在提升对初创公司的投资规模。Companies have been hoarding cash, Lee said, and the cost of capital “is virtually zero.” The rise of tech companies with massive balance sheets has created another interesting wrinkle for venture capital world. Aside from buying up portfolio companies, they’re also competing. Google built up has a formidable venture capital practice, and large media companies from Comcast to Time Warner have also ramped up their startup investing.股票投资机构Breyer Capital首席执行官吉米o布雷耶指出,以前人们总是认为这些公司的风投部门并不是真正的风投市场参与者,但现在它们“正在非常有效地展开竞争”。这给风险投资者带来了更大的竞争风险。同时,竞争已经全球化,阿里巴巴、百度(Baidu)和腾讯(Tencent)等亚洲多元化集团都已经加入了这个行列。Jim Breyer, CEO of Breyer Capital, noted that these corporate venture arms, which weren’t always viewed as serious players in the VC game, are now “competing very effectively.” That has increased the competitive risks to venture investors, Breyer added. The competition is global, too, with Asian conglomerates from Alibaba and Baidu to Tencent bidding up deals.估值方面的情况是——没错,估值水平已经上升。风投机构First Round Capital合伙人乔什o科佩尔曼说,近年来种子阶段投资的价格已经提高了20%-30%。他说:“我们一直在努力保持对价格的敏感性。但作为风投机构,我们放弃了对Twitter的投资……原因就是价格。”他表示,等到移动付务供应商Square来到自己面前时,他决定不重蹈覆辙。And about those valuations: Yes, they’ve gone up. Josh Kopelman, a partner at First Round Capital, says seed deals have increased in price by around 20% to 30% in recent years, which makes his job difficult. “We have tried to maintain price sensitivity,” he said. “But you’re also talking to a VC who passed on Twitter … because of price.” He noted that he decided not to do the same thing when Square knocked on his door.对于估值,布雷耶的理念跟科佩尔曼类似:如果创始团队足够出色,他就乐于拿出资金。他完成的最出色投资价格都高得足以让一些投资者裹足不前——其中包括对Facebook的投资,当时的融资前估值为7800万美元。科佩尔曼说:“如果(回报率)达到50倍甚至100倍,我就不会考虑价格。” /201407/312515

  Like many companies led by influential founders, leadership succession has been a big question for Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei Technologies. 和许多其他由具有影响力的创始人所领导的公司一样,领导层交接对于中国电信设备巨头华为技术有限公司(Huawei Technologies Co., 简称:华为)来说也一直是一个大问题。But Huawei, founded by Chinese engineer Ren Zhengfei in 1987, is unlikely to choose one leader to replace 69-year-old Ren, according to a top executive. AFP/Getty Images但该公司一位高管说,华为不可能只挑选一位领导来接替创始人任正非。任正非于1987年创建了华为。#39;In the future, the successor to Mr. Ren will not be just one person,#39; said Eric Xu, Huawei#39;s acting chief executive, at the company#39;s annual analyst conference in Shenzhen. The successor could be a team of leaders rather than one leader, he said, without providing more details. 华为轮值首席执行长(CEO)徐直军(Eric Xu)在深圳召开的年度分析师大会上说,未来接替任正非的将不只是一个人。他说,继任者也许是一个团队,而不是一位领导。徐直军没有就此提供更多细节。At Huawei, three executives -- Xu, Guo Ping and Ken Hu -- take turns and rotate through the acting CEO position every six months. The company introduced this system in 2011. 徐直军、郭平和胡厚昆(Ken Hu)这三位华为高管每六个月轮流担任CEO的职位。该公司于2011年引入了这种机制。Ren, meanwhile, remains the company#39;s permanent CEO. 此外任正非还一直担任公司的永久CEO。According to Huawei, Ren has the right to veto decisions made by the company#39;s board. Still, Huawei director Chen Lifang said in an interview last year that Ren had never exercised the veto right. 根据华为的介绍,任正非对董事会的决定拥有否决权。然而华为董事陈黎芳去年在接受采访时说,任正非从来没有行使过否决权。The unique rotating CEO system has sometimes raised questions from analysts and other industry observers about who makes decisions at Huawei. 分析师和其他行业观察人士有时会对这种独特的轮值CEO机制产生疑问:华为的决策权究竟掌握在谁的手里?At the analyst meeting Wednesday, Xu didn#39;t provide a clear answer to the question on whether the current rotating CEO system will be a temporary arrangement or a permanent structure. 徐直军在周三的分析师大会上被问到这样一个问题:目前实行的轮值CEO机制是一项临时安排还是永久性结构?徐直军没有给出明确回答。It#39;s still unclear what exact shape Huawei#39;s management will take in the generation after Ren. 目前还不清楚在任正非这一代领导卸任后华为的管理层结构。#39;How we get there, only time will tell,#39; Xu said. 徐直军说,未来真正的走向只能等未来来回答。Ren, who rarely makes public appearances, wasn#39;t available for comment. 任正非很少公开露面,记者未能联系到他就此发表。Huawei is the world#39;s second-largest supplier of telecom networking gear by revenue after Sweden#39;s Ericsson. Last month, the company said it expects its revenue in 2018 to be about 80% higher than its 2013 revenue of roughly billion. 按收入衡量,华为是全球第二大电信网络设备供应商,排名仅次于瑞典的爱立信(Ericsson)。该公司上月说,预计到2018年公司的收入将较2013年的约400亿美元增长80%左右。 /201404/290985

  Let me hazard a wild guess: the system of passwords you use on the internet – for accessing online banking, email, shopping sites, Twitter and Facebook accounts – is a mess.让我大胆猜测一下:你在互联网上使用的,用于访问网上、电子邮件、购物网站、Twitter和Facebook账户的密码系统是一团糟。You know perfectly well what you ought to be doing: for each site you visit, you should be choosing a different, complex sequence of letters, numbers and symbols, and then memorising it. (That#39;s rule number one of the conventional wisdom on passwords: never, ever write them down.) But you don#39;t do this, because you weren#39;t blessed with a brain that#39;s capable of such feats.你完全知道自己应该怎么做:你所访问的每个网站,你都应该选择一个由字母、数字和符号组成的不同且复杂的序列,然后记住它。(这是关于密码常规智慧的第一原则:永远不要把它们写下来。)但你不会这样做,因为你无福拥有具备此类技能的大脑。So instead you use the same familiar words for every site – your dog#39;s name, the name of your street – with occasional ingenious permutations, such as adding ;123; at the end. Or maybe you do try to follow the rules, in which case you#39;re probably constantly getting locked out of your bank account or trying to remember the answers to various absurd security questions. (;What was your favourite sport as a child?;) And things are getting worse: these days, you find yourself forced to choose passwords with both upper- and lower-case letters, and what normal human being can remember multiple combinations of those? Not you, that#39;s for sure.因此,你每一个网站都使用同样熟悉的单词——你家的名字、你家街道的名字 ——偶尔巧妙的排列一下,如结尾加个“123”。或者,也许你的确尝试了遵循这样的规则,某些情况下,你可能总是进不了你的帐户或试图记住各种荒谬的安全问题的。 (“你小时候最喜欢的运动是什么?”)事情变得越来越糟糕:这些天,你会发现自己要被迫选择大写和小写字母组成的密码,哪个正常人可以记住这样的多个组合?不是你,这是肯定的。One reason not to feel too guilty about your bad password behaviour is that it seems to be almost universal. Last month, an analysis of leaked pin numbers revealed that about one in 10 of us uses ;1234;; a recent security breach at Yahoo showed that thousands of users#39; passwords were either ;password;, ;welcome;, ;123456; or ;ninja;. People choose terrible passwords even when more is at stake than their savings对于自己的糟糕密码行为不用感到太内疚的一个原因是它好像是几乎普遍的。上个月,泄漏的密码分析显示,我们中大约有十分之一的人使用“1234”,雅虎最近的安全漏洞表明,成千上万的用户密码不是;password;、 ;welcome;、;123456; 就是;ninja;.即使他们的财产会面临更多的风险,人们还是选择糟糕的密码。Password hacking takes many different forms, but one crucial thing to understand is that it#39;s often not a matter of devilish cunning but of bludgeoning with brute force.密码黑客会采取多种不同的形式,但要明白关键的一件事是,它通常不是恶魔般的狡猾,而是蛮力的使用。This is where the length of your password makes an almost unbelievable difference. For a hacker with the computing power to make 1,000 guesses per second, a five-letter, purely random, all-lower-case password, such as ;fpqzy;, would take three and three-quarter hours to crack. Increase the number of letters to 20, though, and the cracking time increases, just a little bit: it#39;s 6.5 thousand trillion centuries.你密码的长度可以产生几乎令人难以置信的差异。对于黑客的计算能力,每秒1000次猜测, 5个字母、完全随机、全小写的密码,如“fpqzy”,只要花费3小时45分钟来破解。把字母数增加到20,只是一点点,但破解的时间增加:这将是6500万亿个世纪。Then there#39;s the question of predictability. Nobody thinks up passwords by combining truly random sequences of letters and numbers; instead they follow rules, like using real words and replacing the letter O with a zero, or using first names followed by a year. Hackers know this, so their software can incorporate these rules when generating guesses, vastly reducing the time it takes to hit on a correct one. If you think you#39;ve got a clever system for coming up with passwords, the chances are that hackers are aly familiar with it.这样就有可预测性的问题。没有人想出密码是由字母和数字真正随机组合的序列;相反,他们遵守规则,像使用真正的单词和用“zero”替换字母“O”,或在名字后面加上年份。黑客们知道这一点,所以他们的软件在进行猜测时可以兼容这些规则,大大减少了猜中正确所花费的时间。如果你认为你已经有了一个想出密码的聪明方法,很有可能黑客们早已熟悉它了。The least hackable password, then, would be a long string of completely random letters, numbers, spaces and symbols – but you#39;d never remember it. However, because length matters so much, the surprising truth is that a longish string of random English words, all in lower case – say, ;awoken wheels angling ostrich; – is actually much more secure than a shorter password that follows your bank#39;s annoying rules, such as ;M@nch3st3r;. And easier to remember: you#39;ve aly formed a memorable image of some noisy wheels waking up an ostrich fishing by a riverbank, haven#39;t you?那么最不容易被破解的密码,将是由完全随机的字母、数字、空格和符号组成的一串很长的字符- 但你永远记不住它。然而,因为长度那么重要,令人惊喜的真相是,一串随机英语单词组成的长长的字符,全是小写字母——写着“苏醒车轮钓鱼避世者”——其实比你遵循恼人的规则设置的短密码更加安全,如“M @ nch3st3r”。而且更容易记住:你已经形成了一个难忘的印象,一些吵闹的车轮吵醒避世的人在河边钓鱼,是不是?One day, we may not have to worry about any of this: there are innovations in development that might replace passwords entirely. Touchscreens could be configured to detect subtle aspects of your interactions with your computer – the distances between your fingers, the speeds at which you tap and scroll.有一天,我们可能不用再担心这些:发展的创新可能会完全取代密码。触屏可以配置得发现你和你电脑之间微妙的互动——通过你手指之间的距离、你打字和滚动的速度。 /201210/202665


  Google wants you to know that it too is experimenting with drones to ferry products to your doorstep.谷歌(Google)想让外界知道它也在试验用无人机送货上门。On Thursday, the technology giant revealed that it – like Amazon.com – hopes to use small unmanned aircraft as a quicker and cheaper alternative to having drivers deliver your online orders. The project, which has been underway for two years, has aly succeeded as a proof of concept, but there remains much work ahead before it is y for a commercial premiere.这家科技巨头上周四宣布,如同亚马逊公司(Amazon.com)一样,该公司希望使用小型无人机替代驾驶员递送消费者在网上购买的产品,以实现更快捷、更经济的快递。这个研究项目已进行了两年,目前已明这一理念是切实可行的,但距离试水商业运营仍有很多工作要做。Google showed off the experiment in a in which it showed a drone making a delivery to a ranch in Australia. In the test, the drone hovered a couple hundred feet overhead and used fishing line to lower a box containing dog biscuits to people waiting below.谷歌展示了一段测试视频,内容是一架无人机给澳大利亚一家农场递送物品。在这项测试中,无人机悬停在几百英尺上空,用钓鱼线给等在下方的人放下一个装有饼干的篮子。Using location technology, the drone can determine where to fly to make the delivery and sense when someone has retrieved the contents of any package lowered. It then knows to reel the delivery box back up and take off.使用定位技术,无人机可以决定飞到什么地方递送,当有人拿到放下的包裹时,它也可以探测到。然后,无人机会收回包裹篮,升空离开。The drone remains high overhead to avoid any possibility that someone may be injured by its fast-spinning propellers. It was unclear whether the system would work smoothly in high winds or rainy weather.无人机悬停在高空,是为了防止有人被其快速旋转的螺旋桨弄伤。尚不清楚这种无人机能否在大风天或雨天顺利工作。“It’s years from a product, but it is sort of the first prototype that we want to stand behind,” said Nicholas Roy, founder of Project Wing, as the drone delivery program is called.这个无人机送货项目被称为“翅膀计划(Project Wing)”。该项目创建者尼古拉斯o罗伊表示:“还需要经历数年时间才能打造一款真正的无人机产品,但它已经有点像我们期待的首个原型机了。”It is just the latest futuristic initiative to come out of Google X, the company’s research and development arm that includes driverless cars and Internet-connected glasses. The company is banking on future innovation making the experiments commercially viable, although executives are generally cagey about their ultimate plans for them.这只不过是谷歌研发部门Google X推出的最新一项充满未来感的产品设计。该部门的其他计划还包括无人驾驶汽车和连接互联网的眼镜。谷歌希望未来的创新能让这些试验变得具有商业可行性,但谈及这些产品设计的最终目标时,谷歌高管基本上不愿置评,闪烁其词。News of the drone project was first reported by The Atlantic Online and the B.谷歌无人机项目最早是由《大西洋月刊》网站(The Atlantic Online》和英国广播公司(B)率先报道的。The B said that the drone operated with four electric propellers and had a wingspan of around five feet. The maximum payload is 22 pounds, meaning that big items would not be able to get airborne.B报道称,这种无人机装有4个电动螺旋桨,翼展长度约5英尺。最大有效载荷为22磅,这意味着它不能承载大件货物。Last year, Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive, made the stunning announcement that his company was hoped to one day make deliveries by drone. A number of skeptics dismissed the idea as fantasy, but it did at least score Amazon a marketing coup by casting the company as a hotbed of innovation.去年,亚马逊CEO杰夫o贝佐斯曾发布公告称,该公司希望有一天能用无人机送货。消息一出,坊间哗然。很多怀疑论者认为这纯粹是幻想,但这至少为亚马逊建下了营销奇功,成功将该公司塑造为一片创新热土。Use of drones, let alone the idea of hundreds buzzing from home to home in U.S. cities, faces huge regulatory hurdles. The Federal Aviation Administration has authorized a handful of test sites for commercial drones but has prohibited their use elsewhere. Amazon, for example, is suspected of eyeing India for testing its drones after meeting resistance domestically.撇开数百架无人机在美国城市的千家万户穿梭飞行这样的念头,单单无人机的使用也面临巨大的监管障碍。美国联邦航空(The Federal Aviation Administration)已批准几处商业无人机的测试地点,但禁止在其他地方使用。比如,外界猜测亚马逊在美国国内遇到阻力后,正打算在印度进行无人机测试。Google did not address any of those concerns. Nor did it mention any testing it may be doing in the ed States.谷歌没有对此类担忧做出回应,也没有提及它可能正在美国进行的测试。“Throughout history, there’ve been a series of innovations that have each taken a huge chunk out of the friction of moving things around,”Astro Teller, who leads Google X. “Project Wing aspires to take another big chunk out of the remaining friction out of moving things around in the world.”“历史上有一系列这样的创新,极大地推动了货物运输技术的发展。”Google X负责人阿斯特罗o泰勒表示,“翅膀计划渴望将全世界货物运输技术再向前推进一大步。”David Vos, a lead with Project Wing, said that Google’s next step is to take the momentum it has built internally for drone delivery and “drive toward the dream of delivering stuff more quickly.” But in a nod to inevitable public concerns, he added that it will be done “with proper and due safety.”翅膀计划负责人之一戴维o沃斯表示,谷歌的下一步是利用公司内部对无人机研发鼓起的劲头,“向加快货品运送的梦想推进”。但在承认不可避免会引发公众担忧时,他补充说,相关努力将在保障安全的前提下进行。 /201409/326520


  Tech geeks, rejoice! After the widesp disappointment last fall when we learned that the new iPhone would only be the 4S (what, we couldn#39;t make the jump all the way to 5?), Apple has finally announced the release of the iPhone 5. As promised, it boasts a new design and can do some new things. And it#39;s shiny. Which is all I really need to know to decide that I want one now. Anyone with me?科技迷们,欢呼吧!在失望情绪不断蔓延的去年秋天当我们得知新的iPhone将只是4S的时候(什么,我们不能一下子跳到iphone5?),苹果公司终于宣布iPhone5的发布。如所承诺的,它拥有全新的设计,可以做一些新的东西。同时它很闪亮。这就是我真正需要知道的全部并以此决定我现在就想要一部。有人跟我一起吗?According to CNN, Apple Vice President Philip Schiller introduced the iPhone 5 at the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco on Wednesday afternoon. ;It#39;s an absolute jewel,; he said.据CNN报道,苹果公司副总裁菲利普#8226;席勒星期三下午在旧金山Yerba Buena中心介绍iPhone 5时, “这是一个绝对的宝石,”他说。Let#39;s get down to the nitty gritty. What makes the new iPhone bigger (literally) and better than before?让我们来看看细节。是什么让新的iPhone更强大(字面上),比以前更好了呢?- The iPhone 5 is taller and slimmer (it#39;s 7.6 mm thick) than previous models. It is also 20 percent lighter than the iPhone 4S.iPhone 5比以前的型号更高,更薄(厚度为7.6毫米)。这是比iPhone4S还轻20%。- It has a four-inch, 136 x 640 pixel display that will allow you to view five rows of icons at once.它有一个4英寸,136×640像素的显示屏,将允许您一次查看五行图标。- It will be compatible with 4G LTE wireless networks on carriers including Verizon, ATamp;T, and Sprint (as well as a number of oversea networks).它将兼容4G LTE无线网络的运营商包括Verizon,AT&T和Sprint(以及一些海外网络)。- It is powered by the A6 chip, a new, smaller, and more potent chip.- 它配备A6芯片,一个新的,更小,更强大的芯片。- Major changes have been made to the camera and iSight. For those of you who know about technology (unlike me — I like shiny things), here#39;s what CNN says, ;The camera now has an 8 megapixel sensor, 3,264 x 2,448 pixel resolution with backside illumination, hybrid IR filter, five-element lens, f2.4 aperture, is 25 percent smaller and can take panoramic photos.; In layman#39;s terms, the camera can take better pictures.摄像头和iSight已做出了重大改变。对于你们这些了解技术的人(不像我 - 我喜欢闪亮的东西),这里CNN说道,“该相机现在有一个8万像素的传感器,3,264 x2,448像素的分辨率,背面照明,混合IR过滤器,五行镜头,F2.4光圈,小25%,可以拍摄全景照片。“通俗的说,相机可以拍到更好的图片。- The camera can now shoot in 1080p HD, and FaceTime works over 3G with iOS 6.现在的摄像机可以拍摄1080P高清,搭载iOS6的FaceTime超过了3G。- The iPhone 5 will also have a new dock connector, which is being called ;Lightning.; To use your old cord (which will from here on out be referred to as ;Thunderbolt;) Apple will release an adaptor.iPhone5也将有一个新的基座连接器,被称为“闪电”。为了使用旧线(它将会从此被称之为“霹雳”)苹果将推出一个适配器。- Apple claims the battery will last eight hours during 3G talk time and browsing, 10 hrs for Wi-Fi browsing and watching, 40 hrs playing music, and 225 hrs on standby.苹果公司声称,该电池将持续8个小时的3G通话和浏览,10个小时的Wi-Fi浏览和视频观看,40小时音乐播放和225小时待机时间。- Apple also confirmed that they will be replacing Google Maps with its own Maps app — which will be able to provide turn-by-turn navigation.苹果公司也实了他们将用自己的地图应用程序取代谷歌地图,这将能够提供轮流导航。- Siri has learned how to post on Facebook.Siri已经学会了如何在Facebook上发表。- It will come in black and white.它将会以黑白色面世。- The release date is September 21, so mark your calendars!发布日期是9月21日,在您的日历上做好标注吧!And did I mention that it#39;s shiny?我提到过它很闪亮吗? /201209/199539

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