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定南医院价目表上犹人民医院妇科咨询Hong Kong’s high court disqualified two pro-independence lawmakers on Tuesday as authorities intensified their crackdown on the burgeoning separatist movement in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.周二,香港高等法院取消了两名“港独”议员的议员资格。针对这块半自治中国领土快速发展的分离主义运动,当局加大了打压力度。The Chinese government last week pre-empted the outcome of the court case by issuing an unprecedented ruling that anyone promoting separatism in Hong Kong must be barred from public office.在香港高等法院做出这一裁决前,北京方面上周先发制人,发布了一条史无前例的司法解释,规定任何宣扬港独的人都不能担任公职。Opposition politicians and legal experts said Beijing’s intervention in the case, which was initially brought by the Hong Kong government, dealt a heavy blow to the rule of law in the global financial centre.反对派政治人士和法律专家表示,北京方面对此案的干预给这个全球金融中心的法治造成了沉重打击。此案是由香港政府提起的。Judge Thomas Au said he disqualified Baggio Leung and Yau Wai-ching, who were elected to the city’s legislative council in September, because they had failed to take their oath of office properly, pledging allegiance to the “Hong Kong nation” and describing China in derogatory terms.负责此案的法官区庆祥(Thomas Au)表示,他之所以取消今年9月当选为香港立法会议员的梁颂恒(Baggio Leung)和游蕙祯(Yau Wai-Ching)的议员资格,是因为他们未能正确发表就职宣誓,而是宣称效忠“香港国”,还使用侮辱性字眼称呼中国。In his judgment he said they had committed a “wilful and deliberate attempt” to “insult China” and “manifestly refused” to bear allegiance to the “Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China”, as the territory is formally known.他在判决书中表示,两人“蓄意地企图……侮辱中国……并明显拒绝”效忠“中华人民共和国香港特别行政区”。中华人民共和国香港特别行政区是香港的正式名称。He said he would have made the same decision regardless of the intervention by Beijing.区庆祥表示,无论北京方面干预与否,他都会做出同样的裁决。Speaking outside the court, Ms Yau, a 25-year-old political novice who has divided opinions with her uncompromising style, said the outcome was “not fair but expected” because of the “threats to the judge” from Beijing.25岁的政治新人游蕙祯在法庭外发表讲话时表示,由于北京方面“对法官施压”,判决结果“不公但在意料之内”。游蕙祯一直因不妥协的风格而引发争议。Noting that she was elected by more than 20,000 voters and Mr Leung by more than 37,000, she said that “if the court can disqualify us this way, everyone should know what kind of society we live in”.游蕙祯指出,她和梁颂恒分别获2万多和3.7万多选民选出。她说,“如果法庭能以这种方式取消我们的议员资格,我想大家都心中有数,这究竟是个什么样的社会”。Mr Leung said they would appeal the judgement.梁颂恒表示,他们将提起上诉。“This judgement simply reflects that elections in Hong Kong are meaningless and the results can easily be overturned by the government,” he said.他说:“这种判决仅仅反映出香港选举毫无意义,以及选举结果能够被政府轻易推翻。”The young lawmakers sparked a furious reaction from Beijing and its supporters in Hong Kong with the manner of their swearing-in last month.这两位年轻议员上月就职宣誓时的表现,让北京方面和香港的亲北京人士大为光火。Earlier this month, the Hong Kong government brought a judicial review to disqualify Mr Leung and Ms Yau, even though the president of the Legislative Council had offered them the chance to retake their oaths.本月早些时候,香港政府提请司法复核以取消梁颂恒和游蕙祯的议员资格,尽管香港立法会主席此前已允许两人重新宣誓。Beijing’s representative office in Hong Kong has warned it may seek to unseat as many 13 other opposition lawmakers in the 70-member council for failing to take their oaths properly.中国中央人民政府驻香港特别行政区联络办公室(简称:中联办)警告称,该办可能会寻求剥夺其他至多13名未能正确宣誓的反对派议员的议员资格。香港立法会总共有70名议员。Zhang Xiaoming, the head of the office, vowed at the weekend to crack down hard on separatism, saying Beijing would never “appease treason”.中联办主任张晓明在上周末誓言严厉打击分离主义,他说,北京方面绝不会“纵容叛国”。Regina Ip, a pro-government lawmaker, said the decision by the court and Beijing’s intervention had “made clear to Hong Kong people the importance of territorial integrity and respect for the sovereignty of our country”.亲北京的香港立法会议员叶刘淑仪(Regina Ip)表示,法院的判决和北京方面的干预“让香港人明白了国土完整和尊重‘一国’原则的重要性”。The government will have to arrange a by-election to allow voters to replace Mr Leung and Ms Yau, although they said they would seek an injunction to stop this from happening until their appeal has been heard.香港政府将不得不安排补缺选举以便让选民们选出替代梁颂恒和游蕙祯的议员,尽管这两人表示,将寻求取得禁制令以阻止补缺选举,直至他们完成上诉。“Now is only the beginning, not the end,” said Mr Leung. “The enemy has declared war on us and we will fight until the last moment.”梁颂恒表示:“(现在)只会是开始,而不会是结束。敌人既然宣战,我们只能够奋战到最后一刻。” /201611/478591会昌医院妇科评价 会昌县妇幼保健院是公立

赣县人民医院预约电话Beijing is scrambling to respond to reports that hundreds of students at a high school built on the site of a former pesticide factory have become ill, in a rare case of public acknowledgment of the dangers of brownfield sites in China. 据中国媒体报道,数百名初中生因学校建在一座化工厂的旧址而患病,中国政府目前正对此事作出紧急回应,罕见地公开承认了国内棕地(brownfield site)的危险。 The Changzhou Foreign Language School moved to a new campus in the industrial city in eastern China last autumn. By December, students were complaining of rashes, nosebleeds and strange smells, according to a series of reports in Chinese media, culminating with a report by state-owned broadcaster CCTV this weekend. Some students had been diagnosed with cancer, the reports said. 常州是中国东部的一座工业城市,常州外国语学校(Changzhou Foreign Language School)于去年秋季迁入位于该市的新校区。根据中国媒体的连续报道,去年12月,学生们就抱怨出现皮炎、鼻子出血等身体不适症状,空气中也有异味,连国有的中央电视台(CCTV)也在上周末对此作出报道。新闻中表示,部分学生已被诊断出患有癌症。 On Monday, the environment ministry said it was “attaching great importance” to the case, which comes as the department is preparing an action plan for soil pollution across the country. Two years ago it declassified a report that showed the extent of soil pollution after initially labelling it a “state secret”. 本周一,中国环保部表示对此事已予以“高度重视”,该部正准备对全国土壤污染制定行动计划。两年前环保部曾解密了一份有关土壤污染程度的报告,该报告最初被标注为“国家机密”。 China is littered with brownfield sites, many of them only superficially rehabilitated before being redeveloped for residential and other uses. Experts involved in the national action plan have estimated that clean-up costs could mount to RMB7tn (.1tn), roughly equivalent to one-third of national foreign exchange reserves. 中国各地散布着棕地,其中许多只在表层进行了修复,然后就重新开发成住宅或做其他用途。据参与环保部全国行动计划的专家估计,清理费用可达7万亿元人民币(合1.1万亿美元),约等于中国外汇储备的三分之一。 The World Bank has proposed that developers of abandoned sites pay to rehabilitate them in order to get greater value in subsequent sales. However, there are few safeguards to ensure corners are not cut, and many brownfield sites’ commercial value is insufficient to cover the cost of a clean-up. 世界(World Bank)曾提议开发商可以为废弃地址付修复费,从而在随后的销售中获得更大价值。但是没有多少保障措施来确保开发商不会走捷径,而且许多棕地的商业价值并不足以覆盖清理费用。 Chinese reports on the Changzhou school said the previous tenant, a chemicals and pesticides factory, had buried chemical waste on the site before it relocated in 2010. 据相关中文报道,常州外国语学校新校址之前的承租者是一家化工厂,这家工厂于2010年迁走,此前曾将化工废物掩埋在地下。 “The tragedy that has occurred in Changzhou shows just how dangerously lax China’s hazardous chemical management is,” said Ada Kong, Greenpeace campaign manager in East Asia for toxic chemicals. 绿色和平(Greenpeace)东亚分部有毒化学品项目经理江卓珊(Ada Kong)表示:“常州发生的悲剧说明了中国的危险化学品管理是多么松懈。” China had hoped to tackle air and water pollution first but policymakers are becoming aware that the problems of water and soil pollution are intertwined. Last week, the water resources ministry said more than 80 per cent of shallow groundwater wells it had surveyed were polluted. 中国起初也曾希望解决空气和水污染问题,但政策制定者们逐渐意识到,水和土壤污染问题错综复杂。上周中国水利部表示据调查,国内80%以上的浅层地下水受到污染。 Both soil and water pollution are exacerbated by China’s practice of continually relocating factories, whether because of complaints about pollution or urban sprawl. 随着工厂的不断搬迁——可能因为污染投诉,也可能因为城市扩张——中国的土壤和水污染正在加剧。 The Nature Conservancy, a US-based environment group, estimated on Monday that preventing or ameliorating pollution in water catchments that together make up only 6 per cent of China’s land area would improve drinking water quality for 73 per cent of its people. 美国环保组织大自然保护协会(Nature Conservancy)在周一表示,只要对仅占中国国土面积6%的集水区的污染加以预防或改善,就能提高73%的国民的饮水质量。 /201604/438537兴国县妇女儿童医院妇科医院 于都县铁山垅钨矿职工医院不孕不育多少钱

瑞金处女膜修复哪家医院好的When Sino Land’s Robert Ng first came to Hong Kong from Singapore about three decades ago, the real estate developer bid aggressively at land auctions and was widely seen to be an interloper.当信和置业(Sino Land)的黄志祥(Robert Ng)大约30年前首次从新加坡来到香港的时候,这位房地产开发商在土地拍卖中积极投标,很多人把他看作一名闯入者。Conventional wisdom was that he overpaid for everything, used a lot of debt and would surely implode. 大家都认为,黄志祥高价拿地,大量举债,将来肯定要破产。However, as market prices kept rising, his aggressive faith paid off big time and today, he is one of the top property tycoons in Hong Kong.然而,随着市场价格持续上涨,这种激进理念给他带来了巨大收益。如今,黄志祥是香港顶级房地产大亨之一。Now, Chinese developers are the object of a similar debate. 现在,中国内地的房地产开发商引发了一场类似的争论。Property, particularly residential property, has been very volatile, stories of vast ghost cities abound and few people have any desire to live in fourth-tier cities, the only ones where property is even remotely affordable for most of the population.房地产(尤其是住宅地产)市场波动剧烈,到处是鬼城传闻,没有多少人愿意住在四线城市,而多数人只有在这类城市才勉强买得起房子。Many analysts consider the most leveraged mainland developers vulnerable to a financial blow-up at any time. 许多分析师认为,中国内地杠杆化程度最大的开发商随时可能爆发财务危机。Some of them, such as China Evergrande Group have debt loads of upwards of bn (according to its first-half interim unaudited results). 有些开发商的债务负担超过600亿美元,比如中国恒大集团(根据该公司未经审计的半年报)。Moreover, Hong Kong has seen an influx of mainland development activity, suggesting that these players are not particularly bullish on their prospects at home.此外,内地开发商纷纷涌入香港拓展业务,表明这些开发商对内地房地产前景并非特别看好。But as so often is the case with China, the doomsayers may well be wrong. 但中国的情况往往是,悲观预言者很可能是错的。Property as an asset class has become important in China — maybe too important. 房地产作为一个资产类别在中国非常重要——可能过于重要了。It is critical to the financial system (since 70 per cent of all bank loans are backed by real estate collateral), as a source of economic growth and as a source of savings and wealth for many households. 作为经济增长源头以及许多家庭储蓄和财富的源泉,房地产对中国金融体系至为关键(因为70%的贷款是房地产抵押物持的)。It is hard for China’s domestic economy to do well if property does not.如果房地产不行,中国国内经济很难表现良好。Property is an alternative currency in China, says Nicole Wang, the regional head of property research for CLSA in Hong Kong.香港里昂券(CLSA)的房产研究部门地区主管Nicole Wang表示:在中国,房地产就是一种替代货币。But no asset class is as sensitive to liquidity’s soothing effect as property and there is a lot of liquidity in China. 但是,对于流动性所具有的安抚效果,没有一种资产类别像房地产那么敏感,而中国有大量的流动性。And as it always does, liquidity is buoying the property market, well beyond the first-tier cities where so many couples go through staged divorces just so that they can each buy a starter home on more attractive terms.一如既往,流动性正在推高房地产市场,而且远不止是在一线城市——在许多一线城市,许多夫妇假离婚以便每人能够以更有利条款购买首套房。New home prices jumped 1.3 per cent month over month in August, the strongest increase since 2011, according to data from JPMorgan. 根大通(JPMorgan)的数据显示,今年8月,新房价格环比上涨1.3%,为2011年以来的最大涨幅。Only four cities reported a drop in new home prices while they rose in 64 cities, according to China’s National Bureau of Statistics. 中国国家统计局的数据显示,只有4个城市的新房价格下降,而64个城市的新房价格上涨。And economists such as Haibin Zhu of JPMorgan dismiss recent tightening measures as not aggressive enough and likely to curtail supply, thereby driving up prices even more.根大通的朱海斌等经济学家认为最近的收紧措施力度不够大,并可能抑制供应,从而进一步推升房价。Liquidity is coming from the sky, says one Hong Kong-based hedge fund manager, noting that 40 per cent of all global money supply in recent years has come from China. 香港的一位对冲基金经理表示:流动性好似从天上来。他指出,最近几年全球货币供应有40%来自中国。So even as central banks in Japan and the US debate helicopter money for local infrastructure and other ambitious development projects, China comes closest to realising that concept as it ramps up its money printing presses. 因此,在日本和美国的央行讨论采取直升机撒钱方式,上马本地基础设施和其他大项目之际,中国已加快了印钞速度,这是其距离认识直升机撒钱这个概念最近的时候。China’s total social financing for August was again at highs set earlier this year, while for the first half it amounted to .5tn, he adds.他补充称,中国8月份的社会融资总量再次达到今年早些时候的高点,而上半年达到1.5万亿美元。Mortgage loans are growing rapidly; almost one-third of the increase in loans in the first half came from the property sector, according to data from the CLSA arm of Citic Securities. 抵押贷款迅速增长;中信券(Citic Securities)旗下里昂券(CLSA)的数据显示,今年上半年,近三分之一贷款增量来自房地产领域。The second-round impact outside China is aly being felt as the price of copper and other commodities recover.随着铜和其他大宗商品价格回升,中国以外的地区正在感受这种增长的第二轮影响。Moreover, there are a lot of reasons why the business is attractive in Hong Kong that do not point to a meltdown in the property market across the border. 此外,香港房地产业务具有吸引力有许多原因,它并不意味着内地房地产市场将会崩溃。That is true of course despite the excessive borrowings, the apparent oversupply in unattractive places and the political risk which can haunt even the most attractive property firms such as Kaisa or Fosun. 情况确实如此,尽管存在过度借贷、非热点区域供应过多以及困扰佳兆业(Kaisa)或复星(Fosun)等著名房地产公司的政治风险。Those factors include lower taxes and bigger scale, and also — it is true — the desire for US dollar assets, according to Ms Wang.Nicole Wang表示,香港具有吸引力的因素包括较低的税率和较大的规模,还有人们对美元资产的胃口(的确如此)。There are risks of course, among them affordability as income growth slows. 当然也存在一些风险,其中包括随着收入增长放缓而出现的购买能力下降。A recent informal survey in Singapore showed that a majority of those polled would prefer to own a luxury residential tower there than holding 30-year US Treasury bond. 新加坡最近的一项非正式调查显示,大多数受访者拥有中国一套豪宅的意愿超过持有30年期美国国债。Only one investor questioned landlords’ ability to raise rents going forward.只有一位投资者质疑业主未来提高租金的能力。China is not the only place where such questions are being asked.中国并非唯一遭受此类质疑的地区。 /201610/472176 Cambodia is a country of many a bad memory. American B-52s carpet-bombed it during the Vietnam War. It barely survived the rise of a despot named Pol Pot and the genocidal killing fields of his Khmer Rouge regime.柬埔寨这个国家有着太多糟糕的回忆。美国B-52轰炸机在越南战争期间对它进行过地毯式轰炸。暴君波尔布特(Pol Pot)的崛起及其领导的红色高棉政权设立的种族灭绝屠宰场,差一点就让它走向灭亡。Who would have guessed that it would become, of all things, an affordable retirement haven for foreigners, including many Americans who were of draft age when the country was convulsed by those much darker times?谁也不曾想到,它竟然会变成外国人眼中的廉价退休疗养地,包括许多美国人。当柬埔寨在黑暗岁月里挣扎的时候,这些美国人正处于可以应征入伍的年龄。Thousands of older people from Australia, Europe and the ed States have moved to Cambodia in recent years, or are thinking about it as an option — especially people on fixed incomes who are attracted by the low cost of living. The Cambodian government is encouraging the influx by making it simpler for foreign retirees to apply for visas.近年来,已有成千上万的老年人从澳大利亚、欧洲和美国移居柬埔寨,或者正把它当成一个选项加以考虑——尤其是那些收入固定、深受这里的低廉生活成本吸引的人。柬埔寨政府正通过简化外国退休人员签申办手续,来鼓励他们的涌入。“Opportunity often lies in that space between the public’s somewhat negative perception about a place and the much more positive reality on the ground,” said Jennifer Stevens, the executive editor of International Living, a monthly magazine that caters to older people who are thinking of moving to less expensive countries.“公众对一个地方持有的某种负面看法,和当地正面得多的现实情况之间,常常存在着机会,”《国际生活》(International Living)主编珍妮弗·史蒂文斯(Jennifer Stevens)说。《国际生活》是一本月刊,面向的是考虑搬到生活成本不那么高昂的国家居住的老年人。The magazine reported that an American retiree could fund “a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle” in Cambodia on nothing more than a ,000-a-month Social Security check. “You just get great value there,” said Eoin Bassett, the magazine’s editorial director.据这本杂志报道, 一名美国退休人员每月顶多只要拿到一张1000美元的社保票,就能在柬埔寨维持“一种轻松舒适的生活方式”。“在那里可以过得很实惠,”该杂志编辑总监约恩·巴塞特(Eoin Bassett)说。The image change is certainly welcomed in Cambodia, where the unspeakable once happened.在有过惨痛遭遇的柬埔寨,这种形象的转变当然是件好事。It began with the secret bombing ordered by the Nixon administration code-named Operation Breakfast, which dumped 110,000 tons of explosives on the country in 1969 and 1970. Air Force B-52s made at least 3,500 raids inside Cambodia, contributing to a legacy of bomb fragments and unexploded bombs that still make parts of the country off limits.事情是从尼克松政府下令实施代号为“早餐行动”(Operation Breakfast)的秘密轰炸开始的,在1969年至1970年间,总共有11万吨炸弹被投放在这个国家的土地上。美国空军的B-52轰炸机在柬埔寨境内至少执行了3500次任务,遗留下不少炸弹碎片,以及至今让某些地方成为禁区的未爆炸炸弹。Later came five years of rule by the Khmer Rouge, and one of the worst mass atrocities of the 20th century. Pol Pot declared a new society; reset the nation’s calendar at Year Zero; forcibly emptied the capital, Phnom Penh, and other cities; and slaughtered about two million people.接着是红色高棉掌权的5年,以及惨烈程度足以在20世纪跻身世界前列的一场大规模暴行。波尔布特宣布要建设一个新社会:该国从零开始重新纪年,首都金边等城市被强行清空;约两百万人遭到屠杀。But that is ancient history to today’s Cambodians, the vast majority of whom were born well after the Khmer Rouge regime collapsed in 1979, routed by a Vietnamese invasion. The median age in the country is about 24.但对今天的柬埔寨人而言,这些都是遥远的历史。他们中的绝大部分都是在1979以后出生的,那一年,红色高棉政权因越南入侵而垮台。目前,柬埔寨人的年龄中值约为24岁。 /201608/458135赣县区做孕检哪家医院好的西华山钨矿职工医院在哪里



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