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兴国生宝宝哪家医院好的赣州市人民医院在线咨询9. Paris is a modern city with a long and rich history.巴黎是一个历史悠久的现代都市。还能这样说:Paris is a modern city which has a long and rich history.As a modern city, Paris has a long and rich history.谚语:History repeats itself.历史往往重演。10. Whenever I visit the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, I will remember Sun Zhongshans heroic deeds.每当游览中山陵,我就会想起孙中山先生的英雄事迹。还能这样说:I will remember Sun Zhongshans heroic deeds whenever I pay a visit to the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum.I will call back Sun Zhongshans heroic deeds when I pay a visit to the Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum.应用:do the deed 产生效果;in deed and not in name 在事实上而不在名义上11. I can learn the national culture from visiting the places of interests.游览名胜古迹可以学习民族文化知识。还能这样说:I can acknowledge some national culture when I pay a visit to the places of interests.I can know something about the ethnic culture when visiting the places of interests.12. There are many historic interests in Beijing.北京有很多名胜古迹。还能这样说:Beijing has many historic interests.There exist lots of historic interests in Beijing. /201407/309910蓉江区人流手术哪家医院好的 Larry和李华一起去逛街,给Larry的朋友Tom买生日礼物。今天我们要学两个常用语: right on the money和crapshoot.LH: Larry, Tom平时有什么爱好啊?L: Tom really enjoys sports, especially skiing. But he also loves games too.LH: 他喜欢滑雪和?现在天气这么热,没法带他去滑雪...对了! 我们给他买一个滑雪的,这样他在家里就能滑了!L: You want to buy him a skiing game? I think youre right on the money. Great idea!LH: Right on the money? 什么意思?你让我付钱买礼物么?L: Actually, when you say that something is right on the money, that means it is exactly right.LH: 哦,right on the money就是;完全正确;的意思。你是说,我提出给Tom买滑雪游戏是个特别好的主意,对不对?L: Exactly. Here is another example. When Erica went to visit Karen she wasnt sure which apartment number was hers. Luckily her guess was right on the money.LH: 我明白了。Erica不肯定Karen家的门牌号码,可是她一猜就猜中了,这就叫right on the money.L: Exactly! Youre right on the money.LH: 那可不!咱们去电器商场买游戏吧!对了,那家店在哪儿来着?是在14街上么?L: Yup, youre right on the money. There is a big electronics store there.LH: 那我们怎么去呢?L: There is a metro station nearby, so I think that will be the most convenient way.LH: 对,附近是有地铁。是地铁的哪条线来着?绿线么?L: Yup, youre right on the money again. Its the green line.L: Larry, 这种滑雪游戏好像是新上市的,会不会很贵啊?得50块钱吧?LH: Wow Lihua, good guess! Youre right on the money. The most popular skiing game is .99.L: 哈!我今天怎么猜什么都那么准啊! 那我再猜猜,你买这个游戏给Tom, 其实是想和他一起玩儿吧?LH: Actually, Lihua, youre right on the money!******Larry和李华正在商场的区选游戏。LH: Larry, 这里至少有10种滑雪游戏!咱们买哪个啊?L: Hmmm ... I dont know. Maybe we could ask a store employee to recommend one.LH: 找店员问?他肯定给你推荐最贵的, 而且还不一定好!L: I guess youre right. Since we dont have any idea which games are good, its really just a crapshoot.LH: A crapshoot? 什么意思?L: A crapshoot is something that depends totally on luck.LH: 哦,crapshoot就是完全靠运气的事情。L: Exactly. For example, becoming a movie star is extremely competitive. Even if youre a good actor, its still mostly a crapshoot.LH: 对,想成为电影明星很难,即使你有表演天赋,这也基本上是撞大运的事儿。L: You got it.LH: Larry,这里的游戏都好贵啊,要不咱们去别的店看看,也许有便宜点的?L: Maybe, but there isnt any way to know which store would be cheaper. It would really be just a crapshoot.LH: 这倒也是。对了,Tom家的游戏机是什么牌子的啊?任天堂?索尼?还是X-Box?L: Hmm ... I have no idea.LH: 啊?你不知道牌子,那怎么买游戏啊。万一型号对不上,就没法玩儿啦。L: Well, we will just have to guess. It will be a crapshoot, but he can always exchange it later.LH: 那多麻烦。要不我们送给Tom一张购物券吧,让他自己随便买点什么。反正我们也不是很确定他会喜欢滑雪游戏。L: Well, its not a total crapshoot. We know he likes skiing and games, so its likely he will like this gift.LH: 我说 Larry, 你对Tom的生日礼物可真上心啊! 我猜,等到给我买生日礼物的时候,你一定会花更多的心思!L: Of course, Lihua. Youre right on the money!今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是right on the money表示完全正确。另一是crapshoot, 意思是全凭运气的事。 /201203/175139ALS Ice Bucket ChallengeStarted by Charles Kennedy, a golfer from Florida, later taken over by the ALS association, the challenge dares nominated participants to be filmed having a bucket of ice water poured on their heads. A common stipulation is that nominated people have 24 hours to comply or forfeit by way of a charitable financial donation. The purpose of the ALS ice bucket challenge is to raise awareness as well as money for the ALS disease, more commonly known as the Lou Gehrigs disease-- A neurological disease that consists of a progressive neurodegeneration which affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. This disease eventually leads to deaths of motor cells in the patients body and leaves the patient totally paralyzed. The ALS ice bucket challenge went viral this summer on social media websites all around the global, billions of people have done this challenge, and billions more are being or about to be challenge. The powerful influences that social medias can bring to our world nowadays in this high-tech era is incredibly significant. If you get challenged by someone to do the ice bucket challenge, dont be scared. Having a bucket of ice water poured down your head is actually not that bad. Ive aly done it, it was refreshing! Just do it for charity. /201412/350529于都人民妇科医院无痛人流要多少钱

瑞金治疗妇科炎症多少钱Todd: So, Mark, what do Kiwis like to do in the summer?托德:马克,新西兰人在夏天喜欢做什么?Mark: Yeah, I think the first thing for some people to realise is that Christmas is midsummer in New Zealand.马克:我想一些人应该首先意识到圣诞节正值新西兰的盛夏时节。Todd: Oh nice!托德:哦真好!Mark: So Kiwis combine Christmas holiday and New Year holiday with a summer vacation as well. I can remember when I was small, wed have family Christmases and then the next day, which is Boxing Day, wed go to the beach or wed travel somewhere and rent a small house on the beach. They call them batches in the north of the island or cribs in the south island. And you just spend 4, 5 days, maybe a week, 2 weeks, just swimming in the sea, playing in the sand dunes, walks in the forest: just a really relaxing time with family and family friends.马克:所以新西兰人把圣诞假期、元旦假期和夏日假期结合到一起。我记得我小的时候,我们会一家人一起过圣诞节,圣诞节后就是节礼日,我们会去海滩或者去其他地方旅行,然后在海滩上租间小房子。岛屿北部的人称房屋为batches,而南部的人称之为cribs。你可以在那里度过四五天,甚至是一两周的时间,可以在海里游泳,在沙丘上玩耍,在森林里散步;和家人和朋友享受休闲时光。Todd: That sounds nice, so you know in Australia theyre really big on surfing. Do a lot of people surf in New Zealand?托德:听起来不错,你知道澳大利亚人非常热衷于冲浪。新西兰喜欢冲浪运动的人多吗?Mark: There is a surfing population. I think the Australian beaches are probably much larger and maybe they have better waves, I dont know, but several of my friends used to go on surfing holidays in summer as well.马克:有喜欢冲浪的人。我认为澳大利亚的海滩要大得多,而且可能那里的海浪也更适合冲浪,我不清楚,不过我的一些朋友在夏日假期也经常去冲浪。Todd: And what foods do people like to eat when they get together for the summer?托德:那人们一起过夏日假期时喜欢吃什么食物?Mark: Barbecue is almost the national obsession in summertime, you know, youd just throw a sausage on the barbie or friends would ring up and say hey, its a nice night, lets have a barbie!. I think all my friends have their own barbecue set.马克:新西兰人在夏天最喜欢的是烧烤,你可能刚刚开始烤香肠,你的朋友就会打电话来说“嗨,这是个美好的夜晚,我们去烧烤吧!”我觉得我所有的朋友都有烧烤装备。Todd: What meats do people barbecue?托德:人们喜欢烤什么肉吃?Mark: Again, New Zealand foods used to very much sort of be the lamb or beef, but now its getting a lot more varied, you can grill a nice fish on the barbecue, you can still have sausage, chicken, pork, beef, lamb, whatever you want.马克:我要再说一次,新西兰食物以前基本以羊肉和牛肉为主,不过现在种类就很多了,烧烤时可以烤新鲜的鱼类,也可以烤香肠、鸡肉、猪肉、牛肉、羊肉等等,任何你喜欢的食物都可以烤。Todd: Yeah, it sounds good. OK, well thanks, Mark.托德:好,听起来真不错。谢谢,马克。Mark: OK.马克:好的。 译文属 /201411/341615赣州男子医院医生的QQ号码 5. When can I have a double eyelid operation?我什么时候可以做割双眼皮的手术?还能这样说:What is the right time for me to have a double eyelid operation?What is the time for me to have a double eyelid operation?应用:double or quits double 要么加倍付钱,要么全部勾销;double as (演员)兼演(另一角色);double back 向后折;把……对折;往回跑6. Is the operation to make dimples on my face safe?在我脸上做造酒窝手术安全吗?还能这样说:Is it safe to make dimples on my face?I doubt the security of making dimples on my face.应用:come into operation 开始工作;生效实施,实行;undergo an operation 接受手术7. Can you tell me the riskiness of doing this plastic surgery?你能告诉我做这个整形手术的风险性有多大吗?还能这样说:How much are the risks to have plastic surgery?Can you tell me how dangerous to do the plastic surgery?应用:at ones own risk 自担风险。例如:If you go hiking on a rainy day, you have to do so at your own rsk.如果你雨天徒步旅行的话,就要自担风险。8. Youd better get rid of the idea of getting a plastic surgery.你最好打消做整容手术的念头。还能这样说:I suggest that you had better drop the idea to have plastic surgery.You had better put the idea of getting a plastic surgery out of your mind.应用:open-heart surgery 体外循环心脏手术;plastic surgery 整形外科;spare-part surgery 器官移植外科 /201404/291951赣州市第二人民医院在那

赣州市蓉江区医院在线咨询医生Bingo是谁?黑头发黄皮肤也能说道地美语?Bingo来了!让Bingo带你轻松拥有舌尖上的美语!每周二:场景的词汇和表达;每周四:美语口语小词;每周六:发音和语调。今天我们来学习口语小词“Put”的用法。Review:putJust put it there.Stay put.put onPut on your coat.Youve put on some weight.This coat puts 10 years on you.put offIm gonna have to put off the meeting.Never put off til tomorrow what you can do today.Never do today what you can do tomorrow.Well put.How should I put this?Let me put it this way. /201401/274266 Donny在北京学汉语,他的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教他。今天是琼燕要问的:电灯泡。QY:Happy Friday, Donny! 你今天晚上有什么计划吗?Donny:Hmm, not yet. What do you have in mind?QY:Lets go salsa!! 我今晚要跟两个朋友去跳salsa, 可他们俩是一对,我可真不想夹在中间,当大电灯泡--very bright light bulb!Donny:I see. You dont want to be the third wheel.QY:The third wheel?Donny:Yep! Wheel is spelled w-h-e-e-l. The third wheel, 第三个轮子, its a very colloquial way of saying a third person joining a couple in a social context.QY:没错!我就是不想当 the third wheel!Donny:Exactly, you wouldnt want to bother any love birds, right?QY:Wait! Love birds? 爱的鸟儿?Donny:Yep! In English, we often use the word love birds to refer to a couple who are openly affectionate, especially in public. 就是大庭广众之下卿卿我我。你不想打扰这对love birds吧?QY:可不是吗!不过这两个人很配!They are a great match!Donny:Oh thats nice! You can also say, they are a match made in heaven.QY:A match made in heaven? 那不就是中文里说的天生一对嘛!Donny:There you go! Since you dont want to be the third wheel, I will go with you! But first, lets see what you learned today!QY:第一:电灯泡叫做:the third wheel;第二,如胶似漆的情侣 ,可以说 love birds;第三,;天生一对;是,a match made in heaven. /201305/239983赣州仁济不孕不育做宫腔粘连手术好吗赣州章贡妇幼保健院怎么样好吗



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