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Bingo是谁?黑头发黄皮肤也能说道地美语?Bingo来了!让Bingo带你轻松拥有舌尖上的美语!每周二:场景的词汇和表达;每周四:美语口语小词;每周六:发音和语调。今天我们来学习单词Call的常见用法。Review:Call somebody;_____;.Just call me ;_____;.Call me tomorrow.Call Me MaybeJust give me a call.your callgood callbad callcall offCall it a day.Call it a night. /201401/274507教育背景1. 词组句型学校elementary school, junior high school, high schoolsentence patterns:his sister is now in elementary school.Tom will go to junior high school.before liberation, it was very hard for most youngsters to go to high school.学生freshman, sophomore, junior, seniorsentence patterns:when i was a freshman in university, i always went to english corner.his sister is a sophomore in Beijing university.to be a junior is the best period in university.now i am a senior in Nanjing university.工人part-time job, full-time workersentence patterns:do you have a part-time job?his mother became a part-time worker after losing her job.he is a full-time worker in a big factory.after graduation, he will be a full-time worker.校友alumnus, alumnasentence patterns:he was my alumnus 2 years ago.they are alumni.Mary was his alumna in university.the two girls there are alumnae.学位B.A., B.S., M.A., M.S., PhD.sentence patterns:he got the B.A. degree 2 years ago.i will study hard to get the M.A. degree.his purpose is to get PhD. degree. /201207/19041513. I neednt the room service from 5 p.m. to 10 a.m.下午5点到上午10点我不需要客房务。还能这样说:There is no need for room service from 5 p.m. to 10 a.m.I dont order the room service from 5 p.m. to 10 a.m.应用:stand by service 备用;take sb. into ones service 雇用某人;attend service 参加礼拜;take service with sb. 伺候某人14. If you have something in need, please call us.如果有什么需要,请打电话给我们。还能这样说:Let us know if we can be of any help.If you need some help, please call us.15. When can I do the turn-down service for you?我什么时候为您收拾房间?还能这样说:When would you like me to tidy your room?What time do you like me to clean your room?16. Housekeeping, may I come in?客房务,我可以进来吗?还能这样说:Its time for the room service. Will you allow me to come in?Room service, may I come in?17. Please carefully fill out the registration form with your personal information.请在登记表上仔细填写个人信息。还能这样说:Please be careful to fill out your personal information in the registration form.Please write down your personal information carefully on the registration. /201406/308146

Whats the Rush?放慢脚步 享受生活Sometimes I think we need to get off this wild ride----the ride we call life-----as we know it.有时我在想我们需要离开我们称之为生活的东西—我们都了解这一点。As the song goes, “slow down, youre moving too fast, you got to make the good times last.”就如同歌中所唱的:“放慢你的脚步,你太快了,你必须让最好的时光在最后到来。”Why have we become addicted to fast, and still its not good enough?为什么我们沉迷于快节奏,但仍然觉得不够快?Computers and gadgets need to be faster and faster.电脑和各种小东西需要得越来越快。Fast food cant get fast enough.不能再快的快餐。I recently went to a wedding, and it was over so quickly.我最近去参加了一次婚礼,它结束的非常快。We dont want to wait for other cars;我们不想等待其他车辆;we want the ultimate fast lane, with the ultimate speed.我们希望终极快车道与终极速度。Heck, if we could afford it.见鬼,如果我们能负担得起的话。Im sure we would take rockets instead of planes.我确信我们会搭乘火箭,而不是飞机。But even thats not fast enough.但即使是这样还不够快。Until the science fictions dream of moving one place to another in a blink of an eye becomes reality, well be unhappy.也许像科幻片那样一眨眼就从一个地方移动到另一个地方变成现实,我们也会不高兴。Perhaps speed is not the answer to happiness all the time.也许速度并不一直是是幸福的。Once in a while, slowing down is the answer.有时放慢脚步才是。At least enjoy the ride we call life.至少享受下我们称之为生活的这个过程。Its not just about getting to the end----the end will come, but enjoying the trip.这不仅仅是结束——最终都会结束,但享受过程才至关重要。Thats what I need to do more of.这就是我还需要做更多的。What about you? Even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat!你呢?即使你赢了激烈的竞争,但你依然是一只老鼠!Talk about it:谈论下面的话题:Are you impatient?你是一个焦急的人吗?How often do you eat fast food?你多久吃一次快餐?Are you happy with the speed of your computer or your internet connection?你对电脑的速度或互联网连接满意吗?Do you wish could slow your life down a little?你希望你的生活放慢一点吗?What do you think people who are always in a hurry?你如何看待总是忙忙碌碌的人?Do you take time out during the day and try to slow things down?你在白天会花时间尽量放慢脚步吗?What can people do to slowing their life down and not be in such a hurry?人们会做什么来让放慢自己的生活脚步而不是匆匆忙忙?Do you know what the expression “take time to smell the roses” means?你知道 “花时间去闻玫瑰的香味” 这个表达是什么意思吗?Dose this expression apply to your life?你的生活就是这样一种表达吗?Are you happy with the current pace of your life?你满意目前生活的节奏的吗? /201204/177844

13. I have studied English for nine years and I am good at spoken English.我学过九年英语,口语很好。还能这样说:I have studied English for nine years and have a good command of spoken English.Nine years study of English leads to my good spoken English.应用:dressed up to the nines 穿着华丽的衣,打扮得漂亮;nine times out of ten 十有八九,大抵,几乎都是14. I have bilingual communicating skills, including French and English.我掌握了双语的交流技巧,包括法语和英语。还能这样说:I can speak two languages, English and French.I can communicate in both French and English.应用:confidential communication 秘密情报;oral communication 口头通知15. My advantage is that I have strong sense of responsibility.我的优点是我有很强的责任心。还能这样说:My strong point is that I am responsible.Responsibility is my merit.应用:in a sense 在某一方面,就某种意义来说;make sense 有意义,意思清楚;make sense of 理解,明白;no sense in 没道理;bring sb. to his senses 使某人不再做傻事,使某人苏醒16. I lack patience.我缺乏耐心。还能这样说:I am not patient enough.I have no patience.应用:be lacking in sth. 不足,不够;lack the courage of ones convictions 没有勇气做自己喜欢的事17. I dare not to lose my face when I speak English.我说英语不怕丢脸。还能这样说:I am not afraid of losing face when I speak English.I have the courage to speak English.应用:face to face 面对面的;in the face of 不顾,面对;make a face at 对……做鬼脸;on the face of it 从表面来看;save ones face 挽回面子;face out 坚持到底 /201412/346585

7月5日凌晨,长沙市湘江路突然发生塌陷,形成宽七八米、深度六米多的大坑,一辆载有4人的宝马被吞,整个车身发生严重变形,造成一人死亡。请看中国日报网报道:The cave-in, near the Poly International Plaza along the central section of Xiangjiang Road in the provincial capital Changsha, created a 30-square-meter pit on the road.长沙市湘江路中段的保利国际广场附近发生道路塌陷事故,塌陷坑面积约有30平米左右。上面报道中的cave-in就是“塌陷”,也可以用collapse来表示,地面塌陷就是road cave-in,是指土体在自然或人为因素作用下向下陷落,并在地面形成塌陷坑。有人认为此次塌陷可能与underground construction(地下施工)与施工过程中的over-extraction of groundwater(过度抽排地下水)有关。采矿中的“坍塌”常用roof fall来表示,坍塌形成的塌陷坑可以称为sink hole。Cave-in还可表示“认输”,如:The school committee caved in to the demands of parents.(在家长的要求下,学校委员会让步了。)Cave作名词时表示“洞穴”,作动词时可以表示“使凹陷”,例如:The impact caved in the roof of the car.(那冲击力将车顶砸了一个坑。) /201207/190014Life is like playing chess with God. Your moves are called Choices; His moves are called Challenges.生活就像是跟老天对弈,对你而言,你走棋,那叫选择;老天走棋,那叫挑战。 /201402/274707

13. Please dont lose it and bring it when you come every time.请不要遗失,每次来时带着它。还能这样说:Keep it well and take it whenever you come.Please dont lose it and take it with you when you come each time.应用:bring about 引起;致使;使康复;bring in 产生利益;介绍;引述;bring oneself to 奋力;下决心14. This is your registration card.这是你的挂号。还能这样说:Here is your registration card.Your registration card.应用:registration number 机动车登记号码;registration fee 挂号费;登记费;commercial registration 商业注册(登记)15. It wont take you much time to register.挂号花不了你多少时间的。还能这样说:Registration may cost you a little time.You will spend a short time to register.应用:be too much for one 非力所能及,干不了;应付不了;make much of 重视;充分利用;夸奖;as much as one can do 尽最大努力;as much as to say 好像是说,等于说16. Many people are lining up for registration.许多人在排队挂号。还能这样说:A great many of people are waiting on line to register.A large number of people are queuing for registration.应用:all along the line 全部地;到处;drop sb. a line 给某人写信;in line for sth. 有可能获得某事物17. May I make an appointment with a doctor now?现在可以预约门诊吗?还能这样说:Could I get a treatment at this moment?Can I get an appointment right now?应用:doctor oneself 自我治疗;doctor up 掺假窜改;粉饰;Doctor Fell引起自己反感的人 /201305/240747Larry和他吵架,来找李华诉苦。他们会提到两个常用语:talk to a brick wall和get the picture.Larry: (Sounding frustrated) Hey, Lihua.LH: Larry, 你怎么不高兴啊?Larry: I just got off the phone with my sister. She is about to graduate from high school and she is not serious about applying to college. No matter what I say, she just wont take my advice. (Sigh). Sometimes talking to her is like talking to a brick wall.LH: 哦。你高中毕业不想考大学,不论你怎么劝她,她就是不听。对了,你刚才说talking to a brick wall,你干嘛要对着砖墙说话呢?Larry: Not literally talk to a brick wall. Im saying talking to my sister is like talking to a brick wall. A brick wall doesnt listen, doesnt respond and doesnt care. And thats what its like to talk to my sister about college.LH: 我明白了! talk to a brick wall就是对牛弹琴。你跟你苦口婆心说了半天,可她根本连一句话也听不进去。你呀,就好像对着一面墙说话一样。Larry: Right.LH: Larry,你别太担心。你说了那么半天,我想多多少少还是会有点用的。Larry: I suppose youre right. I guess shes just at that age where she doesnt like to hear advice from other people. My parents have lately been feeling the same way when they speak to her, too.LH: 其实也不光是青春期的孩子才这么固执,有时候我跟我妈说话,也觉得Im talking to a brick wall! 她怎么都听不进我的话!Larry: Your mother? But shes such a sweet lady.LH: Larry, 你可不知道! 每次我跟她说我毕业后要留在美国找工作,她都一万个不行。我无论说什么,她非要我回国不可,我感觉自己真像talking to a brick wall一样!Larry: Oh, that does sound frustrating. So what are you going to do?LH: 我?我才不管她说什么。我的人生我作主!Larry: (Laughter) I bet your mother feels like shes talking to a brick wall when she speaks with you - the same way you feel about speaking with her!LH: Larry,你别笑了。你想想,妈妈不理解我,不持我,我有多难受!Larry: Yea, I get the picture.LH: You got a picture? 什么照片啊,给我看看。Larry: Not a picture - the picture. To say that you get the picture means that you understand something.LH: Oh, I get the picture,就是说我明白。Larry: Right. You can imagine that knowing about something creates a picture in your mind.LH: 对,get the picture就好像看到了别人头脑中所想的画面,也就是了解了别人的想法。Larry: Sometimes its hard for people to understand exactly why other people want what they want, and it may seem talking to them is like talking to a brick wall. But you have to have patience - hopefully someday your mother will get the picture.LH: 对,要想让别人了解自己的想法,有时得多花点时间和耐心。我想,你早晚也能了解你的想法。She will get the picture!Larry: You dont understand, Lihua. If my sister doesnt get the picture now, it might be too late! What if she doesnt get into a good college?LH: 你别光想你了,想想我吧。我妈非让我一毕业就回国,我怎么办?我必须得找个能一直留在美国的原因,说我妈。这个,你可以帮我,You get the picture, Larry?Larry: (Larry thought Lihua wanted to get married. gulps) Umm, I think so.LH: 你可以帮我找工作啊!Larry: OH! (happily) Right! I get the picture now. I will certainly try my hardest to find you a great job.LH: Larry,你真好,总能猜透我的心思!Larry: Well, I almost got the wrong picture a second ago.LH: 啊?你差点猜错了?你以为我在说什么?难道是说让我嫁给你?! 你想得倒美!Larry: (Nervous), Ah, Lihua, Lets not worry about that. Let me think how we can make your mother happy. Shes always nice to me. Maybe if I talk to her, it wouldnt be like talking to a brick wall.LH: 你愿意的话就去试试看,不过我妈耳朵根子硬得很呢!今天李华学了两个常用语。一个是talk to a brick wall ,意思是“对牛弹琴”。另一个是get the picture ,意思是“理解别人的心思”。 /201204/177961

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