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I know thee as my God and stand apart---I do not know thee as my own and come closer.我知道你是我的上帝,却远立在一边--我不知道你是属于我的,就走近你I know thee as my father and bow bee thy feet---I do not grasp thy hand as my friend.我知道你是我的父亲,就在你脚前俯伏--我没有像和朋友握手那样地紧握你的手I stand not where thou comest down and ownest thyself as mine, there to clasp thee to my heart and take thee as my comrade.我没有在你降临的地方,站立等候,把你抱在胸前,当你做同道,把你占有Thou art the Brother amongst my brothers, but I heed them not, I divide not my earnings with them, thus sharing my all with thee.你是我弟兄的弟兄,但是我不理他们,不把我赚得的和他们平分,我以为这样做,才能和你分享我的一切In pleasure and in pain I stand not by the side of men, and thus stand by thee.在快乐和苦痛里,我都没有站在人类的一边,我以为这样做,才能和你站在一起I shrink to give up my life, and thus do not plunge into the great waters of life.我畏缩着不肯舍生,我没有跳入生命的伟大的海洋里 7755帕布罗·聂鲁达(Pablo Neruda),智利著名诗人,1971年诺贝尔文学奖得主他在少年时代就喜爱写诗并起笔名为聂鲁达,岁入圣地亚哥智利教育学院学习法语19年进入外交界任驻外领事、大使等职195年被选为国会议员,并获智利国家文学奖,同年加入智利共产党他曾当选为世界和平理事会理事,获斯大林国际和平奖金诗人在这首诗里展现了爱情中表现出来的“等待”的维度在该诗“等待”的爱情观中的“我”是外向型的,表现为大胆、狂热的追求倾向,带着野性的向心力去表达自我的情感,即使对方是虚幻的、无望的,还是照样展现出自己的豁达与开朗If You get Me—Pablo Neruda如果你忘了我——帕布罗·聂鲁达I want you to know one thing, 希望你知道You know how this is. 这是我的想法If I look at the crystal moon at the red branch of the slow autumn at my window,当我凭窗凝望姗姗而来的秋日红枝上的明月If I touch near the fire the impalpable ash or the wrinkled body of the log, 当我轻触火堆旁似有似无的尘烬或是褶皱层层的木柴Everything carries me to you, 我的心儿就会飞向你As if everything that exists. 似乎一切都有了Aromas, light, medals, 芬芳,光明和荣誉Or little boats that sail toward. 就像小舟荡向岛屿those isles of your that wait me, 那里,你等候着我Well now. If little by little, 然而,假若You stop loving me,  你对我的爱情淡去I shall stop loving you, 我的爱火也会Little by little. 渐渐熄灭If suddenly you get me, 如果瞬间你忘了我Do not look me, 别来找我 I shall aly have gotten you. 因为我早已把你忘怀If you think it long and mad, 我生命中the wind of banners that passes through my life, 过往的猎猎疾风如果你嫌弃它过于悠长,疯狂And you decide to leave me at the shore of the heart where I have roots,  而决意离我而去在我爱情所深埋的心之岸Remember, that on that day, at that hour, 记住,彼时彼刻,I shall lift my arms and my roots will set off to seek another land.我将举起双臂摇断爱的根脉憩于他方But, if each day, each hour, 但是,如果每时每刻You feel that you are destined me,如果你也感觉到你是我的真命天子with implacable sweetness, 能共享奇妙的甜蜜If each day a flower climbs, 如果你迎向我的红唇up to your lips to seek me, 每天绽若鲜花Ah my love, ah my own, 啊,我的爱人,我心里in me all that fire is repeated,  所有的爱火将再度燃起,In me nothing is extinguished or gotten. 永不会消失,永不被忘记My love feeds on your love, beloved, 我情因你爱而生,爱人啊And as long as you live,情长今生it will be in your arms without leaving mine.  不离你我臂弯

If it is not my portion to meet thee in this life then let me ever feel that I have missed thy sight---let me not get a moment, let me carry the pangs of this sorrow in my dreams and in my wakeful hours.假如我今生无份遇到你,就让我永远感到恨不相逢--让我念念不忘,让我在醒时梦中都怀带着这悲哀的苦痛As my days pass in the crowded market of this world and my hands grow full with the daily profits, let me ever feel that I have gained nothing---let me not get a moment, let me carry the pangs of this sorrow in my dreams and in my wakeful hours.当我的日子在世界的闹市中度过,我的双手满捧着每日的赢利的时候,让我永远觉得我是一无所获--让我念念不忘,让我在醒时梦中都带着这悲哀的苦痛When I sit by the roadside, tired and panting, when I sp my bed low in the dust, let me ever feel that the long journey is still bee me---let me not get a moment, let me carry the pangs of this sorrow in my dreams and in my wakeful hours.当我坐在路边,疲乏喘息,当我在尘土中铺设卧具,让我永远记着前面还有悠悠的长路--让我念念不忘,让我在醒时梦中都怀带着悲哀的苦痛When my rooms have been decked out and the flutes sound and the laughter there is loud, let me ever feel that I have not invited thee to my house---let me not get a moment, let me carry the pangs of this sorrow in my dreams and in my wakeful hours.当我的屋子装饰好了,箫笛吹起,欢笑声喧的时候,让我永远觉得我还没有请你光临--让我念念不忘,让我在醒时梦中都怀带着这悲哀的苦痛 7759

The day is no more, the shadow is upon the earth.白日已过,暗影笼罩大地It is time that I go to the stream to fill my pitcher.是我到河边汲水的时候了The evening air is eager with the sad music of the water.晚空凭看水的凄音流露着切望Ah, it calls me out into the dusk.呵,它呼唤我出到暮色中来In the lonely lane there is no passer-by, the wind is up, the ripples are rampant in the river.荒径上断绝人行,风起了,波浪在河里翻腾I know not if I shall come back home.我不知道是否应该回家去I know not whom I shall chance to meet.我不知道我会遇见什么人There at the ding in the little boat the unknown man plays upon his lute.浅滩的小舟上有个不相识的人正弹着琵琶 75

I remember, I rememberThe house where I was born,The little window where the sunCame peeping in at 1)morn;He never came a wink too soonNor brought too long a day;But now, I often wish the nightHad borne my breath away.我记得呀,我记得我出生的那间屋子,早晨,阳光从小窗进来窥视;他从不早来片刻,也不多留半晌,但现在,我常愿黑夜带走我的呼吸  I remember, I rememberThe rose red and white,The violet and the lily-cups;Those flowers made of light!The lilacs where the robin built,And where my brother setThe laburnum on his birthday,;The tree is living yet!我记得呀,我记得玫瑰花红白相映,还有紫罗兰和百合;;全是由光织成的花朵!有知更鸟筑巢的紫丁香,还有哥哥在他生日那天种植的金链花,;;它依然存活着!  I remember, I rememberWhere I used to swing,And thought the air must rush as freshTo swallows on the wing;My spirit flew in feathers thenThat is so heavy now,And summer pools could hardly coolThe fever on my brow.我记得呀,我记得我从前常在那儿荡秋千,想着拂面的风是如此清爽风中的飞燕肯定也感觉一样;昔日我那自在翱翔的心灵,如今变得如此沉重,即使夏日的池塘也无法冷却我额头的热狂!  I remember, I rememberThe fir trees dark and high;I used to think their slender topsWere close against the skyIt was a childish ignorance,But now rsquo;tis little joyTo know Irsquo;m farther off from HeavenThan when I was a boy.  我记得呀,我记得苍郁高耸的冷杉;我从前常以为它们细长的树梢已经逼近天空;虽然那只是孩子的幼稚无知,但是现在却少有那般快乐我知道儿时离我那么近的天堂如今已经越来越远了

But social security carries a risk the risk that some will abuse the system, taking without giving. It a risk we seem increasingly unwilling to accept. Attitudes are changing. Yet coming down hard on the unemployed also carries a risk. The risk that we penalise those who want to work but cannot in a time of high unemployment, when jobs are scarce in one part of the country and moving is not an option. Some out-of-work people in my congregation hardly have the train fare to get to somewhere else let alone the means of setting up home there.So, we want to bear down on those who wont work, but we know that the more heavily we do, the more we risk penalising those who would work if they could. So what are we to do? John Maynard Keynes said that the test any new social policy should be that the final outcome must not only be better than what went bee, it must be sufficiently better to make up the pain of transition that some would bear.As we debate changes to welfare, I look some overarching principle to guide me. My golden rule would be this that I dont ask others to pay a price I in their shoes would find unbearable.社保制度存在风险,有些人会滥用该体系,只知收取,不知给予我们对此的态度在改变,越来越不能容忍这种风险的存在但如果对失业人群置之不理也存在风险,因为如果局部地区失业率很高,工作难找,而人们又没办法迁居其他地区,这部分失业人口就会因之遭受重创在我教区的有些失业人口连去其他地方的火车票都买不起我们不想容忍那些不愿意工作的人,但我们也知道,我们越是对这些人采取严厉措施,就越会损害到那些想工作而无法工作的人那我们该怎么办?John Maynard Keynes说,测试任何新的社会制度,不能只看最终结果是否比之前的好,还要看这结果能否有效补偿在制度转变过程中受损人群的损失在我们为社会福利的改变争论时,我寻找能指导我的大方针我的黄金法则如下:如果我站在对方的角度觉得无法承受,那么我也绝不会要求别人来承受 9Women of Today今日妇女Women are playing an increasingly important part in society today.妇女在当今社会中扮演着越来越重要的角色Not restricted to their roles as wives and mothers anymore,她们不再局限于扮演妻子和母亲的角色they now work and have become the equal partners of men.她们现在外出工作,并成为男性同等地位的伙伴In many countries, more and more women are serving as workers,teachers,在许多国家,越来越多的妇女走上了工人,教师,scientists and even leaders.科学家甚至领导的岗位We can say that almost all jobs which men can do我们可以说,男人能做到的事,are done perfectly by women.妇女也完全能够做到Women are no longer looked down upon by society.妇女不再受到社会的歧视With the changes in their social role,随着社会角色的变化,women position in the family has improved as well.妇女在家庭中的角色也得到了改善Husband and wife are now equal in the family.在家中,夫妻平等,The cope with problems of daily life together,他们共同处理日常生活中的问题,and share happiness with each other.同甘共苦It is also unusual in today world to find a woman busy with dinner在现今的家庭中,几乎看不到妇女一个人在忙于做饭,while her husband sits in an armchair and s a newspaper.而丈夫却舒地躺在椅子上看报纸的情景In spite of these changes,尽管有了一些变化,there are still a lot of inequalities between men and women.但男性和女性之间仍然存在着许多不平等The liberation of women has not been completely realized.妇女还没有被完全解放,A number of men still jealously guard their rights.大部分男人仍有夫权思想The contribution and demands of women have been degraded and ignored.女性的贡献和要求一向被贬低和忽视In general the image of women has changed a lot.但总的来说,妇女的形象已经改变了很多Women of today have, on their own,come a long way.当今的妇女已靠自己向前迈进了很多 0Hope is the thing with feathersThat perches in the soul,And sings the tune without the words,And never stops at all.The sweetest in the gale is heard;And sore must be the stormThat could abash the little birdThat kept so many warm.Ive heard it in the chillest land,And on the strangest sea;Yet, never,in extremity,It asked a crumb of me. 18

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