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原汁原味情景喜剧,配有中文字幕,让你在欢笑中学英语。 Article/201112/165108尽管2012年欧洲杯足球赛的决赛是在基辅的奥林匹克体育场进行。但却难挡球迷们的热情,远在北京的足球迷们就在炎炎夏日纷纷加入到了这一盛事当中,一同体会足球所带来的快乐。The 2012 Euro cup final was held at the Olympic stadium in Kiev. But far from there, football fans in Beijing also joined the celebrations.Football and beer are here in force for the final match of the Euro cup. The bars of Beijing are packed for the event with football fans and supporters of both teams. Even as the clock ticks past 3a.m., the spirit of competition remains fierce.A football fan said, ;I have no doubt that Spain will win the final victory, it is unquestionable.;Another fan said, ;I prefer Italy, I am a faithful supporter of Italy, partly because my husband is a supporter of Spain!;And they#39;re not the only ones who are in high spirits for the night.A bartender said, ;The business has been much better, with so many football fans hanging out to watch the game.;But eventually only one team could win, and though it proved to be a sad night for the losers, you can be sure their fans will be unlikely to give up on them.One football fan said, ;I still believe Italy is a strong team, and they will win again after they change their tactics.;The love of sports crosses borders, culture and language all at once. Here#39;s a best wish for the next euro championship, and of course, the 2014 world cup in Brazil. Article/201207/188956

Keep your bicycle safe with this handy guide, prepared with the help of London Fields Cycles. Helpful advice on the most effective way to lock your bike will ensure you never have your bicycle stolen again!伦敦田径自行车协会准备了一些方便的指引,让你保障自己自行车的安全。这些建议非常有用,以最有效的途径锁住自行车可以让你的自行车不再被盗。Step 1: GET GOOD LOCKS1.买质量好的锁Spend money on good locks. No lock is totally thief proof - but the more you spend, the better the lock will be. As a rough-guideline, look to spend 20% of the value of your bike on locks. There are many different types. The more kinds you use, the harder the bike will be to steal. These are the most popular...多花点钱买质量比较好的锁。不上锁的自行车简直就是白白送给小偷。但是你花的钱越多,锁的质量越好。一个普遍的原则就是,购买的锁的价格大概是自行车价格的20%。自行车锁有许多不同的型号。使用的种类越多,自行车被盗的可能性越小。以下是最受欢迎的型号:D or U locks are rigid steel locks that separate into two pieces.D型或U型锁使用非常坚韧的钢铁做成,可以分成两片。Cable locks can been be looped around the bike. Go for a thick one with interwoven ths - which will take a thief longer to cut through. They#39;re ideal for securing the wheels as well as the frame.线型锁可以环绕整个自行车。可以选择使用互相编织的线做成的锁,这样会花费小偷更长时间来割断你的锁。这种锁对于保护车轮和车架是最理想的。If you have quick release mechanisms on your seat or wheels, you can also buy locking nuts and bolts. These can be undone with a uniquely shaped key - so passing thieves can#39;t steal them.如果你的车座或车轮上有一些比较容易拆卸的部件,你还可以购买一些特殊的锁,这种锁的钥匙形状独特,小偷不太容易偷走。Step 2: LOCK IT SOMEWHERE SENSIBLE2.随时锁住自行车Always lock your bike - even if you are only leaving it for a minute.一定要给自行车上锁,即使你只是离开一会儿的功夫。Leave it in as public a place as possible. Ideally lock it where you can see it - or where lots of other people can. Never leave it in an isolated place.尽量把自行车放在公共场所。最好锁在你能够看到的地方,或者许多其他人可以看到的地方。千万不要放在偏僻的地方。Step 3: LOCK IT TO SOMETHING SOLID3.锁在固定的物体上Make sure it is secured to an immovable object like a cycle anchor or railings. Some things that look solid are not, so check. If you#39;re locking it to a post, make sure the post is at least 4m high, so thieves can#39;t lift it off the top.一定要锁在一些固定的物体上,例如自行车桩或栏杆上。有一些看上去很坚固的物体其实并不坚固,一定要检查一下。如果锁在栏杆上,确保栏杆至少4米高,这样小偷就不能从栏杆顶端把自行车抬走。Step 4: LOCK IT TIGHT4.锁紧Whatever lock you use, make sure you lock the frame AND the wheels to something immovable.无论你使用什么样的锁,确保把车轮和框架锁在不能移动的物体上。Make sure your d-lock is tight, so the lock is not hanging loose and there#39;s no space between the bike and the object it#39;s locked to. This makes it difficult to lever the lock open. Make sure the key-hole is pointing down - so thieves can#39;t fill it with a corrosive fluid, or with glue, which means you can#39;t move it, but they can come back and steal it later and when you leave it, remember to remove accessories like the lights - or the seat if you haven#39;t fitted locking nuts.确保你的锁比较紧,所以锁不是松松地绕在自行车上,这样自行车和固定的物体之间没有空隙,小偷要把锁撬开就比较困难。确保锁孔向下,这样小偷就不能使用腐蚀性液体把锁打开,也不能灌上胶水,让你自己也打不开,等到你离开之后他们再回来偷走你的车。如果没有上锁的话,记住摘掉车灯或车座等配件。Thanks for watching How To Stop Your Bike Being Stolen.感谢收看“怎样防止自行车被盗”视频节目。 Article/201211/209595

How do I prevent muscle loss after I stop weight training?如果我停止举重锻炼,应该怎样防止肌肉消失呢?The amount of muscle that you had gained during the time you were weight lifting or doing resistance training certainly will diminish over time if you stop doing that same activity. It needs that stimulus and also actually needs the breakdown of the muscle so that it can then be repaired the next night that you sleep and be built back up again with the aid of proper nutrition. If you do not stimulate the muscle to break it down so it will be re-built, gradually, over time, it will reduce in size, strength and performance. What#39;s interesting is that the neurological pathways you developed during the resistance training will still exist. They may be dormant to some extent but the initial pathways that you created and enhanced are still there, and that#39;s why you#39;ve heard the term muscle memory. It comes back even quicker the second time.如果停止举重或负重训练,在此期间积累起来的肌肉可能会随着时间的流逝逐渐消失。肌肉需要刺激,需要分解,你睡觉的第二天晚上在营养的帮助下会得到修补。如果你不刺激肌肉进行分解以促进肌肉的重新塑造,久而久之,肌肉的大小,力量和表现就会缩减。有趣的是,你在负重训练中锻炼出的神经通道还存在。神经反射可能在一定程度上会蛰伏,但是在训练中创造和增强的最初通道依然存在,这就是你听说的肌肉记忆。第二次锻炼的时候恢复的会更快。Thanks for watching How To Prevent Muscle Loss After You Stop Weight Training.感谢收看“停止锻炼后怎样防止肌肉消失”视频节目。 Article/201212/213324

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