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长春都市丽人妇科医院电话吉林长春二院专家预约夏日炎炎不用怕,5种健康好方法 --7 :3: 来源: Between the diet-derailing barbecues and the scorching sunburns, seems like there can be a lot to avoid when summer rolls around.似乎除了营养不均衡的烧烤与灼热的日晒伤之间,想要安然度过夏季还有许多需要避免的东西But you might be surprised by some of the healthy perks of summer worth celebrating today, the official first day of the season. Of course, some of our favorite reasons to love spring carry over, like mood-boosting sunshine and stress-reducing time spent in nature.你可能会对某些夏至的健康福利感到惊讶——在这一天,真正意义上的夏季开始当然,我们也有一些喜欢春季的理由,比如那让人心情舒畅的阳光,以及在自然中减轻压力的时间But there are also a few special benefits unique to summer that we’re more than excited to enjoy. Here are some of our favorites.不过,也有一些让我们更为之兴奋的夏季专属好处,下面给大家举几个例子1. It’s Vacation Season1. 夏季是度假的季节Of course, you can take a vacation any time of the year. But with school out and the beach calling, many of us opt a little time off over the summer months. Doing so may be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Vacations ease stress and improve mood — even after returning to “real” life. They also seem to protect us from heart disease and heart attacks. And many people, a little time away brings some added perspective to life and boosts motivation to get back to their goals, US News reported.当然,你可以在一年里任何时间去度假但由于不用上学,海滩也在那里吸引着我们,许多人都会选择在夏季的几个月里找一些时间放假休息这样做也算是其中一份给自己最好的礼物了度假能够舒缓压力,改善心情——即使在你回归“现实”生活之后而且假期也能保护我们免受心脏病的损害并且对于许多人来说,离开一段时间能增添对生活的感悟,激发追求目标的动力,据US News报道. Your Heart Stays Healthier. 保护心脏功能更健康Speaking of heart problems: In , researchers noted a significant difference in heart attack survival rates during the winter and the summer. “People are 6 to 36 percent more likely to die in winter from a heart attack, a stroke, heart failure or some other circulatory disease,” the study’s lead author told N News. That doesn’t mean you can take a break from regular exercise or your nutritious diet. It’s more likely that you’ve gone full steam ahead on your healthiest habits in the summer, giving your heart added protection, N News reported.若谈及心脏健康的问题:在年,就有研究人员发现了冬季与夏季的心脏疾病存活率有着显著的差异“年龄介于6岁到36岁的人们更容易在冬季死于心脏病,中风,心脏衰竭或其他循环系统疾病”本项研究的首席作者在接受N News采访时表示但这不意味着你就能偷懒不做运动或保持营养均衡的饮食习惯了而是更多意味着你早已保持夏季的健康习惯,再为自己增添了一道健康的保护屏障,据N News报道3. You’re Sure To Get A Good Sweat3. 你确实得流流汗了Let’s face it: Summer is hot. Sometimes, it’s even too hot. But when conditions are safe enough outdoor exercise without risking heat-related illness, one thing’s certain: You’re most definitely going to sweat. That might sound more unpleasant than anything, but truth is a good sweat can be good you. While it doesn’t exactly detox you, sweating really can help fight infections, since sweat seems to help keep skin clear of bacteria and fungi, according to MSN. Sweating also gives circulation a boost and opens up the pores, which could help your face stay acne-free.面对现实吧:夏季是炎热的有时候甚至是非常炎热的但当一切户外活动的条件设施都是安全的,也不会遭受心脏疾病的困扰时,有一件事情是可以确定的:你绝对要流汗也许听起来一点都不值得高兴,但实际上好好地流一把汗对你的身体很有好处虽然流汗不能完全排出所有的毒素,但流汗确实能增强免疫力,因为汗液有助隔离细菌与真菌的侵害——选自MSN客的撰文流汗同时也能促进新陈代谢,扩张毛孔,免于脸部粉刺的生成. Fruit Abounds. 水果盛产期Summer wouldn’t be complete without heaping helpings of strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, watermelon — the list of in-season fruit goes on and on. The best news is these summer picks are as nutritious as they are delicious. All are loaded with antioxidants and vitamins (and flavor!), very few calories. Blueberries have been linked to lower cholesterol and diabetes risk, raspberries and blackberries are excellent sources of fiber, cherries seem to speed recovery after exercise and curb pain and strawberries may slow cognitive decline with aging. Not to mention fruit is chock-full of water, helping you to stay hydrated on those hot, sweaty days. Fruit salad, anyone?没有堆得满满的草莓,蓝莓,覆盆子,樱桃,西瓜等水果的夏季是不完整的——夏季水果的清单还可以无限延长这些夏季精华所带来的最好的消息就是它们既营养丰富也非常美味可口它们都富含抗氧化物质和维生素(还有鲜美的滋味!),而且热量都非常低蓝莓有助降低胆固醇和肥胖症的风险,覆盆子和黑莓富含纤维素,樱桃加速运动后损伤及肌肉疼痛的复原,而草莓能减缓年龄增长带来的认知能力衰退更不要说富含水分了,水果能让你在如此炎热、冒汗的日子里保持水分平衡有没有人想要来一份水果沙拉?5. Swimming!5. 游泳!There aren’t too many opporties to take an outdoor swim during the other three seasons, and we plan to take full advantage. Swimming uses all the muscle groups with minimal impact and improves strength, since the water provides natural resistance, WebMD reported. People with joint pain or arthritis can often participate in water-based exercise more easily — and without worsening symptoms, according to the CDC. Swimming has also been shown to improve mood and alleviate depression. According to a study published in the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, swimmers even have a lower risk of death than runners and walkers. Plus, is it just us, or is there something about swimming that just seems more fun than exercising on land?在其他三个季节里,能让我们出门游泳的机会真的不多,所以要好好利用这个季节的优势据WebMD报道,游泳的过程运用到了全身的肌肉群,以最低的影响增加强度,因为水能形成自然的阻力患有关节疼痛和关节炎的人们多参与水上的运动的难度更低,而且不会加重疼痛症状,据CDC的报道根据国际水产研究的《研究与教育期刊发表的一项研究表明,经常游泳的人与经常跑步或步行的人相比,他们的死亡率更低再者,这是不是只有我们,还是还有一些与游泳相关的事情比在陆地上的运动更有趣呢?长春市中心医院在哪个区 老龄化加剧:英国平均年龄首次达到0岁 --01 3::7 来源:   The average age in Britain has hit 0 the first time as life expectancy continues tosoar, official figures revealed this morning.  今天上午,官方数据表明,由于预期寿命持续增加,英国人的平均年龄首次达到0岁  Since 197 the typical age in the UK has increased by six years, with more than . million people now aged over 65 - an increase of 300,000 in just a year.  自197年以来,英国人数最多的年龄已经增长了6岁目前,超过万人的年龄在65岁以上,这一数字一年就增长了30万  The growing numbers of elderly people is helping to fuel a population boom. According to the Office National Statistics, Britain's population has hit a new record - increasing by almost 500,000 to 6.6 million.  老年人口的增加导致了总人口数暴涨根据国家统计局的数据,英国人口增长了近50万,达到660万人的历史新高  The population increase over was fuelled by growing numbers of births over deaths, caused by people living longer, and a surge in migration.  人口增长的原因包括出生人数和死亡人数的差值不断增加,寿命延长以及移民的涌入  'Natural growth' of 6,0 ed around half the population increase - with net migration of 59,700 making up the rest.  人口增长中的约半数(60人)来自自然增长,净增的移民人数(59700人)则占据了余下的部分  Between mid- and mid-, 58,600 migrants arrived in the UK, compared with just 3,900 people leaving the country.  年中至年中期,58600名移民进入英国,与之相比,只有3900人搬离英国  An ONS spokesman said the statistics meant the UK population had grown by almost half a million since mid-, up 0.77 per cent to 6,596,800.  国家统计局的一名发言人指出,统计结果意味着自年中期以来,英国人口增加了0.77%,近50万人,总人口达6596800.  Out of the wider UK population, England ed 5.3 million, up 0.8 per cent, with the Scottish population hitting 5.3 million - up 0.37 per cent.  英国总人口中,英格兰占530万,上升0.8%,苏格兰为530万,上升0.37%  Wales's population has grown 0.31 per cent to 3.1 million, with a further 1.8 million living in Northern Ireland.  威尔士人口上升了0.31%,达3万另有180万人居住在北爱尔兰[]“北京瘫”葛大爷晋升网红 鹿晗学样 --18 ::9 来源:sohu 最近,一种“脖子以下全是腿”的坐姿在网络上爆红,而葛大爷葛优成为了这一姿势的最强代言人与葫芦娃,尔康,以及天线宝宝等“过气明星”再次走红的方式一样,葛大爷以及家庭情景剧《我爱我家再次通过”表情包”的方式,成功上位网红 Recently, a sitting posture become notoriously famous online. And just like other superannuated images such as “Er Kang” and the“Teletubbies”, Ge You becomes popular again through its funny “emoji icon package”. 那么葛大爷的表情包到底有什么独特之处呢? So what's so special about Ge You in this TV series that makes it coming back to public after such a long time? “北京瘫”是这一系列表情包的明星动作,葛大爷饰演的二混子纪春生完美诠释演绎了什么是“北京瘫”——脖子以下全是腿这一姿势的英文表达有Beijing repose, 以及CRI 英语环球广播圆桌议事赫扬翻译的Beijing Slouch Beijing Slouch is the English expression of this posture of Ge You in these pictures. The unemployed native Beijing young man Ji Chunsheng, starred by Ge You, perfectly presented and demonstrated this ;Old Beijingers' Style; sitting posture—below the neck are legs. 很快,机智的小伙伴们发现“ 脖子以下全是腿 ”不仅是葛大爷的专利,更是北京“大爷”的标准化坐姿葛大爷以外,冯导更是北京瘫坐姿的又一诠释者 Netizens found out another representative this posture--Feng Xiaogang. 冯导这姿势是可是和葛大爷一样销魂呢~更神奇的是,网友发现这一姿势不光是老一辈北京“大爷”的专利,更是被小一辈北京“少爷”演绎的淋漓尽致 However, this posture is not monopolized by those old Beijing natives. 近日,网友还评选出了“京城四瘫”!大张伟,鹿晗,易烊千玺,张一山 Recently, netizens have voted younger representatives this posture. 这四位北京“少爷”可谓是继承冯导和葛大爷的衣钵,完美的诠释了北京“少爷”的北京瘫 These four younger native Beijing celebrities perfectly take over the mantle fo Ge You and Feng Xiaogang's sitting posture of Beijing slouch. 其实这种全是腿的坐姿真的无处不在! Here! Here! And Here!! Anyway,医生提醒道,这种坐姿虽然舒适,但是会对脊柱造成严重压迫,所以我们还是应该提倡健康的坐姿 But doctors warn the public, although this position is comtable, but it will exert pressure on the spine hardly, and we should call healthy sitting posture. Photo Source: Weibo吉林省第二医院新地址

看妇科病长春哪家医院较权威冰淇凌和花生酱为什么会导致胃炎 -- ::9 来源: 某些食品添加剂可能会干扰肠道细菌,从而导致肠道炎,由此增加患慢性疾病的风险 Certain food additives may interfere with your gut bacteria, causing changes that boost inflammation in the intestines and potentially promote the development of some chronic diseases, a new study suggests.一项最新的研究表明,某些食品添加剂可能会干扰肠道细菌,从而导致肠道炎,由此增加患慢性疾病的风险In the study, researchers looked at ingredients called emulsifiers, which are added to many processed foods, including ice cream and peanut butter, to improve those foods’ texture and extend their shelf life.参与这项研究的调查员研究了一种叫乳化剂的添加剂这种添加剂常被用在冰淇凌和花生酱等多种加工食品中,提高食物的质地和保质期The researchers used a special piece of lab equipment that’s intended to simulate the human gut, including its bacteria, and consists of a series of pumps and glass containers. The scientists added two emulsifiers called carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and polysorbate-80 (P80), to a simulation of normal gut contents.研究人员使用了一种小型实验设备来模拟人类肠道,也包括肠道里的细菌其他的实验设备还包括打气管和玻璃容器科学家向设备中加入了两种乳化剂,分别为羟甲基化纤维素(CMC)和聚山梨酯-80(P80),模拟真实的肠道环境Adding the emulsifiers led to a dramatic increase in a marker of gut inflammation, said study co-author Benoit Chassaing, an assistant professor of biomedical science at Georgia State University. Chassaing presented the study here on Saturday (May 1) at Digestive Disease Week, a scientific meeting focused on digestive diseases.Benoit Chassaing是乔治亚州州立大学生物医学科学的助理教授,同时也是这项研究的合著者他指出,加入这些乳化剂导致肠道患炎症的风险增加在周六(5月1日),他在以消化疾病为关注点的消化系统疾病周上发布了这项研究成果The researchers then took the altered commy of gut bacteria out of the lab equipment and implanted it into mice that didn’t have any gut bacteria of their own. These mice also developed intestinal inflammation and showed signs of metabolic syndrome, a cluster of conditions that includes obesity, high blood sugar and insulin resistance.调查人员随后将这些混合细菌群拿出实验设备并将之植入到老鼠体内,老鼠的肠道本身是没有任何细菌的结果这些老鼠也出现了肠道炎,并伴有代谢综合症症状其余的症状有肥胖,高血糖和胰岛素抵抗综合症The study shows that emulsifiers directly affect gut bacteria, Chassaing said. However, the researchers still need to test whether emulsifiers have the same effect in people, and so the investigators are aly planning a study, he told Live Science.Chassaing指出,这项研究表明乳化剂会直接影响到肠道细菌但是研究人员还需要测量乳化剂是否会对人体产生相同的影响他向生活科学杂志透漏,研究人员已经开始着手准备下一个研究了The new findings add to those of a study by the same group of researchers, which found that emulsifiers promote the development of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) in mice that are genetically predisposed to the condition. The study also found that emulsifiers were linked with inflammation in normal mice (that were not genetically predisposed to gut diseases). However, at the time, the researchers didn’t know if the emulsifiers directly affected the gut bacteria, or if they instead affected the mouse’s own cells.这项新发现对他们在年的研究结论做了补充年,他们发现乳化剂会引发携带炎症性肠病(IBD)遗传基因的老鼠患病而且他们还发现乳化剂还会造成正常的老鼠(不具有炎症性肠病遗传基因的老鼠)患炎症然而,当时研究人员并不清楚乳化剂是直接影响到肠道细菌还是仅仅影响老鼠体内的细胞The new study was able to rule out any impact of the mouse’s own cells, because the simulator used is a mechanical model of the gut, the researchers said.研究人员称,这项新的研究能够排除老鼠个体细胞的影响因为这次研究采用的是肠道机械模型来模拟实验In the upcoming study in people, the researchers will likely put participants on an emulsifier-free diet a month, and then switch some of the participants back to a diet that includes emulsifiers, Chassaing said. The researchers will then examine whether the two groups show differences in gut inflammation and changes in bacteria, he said.Chassaing指出,在下一次研究中,研究人员很可能为实验者连续一个月提供无乳化剂的饮食,然后转而为部分实验参与者提供含有乳化剂的饮食然后测量这两组样本人员在肠道炎患病率和肠道细菌变化方面有没有差别Emulsifiers are listed on ingredient labels, but the additives go by many different names, Chassaing said. This makes it hard to avoid emulsifiers simply by ing food labels. The best way to keep from eating emulsifiers is to avoid processed food, he said.Chassaing 指出,乳化剂被列入食品成分表上,但是含有乳化剂的食品添加剂有许多种仅仅希望通过识别食品成分表来避免摄入乳化剂是十分困难的最好的避免摄入乳化剂的方法就是戒掉加工食品德惠市中医院在线问答 接吻可能导致的五种疾病 --18 :56: 来源: 研究表明,接吻十秒的时间内,大概8000万细菌和病毒会进行传递,快来看看甜蜜的接吻可能会带来哪些恼人的后果吧 Though studies say that as many as 80 million bacteria and who knows what viruses are transferred during a -second kiss, HIV and Zika are not likely to be among them.虽然研究表明,接吻十秒的时间内,大概8000万细菌和病毒会进行传递,但是艾滋病和寨卡这样的疾病却不可能通过这样的方式传播That doesn’t mean you’re totally safe when puckering up. Read on some unpleasant consequences of the intimate bliss that is a kiss.这也不意味着接吻的时候你就是绝对安全的快来看看甜蜜的接吻可能会带来哪些恼人的后果吧1. Any respiratory virus -- such as a cold, the flu, mumps and German measles -- could certainly be sp by kissing. But you’re more likely to get infected way bee you lock lips.1. 任何呼吸道病毒——比如感冒,流感,流行性腮腺炎以及风疹——都是可以通过接吻传播的但是在嘴唇接触之前你可能早就被传染了You can obtain these viruses, called contact diseases, by being within three to six feet of a person who is sneezing or coughing, or by touching something they have touched and then bringing your fingers to your nose or mouth. That’s why vaccinations -- and lots of handwashing -- are your best bet to avoid these extremely contagious diseases.但是这些病毒,也就是所谓的接触性疾病,能够在你距离一个打喷嚏或者咳嗽的人三到六英尺的时候,或者你接触过任何他们摸过的东西之后又将手指靠近口鼻的时候,就感染你这也是为什么预防措施以及常洗手就是避免这些高传染性疾病的最佳方式. Called the "kissing disease," mononucleosis is usually caused by the Epstein-Barr virus and comes with extreme fatigue and flu-like symptoms such as fever, sore throat, muscle weakness and swollen lymph glands. Ages to 30 are most susceptible to mono, as well as those who spend a lot of time in close contact with others, like high school and college students and members of sports teams.. 所谓的“接吻病”,单核细胞增多症,一般由爱泼斯坦-巴尔病毒引起,造成极度疲惫以及流感类症状,比如发烧,喉咙疼痛,肌无力以及淋巴腺肿大岁到30岁的人是单核细胞增多症的高发人群,也是和他人进行亲密接触最多的人群,比如高中生,大学生以及运动队队员There’s no treatment mononucleosis, so staying rested and hydrated and taking over-the-counter pain meds can help you survive the one- to two-month infection.单核细胞增多症没有治疗办法,多休息,多喝水以及用非处方止痛药能保住你度过一个月到两个月的感染期3. Cold sores or fever blisters are actually the result of the herpes simplex virus. The Centers Disease Control says that at least half of all Americans are infected with herpes simplex, most of us by the age of . Just a quick smooch can give this to your partner or even your children. All they have to do is come into contact with the virus while it’s shedding, which can happen even bee the telltale blister begins to m. Warning symptoms are mild: an itching, burning or tingling in the area, along with a possible sore throat, fever or swollen glands.3. 唇疱疹是单纯疱疹病毒引起的最常见的病症疾控中心表示至少一半美国人都感染上单纯疱疹病毒,大部分都是岁左右的年轻人只短暂的一个亲吻就可能把病毒传染给你的伴侣,甚至是你的孩子他们只要在病毒脱落之时接触到就会被感染,而感染有可能发生在水泡生成之前预警症状比较温和:感染部位瘙痒,灼痛或者有刺痛感,可能伴有喉咙疼痛,发烧或者腺体肿大. Cytomegalovirus is another not-so-well-known member of the herpes family that can be sp by kissing. A majority of us have antibodies in our systems against this virus but never knew we were infected. That’s because healthy adults and children often have no signs or symptoms. Sp through saliva, blood, urine, semen and breast milk, Cytomegalovirus can become a problem if you have a compromised immune system. Fever, fatigue and muscles aches are the common symptoms, but severe cases can result in seizures, pneumonia, encephalitis (an inflammation of the brain) and visual problems.. 巨细胞病毒是另一种不那么为人所知的可通过接吻传播的疱疹家族的一员我们中大多数人身体中都有对抗这种病毒的抗体,但是我们从不知道我们被感染过这是因为健康的成人和儿童都不会出现任何迹象或者症状巨细胞病毒可通过唾液、血液、尿液、和乳汁传播,如果你的免疫系统不够强大就可能会出问题常见的症状有发烧、疲劳以及肌肉酸痛,但是重者会导致癫痫发作,肺炎,脑炎(一种脑内炎症)以及视觉障碍5. A bacterium that can cause a range of infections, Group A streptococcus is sp through direct contact with mucus from the nose or throat of an infected person. Thought might sound gross, you will come into contact with mucus while kissing, but you could just as easily catch it by eating or drinking after an infected person. While most infections, like strep throat, are mild and easily treated with antibiotics, an untreated strep infection can lead to pneumonia.5. A组链球菌是一种能引起许多种感染的细菌,通过直接接触被感染者的鼻喉粘液进行传播听起来可能有点恶心,但是你确实会在接吻的时候接触到鼻喉粘液,与被感染者一同吃喝(不区分餐具)也会轻易被细菌感染到然而更常见的感染症状,例如链球菌性喉炎,能通过抗生素快速治疗,而喉部感染如不经医治会导致肺炎长春市中医院官网

榆树市妇女医院检查前方高能:穷逼谈恋爱的二十二条军规... --30 18::0 来源:chinadaily 前言: Romance is not about how lavish the gift is or how expensive the date ends up being. True romance is taking the time to speak to the heart of the one you love! Here are some romance ideas love on a shoestring budget: 爱并不意味着礼物多么昂贵,约会多么奢华,爱意味着花时间深入你爱的人的内心,这里就有一些几乎不怎么花钱的浪漫想法 1 Have a candlelit picnic in an unusual location, like your rooftop, a park bench, or overlooking the ocean. 在一个非同寻常的地方举行一个烛光野餐,可以在屋顶,公园长凳,也可以在俯瞰海洋的地方 Go on a photo date where you snap pictures of each other all over the city. If finances permit it, take them to a one-hour developing location. You may want to frame your favorite and give it to your spouse with a note. The others can be sent as postcards, facebook instagram posts or emails to each other all through the year. 来个相片约会,带着相机满城转,给对方拍照,如果经济条件允许,去及时成像店,把其中最喜欢的装裱起来,写点东西一起给你的爱人,其余的可以作为明信片,后者发到fb和instgram上,或者整年不断的email给对方 3 Walk or bicycle to an inexpensive ice cream shop or a fancy coffeehouse. 一起散步或者骑车去一个并不昂贵的冰淇淋店或者一个让人着迷的咖啡屋 Drive in the mountains, arriving in time a sunset or moonlit stroll. 开车进山,及时等待日出,或者月下漫步 5 Go to a park, push one another in the swings, and talk. Take turns listing A to Z the reasons you love your mate. 去公园,帮助另一方推秋千,交谈从A到Z罗列爱慕对方的N个理由 6 Walk the mall. The goal is not to buy, but to test perfume and cologne along the way. 在购物中心漫步,目的不是买买买,而是为了沿路测试香水 7 Pull out the kids’ toys, Fly a kite or have a squirt gun ?ght. 拿出小屁孩的玩具,放个风筝,或者飙水打一仗 8 Go to the library and check out a poetry book, find a romantic spot, like at the beach at sunset, or by the fireplace, and take turns ing them out loud to one another. 去图书馆借本诗集,找个浪漫的地方,比如说落日前的海滩,或是壁炉旁边,轮着为对方阅读 9 Write a song or a poem and perm it the one you love. Even an original version of “Roses are Red…” can be a treaamp;shy;sure when it’s from the heart. 为所爱之人写一首歌或者诗,读出来或者演奏出来如果是真心的,即便是最原始的版本的“玫瑰玫瑰多娇艳”也是非常珍贵的 Reenact a portion of a timeless romantic drama. Shake-speare’s Romeo and Juliet is a great place to begin. 重演经典浪漫剧,比如罗密欧语和朱丽叶就是很好的开始 Celebrate your married romance. Spend the day in bed. Preamp;shy;pare ahead and have breakfast in bed. Bring piles of magaamp;shy;zines and play soft music. Rest in your love. 庆祝结婚纪念日,终日赖在床上,提前准备早餐,并在床上就餐,堆一些杂志和轻音乐在恋人怀里小憩 Reminisce over old photo albums or your wedding album. Set the mood by relaxing together and talking by firelight or candlelight. Another option is to have your children play waiter and waitress and serve a romantic dinner, then tell them the story of how you fell in love. After they are in bed, choose one other idea on this list to enjoy. 回味旧照片和婚礼相册,放松培养情绪,在炉火或者烛光下私语另外一个高招就是让小孩扮演侍者来务一个浪漫晚餐,同时告诉他们你们是怎么相爱的等他们睡了,就好好享受两人世界 Have a living room luau. Often local music stores have island music at rock bottom prices. Put on your bathing suit, toss down some beach towels and enjoy island cuisine. 举行一个起居室晚宴,通常本地的音乐商店可以很低价买到一些海岛音乐,穿上你的泳装,乱扔一些沙滩浴巾,假装在海岛,并且享受海岛美食吧 Borrow plants from all your friends and neighbors and turn your patio into a private garden retreat and enjoy a quiet dinner. Bake something extravagant together. Bonus points cooking the dinner and doing the clean up together. 从你的亲友和邻居中借一些花草,把你的院子弄成一个私人花园来一次幽静的晚餐,一起做一些特别的,并且一起清理 Borrow plants from all your friends and neighbors and turn your patio into a private garden retreat and enjoy a quiet dinner. Bake something extravagant together. Bonus points cooking the dinner and doing the clean up together. 从你的亲友和邻居中借一些花草,把你的院子弄成一个私人花园来一次幽静的晚餐,一起做一些特别的,并且一起清理 Rent an old-fashioned romantic movie. The movies made in the ’30s through the ’50s are a good place to start. 租一个老电影,最好是30-50年代的 Work out together. Go a jog, do aerobics to a , or visit a gym. Enjoy sitting in the Jacuzzi to recover. 一起工作,慢跑,对着视频做有氧运动,或者去健身房完了一起坐在波浪式浴盆里放松 18 Put on your special song and waltz around the living room. 放你点别的音乐,一起跳华尔兹 19 Go on a walk and find a quiet romantic place to dance under the moonlit or in the sunset. 出去早一个安静的浪漫处,在月光下,或者晨光中翩翩起舞 Play questions. Each of you think of ten questions you’d love to know the answer to. Try questions like, “If you introamp;shy;duced me to a stranger today, what one thing would you say I do that you really appreciate about me?” or “If money was not a factor, where would you like to go on a romantic getamp;shy;away?” 玩个问题,每个人想个你想知道的问题,最好问类似这些的:“如果今天把我介绍一个陌生人,你最欣赏的关于我的一件事情是什么?”“如果钱不是问题,我们去哪里做爱情大逃亡” 1 Watch a movie about a place you’d love to travel together. Create a theme date by eating food from that location, scan the internet together and plan where you might go away together in the future. 看一部关于你们想一起去的地方的电影 Renew your vows (or write personal vows, if you didn’t do that in your original ceremony). This can be a private affair or you can invite the children or friends and celebrate. 重修誓言,或者写下私人誓言,如果在原来的婚礼上没有的话,这个可以是私人事件,也可以邀请孩子和亲友来庆祝 Remember, it’s not the expense of the gift but the thought that counts! 记住,这些都不贵,但是有用 解读为何抗战胜利纪念日定在9月3日? -- ::0 来源: Now, let's take a look at why September 3rd was chosen andmade a national holiday.  现在我们一起来看看为何将9月3日定为全国性的纪念日  Japan's announcement of surrender actually happened onAugust th, 195. A little after noon, Japanese emperorHirohito announced his country's acceptance of the terms of thePotsdam Declaration, and its unconditional surrender. Themessage was broadcast across the nation over radio.  195年8月日,日本宣布投降当天中午时分,日本裕仁天皇宣布日本接受《波茨坦公告,无条件投降这一消息通过电台广播传遍全国  However, without the mal signing over the terms of the surrender, it didn't have any legalstanding. So, on September nd, representatives from Japan, China and eight other Allied powersgathered on the deck of the USS "Missouri" in Tokyo Bay. They signed on the Japaneseinstrument of surrender. The ceremony over minutes, and it was broadcast throughout theworld.  不过,投降协议尚未正式签署,日本的投降尚不具备法律效力,9月日,在停泊于东京湾的美国“密苏里号”战列舰上,日本代表同中国及其他八个同盟国的代表签署了日本降伏文书受降仪式时长多分钟,并以广播形式昭告世界  The next day, September 3rd, the Japanese army in China mally surrendered to the Chinesegovernment. The whole of China was in jubilation. Celebrations were held across the country. Itmarked the first outright victory over a eign invasion in Chinese modern history. Theree,September 3rd was chosen, at the time, as the official victory day.  次日,也就是9月3日,中国境内的日本军队正式向中国政府投降全国人民都沉浸在喜悦之中,举国欢庆这是近代以来中华民族反抗外敌入侵第一次取得的完全胜利,当时,9月3日就被定为抗战胜利纪念日  However, after the founding of New China in 199, the victory day was reset to August th, thedate Japan announced unconditional surrender. But two years later, the then-GovernmentAdministrative Council switched it back to September 3rd.  然而,199年新中国成立后,胜利日一度被改为8月日,即日本宣布无条件投降的日期两年后(1951年),当时的中央人民政府政务院重新将9月3日确定为抗战胜利纪念日  In , China's top legislative body ratified September 3rd as the "Victory Day of ChinesePeople's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression". It then officially became a nationalholiday when it was announced that memorial activities would be held every year going ward.It's hoped the ratification will help people reflect on the war; commemorate the heroic sacrifices;and express China's firm stance of safeguarding national sovereignty, territorial solidarity andworld peace.  年,全国人大通过决议,将9月3日确定为“中国人民抗日战争胜利纪念日”有关部门宣布,今后每年9月3日都将举行纪念活动,9月3日也正式成为全国性的纪念日批准设立抗战胜利纪念日有望帮助人们反思战争,缅怀先烈的牺牲,表达中国坚决维护国家主权、国土完整和世界和平的决心长春市三院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗宽城区妇幼保健医院四维彩超预约




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