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Imagine this futuristic scenario: a US-led coalition is closing in on Raqqa determined to eradicate Isis. The international forces unleash a deadly swarm of autonomous, flying robots that buzz around the city tracking down the enemy.想象一下这样的未来场景:以美国为首的联军正在逼近叙利亚的拉卡(Raqqa),决心消灭“伊斯兰国”(ISIS)。多国部队出动一批致命的自主机器人,围着城市四处飞行,追踪敌人。Using face recognition technology, the robots identify and kill top Isis commanders, decapitating the organisation. Dazed and demoralised, the Isis forces collapse with minimal loss of life to allied troops and civilians.利用面部识别技术,这些机器人识别和杀死ISIS的指挥官,斩落了这个组织的头目。在联军和平民伤亡最少的情况下,瓦解了不知所措、士气低落的ISIS部队。Who would not think that a good use of technology?有谁不认为这是很好地运用了技术呢?As it happens, quite a lot of people, including many experts in the field of artificial intelligence, who know most about the technology needed to develop such weapons.事实上,有很多人不这么认为,包括人工智能领域的很多专家,他们最了解研发这种武器所需要的技术。In an open letter published last July, a group of AI researchers warned that technology had reached such a point that the deployment of Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems (or Laws as they are incongruously known) was feasible within years, not decades. Unlike nuclear weapons, such systems could be mass produced on the cheap, becoming the “Kalashnikovs of tomorrow.”去年7月,众多人工智能研究人员发表了一封公开信,警告称这种技术已经发展到一定程度,几年以后——而无需几十年——就有可能部署“致命自主武器系统”(Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems,它还有一个不相称的简称,Laws,意为“法律”)。不像核武器,这类系统可以以低廉成本大规模生产,成为“明天的卡拉什尼科夫步(Kalashnikov,即AK-47)”。“It will only be a matter of time until they appear on the black market and in the hands of terrorists, dictators wishing to better control their populace, warlords wishing to perpetrate ethnic cleansing,” they said. “Starting a military AI arms race is a bad idea, and should be prevented by a ban on offensive autonomous weapons beyond meaningful human control.”“它们早晚会出现在黑市上,落入恐怖分子、希望更好地控制民众的独裁者和想要进行种族清洗的军阀的手中,”他们表示,“在军用人工智能领域开启一场军备竞赛是一个坏主意,应该对超出人类有效控制的攻击性自主武器施加禁令,以防止这样的军备竞赛。”Aly, the US has broadly forsworn the use of offensive autonomous weapons. Earlier this month, the ed Nations held a further round of talks in Geneva between 94 military powers aiming to draw up an international agreement restricting their use.美国大体上已承诺放弃使用攻击性自主武器。本月早些时候,联合国(UN)在日内瓦举行了有94个军事强国参加的新一轮谈判,旨在拟定一项限制此类武器使用的国际协定。The chief argument is a moral one: giving robots the agency to kill humans would trample over a red line that should never be crossed.主要论据是道德层面上的:赋予机器人杀人的代理权,将越过一条永远不应被越过的红线。Jody Williams, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for campaigning against landmines and is a spokesperson for the Campaign To Stop Killer Robots, describes autonomous weapons as more terrifying than nuclear arms. “Where is humanity going if some people think it’s OK to cede the power of life and death of humans over to a machine?”因为开展反对地雷的运动而获得诺贝尔和平奖的乔迪#8226;威廉斯(Jody Williams)是“阻止杀手机器人运动”(Campaign To Stop Killer Robots)的发言人,他表示自主武器比核武器更可怕。“如果一些人认为把人类的生杀大权交给一台机器是可以的,人性又何以处之?”There are other concerns beyond the purely moral. Would the use of killer robots lower the human costs of war thereby increasing the likelihood of conflict? How could proliferation of such systems be stopped? Who would be accountable when they went wrong?除了纯粹的道德问题以外,还有其他令人担忧的问题。杀手机器人会降低战争中的人员成本,爆发冲突的可能性是否会因此提高?如何阻止这类系统的扩散?当它们出问题的时候谁来负责?This moral case against killer robots is clear enough in a philosophy seminar. The trouble is the closer you look at their likely use in the fog of war the harder it is to discern the moral boundaries. Robots (with limited autonomy) are aly deployed on the battlefield in areas such as bomb disposal, mine clearance and antimissile systems. Their use is set to expand dramatically.在一个哲学研讨会上,反对杀手机器人的道德理由已是足够明显。问题在于,你越是近距离地观察它们在战争硝烟中可能的用处,就越难分辨出道德的界限。(有限自主的)机器人已经被用于战场上,应用在拆弹、排雷和反导系统等。它们的应用范围还将大为扩大。The Center for a New American Security estimates that global spending on military robots will reach .5bn a year by 2018 compared with the bn forecast to be spent on commercial and industrial robots. The Washington-based think-tank supports the further deployment of such systems arguing they can significantly enhance “the ability of warfighters to gain a decisive advantage over their adversaries”.据新美国安全中心(Center for a New American Security)估测,到2018年,全球范围内在军用机器人方面的出将达到每年75亿美元。相比之下,该机构预测用于商业和工业机器人的出将为430亿美元。这家位于华盛顿的智库持进一步利用这类系统,主张它们能够显著提高“作战人员取得凌驾对手的绝对性优势的能力”。In the antiseptic prose it so loves, the arms industry draws a distinction between different levels of autonomy. The first, described as humans-in-the-loop, includes predator drones, widely used by US and other forces. Even though a drone may identify a target it still requires a human to press the button to attack. As vividly shown in the film Eye in the Sky , such decisions can be morally agonising, balancing the importance of hitting vital targets with the risks of civilian casualties.军工界用其最爱使用的置身事外的论调,对机器人不同的自主等级进行了区分。第一类被称为“人在环中”(humans-in-the-loop),包括被美军和其他军队广泛使用的“捕食者”无人机。即使一架无人机或许能够识别目标,还是需要一个人类来按下攻击按钮。就像电影《天空之眼》(Eye in the Sky)生动地体现出来的,这类决策可能会给人带来道德上的痛苦,你需要在打击关键目标和造成平民伤亡的风险之间进行权衡。The second level of autonomy involves humans-in-the-loop systems, in which people supervise roboticised weapons systems, including anti-aircraft batteries. But the speed and intensity of modern warfare make it doubtful whether such human oversight amounts to effective control.第二级的自主是“人在环中系统”(humans-in-the-loop system),人对机器人武器系统进行监督,包括防空炮。但现代战争的速度和强度让人怀疑这种人类的监督能否形成有效控制。The third type, of humans-out-of-the-loop systems such as fully autonomous drones, is potentially the deadliest but probably the easiest to proscribe.第三类是“人在环外系统”(humans-out-of-the-loop system),比如完全自主的无人机,这种可能是最致命的,但也很可能是最容易禁止的。AI researchers should certainly be applauded for highlighting this debate. Arms control experts are also playing a useful, but frustratingly slow, part in helping define and respond to this challenge. “This is a valuable conversation,” says Paul Scharre, a senior fellow at CNAS. “But it is a glacial process.”人工智能研究人员通过发表公开信,引起人们对这场辩论的关注,这一举动当然值得赞扬。军备控制专家在帮助定义和应对这一挑战方面起到有用的作用,但他们的行动步伐却慢得让人沮丧。“这是一次有价值的对话,”新美国安全中心的保罗#8226;沙勒(Paul Scharre)说,“但这是一个极其缓慢的过程。”As in so many other areas, our societies are scrambling to make sense of fast-changing technological realities, still less control them.就像在其他很多方面一样,我们的社会在试图理解快速变化的技术现实方面就已穷于应付,更别提加以控制了。 /201605/443202

What happens when the wave of encryption rippling through the personal technology world washes up against the realities of the data economy? 当个人科技产品世界掀起的加密浪潮拍上数字化经济的现实时,会发生什么情况? Most of the recent debate over the sp of encryption has centred on the implications for personal privacy and national security. Less has been said about business: in particular, what a greater use of encryption will mean for the usability of tech products and services, and for the business models that rely on capturing and extracting value from data. 近期围绕普及加密技术的讨论,主要集中在加密之于个人隐私及国家安全的意义,较少涉及其在商业方面的影响。特别是,加密技术的广泛使用对科技产品及务的可用性、以及依赖于从数据中挖掘价值的商业模式来说意味着什么? This week, it was WhatsApp’s turn to push encryption deeper into everyday life, with the news that conversations between its 1bn users will be scrambled. WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messaging app, has aly run into problems in Brazil for not storing messages demanded by a court. Now, it will not be able to “” real-time communications either. 这回轮到WhatsApp让加密技术更深入人们的日常生活——上周,有报道称,其10亿用户之间的对话内容将被加密。Facebook的这款通讯应用软件此前已在巴西惹上麻烦,原因是其未按法院要求存储信息。现在,它也将无法“读取”实时对话了。 When the makers of mass-market products and services make a show of taking steps such as this to protect their users, it can shift expectations. Although Apple’s legal fight with the US government over an encrypted iPhone belonging to one of the San Bernardino killers ended inconclusively, it sent a clear message about the lengths the company would go to to protect its users. 当大众市场产品及务的提供商故意表现出要采取此类措施保护用户的姿态时,这可能会改变人们的期望。尽管苹果(Apple)与美国政府的法律之争——围绕圣贝纳迪诺击案凶手一部加密iPhone——已无果而终,但这明确传达出了苹果不遗余力保护用户的态度。 At least at the device level, encryption is quickly becoming the norm. Amazon’s reversal last month over its latest Fire operating system proved the point. News that the software no longer encrypts data as a matter of course brought an instant outcry from privacy activists — forcing the company to backtrack hastily with a promise to restore the capability in a future update. 至少在设备层面上,加密正在迅速成为行业惯例。上个月,亚马逊(Amazon)围绕其最新Fire操作系统的态度大转变便明了这一点。有关该软件不再把数据加密作为理所当然的义务的新闻一经报道,立刻引起了隐私维权人士的强烈抗议——迫使该公司匆忙转变态度,承诺在未来的更新版本中重新恢复加密技术。 After delays, Google has also moved to default encryption in the most recent release of Android, its mobile operating system. Not that many of the world’s Android users will see the benefit in the short term: five months after the software’s release, only 2.6 per cent of Android phones are running the latest operating system, according to the company. 在数次推迟后,谷歌(Google)也在最新发布的手机操作系统Android中默认采用加密功能。并非很多Android用户都会在短期内看到加密的好处:根据谷歌的数据,在该版本发布5个月后,只有2.6%的Android手机运行了最新版本的操作系统。 But this is only one side of the story. Few people would want to lock all their data into a single gadget. Besides the risk of loss, it would be to turn back the clock on one of the main benefits of cloud computing: accessing personal information from different devices. The San Bernardino terrorists also used Apple’s iCloud, even if the last time they backed up data from an iPhone was some seven weeks before last year’s shootings. 但是,这只是故事的一方面而已。没有多少人想把所有的信息都锁在一台设备中。除了丢失的风险,这还相当于让时光倒流到没有云计算的时代——利用云技术,用户可以在不同设备上访问个人信息。贝纳迪诺击案中的恐怖分子也用苹果iCloud,虽然他们最后一次对iPhone数据进行备份是在击案发生前7周左右。 Data in iCloud are encrypted — but, crucially, Apple has the keys, making it possible for courts to order it to hand over information. As a result, since its fight with the FBI, Apple has also been looking at how to put encrypted iCloud data beyond its own reach. 存储在iCloud的数据也是经过加密的——但是,关键是苹果掌握着iCloud的钥匙,所以法院可以命令苹果交出信息。因此,自从与美国联邦调查局(FBI)抗争之后,苹果也在寻找将iCloud加密数据脱离自己掌控的办法。 There are good reasons, though, to think this drive towards strong encryption will reach a natural limit. Putting cloud-based data beyond the reach of the companies hosting it would limit its value. At the most basic level, it would mean users would not be able to recover their personal information if they forgot their passwords. 不过,我们有理由认为,这股朝着“强加密”发展的趋势将自然而然达到一个极限。让云数据脱离科技公司掌控的做法会限制数据的价值。最简单来说,这意味着一旦用户忘记了密码,他们将无法找回个人信息。 Making information unable would also make it harder to tailor many online services. Personalisation is the great hope for a world awash with too much data. Shaping digital experiences relies on being able to analyse a user’s personal and behavioural information. 使数据不可读也会令企业难以定制在线务。在充斥着太多数据的世界,个性化被寄予了很大希望。打造数字化体验,依赖于分析用户的个人数据和行为信息。 There are also powerful economic motivations for limiting encryption. As Harvard University’s Berkman Center said in a recent report , the advertising businesses of companies such as Google and Facebook rely on being able to target adverts based on what they know about their users. 还有强大的经济动因撑着对加密技术加以限制。正如哈佛大学(Harvard University)伯克曼中心(Berkman Center)在最近一份报告中所说的那样,谷歌(Google)和Facebook等公司的广告业务依赖于根据他们对用户的了解来针对性地投放广告。 Many new types of data are also valued for their ability to be processed. For instance, the “internet of things” is founded on the idea of being able to collect, collate and analyse vast amounts of information thrown off by myriad smart objects. Besides sensors, many of these devices will have cameras and microphones: they will, in effect, be watching and listening. 很多新型数据也因为可以被加工而受到重视。例如,“物联网”是基于对众多智能设备释放的大量数据进行收集、整理和分析的理念而建立。除传感器外,很多智能设备将配有摄像头和麦克风:实际上,它们将拥有看和听的功能。 It is no wonder that many in the tech industry reject the idea that the sp of encryption will make life harder for law enforcement, and instead argue that a “golden age of surveillance” is at hand. 难怪很多科技行业人士否认普及加密技术会加大执法难度,相反他们认为“监控的黄金时代”即将到来。 That is hardly a phrase guaranteed to instil confidence in their customers. But privacy concerns often take a back seat when new digital services bring greater convenience to users’ lives. A battle over encryption is set to rage in the coming years, but its impact on the broader data economy should not be overstated. 这不是一个会给他们的用户带来信心的说法。但是,当新的数字化务为用户的生活带来更多便利时,对隐私的担忧往往会靠边站。未来数年,加密之战注定会越演越烈,但是不应该夸大这对数字化经济的影响。 /201604/436869It has been a staple of science fiction for decades, and could be a godsend for tourists grappling with directions to their hotel.同声传译耳机是几十年来科幻小说的主题,可能会成为在去宾馆途中迷路游客们的福音。An earpiece that lets its wearer understand other nationalities by instantly translating foreign languages is due to go on sale next month.一款可以即时翻译外国语言,让佩戴者听懂外国人说话的耳机将于下月开始发售。The £140 device, which can decode eight languages, is inspired by translators such as the Babel fish from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which allowed the earthling Arthur Dent to comprehend alien races on his adventures.这款耳机售价140英镑(约合1212元人民币),可以翻译八种语言,受到《系搭便车指南》中巴别鱼等“翻译员”的启发制成。巴别鱼让地球人阿瑟-邓特能在探险中听懂异族生物的语言。Lingmo International, the Australian firm behind the Translate One2One earpiece, said it would put an end to awkward international meetings between politicians and business leaders.“翻译一对一”耳机是澳大利亚公司Lingmo International开发出来的。该公司表示这款耳机将结束政界人士和商业领袖出席国际会议时的尴尬。The device translates sentences in three to five seconds using IBM’s artificial intelligence language software, Watson.这款耳机使用IBM公司的人工智能语言软件Watson,能在三至五秒的时间里翻译出语句。It is the first earpiece of its kind to translate languages without needing a constant connection to a mobile phone or Wi-Fi signal, and can translate between English, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, German and Chinese.这是首款无需一直连接到手机或无线网络信号就能翻译语言的耳机。可翻译的语言包括英语、法语、意大利语、西班牙语、巴西葡萄牙语、德语和汉语。Lingmo has put the device on sale and claims it will be delivered as early as mid-July, in time for the start of the summer holidays.Lingmo公司已开始发售这款耳机,并表示最早将于7月中旬交付使用,恰好能赶上暑期假日的开始。There is one catch, however: the speaker and listener will have to wear a device each for the translation software to work.但有一点:翻译者和倾听者都需要佩戴耳机,翻译软件才能工作。Several technology companies are developing language earpieces aimed at making embarrassing holiday encounters a thing of the past, while Google recently upgraded its translation software so that it is able to understand full sentences, instead of converting phrases word by word.数家科技公司都在研发语言翻译耳机,以让尴尬的假日邂逅成为历史。谷歌公司近日对其翻译软件进行了升级,使其可以理解全句,而不是逐字转换短语。 /201706/515021

The Australian computer scientist claiming to be the enigmatic founder of bitcoin has backtracked on promises to prove his identity, claiming he did not have the “courage” to do so in the face of intense scrutiny.自称是比特币神秘创始人的澳大利亚计算机科学家已收回明自己身份的承诺,称在严密关注之下他没有“勇气”这样做。Craig Wrighthad promised to provide evidence to support his claim earlier this week to have created bitcoin in 2008 using the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The announcement by the self-styled security expert sparked scepticism among tech experts globally, given the enduring mystery surrounding the creation of the crypto currency.克雷格#8226;赖特(Craig Wright)在本周早些时候称,他在2008年化名“中本聪”(Satoshi Nakamoto)创造了比特币,他曾承诺要提供据持这一说法。这位自称网络安全专家的公告引发了全球科技专家的怀疑,因为围绕这种加密货币的创造仍疑云密布。In a blog post on his website entitled “I’m sorry”, Mr Wright said he was “not strong enough” to face allegations about his qualifications and character that were emerging. He said he would not now publish the proof that he has access to the keys to the digital currency.赖特的网站上发表了一篇标题为“对不起”的客文章,他在文中表示自己“不够坚强”,无法面对不断浮出水面的关于他的资历和性格的指控。他表示,他现在不会公布自己能够获取比特币秘钥的据。He acknowledged this would damage his supporters, including Gavin Andresen, the former chief scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation who has more recently begun to question his initial backing of Mr Wright’s claim.他承认这会伤害到他的持者,其中包括比特币基金会(Bitcoin Foundation)前首席科学家加文#8226;安德烈森(Gavin Andresen),安德烈森近日开始质疑自己最初对赖特声明的持。Jon Matonis, a founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, also supported Mr Wright. Yesterday, he appeared to stand by the Australian entrepreneur with a tweet that said: “There won’t be an on-chain signing from early bitcoin blocks, but there also won’t be another Satoshi.”比特币基金会创始人乔恩#8226;马托尼斯(Jon Matonis)依然持赖特。昨天他在Twitter上发消息称,继续信任这位澳大利亚企业家:“不会出现早期比特币区块链的签名,但也不会出现另一个中本聪。”Mr Wright said in his post: “They were not deceived but I know that the world will never believe me now.”赖特在文中写道:“他们没有受骗,但我知道世界从此不再相信我。”Mr Wright seems to suggest in the blog that he is sill standing by the claim, which is likely to fan speculation on the identity of the anonymous founder.赖特似乎在文中暗示他仍坚持这一声明,这可能会激起对匿名创始人身份的猜测。“I believed that I could put the years of anonymity and hiding behind me. But as the events of this week unfolded and I prepared to publish the proof of access to the earliest keys, I broke. I do not have the courage. I cannot.”“我曾相信我可以抛弃多年的匿名和隐藏。但随着本周事态的发展,随着我准备发表访问最早秘钥的据,我垮掉了。我没有这个勇气。我做不到。”Mr Wright had said he could show a transfer of bitcoin from “an early block” and “independently verifiable documents” after earlier evidence he provided was questioned as it bore similarity to a 2009 bitcoin transaction.由于赖特较早前提供的据被质疑与2009年一笔比特币交易相似,他曾表示可以展示从“一个早期区块”转移比特币,并提供“可独立验的文档”。 /201605/441904Microsoft on Tuesday warned that a group of hackers linked to attacks on the Democratic National Committee had exploited a vulnerability in all Windows PCs that it would not be able to fully mend for another week.周二,微软(Microsoft)警告称,一群与美国民主党全国委员会(Democratic National Committee)受到的攻击有关的黑客,已对所有Windows系统个人电脑上的一个漏洞加以利用,而该漏洞还需要一周时间才能被完全修补。The flaw was disclosed publicly on Monday by Google, 该漏洞是周一由谷歌(Google)公开披露的。provoking a sharp rebuke from Microsoft about the dangers of revealing flaws like this before fixes are available.谷歌此举引发了微软的强烈谴责,后者称在发布补丁前就披露这样的漏洞很危险。Microsoft said the software flaw had been used by a group it calls Strontium, and which is known more widely as Fancy Bear. 微软表示,这一软件漏洞已被一家它称为锶(Strontium)的组织利用。该组织更为人熟知的名字是Fancy Bear,迄今已运作了将近十年。The group, which has been operating for nearly a decade, has been linked by security researchers to the Russian military and has been tied to a number of attacks on government, military and corporate systems. 安全研究人员认为,该组织与俄罗斯军方有关联。人们还认为,该组织与多起对政府、军方和企业系统的网络攻击有关,其中包括今年对美国民主党全国委员会的一次攻击。These include an assault on the DNC this year that is believed to have led to subsequent email leaks that have embarrassed the Democratic party in the run-up to the presidential election.这次攻击据信导致了随后的电子邮件外泄,令民主党(Democratic Party)在美国总统大选前夕狼狈不堪。The flaw was uncovered by two security researchers at Google and notified to Microsoft on October 21. 该漏洞由谷歌的两名安全研究人员发现,谷歌在10月21日通知了微软。On Monday, when the software company had still not released a patch to repair its Windows operating system from attack, Google publicly announced the vulnerability.周一,在微软还未发布补丁修补其Windows操作系统以防范这一攻击之际,谷歌就公开宣布了这一漏洞。Terry Myerson, head of the Windows business, hit out at the internet company on Tuesday afternoon, suggesting that it had not shown responsible technology industry participation. 周二下午,微软Windows业务主管特里.迈尔森(Terry Myerson)对谷歌发起猛烈抨击,称谷歌未表现出负责任的科技业参与意识。Disclosing a so-called zero-day exploit before it has been repaired alerts other hackers to the flaw and can lead to more attacks on Windows PCs.在一个所谓的零日漏洞被修补前就披露它,会提醒其他黑客注意该漏洞,这可能会引发对Windows系统个人电脑的更多攻击。Google’s decision to disclose these vulnerabilities before patches are broadly available and tested is disappointing, and puts customers at increased risk, Mr Myerson wrote in a blog post.迈尔森在一篇客文章中写道:谷歌决定在补丁被广泛提供和测试前就披露这些漏洞,这令人失望,会将用户置于更大的风险之中。Google defended its actions on Monday, saying it always published details of critical vulnerabilities seven days after it warns other software companies about them so that computer users will be aware of the danger.谷歌则为其周一采取的行动进行了辩护,称它总是会在就关键漏洞向其他软件公司发出警告的七日后公布这些漏洞的细节,以便让电脑用户能够意识到其中的风险。It said it had also warned Adobe about a flaw in its own Flash software which, used together with the Windows vulnerability, had enabled hackers to exploit machines. 谷歌表示,该公司还曾就Adobe Flash软件中的一个漏洞向Adobe发出警告。该漏洞与Windows的那个漏洞结合起来,令黑客得以攻陷电脑。Adobe released a patch for its own product last Wednesday, less than a week after being warned about it.Adobe在上周三发布了对其自身产品漏洞的补丁,距该公司接到谷歌警告还不到一周时间。Anyone using Microsoft’s new Edge browser, which is included in Windows 10, should be protected, the company said. 微软表示,任何使用微软新的Edge浏览器(该浏览器被包含在Windows 10系统中)的用户应该不会受到攻击。But other versions of Windows will be exposed until at least November 8, the date when Microsoft said it planned to release a patch to solve the problem.不过,其他版本的Windows至少在11月8日前会面临受攻击的风险。微软表示,它计划在11月8日发布补丁解决这个问题。 /201611/475753

Ecuador says it chose to restrict the internet access of Julian Assange, the anti-secrecy campaigner holed up in its London embassy, due to concerns the WikiLeaks founder might seek to influence the US election.厄瓜多尔表示,由于担心维基解密(WikiLeaks)创始人可能试图影响美国大选,该国决定限制躲藏在其驻英大使馆的反保密活动人士朱利安.阿桑奇(Julian Assange)的互联网连接。A statement from the Ecuadorean foreign ministry said the unplugging of Mr Assange was a “sovereign decision”, adding: “The government of Ecuador respects the principles of non-intervention in the affairs of other nations, does not meddle in electoral campaigns nor support any candidate in particular.”厄瓜多尔外交部的一份声明表示,切断阿桑奇的互联网连接是一个“主权决定”,并补充说:“厄瓜多尔政府尊重不干涉他国事务的原则,不介入选举活动,也不持任何特定的候选人。”WikiLeaks confirmed in a tweet that its web communications had been cut on Saturday evening “shortly after publication of Clinton’s Goldman Sachs speeches”.维基解密在Twitter上实,其web通信在上周六晚间被切断,“就在发表希拉里的高盛(Goldman Sachs)演讲稿不久之后”。This was a reference to the release by WikiLeaks of three transcripts of paid speeches Hillary Clinton made to the US bank, which are likely to fuel concerns the Democratic candidate and favourite to win the US presidential race is too cosy with Wall Street.此言是指维基解密发布的希拉里.克林顿(Hillary Clinton)对这家美国发表的三次有偿演讲的文字实录,它们很可能加剧人们的担忧:这位民主党总统候选人、有望赢得美国总统大选的人跟华尔街的关系太亲密了。WikiLeaks had earlier blamed an unnamed “state party”, tweeting on Monday: “Julian Assange’s internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingency plans.”维基解密早些时候指责一个未点名的“国家机构”,周一在Twitter上称:“朱利安.阿桑奇的互联网链接被某个国家机构故意切断。我们已启动了适当的应急计划。”This month the Obama administration officially accused Russia of attempting to interfere in the elections, including by hacking the computers of the Democratic National Committee and other political organisations. The stolen material has appeared on websites such as DC Leaks and WikiLeaks, and included the private emails of former secretary of state Colin Powell and aides to Mrs Clinton.本月,奥巴马政府正式指控俄罗斯试图干涉美国选举,包括对民主党全国委员会(DNC)和其他政治组织的电脑发起黑客攻击。被盗的材料已经出现在诸如DC Leaks和维基解密等网站上,包括前国务卿科林.鲍威尔(Colin Powell)以及希拉里助理的私人电子邮件。WikiLeaks had recently been releasing material from the Clinton campaign, including those from a hack of emails of her campaign chairman John Podesta.维基解密最近曾发布克林顿竞选团队的材料,包括她的竞选负责人约翰.波德斯塔(John Podesta)的被窃电子邮件。Mr Assange, who took refuge in London’s Ecuadorean embassy in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden over sexual assault allegations, accused the US of asking Ecuador to stop it publishing documents about Mrs Clinton.阿桑奇于2012年向厄瓜多尔在伦敦的大使馆请求庇护,以避免因性侵指控被引渡到瑞典。他指责美国要求厄瓜多尔制止发布关于希拉里的文件。The US state department said the allegation was “simply untrue”.美国国务院说,这个指控“根本不真实”。Ecuador’s foreign minister Guillaume Long, made no reference to the allegations, but said “the circumstances that led to the granting of asylum (to Mr Assange) remain”.厄瓜多尔外长纪尧姆.隆(Guillaume Long)没有提到这些指控,但表示“导致给予(阿桑奇)庇护的情况仍然存在”。Relations between the US and Ecuador have been strained in recent years as President Rafael Correa emerged as an outspoken US critic, accusing Washington of trying to undermine his government.美国和厄瓜多尔之间的关系近年紧张,厄瓜多尔总统拉斐尔.科雷亚(Rafael Correa)公开批评美国,指责华盛顿方面试图破坏他的政府。In its statement late on Tuesday, Ecuador said it had temporarily restricted access to part of its communication system in its UK embassy, but said the decision to suspend Mr Assange’s web access would not “impede” the organisation’s “journalistic activities”.厄瓜多尔在周二晚间发表的声明中表示,其暂时限制了驻英大使馆部分通信系统的接入,但表示暂停阿桑奇web访问的决定不会妨碍该组织的“新闻活动”。However, the move is seen as a reflection of Quito’s concern not to alienate the Clinton camp ahead of the election, with the Democratic candidate currently favourite to emerge as the new US president.然而,这一举动被视为厄瓜多尔不希望在选举前夕得罪希拉里阵营,目前这位民主党候选人问鼎白宫的呼声最高。 /201610/472909

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