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A: Hello, Nicole? This is Jimmy in 3.B: Hello, Jimmy. What's up? A: You're not going to believe this.B: Believe me, I think I've heard everything.A: I can't find my mailbox key.B: Is that all? That's a lot better than losing your car keys.A: I had a duplicate, but I can't find it either.B: If you come by my place, I can loan you a key.A: There's no emergency. All I get is junk mail and bills.B: Can you wait till Wednesday? I'll make you two more keys.A: Sure, that'll be fine.B: Okay. I'll see you Wednesday. But it's going to cost you $ per key. 336。

The Mexico City Metro is startling riders with what is being called a exist, men only subway seat that features a molded plastic nude male torso — complete with a flaccid penis.墨西哥城地铁最近让乘客们非常震惊,原因是车厢多出了一个被认为是“性别歧视”的男性专座,座位是一个塑料制成的男性躯干--上面还有一个男性生殖器The anatomically correct seat is accompanied by a sign that s exclusive men — the sexist part of the seat — and It uncomtable to sit here but it doesnt compare with the sexual violence that women suffer in their everyday lives.这个具有性器官代表的座位,附有一个写着“男性专座”(人们认为这有点性别歧视)的标语,虽然“坐在这上边有点不舒,但是和女性在日常生活中遭到的性暴力来说不足为道”There even a that shows passengers raising their eyebrows in disbelief at the scandalous seat and absentmindedly sitting down on it, only to immediately jump up upon feeling unexpected bulges in place of the usual smooth plastic.甚至还有一份视频显示,乘客都难以置信地看着这个让人“脸红心跳”的座位,然后茫然地坐下,但是却立刻从座位上蹦起来,因为他们感觉到平常光滑的塑料座椅上多出了一个意想不到的突起There more to the seat than just trying to get a rise out of riders, though.不过这个座位可不仅仅只是为了戏弄乘客As the slide at the end of the notes, Nine out of women in Mexico City have been victims of some m of sexual violence.这段视频在结尾处说道:“墨西哥城90%的女性曾经遭受过某种形式的性暴力”The idea behind the campaign, which was launched by the Mexican government, is to raise awareness of the fact that 65% of Mexico City women revealed that they have been sexually harassed while traveling on the capital city bus or trains.该活动是由墨西哥政府提出的,其背后的意义是要提高公众的意识--墨西哥城65%女性透露自己在乘坐公共汽车和火车时曾被性骚扰 5771。

星型典句:第一句:Could you please tell where I should get off?请告诉我该在哪儿下车好吗?A: Could you please tell me where I should get off?请告诉我该在哪儿下车好吗?B: You should get off at the last stop.您应该在最后一站下车A: What the next stop?下一站在哪儿?B: It City Square.城市广场第二句:What stop is this?这是哪一站?A: What stop is this?这是哪一站?B: East Ocean Park.东海公园A: Would you tell me where to get off?你能告诉我在哪儿下车吗?B: All right. Ill remind you!好的我会提醒你的其他表达法:不知道该在哪一站下车时,可请司机或其他乘客在到站时提醒一下自己也可以用 Could you please let me know when I get to...?也可以用remind me去代替let me know, 即 Please remind me when I get to...也可以说Will you tell me when to get off? 您能在我该下车的时候告诉我吗?Where do I have to get off? 我该在哪儿下车?How many shops are there? 有多少站?。

A new museum built by the son of a renowned French explorer aims to show ;the beauty of polar landscapes; and illustrate the consequences of climate change.一位知名法国探险家的儿子建了一座新的物馆,旨在展示;极地景观之美;,说明气候变化的后果The museum in eastern France is ;the only permanent museum devoted to the Arctic and Antarctic in the world,; said communications director Anthony Renou.这座物馆位于法国东部,通讯主管安东尼·勒努称其是;世界上唯一一家专门介绍北极和南极的永久性物馆;Built in the shape of a jutting iceberg and with 60% of its volume buried underground, the museum was conceived by anthropologist Jean-Christophe Victor - son of the French polar explorer Paul-Emile Victor - and Stephane Niveau, a naturalist.该物馆是法国极地探险家保罗-埃米尔·维克多的儿子、人类学家让-克里斯托夫·维克多和物学家斯蒂芬·尼沃构想出的,外形是一座突出的冰山,埋在地下的部分占60%Once inside, visitors are plunged into a world of intense white. Huge screens show the ice caps amid the noise of an icy blizzard.一进入物馆,参观者就陷入了一片雪白的世界:巨型电视屏幕上展示着冰盖,伴有严寒的暴风雪的呼啸Photographs, items from polar expeditions and presentations - on ecosystems, rising sea levels, indigenous peoples and other themes - bring the polar environment to life and expose its vulnerability to global warming.照片、极地探险物品和生态系统、海平面上升、土著民族等主题的视频展示使人犹处极地环境之中,揭示出全球变暖极易对极地环境造成破坏The museum includes a documentation centre which is accessible to researchers, a skating rink and a conference hall.该物馆内部包括一个研究人员可以访问的文档中心,一个溜冰场以及一间会议厅The local authorities which manage the establishment hope to attract 50,000 to 70,000 visitors per year.负责管理该建筑物的当地政府希望这里每年可以吸引5--7万名游客 9338。

A: What about roommates in my apartment?B: You may have one roommate, but their name must appear on the lease.A: Can I have someone visit me a short period of time?B: We understand that a family member or friend may visit from time to time. Just make sure that they are not moving in with you.A: How many days could a friend stay without it being a problem?B: You cannot have an extra tenant over a week, unless we give you special permission.A: Will I be charged extra money having roommates or visitors?B: A roommate or a short-term guest would not cost you anything extra.A: Can my family and friends use the facilities when they visit me?B: Your guests may not use the facilities unless you are with them. 779。

Helsinki is offering young people the chance to rent a cheap apartment in an old people home, if they agree to spend time socialising with the elderly residents.芬兰首都赫尔辛基将允许年轻人以低廉的租金租赁养老院公寓,前提是他们要陪老人聊天The city council is seeking applications from renters under the age of 5 who will commit to spending between three and five hours each week with their older neighbours, at a care home in the eastern Laajasalo district. In exchange, theyll get a studio flat measuring 3 sqm with a private kitchen, bathroom and balcony 50 euros per month, public broadcaster Yle reports.该养老院位于赫尔辛基东部的拉夏萨罗区据当地公共电视台“Yle”报道,想要享受此项优惠的人需要满足市议会开列的以下条件:年龄在5岁以下;每周愿意陪伴老人三到五小时作为交换条件,这些年轻人能以每月50欧元的价格租赁一间3平米的一居,有独立厨卫和阳台Currently only three flats are available, but the scheme is part of a wider eft to tackle a lack of accommodation young people in the capital. Ordinarily a studio costs about 600 euros a month, depending on the area, one local university advises.目前这家养老院只有三间公寓可以出租不过,当地还推出了更多计划,旨在解决年轻人在首都缺少住房的问题当地一所大学称,租金高低取决于所处地段,通常情况下,小一居每月租金约600欧元Those who apply dont need any specific care experience. ;There are staff to look after the elderly,; project manager Miki Mielonen tells Yle. ;We are looking young people who maybe have a different perspective on everyday life, who will bring variety and recreation to the elderly residents.;想要申请的租客无需具备护理经验项目经理米奇·米洛浓在接受“Yle”采访时称:“养老院有专门照顾老人的员工我们要找的年轻人是看待生活有独特角度的人,他们能给老人带来多样化的休闲生活More than 60 people have applied the spaces in less than a week, and the idea has also been warmly welcomed by Finns on social media. ;Great project, hopefully it will sp to other areas,; writes one person on Facebook, while another applauds the scheme bringing different generations together.项目仅在一周内就收到了60余人的申请当地群众也在社交媒体上大加赞赏这个创意有人在脸书上写道:“这个项目太赞了,真希望能向其它地方推广”还有持此项目的人表示,它能拉近年轻人和老年人的距离But some wish it was open to more people, with one user saying: ;It a shame the flats are so small. It would have been nice if the elderly had a small family with children or a single parent as their neighbour.; And one person is disappointed about the cut-off age, writing: ;Shame Im too old this - I would have definitely applied.;也有不少人希望项目能面向更多人,其中一位脸书用户写道:“一居室的公寓有点小,真是可惜如果这些老人的邻居是个带孩子的小家庭或是单亲家庭的话该有多好啊”还有位用户对项目的年龄限制感到失望:“真可惜我年纪超限了,要不然我绝对申请” 3。

.Congratulations!恭喜!Congratulations!恭喜!Thank you.谢谢你.Thanks.谢谢.Good luck!(Thank you.)祝你好运!谢谢你.Good luck!(Thanks,I need it.)祝你好运!谢谢,我需要好运.Good luck!(You too.)祝你好运!谢谢,我需要好运.Good luck!(Good luck to you,too.)祝你好运!你也一样.Good luck!(Let hope I dont need luck.)祝你好运!希望我不需要好运.Congratulations!(Thank you.)恭喜!谢谢你.Congratulations!(Thanks.)恭喜!谢谢.A:Im so nervous tonight.A:今天晚上我好紧张哦.B:Good luck!Youll do fine.A:Thanks.B:祝你好运!你会做得很好的.A:谢啦.A:I heard you got engaged.B:Yes, were getting married in June.A:我听说你订婚了.B:是啊,我们6月要结婚了A:Congratulations!B:Thank you.A:恭喜!B:谢谢.A:I graduated high school with honors!A:我以优异的成绩从高中毕业.B:Congratulations!I always knew knew you could do it.A:Thanks.B:恭喜你!我就知道你行的.A:谢谢.Good luck to you,too.也祝你好运.Thanks,I need luck.谢谢,我需要好运气. 3。

5.Anger5.愤怒Are you one of those people who tend to bite people head off at the slightest provocation? Anger is a normal human emotion, experienced by everyone at one time or another. Just like the happy gene, there is the existence of an anger gene which makes some people temperamentally more inclined to be in a black mood. Though to say that the presence of the anger gene is an oversimplification, it is likely that this is due to a genetic predisposition. There is a trait that psychologists call ‘negative affectivity, a term to define the tendency of some people to experience negative emotions. According to Most scientists adolescents are more susceptible to experiencing strong emotions since their brain systems responsible regulating emotional responses are still under development. Hence it is so difficult to understand teenagers!你是那种为了一点小事就想要把别人的头咬掉的人吗?愤怒是人类的正常情绪,每个人或多或少都经历过就像快乐的基因一样,我们身体里也存在;愤怒的基因;,这种基因让有些人喜怒无常、情绪低落愤怒基因的存在影响人的情绪,尽管这样说有点过于简单化了,其情绪化的原因也很有可能归咎于遗传易感性有一种心理学家称之为;消极情感;的特质,拥有这种特质的人倾向于体验负面情绪大多数科学家认为青少年更容易体会到强烈的情感,因为他们负责调节情绪反应的大脑系统仍在发展和完善所以,青少年如此不被理解,也不是毫无缘故的.Obesity.肥胖One of the major topics of recent surveys is the effect of genetic traits on the occurrence of obesity. The results of the studies established that though the weight of the students who were genetically predisposed to gain weight is similar to that of other children, they tend to quickly attain weight a few years later. So if you fall in that category of dieters where you put on weight with even a slight change in eating patterns, you are the unlucky few to have bad genes.最近调查的主要话题之一是基因性状对肥胖的影响,调查结果实了虽然那些拥有肥胖基因的学生与其他儿童的体重相当,但在几年后,他们容易迅速变胖所以如果你加入了节食者的行列,稍微改变饮食习惯就会发胖,那么很不幸,你已有了肥胖基因3.Lifespan3.寿命In recent years several studies have pointed to the fact that life expectancy can largely be dependent upon various genes.In , a study at the Tokyo University of Agriculture found that a specific gene that was activated in men but not women, which backed up the fact why women on an average have a greater lifespan. The results of their research pointed to the conclusion that the gene allowed men to develop stronger bodies but at the cost of ageing. These studies and others like them show that lifespan may be strongly dependent on your genetic makeup, although it is affected by a number of genes. Instead of cursing your family hand er, blame your genes your short lifeline!最近一些研究表明寿命长短取决于基因差异年,东京农业大学的一项研究发现一种特殊基因只能在男性体内而不能在女性体内激活,这就解释了为什么女性的平均寿命比男性长研究结果明了基因可以使男性拥有强壮的体魄,其代价却为缩短寿命这些研究和其他类似研究表明虽然寿命受很多基因的影响,但是最大程度上取决于你的基因组成不要因为寿命短而责怪家族遗传,只能责怪你自己的基因构成.The pessimist effect.悲观者效应A new study by UCLA life scientists found that the oxytocin receptor gene is a strong predictor of optimism and self-esteem. Apparently if certain nucleotides at specific locations on the gene are absent you are more likely to be an optimist. Other scientists claim that a different gene regulates the neurotransmitter serotonin, that is the ;happy hormone.; So with the results of the survey it comes as a surprise that your mood may not be as much under your control as you thought and not always linked to environmental factors. Some people are just happy! If youre one of those people who look at the glass half empty, it may not just be you but your genes acting out which may be one of the reasons to be happy that your state of mind is not some kind of a weakness.美国加州大学洛杉矶分校的生命科学家们有一项新研究,发现催产素受体基因是乐观自信的预言者显然,如果缺失了基因链特定位置上的某些核苷酸,你很有可能就是一个乐观主义者其他科学家们称,调节神经递质血清素的5-羟色胺转运体多态性基因就是;快乐荷尔蒙;研究结果显示,你的心情可能并非如你所想那样尽在掌控之中,也不总是受环境因素影响,这真是让人惊奇,有些人就是天生的乐天派!同样是半杯水,乐观者会说杯子里还有半杯水,悲观者则感叹已经失去了半杯水如果你是悲观者,可以庆幸的是这并非是你心境的某种缺陷,那可能是因为你的大脑状况受到了基因影响1.Addiction to Cigarette Smoking1.烟瘾According to an printed in the Washington post, scientists have managed to pinpoint variations in the genetic make-up of people which make them more prone to getting addicted to cigarettes. This discovery makes an irrefutable case backing up the role of your genetic structure to nicotine addiction. Christopher Amos, a professor of epidemiology at the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and author of one of the studies said and I e, ;It also makes you more likely to be dependent on smoking and less likely to quit smoking.; Based on these studies, it is reported that these smokers on an average light up two extra cigarettes a day and find it much more difficult to give up smoking.根据《华盛顿邮报中发表的一篇文章,科学家们设法找出了易对香烟上瘾之人的基因在构成上与常人有什么不同这项发现实了一个无可辩驳的情况,就是你的遗传结构控制尼古丁成瘾克里斯托弗·阿司是休斯顿的安德森癌症中心流行病学教授及某项研究报告的作者,他认为(在此我做以引述):;这种基因也会让你更依赖吸烟而非戒烟;基于这些研究,据报道这些吸烟者平均一天会多抽两根烟,而且戒烟十分困难审校:浅芷湄 编辑:Lion 前十网 863。

On its good days, science is incredible, enlightening and amazingly inmative. On its bad days, science is gross, disturbing and downright bizarre. We had to sift through some pretty murky waters to compile this list of odd questions science has tried to answer. Talk about typing a word into the Google machine perfectly innocent reasons and getting completely perturbing results your efts.人们信奉科学的时候,科学是那样的妙不可言,深谙哲理又疯狂至极;可一旦人们背信科学,科学又是那样的信口雌黄,荒诞离奇又不值一提我们不得不从社会这潭浑水中摸索着回答那些科学曾试图解释却无疾而终的一连串古怪问题Diamonds concocted from tequila, panda poop used as compost, uncontrollable coffee mugs, strangely swishy ponytails and the brain activity of dead salmon were some of the tame ones. Once we hit ;how to make sure a patient receiving a colonoscopy doesnt explode; we were y to call it a day. And yet we persevered, sorting through all the gory consequences of these ill-advised searches just you. Here what came out of that shudder-inducing process.如何从龙舌兰中提取钻石,怎样以熊猫粪便为肥料,为何有时握着咖啡杯的手突然不受控制,马尾辫怎会嗦嗦作响以及对死去鲑鱼的脑活动研究,这都是些平淡无奇的研究一旦我们无法保“做结肠镜检查的病人术中一直保持淡定”,恐怕我们也得收拾收拾东西,直接收工了而我们坚持不懈,向你讲述那一个个轻率的研究所导致的血淋淋的后果以下,便是那些令人不寒而栗的研究过程.Does the way you stand affect your ability to estimate?.难道你站立的方式也会影响到你的估算能力?If youre leaning a little to the left, youre also probably going to be a little on the low side when it comes to guesstimating all sorts of approximations. Whether that how many people live in a certain city, how much alcohol is in a particular bottle of booze, how many top- hits a band has released or how tall a specific building is -- if youre tilted slightly to the left, that number is more likely to be less than what it really should be.如果你站着的时候稍稍向左倾,恐怕在各种各样的近似值量取过程中,你都会比准确值低一点点不论这个城市中住了多少个人,不论一瓶酒里含有多少酒精,不论前十名的乐队发行新专辑有多少点击量,甚至不论一幢建筑物有多高——只要你稍稍向左倾斜,那么测量出的数字就极有可能比真实理论值低Participants in a study at Erasumus University Rotterdam didnt even know they were tilted during the experiment. But with a tad tip to the right, the numbers were higher, and with a little lean to the left the opposite was true. Interestingly, the difference between when people were leaning right versus standing upright wasnt significant – perhaps because all the participants were right-handed. We need more science, stat!于鹿特丹伊拉斯谟大学从事该项科学研究的实验员甚至都没有发现,在整个研究过程中,他们自身也有些许的倾斜但如果他们稍稍向右倾斜一点,测量值就会变高一点点,而且,如果向左倾斜测量值变低也是真实情况然而,有趣的在于,人们若是站的端端正正,其实同他们稍稍向右倾斜相比,没什么太大的区别——不过这也有可能是因为实验人员都是右撇子呢!果然想要得出一份靠谱的实验结果,我们还是需要后期大量的科学数据统计9.If you name a cow, are you going to get more milk?9.难道你的名字里带有“牛”字,你就会比别人更喜欢喝牛奶吗?It might not be all in a name, per se, but one study came to the conclusion that when stock managers know all the cows in a herd individually, the amount of milk those better-beloved cows can crank out is quite a bit higher. It came to about 68 gallons (58 liters) more a year, based on a survey of 5 stock managers on U.K. dairy farms. There are still some causation and correlation questions to be pondered regarding this conclusion, and more fieldwork to be done to verify the results. But if your preferred milk of choice comes from a cow who a happy camper, youve probably got a lot more of it coming your way.可能“牛”字并不会亮堂堂的出现在所有人的名字之中,但经研究指出,如果库存经理清楚的了解牛群中的每一只牛,那些可爱善良的牛儿们就会产出比预期更多的牛奶!基于5所牛奶厂库存经理提供的调查数据显示,每年多产出的牛奶有68加仑(58升)!对于这一问题,还有很多相关性和因果性的因素需要深入的考量,为验其结论,更是需要大量的实地考察数据作撑如若你选择饮用一只幸福的牛儿所产出的牛奶,说不定会摄取到更多的营养哦8.Why dont pregnant ladies tip over?8.准妈妈挺着那么大的肚子,竟然还能保持平衡不摔倒呢?It the sort of question a child wonders out loud – usually very loud – in line at the grocery store, much to the horror of mom or dad. Still, how do pregnant women manage to haul their baby-filled bellies around without falling over? Well, science is here to inm you, in the m of a study published in the journal Nature. Ladies can do something fancy with their backbones that men cant – they can compact the vertebrae in their lumbar area more easily. That means the bones in their lower backs are shaped more like wedges than those of males. So as women become increasingly pregnant, they can rock back on their spines to support and balance the additional weight. Good thing too, our species, dont you think?孩子会对这一类的问题感到特别纳闷,尤其是在杂货店排队等待结账这一百无聊赖的时间里会非常在意,甚至比爸爸妈妈们都要担心不过这样怀疑也无可厚非,准妈妈们到底是如何撑着她们那装着宝宝的大肚子以保持平衡还不会跌倒的呢?那么,让科学来告诉你吧发表于《自然杂志上的一项研究结果中指出:女性的脊椎有男性所不具备的“奇特”作用——她们可以轻易地压缩自己的腰椎这就意味着,女性腰部的骨头相对于男性来说形状更接近于楔形准妈妈们的肚子越来越大,她们依旧可以调整自己的脊骨来撑和平衡肚子里宝宝的重量你不有没有觉得,这也是我们人类的优势之一呢?7.How much wood could a woodchuck chuck?7.一只小土拨鼠能啃掉多少木头呀?Woodchucks arent actually fond of wood (well, of eating it anyway – they might get all Bob Ross if they tried painting happy little trees) so their reputation ;chucking; isnt particularly accurate. But, if a woodchuck were so inclined, what would his rate of his fibrous chomping be? Answer: .59393 cubic inches (361.937001 cubic centimeters) of wood per day. Yep. You heard it here first. An average of cubic inches met a grisly fate each day researchers plunked a piece of lumber into a hungry woodchuck enclosure. The little groundhogs subjected to this culinary madness had a limited during the -day study (a two-by-four a day keeps the doctor away) so luckily the study was wrapped up pretty rapidly. And oddly decisively. This study was so improbable that it made its way into the world in the Annals of Improbable Research.土拨鼠实际上不怎么喜欢木头不过但吃无妨呀,要是万一它们想学习鲍勃·鲁斯,用木屑装饰出一颗颗萌萌的小树呢!所以,说它们“啃”木头其实并不太准确不过,要是我们假设土拨鼠有这种倾向的话,我们一定想知道它们咀嚼木头的速率有多快是:一只小小的土拨鼠每天能嚼.59393立方英寸(361.937001立方厘米)的木材!这数据我可一点都没有夸大,你也别因为第一次听说这么巨大的数字而合不拢嘴哦实验中,研究人员投掷在一只饥饿土拨鼠笼子里的木块,平均每天都有立方英寸的木块会遭遇到被“啃”掉的可怕命运在这项为期天的研究里,小土拨鼠们都有特定的“疯狂大餐”(每天一块木,疾病远离我),庆幸的是这一研究项目以迅雷不及掩耳之势宣布终止凭借着这一研究的奇异程度,该实验报告荣幸的被选刊登于《不可思议研究年报6.Are cabbies brains better than the rest of ours?6.难道的哥的大脑比其他人的大脑都要发达吗?Thanks to everything from bad weather to cranky passengers, driving a cab must be challenging under the best of conditions. That could make driving a cab in a metropolitan labyrinth of lousy street planning an absolute nightmare. So how do taxi drivers manage it? By expanding pertinent parts of their minds. London cab drivers have to pass some rigorous exams to command one of the cabs that dots London thoroughfares. Some of the memory-storing parts of the drivers who pass are more developed than those of the drivers who fail, says a five-year study conducted at University College London. The hippocampi of the successful sedan savants grew decidedly more developed in certain respects than those of us who simply push the peddles to get to the nearest grocery store.各种各样状况频发,比如遭遇恶劣的天气或脾气暴躁的行人,使得司机师傅想要保持他们最好的状态驾车变得颇具挑战同时,这些状况也使得他们驾车行驶在大都市迷宫般千回百绕而又嘈杂污秽的街道成为噩梦那么,出租车司机是如何克这些困难的呢?是:靠开发大脑相关部位的功能伦敦出租车遍布大街小巷,司机必须通过严格的测试方能上岗英国伦敦大学学院一项历时5年的调查表明:通过测试的司机,其大脑的记忆存储部分要比那些测试失败的人发达毫无疑问的是,相对于我们这些平常只用开开车到最近的杂货铺的人来说,技艺纯熟的轿车司机的大脑某些特定区域要比我们发达的多审校:省略珺 来源:前十网 366。

3.Hwacha3.铳筒机火车China was fiercely protective of its gunpowder weapons during the th and th centuries.、世纪时,中国对火药武器的技术保密工作极严They held the most explosive advance in military technology since the bow and arrow, and they didnt plan on giving it up without a fight.自弓箭出现以来,中国一直拥有着军事上最先进的爆炸技术,将此法平白献出那是不可能的China imposed strict embargoes on gunpowder exports to Korea especially, leaving Korean engineers to fend themselves against a seemingly endless onslaught of Japanese invaders.由于中国对朝鲜火药出口的禁令,朝鲜王朝的技师们不得不自谋出路,去对付日本侵略者那些似乎永无止境的猛攻By the turn of the th century, however, Korea had more than stepped up to the gunpowder challenge and was churning out their own war machines, matching any of the spurting tubes defending the Chinese mainland.世纪初,朝鲜的武器研究有了一定的突破,制造出了自己的战争武器,这一武器足以媲美中国火炮The Korean tour de ce was the hwacha, a multi-rocket launcher that could fire over 0 rockets on a single match.这一杰作就是铳筒机火车,一种多通道火箭发射器,点一次火可以发射0根火箭弹The larger versions used by the king could fire closer to 0. These things were samurai busters, capable of taking down entire mations of densely packed samurai with each salvo.朝鲜国王所用的火车最大,点一次火可以发射近0个火箭弹这些火箭弹车成为了日本武士的恶梦,仅一火车齐发的火箭就足以击败一整队密集的武士The hwacha ammion was called a singijeon, which was basically an exploding arrow. The singijeon fuses were adjusted based on the range of the enemy so that they would explode on impact.铳筒机火车配置的火箭被称为神机箭,说白了就是一点着火的普通箭神机箭的导火索可依据敌人的范围调整,以便在触到敌人的一瞬爆炸When the Japanese invasion began in full ce in 9, Korea aly had hundreds of hwachas in operation.当日本在9年对朝鲜进行全面进攻时,对方已有上百辆可用的铳筒机火车了Perhaps the greatest testament to the hwacha power came during the 93 Battle of Haengju.也许93年的幸州大战是铳筒机火车威力的一次最好明When Japan mounted an attack on the hilltop tress with 30,000 troops, Haengju had barely 3,000 soldiers, civilians, and warrior monks in place to defend it.当日本3万大军进攻山顶堡垒的时候,幸州的可防御人数士兵、普通百姓以及武僧加起来也才3千人The odds were overwhelming, and the Japanese ces advanced with confidence, unaware that Haengju had one final trick up its sleeve: 0 hwachas mounted on the outer walls.胜负看着一目了然,日本军队对此相当自信,但是他们并没有意识到幸州其实拥有一个杀手锏:架在城墙上的0台铳筒机火车The Japanese samurai struggled up the hill nine times, only to be repelled again and again by a rain of pure hellfire.日本武士九次进攻,却一次又一次地被一波又一波浓烈的地狱之火击退More than ,000 Japanese died bee they called off the siege, signaling one of the first major Korean victories in the Japanese invasion.在日军叫停围歼前已有超过1万人员伤亡这场战役是日本侵略朝鲜的战争中,朝鲜的首次大捷.Axe Guns.斧头Nearly every culture has made at least one version of a gun-blade combination. Not only do they look cool, they offer a lot of versatility on the battlefield.几乎每一种文化都创造了至少一个版本的刀组合它们不仅看起来很酷,在战场上发挥的用途更是广泛The bayonets used in the Crimean War and the American Civil War are probably the most famous modern examples, but the trend has been around since the first Chinese fire lances in the th century.在克里米亚战争和美国内战中的使用的刺刀可能是现代最著名的例子,但这一;流行组合;可追溯到世纪中国的第一火矛Yet somehow, nobody really nailed it like Germany did. Some of the most well-preserved examples of German axe guns currently reside in the Historisches Museum in Dresden and date from the mid- to late 00s.然而不知为何,没有哪一个版本能真正比得上德国所造一些保存最完好的德国斧头样品目前收藏在德累斯顿的历史物馆它们的历史可远溯至十六世纪中期到末期These ornately carved pieces featured heavy battle axes on the barrels of wheel-lock firearms.这些雕饰精美的武器以在簧轮管上安装重型战斧为特征Some could be used as a chopper and a shooter simultaneously, while others were primarily axes that revealed a gun barrel when the axe head was removed.一些斧头可同时作为斧头和手使用,而另一些则主要用作斧头,当取下斧头时露出管They were likely developed cavalry, which explains the extended handles on what would otherwise be a pistol.它们有可能是为骑兵队开发的,这就解释了斧头过长的手柄设计,少了这长手柄,这就只是一把正常的手而已1.Hellburners1.地狱之火It was 8, six long winters into the Eighty Years War, and Federigo Giambelli could taste vengeance in the air.8年,八十年战争已经走过六个漫长的冬天,费代里戈·詹贝利甚至能品尝到空气中复仇的味道Years earlier, he had offered his service as a weapons designer to the Spanish court, but theyd laughed him out of the country. Fuming, hed moved to Antwerp, where he finally found the opporty to avenge his bruised Italian ego.早些年,作为武器设计师的他曾务于西班牙王廷,却受尽奚落最后被赶离出国他愤怒极了,继而搬到安特卫普,在那儿,他终于找到机会为挫伤的自尊复仇Fresh off a victory against the Ottomans, Spain sent the Duke of Parma to lay siege to Antwerp, which had become the hub of Dutch separatists.刚战胜奥斯曼帝国,西班牙就派帕尔马公爵围攻已然成为荷兰分裂派中心城的安特卫普The duke hoped to choke the city with a blockade of ships across the River Scheldt.公爵试图通过以战舰封锁斯凯尔特河的手段拿下该城Antwerp retaliated by sending fire ships—literally, ships on fire—against the blockade. Laughing, the Spanish army pushed them away with pikes until the vessels burned themselves into the river.安特卫普派出火攻船——说白了,就是着火的船只——回敬封锁西班牙军队大笑着用长矛将其推开,火攻船最后自行燃烧沉没河底Still wanting revenge on the Spanish, Giambelli asked the city council 60 ships, vowing to break the blockade. But the city just gave him two.詹贝利仍想报复西班牙,他向市议会申请索要60艘船,发誓要打破封锁但市议会只拨给他两艘Undeterred, Giambelli began building his masterpiece weapons. With each ship, he gutted the hold, built a cement chamber inside with walls 1.5 meters (5 ft) thick, and loaded in 3,000 kilograms (7,000 lb) of gunpowder.詹贝利并未沮丧,反而开始制造他的;神器;他将每艘船的船舱清空,在里面建造起一个墙厚1.5米(5英尺)的水泥室,并往里填充3000公斤(7000磅)火药He capped it with a marble roof and piled each ship high with ;every dangerous missile that could be imagined.;以大理石为舱顶,他还在每艘船上高高堆积起着;人们所能想象的危险子弹;Finally, he constructed a clockwork mechanism to ignite the whole load at a predetermined time.最后,他在船上安装了一个计时装置,可以定时引爆These two ships became the world first remotely detonated time bombs, which he called ;hellburners.;这两艘船成了世界上第一个遥控引爆的定时炸弹,詹贝利将其称为;地狱之火;As night approached on April 5, Giambelli sent 3 fire ships ahead of his hellburners to distract the Spaniards. The duke called his men onto the blockade to keep the ships away.月5日晚上,詹贝利派出3只火攻船做先锋以分散西班牙人的注意力公爵叫士兵到封锁船上阻止敌船靠近But one hellburner grounded too far from the blockade and gently ;popped; when its igniter misfired.其中一艘;地狱之火;远远地就搁浅了,因为点火器失灵,这艘;地狱之火;只发出一声轻响With the fire ships fizzling out, the second hellburner merely nudged the line of Spanish ships and appeared to be dead in the water. Some of the Spanish soldiers began to laugh.在所有火攻船完全熄灭之时,第二只;地狱之火;堪堪触到西班牙的船只封锁线,但似乎也已死火一些西班牙士兵开始哄然大笑Then the second hellburner exploded, killing 1,000 men and blowing a 60-meter (0 ft) hole in the blockade.就在这时,这;地狱之火;猝然炸裂,不仅炸死了00名西班牙士兵,还在船障上炸开了一个60米(0英尺)的大洞The sky rained cement blocks the size of tombstones. Most importantly, the blast opened the artery to resupply the city.天空下起了墓碑大小的水泥块雨最重要的是,这次爆炸打通城市补给的主通道Shocked, the Dutch didnt move to bring in the supplies theyd stationed downriver.另人意外的是,荷兰人并未忙着去下游的补给站搬运物资A few months later, they surrendered to Spain. Giambelli couldnt have cared less. His war was over because Spain damn well knew his name now.几个月后,他们反而向西班牙投降詹贝利对此毫不在意他的战争结束了,因为该死的西班牙人现在总算都知道他的大名了 953。