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Apple is tackling an outbreak of spam on iPhone calendars by introducing a button that lets users report the junk appointments.苹果正在通过引入一个按钮来让用户报告垃圾邮件,以此解决iPhone日历上垃圾邮件爆发的问题。The messages appear as invitations to events but are sent by spammers not the brands.这些信息会以活动邀请的形式显示出来,但是由垃圾邮件发送者发送的,而不是该品牌。The ;report junk; button has been added to Apple#39;s iCloud.com site and is expected to be included in an iOS update soon.“报告垃圾”按钮已添加到苹果的iCloud.com网站,预计很快就会出现在iOS的更新中。The calendar bug was heavily exploited this year around Black Friday. Some people reported that declining an invitation led to them receiving more spam from the same source.该日历漏洞在今年黑色星期五前后被大量利用。而有些人报告称,拒绝邀请导致他们从同一来源接收到更多的垃圾邮件。The reporting button removes the junk invitations from a person#39;s calendar and lets Apple know about it.报告按钮会从用户的日历中删除垃圾邀请,并让Apple知道。Until iOS is updated, anyone wishing to tackle the spam on their calendar must visit iCloud.com and click to report the faked messages. The invitation will then disappear from all synched calendars.在iOS完成更新之后,任何想要在日历上处理垃圾邮件的人必须访问iCloud.com并点击报告虚假邮件。然后该邀请就会从所有已同步的日历中消失。Late last month, Apple apologised for the sudden influx of calendar spam and said it was working on ways to fix it.上个月末,苹果公司对突然涌入的垃圾邮件致歉,并表示正在努力解决这个问题。Before the introduction of the reporting system, many people fixed the problem by creating a second calendar only for spam. They moved all the junk invitations into that calendar and then deleted it.在引入报告系统之前,很多人通过仅为垃圾邮件创建第二日历来解决该问题。他们将所有的垃圾邀请移动到该日历,然后再将其删除。 /201612/485082Nineteen buildings disappeared in the space of 10 seconds after being demolished by a controlled explosion in China yesterday.昨天,中国一次控制爆破让19栋楼在10秒钟之内被夷平。The blocks of flats which were up to 12 storeys high in the city of Wuhan are making way for a huge new business district including a 707-metre tall skyscraper.位于武汉的这些楼房有12层楼高,这些建筑(被夷平是)为一个新的商业区让路,这个商业区包括一栋高707米的天大楼。Experts waited until dark had fallen before detonating demolition charges which brought down 150000 square metres of concrete glass and steel in 10 seconds.专家等到夜幕降临才实施爆破,10秒钟内就夷平了十五万平方米的混凝土、玻璃、钢筋。The residents of the Hankou Binjiang estate had been moved out weeks before.汉口滨江的居民数周前就已将财产转移。The area is close to the city centre and the demolition contractors had to make sure that when they brought down the buildings they did not damage a light rail viaduct nearby or a shopping mall and electricity sub-station.这个区域靠近市中心,爆破方必须确保爆破时不会影响到附近的一条轻轨线路、一个购物中心和变电站。Jia Yongsheng general director of the demolition company told China#39;s state TV channel CCTV: #39;For this kind of large-scale blasting demolition conducted in the downtown area we not only need to guarantee the demolition result but also strictly control the adverse effects of blasting.#39;爆破公司总指挥贾永胜告诉中国国营电视台CCTV说:像这样在市中心的大规模爆破任务,不但要保爆破结果(精确),还要控制爆破产生的不良影响。 /201701/489955

Language 美国语言 What do you call someone who speaks three languages? Trilingual. What do you call someone who speaks two languages? Bilingual. What do you call someone who speaks one language? An American. 你如何称呼能说三种语言的人?三声带。能讲两种语言的人又如何称呼?双声带。那么,只会一种语言的人呢?美国人。 To people in many countries, being bilingual or even trilingual is a way of life. But since the mother tongue of most Americans is English-a language widely spoken around the world-they often don't feel the need to learn a foreign language. Moreover, people who live in the heartland of America have little contact with other linguistic groups, making foreign language skills irrelevant. 对许多国家的人而言,说两种或三种语言,是家常便饭。但在美国,由于大多数人的母语为英语--一个世界上广泛通用的语言--因此美国人都不觉得有必要学习外语。此外,居住于美国大陆内地的人,较少与其它语言族群接触,因此外语能力更显得无关紧要。 Actually, though, this "land of immigrants" has always had people of many different nationalities-and languages. The 1990 census indicates that almost 14% of Americans speak a non-English language at home. Yet only 3% reported that they spoke English "not well" or "not at all." That means that slightly more than one out of 10 Americans could be considered bilingual. Besides that, many high school and college students-and even some elementary school students-are required to take a foreign language as a part of their curriculum. In addition to old standbys like Spanish, German and French, more and more students are opting for Eastern European and Asian languages. Of course, not all students keep up their foreign language abilities. As the old saying goes, "If you don't use it, you lose it." But still, a growing number of Americans are coming to appreciate the benefits of being multilingual. 事实上,在美国这块「移民之地」,一直住着来自不同国籍、说不同语言的人口。一九九○年的人口普查显示,几乎百分之十四的美国人,在家里不讲英语。只有百分之三的人宣称他们英语「说得不好」或「根本不会说」。这表示十分之一强的美国人可视为双声带。此外,许多中学生、大学生,甚至小学生在校的学科都必须加修一门外语。除了西班牙文、德文与法文等常选的第二语言外,愈来愈多的学生选修东欧和亚洲语言。当然,并非所有学生都能够学以致用。套句老话:「不用就会丢掉。」尽管如此,愈来愈多的美国人已经开始意识到会说多种语言的好处。 Ethnic enclaves, found particularly in major metropolitan centers, have preserved the language and culture of American immigrants. Some local residents can function quite well in their native language, without having to bother learning English. Regions such as southern Florida and the Southwest have numerous Spanish-speaking neighborhoods. In fact, Spanish speakers-numbering over 17 million-compose the largest non-English linguistic group in America. But Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Polish and many other ethnic groups add to the linguistic flavor of America. Foreign languages are so commonly used in some ethnic neighborhoods that visitors might think they are in another country! /200803/32558China is working on a copy of the F 15 Eagle fighter jet and they have named it J 16. This is just their latest known endeavor in copying Americans. In E commerce they have copied Twitter Uber Google Ebay etc. U.S.A has a machine on Mars. Quite a feat. Doesn#39;t China need to be innovative too?中国正在复制F 15鹰战斗机,他们命名它为J 16。这只是他们最新的模仿美国人所做的努力。在电子商务方面,他们已经复制了推特,Uber,谷歌,易趣网等。美国在火星上有一台机器。真是一项伟业。中国不需要创新吗?A2A. China is not a superpower. It has never proposed that it would become one. To be a superpower you need to be both economic and military dominance that it projects its power over areas and countries far beyond its own borders. To date modern China has maintained its military strictly for the defence of its territory.区对区,中国并没有制霸全球,也从来没打算要问鼎天下。欲为超级大国,你需要有经济和军事上的统治配力,在远超国界之外的各个地域和国家部署你的权力。而当下新中国的军事仅为维持其领土的防御。OK let’s talk about copying amp; imitating in business. Does this happen world wide? Yes it happens everyday in every country. In business we have a euphemism called - ;being competitive”. It consists of the practise of imitating what your competition is doing successfully. You see this literally everyday and it has been going on since business strategy was created. In your country is there only ONE hamburger or chicken or coffee or drugstore chain or cable TV network or one smart phone that has different features than all the other ones? NO because 95% of the time business all over the world function by imitating success and 5% of the time they are disruptors and innovate something different.好吧,让我们谈谈商业领域的复制和模仿。这事儿全世界都有吗?是的,它每天都在每个国家发生。在商业上,我们有一个委婉的说法叫“竞争”。这包括模仿正在大获成功的竞争对手。你每天都会看到这一点,而自从商业战略问世以来,它就一直存在。你的国家是否只有一种汉堡包,或一种鸡肉,一种咖啡,一家药店连锁,一家有线电视网,一个跟其他所有手机有着完全不同功能的智能手机呢?不是的。因为全世界的商业,其中95%是在效仿成功模式,而只有5%是来踢馆的,搞点革新什么的。When Japan auto industry nearly killed the US auto industry in the later part of 20th century; did they reinvent cars? NO. They improved the quality of what US manufacturers had designed to give the consumer what they wanted and what they wanted was Japanese cars not American ones which forced US car manufacturers copy Japanese manufacturers. IRONIC isn’t it?在20世纪下半叶日本汽车工业几乎摧毁美国汽车工业的时候,是他们重新发明了汽车吗?不,他们提高了美国制造商者的设计质量,给了消费者他们所想要的。所以当人们想要的是日本车而不是美国车时,这又迫使美国汽车制造商抄袭日本制造商。这很讽刺不是吗?A number of people believe Apple is not a company that invents. Rather it takes what others have aly invented and applies those things in a different way. Yet Apple is rated by many as innovative.许多人认为苹果是不是一个原创公司。相反,它摘取了别人已经发明的东西并把这些东西以不同的方式付诸应用。然而,苹果被很很多人奉为革新者。To a degree what China has done to date is similar to what Japan did in the 1970’s and for the next 30 odd years. China is the world’s factory in large measure because it can produce things in great volume and at lower overall cost compared to others giving western businesses amp; multi-national companies higher profit margins.在某种程度上说,迄今为止中国的行为类似于日本在70年代以及之后剩余的30年里所做之事。中国是巨型规模的世界工厂,因为它能用比别人更低的总成本生产大量物品,从而给西方企业和跨国企业带来更高的利润。 /201702/491489

Chinese telecom conglomerate ZTE Corp unveiled a prototype handset, embracing 5G even before it#39;s commercialized for smartphone users.我国电信集团中兴通讯日前发布了一款原型机,使智能手机用户在5G商业化之前即可享受5G体验。Dubbed Gigabit Phone, the device will become the world#39;s first smartphone with download speed reaching up to 1Gbps, 10 times faster than most of the existing handsets.这款设备名为;千兆手机;,将成为世界首款下载速度最快可达每秒1G的智能手机,比大多数现有机型快10倍。;ZTE is an end-to-end solution company that focuses on 4G and 5G network evolution,; said Lou Wei, the product head for Devices and Terminals of ZTE North America.中兴设备和终端北美地区的产品负责人;中兴通讯是一家专注于4g和5g网络进化的端对端解决方案的公司。;;We#39;ll utilize technology innovations to improve our smartphone#39;s experience,; he added.他补充说道:“我们将利用技术创新来提高我们的智能手机的体验。”The new phone, powered by the Qualcomm#39;s Snapdragon 835 mobile platform, integrates the Snapdragon X16 Long-Term Evolution modem with a series of ZTE#39;s Ramp;D optimization techniques to achieve the download speed.这款新手机由高通骁龙835移动平台驱动,集成骁龙X16长期演进调制解调器和一系列中兴的研发优化技术,实现了这一下载速度。The improved download speed will enhance users#39; experience by allowing for 360 degree panoramic VR , instant cloud storage, entertainment upgrades and fast cache of ultra hi-fi music and movies, and instant APP, which removes the need for download or installation of applications.提升后的下载速度将使360度全景虚拟现实视频、即时云存储、升级、快速缓存超高保真音乐和电影以及无需下载安装的即时应用成为可能,从而提升用户体验。 /201703/496282Many of us love stories about time travel, aliens, and the future, but most science fiction comes from the West. But one completely Chinese sci-fi work has attracted the world’s attention. On April 4, the World Science Fiction Society announced the finalists for the 2017 Hugo Awards, the top award for science fiction. Death’s End (《死神永生》), the final book in Liu Cixin’s Remembrance of Earth’s Past (《地球往事》) trilogy (三部曲), is among the nominees (被提名者). The winner will be revealed on Aug 11.我们中不少人都喜欢时空穿梭、外星人和关于未来的故事,但大多数科幻小说都来自于西方。然而,一部纯“中国制造”的科幻作品如今引起了世界的关注。4月4日,世界科幻小说协会公布了科幻小说界最高奖项——雨果奖,2017年的提名名单,刘慈欣的《地球往事》三部曲的终章《死神永生》就在名单之列。获奖者将于今年8月11日揭晓。Liu, 54, is not a Hugo Award newcomer. In 2015, The Three-Body Problem, the first novel in the series, made him the first Asian to take home the prize.现年54岁的刘慈欣并不是雨果奖的新人了。早在2015年,该系列的第一部小说《三体》就让他成为了第一个捧得雨果奖的亚洲人。Ever since it was published in English in 2013, The Three-Body Problem quickly became the best-selling Asian work of literature on US retail (零售) platform Amazon. Former US President Barack Obama even took it on holiday, while social media billionaire Mark Zuckerberg recommended it on Facebook. The novel has also been adapted into a movie starring Feng Shaofeng, which will be released later this year.自2013年英文版面世以来,《三体》便迅速成为了美国零售平台亚马逊上最畅销的亚洲文学作品。美国前总统巴拉克?奥巴马甚至度假也要带上它,而社交媒体亿万富翁马克·扎克伯格也在脸书上推荐这本书。这部小说也已经被改编成了一部由冯绍峰主演的电影,将于今年年内上映。According to Ken Liu, the novel’s US-based translator, many of the themes explored in Western sci-fi have found their place in the Chinese trilogy. Things like space exploration, alien contact, artificial intelligence (人工智能), and life science are all included. Problems of modern development are also addressed, like environmental pollution and the negative effects caused by new technologies.这部小说的译者刘宇昆目前居住在美国,他表示,西方科幻作品中探索的许多主题在这部中国三部曲中都有一席之地,诸如太空探索、与外星生命接触、人工智能以及生命科学等内容都被包含在内。书中还提及了现代发展所带来的问题,如新科技所引发的环境污染以及其他负面影响等。“Chinese sci-fi does have its own unique themes as well, such as the attempt to re-display the ancient history of China from a sci-fi angle (角度),” Ken Liu told The Guardian.“中国的科幻小说同时也有自己独特的主题,比如试图从科幻的角度,来展现中国古代历史。” 刘宇昆在接受《卫报》采访时表示。Yet most importantly, Liu’s work, like many successful works of science fiction, is popular because it voices our concern with the future.但最重要的是,就像许多成功的科幻小说作品一样,刘慈欣的作品因传达了人类对于未来的担忧而大热。“With the rapid development of China, the way of thinking of the Chinese people – the new generation in particular – is undergoing profound (深刻的) changes,” Liu Cixin told Wired magazine. “They have broader horizons. They view themselves as part of humanity instead of being just Chinese. They have also started to think about the ultimate (终极的) questions concerning the whole universe, which Chinese people seldom thought about before.”“随着中国的快速发展,看待中国人的方式 —— 特别是新一代 —— 正在经历深刻的变化。”刘慈欣在接受《连线》杂志采访时表示,“他们拥有了更宽广的视野。他们将自己视为人类的一分子,而不仅仅是中国人。他们也已经开始思考关于全宇宙的终极问题,而这些问题是中国人先前很少会考虑到的。”Han Song, another Chinese sci-fi writer, agreed that the development of science fiction is closely related to a nation’s development. “Sci-fi novels show a nation’s imagination and creativity,” he told Southern Metropolitan Daily.另一位中国科幻小说家韩松,对科幻作品的发展与国家的发展密切相关这一观点表示赞同。他在接受《南方都市报》采访时表示,“科幻小说展现了一个国家的想象力和创造力。”And Italian science writer Giulio Prisco believes that China is the place to watch for sci-fi fans. “Chinese writers are taking the lead in writing imaginative science fiction that is able to inspire whole generations,” he wrote on his blog. “China is starting to think big and is y to take first place in the race toward a bright future on Earth and in space. Modern Chinese science fiction shows that.”而意大利科幻作家朱里奥·普利斯科认为,中国是一个科幻迷应当关注的地方。“中国作家正在带头创作能够启迪世人又富有想象力的科幻小说,”他在客中写道,“中国开始从大处着眼,准备好在地球乃至宇宙通往光明未来的竞争中取得领先地位。而中国现代科幻小说就展现了这一点。” /201704/505660

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