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Bill Gates is still a big name for young entrepreneurs. But young go-getters have found new icons among people their own age.对于年轻的企业家来说,比尔#8226;盖茨仍然是一位了不起的大人物。但这些有能力且好进取的年轻人已经找到了属于他们这个时代的新偶像。Millionaires under 30 years old are grabbing the spotlight. Their success proves that being creative and fearless may be more important than experience when it comes to starting your own business.30岁以下的百万富翁们正逐渐成为人们关注的焦点。他们的成功明了一件事,那就是当你自己开始创业时,创造力与大无畏精神远比经验更为重要。Some of these young tycoons made fast and bold moves while others applied themselves slowly and steadily. Both ways lead to Rome. Here are two young business icons who represent different start-up styles.有的人一心追求慢节奏与安稳,而一些年轻的商业巨子则选择快速大胆地向前挺近。正所谓条条大路通罗马,两种方式都会成功。下面我们就来聊聊两位年轻的商业偶像,他们代表两种不同的创业类型。Mark Zuckerburg, 27, creator of Facebook马克. 扎克伯格,27岁,Facebook的创始人。Last year, Zuckerburg was named Time magazine’s Person of the Year. His personal wealth was estimated to be .5 billion (87 billion yuan).去年,扎克伯格被命名为《时代》周刊的年度风云人物。据估计他的个人财富达到135亿美元(约合870亿人民币)。Be far-seeing. That’s the magic that can make a “small” idea evolve to be a “revolutionary” one.要有远见。这是让“小”点子演变成具有“革命性”创意的魔法所在。In the movie The Social Network, Zuckerburg created a website which became Facebook to meet girls. But in reality, Zuckerburg did it for a bigger mission.在电影《社交网络》中,扎克伯格创办了一家网站,目的是为了泡妞;后来这个网站变成了现在的Facebook。但在现实生活中,扎克伯格却有着更大的目标。When he was a student at Harvard University, Zuckerburg spent a lot of time discussing with his friends how the world was going to change over the next “five, 10, or 20, years”.当在哈佛大学读书时,扎克伯格就利用很多时间来和朋友们讨论接下来的5年,10年或20年内,世界将会发生怎样的变化。They were looking ahead and were able to foresee a trend.他们一直展望未来,所以能够预见未来发展趋势。That’s how they predicted the coming of an age when people would be open to share information and socialize online.就是这样,他们预测到一个人们愿意去分享信息并进行网络社交的新时代的到来。Move fast and break things. Be bold in making decisions.快速行动,敢于突破。大胆做决定。“Unless you are breaking some stuff you are not moving fast enough,” Zuckerburg explained the core value of Facebook to businessinsider.com.“如果不去打破一些东西,你就不能够十分快速地前进”扎克伯格在向科技客网站businessinsider解释Facebook的核心价值时表示。He pointed it out that entrepreneurs need to learn that making mistakes is OK.他还指出,创业者需懂得犯错是难免的,没什么大不了。Launch projects quickly, get feedback quickly and make *trade-offs and improvement quickly.迅速启动项目,立即得到反馈,快速做出权衡和改进。Zuckerburg said that entrepreneurs should break rules. Forget the conventional way of doing things, even if it’s considered “best practice”.扎克伯格认为创业者们应该打破惯例,摒弃被认为是“最佳实践”的传统做事方式。He told businessinsider.com: “You never build something great by doing it the same way that other people have done it.”他告诉businessinsider.com:“如果你选择同别人一样的方法去做事,那么你永远成不了大事。” /201108/147335Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who is on a high-profile visit in Beijing this week, took a ride on the capital’s notoriously crowded subway on Tuesday and said he found it even more “crowded” than the Tube in London.伦敦市长鲍里斯·约翰逊本周访问北京备受关注,周二他体验了以拥挤著称的北京地铁。他称北京地铁甚至比伦敦的地铁更加“拥挤”。“It was not the peak hour, yet the traffic was comparable to the rush hour in London,” he said.他说:“现在并不是交通高峰时段。但地铁上的乘客人数堪比伦敦高峰时段的乘客人数。”Johnson and his crew travelled on Beijing’s No 1 line from Xidan to Gongzhufen in the afternoon, a total of five stops, according to Chinese media reports. He was lucky enough to have secured a seat, after being hailed by curious travellers.据中国媒体报道,约翰逊及其随同人员于周二下午乘坐了北京地铁1号线,从西单站到公主坟站共乘坐了五站。在好奇的乘客们欢呼致敬之下,他很幸运地占到了一个座位。Yet Johnson admitted that he was impressed by the “orderliness” and “cheap cost” of the subway, where riders are charged a flat fare of 2 yuan.尽管拥挤,约翰逊还是称他深感北京地铁“秩序井然”、“价格便宜”,乘客们只需付统一的两元钱票价。“I’ve long heard that you take public transportation to work, and you get my full respect,” wrote a blogger.一位网友在客上说,“久闻伦敦市长总是乘坐公共交通工具上下班,我对他充满敬意。”A keen cyclist himself, Johnson pointed out in a speech he gave earlier this week in Beijing that Chinese visitors were attracted to London because of multiculturalism, fine universities and “beautiful communist bicycles”.作为一个自行车爱好者,约翰逊曾在本周日前一次演讲中指出,中国游客被伦敦吸引,正是因为伦敦的文化多元性、知名学府和“漂亮的社区自行车”。 /201310/260787

For the past few years, Europe’s luxury carmakers could count on one thing: however fast China’s car market was growing overall, luxury car sales would grow even faster, writes Patti Waldmeir.过去几年里,在欧洲豪车生产商看来,有一件事几乎是板上钉钉的:无论中国汽车市场的整体增长有多快,豪车销量的增长都只会更快。But in the first quarter of this year, that pattern was reversed, with premium car sales up only 4 per cent compared with 17 per cent growth in the light vehicle market as a whole.但在今年第一季度,这个模式发生了逆转:中国市场的豪车销量仅增长了4%,而轻型车市场的整体增长却达17%。If this slowdown persists, it could send a chill through the hearts of premium carmakers worldwide, since they depend heavily on the luxury-loving mainland market for profitability, say auto analysts in China.驻华汽车分析师表示,如果这股增长放缓趋势持续下去,将令全球豪车厂商心生寒意,因为这些厂商的盈利水平严重依赖于喜欢奢华的中国市场。Premium carmaker executives visiting the ongoing Shanghai Auto Show said it was unclear whether there would be a sustained sector-wide slowdown, let alone what were the reasons.此刻正出席上海国际汽车工业展览会(Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition)的豪车生产企业高管表示,目前还不清楚整个豪车市场是否会持续放缓,个中原因就更难判断了。Is the Beijing government’s austerity programme having a broader impact on China’s willingness to consume conspicuously? Or perhaps even worse, are Chinese entrepreneurs (the richest of whom often own 10 or 20 top-end luxury cars) losing faith in the strength of their own economy?北京方面推行的厉行节约政策是否正对中国的炫富性消费意愿产生更广泛影响?抑或更严重的是,中国企业家(其中最富有的人士常拥有10辆至20辆顶级豪车)是否开始对自身的经济状况丧失信心?Car market analysts point out that the slowdown has not affected all luxury car sales, only the most expensive ones.汽车市场分析师指出,并非所有豪车的销量增长都在放缓,受到影响的只是那些最贵的豪车。“After three years of incredible growth, things have definitely slowed down #8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;but the mainstream [luxury] cars are still doing fine – it’s the expensive imported cars that seem to be struggling,” says Max Warburton of Sanford Bernstein in Singapore.伯恩斯坦研究公司(Bernstein Research)驻新加坡的马克斯#8226;沃伯顿(Max Warburton)表示:“经过三年不可思议的增长之后,增速明显已经放慢下来……但主流(豪)车的销售形势仍然喜人,日子不好过的似乎是那些昂贵的进口(豪)车。“Selling Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, right now is getting pretty tricky – though whether that’s an anti-corruption thing or economics, that’s not quite clear.”“法拉利(Ferrari)、兰基尼(Lamborghini)和宾利(Bentley),现在都非常难卖——但这到底是由反腐还是由经济状况所致,目前还不太清楚。” /201304/236302Lessons That Fit The TimesAs MBA students return to campus on the eve of the financial meltdown's anniversary in the U.S., business schools are incorporating lessons from the crisis into their programs.Schools are adding and revamping classes on the meltdown, its roots and consequences. Professors say they want students to avoid repeating mistakes blamed for the blow-up.Among the class lessons: Question assumptions behind financial models. Probe for better information about complex products. Don't let greed motivate decisions. Better understand the role of regulatory agencies and governments.Schools began introducing these themes last school year, but now are incorporating them more systematically. 'It would be a mistake to go into the classroom in today's world and not offer very serious reflection of these issues,' says Stuart Gabriel, a finance professor at UCLA's Anderson School of Management. Students need 'an understanding of the profound earthquake that has rumbled through these areas.'A leading topic at many campuses: financial modeling. As a result of the crisis, professional investors and analysts were criticized for not adequately considering potential flaws in the assumptions behind their models.'What's missing is the thought process of, 'What if I'm wrong,'' says Greg Hallman, a senior lecturer at the University of Texas at Austin's McCombs School of Business. In his valuation course, a finance-track requirement, he says he'll spend more time urging students to question models' assumptions.At Cornell University's Johnson School, finance professor Andrew Karolyi strikes a similar note. He'll remind students that real-world events don't always play out the way a model indicates. 'Our models and our perceptions of financial systems are more fragile than we realize,' he says.In a managerial finance class that Prof. Karolyi is teaching this fall to executive MBA students, he'll put more emphasis on hot-button crisis issues, such as liquidity in pricing securities, which came under scrutiny this past fall when it became almost impossible to determine values for certain complex financial instruments. He'll also have students look more closely at conflicts of interest among a firm's stakeholders, like between executives and shareholders -- a hot topic in regulating executive pay.At UCLA, Prof. Gabriel is using real-world examples to help students test and understand theories. He plans to use a new case study on the subprime meltdown. For the midterm and final, students will have to show they've learned to question accepted models, which he says will help them notice signs that might point to future market collapses.Other professors will push students to better understand complicated financial products. Reena Aggarwal will encourage students in her class on alternative investments at Georgetown University's McDonough School of Business to discuss ways to make those markets more transparent. Ahead of the crisis, she notes, markets for complex instruments such as credit-default swaps had ballooned. When the market plunged, investors realized the difficulty in putting a value on those products.'It becomes extremely important to discuss these issues -- more than in the past -- because of events like the failure of AIG,' whose problems stemmed in large part from its sale of credit-default swaps, she says.For Mark Zupan, dean of University of Rochester's Simon Graduate School of Business, the crisis provides a vivid lesson on 'agency theory,' the notion that people make weaker choices when they have little or no 'skin in the game,' he says.Home 'flippers' who counted on rising real-estate prices and easy credit to make their investments pay off, for instance, often chose to take out risky mortgages with little or no down payment that they later found they couldn't afford. Mr. Zupan expects faculty to mine the crisis for examples that illustrate those dangers in order to teach students.Some programs are boosting ethics and leadership courses.Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Ariz., will double the length to six weeks of a required course on corporate governance, ethics and entrepreneurship. Provost Robert Widing says the crisis exposed leaders' shortcomings. 'The roots were in greed and incompetence,' he says.University of North Carolina's Kenan-Flagler Business School is recasting its core ethics course in fall 2010 so that students can examine how, as managers, they would handle ethical dilemmas.Schools also want to give students a better grasp of the role of governments and regulatory bodies, and the close ties between world economies. New at Yale University's School of Management is 'Washington and Wall Street: Markets, Policy and Politics.' New York University's Stern School of Business has added 'Financial Crisis and the Policy Response.'.Villanova University's School of Business is offering 'Understanding the Global Marketplace in a Post-Bailout Economy,' a team-taught class where professors bring in corporate and government leaders to offer perspectives on the crisis.Yale School of Management is making 'The Global Macroeconomy' a required course. Dean Sharon Oster says the crisis exposed the interconnectedness of global economies; she wants to ensure students understand international ripple effects.'One positive byproduct of the crisis may be that we start paying attention more to the importance of considering different models and different alternatives, not thinking about the American way or any one way of doing things as absolutely the best way,' says Mauro Guillen, professor of international management at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School in Philadelphia, who organized a class taught by multiple professors on the crisis last year and is repeating it this year.It's not the first time business schools have reworked their playbook after a crisis. After Enron's collapse, for instance, schools added a slew of ethics classes. Many of those standalone courses have since fallen by the wayside, as schools now often say it's better to integrate ethics lessons into other coursework.After each crisis, students 'always ask, 'how do we avoid this the next time around?' But crises are always different,' says Georgetown's Prof. Aggarwal. 'A couple years ago we spent a lot of time talking about Sarbanes-Oxley issues, we barely got away from it and now we have this whole new world.'For now, students say the crisis lessons help. Burleise Bailey, a second-year MBA student at Stern who worked as an engineer before returning to school, has added a specialization in finance to understand the meltdown better. 'I'm just trying to soak it all in,' says Ms. Bailey. /200909/83153

As record temperatures hit China, an Ikea store in Beijing has seen a surge in interest from citizens looking for air-conditioning, comfortable sofas and a good nap. Shanghai experienced its hottest July in 140 years with temperatures as high as 40.8 C. At least 10 Shanghai residents have reportedly died from heat stroke this summer.中国气温再创历史新高,北京的一家宜家门店迎来了一大批市民,他们来这里享受空调和舒的沙发,顺便小睡一会儿。上海经历了140年来的最热的7月,气温高达40.8 ℃。据报道至少10名上海居民死于高温。To give you an idea how hot China is right now -- Shanghai Television grilled a piece of raw pork belly on a marble floor under the sun. The pork belly was medium-well done after 10 minutes.为了让你知道中国现在到底有多热——上海电视台在烈日下的大理石上烤了一片五花肉。10分钟后,五花肉已经五成熟了。And Shanghai is not the hottest city in China.上海还不是中国最热的地方。China Weather TV just released a new list of the hottest cities in China. Fuzhou, a city in Southeast China, topped the chart with the temperature passing 35 C for 32 days of the year. Shanghai ranked 16 in the list.中国气象电视台近日发布了中国最热城市排行榜,东南城市福州以全年超过32天最高气温超过35℃排名第一。上海排名16。People in recent days have stayed indoors whenever possible, where it#39;s typically air-conditioned.最近人们大多尽量待在室内,特别是有空调的地方。;Malls are full, swimming pools and water parks are packed, taxis are hard to find because residents take taxis rather than walk even if it#39;s just two blocks.商场人满为患,游泳池和水上乐园也挤满了人,出租车很难叫到,因为即便只隔两个街区,人们也宁愿打车不愿走路。Residents who live in old neighborhoods in houses without air-conditioning seek refuge in malls and other air-conditioned public places.住在没有空调的老住宅的居民们,只能在商场和其它有空调的公共场所避暑。Ikea#39;s latest mattress commercial? ;You can only feel the comfort when you lie down,; says the sign in Chinese. This ;customer; needed no further invitation.宜家最新的床垫广告?“舒适只有躺下能感受到,” 中文广告牌上这样写着。这位“顾客”不请自来。Some provinces in China have fired rain-dispersal rockets, which create artificial rain, to combat continual high temperatures and dry weather.中国的一些省份已经动用了用来人工降雨的火箭来抵御持续高温和干旱天气。Another citizen seeks refuge from the heat for an afternoon nap.另一位市民找了个凉快地方午睡一会。Communal living has never been as celebrated as in the Beijing Ikea.在北京宜家,公共生活从没如此丰富过。There#39;s a reason display items are sold cheaper.展出商品会廉价出售也是有原因的。 /201308/252255

Marissa Yu works in a busy office, surrounded by 120 co-workers in a mostly open space. Yet when she has a question, needs an update or tries to reach some of her colleagues, she might as well talk to the wall. 玛丽莎#8226;余(Marissa Yu)是休斯敦建筑工程公司PageSoutherlandPage的室内装潢主管,她在一个嘈杂的办公室里办公,近乎全开放式的办公环境中有120个同事环绕在她的周围。然而,当她想问个事、了解点情况或叫某个人时,却屡屡碰壁。;You call their name one, two, three, four times, and they#39;re not responding,; says Ms. Yu, director of interiors in Houston for PageSoutherlandPage, an architecture and engineering firm. ;You dial their extension and they#39;re not picking up. Pretty soon you#39;re throwing rubber bands across the wall.;Michael Stravato for Wall Street Journal休斯敦建筑工程公司PageSoutherlandPage的办公室内,有四分之三的员工戴着耳机工作。玛丽莎说,“你叫他们的名字三四遍,却得不到一点反应。你打分机过去,他们不接,最后你只好冲他们扔橡皮筋。” The culprit: ear buds playing music and noise-canceling headphones. Roughly three-quarters of Ms. Yu#39;s co-workers wear them, and they#39;re increasingly becoming de rigueur ear-wear in offices throughout the country. Many people argue that headphones are good at blocking distractions. And while a few employers ban their use, most tolerate it as a way for employees to regain some privacy in an open-plan office.造成这种情况的罪魁祸首是:员工在用耳机听音乐,或戴上降噪耳机免受干扰。玛丽莎约有四分之三的同事戴着耳机工作,耳机也正成为美国各地办公场所的一样必备工具。许多人认为,戴耳机有助于减少外界干扰。虽然有些公司禁止员工在工作时戴耳机,但大多数公司还是默认了这种行为,以便让员工在开放式的办公环境中重新获得一些私人空间。Research offers little support for the idea that listening to music improves concentration, says Robert Desimone, director of the McGovern Institute for Brain Research at MIT. In one of several small Taiwanese studies, listening to music with lyrics was linked to lower scores on tests of concentration in a study of 102 college students, published online earlier this year by the journal Work. In separate research, listening to hip-hop music was linked to a significant reduction in ing-test scores, based on a study of 133 adults published in 2010 in the Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.麻省理工学院(MIT)麦戈文脑科学研究所(McGovern Institute for Brain Research)所长罗伯特#8226;德西蒙(Robert Desimone)表示,几乎没什么研究结果可以明,听音乐有助于提高注意力。台湾做过几次小研究,其中对102名在校大学生的一次研究发现,听歌曲反而会降低他们注意力测试的成绩,该报告于2012年初发表在电子期刊《Work》上。另一项对133名成年人的研究显示,边听嘻哈音乐边做阅读测验会大大降低考试成绩,该报告于2010年发表在《教育学学者杂志》(Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning)上。 A third study of 89 students ages 19 to 28, led by researchers at Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan, found that workers who either loved or hated music being played where they were working scored lowest on tests of attention, compared with workers who didn#39;t have strong feelings about the music or who worked in rooms without music. People naturally pay more attention to music they strongly like or dislike, hurting their ability to focus, the study says.台湾的天主教辅仁大学(Fu Jen Catholic University)对89名19到28岁的学生做过一项研究,发现一边干活儿一边听自己喜欢或厌恶的音乐会导致注意力测试成绩排名最末,还不如听一些自己无所谓的音乐,或根本不听音乐。人们会很自然地把更多注意力放在自己喜欢或不喜欢的音乐上,因此无法专心做事。In the office, listening to music with lyrics while trying to or write can distract employees by overtaxing verbal-processing regions of the brain, neuroscientists say.神经学家表示,在办公室一边听歌曲一边阅读或写作会让脑部的语言处理区负担过重,导致分心。 The prefrontal cortex, the brain#39;s control center, must work harder to force itself not to process any strong verbal stimuli, such as catchy lyrics, that compete with the work you#39;re attempting, Dr. Desimone says. The more cognitive work required to screen out unwanted input, the fewer cognitive resources remain for the task at hand. And the longer you try to concentrate amid competing distractions, the worse your performance is likely to be. ;Attention takes mental effort, and we can get mentally tired,;he says.德西蒙士说,前额皮质是脑部的控制中心,一个人在从事工作时,如果前额皮质受到语言类刺激,如好听的歌曲等,就很难控制自己的注意力不出现下降。脑部要动用更多的认知能力来排除不需要的信息,用于手头工作的脑部认知资源就会减少。脑部努力控制注意力不分散的时间越长,你的工作效果就可能越差。德西蒙说,“集中注意力需要花费心思,因此容易出现精神上的疲劳。” /201206/186646A disgruntled viewer is suing Japan#39;s national broadcaster for ;mental distress; caused by an excessive use of words borrowed from English.一位观众因不满日本电视台过多使用英语外来语,以“精神痛苦”为由将日本国家广播公司NHK告上法庭。Hoji Takahashi, 71, is seeking 1.4 million yen in damages from NHK.;The basis of his concern is that Japan is being too Americanised,; his lawyer Mutsuo Miyata told the news agency AFP.71岁的高桥鹏二(音译)向NHK索赔140万日元(约合人民币88213元)。“他主要担心日本过度美国化,”他的代理律师宫田康弘(音译)向法新社解释说。English became more prevalent in Japan after World War II during the US-led occupation. This was followed by a growing interest in American pop culture.二战后美国占领日本期间,英语在日本得到广泛普及,美国流行文化也日益成为日本民众追随的对象。The country#39;s modern vocabulary is littered with borrowed words, many of which are changed to fit the Japanese phonic structure.很多外来词汇也由此进入到现代日语词汇中,其中许多被转化成日语发音。Mr Takahashi, who is a member of a campaign group supporting the Japanese language, highlighted words such as ;toraburu; (trouble), ;risuku; (risk) and ;shisutemu; (system) in NHK#39;s news and entertainment programmes. He accused NHK of irresponsibility by refusing to use native Japanese equivalents.高桥鹏二是保护日语组织的成员,他指出像trouble,system,risk等词在NHK的新闻和节目中经常出现。他指责NHK不负责任地使用这些外来词汇,而拒绝使用日语中原有的对等词汇。;With Japanese society increasingly Americanised, Takahashi believes that NHK, as Japan#39;s national broadcaster, shouldn#39;t go with the trend, but remain determined to prioritise the use of Japanese, which he thinks would go a long way toward protecting Japanese culture,; Mr Miyata told the Japan Times on Wednesday.“日本社会越来越美国化,他相信NHK作为国家级传播机构不应该跟随潮流,而应该坚决以优先使用日语为原则,这样才能保护日本文化。”高桥鹏二的律师周三对《日本时代报》表示。Mr Takahashi filed his complaint on Tuesday with the Nagoya District Court in the central region of Japan, the newspaper said.NHK said it would not comment until it had studied the legal documents.报刊称高桥鹏二已于周二将他的控诉材料提交给位于日本中部的名古屋地方法院。NHK称在他们研读法律文件之前不会给出任何。Vocabulary is also borrowed from other foreign languages. The German ;arbeit; becomes ;arubaito; to mean work, and the Portuguese ;pao; is used as ;pan; for b.日语中也有其他语言的外来语。德语中工作;arbeit;在日语中是;arubaito;,葡萄牙语表示面包的;pao;日语为“pan”。Traditionalists in France and French-speaking Canada also worry about the influx of English words into their native tongue.法国以及加拿大法语区的传统主义者也同样担心英语词汇会影响到它们的母语。France#39;s 1994 Toubon Law makes French compulsory in government publications, most workplaces, advertisements, parts of the media and state-funded schools. However, the French parliament is debating relaxing these rules so that university courses can be taught in English.法国1994年颁布的土伦法规定,在政府刊物、多数工作场所、部分媒体和公立学校必须使用法语。但是,法国议会也正在讨论是否要放松这些规定,以便大学课程可以使用英语教学。 /201307/246846

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