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黑龙江哈市第一医院专家微信中国人民解放军第二一一医院收费好不好US, China Cooperate on Disease Prevention in Quake Zone美卫生部长访华助中国防止疫情 The U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Mike Leavitt says the ed States is helping China work to prevent the outbreak of infectious diseases following this week's massive earthquake. 美国卫生与公众务部长莱维特说,美国正在帮助中国努力防止星期一发生大地震后爆发传染病疫情。Secretary Leavitt is in China to discuss food and drug safety. The topic has recently been pushed to the forefront because of reports that tainted ingredients from China, used in the blood thinning drug heparin, led to the deaths of dozens of people in the ed States and other countries. 莱维特部长访问中国,讨论食品和药品安全问题。这个问题最近已经成为当务之急,因为有报导说,从中国进口的受到污染的化学原料被用于生产血液稀释药物肝素,导致美国和其它国家几十名患者死亡。Since Monday's earthquake, though, the secretary said Chinese officials he met with in Beijing and Shanghai this week had other, more urgent, things they wanted to discuss. 然而莱维特说,自从星期一中国发生大地震以来,他这个星期在北京和上海会晤的中国官员希望和他讨论另外一个更为紧迫的话题。"I met with the Minister of Science and Technology today," said Leavitt. "He asked for some advice from people within our department on how to contain infectious disease, during the period following this kind of natural disaster. When the systems break down, infectious disease is one of the concerns that we all have." 他说:“我今天曾与中国科技部部长会晤。他向我们部的一些专家请教了在发生重大自然灾害之后如何遏制传染性疾病传播的建议。当正常的系统受到破坏之后,我们都会担心传染病问题。” Leavitt said as the days pass after a disaster, local epidemics become increasing problems. He said the Chinese were especially interested in hearing how the U.S. government fought infectious diseases following Hurricane Katrina. 莱维特表示,在自然灾害发生后的若干天,地区性疫情的问题会越来越多。他说,中国特别感兴趣的是了解美国政府如何在卡特里娜飓风袭击之后防止发生流行病。"We assembled the experts who have significant experience in that area, and this afternoon, we began the process of those consultations," Leavitt said. 他说:“我们挑选了在这个领域特别有经验的专家,今天下午,我们开始了咨询工作。”The U.S. official praised the Chinese government's response to the disaster, saying it is clear to him that Beijing has mobilized all of its available resources. 美国官员赞扬中国政府对这场灾难做出的反应。莱维特说,在他看来,很明显北京已经动用了所有可用的资源。On the issue of the tainted heparin, Leavitt said both U.S. and Chinese scientists agree that the questionable samples were contaminated. He said there is less agreement, though, on whether the adulterated elements actually caused the deaths. 关于肝素污染问题,莱维特说,美国和中国科学家一致认为,有问题的样本受到了污染。他说双方争议比较大的是,这种掺假的成分是否造成了人员死亡。 200805/39242五常市最好的妇科医院 Under Pressure, South Korea Seeks US Amendments to Beef Deal韩美就进口牛肉问题展开附加谈判  South Korea is sending its chief trade official to Washington for what he describes as "additional" negotiations on a controversial beef import deal. However, leaders of mass protests say nothing short of scrapping the deal and restarting negotiations will be acceptable. 韩国首席贸易谈判代表将前往华盛顿与美方就有争议的进口美国牛肉问题展开“附加谈判”。但是因为进口牛肉问题而发动抗议的人士表示,除非撤销美国牛肉的进口或重新与美国谈判,他们不会接受其他任何解决方案。South Korean Trade Minister Kim Jong-hoon told reporters in Seoul he will leave Friday for Washington, where he plans to ask for help in adjusting the explosive April deal to resume American beef imports. 韩国首席贸易谈判代表金钟勋在首尔向记者表示,他将在星期五出发前往华盛顿,与美方贸易代表就4月份达成的一项全面恢复美国牛肉进口的合约进行商讨。He calls the planned talks "additional negotiations." He will look for ways to limit American beef imports to meat from cattle under 30 months of age, as a way to end massive protest rallies. 他说:“这项谈判将是附加谈判,他将寻求办法缩减美国牛肉进口的范围,到只进口年龄不超过30个月的小肉,希望能平息韩国国内大规模的街头抗争。”South Korean protesters fear U.S. beef - especially from cattle more than two-and-a-half years old -- poses a risk of transmitting a fatal brain ailment known as "mad cow disease." Tens of thousands of people have gathered in central Seoul, almost nightly for about a month - culminating in Tuesday's massive rally that appeared to include about 100,000 people. 示威者担心美国牛肉,特别是年龄超过30个月的牛的牛肉,因为较老的牛患疯牛病的危险性更高。过去一个月来,已经有上万名群众几乎每晚聚集在首尔中部,星期二的游行有大约十万名示威群众参加。Washington has asserted American beef, of any age, is safe. That view was supported last year by the ed Nations World Organization for Animal Health. No human has ever been known to contract brain disease from eating U.S. beef. South Korea's scientific community has been conspicuously absent from the highly politicized protest movement.  华盛顿已经强调,美国牛肉不管牛的年龄如何,都是安全的。去年联合国世界动物卫生组织也已经实这个说法。目前还没有出现任何人因为吃了美国牛肉而感染疯牛病。韩国的科学界对这个高度政治化的抗议活动,明显保持距离。American lawmakers have warned the resumption of U.S. beef imports to South Korea is a prerequisite for ratifying a much larger trade deal the two countries signed last year. Minister Kim, who was South Korea's chief negotiator in the deal, says he does not want to create the appearance his country is breaking its promises. 美国国会议员警告,韩国恢复进口美国牛肉是批准两国在去年达成的大笔贸易协定的先决条件。韩国贸易部长兼首席谈判代表金钟勋说,他不希望给美方一种韩国打破承诺的印象。He says the wise course of action would have the same effect as a renegotiation, without damaging South Korea's international credibility.  他说:“现在的行动和重新展开谈判有一样的效果,但是这样做比较不会伤害韩国的国际形象。”He says his mission is to seek a "voluntary" agreement between importers and exporters that would keep older beef from being shipped.  金钟勋还说:“他的任务是在进出口国间寻求一个‘自愿’的协议,以期禁止进口年龄超过30个月的牛的牛肉。”Analysts say such an agreement could be backed by government assurances and spelled out in the form of some new document to be signed by both countries. U.S. Ambassador to South Korea Alexander Vershbow said Thursday "additional understandings" are likely to emerge between the two countries "in a matter of days." 分析人士说,这样的协议可以获得双边政府的保,并且由两国签署一些新的文件。美国驻韩国大使弗什星期四说,未来几天,美韩两国可望达成“附加了解”。That may not be enough to satisfy protesters, for whom the beef issue has become a touchstone for a host of grievances against South Korean President Lee Myung Bak. Protest leaders have vowed to continue holding the mass gatherings until at least next week. 但是这些可能都无法使韩国示威群众满意,对他们来说,美国牛肉问题已经成为他们对新总统李明不满程度的试金石。他们誓言将继续示威到至少下个星期。200806/41940哈尔滨市哪家妇科好

道外区妇幼保健院检查白带多少钱heinous ———— 极丑恶的(形容词)英文释义 (adjective) Describing extremely bad, cruel actions.例句 After the terrible war ended, we discovered many of the heinous crimes committed by the enemy, who killed thousands of innocent people.在可怕的战争结束之后,我们发现了敌人的很多极其丑恶的战争罪行,成千上万的无辜百姓遭到了屠杀。 /201607/455755哈尔滨盆腔仪疗法的费用 China Announces Progress on Protecting Copyrights中国称保护知识产权取得巨大成功 China says it had great success in its crackdown on intellectual property rights violations in 2007. Officials say there will be even greater vigilance for the Beijing Olympics in August. 中国说,去年在保护知识产权方面取得了巨大的成功,而且在8月份北京奥运期间将更加重视这一问题。 Last year, Chinese authorities confiscated over 110 million pirated products - books, magazines, movies, music and software. 去年中国当局没收了1亿1千万件盗版产品,包括书籍、杂志、电影、音乐和软件。Chinese officials Thursday said this is a result of a new intellectual property rights strategy that began last year. Yin Xintian, spokesman for the State Intellectual Property Office, says authorities will be even stricter this year, especially with Olympic merchandise. 中国官员星期四说,这是去年开始执行的有关知识产权新政策所取得的成果。国家知识产权局发言人尹新天说,中国今年在打击盗版问题上将更加严格,尤其是对奥运有关的商品:"In order to make sure that the 2008 games are a great success China has improved the legal framework for IPR related to the Olympic Games," he said. “为了成功地举行2008年的北京奥运会,中国政府非常重视在知识产权保护方面的制度建设,在我们国家的专利法、制作权法和商标法等法的知识产权法律,对奥运期间的知识产权保护提供了非常强有力的依据。”Yin dismissed the idea that even with increasing arrests and confiscations, the problem may be growing faster than government oversight. 有人提出,中国政府虽然加强了逮捕和没收等执法措施,但是政府仍然无力控制盗版问题的蔓延。尹新天表示,这种说法是错误的。At the same time, officials acknowledge it is difficult to educate the public about copyright protection. Shu Chao, deputy director general of the National Copyright Administration, says China needs more time. 与此同时,中国官员承认,对公众进行有关版权保护的教育不是一件容易的事情。中国国家版权局版权司副司长许超说,中国还需要更多的"To be short, we only have a road map, we don't have a specific timeframe," Shu said. "That's to say we do have a goal as to completing how many enterprises." “总的来说,我们有路线图没有时间表,就是每年完成一定数量。”Companies around the world complain that open piracy of their copyrighted goods goes on daily in China, as well as in much of the rest of Asia. Illegal copies of Western movies, books and fashions are sold in markets all over China. U.S. entertainment and software companies say they lose billions of dollars in sales each year in China because of piracy. 世界很多国家的公司抱怨说,中国和亚洲其它许多地区经常明目张胆地盗版他们的产品。在中国各地,很多西方国家的电影、书籍和时装被非法仿冒并在市场上出售。美国业和软件业的公司说,由于盗版,他们每年在中国损失了几十亿美元的销售赢利。In one example, authorities in the ed States are investigating a counterfeit operation they think has links to China, after they discovered million worth of fake name brand products in New York and New Jersey. 举例来说,美国正在调查一起被认为跟中国有关的仿冒的案件。有关当局在纽约和新泽西州发现了价值可达2千5百万美元的伪冒名牌产品。Thursday, Chinese officials asked the international community to be patient. Besides the confiscating illegal products, they say, judicial protection of intellectual property rights is improving, patent applications are increasing and international cooperation is expanding. 星期四,中国官员要求国际社会保持耐心。他们说,除了没收非法产品之外,中国也正在加强对知识产权的司法保护,专利权申请越来越多,有关国际合作也越来越广泛。 200804/35469香坊区做产前检查哪家医院最好的

方正县中心医院是国家医院吗 Tower Hamlets has overcrowding and homelessness way above the national average. Officers on the safer neighborhood teams are dedicated to a small area, and working with other agencies to improve the quality of life for those that live here. Latest crime figures in Shadwell show a mixed picture, violence and criminal damage are down, but robbery and drug offenses are up. Response policing, really, you're, you're flying around and police stars or blue lights, .....uh....it really is so profound and so sticking plaster, type of thing/ , to the old. It's what you do with it on the daily basis. This community's policing role provides the longer term, or after-care if you like, actually, dealing with the problem, seeing it through, and trying to eradicate the problem.There are three Police Community Support Officers on the team. They can detain suspects but not arrest them. Their main role is to listen to public concerns, and consider solutions to problems like vandals at the old music hall. ‘By the time I call/ 999, they at least just run away. So, it's, you know, it's no police's fault at all, but when the police come, there is nothing for them to do. I just have to say I am really sorry if they were here. This is what happens , like they either smash/ these windows or like start this fire. But because we don’t have any CCTV (closed circuit television) coverage, we don’t actually have any way of catching them, or proving that is them. " They will bring a crime-prevention team, and they'll , they will (try), will look at the whole area to guarantee how we can iron these problems out. It's easy to come down here and go see (it), but what we want is to look at things a long term to solve the problem for long term, so we have, you know, lots of patrolling, in the area." The police federation which represents junior ranks says PCSOs have their role, but believes their uniforms should be much more distinct form regular officers, and they should not confront the public. Residents we spoke to had a variety of views. "Basically, they're all our security guards, but at least they said something. It's fair and it was. I mean there was a time we never see a police before wit's your end, and I'll mainly, literally , (when)wit's your end , never see a car go pass or a cop on the bay, but now you see them once or twice a day, so what’s wrong with that?’ ‘I feel they should, they should, I feel the community police office should have more, more arrest policies, and like, have the chance to arrest people, so you know, if they just stop for half an hour, it can’t be stopped in half an hour, cause like by the time police get there, they'll go anywhere. The experiment has really just begun. The government is committed to the model of the community support officer. In two years' time, nationally, there will be more than 20,000 of them. They will be familiar figures everywhere. Martin Brunt , Sky news, in London's East End. 200805/39220哈尔滨的妇产医院做引产多少钱黑龙江哈市第二医院私密整形



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