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重庆市星辰医院地址在哪重庆市大坪医院整形美容的收费标准重庆市第九人民医院胎记多少钱 The Great Barrier Reef is dying. And tourists from all over the world are rushing to see it while there#39;s still time.大堡礁正在死亡。趁来得及,世界各地的游客都急忙跑来观看。Nearly 70 percent of people who visited the reef in 2015 said they made the trip to Australia to witness its beauty before it#39;s gone.2015年,近百分之70参观大堡礁的游客称,他们前往澳大利亚,赶在大堡礁消亡前见它的美丽。Almost half of the reef#39;s coral has vanished over the past three decades, thanks to warming ocean temperatures, invasive species and coastal development.由于海洋温度的升高,入侵物种和沿海地区的开发,过去三十年近一半的珊瑚礁消失了。And this year, it suffered the worst coral bleaching in recorded history. One study estimated over 90 percent of the reef has been affected. 而今年,它遭受了历史上最严重的珊瑚白化。一项研究估计称,超过百分之90的珊瑚礁受到影响。The Australian government thought the reef#39;s dire state would drive tourists away, but it#39;s done the exact opposite. That#39;s great news for the multi-billion-dollar tourism industry but it could be bad news for the reef itself.澳大利亚政府认为礁的可怕状态会吓走游客,然后事实完全相反。这对几十亿美元的旅游业来说是好消息,但对礁本身是个坏的消息。This phenomenon is called last-chance tourism, and it happens all the time at vanishing destinations, like the Maldives and Galapagos Islands.这种现象被称为最后机会的旅游,对于消失地是常有的事,像马尔代夫和加拉帕戈斯群岛。Researchers fear it could make the reef#39;s plight even worse. 研究人员担心它会使珊瑚礁的境况更糟糕。One of the study#39;s authors wrote in The Conversation, There#39;s a vicious cycle at play here: tourists travel to see a destination before it disappears, but in so doing they contribute to its demise, either directly through on-site pressures or through greenhouse gas emissions.该研究的作者之一写道,这里有一个恶性循环,在某地消失前游客前往旅游,但这有助于其消亡,要么直接施加现场压力,要么通过温室气体排放。But a reef scientist told Motherboard the impacts of tourism are actually ;overwhelmingly positive.;但一位珊瑚礁科学家告诉Motherboard,旅游业的影响实际上“绝大多数是积极的。”The greater the value of Great Barrier Reef tourism, the easier it is to justify government investment in reef management.大堡礁的旅游价值越大,就越容易让政府进行珊瑚礁管理投资。It looks like the reef might aly be seeing those positive effects. A new from early September showed at least part of the reef has almost fully recovered from coral bleaching.看起来珊瑚礁可能已获得这些积极的影响。九月初的一个新的视频显示,至少一部分的珊瑚礁几乎从珊瑚白化中完全恢复。译文属。 Article/201609/466373Rivers flood instantly.You know, you watch these things rising minute by minute.洪水倾泻而至 你看着水面急速上涨Whoa, look, look, look, look! Look at the waterfall!That was just a kind of small torrent before.天呐 看 看瀑布 那里之前还是一条小山涧There is a load more water coming down here now.That wind is just incredible.水量还在不断地上升 这风太奇妙了I#39;ve chosen this clip because I#39;d always wanted to witness a flash flood.我选择了这个片段 因为我总想着见山洪暴发Look at that!And here I was right in the thick of it.看那 而我目睹了山洪汹涌的时刻Power of nature--it can easily grab you by the backside and shake you around quite violently.自然的力量 它能轻易地从后方偷袭你 带给你你猛烈的一击This river is definitely now out of action.And we#39;re back into the jungle.这条河现在肯定不能去了 我们得回到丛林Number 16 is a moment in Montana that I had to run for my life.第16位 是我在蒙大拿州的一段逃命经历What were they thinking?Through straight through this tunnel.他们在想什么啊 咱们径直穿过这条隧道It#39;ll be quicker and easier than going over it as well to get through.直接穿过去会更快 也简单许多Okay, hands up. It was a bad idea.Hang on. Stop, stop.好吧 我收回 这主意糟透了 等等 停下 停But it made my list because, to be honest, it got interesting.不过它上了我的排行榜 因为 老实说 其实蛮有趣的we need to move. Go, go, go, go, go, go.Keep up with me!Run!我们得离开 冲 冲 快跑 跟上我 快跑You don#39;t quite know how fast the train is.你不知道那火车到底有多快You don#39;t really know anything #39;cause you just hear the noise and you see this light barreling towards you,and you just run.你什么都不知道 只能听到鸣笛声 看到灯光打过来 你就必须得跑Almost there. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going.Come on!快到了 快跑 快跑 快跑 加把劲 Article/201612/482728重庆市四院是不是私立医院

渝北区保妥适多少钱The scientists are looking to recruit 50 cats of all ages,[qh]科学家们打算招募不同年龄[qh]sizes and breeds.[qh]体型和品种的五十只猫[qh]I#39;ve got three cats, if that#39;s any good![qh]我有三只猫 如果可以的话[qh]I#39;ve got one.[qh]我有一只[qh]On average, cats live to about 15[qh]猫平均能活十五年[qh]and weigh in at around four kilos.[qh]体重大约四公斤左右[qh]This is Lily.[qh]这是莉莉[qh]She#39;s an 18-month-old Bengal that I bred.[qh]她是我养的十八个月大的孟加拉猫[qh]This is Obi, short for Obi Wan Kenobi.[qh]这是欧比 万·肯欧比的简称[qh]This is Kato.[qh]这是凯托[qh]Claude#39;s quite a character[qh]克劳德很有个性[qh]and he has various girlfriends in the district.[qh]他在这一片儿有很多女朋友[qh]Does quite a lot of hunting.[qh]经常去捕猎[qh]I want to find out where he gets them all from.[qh]我想知道他是从哪儿抓到猎物的[qh]That#39;s what I said.[qh]我就是这么说的[qh]They go out every night and come back and sleep all day,[qh]他们每天晚上出去然后回来睡一整天[qh]so it#39;ll be quite interesting to see how far they go really.[qh]所以看看他们到底走多远会很有趣[qh]My husband thinks he just goes ten feet up the woods,[qh]我丈夫认为他只能爬上三米高的树[qh]but I think he goes a lot further.[qh]但我觉得他能走很远[qh]He used to belong to a lady over the road,[qh]他曾经属于街对面的一位女士[qh]but he left home.[qh]但他离家出走了[qh]They#39;ve now got a dog.[qh]他们现在养了条重点解释:1.look to 指望; 依赖例句:People look to the day when world peace will be reality.人们期待着世界和平实现的那一天。2.find out 发现例句:Find out what the conditions of the contract are.弄清楚合同的条件是什么。3.belong to 属于例句:I belong to Glasgow.我是格拉斯哥人。 Article/201605/445733巴南区人民医院激光脱毛多少钱 Lines of wildebeest are on the march.一队队的角马正在迁徙途中Each year, nearly two million animals migrate across the Serengeti Plains in search of fresh, green pastures.每年都会有将近200万只角马横越塞伦盖蒂平原,去寻找新鲜草场For these thirsty herds,对于这群饥渴难耐的角马来说the rivers are not only a vital source of drinking water but also dangerous obstacles.河流不仅是唯一能解渴的重要水源,也是充满危险的关隘This is one of the largest concentrations of Nile crocodiles in Africa, giants that grow over five metres long.这里是非洲一处最大的尼罗鳄聚集地,这些大怪物能长到5米多长From memory, the crocodiles know the wildebeest are coming and gather in anticipation.鳄鱼凭着记忆得知,角马已经来了,不出所料,它们纷纷下水The crocodile#39;s jaws snap tight like a steel trap.鳄鱼的巨口像捕兽铗一般紧咬住猎物Once they have a hold, they never let go.一旦被它逮住,猎物再无逃脱的机会It took over an hour to drown this full-grown bull.它得花上一个多小时才能淹死这只成年公角马To surprise their prey, crocodiles must strike with lightning speed.为了突袭猎物,鳄鱼必须以闪电般的速度出击Here, only the narrowest line separates life from death.在这里,生与死只有一线之隔。 Article/201705/510322万州妇幼保健院激光去斑手术多少钱

重庆去腋臭的费用Edison#39;s workers labor day and night,digging a network of ditches over fifteen miles long.爱迪生的工人夜以继日地工作 挖出超过15英里的坑网They lay over one hundred thousand feet of thick copper wire,connecting Edison#39;s power station to hundreds of homes and businesses throughout New York.埋入超过十万英尺的粗铜线 让爱迪生的发电站同纽约数百个家庭和商用建筑相连Edison#39;s power grid becomes the model for how electricity is transmitted in the ed States.爱迪生的电网成为了之后美国电力传输的典范He had never worked so long and so hard at any invention to make it functional as he did with electricity.他只对电付出过这么多心血 他从未为了让其它发明实际产生功用而这样做过With Edison#39;s power station up and running,a new era dawns.随着爱迪生的发电厂建成并投入使用 新纪元开启了The city lights up for the first time ever.整个城市第一次被点亮起来And soon, Edison#39;s power grid covers half of Manhattan.很快 爱迪生的电网就布满了半个曼哈顿Electric streetlights line avenues,and homes throughout New York are buzzing with electricity.电灯排在街道两侧 纽约的无数家庭 也都闪耀着电光Edison had a big think approach which said that,We can build giant distribution centers and make it so that electricity is cheap enough for the masses.What a brilliant idea.爱迪生的想法非常伟大 他认为我们可以建立巨大的配送中心 让电的价格得以降低 并进入寻常百姓家 多么卓越的见解J.P. Morgan and Thomas Edison stand to make a fortune.J·P·根和托马斯·爱迪生为创造财富做好了准备But their success is bad news for the most powerful man in the country.但他们的成功对国内最有权势的人无疑是坏消息Until now, John Rockefeller has been virtually unchallenged while providing light to homes from coast to coast.直到当时 约翰·洛克菲勒还在为全国的家庭提供灯光 他还未受到真正的挑战 Article/201605/444912 Hi my name is Valen. Welcome to engvid.com. This is a lesson on common English expressions that you#39;ll hear in the workplace.大家好,我是Valen。欢迎来到engvid.com。在这堂课上你将学到职场中的一些常用短语。Okay, so the first expression is ;to bite off more than one can chew;.首先,第一个短语是“to bite off more than one can chew”。So how this expression works is if you say something like --该短语的使用方式通常是——John is stressed. I think he#39;s bitten off more than he can chew.John 的压力很大。 我认为他是在做一些力不能及的事。What this means is John has taken on more responsibility than he can handle.这句话是说,John承担了许多他无力承担责任。So John is stressed. I think he#39;s bitten off more than he can chew. John is taking on more responsibility than he#39;s able to handle.所以,John的压力很大。我认为他是在做一些力不能及的事。指John承担了许多他力不能及的责任。Our second expression is ;to figure something out;, which means to find a way to solve a problem.第二个短语是“to figure something out”,表示找到解决问题的方法。So somebody asks you to figure something out, they#39;re asking you to find a solution.因此,当有人请你“figure something out”,他们是想请你来找出解决问题的方法。Here#39;s an example of that expression --该短语的例句为——I don#39;t understand this problem, maybe you can figure it out.我不太理解这个问题,或许你可以搞定它。So what this means: figure it out, I didn#39;t understand this problem, maybe you can find the solution. So maybe you can figure it out.这句话是指:我不太理解这个问题,或许你能找到解决这个问题的方法。或许你可以搞定它。Okay our next expression is ;fill in for someone;.好了,下面学习下一个短语“fill in for someone”。So somebody uses the expression -- He filled in for me. What they mean is that that person did your work while you were away.常用句型为——He filled in for me。这句话是指当我不在的时候,那个人做了我的工作。Here#39;s an example --例句——while I was on vacation, Mary filled in for me.当我休假的时候,Mary顶替了我。So what this means is while I was on vacation, Mary did my work or she took over my job.这句话是指,当我休假的时候,Mary做了我的工作或Mary接管了我的位子。So filled in for me; Mary filled in for me; Mary did my work; took on my responsibilities.所以,filled in for me、Mary filled in for me、Mary did my work,都指Mary承担了我的职责,顶替了我的位子。Another common expression you will hear in the workplaces -- ;in the black;.另一个常听到的短语是——“in the black”。So for business is in the black this is a good thing. It refers to the business being profitable.对于“in the black”的公司来说,这是一件好事。因为这意味着公司盈利。This year business was great! We#39;ve been in the black all year. So in the black, um... is a good thing.今年业绩非常棒!我们全年盈利。所以“in the black”,是一件好事。The business is profitable, it#39;s making money. The opposite of in the black is in the red.这是指公司在盈利、赚钱。而其反义词是“in the red”。So someone says, ;we#39;re in the red.; That means the business is not making money, it#39;s losing money and it#39;s in debt.当某人说,“we#39;re in the red.” 这是指公司没有赚钱而是在亏损,身背负债。So if...um.. if your boss says,;We#39;ve been in the red for the past three months.;因此,如果你的老板说,“在过去的三个月公司一直in the red。”That means the business is losing money and it#39;s in debt. So in the black is a good thing and in the red is a bad thing.这就表明公司在亏损、负债。因此,in the black是好事,而in the red 是坏事。Another common English expression up here in the workplace is ;I#39;ll sleep on it.;另一个要提到的常用短语是“I#39;ll sleep on it.”So if someone says to you, ;That sounds like a good idea. Let me sleep on it.;如果有人跟你说,“That sounds like a good idea. Let me sleep on it.”What they mean is let me think about it and I#39;ll get back to you with my decision. So ;let me sleep on it; is a very common expression.他们实际是在说,这是一个好主意,我会考虑一下,有情况我再通知你。因此,“let me sleep on it”是一个非常常用的短语。Okay, the last expression is ;to get the ball rolling;.最后一个短语是“to get the ball rolling”。So someone who says to you, ;Let#39;s get the ball rolling.; It means they want to get started on a project.当有人跟你说,“Let#39;s get the ball rolling.” 是指他们想着手开始一个项目。See, my here#39;s someone says, ;Let#39;s get the ball rolling on this new project.;通常会说,“让我们开始着手这个新项目。”And what they mean is let#39;s started with; let#39;s get started; let#39;s get moving; let#39;s get the ball rolling.他们指的是开始做某事。So in this lesson we#39;ve covered seven common English expressions that you might hear in the workplace:这节课上,我们学习了7种常在职场听到的英语短语:to bite off more than one can chew, to figure something out to fill in for someone, in the black, in the red,做力不能及的事、搞定某事、顶替某人、盈利、亏损、I#39;ll sleep on it and to get the ball rolling.我会考虑这个以及开始着手某事。You can take the quiz on www.engvid.com and visit us on the site for more lessons.你可以登录www.engvid.com做下小测试,也可以从网站中学习更多课程。 Article/201706/515645重庆中山医院是民办还是公立医院石柱土家族自治县处女膜修复多少钱



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