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head and shoulders above 远远超出英文释义(INFORMAL) By far or very much above.例句 My daughter is an excellent student; shes head and shoulders above all the other students in her school.我女儿是一名优秀的学生,远远超过了学校里的其他学生。 /201407/311306Problems out解决问题A:We have some quality-control problems. Mr. Zhang. We need to go to the source to work them out.A:张先生,我们有一些品质管理的问题。我们必须找出问题的根源并且设法解决。B:What problems are you having exactly?B:你们究竟有什么问题呢?A:The complaint rate for our new product line is very high, almost eight percent.A:对我们新产品的投诉率很高,几乎高达百分之八。B:That is high.B:这的确很高A:Yes. We keep finding problems when testing the sound boards.A:没错。我们在测试声卡时一直在找问题。B:But your promotional materials claim the broads are the less expensive of their types on the market.B:可是这是你们的促销材料上称这种声卡是市场上同类产品中最便宜的。A:The least expensive. but still fully functional. And we think that your factory needs to take measures to improve quality-control.A:我们是要最便宜的但是也要要完备的功能啊。我们认为你们的工厂需要采取有效措施来改善你们的品质管理。B:That will involve additional expenses for us.which we will have to pass on to you as a rate hike.B:那就意味着我们会有额外的开,而我们会把的东西,落选者价格增加的部分转嫁到你们身上。A:I am afraid that is not acceptable. Your contract says that you will deliver a product with a reject rate of less than six percent.Well. I will tell you that. Mr. Li.A:这恐怕我们无法接受。你们的合同上说你们会以低于百分之六的瑕疵率交货的。B:I will review the contract and talk with management. Then we will get together and hash this out.B:嗯,李先生,我跟你说,我会再看一遍合同,并和管理部门讨论一下。然后我们会一起讨论并解决这个问题的。 /201511/411117

This is a red-letter day for you.今天是你的大好日子。a red-letter day直译过来就是:“有红色字母的一天”,这个短语的正确意思是:“值得纪念的或喜庆的日子”。因此,当美国人说;This is a red-letter day for you.;时,他/她要表达的意思就是;Today is very important for you.;、;Its a special day for you.;。情景对白:Shirley: Im so excited that Im raised to management at todays conference.雪莉:我太高兴了,今天的会议上我被提拔到管理层了!Jane: Wow, this is a red-letter day for you. Congratulations!简:哇,今天是你的大好日子。祝贺你!搭配句积累:①The boss praised me for my outstanding performance.我表现出色,受到了老板的表扬。②I got promoted today for hard working.由于工作努力,我今天升职了。③My idea is approved by the board of directors.我的创意竟被董事会采纳了。④Today I will sign a contract with the government on behalf of the company.今天我将代表公司跟政府签一份合同。单词:1. red-letter adj. 值得纪念的People are well dressed on red-letter day.在喜庆的日子里,人们身著盛装。This has been become internationally one celebrates a red-letter day.这已经成为国际性的一个庆祝节日了。This is a red-letter occasion.这是一件值得纪念的事。2. board of directors 董事会The Board of Directors has approved the decision unanimously.董事会成员一致批准了该项决定。The board of directors canvassed his design thoroughly.董事会彻底讨论了他的设计。Hes trying to curry favor with the board of directors.他想要巴结董事会。3. on behalf of 代表The agent spoke on behalf of his principal.代理人代表他的委托人说话。Governor appointed by the queen on behalf of the exercise of authority.由女王任命的总督代为行使职权。You said you would have one more beer on behalf of your brother that day.你说你那天替你的哥哥多喝一杯。 /201211/209538

finishing touch 收尾工作英文释义 The final element needed to complete something; the culmination. (NOTE: often plural finishing touches)例句 Painting the old building we had fully remodeled was the finishing touch before we reopened.我们对这座旧楼进行了彻底改造,在完成了涂漆的收尾工作后,就重新开放了。 /201211/208841

不用课本学商务英语口语第132期接听外商电话你能应对自如吗? 面对外商谈判你能应对自如吗? 面对外籍上司谈论商务问题你能应对自如吗? 商务场景→英语句子 你本来口语还不错,可面对突然而遇到的商务场景,你却找不到合适的句子,怎么办?《 NO-BOOK 商务英语口语》的“商务场景→英语句子”让你闭目养神时听一听,就能记住很多有“现场感”的英语句子,让你面对“紧急”的商务场景,也能应对自如。

陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,他在走廊上遇到了美国同事Amy。(Office ambience)C:Amy, 你有两分钟时间吗?我有点事儿想请教你。A:Yes, but let's step into my office so we don't disturb anyone else. What is it?C:今天,信息技术部的一个同事被老板叫去训了一顿,说他整天聊天儿。老板还说,你是来工作的,不是来社交的。A:I agree. After all, that is what we are paid for and people who misuse company time are wasting company money.C:可是,我记得你告诉过我,应该跟同事搞好关系。A:I did. And one of the ways to do that is to engage in small talk or "chit-chat," as we say. You need to talk to your colleagues about things other than work.C:聊工作以外的事儿?那我就更糊涂了。可老板说这是浪费工作时间啊。A:It's not wasting time if you do it at the appropriate times.C:那什么才是合适的时间呢?A:Basically, at the beginning of the day when everyone is getting their tea or coffee and starting to settle in; during breaks and at lunch. The end of the day is another good time to chat.C:早上上班和中午吃饭的时候还好,可下班前大家都赶着回家,根本没人理我啊。A:Chen Hao, I know this is important, but can we talk after work? I have a project to complete before the end of the day.C:那好,一会儿见。******MC:陈豪跟Amy同路回家。C:今天我特别注意了一下,发现很多人上班时间都在聊天。A:Often people who have just competed a project or an assignment, need a break. They don't always consider that their colleague may be in the middle of something and doesn't have time to talk.C:在这一点上,我自我感觉做得还不错。每次来找你,我都会先问你有没有时间。还有其他什么要注意的吗?A:Location is important. Pay attention to where you are so that you don't disturb the people who are working.C:什么地方才不会干扰到别人呢?A:A place like the break room or an office with a door will give you privacy as well as prevent others from being distracted by your conversation.C:还有其他注意事项吗?A:Yes. We haven't talked about one of the most important - what you talk about.C:聊天的内容还有规矩啊!A:Small talk should not be viewed as a time to get personal and pry into people's private lives. Nor should it be a time to sp gossip.C:所以一是不能打听别人的隐私,二是不要散布小道消息。好,我知道了。谢谢你,Amy. /08/82865

Risk of investment投资风险A:Well, I am thinking of establishing a food joint venture of scaie.A:我正在考虑建立一家大规模的食品合资企业。B:Whats great, we have so many favorable conditions for you to invest in China.B:那很好啊,在中国合资企业有很多投资优惠条件。A:Yes, China is a big country with a large population rich resources and a comparatively low level of wages and salaries,However, the problem is that were still doubtful of investment in China.A:是的。中国是一个大国,人口众多,资源丰富,而且工资水平低。然而问题是我们仍然对在中国投资表示怀疑.B: Let me put your mind at ease. The way I see it, a joint venture means, primary, less taxation and more benefits for the investors.B:让我来解除你的顾虑吧。依我看,搞合资企业,对投资者来说,首先可以少上税,多收益。A: That sounds good.A:听起来不错。B:Well, a joint venture means preferred treatment for the investors. A joint venture pays less income tax or even no income tax at all under certain conditions in the first five profit making years.B:搞合资企业,投资者可以享受到优惠的待遇,合资企业头5个获利年度可以省缴所得税,在一些情况下,甚至完全不缴所得税。A: Profit-making years? You mean the years of production?A:获利年度?你是指生产年度吗?B: No.I mean the years when you make a profit. Whats more, all lawful rights and interests of foreign investors are protected by Chinese law.B:不,我指的是企业生产开始产生利润的头年。而且,外国投资者的一切合法权益都受到中国法律的保护。A: Oh.I see. It is very good.A:我明白了,不错! /201512/412797

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