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襄樊市军工医院正规吗会不会乱收费襄州人民医院网上预约 Mosquitoes. Flies. Cockroaches. The bugs that thrive in the heat of summer vex Chinese urban dwellers just as they do in most of the world.蚊子、苍蝇、。这些在盛夏迅速繁衍的虫子给中国城市居民带来的烦恼,与它们带给世界上大多数人的并无二致。But in China, some insects are viewed not as pests, but as pets — especially if they sing for their supper.但在中国,人们不认为某些昆虫是害虫,而是把它们当作宠物——尤其是如果它们能为人们的晚餐伴唱的话。Chirping bugs like katydids, cicadas and crickets are prized throughout the country, collected by children and old men who keep them in clay vessels or bamboo cages and nourish them with grains of rice and razor-thin slices of green onion.蝈蝈、知了和蟋蟀这些会叫的昆虫,在中国各地深受人们的喜爱,孩子和老人们收集这些虫子,把它们放在瓦罐或竹笼里养起来,用米粒和切得非常细的葱叶子喂它们。Crickets are even bred for their fighting prowess, and a pedigreed champion can be worth hundreds of dollars. But typical crooners can be bought from farmers in pet markets for a few dollars.有人甚至专门培养战斗力强的蟋蟀,优良品种的冠军蟋蟀价值可达数百美元。但一般只会低声哼唱的蛐蛐儿,可以在宠物市场上从农民那里,花几美元就能买到。“Summer isn’t complete without the sound of a singing katydid in your courtyard,” said Wang Xiaoming, 68, a lifelong Beijing resident who lives in a traditional hutong neighborhood, a warren of narrow alleys that are the last bastion of many Chinese traditions.“院子里没有蝈蝈的叫声,就不是真正的夏天,”68岁的北京居民王晓明(音)说,他一辈子住在一个传统的胡同社区,这种穿插着狭窄小巷的大杂院,是许多中国传统的最后堡垒。In contrast to the soft trill of the field cricket — “the bard of the grass,” one poet calls them — cicadas and katydids produce the kind of deafening hiss that can drown out conversation.与农田蟋蟀轻声短促地叫声不同(一位诗人称它们是“草地的吟游诗人”),知了和蝈蝈会发出一种嗤嗤声,淹没人们说话的声音,震耳欲聋。The practice of collecting singing insects is said to have begun 2,000 years ago. They were sought as good-luck talismans, and later as companions for imperial concubines, who kept them in gilded cages and found solace in the plaintive chirps that echoed their own cosseted, lonely lives.据说早在2000年前,收集会唱歌昆虫的做法就已经开始了。人们找寻这种虫子,把它们当作带来好运的护身符,后来皇宫里的后妃们以这些昆虫为伴,把它们养在镀金的笼子里,昆虫发出的哀怨啁啾,对她们受宠而孤寂的生活来说,成为了一种安慰。The insects are embedded in Chinese culture. Ancient poems praise their melodious songs, and many idiomatic expressions use crickets and grasshoppers as metaphors for fertility, friendship or the passage of time.昆虫在中国文化中根深蒂固。古代诗词赞美它们的悠扬歌声,许多习惯用语里用蟋蟀和蚱蜢来比喻生育能力、友谊,以及时间的流逝。In fact, in Chinese writing, the earliest character for summer takes the form of a cicada, and the one for autumn resembles a cricket.其实,在汉字书写系统中,“夏”字最早的写法来自知了的样子,“秋”字的写法像一只蟋蟀。The keeping of insects faded during the 1950s and ’60s, when Mao Zedong waged war on traditions deemed bourgeois and retrograde. But it has been revived in recent years by aficionados like Mr. Wang, a retired professor of Chinese literature, who is worried about its future. “Young people would rather play with their phones than an insect,” he said.在20世纪5、60年代,对那些被视为属于资产阶级和落后传统的东西,毛泽东发动了战争,养虫子的做法就此逐渐消失。但近几年来,这种传统已被像王晓明这样的爱好者恢复了,王晓明是一名退休的中国文学教授,担心着自己这种爱好的未来。他说,“年轻人更喜欢玩手机,而不是玩虫子。”There is, of course, a downside to befriending singing insects: They are among the most ephemeral of pets. Most live for just a few months, and even the most pampered katydid will be silenced by the first autumn frost.当然,养唱歌的虫子也有不利的一面:它们是最短命的宠物。大多数只能活几个月,就连最受宠的蝈蝈,也会在秋季初霜后不再发声。 /201608/462365襄阳四院属于公立还是私立

鱼梁洲开发区妇幼保健院中医院妇产科医院A controversial insurance policy that will protect ;good Samaritans; from being sued by elderly people was recently launched in China, news portal cnr.cn reported on Thursday.新闻门户网站央广网在星期四报道,一个有争议的保险政策近期在中国推出,该政策旨在保护“好心人”不被老年人讹钱。Alipay, a massively popular third-party online payment platform in China launched its ;Support the Elderly; insurance policy in October, offering financial support and legal aid for people sued for compensation by elderly people who blackmail them following accidents in which they are not at fault.付宝,中国的大型第三方在线付平台,在十月推出“扶老人险”,为好心扶老人反被讹的人提供金融持和法律援助。In China, there have been several instances in recent years in which people who helped the victims of accidents were then sued by the victims. Often the blackmailer will claim that the person would only have helped them if they were responsible for the accident.在中国,近几年来已经发生过一些帮助了受害者反被起诉的事故。通常情况下,敲诈者会认为帮助他们的人就是事故责任人。Individuals need to pay 3 yuan (.5) a year for the insurance, which covers legal fees of up to 20,000 yuan if the person becomes embroiled in a so-called good Samaritan court case. The insurance company also provides free legal consultation for its clients.参保个人每年需要缴纳3元(0.5美元)的保费,其中包括高达20000元的律师费,如果参保人陷入了所谓的“好心人”案件,保险公司还为客户提供免费法律咨询务。Alipay users in 26 cities - including Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing - can purchase the policy online. A total of 26,000 such policies were sold in the first three days after its launch, of which 24,000 were bought by young users, according to Xinhua.26个城市(包括北京、上海和南京)的付宝用户都可以在网上购买该保险。据新华社报道,该保险在推出后的三天内售出26000份,其中24000份是年轻用户购买的。;The insurance will make good Samaritans feel reassured, which may aid the sp of virtue and positive energy in society,; a customer that has bought the policy was ed by cnr.cn as saying.“这个保险让#39;好心人#39;放心,这可能有助于社会美德和正能量的传播。”央广网引用一位购买了该保险的客户的。;A series of #39;good Samaritan#39; extortion cases have damaged the trust between people, scaring would-be good Samaritans,; Tan Qiugui, a law professor at Beijing#39;s Minzu University of China told the Global Times earlier.北京中央民族大学的法学教授谭秋桂早前告诉《环球时报》,“一系列的#39;好心人#39;被勒索案件损害了人与人之间的信任,吓退了潜在的助人为乐者”。A total of 149 good Samaritan cases occurred in the first nine months of 2015, of which 84 cases were later exposed as cases of extortion. Most blackmailers were not severely punished by the authorities for their extortion, the cnr.cn reported.据央广网报道,2015年前九月总共有149起好心人事件,其中84例被爆出是敲诈勒索案。大多数的勒索者没有受到当局的严厉惩罚。 /201510/406001 <牛人_句子>襄樊公立三甲哪家治疗阳痿效果好襄阳保康县人民医院在哪个区




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