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You can either travel or , but either your body or soul must be on the way. The popular saying has inspired many people to or go sightseeing. As the holiday is here, are you planning a trip to relax after working so hard for such a long time?你可以旅行亦可以阅读,但无论如何你的身体或灵魂必须有一个在路上。这种流行的说法激发了许多人去阅读或观光。假期到了,辛勤工作了这么久,你是否计划出去旅行放松自己?Traveling, just like ing, is a refreshing journey, a temporary retreat from the bustling world. Here are 10 books we recommend that you take on your trip.旅行,就像阅读,是一个令人耳目一新的旅程,让我们从喧嚣的世界寻找片刻宁静。这里我们推荐了10本书,可以带着去旅行。1. Destination: US目的地:美国Recommended book: On the Road, 1957, by Jack Kerouac推荐书目:《在路上》,1957年,作者杰克#8226;凯鲁亚克The book is a globally popular spiritual guide book about youth. The protagonist in the book drives across the US continent with several young people and finally reaches Mexico. After the exhausting and exciting trip, the characters in the book begin to realize the meaning of life, and start to believe in Oriental Zen Buddhism.这本书是全球风靡的青年精神指南。书中的主人公开车带着几个年轻人穿越美国大陆,最后到达墨西哥。经过困难重重但又激动人心的旅程,书中的人物开始意识到生命的意义,并开始相信东方禅宗。The book can be a good partner accompanying you to explore the ed States.这本书是陪你探索美国的一个好伙伴。2. Destination: Central Europe目的地:中欧Recommended book: Life is Elsewhere, 1975, by Milan Kundera推荐书目:《生活在别处》,1975年,作者米兰#8226;昆德拉Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said, ;Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains;. The book portrays a young artist#39;s romantic but miserable life, about how he s, dreams and has a relationship.让#8226;雅克#8226;卢梭曾经说过:“人是生而自由的,却又无处不在枷锁之中”。这本书描绘了一个年轻艺术家浪漫却悲惨的生活,关于读书,关于梦想,关于爱情。Experience the artist#39;s passionate life in the book during a trip to Central Europe. The book invites you to deeply reflect on your current life and is a salute to Kundera, a Czech-born writer and who went into exile in France in 1975.在中欧之旅中体验艺术家的生活吧。这本书让你深刻地思考自己目前的生活,并向昆德拉致敬。他是在捷克出生的作家,1975流亡到法国。3. Destination: Sahara Desert, North Africa目的地:北非撒哈拉沙漠Recommended book: The Stories of the Sahara, 1976, by Sanmao推荐书目:《撒哈拉的故事》,1976年,作者三毛The book narrates the author#39;s simple but adventurous life in the Sahara Desert, which seems a desolate and dull place. The exotic natural scenery and life there, along with the author#39;s romantic and intensive emotions will inspire you to explore the mysterious land.这本书讲述了作者在撒哈拉沙漠朴实却又险象环生的生活,那里似乎是一个荒凉而沉闷的地方。异域的自然风光和生活,以及作者的浪漫爱情和强烈情感,将激发你去探索这片神秘的土地。Reading the book is like engaging in a dialogue with the author, who is unstrained, forthright, sincere and humorous.读这本书就像与作者对话,她自然、直率、真诚又幽默。4. Destination: Japan目的地:日本Recommended book: The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, 1986, by Ruth Benedict推荐书目:《菊与刀》,1986年,作者鲁思#8226;本尼迪克特The chrysanthemum is in the heraldry of the Japanese imperial family, and the sword is a symbol of Japanese warrior culture. The book is regarded as an introduction to Japanology, and a must- classic to get to know Japan, with its deep analysis of Japanese cultural tradition and national characteristics.菊花是日本皇室家族的纹章,刀是日本武士文化的象征。这本书被认为是日本学的入门,以及了解日本的必读经典,书中对日本的文化传统和民族特性有深入的分析。5. Destination: Provence目的地:普罗旺斯Recommended book: A Year in Provence, 1987, by Peter Mayle推荐书目:《普罗旺斯的一年》,1987年,作者彼得#8226;梅尔Provence, well known for its lavender, is not only a tourist attraction, but more a symbol of a lifestyle. The book doesn#39;t teach you how to deal with the hardships in life, but to avoid them happily. A cup of wine, a rocking chair and time flows slow here. The author and his wife are living a reclusive life here. When you make a trip following in the author#39;s footsteps, you may encounter him in Provence.普罗旺斯以薰衣草著称,它不仅是一个旅游景点,更象征着一种生活方式。这本书并没有教你如何处理生活中的困难,而是要你快乐地避免它们。一杯酒,一把摇椅,时间在这里缓慢流淌。作者和他的妻子在这里过着隐居的生活。当你沿着作者的足迹旅行时,说不定你会在普罗旺斯遇到他。6. Destination: Istanbul, Turkey目的地:土耳其伊斯坦布尔Recommended book: My Name is Red, 1998, by Orhan Pamuk推荐书目:《我的名字叫红》,1998年,奥尔罕#8226;帕慕克The book, featuring a peak masterpiece of the Nobel Prize winner for Literature Orhan Pamuk, has been translated into more than 50 languages and published around the world.本书是诺贝尔文学奖得主奥尔罕#8226;帕慕克的巅峰之作,已被翻译成50多种语言并在世界各地出版。It tells a story of a young man, who has been away from home for 12 years, coming back to his hometown in Istanbul. What embraces him is not only love, but a series of murder cases as well. The book, portraying delicate pictures and recounting from multiple perspectives, inspires people to have a deeper thinking of life.它讲述了一个年轻人的故事,他离开家已经12年,然后回到他在伊斯坦布尔的家乡。拥抱他的不仅是爱,还有一系列的谋杀案。这本书对细节的描写细致入微并从多个角度进行叙述,激发人们对生活更深的思考。8. Destination: North Europe目的地:北欧Recommended book: So Slow, So Beautiful, 2015, by Luo Fu推荐书目:《这么慢,那么美》,2015年,作者罗敷Following a girl#39;s step to look around North Europe, who has been living there for 10 years. Check out how North Europeans seek their happiness, which more originated from a simple, natural and tranquil mentality.跟随一个女孩的脚步游览北欧,她一直在那里生活了10年。看看北欧人如何寻求他们的幸福,而幸福更多地源自简单、自然和宁静的心态。9. Destination: Tibet目的地:西藏Recommended book: Lotus, 2006, by Annbaby推荐书目:《莲花》,2006年,作者安妮宝贝This novel set in Tibet, tells three people#39;s stories, each with their unique characteristics and carrying the hidden burden of trauma. It reveals modern people#39;s emotions and inner life, their confusion about love, and exploration of belief and the life essence.这部小说的场景设在西藏,讲述了三个人的故事,每一个都有自己独特的性格,内心深处隐藏着创伤。本书揭示了现代人的情感和内心世界,他们对爱的困惑,对信仰和生命本质的探索。The book is a good partner to bring you to the sacred land Tibet.这本书是带你到西藏圣地的好伙伴。10. Destination: Dali in Yunnan目的地:云南大理Recommended book: Let#39;s See the Faraway Places Together, 2014, by Han Meimei推荐书目:《一起到遥远的地方看一看》,2014 年,作者韩梅梅A flying ticket is like a pain killer. No matter how you have been hurt by life, it will inspire you to realize how beautiful life is in some other places. Make a stop, be lazy for a while, live as simple as you can, your life will be brighter.机票就像是止痛药。无论生活如何伤害了你,这本书将鼓励你去看看世界的其他地方是多么美丽。停下来,忙里偷闲,尽可能简单地生活,你的人生会更美好。 /201610/469311Beauty sleep is a real thing, according to researchers who have shown that people who miss out on sleep do appear less attractive to others.美容觉原来是真的:据研究人员表示,错失睡眠的人对其他人来说,魅力显得不足。A couple of bad nights is enough to make a person look ;significantly; more ugly, their sleep experiments suggest.他们有关睡眠的实验表明,几个睡不好的晚上就足以让一个人的容貌“明显”变差。Dark-circled ;panda; eyes and puffy lids can even put others off socialising with you, they say.研究人员称,熊猫眼和肿眼皮甚至会使他人与你的交际受到影响。People were rated by strangers as less healthy and approachable when they had tired faces.在陌生人眼中,疲惫的面容会被当成不健康、甚至是不便靠近的象征。The researchers asked 25 university students, some male and some female, to be the guinea pigs in their sleep experiment.研究人员在他们的睡眠实验中,请来了25名男女大学生来作为实验对象。They were asked to get a good night#39;s sleep for two consecutive nights. A week later, they were asked to restrict themselves to only four hours sleep per night for two nights in a row.这些大学生被要求连续两个星期保持优质睡眠。一个星期后,他们被要求在连续两个晚上,每晚只睡四小时。The researchers took make-up free photos of the volunteers after both the good and the bad sleep sessions.在这两个优质睡眠和劣质睡眠的环节过后,研究人员给志愿者们照了素颜照片。Next, they asked 122 strangers - women and men living in Sweden#39;s capital city, Stockholm - to have a look at the photos and rate them on attractiveness, health, sleepiness and trustworthiness, as well as asking them: ;How much would you like to socialise with this person in the picture?;接着,研究人员召集了122名与志愿者素不相识的陌生人。他们当中有男有女,都住在瑞典首都斯德哥尔。这些人被要求看着志愿者的照片,对他们的魅力程度、健康状况、睡眠情况和信任程度进行评价。研究人员还会问他们一个问题:“你有多想跟照片上的这个人交朋友?”The strangers were good at judging if the person they were looking at was tired, and, if they were sleepy, their attractiveness score suffered.这群人的眼力很好。如果照片上的人显得疲倦不堪,或者看起来很缺觉,他们魅力程度的分数便很低。The strangers also said they would be less willing to socialise with the tired students, who they also perceived to be less healthy, Royal Society Open Science journal reports.据英国期刊《皇家协会开放科学》报道,这些陌生人也表示,他们更不愿意与那些看起来很累的学生交朋友,他们认为这些人的身体状况不太好。The Karolinska Institute researchers says this makes sense in evolutionary terms.来自卡罗林斯卡学院的研究人员说,从进化的角度来看,这十分符合常理。;An unhealthy-looking face, whether due to sleep deprivation or otherwise, might activate disease-avoiding mechanisms in others.;“一张看起来不健康的脸,不管它是由于睡眠不足还是其他原因导致的,都可能会激活其他人身体内躲避疾病的机制。”In other words, people don#39;t want to hang around with people who might be ill, whereas someone who looks energetic and fit will hold lots of appeal.换句话说,人们不想跟可能患病的人待在一起。而那些看起来活力四射、身体健康的人则魅力十足。Lead researcher Dr Tina Sundelin added: ;I don#39;t want to worry people or make them lose sleep over these findings though.首席研究员蒂娜·孙德琳士补充道:“我不希望这些实验结果让人们担忧或者睡得不好。”;Most people can cope just fine if they miss out on a bit of sleep now and again.;“偶尔睡得不好没有关系,大部分人都可以恢复得很好。”Dr Gayle Brewer, a psychology expert at the University of Liverpool and member of the British Psychological Association, said: ;Judgement of attractiveness is often unconscious, but we all do it, and we are able to pick up on even small cues like whether someone looks tired or unhealthy.;盖利·布鲁尔士是利物浦大学的一名心理学专家及英国心理学协会成员。他说:“对外表魅力程度的评价往往是无意识的,但是我们一直都在做这件事。我们能够从一些很小的细节,比如说这个人是否疲惫或者是否健康,来对他人进行评价。”;We want our partners to be attractive and energetic. This study is a good reminder of how important sleep is to us.;“我们希望我们的同伴看起来魅力十足,充满活力。这个研究对我们来说是一个很好的提醒,它告诉我们,睡眠是多么重要。” /201705/510867

China#39;s top health authority has publicized new guidelines to help people maintain a healthy lifestyle.中国最高健康部门日前公布了一项新的指南,以帮助人们保持健康的生活方式。The guidelines, named ;5125,; contain a series of healthy tips, including daydreaming for five minutes every day, and exercising each day for one hour.这一名为“5125”的指南包含了一系列健康小贴士,其中包括每天发呆五分钟,每天锻炼一小时。Citizens can do this, the guidelines suggests, by mastering a sport or joining a social group for athletics.该指南指出,民众可以通过掌握一项运动或加入一个运动社群来做到这一点。It also suggests that citizens eat a diverse diet; in accordance with China#39;s dietary guidelines, people should consume 12 types of food every day, and 25 types in a week.它还建议民众保持多样化的饮食;按照中国的饮食指南,人们应该每天摄入12种食物,每周摄入25种食物。Work stress, irritability, overeating, decreased attention spans and insomnia are all common health problems in society today.工作压力大,易怒,暴饮暴食,注意力不集中和失眠都是当今社会常见的健康问题。At the launching ceremony, Wu Tao, an emotions management expert, said that living with long-term emotional distress has many health risks, such as cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease and even cancer.在启动仪式上,情绪管理专家吴涛表示,长期的情绪困扰有很多健康风险,如心血管疾病,胃肠道疾病甚至癌症。If not effectively handled, these stressors can have a huge impact on one#39;s family life, work and social life.如果不能有效地处理,这些压力可能对个人的家庭生活、工作和社会生活产生巨大的影响。To this end, Wu suggested learning to understand and analyze one#39;s own emotional state, and practicing skills to effectively manage emotions.为此,吴涛建议人们要学会理解和分析自己的情绪状态,以及练习有效地管理情绪的技能。This way, with one#39;s emotions in check, it#39;s possible to convert pressure and other seemingly negative feelings into motivation.这样,通过检查个人的情绪,可以将压力和其他看似消极的感觉转化为动力。 /201611/476174

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