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原汁原味情景喜剧,配有中文字幕,让你在欢笑中学英语。 Article/201112/164193

【视频文本】When we trust someone, we risk getting hurt. Be sure the rewards of a trusting relationship outweigh the risks.You Will NeedUnilateral trust Happiness Face-to-face interactions Social bonding activities Step 1: Extend trust(表示自己对对方的信任)Signal that you are trusting by unilaterally extending your trust to the other person.Handshakes and other forms of social touching promote trust.Step 2: Make the other person happy(让对方开心)Try to make the other person happy. Happiness fosters trust and this fosters more happiness.Step 3: Engage in face-to-face meetings(多见面)Engage in face-to-face interactions whenever possible.Step 4: Participate in social bonding(多参加可以增进感情的活动)Participate in activities that promote social bonding.Some neuroscientists believe that the ability to trust in humans has a biochemical basis. Article/201004/101109

心理变态的杀人凶手为许多经典的电视节目提供了素材,但他们行径的背后到底着隐藏怎样的动机呢?神经学家吉姆-发龙通过对大脑扫描和基因分析的讲解,揭开了杀人凶手的遗传(与环境)中所出现的问题。而他所分享的一段神奇的家庭史,则是为整个演讲提供了一个不可思议的转折,令他的工作充满了让人不寒而栗的个人色。 Article/201301/218242

Missing someone can be painful.相思何其苦。You may be heartbroken, and struggling to adapt to your new life with this person missing.你也许会悲伤心碎, 而且要随着思念这个人而挣扎着适应你的新生活。You can move on after a relationshiop ends though, and the guys in our new soap ;Broken Hearts; can help you do just that.其实你完全可以在一段感情结束之后就重振旗鼓,而我们的新肥皂剧《破碎的心》中的这些家伙就将帮助你做到这一点。Try and snap out of your usual routine试着摆脱你的平常习惯。Make some changes.尝试做出一些变化。Put away the things that remind you of the one you are missing.抛开提醒你思念着人的东西。You can#39;t erase them from your history, but you can keep those painful reminders out of sight.你无法从你的历史中抹去他们,但是你可以将那些痛苦回忆的物件们抛诸九霄云外。Remember that if you are missing an ex, you do not own them.记住,如果你正在思念的是一位前任,你就已经不拥有他们。Let them go and make their own life. Give yourself time and space.随他们去吧,他们有自己的生活。给你自己一点时间和空间。Keep getting up in the mornings and making the most of your days.保持在早晨起床并享受你日子的绝大多数时光。Keep yourself active and get down the gym.保持自己积极向上并经常去健身房运动。Chances are this happened for a reason and it is the right decision so remember that.铭记在心,对你而言,机会是万事皆有因,这件事也是如此,而你已经做出了正确的决定。Get them out of your head, perhaps take a trip away, visit some family将他们从你的脑袋中赶出去,出外来一次旅行或拜访一些家庭都是不错的选择。 Article/201207/190689

Step 1: When to air kissDon't use it on friends and people you actually like; you can kiss and hug them the traditional way. Where air kissing comes in useful is when dealing with people for whom you have no real affection, but who still need greeting anyway.Step 2: The greetingMake it clear you are going for an air kiss by loudly exclaiming the person's name beforehand - as if you are thrilled to see them and want everyone to know it. If you can't remember, or don't know their name, then crying out "Darling" or "Honey" will do just as well.Step 3: Lean inTurn your head 45 degrees and lean in towards them, cheek thrust forwards. They will do the same, making you cheek to cheek. Some air kissers actually gently touch cheeks, but this is a bad idea. It can lead to stubble burn, or worse- you might blend foundations, creating potentially awful make-up colour-schemes.Step 4: The kissPurse your lips together and kiss the air just to the side of their face. Then switch sides and repeat. Always go for at least two kisses. One is lazy and makes you look like an amateur. If you really want to show you are a high roller, go for three or four. They will think it's a habit you picked up in LA and be suitably impressed.Step 5: SoundA discreet kiss sound is cute and may actually get the recipient thinking you like them. But for maximum effect go for a loud "MWAH". This lets anyone nearby know you are air kissing, just in case they weren't sure.Step 6: HandsYou can embellish the kiss by grasping each other's hands at chest height. This looks friendly, but actually acts as a barrier, enabling you to fend them off if they get too close.Step 7: RetaliationIf you really want to annoy an air kisser, plant a big smacker right on the cheek. This blatant disregard for the rules will send them into a tailspin, so you can make your excuses and leave. Article/201002/96253

美国第一夫人米歇尔.奥巴马以女性和母亲的身份,谈论医疗改革。 Article/200912/91316

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