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So, in this suburb, the poo and the pee and the wash water are going to this treatment plant right in the middle of the community.那么,在这片城郊,各种排泄物们和废水正涌向处于区域中心的处理池。It looks more like a park than a treatment plant.其实与其说处理池,它看起来更像一个公园。The poo at the very bottom of all those layers of gravel -- not touching anyone那些处于所有砂砾层最下方的粪便们--不与其它成员接触is providing solid food for those marsh plants.为沼泽植物提供了固体养料。And the clean, clear water that comes out the other end is traveling underground to water each persons yard.在另外一头出去的清澈而干净的水会从地下运输用于灌溉每个人的庭院。So even though theyre in a desert, they get their own personal oasis.所以即使他们身处沙漠之中,他们也可以拥有私人绿洲。This approach is called Integrated Water Management, or holistic or closed-loop.这种方法被称为水资源综合治理,也可以说成全面治理或循环利用。Whatever you want to call it,你们想叫它什么都可以,its in conflict with the status quo of how we think about sanitation, which is contain, treat, push it away.但它与我们目前对卫生设施体系的看法(收集,处理,排放)是相悖的。But in this approach, were doing one step better.在这套系统中,我们做的更好。Were designing for reuse from the very beginning,我们一开始就设计成了循环利用。because everything does get reused, only now were planning for it.由于所有的东西都希望被再利用,直到现在我们还在继续规划。And often, that makes for really beautiful spaces.经常,这套系统能帮助创造美妙的空间。But the most important thing about this system isnt the technicals of how it works.但是对于这个体系来说,最重要的不是其科技原理,Its how you feel about it. Do you want this in your yard? Why not?而是你们对它的感觉。你们希望在你们的后院中拥有它吗?为啥不呢?I got really curious about this question.我对这个问题十分好奇。Why dont we see more innovation in sanitation?为什么我们没有在污水处理中看到革新?Why isnt that kind of thing the new normal?为什么革新迟迟不来?And I care so much about this question, that I work for a nonprofit called Recode.我真心关心这个问题,之后我为非营利性组织“科技投资新闻资讯网”工作。201612/485360Dear Excellencies, Friends and Colleagues, First, I would like to thank all speakers and panellists for the enlightening speeches. My name is Roy Wang, I am a young singer and actor from China – the country that hosts 278 million young people, as the second largest youth population in the world. Until yesterday, I only saw the UN building on TV, so this is the very first time that I am honored to participate in the Youth Forum to raise my voice. I am grateful for this unique opportunity. I was fortunate to work with the ed Nations China Subgroup on Youth to advocate for the Imagine 2030 campaign, which aims at encouraging the young generation in China to reflect and think about the world we want to see in 2030 – the year the Sustainable Development Goals are expected to be achieved. This campaign meaningfully engaged a large number of young people, including millions of left-behind children and other marginalized young people, and provided them with an opportunity to express their views and share their imagination to inspire our world. I submitted a cartoon drawing project. My passion for 2030 is that every young person can access good quality education, girls have the same potential to achieve amazing things as boys. With the support from many young people across the country, the campaign, which has been running for a few months since October 2016, recorded over 500 million views online. Inspired by the campaign, understanding SDGs has become a fashion among the young people. Dear Excellencies, Friends and Colleagues, Taking this opportunity, both as a leader and a young person myself, I want to reassure you of Chinese young peoples motivation to advance and realize (the) SDGs, wherever you are. I truly believe that our youth power can influence the world we live in, and hope that our determination can make a difference. Thank you very much.201702/492572

3.Address by NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson at the Conference of Heads of State and Government北约秘书长长·罗伯逊在国家元首和政府首脑会议上的演讲But I just want to say on this historic day that I do not regret a single word, not one, because I think that those words of criticism but also of encouragement from me and from the other countries around this table have made today possible and have made the strong and unanimous decision that it was. As I kept reminding all of you, I didnt have a vote today, I simply wielded the gavel at the end of the process, and gathered the voices. But I know how much was done in order to make it happen and I realize the sacrifices that were made, and if you think I have finished with being a nuisance, then you are wrong.但是在这历史性的一天,我只想说,我不后悔我说过的每一句话,因为我认为,正是因为我和在座其他国家代表的那些带有批评的同时也是鼓励的话,才有了今天,才有了这个坚定一致的决定。正如我一直提醒你们所有人,我今天没有投票,我只是宣布投票结束,收集选票。但我知道大家为此付出了多少努力,我知道大家所傲的牺牲,如果你们认为这已经万事大吉了,那就错了。Youve got your invitation today but the accession process and the ratification process is still to come. And that is why the determination with which all of you have spoken of your desire to strengthen NATO and to pledge yourself to continue the reforms and modernization on which you are embarked is so important to be heard round the table. All NATO countries will welcome that message and will commit themselves along with me to helping you in that continuing process. And that, after all, is what NATO is all about: collective security and defence, a common commitment to dealing with todays threats and producing joint solutions to military and political challenges as well. So we look forward to a successful accession process, and eventually welcoming you around this table as full members of this great Alliance. Thank you very much.你今天得到了邀请,但是之后还需要加入欧盟仪式和批准过程。这就是为什么我们需要听到你加强北约以及承诺自己继续改革和建设现代化愿望的决心。所有的北约国家欢迎这一决心并将和我一起致力于帮助你们实现这一进程。毕竟,那是北约的全部:集体安全和国防,共同致力于处理今天的威胁,共同解决军事和政治问题。所以我们期待一个成功入盟仪式,最后欢迎你们正式成为这个伟大的同盟的一员。谢谢大家。201703/494938

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  VOA流行美语 19: neat; sharp[流行美语]时间又到了。Michael和李华都在纽约上大学。Michael对纽约很熟,因此经常带李华到一些著名的地方去参观。今天他俩要去纽约的大都会艺术物馆去听讲演。李华将学到两个常用语:neat和sharp。L: Michael,我能够把你拽着一起去听这个演讲,真不容易。今天讲 话的这个人在数学和艺术方面都有士学位。他讲话的题目就 是:数学和艺术的关系。M: I'm sure the lecture will be really neat.L: 什么? Neat? 那不是整齐,乾净的意思吗?M: No. Neat, it's a word used here to describe something that is good.L: 噢,neat在这里是指某样东西很好,那你为什么不直接说好,而 非要说neat呢?M: Neat is very conversational.L: Neat这个词很口语化!那是不是任何时候我要说什么东西好都可以 用neat这个词呐?M: Neat can be used to describe an idea, a concept.L: Neat可以用来指一个好的主意,好的概念。今天讲演的内容就是 数学和艺术的会合。这是一个很好的概念。M: Well, Li Hua, you find the concept interesting, right?L: 对,我觉得这个概念很有意思。M: Well, if it holds your interest and you like the idea, then you can call it neat.L: 噢,只要我有兴趣,觉得是个好主意,我就可以说: That's neat!M: You're right.L: 如果我跟一些朋友出去玩,有人建议去喝茶,聊天。要是我觉得 很好的话,我也可以说:That's a neat idea.M: Certainly. Hey, we are running pretty late. Let's hurry up.L: 哟,对了,太晚了。赶快走吧!L: 我觉得他讲得真好。我从来没有想到数学和艺术有那么多关系。 他讲得很清楚。现在我对这个题目懂了好多。M: Yeah, I really agree. The speaker was really intelligent, you could say he is sharp.L: Sharp,不是指一把刀快不快的意思吗? 那天有 个人说我很sharp, 当时我也不懂他是什么意思。那么说,他是在说我好咯!M: Absolutely!Sharp is an adjective that can be used to describe a person who is really smart.L: 你是说,sharp这个词可以用来形容一个非常聪明的人,也就是 脑子很敏锐的人。那我们的朋友王涛总是得到好分数,我可以 说:He's very sharp。M: He certainly is.L: 那这个词sharp是不是跟形容刀快不快的sharp是同一个字呢?M: Same word.L: 你能不能用sharp这个词来指一本很好的书?M: No, it is not used to describe things, only people. You could not call my apartment sharp.L: 噢,sharp用在这个意思的时候只能形容人,不能指东西。我还不 能说你的宿舍很sharp。 Michael,你那宿舍乱得象猪窝,怎么打扫 也称不上sharp了。M: I know. My mother said the same thing.L: 你看,我没说错吧!连你妈都这么说。不过,Michael,尽管我老 是跟你开玩笑,我倒觉得你很sharp,脑子很清楚,很快。M: Thanks, Li Hua. I think you're very sharp too.今天李华在跟Michael的谈话中学到了两个常用语, 一个是neat,意思是很好的主意,很好的计划;另一个是 sharp,意思是一个人脑子很聪明。这次[流行美语]就到此结束,谢谢大家和我们一起学习,下次节目再见。 /200601/3090

  【中文这样说】现在什么感觉?【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style What do you feel now ?American Style How do you feel now ? /200604/6460。

  Three Why did your parents have so many?为什么你父母要这么多孩子? 1 Introduction A Many American couples that can not have a baby come to Asia to adopt babies. 许多不能生育的美国夫妻来亚洲领养小孩。B Some Americans think abortion is very cruel and against humanity. Most American women use contraceptive methods such as the birth control pill. 一些美国人认为堕胎是很残忍的,没有人道。大多数美国妇女采用避措施如避丸。C Modern families have a tendency of bearing children in their thirties or late twenties. It’s the responsibilities that couples are worried about. 现代家庭有一种倾向:那就是在他们三十多岁或者二十好几的年龄生育。让夫妻担心的是这种责任。D In America, about half of workingwomen return to work within a year of having a baby. American women with children usually work. 在美国,大约一半的妇女劳动者生完小孩一年之内就返回工作。美国妇女通常有小孩的情况下也工作。 2 Sample Sentences1. Tell me about your brother and sister. 跟我说说你的哥哥、。2. She has only a single parent. 她只有一个单身父(母)亲。3. My daughter was attending a meeting and asked me to baby-sit my 3-year old granddaughter. 我的女儿要去参加一个会议,所以要我照顾我三岁的小孙女。4. The teacher of my 4-year old daughter, a very attractive single woman in her mid twenties, told me the following story. 我四岁女儿的老师,一位很迷人的二十多岁的单身女人,告诉了我以下的故事。5. Hans is his first child, so it’s understandable that he pampers him so much. 汉斯是他的第一个小孩,所以他过分宠爱他是可以理解的。 6. Some friends of ours, who have a son our daughter's age, are getting divorced. 我们的朋友要离婚了,他们有一个像我女儿这么大的儿子。7. My wife was explaining to my seven-year old daughter why they had decided to get divorced. 我的妻子对我七岁的女儿解释为什么他们决定了离婚。8. My elder son remarried. 我年长的那个儿子重婚了。9. We are expecting a child and will be getting married very shortly. 我们在等着小孩的出生,并且不久我们就会结婚。10. Do you two plan to have a baby sometime soon? 你们两个打算不久的将来生一个小孩吗? 3 Conversations 1. A big family. Terry: So Chris, I've heard that you're from a big family. How many people?Chris: Nine total. Seven children and my parents. Terry: Seven children? That's a lot. Why did your parents have so many?Chris: Well, my mother came from a big family, and wanted to have one of her own. My father was an only child, and didn't really care about having a large family, but my mother talked him into it.Terry: Jeez, seven children. That must have a lot of problems. We have four children in my family and my grandparents can never get our names right.Chris: It can be hard, and there are certain sacrifices1 you have to make.Terry: Like what? I assume that there's no privacy.Chris: That's one. Another is the lack of personal property2. Everything you have, from toys to clothes, is used by your brothers and sisters. Especially clothes. Three quarters of my wardrobe3 are hand-me-downs.Terry: And the age gap4 is also annoying. There's a ten-year difference between my younger brother and me. We have nothing in common.Chris: Same problem here. There's an 18-year gap between the oldest and youngest child in my family. The last child was born just as the oldest was going to college.Terry: Well, at least going to college won't be too bad. Since both of your parents are college professors, they must give you reduced tuition5 at the college.Chris: They do, but it doesn't help too much. Having seven children means that the money situation in my home is always pretty tight.——克里斯,我听说你来自一个大家庭。有多少人?——一共9人。7个孩子和我父母。——7个孩子?那很多喔。为什么你父母要这么多孩子?——嗯,我母亲来自一个大家庭,因而想要一个自己的大家庭。我父亲是独子,因而确实不想要一个大家庭,但我母亲说了他。——唉呀,7个孩子。那一定有很多问题。我家有4个孩子,我祖父母从未叫对过我们的名字。——确实很难,你必须做出某些牺牲。——什么样的?我想是没有隐私。——那是一个。另外一个是没有个人财产。你所有的东西,从玩具到衣,都被你的兄弟和用过。特别是衣。我衣柜里四分之三的衣都是传过来的。——再者代沟也很恼人。我弟弟和我相差十岁。我们没有任何共同之处。——这里也是同样的问题。在我家最大的和最小的相差18岁。最小的出生时正好最大的要上大学。——嗯,至少上大学不会太难。既然你父母亲都是大学教授,大学肯定会给你减少学费。——他们会,但不会有太大的帮助。有7个孩子意味着我家的经济状况总是很紧张。2. A troublemaker. Mrs. Brown: I just got a call from Mrs. Fitzgerald. See what your Willie has just done.Mr. Brown: My Willie? Why has he suddenly become my Willie? Mrs. Brown: Because he takes after6 you, he's got into trouble7 again. Mr. Brown: What did he do this time? I remember last time he was painting her fence to repay her for breaking it, and he accidentally8 painted her cat.Mrs. Brown: That was last time. This time it's worse.Mr. Brown: Ok, tell me. Mrs. Brown: Well, he was playing baseball with some friends…Mr. Brown: And the ball went through her window? That's not as bad as last time. Mrs. Brown: True, but that's not all. The ball went through the window and hit the vase she has in her front window……Mr. Brown: Ok, that's probably expensive, but not that bad.Mrs. Brown: And then, ricocheted9 off her fish bowl. Mrs. Fitzgerald at the last minute10 dived and saved her fish. Mr. Brown: At least the fish were saved. If that's the end of the damages, then everything isn't that bad. Mrs. Brown: Stop interrupting me. Finally, the ball flew through the air and knocked out11 Willie's school principal12, who was having a cup of coffee with Mrs. Fitzgerald.Mr. Brown: Hmm, that is bad.——我刚接到菲茨格尔德太太的电话。看看你的威利刚刚做了些什么。——我的威利?怎么又突然变成了我的威利?——因为他像你,他又有麻烦了。——这次他干了什么?我记得上次他破坏了她的栅栏,在给她的栅栏上油漆时,却也附带地给她的小猫涂了颜色。——那是上一次。这次更糟。——好吧,告诉我什么事。——唔,他正在和几个朋友打棒球……——球飞进了她的窗户?那没有上次糟糕。——对,但还没完。球飞进窗户,打在她前窗的花瓶上……——还好,那个花瓶可能很贵,但那没那么糟糕。——然后球跳飞过她的鱼缸。最后关头菲茨格尔德太太跳下了水,救起了她的鱼。——至少鱼得救了。如果最后的损失就是这样的话,那么一切都不是太糟糕。——不要打断我。最后,球飞到空中,把正和菲茨格尔德太太一起喝咖啡的威利学校的校长打晕了。——嗯,那糟了。3. A Chinese woman is talking to an American woman about raising kids. Chinese: Do you have much experience with kids?American: Yes. I have three sons. Actually I also have a grandson. Chinese: To tell you the truth, sometimes I regret having a baby so early. I have been making so many sacrifices just because my husband insisted on keeping the baby. American: I understand. I was in your position before. At that time I couldn’t depend on anyone taking care of the children for me. My husband seldom stayed at home. Chinese: What about your mother? Did she help you? American: Yes, she did a little. But you see, Americans are different from Chinese. You can’t depend on your own mother to be a full-time babysitter. She could baby-sit only once or twice a week. That’s it. I had to care for them most of the time. Chinese: I see. So if my little family goes to America, I would end up taking care of my child all the time. My husband would have to make the b for us. I just don’t know how I would get some education and be able to get a job some day. American: Don’t worry. You can take night classes. I did that when I had kids. And soon your child will be old enough to attend kindergarten13. Then you could find a job and work. Chinese: Sounds not so easy to me. When that happens, I will be too old to learn. American: No. You see, I went back to school to get my Master’s Degree14 when I was in my thirties. You won’t be older than that. ——你对小孩有经验吗?——有。我有三个儿子。实际上我还有一个孙子。——说老实话,有时候我后悔这么早有个小孩。我做了这么多牺牲就是因为我老公坚持要生下这个小孩。——我可以理解。我以前跟你一样。那时候我不能指望谁帮我照看小孩。我的丈夫很少在家。——你的妈妈呢?她有没有帮你?——有,她帮过我一点点。但是你知道的,美国人不同于中国人。你不能指望你自己的妈妈做一个全职保姆。她只能一周照看一两次。就这样。大部分时间我还得自己照料。——我明白了。所以如果我们去了美国,我就会终日带着我的小孩。我老公得去为我们生计。我只是不知道我怎样才会受教育,然后有天能够找份工作。——不要担心。你可以上夜校。我有小孩的时候,我就是这么做的。而且不久你的小孩就会够年龄上幼儿园。那么你就可以找份工作上班了。——听起来不这么简单。当那一天到来时,我都会老得学不了了。——不会的。你知道吗,我重回学校拿到硕士文凭时都三十多岁了。你不会超过那个年龄的。4. Expecting a baby.A: Darling, I have news for you. Bobby and his wife, Evelyn, are going to have a baby soon. B: Really? I thought his wife couldn’t have a baby. A: Actually they’re expecting the baby to come on my birthday. B: Oh, what a coincidence15! I bet Bobby must be very happy about it. He likes children and always wants a child of his own. A: In fact, they’re both very excited about the coming baby. Evelyn imagines what their baby would be look like, since one parent is American and the other one is Chinese. B: Oh, right. Now I know why they would want to see our boy. It’s hard to imagine the wonder! Are they expecting a boy or a girl? A: It’s still a mystery. Because Evelyn is only three-month pregnant16. But she begins to take her maternity leave17 now. B: Oh! You mean she doesn’t have to work now? It’s hard for young parents not to overreact18, isn’t it?——亲爱的,我有个小消息告诉你。波比和他的妻子伊芙琳就要生孩子了。——真的吗?我原以为他的妻子不能生小孩。——他们的小孩预计竟然会在我生日的那天出生。——噢,这么巧!我猜波比肯定很高兴。他喜欢小孩,而且一直都想有个自己的小孩。——实际上,对于即将要出生的小孩,他们两个都很兴奋。既然一个父母是美国人,另一个又是中国人,伊芙琳想象着他们的小孩将会是个什么样子。——噢,是啊。现在我知道他们为什么会想看到我们的小孩了。这种奇迹是很难想象的!他们的小孩会是个男孩还是女孩?——还是个谜呢。因为伊芙琳还只怀三个月呢。但是她现在就开始休产假了。——哦!你是说她现在不用上班了吗?很少有年青父母不过度反应,对不对? 4 Words and Expressions 1. sacrifice 牺牲; 献出 2. personal property (个人) 动产3. wardrobe 衣橱, 衣柜 4. gap 分歧,隔阂; 差距 5. reduced tuition 降低的学费6. take after 像; 与...相似 7. get into trouble 使自己或他人陷入(困扰之境) 8. accidentally 偶然地; 附带地 9. ricochet 使跳飞; 用跳弹射击 10. last minute 最后关头,最后时刻11. knock out 使失去知觉12. principal 校长13. kindergarten 幼儿园14. Master’s Degree 硕士学位15. coincidence 巧合; 巧事16. pregnant 怀的, 怀胎的17. maternity leave 产假18. overreact 反应过度 /200603/5417

  Good evening, everyone. Thank you all for the warm welcome. It truly is an honour to be here. Its a privilege just to be invited to the St. Matthews Day Banquet, and an even greater privilege to be one of your keynotes this evening. Id like to start by thanking my friend Mayor Scholz for his gracious invitation. And to speak after Foreign Minister Gabriel is no small feat, but Ill do my modest, Canadian best. You know, when my office received the Mayors invitation to this historic dinner, there was no doubt in my mind that I would accept. Yes, I do appreciate the great meal and this foods certainly lived up to the height as high as this extraordinary room. But I knew I had to be here because of the important relationship between the people of Canada and the people of Germany. Our two countries have long been partners on the world stage. Canadians and Germans value democracy and the rule of law. We understand the importance of international cooperation and partnership. And we share a progressive vision of the world, realizing the immense potential that comes with embracing change. I talk a lot about how our goal as a government is to help the middle class and those working hard to join it. That, ultimately, was the platform for change that elected us. Regular Canadians were worried about their future, and we made a promise to help them through these uncertain times. But that worry – that anxiety – isnt unique to Canada. Its everywhere. Too many people around the world are anxious about what the future may hold. And who could blame them? With the pace of globalization and technological change, there is a very real fear that our kids will be worse off than we are; that they wont have the same kind of opportunities that we have, despite being generally much better educated, and infinitely more tech-savvy. Citizens around the world and across the political spectrum are looking for guidance. Theyre looking for leadership. Theyre looking for hope. And so far, theyre feeling a little let down. When companies post record profits on the backs of workers consistently refused full-time work and the job security that comes with it, people get defeated. And when governments serve special interests instead of the interests of the citizens who elected them – people lose faith. Increasing…increasing inequality has made citizens distrust their governments; distrust their employers. It turns into ;Us; vs. ;Them;. And were watching that anxiety transform into anger on an almost daily basis. It follows that peoples natural defence mechanism in times of stress and anxiety is to hunker down and recoil inward, to give in to cynicism, to retreat from one another.201703/498770037 free time activities Words Paint dance sing draw cook shop write Phrases Chat online Surf the net Play football/soccer/baseball/basketball Go swimming/golfing Do tai qi Pool Computer games Tennis Ice skating Bowling Taekwondo Badminton Ping pong Hockey Running Hiking Exercise Guiter An instrument Mah jiang Horseback riding Skiing Housework Beginner A : hi, my name is Sylvia. What’s your name? B; my name is geoff. a: what do you do? B: I’m a podiatrist. What about you? A; I’m a nurse. What do you do in your free time? B; I like to play piano, go bowling, and chat online with my friends. And you? A; I like to hang out with friends, play games, and go swimming. B; would you like to go out sometime? A; sure, that’d be great. Where would you like to go? B; anywhere with you! A; aren’t you sweet! Intermediate A: hey, ray, what are you doing right now? B; not much. Joann. Do you want to hang out? A; yes, I do. I’m at home myself right now with nothing much to do. B; me, too. What would you like to do? A; well, we could go to a movie. Have you see Shrek 2? B; I have, actually. How about the movie, Million Dollar Baby with Clint Eastwood? A; Hmm…I’ve seen that, too. We could go for a walk in the park. B; we could, but it looks like it’s going to rain soon. A; I guess that’s out. Why don’t we go shopping? B: I’d really rather not. I’ll be too tempted to buy something that I can’t afford! A: ok. I guess we’d be not do that ,either, then .what do you want to do? B; I don’t know. Do you want to go bowling at the new bowling alley on 1st street? A; I would like to, but I injured my wrist last week. B; let’s see. Do you want to go to a bar and sing some karaoke? A; that sounds interesting, but I can’t drink alcohol with the medicine I’m taking. B; doesn’t sound like that’s be fun, then. Do you want to come here? A; I don’t have a car. B; goodness, we’re not having much luck here , are we? A; no. do you have a car? B; no, but I could take the bus. A; oh, good. Why don’t you take the bus to mine and we could play Mah Jiang? B; that sounds great! Have you eaten? A; not yet. I’ll cook dinner and have it y by the time you get here. B; perfect. Are you prepared to give me all your money? A; huh? We are going to play for money, aren’t we? B; oh, right. I suppose so. As long as you promise to lose! A; hey….as long as I’m not alone on a Saturday night, I don’t really care what I do! B; see you soon. A: bye! /200705/13518

  Now let me tell you that story.现在让我告诉你们那个故事吧。It started two years ago, when I hit my head and got a concussion.这得从两年前说起,当我头被撞后我得了脑震荡。The concussion didnt heal properly, and after 30 days,直到现在,脑震荡还没有痊愈。在那之后的30天后,I was left with symptoms like nonstop headaches, nausea, vertigo, memory loss, mental fog.后遗症是不停的头痛,恶心,眩晕,失忆,精神模糊。My doctor told me that in order to heal my brain, I had to rest it.我的医生告诉我为了使我的大脑痊愈,我不得不让它休息。So I had to avoid everything that triggered my symptoms.所以,我不得不避免接触可以导致那些后遗症在的事。For me that meant no ing, no writing, no games, no work or email, no running, no alcohol, no caffeine.对我来着意味着,不看书,不写东西,不打,不能工作和写邮件,不可以跑步,不能喝酒,不可以吃有咖啡因的东西。In other words — and I think you see where this is going — no reason to live.换句话说,你应该知道我将要到了什么境地了--再没有理由继续活下去。Of course its meant to be funny, but in all seriousness, suicidal ideation is quite common with traumatic brain injuries.当然,这听起来有点好笑,但是老实说,自杀的想法是十分的普遍的被大脑受伤后的精神创伤影响着的。It happens to one in three, and it happened to me.三个当中有一个中招,我就是其中一个。My brain started telling me, ;Jane, you want to die.; It said, ;Youre never going to get better.;我的大脑告诉我,Jane, 你想死。你将再也好不起来了。It said, ;The pain will never end.;还说,疼痛恶魔会一直纠缠你不放。And these voices became so persistent and so persuasive that I started to legitimately fear for my life,这些话开始持续不停,并且越来越有说力,我开始很合理地对生命有了恐惧,which is the time that I said to myself after 34 days — and I will never forget this moment在34天之后那时我对自己说,我一直都忘记不了当时的情形,I said, ;I am either going to kill myself or Im going to turn this into a game.;我说,我要么自杀,要么就就把它变成一场游戏。Now, why a game? I knew from researching the psychology of games for more than a decade that when we play a game就现在而言,为什么是游戏? 我知道打游戏心里学的研究已经有10多年了,and this is in the scientific literature这是个科学的话题,we tackle tough challenges with more creativity, more determination, more optimism,当我们打游戏时候,我们用更多的的创作力、毅力和积极的心态去战胜棘手的困难。and were more likely to reach out to others for help.我们会更可能去从别人那里找援助。I wanted to bring these gamer traits to my real-life challenge,我想把我的这些好的游戏品质带到现实的困境中。so I created a role-playing recovery game called Jane the Concussion Slayer.于是我设计了一个树立榜样康复游戏,叫Jane脑震荡杀手。201706/513404Last night, our country fell victim to a brutal terrorist attack once again. As a result, I have just chaired a meeting of the governments emergency committee and I want to update you with the latest information about the attack. Shortly before 10:10 yesterday evening, the Metropolitan Police received reports that a white van had struck pedestrians on London Bridge. It continued to drive from London Bridge to Borough Market, where 3 terrorists left the van and attacked innocent and unarmed civilians with blades and knives. All 3 were wearing what appeared to be explosive vests, but the police have established that this clothing was fake and worn only to sp panic and fear. As so often in such serious situations, the police responded with great courage and great speed. Armed officers from the Metropolitan Police and the City of London Police arrived at Borough Market within moments, and shot and killed the 3 suspects. The terrorists were confronted and shot by armed officers within 8 minutes of the police receiving the first emergency call. Seven people have died as a result of the attack, in addition to the 3 suspects shot dead by the police. Forty-eight people are being treated in several hospitals across London. Many have life-threatening conditions. On behalf of the people of London, and on behalf of the whole country, I want to thank and pay tribute to the professionalism and bravery of the police and the emergency services – and the courage of members of the public who defended themselves and others from the attackers. And our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and with their friends, families and loved ones. This is, as we all know, the third terrorist attack Britain has experienced in the last 3 months. In March, a similar attack took place, just around the corner on Westminster Bridge. Two weeks ago, the Manchester Arena was attacked by a suicide bomber. And now London has been struck once more. And at the same time, the security and intelligence agencies and police have disrupted 5 credible plots since the Westminster attack in March. In terms of their planning and execution, the recent attacks are not connected. But we believe we are experiencing a new trend in the threat we face, as terrorism breeds terrorism, and perpetrators are inspired to attack not only on the basis of carefully-constructed plots after years of planning and training – and not even as lone attackers radicalised online – but by copying one another and often using the crudest of means of attack. We cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are. Things need to change, and they need to change in 4 important ways.201706/513858

  Now, as an introvert, I might gently allude to certain ;assholic; qualities in this mans behavior,作为一名内向者,我也许会委婉地暗示这个人的行为确实比较混蛋,but Im not going to lunge for the a-word.但我不会直接使用“混蛋”这个词。But the extrovert says, ;If he walks like one, if he talks like one, I call him one.;但外向者会说,“如果他表现得像个混蛋,我就会称他混蛋。”And we go past each other.这就是我们的不同。Now is this something that we should be heedful of? Of course.这一点我们是不是需要留意呢?那是当然。Its important that we know this.这一点非常重要。Is that all we are? Are we just a bunch of traits?但这就完了吗?我们就只有这几种特点吗?No, were not. Remember, youre like some other people and like no other person.并非如此。别忘了,你们跟一些人很像但又独一无二。How about that idiosyncratic you?这个独一无二的你,到底是什么样的呢?As Elizabeth or as George, you may share your extroversion or your neuroticism.伊丽莎白们或者乔治们,你们可能都有些外向或者神经过敏。But are there some distinctively Elizabethan features of your behavior, or Georgian of yours,但你们的行为中是不是有些伊丽莎白独有的或者乔治独有的特点,that make us understand you better than just a bunch of traits? That make us love you?能让我们更好地了解你?而不是简单地对号入座?能让我们喜欢上你?Not just because youre a certain type of person.不仅仅因为你是某种特定类型的人。Im uncomfortable putting people in pigeonholes.我不喜欢把人放进鸽子笼里然后贴上标签。I dont even think pigeons belong in pigeonholes.我甚至觉得鸽子都不应该待在鸽子笼里。So what is it that makes us different?究竟是什么让我们与众不同呢?Its the doings that we have in our life -- the personal projects.是我们一生的所作所为——我们的个人事业。You have a personal project right now, but nobody may know it here.你们大家都有个人事业,但可能谁都没有意识到。201608/463032


  Here we go. OK.好的,我们来亲眼看看吧Im back in my truck, and we drove over the Brooklyn Bridge.回到我刚才提到的卡车,我们把它开到布鲁克林大桥Were coming down, and we bring that truck that you just saw somewhere in here, in the Financial District.我们一路开往市中心,我们把车开到你刚看到的金融区的某个地方This is a 10-kiloton bomb, slightly smaller than was used in Hiroshima.有一个一万吨级当量的核弹,只比广岛爆炸的那枚核弹小一点And I want to just conclude this by just giving you some information.我希望通过下面这个总结提供给大家一些信息,I think -- ;news you could use; kind of concept here.我想,可以说是一些“实用新闻”So, first of all, this would be horrific beyond anything we can possibly imagine.首先,这可能听上去有些吓人,这可能超越了我们能够想象的范围This is the ultimate.这是终极的危险And if youre in the half-mile radius of where this bomb went off,如果你位于距离爆炸中心半英里的范围内you have a 90 percent chance of not making it.你面临的将是九死一生的情况If youre right where the bomb went off, you will be vaporized.如果你就位于爆炸中心,你会被汽化,And thats -- Im just telling you, this is not good.而这--我不得不说,非常遗憾You assume that.假设Two-mile radius, you have a 50 percent chance of being killed,在半径两英里的范围内,你有百分之五十的机会生还and up to about eight miles away --如果把范围扩大到八英里-now Im talking about killed instantly --我现在讨论的是立刻死亡的情况-somewhere between a 10 and 20 percent chance of getting killed.估计死亡的概率在百分之十到百分之二十之间The thing about this is that the experience of the nuclear detonation is --事情是这样的。关于核弹爆炸,first of all, tens of millions of degrees Fahrenheit at the core here, where it goes off,首先,爆炸中心温度高达数千度,and an extraordinary amount of energy in the form of heat, acute radiation and blast effects.并且以极高的热能,强烈的辐射以及剧烈的爆炸等形式扩散An enormous hurricane-like wind, and destruction of buildings almost totally, within this yellow circle here.在这个黄色区域内会产生一股像龙卷风一般的风暴,所有建筑将几乎被全部摧毁And what Im going to focus on, as I come to conclusion here, is that, what happens to you if youre in here?在这个总结中我要重点强调的是,如果你在这儿,将会发生什么Well, if were talking about the old days of an all-out nuclear attack,如果我们说的是以前所面临的那种全面核战争you, up here, are as dead as the people here. So it was a moot point.你,如果站在这儿和黄圈里的人一样难逃一劫。所以这是一个值得讨论的地方My point now, though, is that there is a lot that we could do for you who are in here,我现在所讲的重点是,如果你身处这个区域内并在最初的爆炸中生还if youve survived the initial blast.我有很多可以教你的东西You have, when the blast goes off -- and by the way, if it ever comes up, dont look at it.当爆炸过后--顺便说一句,如果这些真的发生了,千万别用肉眼去看If you look at it, youre going to be blind, either temporarily or permanently.如果你用肉眼去看,你将会失明,不管是暂时性的还是永久性的So if theres any way that you can avoid, like, avert your eyes, that would be a good thing.因此,如果可能避免的话,比如,把目光移开,那将是一个很好的选择If you find yourself alive, but youre in the vicinity of a nuclear weapon,如果你发现自己还活着,但是你处在一个核武器爆炸中心的附近you have -- thats gone off --你有--在爆炸发生之后--you have 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the size and exactly where it went off,你有10到20分钟的逃生时间,具体时间取决于爆炸规模以及爆炸地点to get out of the way before a lethal amount of radiation comes straight down from the mushroom cloud that goes up.在升起的蘑菇云所带来的致命的强辐射到来之前逃离那个区域In that 10 to 15 minutes, all you have to do -- and I mean this seriously --在这10到15分钟内,你唯一需要做的--我说真的--is go about a mile away from the blast.就是跑一英里远离爆炸点201605/442912

  英语日常口语 47:A call from Germany本单元是关于从德国打来的电话的对话Helen: Hello?Alice: Gutenmorgan. Hi Helen, it's Alice.Helen: Hey, how are you? What's Germany like? Are you having fun? Alice: I'm fine, it's fab and yes, yes, yes! How are things back home? Helen: Great. We've just come back from Brighton and Michal was a complete star!Alice: Oh how so?Helen: Well this guy stole my purse while we were on the beach and he ran after him like a bat out of hell, caught him and got my purse back! He was a real hero! Alice: Oh quite the Superman, I'm sure! So have you made up with him then? Helen: What do you think? Of course ... Oh, her money must have run out. Vocabulary:(字汇)like a bat out of hell (idiom): (跑得飞快)run very quickly make up: (重修旧好)become friends again after having a disagreement or fight run out: (用完,用光,殆尽)come to the end of something, have no more of something lefta legend: (传奇)a story that is passed down from generation to generation. Most people regard the story as truthful but there is usually no historical basis for it本单元的语言点是文学作品中的人物,我们经常使用故事书,电影,电视里面的虚构人物来形容一些行为相同的真实人物。举例来说,Michal 的行为非常勇敢,因此 Alice 说" Oh quite the Superman, I'm sure!" ,因为虚构人物"超人"的行为也很勇敢。下面介绍一些书中或电影里面比较让人熟知的虚构人物,他们的出处以及人物个性。 Fictional charactersSome fictional characters from books, films and TV are so familiar that their names are used to describe people who have similar characteristics or who behave in similar ways. For example, Michal acted very bravely so Alice said " Oh quite the Superman, I'm sure!" because the fictional character Superman is known for his courageous actions.Here are some more well-known characters, the book, film etc. they are from and their key characteristics.按照字母顺序排列Name: Big bad wolf (大野狼)Origin: Children's story "The Three Little Pigs"Characteristics: Evil, sly and dangerous Name: Big brother (老大哥)Origin: The Novel "1984" by George OrwellCharacteristics: Closely monitoring or supervising the work or activities of others in a secretive way Name: Cinderella (灰姑娘)Origin: Children's fairy story "Cinderella"Characteristics:Poor, unloved and overworked. Rescued by a great loveName: Dracula (吸血鬼德古拉)Origin: The Novel "Dracula" by Bram StokerCharacteristics: Like a vampire. Sucking ideas or enthusiasm from peopleName: Homer Simpson (荷马·辛普森)Origin:American cartoon TV series "The Simpsons"Characteristics: Badly behaved, has bad mannersName: Jekyll and Hyde Origin: The novel "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde" by Robert Louis StevensonCharacteristics: Unpredictable. Tends to have mood swings - sometimes very nice, other times very angry and violentName: The Mad HatterOrigin: Children's story "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" by Lewis CarrollCharacteristics: Unconventional, strange, crazy Name: Peter Pan (小飞侠彼得潘)Origin: Children's novel and stage play "Peter Pan" by J M BarrieCharacteristics: Childlike, refuses to grow up and act maturelyName: Pinocchio (小木偶皮诺切)Origin: Children's novel "The Adventures of Pinocchio" Carlo CollodiCharacteristics: Tells liesName: Robin Hood (罗宾汉)Origin: The legend of Robin Hood Characteristics: Like an outlaw, wants to take money from the rich and give it to the poor. Concerned with issues of justiceName: Scrooge Origin: From the novel "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens Characteristics: Mean, ungenerous, doesn't want anyone to have any funName: Sherlock Holmes (侦探福尔斯)Origin: From the detective novels, including "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes", by Arthur Conan DoyleCharacteristics: Observant and logical Name: Walter Mitty Origin: From the short story "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" by James ThurberCharacteristics: A day-dreamer, fantasizes about having great adventures Name: Wonder Woman Origin: The comic book "Wonder Woman" and TV series of the same nameCharacteristics: Confident and physically powerful /200707/16051

  Effective on January 1st, federal contractors will be required to give their employees working on new federal contracts up to seven paid sick days each year.在1月1日生效,联邦承包商将被要求给予在新的联邦合同的雇员一年可以获得七天带薪病假的福利。Thats happening. It will help about one million workers when they or a loved one gets sick.这正在发生。当他们或者爱着的人生病了,这将帮助他们,大约有100万人。It will cover time you need for preventive care.这将让你有时间去做预防性保健。It will cover absences resulting from domestic violence or sexual assault.这将让家庭暴力或者性侵犯导致的结果得以弥补。And it means everyone else is less likely to catch what someone else has got这意味着其他人不太可能获得其他人已经得到的whether its a coworker or the person preparing or serving your food.不管是同事或者为你准备食物或务你的人。Paid sick leave isnt a side issue, or a womens issue, or something thats just nice to have.带薪病假并不是单方面的事项,或者妇女问题,或者仅仅是很好的事情。Its a must-have.这是必须要做的事情。By the way, so are economic priorities like child care, paid family leave, equal pay, and a higher minimum wage.顺便说一下,其他的经济优先事项也应如此,比如儿童护理,带薪探亲假,同工同酬,更高的最低工资标准。We need a Congress that will act on all these issues, too,我们需要国会,也在所有这些事项上行动起来。because theyd make a meaningful difference in the lives of millions of Americans who are working hard every day.因为这会在每天都辛勤工作的数百万国人的生命里,带来有意义的改变。Its more than talk – its action.这不仅是说说而已--这是行动。And thats what you should demand of every politician who wants the privilege to serve you.这是你应该要求每一个想要特权务于你的政治人物都应该做的。Thanks everybody, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,周末快乐。201611/476103

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