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栏目简介:《外国人在北京》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,节目关注在北京生活的外国人的时尚新生活。话题紧紧围绕网络生活,每日的话题内容按照网络热门固定划分为家居、汽车、数码、饰美容、健身、交友、美食等,了解外国人生活的同时通过网络互动提供一个中外人士互相帮助的平台。 Article/201510/398996This is a neodymium magnet-it#39;s pretty darn strong.And now,after heating it in a flame...it#39;s no longer magnetic.Well,to build a magnet,all you need to do is find a bunch of magnetic atoms .这是一上钕磁铁,它磁性很强,现在在火焰炙烤后它没有磁性了,怎么了,想要做磁铁,你先得找到一些磁性的原子。That#39;s easy-they#39;re the ones with half-filled electron shells in the middle of any of the major blocks of the periodic table,and then make a compound where the magnetic fields of the atoms align in the same direciton this is Ferromagnetism,named after Iron,which is pretty darn magnetic.这简单,它们就是那些外层电子半满的原子,在元素周期表中主块中间的位置,然后合成原子的磁场方向都相同的化合物,这是磁铁,以铁命名,磁性较强,但是事情没这么简单。However,it#39;s not always so easy.Sometimes the atoms actually want to align their magnetic fields in alternating directions.This is called ;anti-ferromagnetism,;and it means the bulk material won#39;t have a magnetic field at all.Or,sometimes the tendency of the atomic magnets to align (or anti-align)is just too weak to overcome their intrinsic jiggling.有时原子的磁场方向肢相互交替,这种被称为“抗铁磁性”这就意味着这块村料不产生磁场,或者,有时原子磁场相互对挤(或交替对挤)的趋势太弱,无法克其本身的震动。That is,their temperature!In which case,even though all the individual atoms in the material are magnetic,the material as a whole isn#39;t.However,in a strong external magnetic field,the atoms do tend to align with each other in the direction parallel to the field.This is called ;para-magnetism,;and liquid oxygen is a great example:it#39;s attracted by a magnet,though it doesn#39;t stay magnetized afterwards.也就是温度此时即使村料内部所有原子都具有磁性,整块材料却没有,但是,在外部强磁场内,原子会沿平行于外部场的方向相互对齐,这就是顺磁性,液氧就是个好例子,它会被磁铁吸引,但之后并不会保持磁性。But let#39;s get back to the question-how do you destroy a magnet?Well,a material can only be ferromagnetic it its temperature is low enough:above a certain point,the nicely ordered atomic magnetic fields;melt;into disorder,just as ice crystals melt into water when heated past zero celsius. So to destroy a manget,you just need to heat it up past its ;magnetic melting point;,called the ;Curie Temperature;it probably won#39;t look like much is happening,but once the atoms are jiggling around enough,their magnetic fields will no longer all point in the same direction.那么回到开始的问题,怎么去持物体的磁性,材料仅能在温度足够低时表现出磁性,超过某一点是,整齐排布的原子磁场会“熔”成一片混乱,正如冰在加热至零摄氏度以上会化成水,想要去掉磁铁磁性,你得将物体加热,超过其“磁性转变点”又称“居里点”看上去似乎什么也没发生,但当原子振动足够剧烈时,它们磁场将不再都指向相同的方向。Magnet destroyed!And just as different elements melt from solid to liquid at different temperatures,They also melt from being ferromagnetic to paramagnetic at different temperatures,which you can explore in this sweet interactive periodic table.Which also plays all of the Periodic Table of Videos.没有磁性啦,正如不同的材料熔点不同,它们的磁性转变点的温度也不同,你可以在这个动态元素周期表中试试看,那里还有所有元素周期表视频。 Article/201507/384597China, home to one in five of the planets population.中国,世界五分之一人口的家园The superpower the world fears, but few really know.世界敬畏的超级大国,却鲜有人真正了解Ken Hom is the Godfather of Chinese food.谭荣辉是中国菜的教父Heaven on Earth.人间天堂He introduced the wok to the West more than 30 years ago.三十余年前,他把锅引入了西方This is the way you should be cooking it.你要这样烧才行Ching He Huang is leading the next generation of Chinese cooks...黄瀞亿则是下一代中餐厨师的领头人Im just going to chop off the head.接下来我要剁下它的头with a modern, inventive approach to the cuisine.她的烹饪手法时尚又匠心独运Its like ducks playing in springtime.这就像春日里野鸭游水嬉戏Were taking a once-in-a-lifetime adventure across China through food...我们即将开始一段绝无仅有的旅行,借由饮食走访中国Rabbit head. Shall we try one?兔头,尝尝看?to delve into its heart and soul.探寻这个古老国家最深处的灵魂Bang it, pull it.摔,然后拉Food is the best way to explore Chinese culture,饮食,是了解中国文化最好的途径because we really live to eat.因为我们为食而生Its an epic trip,这是一场史诗般的旅程3,000 miles from the megacities of the East横跨3000英里,从东部繁华的都市to the forgotten villages of the Wild West.到西部荒凉,被人遗忘的村落Its like going back to the time of Genghis Khan.感觉像是回到了成吉思汗时代Shes just decapitated it!她就这样把它的头掐掉了Well uncover the familiar, the secret and the surprising...我们会探寻熟悉的味道,秘密及惊喜…Wow, I#39;ve never seen that done before!哇,我以前从未见过这样的!cook simple and delicious dishes...做一些简单却味美的菜肴That is my Sichuan sausage.这是我的川味香肠and reveal the secrets of China, old and new.揭开中国过去以及现在的秘密Its like a journey that I#39;ve always dreamt about,就像我梦境中一直出现的那场旅行but in a China I#39;ve dreamt about.那场中国之旅 Article/201505/375545Sun spots are important太阳黑子很重要because scientists now know因为科学家现在知道that they can affect the British climate.它们会影响英国的气候The Sun#39;s spots, shown here in white,太阳黑子 这里以白色显示come and go on an 11-year cycle.以11年为周期循环出现When there are no spots,当没有黑子时when solar activity is low,当太阳活动较少时there is a reduction in the amount of ultraviolet light射向地球的紫外辐射hitting the Earth.数量减少Low solar activity has the potential to disrupt the jet stream太阳活动变弱可能会影响高空急流and the flow of warm air over Britain,以及英国上空热空气的流动allowing the wind to blow cold winter air from the east.使得在冬季 东边的冷空气可以吹过来Our work suggests that, statistically,我们的研究表明 从统计上来看if you have low solar activity太阳活动较少时you will get more of these cold winters.会导致更多这样的寒冬出现And it seems to be a phenomenon that#39;s very much prevalent in Europe这种现象似乎在欧洲更为普遍but not really so significant anywhere else.在其他地方并不是这样显著 Article/201410/337923

At least 43 people, most of them pensioners on a hiking trip, have been killed after the bus they were travelling in collided with a truck.一辆旅行车与一卡车相撞至少造成43人死亡,其中大部分是参加徒步旅行的退休人员。The accident happened in the town of Puisseguin in south-west France, east of Bordeaux.事故发生在法国西南部东波尔多皮斯甘镇。The crash occured at around 7.30 am local time on a dangerous stretch of road, according local residents.据当地居民称,事故发生在一危险路段,当地时间上午七点半左右。Both vehicles burst into flames on impact.两辆车相撞起火。Authorities say it was the intensity of the fires that caused so many fatalities.当局称大火是造成许多伤亡的原因。The driver of the bus managed to open the doors allowing eight people to scramble to safety.汽车司机设法打开了门让八个人爬到安全的地方。Those injured are undergoing treatment for burns and head injuries.那些烧伤和头部受伤的人正在接受治疗。French President Francois Hollande expressed his solidarity with the victims families and Prime Minister Manuel Valls headed to the scene of the tragedy: “It#39;s a terrible shock,It#39;s a terrible shock for the region, for the Gironde. It’s a terrible shock for the whole of France. Today France and the French are in mourning.”法国总统弗朗索瓦·奥朗德声援与遇难者家属团结在一起,总理瓦尔斯赶往了现场:“这是一个极大的打击,对这个地区、对吉伦特、对整个法国是个极大的打击。今天全体法国民众都在哀悼。”Authorities are still waiting to identify those who perished in the crash.当局称目前仍在等待确认死亡人员的身份。An inquiry is underway into the cause of the accident.调查工作正在进行。译文属。 /201510/405441

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