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The nurse is attending to a sick man.这护士正在照料一个病人。attend单独使用时表示出席,参加。但attend to则表示照料,看管。attend to也可指注意,如:You should attend to your studies.你该专注一下你的学习。 /200802/27306。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201611/477467。

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201606/450946。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想 Article/201610/469987。

You#39;re finally meeting his family of eight over a home-cooked meal big enough for 30...when you need to bake a keister casserole.你终于在一顿足以喂饱三十个人的家常大餐上见到他一家八口...这时你却必须去烧一锅屁屁炖菜。Hi, uh, where is the restroom?嗨,呃,洗手间在哪呢?Uh, it#39;s right behind you.呃,就在你后面。Right behind me? Oh, that is convenient!就在我后面?噢,还真方便!Now, what do you do?现在,你要怎么做?He#39;s really hot. Most of the time I get real big trolls. I need you. Help me out!他真的很性感。我之前大部分都是遇到大丑男。我需要你。帮我个忙!Oh my gosh. What did I do? What did I eat? Oh, no!!我的老天。我做了什么?我吃了什么?喔,不!After you answer Mother Nature#39;s booty call, you fill the air with synthetic citrus,在你回应大自然之母对屁股的召唤后,你在空气中喷满人工合成的柑橘味,hoping the scent of last night#39;s burrito won#39;t follow you back to the table.盼望昨晚墨西哥卷饼的气味不会跟着你回到餐桌。That was a bad choice. They#39;re gonna know my secrets.那是个糟透的选择。他们会知道我的秘密。And they#39;re gonna hate me, and I#39;m never gonna find love. Maybe more, maybe more, oh, maybe more.而且他们会讨厌我,然后我就再也找不到爱了。也许再多点,也许再多点,噢,也许再多点。Oh, come on. Come on. And everyone#39;s gonna be married with kids, and I#39;m gonna be a lone lady with cats!噢,来吧。来吧。所有人都会结婚生小孩,但我会变成一个只有猫咪作伴的孤单老女人!Smells like...diaper gravy! Smells like, uh... It#39;s got some fruit notes. Is...is it shitrus?!闻起来像...尿布卤汁!闻起来像,呃...有点水果味。这...这是屎味柑橘吗?!I can taste it! It#39;s atomic!我可以尝得到!这臭味有原子弹的威力!It#39;s...it#39;s stinging! It#39;s stinging! It#39;s...burning! My eyes... It#39;s in my eyes. She ruined my dinner!好...刺!好刺!它在...燃烧!我的眼睛... 在我的眼睛里。她毁了我的晚餐!Oh, this is really important. I better take this. Excuse me.噢,这真的很重要。我最好接一下这通电话。容我离开一下。You tuck that turtlehead back in its shell and toot, scoot, and boogie to the backyard.你缩回便意,然后一边发出噗噗噗的声响,快步疾走到后院。You pop a squat and push it. P-p-push it real good. And just when you think you#39;ve gotten away with your rectal ruse...你蹲下解放并使力推挤。推、推、推得极为卖力。而正当你以为没人发现你直肠耍的小花招时...Please! Please...I-I won#39;t tell if you don#39;t tell. No deal!拜托!求你了...我--如果你不说出去我就不会说。门儿都没有!Why? Why can#39;t you be a nice grandma that bakes pies and knits sweaters?为什么?为什么你不能是一个烤派和织毛衣的好奶奶?Please excuse me.请容我离开一下。Before you pass the chocolate delights, you spritz the bowl with Poo-Pourri.在你端出巧克力美食前,你把Poo-Pourri喷在马桶里。Nice. Whew! That was a good one, but it smells good, too. You did so good.赞。唷呼!那个不错喔,而且闻起来也很不错。你做得真好。I just pooped, and it smells fabulous. Yeah! Bring it down, bring it down...downtown I did, right?! Yeah! Yeah!我刚拉屎,它超好闻。耶!就是这样、就是这样...我做到了,对吧?!耶!耶!All they#39;ll be able to smell is an appetizing blend of natural essential oils.他们能闻到的只有刺激食欲的天然精油混合香味。Oh, that#39;s heavenly. I don#39;t remember putting a lemon meringue pie in the oven.噢,那真是太美好了。我不记得有在烤箱里放柠檬蛋白派啊。Whatever that smell is, I wanna eat it right now with my mouth.不管那是什么味道,我想要现在就吃掉它,此时此刻,用我的嘴。It smells like sunshine! And Froot Loops! Very nice blend.闻起来像阳光!还有色麦片圈圈!非常棒的交融。Marry this one, man. I mean, she poops pies. Am I right? Just like me! Just like you!娶这女人回家吧,兄弟。我的意思是,她便出派耶。我说对了吗?就像我!就像你!Winner, winner, burrito dinner.赢家、赢家,厕所的赢家。Control the ;shituation; with Poo-Pourri-the Before-You-Go Toilet Spray that creates a film on the water#39;s surface that actually traps odor before it begins.用Poo-Pourri掌控“屎况”--它是会在水面上制造一层薄膜的“事前”厕所喷雾,那层薄膜在气味开始发散前就能确实抑制臭气。If your poo stinks, click here to get your Poo-Pourri today at poopourri.com.如果你的便便散发恶臭,今天就点击这里前往poopourri.com取得你的Poo-Pourri。Poo-Pourri. When the glasses clink, don#39;t ruin the party with a stink.Poo-Pourri。当大家举杯欢庆时,别让臭臭坏了派对兴致。 Article/201704/502406。

How did the 19-year-old Edward feel about the drastic shrinkage in the power of the crown, his crown.十九岁的爱德华面对 手中王权的巨大削弱会作何反应Well, there#39;s no doubt for some time, even the prince was dazzled by the intense magnetism of Simon De Montfort#39;s personality,毫无疑问 有时甚至王子本人 也会拜倒在西蒙·德·蒙德福特强大的人格魅力之下and, for a while, Edward went along with it.在一段时期内 爱德华对其听之任之But, inevitably, divisions opened up between the reformers.然而 变革者自身出现了不可避免的分歧It was all very well to make the king and his officers answerable to the barons.让国王与群臣 对男爵们负责固然很好But ought the barons to be answerable to their inferiors?但男爵们是否该对其下属负责呢De Montfort thought yes. The earls thought no.德·蒙德福特认为是 而伯爵们认为否And as those divisions opened wider,the leopard prince began to change his spots and sharpen his claws.当分歧继续扩大 猎豹王子就开始厉兵秣马 准备开战It became increasingly clear that the struggle over who withdrew England,and how they were going to do it,centred on two men Simon and Edward.政治形势愈发明朗化 究竟谁是这场权力的游戏的胜者 如何将对手打败 一切最终归结到两个人身上 西蒙和爱德华Neither could prevail without the other#39;s total defeat.这是一场生死较量 必须分出胜负Over five years,Henry and Edward manoeuvred against De Montfort for power,until, finally, words ran out.在五年的时间里 亨利和爱德华对德·蒙德福特机关算尽 企图谋得权力 直到最后 意图昭然天下For this was no three-month paper revolution,like the original signing of the Magna Carta.这已不再是签订《大宪章》时的那种 历时三个月的纸上革命 /201610/470851。

In a sweltering, rainy jungle,在闷热多雨的热带丛里中all the colonists#39; efforts went into lugging Cannon殖民者们倾尽全力将加农炮into a primitive stockade bravely christened Fort St Andrew.拖入原始的栅栏中 这栅栏被冠以;圣安德鲁堡垒;这一英武之名They were dying now of disease and hunger at a rate of ten a day,每天都有十人被疾病和饥饿抛向死亡and their supplies ran with maggots.而他们的物资也生蛆腐烂And there was no outside help.没有人前来营救他们Tropical New Caledonia was a direct threat to the English trading empire深陷热带的新喀里多尼亚 使英格兰的贸易帝国地位岌岌可危and the government in Westminster was determined it should fail.英格兰政府也决意宣告失败A law was passed making it illegal for any Englishman to invest in the scheme政府出台了相关了法令 规定任何投资or give assistance to the desperate Darienite或者挽救这个计划的行为都属违法When a second Scottish expedition arrived at New Edinburgh,all they found were hundreds of graves.当第二苏格兰远征队踏上新爱丁堡时 触目皆是成百上千座坟墓Back home, when the full extent of the disaster sunk in,当故国的人们了解了这起悲剧的始末后the fate of the Darien expeditions became a national trauma.第一批冒险者的多舛命运使举国哀痛They consumed a full third of Scotland#39;s liquid capital.这次冒险消耗了苏格兰 整整三分之一的流动资金but the most serious casualty of the fiasco had been the last,而这次惨败的最大损失在于best hope of a national rebirth Scotland going it alone.它覆灭了苏格兰依靠自己的力量 涅槃重生的美梦That hope died in the malarial swamps of Darien.那希望被达连充满瘴气的沼泽吞噬殆尽 /201705/508645。

A stone tank in which to keep live fish bait.用来保存活鱼饵的石质水槽And since we know that some of houses had drains underneath them,我们知道有些房屋已然拥有了地下排水沟so they must also, believe it or not,have had indoor toilets.Luxuries?那么无论你相信与否 它们也有了室内卫生间 奢饰品又为何物呢The orthopaedically correct stone bed may not seem particularly luxurious,一张中规中矩的石床 或许算不得极尽奢华but the addition layers of heather and straw would have softened the sleeping surface但在上面铺上这石楠丛与稻草 却能使床面变得柔软舒适and would have made this bed seem rather snug.让普通的石床摇身变为精致典雅的卧榻At the centre of it all, though,was this spectacular dresser放置在一切陈设中心的 是美轮美奂的梳妆台on which our house-proud neolithic villagers would set out all their most precious stuff.讲究的新石器时期屋主 将所有家珍在此悉数摆出Fine bone and ivory necklaces,beautifully rolled and carved stone objects,精美的骨头和象牙项链 与精雕细琢的石器everything designed to make a grand interior statement.无不衬托着室内的奢华与气魄Given the rudimentary nature of their tools,以当时落后原始的工具it would have taken countless man-hours to build not only these domestic dwellings定花费了数不尽的人力与时间 不仅建造了这些民宅but also the great circles of stone where they would have gathered to worship.还有那些他们围起来的 供以祭祀膜拜的巨石圈So Skara Brae wasn#39;t just an isolated settlement of fishers and farmers.看来斯卡拉布雷并不只是 渔夫和农民与世隔绝的世外桃源Its people must have belonged to some larger society,这些人一定从属于成熟强大的社群one sophisticated enough to mobilise the army of toilers and craftsmen,人员组成复杂到足以动员起 劳工与工匠所组成的大军needed not just to make these monuments,but to stand them on end.不仅能建造起这些庞然大物 还将其立置起来 /201606/450552。

从零开始学口语 第1讲 相关专题:英语口语社交美语五分钟英语快餐日常口语会话120分钟。