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Mots et expressions sur la Fête des Enseignants  值此教师节来临之际,我们向所有老师表示热烈的祝贺、美好的祝愿和崇高的敬意  à l'approche de la Fête des Enseignants, nous tenons à adresser à tous les professeurs nos chaleureuses félicitations, avec l'expression de notre haute estime et de nos voeux les meilleurs.  教师节  Fête des Enseignants ( septembre)  专门设立教师节  Instituercréer une fête spéciale pour les enseignants  桃李满天下  Avoir des disciplesélèves partout sous le ciel; avoir des élèves à travers le paysà travers le mondedans les quatre coins du monde  蜡烛燃烧自己,照亮别人  C'est comme une bougiechandelle qui se consume en éclairant ceux qui l'entourent.  教书育人  Enseigner et mer; enseigner le savoir et mer l'hommel'élève; enseigner les connaissances et les vertus  传授知识和能力  Enseigner les connaissances et les compétencesaptitudes  为人师表  Avoir une conduite exemplaire; se donner en exemple  身教言教  éduquer par son savoir et (par) ses actespar son discours et (par) sa propre conduite; éduquer par l'exempleen montrantdonnant l'exemple; éduquerenseigner en se donnant en exemple  十年树木,百年树人   8361China Broadcasters Winnow Out ShowsChina broadcasters have eliminated more than two-thirds of prime-time entertainment programming such as dating and reality shows to comply with tough new government restrictions, as Beijing increasingly seeks to rein in cultural trends it finds problematic.中国多家卫视停播了超过三分之二的相亲和真人秀等黄金档节目,以便满足政府新出台的严格限制,目前北京日益寻求控制它认为有问题的文化趋势The state-run Xinhua news agency said on Tuesday that satellite broadcasters have winnowed the number of entertainment shows aired during prime time to 38 from 6. A new rule that came into effect on Sunday limits the number of entertainment programs the broadcasters air to two each week and a maximum of 90 minutes daily between 7:30 p.m. and p.m.新华社周二报道说,多家卫视将黄金时段播出的节目从6档减至38档根据周日开始实施的一项新规,电视台每周播出的节目不得超过两档,在每晚7点30分至点的时段,节目播出时间不得超过90分钟The rule, first announced in October, is targeted at what Chinese regulators have called ;excessive entertainment and a trend toward low taste,; to address the rise of talent shows, dating shows and other such programming aired by China tightly regulated, but increasingly competitive, regional satellite broadcasters. Authorities also encouraged broadcasters to air more news and educational programming.这项规定最早公布于去年月,目的是遏制中国监管部门所称的;过度和低级趣味的倾向;,以应对受到严格监管、但竞争力日益增强的地方卫视播出的选秀、相亲和其他类似节目的兴起当局还鼓励电视台播出更多的新闻和教育节目;Satellite channels have started to broadcast programs that promote traditional virtues and socialist core values,;Xinhua on Tuesday cited China broadcasting regulator as saying.Imaginechina相亲节目《非诚勿扰在内容上受到新的限制,但据新华社援引中国国家广播电影电视总局的话报道,该节目在最新的清理整顿中得以保留新华社周二援引广播电影电视监管部门的话报道说,卫星频道开始播出弘扬传统美德和社会主义核心价值体系的节目The rule is part of a broad government eft to take firmer control of China media landscape, an eft that also includes the nation freewheeling Internet culture. The Internet aspect marks a recognition by policy makers of the Web rising power in a country with few other public national ums discussing issues of the day. The media part, while targeting low-brow trends, also shows China rising interest in developing its own soft power ; in the arts, media and culture ; to compete with the likes of Hollywood as the nation looks to take on a broader global role.新的规定是政府加强对中国媒体行业控制的广泛举措之一,其他举措还包括控制中国畅所欲言的互联网文化对互联网的控制意味着决策者认识到,在鲜有其他全国性公开平台来讨论时事的中国,网络的力量不断增强对媒体的控制尽管旨在遏制低级趣味的倾向,却也显示出,随着中国寻求在全球发挥更大作用,它越来越有兴趣发展自身软实力(艺术、媒体和文化),以便与好莱坞等竞争Newly released remarks by President Hu Jintao also highlight Beijing desire to limit Hollywood influence. In October, Hu warned senior Communist Party leaders that ;hostile; eign ces are seeking to ;Westernize; the country. ;We should deeply understand the seriousness and complexity of the ideological struggle, always sound the alarms and remain vigilant, and take ceful measures to be on guard and respond,; Hu said, according to the Associated Press. The comments were published this week in a party-run magazine called Seeking Truth and translated by Western news services.最新公布的中国国家主席胡锦涛的讲话也显示出北京希望限制好莱坞的影响去年月,胡锦涛提醒共产党高层领导说,外国敌对势力寻求西化中国据美联社(Associated Press)报道,胡锦涛说,我们要深刻认识意识形态领域斗争的严重性和复杂性,警钟长鸣、警惕长存,采取有力措施加以防范和应对胡锦涛的上述讲话发表在本周出版的中国共产党《求是杂志上,由西方新闻机构翻译At the end of that October gathering, Chinese officials publicly called stricter control of social media, which has challenged the Chinese government traditional hold on the nation inmation channels. Since then, Chinese Internet companies have announced efts to crack down on ;rumors; ; a term often understood to mean inmation that the Communist Party finds undesirable ; while city governments are enacting new rules that would require users of Twitter-like microblogs and other services to register their real names with the companies bee posting.在去年月召开的会议结束时,中国官员公开呼吁加强对社交媒体的控制社交媒体挑战了传统上中国政府对中国信息渠道的控制此后,中国互联网公司宣布了抵制;谣言;(一般被认为指的是共产党不希望看到的信息)的行动,而各市政府开始实施新的规定,要求微等务的用户在发表微前用实名注册帐户Western media face limits in terms of the amount and the subjects that can be shown. But Hollywood continues to have tremendous sway in China ;the movie ;Avatar; earned $ million at the Chinese box office in ; the latest ;Sherlock Holmes; movie is poised to hit theaters later this month. Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping, who is widely expected to succeed Hu during an upcoming once-a-decade leadership change, once told the then-U.S. ambassador he was a fan of U.S. war movies, according to a U.S. diplomatic cable released by WikiLeaks.西方媒体则面临信息数量和主题方面的限制不过,好莱坞继续在中国拥有巨大影响力,年影片《阿凡达(Avatar)在中国获得.亿美元票房,《福尔斯(Sherlock Holmes)将于本月晚些时候在中国上映据维基解密(WikiLeaks)公布的一份美国外交电文,中国国家副主席习近平曾对当时的美国驻华大使说,他喜欢看美国战争片外界普遍认为在今年晚些时候举行的年一次的领导人换届中,习近平将接替胡锦涛担任国家主席Nearly two years ago, Jiangsu Satellite TV dating show ;If You Are the One; caused ripples around the nation when a female contestant said she would rather be unhappy dating a man with a BMW than be happy with a man who rode only a bicycle.将近两年前,在江苏卫视的相亲节目《非诚勿扰中,一位女嘉宾说,宁愿坐在宝马车里哭,也不愿意坐在自行车上笑此话在全国引起了轩然Though ;If You Are the One; faced new content restrictions after that broadcast, it was spared the latest culling, according to Xinhua, which ed the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television, known as Sarft. Also spared was a soap opera called ;Li Yuan Chun,; broadcast by Henan Satellite TV.尽管《非诚勿扰之后在内容上受到新的限制,但据新华社援引中国国家广播电影电视总局的话报道,该节目在最新的清理整顿中得以保留其他未被叫停的节目还有河南卫视播出的戏曲比赛节目《梨园春The original statement could be found Tuesday on the Sarft website and a list of the canceled shows was unavailable.记者周二无法在广电总局的网站上找到最初的声明,也无法找到被叫停的节目名单China media watchdogs aly keep gritty programming involving crime, violence and social issues off the air. In response, regional satellite broadcasters with an aim to reach a national audience in recent years have turned to reality shows that sometimes pit family members against each other, or dating shows where the outcome often seems to depend on how wealthy the suitors are ; a potentially provocative issue in a country with a vast gap between the wealthy and the poor.中国的媒体监管部门已经禁止电视台播出涉及犯罪、暴力和社会问题的敏感节目相应的,力争获得全国电视观众喜爱的地方卫视近年来转向真人秀节目(有些时候节目中会有家人互相谩骂)或相亲节目(相亲结果似乎常常取决于追求者的财富状况),而这在贫富严重分化的中国是很有争议的话题The new rules could hurt a potentially lucrative market Western companies. WPP PLC ad-buying GroupM estimates that China television advertising revenue in totaled . billion. But there could be a plus side advertisers, since much of China recent output of entertainment programming involves copycat shows that eat away at the originals ratings.新的规定或许会损害一个对西方公司来说可能获利颇丰的市场WPP PLC旗下广告公司群邑(GroupM)估计,年中国电视广告总收入为7亿美元不过,这对广告客户却可能带来好处,因为中国最近播出的大部分节目都是跟风抄袭的产物,损害了原创节目的收视率 85

Q.What was the first movie shot on location in New York City?问:第一部在纽约市实地拍摄的电影是哪一部?A. While Thomas A. Edison’s Kinetoscopes had been introduced in Manhattan in 189, those films, which ran on a loop, were enclosed in a wooden cabinet and viewed only through an eyepiece.答:189年,托马斯·A·爱迪生(Thomas A. Edison)的活动电影放映机(Kinetoscopes)被引入曼哈顿这个机器的原理是:胶片被封闭在木柜里,在一个循环的回路上转动,只能通过目镜观看The first film shot on location that was made to be projected on a screen was probably “Herald Square,” which was shot on May , 1896, by an Edison assistant, William Heise. He used a new camera that had been designed by Edison shooting outdoor scenes, according to “Celluloid Skyline: New York and the Movies,” by James Sanders (Alfred A. Knopf, ). Just three weeks earlier, America’s first projected motion pictures were being shown near Herald Square in Koster amp; Bial’s Music Hall on th Street, where Macy’s now sits.第一部实地拍摄、计划投影到银幕上的电影很可能是《先驱广场(Herald Square)它是1896年5月日由爱迪生的助手威廉·海斯(William Heise)拍摄的据詹姆斯·桑德斯(James Sanders)的书《电影天际线:纽约与电影(Celluloid Skyline: New York and the Movies,克诺夫出版社,年)说,海斯当时用的是爱迪生设计的一款用于拍摄户外场景的新摄像机就在三周前,美国的第一部投影电影在先驱广场附近第街上的科斯特amp;比亚尔音乐厅(Koster amp; Bial’s Music Hall)放映如今,先驱广场是梅西百货(Macy’s)的所在地“Looking out at the bright spring scene, he could see the energetic heart of a great city, bursting with life,” Mr. Sanders wrote of Mr. Heise. “Well-dressed pedestrians mingled with the surging traffic along th Street. The elevated train roared periodically along tracks above Sixth Avenue.”“透过窗外灿烂的春天景致,他能看到这座伟大城市充满活力与生机的心脏,”桑德斯写道文中的“他”指的是海斯“穿着考究的行人与第街上汹涌的交通工具混在一起第六大道上方的铁轨上不时有高架火车呼啸而过”These documentary films, just a minute or two long, were called actualities; they had no plots, stories or characters. They were soon supplanted by story films, Mr. Sanders wrote, especially chase scenes with police officers and criminals.这些纪录片只有一两分钟,它们没有情节、故事或人物,当时被称为现况片(actualities)桑德斯写道,它们很快被故事片取代,特别是警匪追逐的场景One of the earliest on-location efts to present a story on screen was shot on Aug. 1, 1901, Edison: “What Happened on Twenty-Third Street, New York City,” starring Alfred C. Abadie and Florence Georgie. It was an actuality film with a short staged scene. A man and woman are walking when the wind, blowing upward through a sidewalk vent, lifts her skirt and exposes her stockinged legs. The astonished passers-by were ordinary New Yorkers who got into camera range.最早为了在银幕上展示故事而进行的实景拍摄发生在1901年8月1日,电影名为《纽约第3街事件(What Happened on Twenty-Third Street, New York City),主演是阿尔弗雷德·C·阿巴迪(Alfred C. Abadie)和弗洛伦丝·格奥尔基(Florence Georgie),由爱迪生公司拍摄它属于现况电影,有一小段表演场景一个男人和一个女人在散步,人行道通风口的风吹起了她的裙子,露出了她穿着长筒袜的腿惊讶的路人只是无意中走进镜头的普通纽约人Does that scene remind you of another? It would be repeated, famously, by Marilyn Monroe in 1955 in “The Seven-Year Itch,” on Lexington Avenue at 5nd Street. According to the Internet Movie Database, the noise from the thousands of spectators (who included an irate Joe DiMaggio, Monroe’s husband) made the footage unusable, and the scene was reshot in Hollywood.它是不是让你想到了另一个场景?1955年,玛丽莲·梦露(Marilyn Monroe)在拍摄影片《七年之痒(The Seven-Year Itch)时在第5街的列克星敦大道上重演了那著名的一幕据互联网电影数据库(Internet Movie Database)称,由于上万名围观者的噪音(其中包括梦露丈夫乔·迪马乔[Joe DiMaggio]愤怒的声音),这段镜头无法使用,只好在好莱坞重拍Q. Some friends have opened a coffee place near me in Astoria, and they’ve got a license so they can sell wine and beer. They’ve asked me to come up with a few cocktail recipes them, but I can’t use any spirits, because their license doesn’t cover hard alcohol. It got me wondering, though: What’s the highest-percentage alcohol one can sell in New York City while still complying with a beer and wine license? Would sherries, ports and other tified wines qualify?问:我的一些朋友在阿斯托里亚我家附近开了一个咖啡馆,并获得了销售葡萄酒和啤酒的许可他们让我帮忙设计一些鸡尾酒配方,但是不能用任何烈酒,因为他们的许可不包含烈酒不过我在想:在纽约市,符合啤酒和葡萄酒许可标准的最高酒精浓度是多少?雪利酒、波特酒和其他加强型葡萄酒符合标准吗?A. The magic number is . William Crowley, a spokesman the New York State Liquor Authority, explained: “The Alcoholic Beverage Control Law limits the alcohol content in wine to percent. Consequently, most sherries, ports and other tified wines may be sold and served by licensees that hold a restaurant wine license. If a wine is tified with liquor and is above percent, it would be classified as a liquor and could only be sold by a business with a full liquor license.”答:是度纽约州酒类(New York State Liquor Authority)发言人威廉·克劳利(William Crowley)解释说:“酒精饮料管控法(The Alcoholic Beverage Control Law)规定,葡萄酒的酒精浓度最高为度所以,大部分雪利酒和波特酒等加强型葡萄酒可以在拥有葡萄酒许可的店铺销售或供应如果在葡萄酒中加入烈酒,导致酒精浓度超过%,那么它将被列为烈酒,只能在拥有完全酒精许可的场所销售” 373686

Emma Watson ditches the movie star glamour as she starts uni in America... but promptly arrives in a helicopter 哈利波特里的“赫敏”Emma Watson开始了在美国的大学生活,她隐藏了自己的星光,但却坐着直升机飞到了学校 8377

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