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Famous Americans-James Fenimore Cooper; The Farmer Almanac; in favor of versus in (one) favor; feat of strength, raw human strength, and to be ced against table edge; to multitaskWords:frontierpioneerto be expelled fromprankto dare (someone)interpretersocial equalitypredictioncropsharvestaccuratecirculationIn favor ofin (one) favorfeat of strengthraw human strengthto be ced against table edgeto multitask

The next morningLily:Morning, Mom. [coughs and sniffles]Mom:I made1 a doctor appointment you.Lily:No, Im fine. I dont need to see a doctor.Mom:Then I guess youre healthy enough to clean your room bee school.Lily:OK. Ill go see the doctor.Mom:Bundle3 up. It wet and rainy out there. Here some soup.Lily:Chicken soup again?Mom:Soup does the body good, sweetie. It what you need when youre under the weather.参考译文:隔天早上莉莉:妈,早安(咳嗽、吸鼻涕)妈妈:我帮你跟医生挂号了莉莉:不要,我很好我不需要看医生妈妈:那我想你已经健康到可以先清一清房间再去上学莉莉:好啦我会去看医生妈妈:多穿一点衣外面很潮湿,又在下雨这里有些汤莉莉:又是鸡汤?妈妈:亲爱的,汤对身体很好身体不舒时,最需要这个重点词汇:sniffle (v.)吸鼻子A: You sound so sick!你听起来病恹恹的!B: I have been sniffling all day.我一整天都在擤鼻子make a doctor appointment跟医生挂号Id like to make a doctors appointment.我想跟医生挂号Bundle up.穿多一点穿暖和一点Let bundle up, go out, and play in the snow!咱们穿暖和点,到外面去玩雪!something does the body good(某样东西)对身体好Stinky tofu really does the body good!臭豆腐对身体很好!under the weather身体不适A: You must really be under the weather.你一定是生病了B: I feel terrible5.我觉得很不舒 3650

USPS Redelivery美国邮政署包裹Rob was in Texas. He went to the post office. He mailed a package to Jean. He insured the package. Jean lived in New York City. She lived in an apartment building. The apartment building has floors. It has a front desk. The front desk is on the ground floor. Security people work at the front desk. A week later, Rob package was in New York City. The mailman took it to the front desk. ;I have a package Apt. 3A. It insured. Someone has to sign it,; he told Victor. Victor said, ;Ill ring Apt. 3A to see if anyone is home.; He rang the apartment. There was no answer. ;No one home,; he told the mailman. ;Would you ring again?; asked the mailman. ;I dont like to redeliver packages.; Victor rang the apartment again. Nobody answered. The mailman left a postal m in Jean mailbox.罗布在德克萨斯州他去了邮局他给珍寄了一份邮包他给邮包上了保险珍住在纽约城她住在公寓大楼公寓有层公寓有前台前台在公寓一层安保人员在前台工作一周以后,罗布的包裹到达纽约城邮递员将包裹送到了前台他对维克托说:“3A公寓的包裹包裹上了保险必须有人签收”维克托说:“我去3A的门铃,看看有没有人”他了公寓的门铃没有人应答他对邮递员说:“家里没人”邮递员问:“你能再去一遍?我不想再来一趟”维克托又了一遍没有人应答邮递员在珍的信箱上留了一张邮单”译文属原创,,不得转载 38858

Famous Americans: Helen Keller; The Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing; opposable thumbs; due to versus because of; the prefix “Mc”Words:deafblindsign languagepalmBraillemagna cum laudecompanionadvocatethoroughbredrarederbyto sponsoropposable thumbdue tobecause ofMc 136369

听笑话学英语:Scream 最响亮、最凄厉痛苦的尖叫牙医在请求一个病人:“帮个忙好吗?你能不能尽你所能发出最响亮、最凄厉痛苦的尖叫”? 病人说:“为什么?这次其实不算糟糕啊” 牙医说:“现在候诊室的病人实在太多,而我不想错过点的球赛”

Making Accusations提出指控Pierre: What happened here?!皮埃尔:这里发生什么事情了?!Marie: It looks like somebody trashed your experiment.玛丽:好像有人破坏了你的实验Pierre: It’s ruined, completely ruined.皮埃尔:实验被毁了,完全被毁了Marie: Who could have done this? Why are you looking at me like that?玛丽:这会是谁做的?你为什么这么看着我?Pierre: Very few people have access to this lab and even fewer know which of these experiments is mine. Whoever did this knew how to do maximum damage.皮埃尔:能够接近实验室的人非常少,知道我所做的实验的人就更少了做这件事情的人知道如何才能造成最大的破坏Marie: And you’re accusing me? I helped you with that experiment. I’d sooner ruin my own work than intentionally damage someone else’s, much less yours. What would be my motive?玛丽:你在怀疑我吗?我帮你做了这项实验我宁愿毁了自己的成果也不会破坏别人的实验,更别说你的了我这样做的动机是什么?Pierre: Maybe you gave me a little too much help and now my work is outshining yours.皮埃尔:也许你给了我太多帮助,如今我的试验成果超过了你的Marie: Your suspicions are completely unfounded. I’ve never been jealous of any attention you’ve received. You’re totally off base.玛丽:你的质疑毫无理论依据我从未对你受到的关注产生过半分嫉妒之心你完全错怪我了Pierre: Maybe you’re right. I’m sorry. I just can’t believe what’s happened.皮埃尔:也许你说的对很抱歉我只是不敢想象眼前的一切Marie: I’d be upset, too, but let’s not do any more finger-pointing. We need more inmation bee we accuse or exonerate anyone. Let’s try to stay calm.玛丽:我也很沮丧,但是咱们不要再相互指责了我们在指责或赦免别人之前还需要更多的信息咱们都冷静一下吧Pierre: Yes, of course, you’re right. Hey, what happened to your workspace? It looks like it’s been tampered with.皮埃尔:是的,当然,你说的很对嘿,你的工作台上怎么了?看起来好像被人捣鼓了一番Marie: What?! I’ll kill whoever did this! I’ll kill them!玛丽:什么?!我会杀了那个人的!我会杀了他们的!译文属 67773

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