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You love her and you want to show her how much. Reflect on the numerous ways you can create indelible memories.你非常爱她,希望展示对她的爱有多深。通过几种方法,制造难忘的回忆。You Will Need你需要Roses玫瑰Clothing装Jewelry珠宝Food食品Gift basket礼物篮Money钱Spa resort温泉度假村Steps步骤Step 1 Give roses1.送玫瑰花Go the traditional route and buy your girlfriend red roses, the romantic gift idea that never misses. Come up with a note written from your heart to melt hers.走传统路线,为你的女友送上一束玫瑰花,这种浪漫的礼物永远不会出错。附上一张便笺,让自己的真心话打动她的心。Step 2 Buy clothing2.买衣Buy clothing but be careful to stick to the labels, stores, and styles she prefers. Select anything but pants, which are far too easy to get wrong.购买装,但是要坚持她喜欢的标签,商店和款式。可以选择任何饰,但是裤子除外,因为太容易出错了。Err on the side of buying something too small, rather than too large.宁肯买的太小了,也不要买的太大了。Step 3 Search for jewelry3.选择珠宝Search for the kind of jewelry she normally wears, whether ornate, or simple. Avoid getting a piece exactly like what she aly has so she knows how observant you are.选择她平常佩戴的风格的珠宝,无论是奢华型,还是简约型的。避免选择和她现在佩戴的特别相似的珠宝,这样她就会知道你有多么善于观察。Step 4 Cook for her4.为她下厨Cook a big dinner. Class it up with steaks and all the fixings, and use linen napkins, fine china, and silver. Finish the meal with hand-dipped strawberries or expensive chocolates.精心炮制一顿大餐。准备牛排和所有装备,使用细腻的餐巾,精细的瓷器和银器。餐后共享手摘的草莓或昂贵的巧克力。Even if the presentation, taste, or quality ends up falling short, you score points for trying to do something nice. It#39;s the thought that counts.即使你的表演,味道或质量有所欠缺,仍然会因为你全心全意想要做好而加分。最重要的就是你的心意。Step 5 Make a basket5.制作礼物篮Stock a basket with nuts, flowers, candy bars, wines, perfume, and her favorite magazines. Let her know you care and notice the little things.向篮子中装满坚果,鲜花,糖果,葡萄酒,香水和她最喜欢的杂志。让她知道你非常在乎她,注意到了最细微的事情。Step 6 Pop for a spa6.享受温泉Spend the cash for a lush spa to spend quality time together. Relax, turn off the cells, turn on the music, and pamper her.花点钱,去奢华的温泉共度高品质的时光。放松,关闭电话,打开音乐,精心照料她。The National Retail Federation projected Americans in 2006 would spend over billion for Valentine#39;s Day, up 22 percent over 2001.美国零售联合会预测,2006年,美国人在情人节这一天的花费将超过130亿美元,比2001年增加22%。视频听力栏目译文属。 Article/201305/239821。

Learn about the connection between sun exposure and your body#39;s level of Vitamin D from licensed esthetician Joanna Vargas in this Howcast .观看Howcast这段视频,跟持牌美学家Joanna Vargas了解日晒和身体维他命D水平之间的关系。Lots of people talk to me about vitamin D and sun exposure. We all know vitamin D is a vitamin that we need so why can#39;t be get it from the sun? The truth is vitamin D is absolutely essential. It boots your immune system. It boosts your cardiovascular system. And it just feel really good. And you do get from the sun. You do get it from sun exposure.许多人跟我探讨过维他命D和太阳照射之间的关系。我们都知道维他命D是我们身体所需,那么为何不能通过日晒来获取维他命D呢?事实是,维他命D是身体必需的,可以增强免疫系统和心血管系统。让人感觉非常好。确实可以从阳光中获得一些。The problem with getting it from sun exposure is you get a lot of bad stuff too. And stuff that woman also regularly complain about. So, what do you do about that? My suggestion is to get vitamin D from a supplement. And wear sunscreen on your face and body. Sun exposure is the source of so much dangerous stuff and stuff that cosmetically woman don#39;t like.问题是,当你从阳光照射中获得维他命D的同时,也获得了许多不好的东西,女性们经常抱怨的一些东西。那么,应该怎样权衡呢?我的建议是通过用补充剂来获得维他命D。面部和全身涂抹防晒霜。日晒是许多危险成份的来源,也是爱美女性不喜欢的。So, I would wear sunscreen on the body and take vitamin D as a supplement. If you want to, get a little bit of sun exposure on your body knowing the risks. That would be my preference. That way you can get a little bit of really direct vitamin D exposure on your body and get it really soaked in and you#39;re still protecting yourself from some of the really bad effects of sun on your face.所以,我会全身涂抹防晒霜,然后用维他命D补充剂。如果你想的话,了解到日晒的危险,可以少晒一点太阳。我比较喜欢这种方式。这样的话,你的身体可以直接吸收一些天然的维他命D,又可可以防止日晒给你面部带来的坏的影响。视频听力由。 Article/201401/273222。

In recent years,近年来 hungry lions have increasingly been killing livestock.饥饿的狮子捕食牲畜的现象越来越多发One group of traditional Maasai一群传统的马萨伊人have reacted in a very untraditional way.以不寻常的方式进行了回应The Maasai are cattle herders who don#39;t eat wild animals.马萨伊人以放牛为生 不吃野生动物But when lions attack their herds, they#39;ve always retaliated.但若狮子袭击牛群 他们便会反抗Maasai and lions are ancient adversaries.马萨伊人和狮子是古老的对手A lion hunt捕杀狮子is still a rite of passage for young Maasai warriors对于奥卢比·莱伦贝这样的年轻马萨伊战士 like Olubi Lairumbe.依然是一种成人仪式For me and any Maasai,对于我们马萨伊人killing a lion is the ultimate fulfilment杀死一头狮子才能最终明of a truly accomplished Maasai.我们是合格的马萨伊人Nothing compares to that.那是无与伦比的There is nobody who knows more about living alongside lions没有谁比马萨伊人更了解than the Maasai themselves.与狮子毗邻而居 Article/201406/305680。