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上海市长海医院整形中心上海市第十人民医院激光脱毛多少钱上海市浦东新区南汇中心医院祛眼袋手术价格 本对话选自Joey《乔伊Joey 对自己的角色很失望,Gina鼓励他,认为他不应该轻易地就放弃,不能因为害怕,没有演过就不去演Gina: Ugh, Joey, they called you in. You should just audition the dad.Joey: But I dont know if I can pull it off. I have all these heavy scenes with my kids in the snow. I dont know how to do that.Gina: Look, I know this isnt the kind of role youre used to doing, but you cant just give up because youre afraid to fail, and I dont think youre gonna fail.Joey: Really?Gina: Oh, I hate doing this stuff to your face. Are you gonna make me compliment you?Joey: I need it.Gina: Turn around.重点知识解释:1. pull off (非正式)成功做了(难事等)例如:The trick looked impossible, but she pulled it off. 这诡计看来不可能得逞,但她居然成功了. compliment n. 恭维,赞扬例如:He was showered with compliments on his excellence permance. 他出色的表演使他大受赞扬3. turn around 掉头,转头,转向例如:I turned around and saw Jane was sitting directly behind me.我一转身,就看见简正坐在我的后面汉语译文:Gina: Joey,他们给你打过电话你该试试去演爸爸Joey: 我不知道我能不能做到,每个重要的场景我都得和我的孩子们待在一块儿我不知道该怎么做Gina: 听我说,我知道这不是你熟悉的角色,可你不能因为害怕失败而就此放弃呀,而且我不认为你会失败Joey: 真的?Gina: 我不想当着你的面这么做你要我夸你?Joey: 我需要Gina: 转过身去课后题目:学完后,你知道Gina是怎样鼓励Joey尝试去演爸爸这个角色?小编有约:在这篇美剧对话中,Daisy发现Joey居然是一个害怕失败而不敢去尝试的人,那么就要向Gina一样多多赞美像Joey这样的人吧!让他们对自己有信心 83Photos of some adorable fat tigers in Siberia Tiger Park in northeast China Harbin province have gone viral recently in China.最近,哈尔滨省西伯利亚虎园一群可爱“胖虎”的照片在中国走红了起来Netizens joked that these chubby cats ate too much during the past week-long of Spring Festival holiday, just like many Chinese people did.一些网友开玩笑称,这些大猫在春节的时候吃得太多了,就像许多中国人一样While some raised concerns over the health of these fat tigers, it is in fact the nature of these animals to devour more in order to adapt the acute weather during the winter in Harbin, which could be as low as minus to 30 degrees Celsius.虽然有人对这些肥猫的健康表示担忧,但是事实上这是这些动物的天性--多吃一些以应对哈尔滨冬天零下-30摄氏度的严寒Netizens actually need not worry, as they will gradually become thinner in summer.网民们实际上用不着担心,因为这些老虎在夏天就会瘦下来Siberian Tiger Park is the largest natural park wild Siberian tigers in the world at present, occupying an area of 1,0,000 square meters (355.8 acres).哈尔滨西伯利亚虎园是目前世界上最大的野生西伯利亚虎自然公园,占地万平方米(约合355.8英亩)It has stabilized the population of Siberian tigers decades due to intensive conservation efts. More than 90 baby tigers were given birth in .由于大力保护,该虎园西伯利亚虎的数量一直很稳定年,该虎园新出生了90多只虎崽 9宝山区妇幼保健医院激光除皱手术价格

上海仁济医院做双眼皮开眼角多少钱.Where the bathroom?洗手间在哪里?Where the bathroom?洗手间在哪里?Could you tell me how to get to the restroom?你可以告诉我洗手间怎么走吗?Which way is the bathroom?洗手间要往哪走?Down the hall,to the right.走到走廊底,往右.Take a left here,then go upstairs.It should be the second door on the left.这里左转上楼洗手间应该是在您左边第二个门It this way.Ill show you.这里走,我带你去.It next to the kitchen,on the right.洗手间在厨房旁,右边.Go straight.It the last door on the left.往前走,洗手间在左边最后一间.Where the bathroom?(Down the hall,to the right.)洗手间在哪里?走到走廊底,右转.Could you tell me how to get to the restroom?(Down the hall,to the right.)你可以告我洗手间怎走吗?走到走廊底,右转Where the bathroom?洗手间在哪里?(Take a left here,then go upstairs.It should be the second door on the left.)这里右转上楼洗手间应该是在您左边第二个门Which way is the bathroom?洗手间要往哪走?(Take a left here,then go upstairs.It should be the second door on the left.)这里左转上楼洗手间应该是在您左边第二个门Could you tell me how to get to the restroom?你可以告诉我洗手间怎么走吗?(It this way.Ill show you.)这里走,我带你去.Which way is the bathroom?(It this way.Ill show you.)洗手间要往哪走?这里走,我带你去.Which way is the bathroom?(It next to the kitchen,on the right.)洗手间要往哪走?洗手间在厨房旁,右边.Where the bathroom?(Go straight.It the last door on the left.)洗手间在哪里?往前走,洗手间在左边最后一间 7奉贤区去眼角纹多少钱 Most people would be incredibly thankful if their parents bought them an apartment with their own hard-earned money.如果父母用他们的血汗钱给子女买上一套房,大部分人都会感激不尽But not this ungrateful son, who beat up his parents in the middle of the street after they purchased him a flat which he deemed too small.但是这个忘恩负义的儿子却不以为然,父母给他买了一套房,可他却觉得太小了,于是便在大街上对自己的父母大打出手Shocking shows the snobby young man attacking his own mother and father on a road in Harbin, north east China.根据这一令人震惊的视频显示,这个势利的年轻小伙竟然在中国东北哈尔滨的一条马路上对他自己的父母动手In the footage, the man - who was given the apartment as a wedding present - is seen hitting his parents over the head.在视频中,这个得到了一套房子当做结婚礼物的小伙挥拳打向了他父母的头部The mother and father do not fight back and cover their heads with their hands to defend themselves.父母并没有还手,而是用双手护住头部来保护自己Appalled passersby stepped in to help after they realised the man was attacking his own parents, Shanghaiist reported.据上海人网站报道,感到震惊的路人在得知该小伙在对自己的父母大打出手之后,纷纷出手劝架The selfish man, who has not been identified, was arrested and later told officers that he was furious because the apartment he had been bought was too small.这名身份尚未确认的自私小伙随后被拘留了起来,他向警察表示,他生气是因为房子太小了The has gone viral in China and the man has been slammed his selfish behaviour.之后这段视频在中国流传开来,该小伙也因这一自私的行为受到了抨击 85上海东方医院治疗青春痘多少钱

上海哪家绣眉好Offer 出价A: How do you do? Nice to meet you, Diane.您好,见到你真高兴,戴安女士B: How do you do, Jack. Nice to meet you.你好,杰克,见到你也很高兴A: Well, I think you've reconsidered our proposal, Daine.我想你们已经重新考虑过了我们的提议,戴安女士B: Yes, you are right. After all,the quality of yours is good. The only problem is price.是的,毕竟你们空调的质量是不错的唯一的问题是价格A: I should not be surprised, many customers have the same opinion. Do you have any suggestion in mind? Our saleman told your secretary that the price could be negotiable.我并不奇怪,很多客户都有同感您有什么建议吗?我们的销售员跟您的秘书说过价钱是可以商量的B: That's why I came to your office today. We think your model WE-5, $590 would be, because air conditioners of the same kind sold by other companies are usually about $579-69.所以今天我来到了您的办公室我们觉得您们公司的WE-5型空调的价格为590美金较合适,因为其他公司的售价一般在579-69之间A: That's true. But if you understand that quality is the most important aspect of a product, you'll agree that $679 is not high, especially when we allow you a % discount.的确如此但是您要知道质量对产品最为重要679美元的价格并不算高,况且我给了您%的折扣B: I see your point. That's to say $6 each set. Still it's much higher than the market price. Could you see your way to reduce the price, Jack?我明白您的意思,也就是每台6美元 但这个价格仍高于平均市场价格你们能降价吗,杰克先生?A: Well, considering the quantity of your order we could further reduce the price to $600. That's the best we can do. What do you think of that?好吧考虑到你们的订货数量,我们可以再降价到600美元这是我们最大的让步了您觉得怎么样呢?B: All right. We accept it. So $600 each set.好吧,我们接受那么每台600美金吧A: Very well. Thank you.太好了,谢谢 7368 宝山区人民中医院韩式三点双眼皮价格费用上海脱毛要的价格



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