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5 Antique Dialogue5 古董店 对话Steven wants to buy a Chinese painting to decorate his new house, so he goes into an antique shop.史蒂文想买一幅中国画来装饰新居,所以他进了一家古董店。Assistant: Good morning, sir. Could I be of any service to you?店员:早上好,先生,有什么能为您务的?Steven: Have you got any Chinese paintings?史蒂文:你们这儿有中国画吗?Assistant: Yes, we have landscape paintings, figure paintings and flower-and-bird paintings.店员:有,我们有山水画、人物画 和花鸟画。Steven: Id like a flower-and-bird painting.史蒂文:我想要一幅花鸟画。Assistant: Good. How about this picture of cranes with pine trees? It was painted by a famous Chinese painter in Qing Dynasty.店员:好的,您看这幅松鹤阁如何?这是中国清代的一位著名画家画的。Steven: Oh, they look just like live cranes. I like this picture very much. How much is it?史蒂文:哦,这些仙鹤看上去就像真的一样,我非常喜欢这幅画。多少钱?Assistant: One thousand dollars.店员:1000美元。Steven: Its a lot of money. But the picture is excellent, Ill take it.史蒂文:太贵了,不过这幅画真不错,我要了。 /201506/383589

For:正方辩词:Lets marry to keep the love going!为了让爱继续,我们结婚吧!The hectic lifestyle today posts that many people just do not have the time for marathon love to find their ideal partner. In my point, there is not much difference between being in love and marriage.As the old saying goes: marriage is just the days after a love certificate.如今,紧张忙碌的生活使人们已经没有时间去跑恋爱;马拉松;来寻找理想伴侣。在我看来,恋爱和结婚已经没有太大区别。就像一句老话:;婚姻是爱情的书;。I think most people tend to get married after they fall in love, i.e. they love each other and intend to keep the love forever. If you really meet someone you fall in love with immediately, why not marry him/her soon? There is no difference in the two issues for real love. Since they are adults, they must have thought twice before making this decision. I hope they have a happy ending.我认为大部分人在恋爱后都有结婚的打算,比如,两人相爱后希望这份感情能天长地久。如果你真的是很快便爱上了那个人,那么为什么对于真爱来说,恋爱和结婚没什么两样。既然大家都是成人,那么肯定是经过慎重考虑后才决定;闪婚;。我祝福他们有个美好结局。If they are unfortunate to put an end to the wedlock, ;Flash Marriage; and ;Flash Divorce; are also ;trouble free;. Since if the ;Flash Marriage;couple divorces, they will feel less hurt when compared with those who have been to gather for a long time.如果很不幸,他们最终结束了婚姻,那么;闪离;同;闪婚;一样都不会带来任何麻烦。因为与那些经过长期相处的夫妻相比,;闪婚;夫妻离婚所受的伤害要小得多。Against:反方辩词:Only trust and responsibility can generate a happy family.只有信任和责任才是保婚姻幸福的秘诀。This is really an era that requires speed and stresses efficiency. Even relationships and marriage get no exception. I know God has prepared the perfect match for me and what I have to do is to wait with patience. When we come across each other, we may fall in love immediately. However, falling in love happens in the blink of an eye, but marriage requires long-lasting and steady love.现如今确实是一个处处讲求高速高效的时代,甚至连感情、婚姻也不例外。我相信上帝已经为我安排了一个最适合的人,而我需要做的就是耐心等待。当某天我们偶然相遇时,我们就会彼此一见钟情。尽管爱情在眨眼间便可以发生,但婚姻需要的是持久稳定的感情。Marriage incarnates the responsibility and trust to grant a happy family. As long as you get married, you must undertake all responsibility for your wedlock. Marriage is not only between the couple, but also for the two families. ;Flash Marriage; seems more like a big gamble.结婚意味着彼此信任,承担起维系家庭幸福美满的责任。一旦步入婚姻的殿堂,就必须肩负起对整个家庭不可推卸的责任。婚姻不仅仅是两个人的事,也关系到双方各自的家庭。所以;闪婚;更像是一场。Perhaps ;Flash Marriages;, are not right for everyone; only those who have courage and right attitude can take the risk!;闪婚;并不适合每一个人,只有那些勇气佳,心态好的人才能冒此风险。 /201501/355013

Language Points1.Asking this question since you were little.2.Hoping that buying the right bra will change things.3.Being jealous of friends who are way more blessed than you.4.Waking up every morning and realizing theres NOTHING THERE.5.When your friends do a double take when you wear a push-up bra. /201705/510222A: Good morning. Can I help you?A: 早上好。有什么事可以为你效劳吗?B: Good morning. Id like to reserve a double room with a bath for next Friday.B: 早上好。我想为下周五预定一套带浴室的双人间。A: Im sorry, there is no such kind of room available for that day.A: 对不起,那天没有这种类型的空房间。B: Are you sure?B: 你确定吗?A: Yes. You know, the National Day is approaching. A lot of people are y to travel here. So, what about single rooms? They are on the sunny side.A: 是的,您也知道,国庆节临近了,许多人都准备来此旅游的。那么,您觉得单人间怎么样呢?它们都设在阳面。B: OK.B: 好吧。A: Im sure you will enjoy the room.A: 您肯定会喜欢的。B: Whats your room rate per night?B: 那你们一晚的住宿费是多少?A: 200 yuan for one room.A: 每个房间200 元。B: Fine, I need to book two rooms.B:好的,我预定两间。A: May I have your name and phone number?A: 可以告诉我您的名字和电话号码吗?B: Im John, and my cell phone number is 13812346789.B: 我叫约翰,我的手机号码是13812346789 。 /201504/368611小咖实用英语口语 第78期:仔队paparazzi /201507/360552

34. Changing Majors 34.换专业A: I was wondering if I could change my major from biology to political science.A:我在想我可不可以把我的生物学专业换成政治学。B: Those majors are very different from each other.B:这两个专业彼此很不相同。A: I know, but I hate biology. I cant see myself studying it anymore.A:我知道,但我讨厌生物学。我不能看见自己再学习它了。B: You can change it, but youll have to take more classes.B:你可以换,但你不得不上更多的课。A: I dont mind. Political science is really interesting to me.A:我不介意。政治学对我来说真的很有趣。B: You would be graduating a year late.B:你会晚一年毕业。A: Oh, no. I have to think a little more about this then.A:噢,不是吧。那我需要再好好考虑一下这个问题了。B: I think you should change it, since you hate biology.B:我想你应该换,因为你不喜欢生物学。A: Yeah, youre right. Im sorry I am so indecisive.A:是的,你说的对。很抱歉我这么犹豫不决。B: A lot of people change majors. Its normal.B:很多人换专业。这很正常。A: But not as late as I did. I hate that Im graduating after all my friends.A:但不像我这么晚。我讨厌比我所有的同学晚毕业。B: Youre making the right choice. B:你在做出正确的决定。 /201511/406801Maria: So Alex, now we talked about what I would like to do in the future, what about you? Career wise, lets start with that.玛丽亚:亚历克斯,我们谈过了我未来想做的事,你呢?先从事业开始吧。Alex: I actually have absolutely no idea what I want to do as a career. I know I want to do something interesting and I want to do something fun. Ive certainly, I think that I as a person am most suited to a service style industry or a hospitality something like that where I would be, Ive had sort of dalliances or ideas about cafes, cafe chains, certainly Id always wanted to I think maybe rival Starbucks would be lovely. I looked at restaurants. Restaurants didnt really appeal to me because youve got weird hours and when everyone is having fun youre not. What else? For me its, I just like to be able to have something that was constantly enjoyable. I think, you know, what you said, dynamic you know.亚历克斯:实际上我对从事什么职业完全没有想法。我知道我想做有趣有意思的工作。我认为最适合我的工作是务业或那种接待工作,我喜欢咖啡和连锁咖啡厅,我在这些方面也有自己的想法,我一直希望我能成为星巴克的对手,要是能这样就太好了。至于那些餐厅,它们并不是很吸引我,因为要担心营业时间,还要担心是不是所有人都享受了乐趣。还有什么?对我来说,我喜欢做那些能一直很享受的工作。就是要有那种活力。Maria: Exactly.玛丽亚:没错。Alex: You can have something that will be enjoyable and you can change it up every day and so on and so forth but as to what I specifically would do, I cant put a name to it. Im not the only one in my family. My father has a CV thats four, sorry ten pages long. Its ten pages long. Hes changed jobs I think twenty six times, twenty seven now, and hes just so I dont know. For me Id like to travel but Id certainly want to have a home base. I cant go too far away from home.亚历克斯:你可以做有意思的事情,每天要做些改变,等等,不过至于我具体想做什么,目前我还说不出来。我家里不是只有我这样。我爸爸的简历有4……抱歉,有10页纸那么多。我爸爸的简历有10页。我想他大概换了26次工作,现在应该是27次了,我也不清楚。我喜欢旅游,不过我希望能有个家。我不能离家太远。Maria: When you say home, would it be your present home like Australia or would you...?玛丽亚:你说的家是指澳大利亚的家还是……Alex: Yeah, Ive got to say Im an Aussie, true blue Aussie. Ive got a love of the country. Its my home. I have spent time overseas. Ive lived a year and a half in Canada, a year and a half in Australia, a year and a half in Asia sorry its not a year and a half in Australia, a year and a half in America, so Ive done a couple of other things and Ive always come back and been why did I leave? What caused me to leave? So, yeah, Im torn between doing things that are altruistic and selfish. Do I want to just work for me and get the money, the moolah, the cash, the green, or do I want to do something a bit more for everyone else and I dont know its difficult to decide. How do I do both?亚历克斯:我要说我是澳大利亚人,我是忠诚的澳大利亚人。我非常喜欢澳大利亚。那里是我的家。我也在外国呆过。我在加拿大生活了一年半,在澳大利亚生活了一年半,在亚洲住了一年半,抱歉,不是在澳大利亚生活了一年半,是在美国生活了一年半,我做过很多事情,不过最终我还是会回到澳大利亚,那我为什么离开?让我离开的原因是什么?在做事方面,我在无私和自私之间左右为难。我是想做那种只要自己能得到钱的事情还是那种为其他人考虑的事情,我不知道要如何决定,这非常难。我怎么能做到两全其美?Maria: So the future is open?玛丽亚:所以你的未来是未知的?Alex: It is open isnt it?亚历克斯:是未知的,不是吗? 译文属 /201609/465893The book as story书的内容characterization描述dialogue对话setting环境period片段description描述message信息plot情节The book as object书的对象cover封面jacket护套blurb导语reviewbinding关联 /201605/441813

A: 欢迎大家来到这期的美语训练班! 我是杨琳!B: 我是Mike! 杨琳,来告诉大家今天都要学什么!A: 好! 今天,我们要一起来聊聊上瘾该怎么办,看看亿万富翁是如何练成的,还要告诉你怎么说严厉惩罚!B: Ive never really been into gambling. I lived in Las Vegas for 2 years, and honestly I think I enjoyed all the buffets more than the slot machines!A: That sounds like you!B: Hey! ... Yeah, thats true.A: 好了, 咱们言归正传,先来进入第一个单元...B: Learn a word!Learn A Word 1716 self-made今天我们要学的词是 self-made. Self-made is spelled s-e-l-f, self, and made, m-a-d-e, made, self-made. Self-made 意思是凭借自己力量完成的。有统计显示,在全球各大名校中,哈佛毕业生里百亿万富翁人数最多。While about 14% of millionaires and billionaires inherited their wealth, 74% are self-made. 在这些百亿万富翁里,大约14%的人是继承了父辈的财产,还有74%的人则是白手起家,自己创业积累的财富。在中国百名首富里,八位是女性。与美国不同的是,Successful women in China are mostly self-made businesswomen. 中国最有钱的女性大部分都是白手起家创业成功的女商人。好的,今天我们学习的词是 self-made, self-made, self-made...A: 哈佛毕业生成为百万富翁的机率最大! 这次我去哈佛参观,觉得他们的毕业生不仅自身都很优秀,而且还非常努力! 哎,怎么比嘛....B: You dont need to compare yourself with others. Surpassing yourself is the greatest achievement.A: 哎哟,你还真会安慰人! Speaking of improving myself, I need to improve my time management skills! Ive got so much going on in my life right now I feel like Im not getting ANYTHING done! And worst of all, my ing time has gotten lost in the shuffle...B: Ha, that must also be the reason for arriving at the office 4 hours behind me....A: Hey! Shush!B: (Laugh) Ok ok. . Actually you just mentioned an idiom, lost in the shuffle, lets check it out!Words and Idioms 829 LOST IN THE SHUFFLE美国习惯用语第 829讲半年前,我加入了一个读书俱乐部,每个月聚会一次,讨论读书心得。上星期聚会,俱乐部成员们没完没了地聊经济、聊大选、聊孩子上学,本来应该讨论的书根本没有涉及到,我非常失望,所以决定退出。不过,这倒让我想起了今天要学的习惯用语,叫M: Lost in the shuffle. Shuffle is spelled s-h-u-f-f-l-e. Lost-in-the-shuffle. Lost in the shuffle.如果你喜欢玩牌的话,肯定知道,Shuffle 是洗牌的意思。lost in the shuffle 意思是在混乱之中把某件事情遗漏或是忽略了。比如说我们那个读书俱乐部。俱乐部的成员们东拉西扯,可就是忽略了俱乐部的真正目的,交流读书心得。The discussion of our book got LOST IN THE SHUFFLE.读书俱乐部的“走题事件”虽然让我很不满,但是跟下面这个人比,我简直可以说是“小题大做”。让我们一起听听他干吗那么气愤。M: ;Theres been so much controversy over the collapse of the bridge. The mayors office blames the engineers for poor design while they fault the city for not keeping up with routine repairs. But no one is showing much concern for commuters like me who desperately need the bridge to be fixed. Were getting LOST IN THE SHUFFLE.;这个人说:大桥倒塌引起了极大的争议。市长办公室责怪工程师设计失误,工程设计人员则指责市政府没有定期维修。可就是没有人关心象我这样每天开车上班,希望大桥能早日修复的人。我们完全被忽略了。我以前一直痛恨开会,因为很多时候,开来开去,讨论的都是一些并不重要的话题。最近我们刚换了主管,每次开会都按照轻重缓急,列出会议日程,so that the most important issues wone be LOST IN THE SHUFFLE. 保重要问题不会被忽略掉。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;Theres been so much controversy over the collapse of the bridge. The mayors office blames the engineers for poor design while they fault the city for not keeping up with routine repairs. But no one is showing much concern for commuters like me who desperately need the bridge to be fixed. Were getting LOST IN THE SHUFFLE.;大家都希望得到重视,孩子也不例外。让我们听听下面这个人对自己童年的回忆。M: ;Growing up as a middle kid in my family could be tough. Sometimes my folks seemed to spend a lot of time looking after my younger brother and sister or worrying about my older siblings. Is it any surprise I felt LOST IN THE SHUFFLE? I wanted mom and dad to notice me more often.;这个人说:我上面有哥哥,下面有弟弟,小时候,父母不是在照顾弟弟,就是在关心哥哥。我觉得自己简直被遗忘了,这不奇怪吧?我真希望妈妈爸爸能更多地注意到我。我表就是这种情况。小时候,她大部分时间都是在跟院子里的孩子玩,经常在邻居家吃饭,甚至过夜,这倒培养了她跟人打交道的能力,如今,她已经成了一个成功的公关总裁。好的,我们再听一下上面的例句。M: ;Growing up as a middle kid in my family could be tough. Sometimes my folks seemed to spend a lot of time looking after my younger brother and sister or worrying about my older siblings. Is it any surprise I felt LOST IN THE SHUFFLE? I wanted mom and dad to notice me more often.;对了!IN THE SHUFFLE 这个习惯用语源于二十世纪,毫无疑问,是从扑克牌来的。今天尽顾着解释这个习惯用语的用法,The explanation of its original nearly got LOST IN THE SHUFFLE! 差点就忘了解释它的来源。好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。我是杨晨,我是 Douglas Johnson。这次节目的制作人是胡小玲。谢谢各位的收听。我知道,大家每天的工作生活十分繁忙,但我还是要提醒大家,英语水平的提高靠的是勤学苦练。 Dont let practicing your English get LOST IN THE SHUFFLE.M: This has been Words and Idioms. Until next time.我们下次节目再见。A: So how do you feel as the second kid in the family Mike, do you feel like you are lost in the shuffle?B: Not at all. I think its because that Im the youngest in the family. I get tons of attention from my parents. And what about you huh? You must always be the center of attention since you are the only-child!A: Yes...but sometimes I feel like theres just too much attention on me. My parents want to protect me from EVERTHING.B: That sounds like my parents too. When I went to Las Vegas for my internship, they were so worried that Im going to come home with a gambling problem!A: 哈哈,理解父母吧! 我觉得你永远都不会成为赌徒,cuz you will be spending too much time and money at the great buffets!B: True, true. Actually, we are going to touch on gambling in todays business etiquette. Kelly and Patricia are going to Macau for a business trip, and Patricia seems really excited to go gamble! Lets see what we can learn from them!礼节美语BE-229 Gambling IPatricia去找同事Kelly。Patricia: Hey, Kelly...the boss just called me into his office. You and I have to go to Macau for a meeting with our international marketing department. The meeting is on a Friday afternoon so I was thinking we could spend the weekend down there!Kelly: Macau, eh? So I guess youre thinking about doing some gambling, right?P: Well, it is legal in Macau. We might as well take advantage of this golden opportunity! Oh, theres John. John and I used to win some serious money in Las Vegas.Patricia告诉Kelly,老板让他们两人星期五去出差,跟公司的国际营销部同事开会,问Kelly愿不愿意索性在待一个周末,去试试手气。这时候,另外一位同事John走过来,Patricia说,John和他以前就曾在美国的赌城赢过不少钱,他说的some serious money意思是可观的数额。John说,John: Yep, Pete and I used to go to Las Vegas at least twice a year. Gambling can be a lot of fun.K: Ive never really seen the appeal of gambling. I know its possible to win big, but Ive never won. I really hate losing money.P: I hear you....but if you ever hit a jackpot youll be addicted for life!J: Winning is a pretty good feeling, but a lot of people can take it too far. Patricia, did you hear about Joe?P: You mean Joe Klein? Hows he doing?J: Not so good. He lost his house and his wife left him. We didnt know it at the time, but he actually had a serious gambling problem.John 和 Patricia以前每年至少一起去两次。Kelly说自己逢赌必输,所以赌钱对她没有appeal吸引力。Patricia说,虽然win big赢大钱的机会不多,但是if you ever hit a jackpot, youll be addicted for life. 一旦中了头奖,就会一辈子上瘾。John说,赢钱感觉是不错,但千万不能 take it too far 玩过头,他们有个朋友Joe Klein had a serious gambling problem. 就是赌钱上瘾,结果输了房子不说,老婆也不要他了。P: Really? Thats too bad.J: He was over ,000 in debt...so eventually the bank took his house. As you can imagine, his wife wasnt too happy about that.K: See? These are exactly the kind of stories Im talking about! I think gambling can be as addictive as illegal drugs!J: And I would have to agree. I dont have an addictive personality by nature so Im generally able to control myself. But...I have lost more money than I can afford on more than one occasion.Kelly 觉得,gambling can be as addictive as illegal drugs. 跟毒品差不多,让人上瘾。John 表示赞同,他说自己虽然自控能力比较强,and dont have an addictive personality by nature 也不是那种做事喜欢上瘾的人,但是赌钱的时候,还是不止一次输得超出了自己的承受能力,这里说的 more than one occasion 意思是不止一次。A: Kelly和Patricia讨论去该不该,Patricia觉得他们可能会win some serious money, 赢一大笔,但是Kelly说,同事Joe就很爱赌钱, he has a serious gambling problem, 赌钱上瘾,结果老婆房子都没了。B: Yeah, I guess if you have an addictive personality by nature, you should just stay away from casinos.A: 没错! 我去Las Vegas的时候都不带卡,这样你有多少钱,就只能赌多少钱。B: That sounds like a smart idea for not overspending, period! Lets keep listen to Patricia and Kelly!礼节美语BE-230 Gambling IIPatricia和同事Kelly要去出差,准备去试试手气。另一个同事John提到,自己有个朋友嗜赌成性,倾家荡产。Patricia问:P: So what happened to Joe? How is he holding up?J: Joe is in Gamblers Anonymous right now. He sent me an e-mail the other day and he says hes doing better...but recovering from any addiction is a long process.K: Whats Gamblers Anonymous?P: Have you ever heard of Alcoholics Anonymous or AA?K: Not really.J: Alcoholics Anonymous is an organization that tries to help people with alcohol problems overcome their addiction. Gamblers Anonymous does the same thing for gamblers.K: I see, so its sort of like rehab.Patricia问起Joe近况。John说,Joe现在加入了Gamblers Anonymous嗜赌者互诫协会。Gamblers Anonymous跟Alcoholic Anonymous嗜酒者互诫协会差不多,是帮助赌徒戒赌的组织。在英语里,有某件事情上瘾可以用problem这个字,比如,He has a drinking problem. 他酗酒成性。He has a gambling problem. 他成性。因此说,嗜赌者互诫协会差不多就是一种戒赌组织,its like a rehab. Rehab is spelled r-e-h-a-b, rehab 是戒毒,戒赌中心的意思。 John 接着说:J: Thats right. Gamblers Anonymous offers a support system to gamblers who have a problem.K: Well, I hope your friend gets better soon. So....what casino games do you usually play?P: Ive always liked card games....poker, especially. I dont like slot machines because I dont think there are any skills involved.J: I like poker and all kinds of table games, but my favorite is Blackjack. Blackjack is a nice mix of skill and luck.嗜赌互诫协会为上瘾的人提供了一个 support system 相互持的系统。话说到这,Kelly问Patricia和John去一般都玩些什么。Patricia说自己一般都是玩card games玩牌,不喜欢拉slot machines, 因为他觉得完全凭运气,一点技术含量也没有。John说,凡是table games他都喜欢玩。在里,table games除了扑克牌以外,还包括 craps轮盘骰子和罗莱特 Roulette等。John还说,但是他最爱玩的还是Blackjack, 21点。K: I think I might be able to enjoy a game or two of Poker or Blackjack. Do you think Ill get addicted?P: Kelly, Ive known you for a few years and you have excellent self-control. I dont think youll have a problem controlling yourself.J: Besides, you only get to go to Macau once in a blue moon. What I suggest is you set yourself a reasonable budget of money that you can afford to lose. Dont go beyond that limit.P: A little bit of legal gambling can be a lot of fun...but we have to know when to call it a night.K: All right. Youre on! Lets hit the casinos on Friday night.Kelly 担心自己赌钱上瘾 get addicted. John建议她给自己设定一个合理的限度,set yourself a reasonable budget that you can afford to lose. 给自己定个输得起的预算,不要超过那个限度。John还说,况且,You only get to go to Macau once in a blue moon. 去的机会少之又少,once in a blue moon 是非常罕见的意思。Patricia 也说,we know when to call it a night. 我们知道什么时候该打住。Kelly 在两人说下,最后说,Youre on. Lets hit the casinos on Friday night. 星期五去,我们就这么说定了。A: Exactly! A little bit of legal gambling can be a lot of fun...偶尔去一次玩玩,其实还挺有意思的。B: I dont think you should ever try it, 杨琳。Remember your addiction to Korean sitcoms? or Cheese-cake? or Ice-cream?A: Ugh....maybe I have an addictive personality by nature...B: Haha, I dont think so, but I do know of a good ;Korean Sitcoms Antonymous; group if you y to kick the habit.A: 哈! 咱们接着来听下面的Learn a Word, 再来多学学additive这个词儿的用法!Learn A Word 1714 addictive今天我们要学的词是 addictive. Addictive is spelled a-d-d-i-c-t-i-v-e, addictive. Addictive 容易让人上瘾的。Deaths from drug overdoses rose for the 11th straight year in 2010. Most cases were accidents involving addictive painkillers. 2010年,药物用过量造成的死亡事件连续11年持续上升,其中大部分案例都涉及用后容易上瘾的止痛药。脸书网和推特网的用户总数加在一起,有十亿多人。美国芝加哥大学的研究人员发现,Social networking can be more addictive than nicotine or alcohol. 使用社交网站甚至可能比尼古丁和酒精更能让人上瘾。好的,今天我们学习的词是 addictive, addictive, addictive...A:Social networking is totally addictive! I cant go on one day without checking my facebook.B:Yeah...the first thing I do in the morning is to check my gmail and facebook accounts on my cell phone, and I definitely check my email more than necessary.A: You are totally addicted to your cell phone! You even take it with you when you go to the bathroom...B: Well...lets...talk about something else! We still have one last segment to go!A: 哈哈,小样! 好吧,来听今天的最后一个单元!Words and Idioms 830 LOWER THE BOOM美国习惯用语第 830讲我刚刚参加了三天的电脑安全培训班。负责培训的老师对学生要求特别严格,对我们这些大记者丝毫不留情面。我的一个同事就因为培训最后一天迟到了二十分钟,被老师请出了教室,要他下次培训班从头来过。不过,这倒让我想起了今天要学的习惯用语,叫M: Lower the boom. Lower is spelled l-o-w-e-r and boom; b-o-o-m. Lower-the-boom. Lower the boom.大家都知道,low 是低的意思,后面加上 er, 变成 lower, 就是动词,是降低、放低的意思。 Lower the boom 里的 boom 是一个帆船上的专业术语,指的是张帆杆,又叫下桁。Lower the boom 这个习惯用语是严厉惩罚的意思。比如说刚才谈到的培训班的那位老师,对学生迟到进行了严厉的惩罚。She lowered the boom on the student.虽说很多人都觉得这个老师的做法未免有些过火,但是在教育孩子方面,做家长的很多时候恐怕都必需得狠下心来。让我们一起听听下面这位父亲是怎么说的。M: ;We warned our teenage son not to come home late again. So when he returned after midnight, we were in the living room waiting. Thats when we LOWERED THE BOOM. For the next month, hed have to stay in except for going to school. It was a harsh but necessary punishment.;这位父亲说:我们的儿子十几岁了,我们事先已经警告过他,不要再晚回家,结果这次他又是晚上12点才到家,我们坐在客厅里等他,毫不留情地告诉他,作为惩罚,接下来的一个月里,除了上学以外,哪儿都不能去,这种惩罚虽然严厉,但也是绝对必要的。在美国,家长管教孩子,不讲究打骂,经常用的手段就是在一段时间,比如一个星期内,剥夺孩子出去玩,给朋友打电话,看电视,玩等等的权利。好的,让我们再来听听上面那段话。M: ;We warned our teenage son not to come home late again. So when he returned after midnight, we were in the living room waiting. Thats when we LOWERED THE BOOM. For the next month, hed have to stay in except for going to school. It was a harsh but necessary punishment.;刚才我们谈到家长管教孩子,是为了让孩子知道,采取行为,就要承担后果,如果违反了规定,就会受到惩罚。这个简单的道理,有时候连成年人都会忘记。让我们听听下面这个人是怎么说的。M: ;A buddy of mine is stupid if he thinks he can avoid paying income taxes. Eventually the government will find out and then LOWER THE BOOM on him. That means hell get a stiff fine. Well, thats what happens when you dont obey the law!;这个人说:我认识的一个朋友觉得自己能逃避缴纳所得税,如果他真这么想,那简直是太愚蠢了。到头来,政府一定会发现,对他进行严厉的惩罚。也就是说,到时候,他必需要缴纳很多罚款。不遵纪守法,就是这个下场。我注意到,一到周末,我们社区路口旁总有一个女交警在那里值勤,对来往车辆的司机进行抽查。一旦发现酒后驾驶的人,毫不留情。She lowers the boom on drunk drivers, immediately taking them to jail。马上把他们带走关起来。好的,我们再听一下上面的例句。M: ;A buddy of mine is stupid if he thinks he can avoid paying income taxes. Eventually the government will find out and then LOWER THE BOOM on him. That means hell get a stiff fine. Well, thats what happens when you dont obey the law!;即使你不精通帆船,可能也会知道,风向发生变化的时候,帆船的张帆杆会剧烈摇摆,这也是最危险的时候。Lower the boom 这个习惯用语是在二十世纪上半叶出现的,可能就来源于此。好的,这次美国习惯用语就到此结束了。我是杨晨,我是 Douglas Johnson。这次节目的制作人是胡小玲。谢谢各位的收听。我知道,大家每天的工作生活都十分繁忙,如果不能每次按时收听美国习惯用语节目,也没有关系。Im not about to LOWER THE BOOM!M: This has been Words and Idioms. Until next time.我们下次节目再见。A: Never try to escape from your taxes. The IRS will lower the boom on you!B: I think the fashion police are going to lower the boom on you YL, I mean, seriously? That dress with those boots?A:.....好了同学们,这次节目时间就到这里了。B: Tune in next time for American English Mosaic!A: See you next time! /201501/349708

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