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BEIJING — If you’re driving in a Chinese city in the none-too-distant future and your car is engulfed in a dark, humming metallic belly, don’t panic. It may feel like an alien abduction, but probably it’s only a colossal, street-straddling bus.北京——如果在不远的未来,当你在一个中国城市开车时,你的车被吞进一个黑暗、嗡嗡作响的金属肚子,不要惊慌。虽然那可能让人觉得像是被外星人绑架了,但也可能只不过是一辆横跨大街之上的巨型巴士。The idea of a bus so large, high and long that it could virtually levitate above congested streets seemed surreal when presented at an expo in Beijing in May. But it came a step closer to reality this week, when a prototype went for an experimental spin in Qinhuangdao, a seaside city in northern China.5月份在北京的一个览会上亮相时,如此高大长的、几乎漂浮在拥堵道路上方的大型巴士的想法,似乎有点超现实。但本周,当一个车辆的雏形出现在中国北方海滨城市秦皇岛时,这个想法已经向现实迈近了一步。The makers of the vehicle, known as the Transit Elevated Bus, declared the ride down a few hundred yards of street on Tuesday a success, but the controlled conditions hardly reflected the gnarled unpredictability of Chinese traffic. Television news showed the bus, resembling a goliath bug, edging forward down tracks while two cars nestled underneath.这种被称为“巨型高架巴士”车辆的制造商宣布,周二在街头进行的几百米测试很成功,但测试的可控条件很难反映出中国交通堵塞的不可预测性。电视新闻显示,该大型车像一个巨大的虫子,沿着轨道缓缓向前移动,它的肚子下面待着两辆小汽车。“I wanted to officially show people that this is entirely possible and that the bus can be up and running,” Song Youzhou, the designer of the straddling bus, said in a telephone interview from Qinhuangdao.“我想强调的是,这测试是正式地给(人们)看这巴铁,他的流程(是)完全可能的,可以走起来,”立体快巴的设计师宋有洲从秦皇岛接受电话采访时说。“We were inspecting and testing the vehicle for a range of functions, like ignition, braking and other processes, to see if they all work together and there are no problems,” Mr. Song said. But a full trial run will not take place until the middle of next year, he said.宋有洲说,“我们在测试、实验巴铁的各种功能,比如启动,刹车,其他的流程,如果有没有问题,都可以走得起来。”但是,一次完整的试运行至少要到明年年中后才将开始,他说。To supporters, floating buses offer a solution to the traffic that chokes China’s cities. The prototype is 72 feet long and 26 feet wide. Most important, it is 16 feet high, leaving a tunnel more than 6 feet high between the wheels for cars. Commuters will be able to float above the cars, whisked on rails from one specially built elevated stop to another.在持者看来,浮在路上的巴士可以帮助解决令中国城市阻塞的交通问题。这辆样车长72英尺(约合22米),宽26英尺。最重要的是,它有16英尺高,下方会留出6英尺高的通道,车辆可以在巴士的车轮之间通行。乘客将浮在其他车辆上方,沿着轨道在专门建造的高架站台间高速行驶。“The invention of the Transit Elevated Bus is considered as a revolution for the environment-friendly public transportation,” the maker of the bus, TEB Technology, says on its website.“巴铁的发明被认为是环境友好型公共交通的一项革命,”这种巴士的制造商巴铁科技发展有限公司(TEB Technology)在其英文网站上写道。“No more traffic jams,” it says with some optimism.“从此不再有交通拥堵,”该公司乐观地表示。But skeptics say the bus is a magnificent example of a solution to a problem that is likely to create yet more problems.但怀疑者表示,巴铁是解决一个问题但有可能制造更大问题的极佳例子。After the trial run on Tuesday, China’s internet filled with questions. How would the bus negotiate turns? What about the many drivers who jump in and out of lanes? And what about vehicles like trucks that are too large to fit under the bus?周二进行首次试运行之后,中国的网络上充满了质疑之声。这种车怎么转弯?对那些突然并线的司机怎么办?卡车之类体积太大无法在巴士下方通行的车辆又该如何?“It might be a fantasy to deploy the ‘elevated bus’ on existing urban road infrastructure,” Beijing Daily said about the idea in June. “It’s very impractical.”“‘空中巴士’利用既有城市道路设施的想法很可能是一厢情愿,”《北京日报》今年6月如此这种创意,“可实施性很差。”It noted that the giant buses would not be able to use the bridges and overpasses in the capital city.它指出,这种体型巨大的巴士将无法通过北京的立交桥。“Even if the ‘elevated bus’ is deployed on ordinary urban roadways, it will need special groundwork, otherwise the roads will be crushed to smithereens before long,” the paper said.“即使‘空中巴士’开行在一般城市道路上,也需要特殊的地基处理,否则用不了多久,城市道路必定被碾压得千疮百孔,”该报道中写道。Mr. Song said that a full bus would have four connected carriages and be able to carry 1,200 passengers, which may make getting on and off an adventure in itself. Turning at broad intersections would not pose a problem, Mr. Song added. The cars underneath the bus would come to a stop and wait while the bus curved the corner.宋有洲表示,整辆巴士会有4节相连的车厢,能搭乘1200名乘客,这也许会让上下客本身成为一种挑战。宋有洲还提到,巴士在大的十字路口转弯不存在问题。巴士转弯时,下方的车辆会停下来等待。“Underneath the bus, traffic lights will be coordinated with the traffic lights on the road so that cars are notified,” he said.“巴铁下面的红绿灯会配合路上的红绿灯,警告下面的车,”他说。Even drivers hardened to the mayhem on China’s roads might be unsettled by the idea of sitting under a bus while red and green lights flash.就算是已经习惯于中国道路混乱状况的司机,或许也会对在一辆有红绿灯闪烁的大巴下行驶的念头感到不安。“This may create some psychological pressure for motorists,” Zhang Jianwu, a professor at the Institute of Automotive Engineering at Shanghai Jiaotong University, told China Youth Daily last month.“可能会给开车的人造成一定心理压力,”上海交通大学汽车研究院教授张建武上月接受《中国青年报》采访时说。But Mr. Song had something to reassure people worried about the newfangled technology.不过,宋有洲也说了一些话来缓解人们对这项新奇技术的担忧。“At the moment, we can’t use driverless technology on the bus,” he said. “We have to have humans at the wheel.”“我们暂时没法靠着无人驾驶技术,”他说。“一定要有人来开我们的巴铁。” /201608/459026。

  • “Hello kind people! When you see this child, you will doubtless criticise the parents for being immoral. But we have no way out — please help us, we don’t know what to do.”“好心人您好!当你们看到这个小孩的时候肯定会骂他的父母不道德。我们也是实在没有办法——请帮帮我们,我们也是不知道怎么办。”Thus begins that very rare thing: a letter from a father, forced to abandon his disabled infant on the streets of Ningbo — a city near Shanghai that is one of the richest in China — explaining why he did it. And, no, he had not lost a packet in the stock market slump that has rattled the rest of the world. The financial calamity that befell this father was to bear two sons, both of them deaf. Raising one son had taught him how hard it is to care for a disabled child, even today, in the age of the Chinese dream. Raising a second deaf child was simply out of the question.这是一件稀罕事的开头:一位父亲迫不得已,将身有残疾的孩子遗弃在宁波(离上海很近,是中国最富裕的城市之一)街头,并留下一封信,解释自己这么做的原因。哦,不,他并不是在令全世界惊慌失措的中国股灾中遭受了损失。降临在这位父亲头上的经济灾难是抚养两个失聪的儿子。抚养一个儿子已经让他明白照顾残疾儿童有多么艰难,即使是在追寻中国梦的今天。根本谈不上抚养第二个失聪的孩子。So the father abandoned his six-week-old son — for his own good. And, remarkably, he felt moved to explain his reasons. “We don’t own a house, or even a place to live. I thought I could make life gradually better by being diligent: but God has had no mercy on us,” the father wrote in May 2012. “In 2004 my wife gave birth to a boy, but when he was two years old we found he couldn’t hear or talk.”于是,这位父亲遗弃了出生6周的儿子——为了他好。不同寻常的是,他觉得有必要解释自己这样做的原因。“家里连老房子也没有,连住的地方也没有。本以为靠自己勤劳的双手可以让日子慢慢地好过一点。可是老天太作弄人了,”这位父亲在2012年5月写道,“2004年我老婆生下了一个男孩,在两岁的时候才发现耳朵听不到、不会讲话。”The family could not afford proper treatment so by the age of nine the child was still mute. “This year we had another child — but God is so unfair, he has the same condition as my elder boy,” the father wrote. “We beg you to save this poor thing.”这个家庭无力让孩子接受妥当的治疗,所以大儿子9岁时仍然不会说话。“今年又生了一个——可是老天太不公平了,他居然跟我大儿子一样,“这位父亲写道,“求求你们救救这可怜的小生命吧。”So far, so sad. But this is not a sob story. It is the tale of Bennett Sano, now aged nearly four, adopted by an American family and living in Seattle. He was recently diagnosed with Usher syndrome — a genetic disorder that will leave him not just deaf, but blind as well by adulthood.到这里,这个故事还是悲伤的。但这并不是一个悲剧。这是如今快满4岁的贝内特萨诺(Bennett Sano,中文名龙淼——译者注)的故事,他被一个美国家庭收养,如今住在西雅图。他最近被诊断出患有乌谢尔综合症(Usher)——这种遗传病不仅会使他耳聋,而且会使他在成年后失明。It may not sound like it, but Bennett is lucky. First, it’s rare in cases such as this for a birth parent to leave a note at all, and far rarer for the note to include anything but time and date of birth. The note was preserved in Bennett’s orphanage file (another rarity). And last week fate conspired to deliver another remarkably joyful twist to the story, when Bennett’s adoptive mother managed to find the father who wrote that letter.贝内特是幸运的,尽管听起来不太像。第一,在类似情况中,很少有亲生父母会留下信,而信中除了准确出生日期以外所有信息都有的情况更是少之又少。这封信被保存在贝内特在孤儿院的档案里(另一件罕见事)。命运再次给这个故事带来了一个非常令人欢喜的转折,贝内特的养母成功找到了写这封信的那位父亲。Molly Sano, a Seattle sign language interpreter, appeared on local television in Ningbo, and scarcely three days later she’d met the boy’s mother, father, brother, six-year-old sister and a healthy boy born after Bennett was abandoned (proving yet again that China’s one-child policy is often a misnomer).莫莉萨诺(Molly Sano)是西雅图一名手语翻译,她上了宁波当地的电视台,三天后,她就见到了贝内特的亲生父母、哥哥、6岁的以及一个在贝内特被遗弃后出生的健康的弟弟(再次明中国的独生子女政策往往形同虚设)。“So many things had to go just right for this to happen,” Ms Sano said: the doctor who diagnosed Bennett as a baby saw the TV report, the parents had not changed their phone number and they resisted the urge to ignore a call from one they didn’t know.“太多的巧合促成了这个结果,”莫莉称。这些巧合包括:在贝内特还是婴儿时给他看过病的医生看到了电视报道、贝内特的亲生父母没有更换手机号、他们没有忽视那通陌生来电。Frightened that she might be in trouble, the mother at first denied who she was. But she quickly had second thoughts and called back. Within hours, this extraordinary extended family was united — and Bennett’s two mothers could hardly stop hugging and crying. They did have one touchy subject to tackle: the birth father’s letter makes clear that he abandoned the baby because a doctor told him the child needed a cochlear implant and the birth family could not afford one.因为担心会惹上麻烦,那位母亲起初否认了自己的身份。但是她转念一想,又把电话打了过来。数小时后,这个特别的大家庭聚在一起——贝内特的两位妈妈情不自禁地拥抱在一起,痛哭不止。他们需要处理一个敏感问题:亲生父亲的信清楚地表明,他遗弃了这个孩子,因为医生告诉他孩子需要植入人工耳蜗,而他们一家无力承担。But Ms Sano and her husband, Chris — who is deaf — plan to let Bennett decide later if he wants an implant. They have taught him to sign. “To us, he is perfect,” says Ms Sano. “This isn’t a sad story of a deaf boy who will lose his vision, it’s a joyful, powerful story of a boy who happened to land in a family and a location that are a perfect fit for him,” she says. “There is no limit to our dreams for our son.”但是,莫莉和她的丈夫克里斯(Chris)——他也是失聪人士——计划以后让贝内特自己决定是否想要植入人工耳蜗。他们已经教会他打手语。“对我们来说,他是完美的,”莫莉称,“这并不是一个终将失明的失聪男孩的悲惨故事,而是一个快乐、感人的故事,一个男孩碰巧进入了一个非常适合他的家庭和地方,”她说,“我们对儿子的梦想没有任何界限。”Back in China, the birth family’s financial situation has improved; the father now has an iPhone 6s. But they think Bennett is lucky, too. “The birth mother said, over and over, now that we have seen your family, we can see that he has a better life there than here,” Ms Sano says.贝内特亲生父母的经济状况有所改善:这位父亲如今用的手机是iPhone 6s。但是他们也认为贝内特是幸运的。“他亲生妈妈反复说,既然我们已经见过你们一家了,我们看得出他在那里生活得更好,”莫莉说。So Bennett is where he needs to be. But as the adoptive mother of two abandoned Chinese daughters myself, I can’t wait for the day when birth parents can nurture dreams for their deaf toddlers without having to discard them in the street to make that happen. Gross domestic product is one thing, but I’ll be looking for a different measure of Chinese success: the day the last father writes a letter like that before leaving his disabled baby in the shadow of skyscrapers.因此,贝内特就在他应该呆的地方。但是作为一名收养了两个被遗弃的中国女孩的妈妈,我期待有一天失聪儿童的亲生父母可以亲自为孩子培育梦想,而不需要把孩子遗弃在街头。GDP是一回事,但是我期待看到另外一种衡量中国成功的方式:有那么一天,再也没有一位父亲会写下这样一封信,然后把身有残疾的孩子遗弃在天大楼的阴影之下。 /201602/424121。
  • A decomposing body may not seem like an ideal meditation aid, but at some of Thailand’s tens of thousands of Buddhist temples, it is common to find monks reflecting while seated before a rotting corpse.一具腐烂的尸体或许不像是辅助冥想的理想之物,但在泰国的数万座佛寺中,有些寺里的僧人的确经常坐在腐烂的尸体前沉思。The practice of corpse meditation, largely limited to Thailand today, is an ancient concept in Buddhism, sanctioned by the Buddha himself. 这种尸体冥想是佛教的一种古老观念,由佛陀本人准许,如今基本只在泰国境内存在。There are centuries-old murals and manuscripts depicting scenes of meditation next to different types of cadavers, some infested with worms, others cut in two or being picked at by crows.一些有数百年历史的壁画和手稿描绘了人们在尸体旁边冥想的景象,尸体多种多样,有的布满蛆虫,有的一分为二,还有的被乌鸦啄食。The unpleasant sight and overpowering stench of flesh decaying in tropical heat can impart lessons about important Buddhist precepts, like nonattachment to one’s body and the impermanence of everything, said Justin McDaniel, a professor of religious studies at the University of Pennsylvania.这种令人不快的场面以及肉体在高温下腐烂的难闻臭味可以传达重要的佛教教义,诸如不要执着肉体,一切都是无常,宾夕法尼亚大学宗教学教授贾斯汀#8226;麦克丹尼尔(Justin McDaniel)说。The ritual is viewed as a powerful way to learn selflessness, Professor McDaniel said, and the more selfless you are, the closer you are to nirvana.这种仪式被视为一种学习无我的强大方式,麦克丹尼尔说,你愈是无我,就愈接近涅槃。The corpse is often that of a child or young adult who has died unexpectedly. 尸体通常是意外死亡的孩子或年轻人的。A family will donate the body to a temple, hoping something good can come from the tragedy.家人把尸体捐到寺庙,希望这样的悲剧可以产生一些善果。The monks see the deceased young people as representing the best of humanity, Professor McDaniel said. 僧侣们把这些早逝的年轻人视为人性最美好一面的代表,麦克丹尼尔教授说。They’re innocent — not so selfish and greedy and ambitious. 他们是纯洁的——并没有太多的我执、贪念和野心。If something so beautiful can decay, why are you so proud and vain? You’re even uglier.如果这样美好的东西也会腐朽,为什么你还要如此骄傲自负呢,你更丑陋。The abbots who run Thailand’s temples, or wats, have tremendous leeway in adopting innovative approaches to meditation, and certain practices may be limited to a single sanctuary.泰国寺院的住持有很大的自由度,可以采用各种有创意的冥想方式,有些方式只限于在某一座寺庙进行。At one temple in Nong Bua Lamphu Province, a monk meditates in what appears to be hot oil. 在廊磨喃蒲府(Nong Bua Lamphu Province)的一座寺院里,一个僧侣在似乎是热油的液体里冥想。At another temple, Wat Tham Mangkon Thong, nuns meditate while floating in a pool. 在金龙洞寺(Wat Tham Mangkon Thong),尼姑漂浮在水池中冥想。At Wat Pai Civilsai, meditation has taken place in a box with pythons. 在Pai Civilsai寺,僧侣们在装着蟒蛇的箱子里冥想。Monks also meditate in caves and coffins, where the absolute darkness enhances concentration.僧侣们还会在洞穴和棺材里冥想,里面绝对的黑暗有助于集中精神。So-called forest monks who observe strict ascetic practices known as dhutanga are said to meditate while walking for weeks without ever lying down, even to sleep.所谓的林中僧侣奉行一种严格的苦修,叫做头陀苦行。据说他们在冥想中会一连行走几个星期,不用躺下来休息,甚至不睡觉。It is not only monks who meditate in ways that may seem extreme.不仅仅是僧人会以看似极端的方式进行冥思。Julia Cassaniti, an anthropology professor at Washington State University, was walking in the woods of a Thai monastery when she heard screams coming from a hut. 华盛顿州立大学人类学教授茱莉亚#8226;卡桑尼提(Julia Cassaniti)在泰国一座寺院的森林里行走时,听见一座小屋里传来阵阵尖叫声。The laypeople inside were using meditation to interact with their past lives, a struggle that adherents describe as painful.屋里的俗家修行者正在使用冥想与自己的前世交流,根据信徒的描述,那是一种痛苦的挣扎。A mediation technique that both monks and laypeople practice is a 10-day period of total silence. 有一种僧人和俗家修行者都采取的冥想方式是连续10天保持绝对静默。Some temples offer meditation retreats for tourists and encourage visitors to remain awake for the final three days.有些寺院为游客提供冥想体验场所,鼓励游客在最后三天一直保持清醒。The sleep deprivation is seen as worth it to get to the first stages of enlightenment, said Brooke Schedneck, a lecturer in Buddhist studies at the Institute of South East Asian Affairs in Chiang Mai, Thailand.为了达到觉醒的初级阶段,睡眠剥夺被认为是值得的,泰国清迈东南亚事务研究所的佛学讲师布鲁克#8226;施德尼克(Brooke Schedneck)说。The goal of meditation for all Buddhists is to gain insights into spiritual truths. 所有佛教徒冥想的目标都是为了获得对灵性真相的认识。These more extreme practices, Professor Cassaniti said, can heighten the access, so you get there a little faster or more intensely.卡桑尼提说,这些更加极端的修行方式可以增强接近真相的机会,帮助你更快,或是更强烈地体验那种境界。 /201609/464403。
  • A water buffalo grazes in a lush open field, an egret standing sentinel on its back. A herd of wild cattle bathes in the sunshine along the side of a winding road.一头水牛在葱翠的旷野上吃草,一只白鹭静静地立在它的背上。在一条蜿蜒曲折的路旁,一群野牛在晒着太阳。Two idyllic rural scenes, seen nearly every day.这两幅闲适恬静的郊野景致,几乎每天都可以看到。In Hong Kong.这是在香港。This is a place known for its urban superlatives. There are more skyscrapers here than anywhere on the planet. Most residents live in tiny apartments, many stacked atop sprawling shopping malls, which in turn are piled on top of subway stations. With an area about the size of Luxembourg, Hong Kong is continuously reclaiming land from the sea, making more space for its 7.2 million people.这个地方以美妙的城市景观著称,天大楼比地球上任何地方都多。大多数居民住在十分狭小的公寓内,而这些公寓有很多建在成片的购物中心之上,购物中心又往往建在地铁站之上。因为面积大概只有卢森堡那么大,香港在持续填海造地,好为720万人口创造更多空间。But there is another side to this former British colony. A wild side. Most of Hong Kong is not an urban jungle, but rather a real one, teeming with monkeys, Burmese pythons, barking deer, wild boars and 14 types of venomous snakes (eight of which, including the king cobra, are lethal to humans). About three-quarters of the land here is countryside, mostly mountainous terrain and much of it protected as parkland.不过,这片英国的前殖民地还有另一面——野性的一面。香港大多数地方并不是都市森林,而是覆盖着真正的森林,里面栖居着很多野生动物,包括猴子、缅甸蟒蛇、麂、野猪和14种毒蛇(包括眼镜王蛇在内的八种可以致人死亡)。香港有四分之三的地方是郊野,大多是丘陵,而且有很多作为公共绿地保护了起来。Rice paddies once dotted the lowland areas, where for generations cattle and water buffalo plowed the swampy land. By the 1970s, when Hong Kong’s economic boom and soaring land prices made farming less attractive and uneconomical, most of the work animals were abandoned.那些低洼区域也曾点缀着片片稻田,人们用黄牛和水牛世代耕种着松软的湿地。至上世纪70年代,香港经济开始繁荣,土地价格飙升,务农变得越来越没有吸引力,又缺乏经济价值,大多数农畜遭到遗弃。They seem to have done just fine.不过,它们似乎过得也不错。As many as 1,000-odd feral bovines — mostly cattle but also water buffaloes — remain. While many make their homes deep inside the country parks, others live near people, grazing at bus stops, occasionally raiding gardens and blocking traffic.目前香港有1000多头野牛——大多数是黄牛,也有水牛。尽管它们当中很多在郊野公园深处找到了自己的家,但也有一些聚居在靠近人类的地方。它们会在出租车站附近吃草,偶尔还会突袭花园或造成交通堵塞。This month, an immense, horned water buffalo surprised students by running alongside them in a cross-country race. For many residents venturing outside the city’s urban core, cattle are the first wild animals they encounter.本月,正进行越野赛跑的学生,就意外地碰上一大群长角的水牛跟着他们一起跑。对于很多到城市核心区域之外的地方游玩的居民来说,牛往往是他们首先看到的野生动物。Animal-rights advocates say the cattle have helped bring a sea change in attitudes toward wildlife in recent years, both among the populace and the government. A decade ago, the animals’ future looked uncertain as developers, especially on Lantau Island, home to the city’s airport and Disneyland, pushed the government to remove them to clear land for new houses.动物权益倡导人士表示,最近几年,因为牛的存在,不管是民众还是政府,对野生动物的态度都大为改观。10年前,动物们的未来显得并不确定,因为开发商,尤其是香港机场和迪士尼乐园所在的大屿山岛上的开发商,竭力促使政府除掉野生动物,腾出地方建造新项目。Many cattle, which are not a protected species, were slaughtered, and the herds on the island were on the verge of being eliminated, said Ho Loy, who leads the Lantau Buffalo Association.大屿山爱护水牛协会负责人何来(Ho Loy)表示,由于牛不是保护物种,当时有许多被屠宰,岛上的牛群濒临灭绝。“It was just like a war,” said Ms. Ho, whose group seeks to preserve the island’s cattle and buffalo.“就像一场战争,”何来说。她领导的团体致力于保护大屿山的黄牛和水牛。Now, the Hong Kong government agency in charge of managing wildlife is working to preserve the cattle, monitoring their health, tagging them, tracking some with GPS collars, and performing selective sterilizations to keep their numbers in check. Since the agency, the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department, set up its cattle management team in 2011, more than 300 animals have been sterilized, it said in an emailed response to questions.现在,负责管理野生动物的香港政府机构正努力保护牛群,检测它们的健康状况,给它们做标记,带上有GPS定位功能的项圈以追踪其活动。他们还会有选择地给牛做绝育,以控制种群规模。这一部门名为香港渔农自然护理署。通过邮件回答采访问题时,护理署表示,自2011年成立牛只管理队以来,他们已经给超过300头牛做了绝育。Volunteer groups like Ms. Ho’s, as well as similar organizations in other parts of Hong Kong, work closely with the government and the public to protect the animals and handle complaints.诸如大屿山爱护水牛协会这样的志愿团体,以及香港其他地区的类似机构,还和政府、公众紧密合作,保护动物,处理投诉问题。The beasts’ higher profile has given rise to a new breed of residents: urban cowgirls.野牛受关注程度的提高还催生了一种新的居民类型:都市女牛仔。Karina O’Carroll, 32, is one of them. As a founder of Sai Kung Buffalo Watch, she takes calls from the public at all hours, responding to reports of cattle blocking roads, and protests from people annoyed by piles of steaming cow patties. All in an effort to maintain bovine-human harmony.32岁的拉琳娜·欧卡罗尔(Karina O’Carroll)就是其中一员。作为西贡野牛观察(Sai Kung Buffalo Watch)机构的一名创始人,她会接听公众的来电,在接到有关野牛堵塞交通的报告,或被一堆堆热气腾腾的牛粪惹恼的人们的抱怨时,加以解决。这些都是为了实现人畜和谐共处。“We have gone to pick up poo to appease people,” she said, explaining to them that “it’s the best thing for your gardens and your plants.”“为了安抚人们的情绪,我们有去捡牛粪,”她说,还会向他们解释,“对你家的花园和植物来说,牛粪是最好的东西。”Ms. O’Carroll does not have a lasso. She has found that the best way to shoo cattle off the road is to jingle some car keys — they will move away from the sound. Failing that, splash them with water. And though she does not carry a six-shooter, she does on occasion fire antimaggot medication at their hindquarters.欧卡罗尔不用套索。她发现把牛从道路上赶走的最好的办法,是用车钥匙发出叮当的响声。它们听到那种声音就会离开。如果这个办法行不通,可以向它们撒一些水。尽管不曾用左轮手对付过这些动物,但她偶尔会向它们的臀部及后腿上喷防蛆剂。“They don’t like the sound of sprays,” she says. “You’ve got one shot, and then they’re gone.”“他们不喜欢喷雾器的声音,”她说。“你只要喷一下,它们就走了。”Ms. Ho is more of a cow whisperer, talking to the animals in a soothing voice to make them move off the roadway, out of harm’s way.何来则更像是一个牛语者,会以柔和的声音和动物们说话,让它们离开道路,免受伤害。Both women are helped by scores of volunteers, as interest in the cattle grows. The government now sees the animals as less of a nuisance and more of a tourist attraction.随着人们对牛群的兴趣增大,不少志愿者前来帮助二人做这些工作。政府现在更多地把这些动物看做吸引旅游的元素,而不是把它们当作麻烦。“The department recognizes that the cattle and buffalo are part of the heritage of rural Hong Kong and that it brings pleasure to visitors and locals alike to see these animals in a natural environment,” the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department says on its website.“本署认同黄牛及水牛是本港农村生活历史遗产的其中一部分,本地和外地游客亦乐于见到它们在自然环境中活动,”渔农自然护理署在其网站上表示。Cows are far and away the most common wild animal seen in Hong Kong, but encounters with other creatures also take place as the city expands and people venture into the wilderness.牛无疑是香港最常见的野生动物,远远超出其他物种。但随着城市扩大,以及人类的活动范围深入郊野,和其他动物相遇的情况也时有发生。In May, a wild boar entered a shopping mall on Hong Kong Island, rampaging through a children’s store before being tranquilized and returned to the wild. The next month, a 12-foot python had to be removed from a village grave site where it had taken residence. Families hiking in the wilderness have been known to lose a family dog to a python’s stranglehold.今年5月,一头野猪闯进港岛一家商场,在一间儿童商店里横冲直闯,之后被麻醉并送回野外。6月,一座村子不得不从墓地移走了一条盘踞在那里的12英尺长巨蟒。有一家人在旷野徒步时,一只宠物被巨蟒缠绕勒死。Last month, more than a dozen macaque monkeys took over a school playground, forcing students to move inside while animal control officials tried to remove the primates. Eventually one, lured by a banana, was caught in a cage, prompting the others to retreat, local news media reported.上个月,十几只猕猴占领了一所学校的运动场,学生们不得不回到室内,等待管控动物的官员驱散这群灵长目生物。据当地新闻媒体报道,最终一只猴子受不了香蕉引诱,被关进了笼子,其他猴子才撤离了运动场。Hong Kong’s thriving wild fauna stands in sharp contrast to the rest of China. From 1970 to 2010, the population of reptiles and amphibians fell 97 percent in China, while the mammal populations — humans excepted — fell 50 percent during the same period, according to a study released this month by the World Wide Fund for Nature.野生动物在香港的生机勃勃,与中国其他地区形成了鲜明的对比。世界自然基金会(WWF)本月公布的一项研究显示,从1970年到2010年,中国爬行动物和两栖动物的总量下降了97%,而哺乳动物数量——人类除外——在同一时期下降了50%。Cattle here are bucking that trend. Their numbers on Lantau Island have more than tripled in recent years, Ms. Ho estimates.香港的牛群则逆势增长。据何来估计,近年来大屿山的牛只数量增加了两倍多。Feral cattle, which do not meet the government’s definition of wild animals, do not enjoy government protection. In Hong Kong, killing or possessing a wild Burmese python, fox, squirrel, monkey or any bird subjects violators to a fine of as much as ,900 and up to a year in prison.野牛不符合政府对野生动物的定义,并未受到政府保护。在香港,猎杀或拥有野生缅甸蟒蛇、狐狸、松鼠、猴子或任何鸟类会被处以至多10万港元(约合人民币8万元)的罚款、最高一年的监禁。But these days, few people set out to harm the animals, and though Ms. O’Carroll and her colleagues fear that cattle rustlers from mainland China could spirit whole herds away on boats in the dead of night, so far that does not appear to have happened.但现如今,几乎没有人会做出伤害动物的行为,不过欧卡罗尔和同事们担心,来自中国大陆的偷牛贼可能会在夜深人静的时候把整群牛带上船运走。但这样的事情至今并没有出现过。Instead, more people seem to enjoy just having them around as a living reminder of Hong Kong’s bucolic past.更多的人似乎喜欢野牛在周围流连,因为这是一个生动的提醒,令人想起香港昔日的田园风情。“They’re part of our community,” Ms. O’Carroll said. “They have to stay. They were here before a lot of us.”“它们是我们社群的一部分,必须留下来。它们比我们很多人来这里的时间都早,”欧卡罗尔说。 /201511/412021。
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