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Hundreds are dead and hundreds more are injured after a magnitude-7.8 earthquake hit Ecuadors coast Saturday night.周六晚上,7.8级地震袭击厄瓜多尔海岸,造成数百人死亡,另有数百人受伤。The countrys officials placed six provinces under a state of emergency after the quake.地震发生后,厄瓜多尔宣布六省进入紧急状态。This is the strongest earthquake Ecuador has experienced in decades. Officials say at least 0 million will be allocated to recovery efforts. 这是厄瓜多尔几十年来最强烈的地震。官员称至少将分配3亿美元用于恢复工作。The country has experienced aftershocks since the earthquake, but power has been restored in several places, and a tsunami warning was issued after the quake but has since been lifted.自地震以来经历了多次余震,但在几处地方已经恢复了电力,地震过后还发出了海啸警报,但此后又被解除了。The U.S. Geological Survey says this earthquake had a shallow depth of 11.9 miles, which is typical of most larger earthquakes in South America. 美国地质调查局表示,此次地震位于11.9英里深的浅层,是美国南部典型的大地震。Ecuadors president was at the Vatican for a conference during the earthquake but will return home Sunday night to help officials manage from the ground.地震期间厄瓜多尔总统正在梵蒂冈举行会议,周日晚上将回国帮助官员处理地面工作。译文属。201604/437848So whats happening?这里发生了什么呢Well, the flame heats up the elements giving them more thermal energy火焰加热这些单质,让它们具有更多热能This excites the electrons from their ground or lower energy state这会将电子从较低能量的基态激发到to an excited or higher energy state较高能量的激发态This is what that looks like大致是这样Since energy cannot be created or destroyed由于能量无法创生或毁灭and energy that was absorbed by the atom原子所吸收的能量must be emitted again as the electron returns to the ground state必然会在电子返回基态时释放出来This energy is emitted as light这些能量会以光的形式释放So why do different elements have different colored flames?为什么不同单质燃烧产生了不同颜色的火焰呢Because the difference in energy between the ground state and the excited state 这是因为基态和激发态之间的能差is unique for each element对于每种元素是不同的And what does energy have to do with it?能量同这有什么关系呢Well, the human eye perceives photons or light particles人眼会将不同能量的光子of different energies as different colors分辨为不同的颜色So red light is a lower energy than yellow红光比黄光能量要低which is a lower energy than blue黄光又比蓝光能量低Think about it like a rainbow spectrum可以用虹光谱来考虑So energy increases along the spectrum沿光谱往前,能量会递增Red is low energy light 红光是低能量的光and violet is high energy light而紫光是高能量的光Going back to our atoms energy levels回到这些原子的能级if the difference between the ground state and the excited state is smaller如果基态和激发态之间的能差较小the light particle is of lower energy光子的能量就会较低and we see that as a redder light这时看到的光会偏红Conversely相反if the energy gap is larger如果能差较大the light particle is of higher energy光子能量就会较高and we see that as bluer light我们看到的光就会偏蓝And this is a simplified picture of whats happening这只是一幅简图Each element has a unique set of excited states which每种元素都有独特的激发态each leads to a different pattern of light导致不同的光的样式which we see as red, green, yellow, etc导致我们这里看到了红色,绿色,黄色,等等Hope you enjoyed the and Ill see you next time但愿大家喜欢这个视频,下次再见201501/355969栏目简介:《造物小百科How it’s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。201510/392053英语非常道 第1期:胡敏雅思深度对话两代高分学员201507/385176

But knowing that these overweight children are但是要了解到这些超重的孩子very likely to become obese adults adds another level极有可能成为肥胖的成人,这又增加了问题的to the problem. The risk of adult obesity at every age严重性,在每一个年龄区间,成人肥胖的风险interval is significantly greater if the child is将会极度增大,如果这个孩子本身overweight and if the child has a parent that is obese.超重并且他父母中有一个也属于肥胖的话Looking at the table you can see that 1 to 2 year olds看看这个图表,您会发现1到2岁大的孩子with no obese parents only had an 8 percent chance他们父母不肥胖的话,他们成年后患上肥胖of becoming obese in adulthood.But an overweight的几率只有8%,但是,一个超重的10 to 14 year-old with obese parents had a 7910到14岁有肥胖父母的孩子,成年后患percent chance of becoming obese in adulthood.肥胖的几率则高达79%This cycle clearly needs to be stopped before it starts这个现象显然在发生之前就应该被阻止Yes, something drastic needs to be done but not just的确,应该采取一些强有力的措施,但绝不仅because of the rise of obesity.You may be thinking,是由于肥胖的增加,您可能想well, my child isnt overweight.But weight is not好吧,我的孩子体重正常,但是,体重并不是the only measure of health.It is important for both健康的唯一标尺,对于正常体重normal weight and overweight children to get和超重的孩子而言,摄入推荐的the recommended nutrients and the fact of the matter营养素十分重要,事实是is that most children are not meeting all of大多数孩子并没有得到所有the recommendations.Only two percent of kids推荐的营养素,只有2%的孩子meet all food guide pyramid recommendations.达到了食物指南金字塔推荐的标准16 percent do not meet any.40 percent meet16%的没有得到推荐中的任何东西 40%only one.And more than 84 percent of kids eat只得到了一项,超过84%的孩子摄入too much fat while 91 percent on children eat过量脂肪 91%的孩子摄入too much saturated fat.Less than 15 percent of过量饱和脂肪,不足15%的children get enough fruits.Less than twenty percent孩子吃足够多的水果,不足20%的get enough vegetables.And less than 30 percent get吃足够多的蔬菜,不足30%的饮用enough milk.Can you guess what our children do足量的牛奶,您知道我们的孩子在哪方面get enough of.While fruit, vegetable and milk摄入量足够吗?他们的水果,蔬菜和牛奶的recommendations are frequently far from being met摄入量通常远低于推荐水平soft drink consumption is soaring.Looking at而他们软饮料的饮用量却在蹿升,看看this data you can see that soft drinks make up a这组数据,您会发现许多各个年龄段的儿童fair share of total calories each day for many children他们饮用的软饮料占据每日总卡路里量的份额of all ages.Not only are children being fed too much是基本相等的,孩子们不仅被灌入了太多pop but the majority of their snacks come from汽水,他们零食中的大部分也都是一些cookies, desserts, potato chips, salty snacks and candy饼干,甜品,薯片,咸味零食以及糖果16 percent of snacks are fruits but only one percent of他们零食中有16%是水果,但是只有1%是snacks are veggies.It shouldnt be surprising that蔬菜,这也就难怪多数孩子most children eat only half the recommended 5 daily只摄入了针对水果和蔬菜的5项每日servings of fruits and vegetables. Plus, the vegetables备餐推荐中的一半,另外,他们所吃的that they are eating are not the highest in nutrient蔬菜在营养质量方面并非是最佳的quality.The most common vegetables eaten孩子们最常吃的蔬菜是by children are French fries, catsup, and pizza sauce.炸薯条,番茄酱,披萨酱Children have especially low intakes of nutrient他们摄入的富含营养素的深绿色蔬菜和rich dark green leafy and deep yellow veggies.As you can see this多叶蔬菜少之又少,你可以看到这就是is an overview of how to ;my pyramid;.如何大致上去解读;我的金字塔;Locate the moderation description in the middle of看一看左边中间对适中的描述the left side.It explains that moderation is它解释道,在金字塔上,适中是由将represented on the pyramid by narrowing of each从底到顶的每一个食物组food group from the bottom to the top.The wider进行窄化来代表的,更宽的base stands for foods with little or no added fats塔基代表没有或几乎没有添加脂肪或糖的or sugars.These should be selected more often.食物,应当经常选择这些食物The narrower top area stands for foods containing更窄的顶部区域代表那些含有更多more added sugar and solid fats.These should be添加糖和脂肪的食物,应当尽量少地selected less often.For example, brown rice would选择这些食物,比如说,糙米应该be at the base of the grain group while a donut是在谷物组的底层而炸面圈应该是在would be at the tip.For the vegetable group spinach最上端,在蔬菜组中,菠菜应该是在would be at the base while French fries would be最底层而炸薯条应该是在at the top.For the fruits an apple would be at the最上层,对水果组而言,一个苹果应该是在base while a slice of apple pie would be at the tip.底层而一份苹果馅饼则应该是在最上端201503/367017

Hi, Im Jessica嗨,我是JessicaAnd today Im going to be talking about chemical demonstration今天我要讲的化学演示I like to call elements on fire叫作着火的元素Lets watch as MITs Dr. John Dolhun --我们来看MIT的John Dolhun士here he is --这就是他creates a rainbow of colors at the Cambridge Science Festival如何在剑桥科学节上创造出虹般的色So what Id like to do is do a grand finale 下面我要演示一个压轴好戏by actually burning some elements我将直接燃烧元素单质since were talking about elements契合现在我们讲的元素主题and were going to have a little Rondo music to go with this演示过程中将播放一小段回旋曲So Clifton can go ahead and do thatClifton现在可以开始演奏了Ive got some lithium我有一些锂some boron一些硼strontium, sodium, and potassium锶,钠和钾So there should be quite a broad spectrum of colors here这会产生出各种不同颜色So the boron is a nice green color硼是美丽的绿色The lithium is a beautiful red锂是漂亮的红色Sodium back here is a yellow后面这里的钠是黄色Weve got a little bit of strontium这里还有一些锶which is kinda the bluish red呈现出带蓝色的红色I think the blue is probably the methanol我想,蓝色可能来自于甲醇and the potassium is a little bit of a viole而钾则是一些紫色and with a yellow color带有一些黄色Can you see those?可以看到这些吗So Dr. Dolhun puts sorts of five different elements and watch glassesDolhun士将五种元素单质放到表面皿中lithium锂boron硼strontium 锶sodium钠and potassium和钾He also adds a little methanol to each watch glass他还加入了少许甲醇到表面皿Then he lights them all on fire然后他点燃了所有这些物质and they produce flames of different colors它们产生了不同颜色的火焰Lithium is red锂是红色Boron is green硼是绿色Strontium is a blue red锶是蓝红色Sodium is yellow钠是黄色And potassium is violet with yellow streaks钾是紫色,带有黄色条纹201501/355768

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