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Alipay, the leading Chinese third-party payment platform, announced Saturday it is now the world’s biggest mobile payment service. 中国最大的第三方付平台—付宝于周六宣布其现在是世界上最大的移动付务平台。 According to data released by the company it had nearly 300 million registered real-name users, including 100 million who accessed services via mobile phones in 2013. 根据付宝公司发布的相关数据数据,其已拥有近3亿的实名注册用户,包括2013年通过移动手机进入务端口的1亿用户。 The companies mobile users made 2.78 billion transactions, valued at 900 billion yuan, or 148 billion US dollars. Alipay, a subsidiary of the Internet firm Alibaba Group, says its active mobile usership trumped its U.S. counterpart ’Paypal’ in the second quarter of last year. 付宝公司的手机用户完成了27.8亿次交易量,价值9000亿元人民币,合1480亿美元。付宝是互联网公司—阿里巴巴集团的子公司,付宝公司表示其去年二季度的有效移动用户数已经超过美国贝宝。201402/275145Charlize Theron on Life in the Spotlight: You Start Feeling RapedActress sparks firestorm over analogy directed at photographers and gossip reporters.A lot of people talked this moring about Charize and the controvercial comments shes made about on life and spotlight.And the captin work we were using fashional knowledge when discussing her celebrity. And she is on the janat is here with more all talk a lot this moring...very lot of people are aware about that damanding beyong Charize Theron within UK promoting her movies a million ways to dare the western, she uses an unfortunate word to describe whats like to shes story about her personal life on the internet. Her comment has lot of people fired up.Charize Theron the statuate as beauty and Auswarding Wing attress is in hot water for quitening paparazzi intrusion with rape.I think its start living that word and doing start.. I gussed feeling raped. The controvernal comments were made this week unbreakon scared news when she is explainning she doesnt google herself. Some people might rational stopped it. There are certion things in my life that I think very secret and Im very protectable with them.But this morning, the wrongs is using the word rape is in a native black slash on social media. Intrusive press cover is nothing like rape Charize Theron, not even close. hashtag think before you speak. And have you been raped, have you dared to use this term so loosely.There is one wrong word choice and it aways Charlize lead the entire points she was trying to make which is she clear feels violated by the media intrusion in her life.Theron is no strangers to the issue. She could be a mother, your sister, your daughter. She started in several public service compaigns aims at stopping rape, including one in the her named in south Africa.Very 26 seconds a womon is raped in south Africa. Theron isnt the first celebrities come up using the word.In 2010, Christan Dawt told British Jaw magazine that looking at parpazzis photoes was looking like someone being raped. And in 2011, Janet Dap told Theron maganize that being photographs is like being raped. Both later appologized.We reached at Theron for comment, but she hasnt responded we did ,however, get a response for the nation largest anti-social violence organizations assess and they horse being raped should be never be compared with unpleasantness someones gooling thems lfness. We all known what she meant and clearly she has fun in Africa against rape for sometimes we havnt heard from her but clearly, she is she, she is what differently was. Unfornately it works. /201406/304768

How do I change my negative relationship patterns?我应该怎样改变悲观的恋情模式呢?The thing about your patterns is youll never really change them but you can break them. You cant just make yourself bend a little, but you can say, ;OK, now Ive got a choice. Ive always been attracted to people who are a certain way. Heres my choice, I can decide, OK for the rest of my life Im only going to go out with those types of people which will probably lead to lousy relationships or I can consciously say, Im going to break my pattern, find somebody that I maybe less attracted to, but who seems better for me in other ways.” And thats really what you do with your patterns.关于恋情模式,关键是你永远不可能改变它,但是可以打破它。你不能让自己屈,但是你可以说:“好的,现在我面临一个选择。我通常被某种特定风格的人吸引。这是我的选择,我可以决定。接下来的日子,和我约会的人可能会让恋情非常糟糕。或者也可以有意识地说,我要打破这种模式,找不那么吸引我的人,但是在其他方面对我比较好。”以上就是如何选择恋情模式。Thanks for watching How To Change Your Negative Relationship Patterns.感谢收看“如果改变悲观消极的恋情模式”视频节目。视频听力节目由。201308/251212

The spur for Bruce Lee to start weight training came after a fight in San Francisco in 1965.李小龙开始举重训练 原因还得追溯到1965年在旧金山的一次格斗Hed just started to teaching kungfu.When a traditional practitioner of the art heard Bruce Lee was teaching westerners, he challenged him to a fight.他刚开始教授功夫,当地一名传统武术拳师知悉李小龙公开招收西方人为徒 便向李小龙下了挑战书。A pregnant Linda Lee was there to witness it.It lasted about 3 minutes.琳达 李当时也挺着大肚子观看了此次格斗,大约持续了3分钟。Bruce got the fellow down to the ground and said, ; Do you give up? Do you give up?;小龙将对手撂倒在地 不住地问 ;你不? 你不?;And he said I give up.So they went back to San Francisco.对方说 我了,然后灰溜溜地逃回旧金山。However, it upset Bruce mightly that he had not dispatched that man in under 3 minutes.但小龙自己也高兴不起来 他没能在3分钟之内解决掉对方And he began... thats when he began to question his physical fitness and his way of martial arts.自此 他也开始质疑自己的身体情况以及搏击方式Bruce Lee decided to reexamine both his fighting and training methods and began an intensive program of physical conditioning.李小龙决定重新定位自己的格斗和训练方式并开始了一项健身密集训练。He had a program for every single day.So he did aerobic-type things.He rode his bike, he rode a stationary bike.He ran.He jumped to rope.All those kind of things for aerobic conditioning.每天都条条在列,进行有氧训练,比如单车训练 骑健身车 跑步 跳绳,任何有氧训练都尝试过。And then he did sit-ups forever, he had the wonderful washboard abs.And he did strength exercising with weights all the time.And he was very specific. He books on kinesiology so he would know how to develop his body.同时坚持做仰卧起坐 造就了完美的;搓衣板;腹肌,,他还通过举重进行力量训练,而且他很特别 还要研读运动机能学方面的书籍 这样才能知道如何提升自己的身体机能。201402/275586Temperatures are busting thermometers this summer in China, especially in the south. While most people turn their air conditioners on, some are beating the heat with the help of nature.这个夏天炎热无比,尤其是南方城市。当很多人打开空调享受凉爽时,还有人利用大自然带来的便利祛暑。One creative restaurant in the Southwest Chinas city of Chongqing has moved its business from indoors to open water. About fifty tables are placed in shallow water, just under the shadow of trees.重庆一家餐馆极具创意地将室内用餐变成了室外用餐,在树荫下的浅水中摆了近50张餐桌。This has become a huge crowd draw. The owner says about one thousand people came to ;eat-in-water;, which brings 10,000 yuan of turnover a day. But the energy-saving method also has its cons - some customers throw rubbish into the river, and some may hurt their bare feet by stepping on stones.这家餐馆一下吸引了大批顾客。餐馆老板说近千人来此享受水中用餐,而这也为餐馆带来10000元/天的营业额。但是,这种节能方法也有弊端:一些顾客讲垃圾扔在河里,一些顾客的脚被水中的石头划伤。201308/251403

电路的设计和建造曾经非常昂贵且繁琐,直到 Leah Buechley 和她的研究小组在麻省理工学院发明了一种用纸笔手绘出电路图的方法。 在2011年 TEDYouth 演讲中,Buechley 向我们展示了她们富有魔力的设计,比如画出一台可以弹奏的钢琴。201406/302753

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: See if you can I.D. me. 看你能否鉴别出我。Im a herbivore thats native to Africa and Asia, all of my species are endangered. 我是发源于非洲和亚洲的食草动物,我的种族濒临灭绝。My order also includes zebras and horses, but Im by far the biggest mammal in the group.我的同目里还有斑马和马,但我是该组中最大的哺乳动物。Im a rhinoceros. 我是犀牛。Conservationists estimate there are fewer than 30,000 rhinos left in the world today.环保人士估计如今世界上的犀牛已经不到3万头了。AZUZ: One big reason for that, poaching. 期中最大的原因就是,偷猎。Trespassing and illegally killing rhinos, which are slow to reproduce. 犀牛繁殖得很慢,被非法入侵者、非法偷猎者捕杀。Their horns are what poachers are after. 偷猎者们想要的就是他们得犀牛角。They are made of keratin, a kind of protein we have in our hair. 犀牛角有角质构成,我们的头发也有这种成分。Sometimes they are sold as trophies, sometimes because they are believed to have healing properties. 有时候它们被作为战利品出售,有时候是因为它们被认为可以用来疗伤。Its why protecting them in places like South Africa is priority.这就是为什么要优先在南非这样的地方保护犀牛。 /201412/350161

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