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2019年10月22日 17:58:28

Fans in Asia Remember Jackson Fondly杰克逊去世的消息震撼亚洲歌迷 People in Asia woke Friday to news of the death of Michael Jackson, an American pop icon who left behind fans throughout the region.亚洲各国星期五惊悉迈克尔杰克逊去世。这位美国的流行音乐之王的歌迷遍布亚洲各国。The music sounds like the 1983 Michael Jackson-Paul McCartney duet, "Say, Say, Say." The singer though is China's top rocker Cui Jian, who recorded this cover in the 1990s.这段演唱听上去象是1983年迈克尔杰克逊跟保罗-麦卡特尼的二重唱,“说,说,说”。不过实际上这是中国摇滚乐歌手崔健在1990年的作品。Throughout Asia, people were saddened by news of the death of the pop superstar.在亚洲各国,很多人因迈克尔-杰克逊去世的消息而深感悲痛。In Taipei, Claire Chen said she at first did not believe it.台北一位姓陈的女士说:“我不知道这是真的还是假的。”Chen says her sister called her Friday morning and told her the news. She says she thought Jackson was going back on tour soon, but after she realized the singer was indeed dead, she went to watch all of his s on YouTube.“今天一早我打电话给我,她说你听到这个消息吗?我说什么消息,她说迈克尔-杰克逊死了。我说这怎么可能,他不是7月份还要来台湾举办演唱会吗。我就立刻上网去看,结果全部都是他的新闻。我还跟我的同事上YOUTUBE上看他的所有的影片。”In Seoul, 49-year-old Jung Ji-Sun remembers he was able to become wealthy, even though he was black, because he was a brilliant singer.在首尔,一位49岁的歌迷说,迈克尔-杰克逊虽然是一个黑人,但是靠自己的音乐天才而成为一位富有的人。Jung says she remembers songs like "Billie Jean" and "Beat It." 她说,她十分喜欢"Billie Jean"和 "beat It"这两首歌。She says she used to imitate his gestures and moves during aerobic dance sessions. Now, she says she feels grief and sorrow.她说,她曾经在健身舞蹈运动的时候模仿迈克尔-杰克逊的动作。迈克尔-杰克逊去世的消息令她倍感悲痛。In China, 28-year-old musician Ray Wang says he heard his first Michael Jackson song, "Dangerous," when he was 14 years old.在中国,一位姓王的歌手说,他在14岁的时候第一次听到了迈克尔-杰克逊的声音,那是一首名为“危险”的歌曲。He didn't like it at the time, but grew to like and appreciate Jackson' music more as he got older.他说,他当时并不是很喜欢迈克尔-杰克逊,但随着年龄的增长,他越来越欣赏他的天才了。Wang says there are many musicians in China who were influenced by him. He says all Chinese musicians have at least heard the American singer's songs.他说:“国内有很多,可以说所有音乐人都听过迈克尔-杰克逊的歌。”At the same time, he says it has been hard for Chinese fans to separate the man from the music.他说,对中国歌迷来说,人们很难把他的经历跟他的歌曲区分开来。Wang says many Chinese people don't like how the black singer lightened his skin, in what they saw as an unnatural effort to become white.他说:“很多中国人对他印象不好的地方是他原本是一个黑人,然后他自己做皮肤,变成一个白人。这方面有些人不喜欢他,觉得不真实。”Although that is one of the strongest memories Chinese people have, Wang says they also will remember Jackson's dancing and the unique way he sang. Wang says although another person may try to sing a Jackson song, he will never be able to give it the same feeling.他还说,虽然很多人对迈克尔-杰克逊改变肤色印象很深,但是他们也为迈克尔-杰克逊的舞蹈天赋以及他的独特演唱风格所打动。这位王先生说,也许有歌手能唱他的歌,但是没有人会唱得像他那样传神。06/75821华蓥水光针美白嫩肤多少钱If you could take a vaccine that would protect you against cancer, wouldn't you take it? Well, for cervical cancer, there is a vaccine. It protects against a virus called HPV, which can lead to cancer of the cervix. But a new study reports that many women say no to the vaccine.如果有一种预防癌症的疫苗,你会接种它吗?目前有宫颈癌疫苗。这种疫苗对抗会导致宫颈癌的人乳头状瘤病毒。但是,一项新的研究发现,很多妇女拒绝接种这种疫苗。Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women, according to the World Health Organization.世界卫生组织说,宫颈癌是女性最常见的癌症。It's responsible for more than a quarter-million deaths each year - 85 percent of them in developing countries. Scientists have found that cervical cancer is caused by a sexually-transmitted microbe called HPV, the human papillomavirus, said University of Maryland researcher Kathleen Tracy.每年导致25万多人死亡,其中百分之85是在发展中国家。"The human papillomavirus is actually a family of viruses that cause everything from common skin warts to genital warts, and then certain strains of it actually can lead to cervical cancer." 特雷西说:“人类乳头状瘤病毒实际上是一类病毒的总称,它能引起各种问题,从皮肤上长疣,到生殖器长疣,其中某些病毒会导致宫颈癌。”Until a few years ago, the best defense was a pap smear to detect and treat precancerous cells. But giving susceptible women the annual test can be difficult to manage, especially in resource-poor areas. 一直到几年以前,最好的办法就是利用子宫颈抹片检查,来发现和治疗癌前细胞。但是对于风险高的妇女来说,这种每年一次的检查,特别在资源不足的地区,可能难于实行。A vaccine against HPV, which was introduced a few years ago, would seem a much better solution, but only if women get vaccinated.几年前研发出来的一种抗人类乳头状瘤病毒的疫苗似乎是好得多的防治办法。但前提是必须接种这种疫苗。201101/124281成都雕眉好还是飘眉好昌吉阜康市做纹绣整形多少钱

乐山纹绣眉型哪家好成都/美莱美容医院纹绣纹眉好吗The top U.S. military officer says critics who claim it will take years to even have a chance to defeat the Afghan insurgency ignore the fact that a similar counterinsurgency strategy turned around a similarly difficult situation in Iraq in 2007. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, spoke to reporters traveling with him to South and Central Asia Thursday.Admiral Mullen acknowledges that it may take years to fully defeat the Afghan insurgency. But he says that is not what the ed States expects to accomplish by this time next year, when President Barack Obama has said he will begin to withdraw U.S. troops. But Mullen says the year-and-a-half the president allowed for the new strategy to prove itself is adequate."Insurgencies last a long time," said Mullen. "But, as you look at how long it took to turn Iraq around, it was about 18 months. Now, we're about two-and-a-half years later, and we're still working in Iraq. But it was sort of that period of time where it really turned. Turning it doesn't end it, [but] you've got to turn it to get it moving in the right direction."The admiral says the situation in Iraq seemed impossible to resolve a few years ago, and, although the two countries are very different, and progress in Iraq is not a guarantee of progress in Afghanistan, it does give him reason to be hopeful about Afghanistan - even during the current period of heavy violence and, at best, slow progress."There are similarities and differences between Iraq and Afghanistan, and I understand that," added Mullen. "But I don't accept the fact that, just because it takes insurgencies a long, long time [to be defeated], that we're not at a point where it can't be turned, because I think it can. It doesn't mean it's going to be easy. But, I think it can be [turned] over the period of time that we're talking about."U.S. officials acknowledge that, even if the situation in Afghanistan begins to turn during the next 12 months, the U.S. withdrawal will likely be very gradual, and some number of international troops will be needed in Afghanistan for many years to come.Admiral Mullen welcomed the statement by Afghan President Hamid Karzai this week that he wants his forces to be able to take responsibility for security in the country by 2014. Mullen said the goal sounds reasonable and that it is important for leaders to set such targets to focus the efforts of their governments.The admiral spoke as he flew toward New Delhi, where Afghanistan will be among many issues he will discuss with Indian defense officials. It will be on the agenda again when he visits Pakistan later in the week, before heading into the war zone itself.  美国参谋长联席会议主席马伦上将承认,完全打败阿富汗叛乱分子需要几年的时间。他说,这不是美国预期在明年这个时候实现的目标。明年7月是奥巴马总统设定的美军开始撤军的日期。但是马伦说,总统留出一年半时间来明新策略的有效性,这是合适的。 他说:“叛乱行为会持续很长时间。但是如果你看看扭转伊拉克的局势需要多长时间,那大约是18个月。现在,2年半后,我们仍在伊拉克行动。但是局势真正出现扭转用了大约18个月时间。扭转并不意味着结束,但是你必须扭转形势使它朝正确方向发展。” 马伦上将说,几年前伊拉克局势看起来根本无法解决。虽然伊拉克和阿富汗有很大不同,而且伊拉克的进展并不能保在阿富汗也会取得进展,但这使他有理由对阿富汗的未来抱有希望,尽管目前仍存在严重暴力,而且局势进展缓慢。 他说:“我很清楚,伊拉克和阿富汗的情况有相同之处,也有不一样的地方。但是如果因为需要很长时间才能击败叛乱活动,就说我们现在不能扭转局面,我不认同这种看法。因为我认为局面能够被扭转。这不意味着能轻而易举实现,但我认为在我们所说的这段时间里,形势是可以好转的。” 美国官员承认,即使阿富汗局势在今后12个月里开始好转,美军撤离也很可能是非常缓慢的,而且阿富汗在未来很多年仍将需要一定数量的国际部队。 马伦对阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊这星期发表的谈话表示欢迎。卡尔扎伊说,他希望在2014年前,阿富汗军队有能力承担起自己国家的安全责任。马伦说,这个目标听上去是恰当的,领导人设定这样的目标,使政府有工作重点,非常重要。 马伦是在飞往新德里途中发表上述谈话的。他将同印度国防官员讨论包括阿富汗形势在内的一系列问题。马伦本周晚些时候访问巴基斯坦时也将讨论阿富汗问题。马伦此后将前往阿富汗战区。201007/110155Floating Paradise Man builds Mexican Island Paradise on 250,000 Recycled Floating Bottles Castaways like Robinson Crusoe and even Tom Hanks didn’t intend on living on a deserted isle, but this next guy did. I mean when he couldn’t find an island to call his own, he created an unbelievable floating paradise out of this.This man has given up his job, his family and all of his material possessions to run away and live on a secluded island paradise, a paradise made from plastic bottles.It’s taken me two and a half years from the beginning, from the first bottle collection to get to this point now and I’m quite happy with the progress.It was over two years ago Richie Sowa gave up his job as a carpenter and moved to Mexico in search of a simpler life. He made his way to the sandy shore of Cancun. He started collecting bottles for cash and that’s when he came up with an unbelievable idea, to build himself an island he can claim as his own. The collecting of the bottles I started by hand first, just going round the, the local town picking them up.Have a great day!Cheers.See ya.Thanks.This floating island is the links of a professional tennis court. Richie gathered thousands of bottles and started stuffing them in fishnets to create the foundation. Well, this is the zone - total of three years’ work. It took me the first six months to just to get a base, which was about, that’s about 15 meters across and about 20 meters long. It took me about 4 months to get a base of around 7 or 8 meters that I started to put plants on.Richie placed bamboo and plywood on top of the foundation of bottles, paddling back and forth over and over every day, scooping sand off the shore to build his own private beach. But the biggest challenge was trying to grow plants on the plastic bottle barge.These are mangroves that were planted just a few months ago and they are growing really, really well. You can feel how...These are mangroves that were planted like 4 or 5 months ago. They’ve got stems on them now, like trees, palm trees. This will be a lemon tree.Today this real-life survivor is totally self-sufficient, growing bananas, coconuts, spinach, almonds and tomatoes on this island. He’s even built a solar cooker, collects rain to water the plants and even made a washing machine out of a plastic drum that rolls in the waves. This is one island cast-away who never needs to leave, but if the truth to be told, Richie is never alone on this island.We have quite a few inhabitants on the island at the moment. It’s me, my cat Bonita, and my second cat Eezy, a little dog Rainbow, two chickens, Browny and Blacky and the duck, the heart of the island, Korasong.This barbing island of bottles has proven to be quite seaworthy as well, surviving two hurricanes and several tropical storms. And now even the Mexican government wants to recognize the private paradise, declaring the island as Mexican soil for tourists to visit. But Richie has another idea for his paradise. Every day he adds bottles to make his island bigger. His goal is to one day float out to sea and eventually drift around the world on the island he built with his own two hands. One day we’ll sail out on the ocean and become a small floating country.01/61131甘孜藏族自治州水光美白去青春痘US Doctors, Airlines Monitoring for Swine Flu美诊所及边界加强监测防堵猪流感  U.S. health officials are increasing surveillance measures at doctors' offices and international borders to guard against the sp of swine flu. Washington also has begun dispersing medicine from a federal stockpile.美国卫生官员加强在医生诊所和国际边界的监测措施,防止猪流感的蔓延。华盛顿当局也开始动用联邦库存,分发药品。The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there have been only mild cases of swine flu in the ed States, but experts remain on guard.美国疾病控制和预防中心说,美国出现的猪流感病例比较温和,但是专家们仍保持高度警惕。Acting agency director, Richard Besser, says the epidemic in Mexico prompted U.S. doctors to begin monitoring actively for possible infections.美国疾病控制和预防中心代理主任贝塞尔说,墨西哥爆发的猪流感疫情促使美国医生开始积极监控可能出现的感染病例。"We are asking doctors when they see someone who has flu-like illness who has traveled to an affected region, to do a culture, take a swab in the nose and send it to the lab so we can see: is it influenza, is it this type?" he said.贝塞尔说:“我们要求医生在给那些曾前往疫区旅行,出现流感症状的病人问诊时,做个细菌培养,用个棉球在鼻腔中提取些液体,送到化验室,以便查明:到底是流感,还是猪流感?”Speaking Sunday at the White House, Besser said the extra detection efforts have enabled officials to find more infections than under normal circumstances. He also says he expects the number of infections will rise and the illness will sp to other U.S. regions, as doctors continue to monitor the problem.贝塞尔星期天在白宫说,增加的一些监测措施能使有关官员能比一般情况下发现更多的感染病例。他还说,在医生们继续监控这个问题时,他预计感染的数量将上升,猪流感将蔓延到美国的其它地区。The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it does not recommend people travel to Mexico, where the outbreak of swine flu is centered and more than 100 deaths have been reported. But officials have not ordered a travel ban to the country.美国疾病控制和预防中心说,他们建议人们不要前往墨西哥旅行。墨西哥是猪流感疫情爆发的中心,已报告的死亡病例超过100人。但是有关官员尚未颁布前往墨西哥的旅行禁令。Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says, instead, airlines have the option of screening passengers on flights from Mexico.国土安全部张纳波利塔诺说,航空公司有权对来自墨西哥航班的乘客进行检查。"We are letting air carriers and our employees at the gates on those flights make sure that they are asking people if they are sick; and if they are sick, that they should not board the plane," she said. “我们让航空公司和这些航班检票口的员工要询问乘客是否生病。如果他们生了病,就不要上飞机。”Denise Korniewicz, an infectious disease expert at the University of Miami, says officials should take bolder steps to screen passengers at international borders, like Japan and other Asian nations are doing.科尔尼维茨是迈阿密大学的传染病专家。她说,有关官员应像日本和其它亚洲国家那样,在国际边界采取更果断的措施。"We have a very transient population here. And Japan has taken a lot of precautions. What Japan is doing is they are making everyone take a temperature when they get off the airplane," she said. "As far as I am concerned, I think that is a good idea."“我们的人口流动性很大。日本已采取许多防范措施。日本的做法是,他们让所有下飞机的乘客量体温。我认为这是个好主意。”U.S. officials say they are holding off on more aggressive actions because the outbreak has been limited in the ed States and they do not want to cause a health scare. 美国官员说,他们暂时不采取更大胆的行动,因为疫情仅在美国的局部地区爆发,他们不想引起卫生恐慌。Korniewicz says around the country health centers are putting in place emergency response measures aimed at limiting disease outbreaks. 科尔尼维茨说,全美国各地的医疗中心正在着手准备紧急应对措施,限制这种疾病的爆发。"I think we are going to be OK. We seem to have put things in motion quicker this time," said Korniewicz. "In every state we have had cases, the CDC has aly dispersed Tamiflu, which decreases the symptoms of the flu."“我认为我们会没有问题的。我们似乎这次采取的行动更快。目前每个州都出现这种病的病例,美国疾病控制和预防中心已经开始分发抗流感药‘达菲’。这种药能减轻流感的症状。”U.S. officials say they have distributed about 12 million doses of Tamiflu, from a federal stockpile. They say additional supplies are available if needed.美国官员说,他们已经动用联邦库存,分发了大约1200百万剂达菲流感药。他们说,如果需要的话,还能提供更多的药品。04/68256临夏回族自治州做韩式半永久纹眉多少钱

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