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Load more line, and then lets go fishing.穿上线 我们就可以去钓鱼了But first I need some live bait,不过首先我要找一些活诱饵And theres one quick way to get a sardine from these shallows.Here we go.我有个办法 能让大家在短时间内从浅滩上抓到沙丁鱼 来了Throwing rocks into the water sends out shock waves,which stun but dont kill my bait fish.把石头扔到水里 激起水波 这能把我的诱饵鱼弄晕 但不会让它们死掉First little sardine on the hook,then we get it in.首先把小沙丁鱼穿在鱼钩上 然后把它放进去Okay, lets get this guy out.来钓个大家伙The waters around here are rich with sea life,everything from 2-inch sardines to 20-foot sharks.这附近的水域 富含海洋生物 从两英寸沙丁鱼到 二十英尺的鲨鱼应有尽有Catching anything requires patience,but this is useful thinking time,垂钓需要有耐心 但这个时间正好可以用来思考and the brain is the most useful survival tool of them all.而大脑恰恰是 在求生中 起到至关重要的作用And, yeah, this is a nice time of the day for me.对我来说 这是一天中最美好的时刻The heats gone out of the sun,and Ive got time just to think 炎热伴随日落而逝 而我有时间坐下来思考think things through and come up with a plan for tomorrow.全盘考虑 审慎思量 想出明日的计划Theres an old Torres Islands saying that the sea will provide.正如古老的托雷斯岛谚语所说 大海终会恩赐But at the moment, its not providing for me.但此时此刻 我仍一无所获We got something.Lets get him in.钓到什么了 把它拽上来Not a monster, but a decent-sized fish.不是很大 但这样我已经很满意了Yeah, thats a fingermark fish.See that?是条指纹鱼 看到了吗A little like a fingerprint just down there.这里的斑纹有点像指纹201703/501054Caves often look completely different when you retrace your steps.而当你原路返回时 就会发现洞穴已经完全不同了So keep looking behind you,and make a mental note of any features along the way.所以要一直注意看身后 铭记沿路的特征The waters getting a lot deeper now.You can also hear white water ahead.水变深了 还能听到前面浪花的声音So lets stay together on this, okay?我们挨紧点 好吗Weve got to keep this torch alight.Weve got to keep it out of the water.一定要保火把不灭 千万不能碰到水I hate this sense of not knowing whats ahead.我讨厌这种对前方一无所知的感觉Its just a mad, mad place in here.And its neither heard.这里真让人绝望 真是叫天不应叫地不灵All this white water is heading straight off this waterfall.这浪正朝瀑布奔流而去The problem is theres no way of telling just how high that is.问题是没法知道那有多高I could turn back,but I want to carry on.我完全能往回走 但我想继续走下去Im in Guatemala,home to some of central Americas biggest cave systems,and Im facing an underground chasm.我在危地马拉 这里有中美洲最大的洞穴群 而我正面临一个地下洞穴All this white water is heading straight off this waterfall.这浪正朝瀑布奔流而去We dont want to take any chances with this.我们不想冒任何风险A good 30 foot down to the bottom of that.Its definitely climbable.大概30英尺深 绝对能爬下去I brought some vine with me in my backpack.我背包里带了一些藤条Its gonna help me get down this cliff.能帮助我爬下悬崖201609/465683栏目简介:The citys metro police recently caught a sexual offender who exposed his genitals on a subway train. What is the solution to sexual harassment on subways? Our reporter Cui Huiao tells us more after speaking to police officers, passengers and a lawyer. 201706/511008TED演讲视频:沉默的危险性“我们花了太多时间倾听人们在说什么,却几乎不会注意到他们未曾提及的事情。”说唱诗人,教师克林特·史密斯这样说到。一段短小精悍,发自肺腑的演讲,帮助我们找到了畅所欲言的勇气,来对抗无知和不公。201705/507828

We all know that we have to eat different kinds of food to get the nutrition that we need.我们都知道我们吃不同种食物来获取我们所需的营养。So eating plants is a great idea if you want to be healthy.所以,想要保持健康,多食蔬果是个不错的选择。Thats why I like to eat things like carrots, and spinach and tomatoes.这就是我喜欢吃胡萝卜、菠菜和番茄等蔬菜的原因。I like to eat plants, but what if plants... tried to eat animals?我喜欢吃蔬果,但是如果植物吃动物会怎么样?Well, there are actually a few kinds of plants that are carnivorous, meaning they eat meat.确实有几种植物是肉食性的,意味着它们吃肉。Now when I say meat, Im not talking about chicken nuggets or hamburgers.我现在所说的肉,并不是指鸡块或者汉堡。Im talking about really small animals, like insects, spiders, and frogs.我说的是小型动物,如昆虫,蜘蛛或者青蛙。Creatures like these have to be extra careful around meat-eating plants!这些生物一定要格外小心身边的肉食植物。Probably the most famous carnivorous plant is known as the Venus Flytrap.也许最有名的肉食植物是捕蝇草Venus Flytraps have leaves at the tops of their stems that kind of look like tiny, toothy mouths.捕蝇草茎尖的叶片,长得有点像长满牙齿的小嘴。Theyre not really mouths, but they serve the same purpose: to eat flies, and other insects.它们并不是真的嘴,却和嘴有同样的功能:吃苍蝇和和其他昆虫。Usually, the traps leaves are wide open.有时候,诱捕叶片是张开的。And the inside of the trap smells like food to insects.对于昆虫来说,里面闻起来像食物。So they fly or crawl right into it, looking for a meal.所以昆虫飞或者爬进去寻找食物But if they arent careful, they become the meal instead.但是如果它们不小心,反而变成了植物的食物。On each half of the trap, there are three tiny hairs.每半个诱捕器都有三个细毛,If an insect touches two of those hairs, the trap shuts,如果昆虫碰到其中的两个细毛,陷阱就会关闭。and the slender spines around the edges of the leaves close together tightly, trapping the insect inside.叶子边缘细长的体刺也会紧紧地合上,把昆虫困在里面Then the trap slowly digests its meal, meaning it breaks its food down into smaller pieces.然后捕食器会慢慢消化它的食物,它将食物分为小的碎片。Its too bad for that little insect, but it will provide energy for that plant to live.这对于小昆虫来说是厄运,却为植物提供了生存的能量。And Venus Flytraps arent the only kind of carnivorous plant.捕蝇草不是唯一的肉食植物。Some plants, called sundews, attract bugs with colorful red and green leaves一些植物如毛毡苔,用其鲜艳的红叶和绿叶吸引虫子,that are covered with a sweet, sticky “dew” that sparkles in the sunlight.叶片表面覆盖着甜甜的、黏黏的露珠,在太阳下发光。The thing is, this dew acts like a kind of glue.事实上,这些露水就像胶水一样。Any bug that lands on its leaves looking for a meal will get stuck.任何落在叶子上,来寻找食物的昆虫,都会被粘住。And soon the plant just starts digesting it, soaking up nutrients from the bugs body right through the leaves.然后植物就会开始吞食昆虫,从叶片上直接吸收昆虫身体的营养。Now, some other carnivorous plants can consume even bigger prey.现在,一些其他的食肉植物,也能吃掉更大的食物(指被困住的昆虫)Pitcher plants, for example, have big, brightly colored leaves, curled up into the shape of a tube.例如,投手植物有巨大明亮、色斑斓的叶子,卷起来就像管子一样。At the bottom of the tube sits a little pool of sweet liquid called nectar.在管子的底部,有一小湾甜甜的液体,那就是花蜜。Once again, lots of different creatures are drawn to its tasty smell.再说一遍 很多不同物种都会被它的香味吸引。They creep, crawl, jump, or fly to the edge of the tube to see whats in there to eat.他们爬行、匍匐、跳跃或者煽动翅膀,来到管子的边缘,看这里是不是有食物。But the top is really slippery, and there are stiff hairs all along the inside of the tube pointing down管子顶端真得很滑 而且向下的管道内部长满了硬毛so once a creature starts to fall in, they cant get out.所以生物一旦掉进去就无法逃脱。This clever kind of trap has allowed pitcher plants to catch not just bugs,这个聪明的陷阱使得投手植物不仅能捉虫子,but also make meals of small frogs and even mice!还可以吃到小青蛙甚至是老鼠。And finally, there are some meat-eating plants that dont even live on land.最后,有一些肉食植物甚至不生活在陆地上Bladderworts, for example, live and catch their prey in water.例如狸藻在水中生活和捕捉他们的猎物。These plants have tiny containers on their stems called bladders that float underwater.这些植物的茎上有个小容器,叫做囊袋,利用它能浮在水下。Each bladder has an opening with a tiny flap on it, that can open and close, like a hidden trapdoor.每个囊袋有一个开口,上面有一个可以开关的小片,就像是藏着的活板门。When insects, like water fleas, trigger tiny hairs near the trapdoor, the door swings open, and sucks the little creature in.当水蚤等昆虫触动了活板门旁边的小毛,门就会打开并且把小生物吸进去。So now you know—certain plants sometimes eat animals.所以你现在明白了吧,一些植物有时也会吃掉动物的。Like I said, its nice to have variety in your diet!就像我说的,丰富饮食没什么不好Thanks for watching SciShow Kids. Till next time!感谢收看儿童科学秀,我们下期见。201707/515881

To understand the way in which lawlessness,violence and chaos did make an impact要理解无法律约束 暴力和混乱on the not-so-rosy world of 15th-century England,对于十五世纪的英格兰所产生的影响we have something incomparably richer than the list of battlefields and barons,kings and kingmakers.我们掌握了比战役和贵族 君主以及拥立国王者的名单 更加详实丰富的资料We have, in the letters of the Paston family of Norfolk,the very first private correspondence in English,来自于诺福克的帕斯顿家族通信 是最早的英文私人信件the authentic voice of middling folk farmers, lawyers, would-be gentry, social climbers.真正反映了中层民众的心声 包括农民 律师 想成为绅士和攀龙附凤的人Like many an anxious wife and mother,the Wars of the Roses worried Margaret Paston如同其他焦虑的妻子与母亲 玫瑰战争令玛格丽特·帕斯顿担忧不已because they were making England a bad place to make and keep a little fortune.因为战争使得英格兰的人们 无法获取和积攒财富God, for his mercy, give grace,for I never heard say of so much robbery and manslaughter in this country as is now.仁慈的上帝 请赐予我们恩典 因为在这个国家 我从未像现在这般 目睹这么猖狂的抢劫与杀戮And as for gathering of money, I never saw a worse season.这绝非积累财富的好时节 Seen through Margarets eyes,The Kingdom for England might be up for grabs,but the real disaster was shopping.在玛格丽特眼中 英格兰王国到处烧杀掠夺 但真正的灾难在于物资短缺As for cloth for my gown,I pray you that you will buy for me three yards and a quarter of such as it pleaseth you that I should have.用作晚礼的布料 我希望你能够买足3.25码 并且布料任我选For a good favor I have done all the drapery shop in this town,and here is right feeble choice.我已寻遍镇上所有布店 无甚收获 /201612/482753

Who Would You Most Like to Have Dinner With?全世界你最想和谁吃晚餐?If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose?如果你可以和任何人共进晚餐,活着或过世的都可以,你会选谁?Kylie Minogue.凯莉·米洛(歌手)。Marilyn Monroe.玛丽莲·梦露。Oh God, I wouldnt have a clue.老天,我不知道耶。I know, straight up. Paul Hogan.我知道,真的。保罗·霍根(演员)。Kim Kardashian.金·卡达夏(美国名媛)。No! No, no.不!不、不。Id like to have dinner with Justin Bieber.我想和小贾斯汀一起吃晚餐。What? Hes not coming to my house.什么?他才不能来我家。Id have Bob Hawke.我要和鲍勃·霍克(前澳洲总理)。Dave Hughes.戴夫·休斯(喜剧演员)。Barry Humphries.贝瑞·韩佛瑞斯(演员)。Jimi Hendrix.吉米·罕醉克斯(歌手)。People who have made a difference in the world—maybe Nelson Mandela at the dinner table.为世界带来影响的人——或许和曼德拉(前南非总统)一起吃晚餐。Hello! Come in!哈萝!进来吧!I dont know what hes gonna say. Im scared.我不知道他会说什么。好害怕。If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, who would you choose?如果你可以和世界上任何一个人吃晚餐,你会选谁?Probably our whole family, like, our whole extended family.可能是我们全家人,像是,整个大家族。Mom and Dad.妈妈和爸爸。Mom and Dad.妈妈和爸爸。Does it have to be a celebrity? Could it be family?一定要是名人吗?可不可以是家人?We love it. We talk about how school is. We ask Mom and Dad how their day was.我们爱一起吃。我们会聊学校怎样。我们会问爸爸妈妈他们今天过得好吗。Family.家人。Yeah. Mom and Dad.嗯。妈妈和爸爸。Family! Who would you like to have dinner with?家人!你又是想和谁一起吃晚餐?They just want to be with us while theyre eating food, which is pretty cool.他们吃饭时只想和我们一起,那真是蛮棒的。They see us above everything. Oh, Im gonna get...他们把我们看得比一切重要。噢,我要……Yeah.嗯。Yeah.嗯。Bit of message in it for me.给了我一些启示。Yes!没错!Lets make time for the people who matter most.为最重要的人空出时间。What are we having for dinner?我们晚餐要吃什么?Lets make dinnertime matter.一起让晚餐时间变重要。201605/445900

Morgans newfound power is a huge wakeup call to his rivals.根新得到的力量 无疑是给对手们敲响了警钟They see Morgan as a threat they need to deal with.他们将根看成是需要处理的威胁Before he deals with them.在根着手对付他们之前John Rockefeller feels the pressure to keep his empire intact like never before.约翰·洛克菲勒感受到了前所未有的压力Despite his best efforts to stop it in its tracks......electricity has gone mainstream.他已经想尽一切办法阻止电力的普及 但电还是成为了主流The people started these great companies, they just think out solutions on their own to problems.开创这些大公司的人 他们会自己思考问题的You dont do it the way its been done before-- thats in a book.你不能按照书本上写的老办法做You go out and you try something new cause you think itll, that youll be able to make it work...你需要自己去尝试新思路 你需要设法让它能够奏效To keep Standard Oil profitable, Rockefeller needs to find a product to replace kerosene.为了维持标准石油的盈利性 洛克菲勒需要找一种替代煤油的产品And the answer may have been in front of him the entire time.或许早就曾出现在他面前Just over 100 degrees you get a mixture of alkanes.超过100度后 你就会得到烷烃混合物Sadly it cant be used for anything.可悲的是 这些不能被用于任何东西Why not?为什么Too volatile.挥发性太强Rockefeller targets a byproduct of refining oil that for years has been thrown away.洛克菲勒看准了炼油中的一种副产品 很多年来 它都被当成废物丢掉The highly flammable runoff is soaking fields and polluting rivers.高可燃性废料一直在渗入土地 污染河流The toxic substance is called gasoline......and so far, no one has figured out a use for it.这种有毒物质的名字叫作汽油 到目前为止 没人知道怎么用它201606/448886

Last week...I issued a challenge...I ask the parents of America to pull a little holiday trick on their children.上周 我发起了一个挑战 我让父母过节的时候整一下自己的熊孩子们We did this on holloween with candy and got a lot of response to it.我们万圣节的时候用糖果做过这种事 并且反响很大So we did it again. This time for Christmas. I asked parents to tell their kids所以我们又做了一次 这次是圣诞节 我让父母告诉自己的孩子that they were gonna let them open one present a few weeks early .他们可以提前几周打开他们的礼物But instead of a good present, I said但我让父母们别放那些熊孩子们钟意的礼物Put something the kids wont like in the box and then upload a vedio of that而放一些他们绝对不会喜欢的礼物在盒子里toYutube labled ;hey Jimmy Kimmel, I gave my kids a terrible present;再拍一个视频上传到Youtube 注明“嗨 Jimmy Kimmel 我给了我孩子一个奇葩礼物”And a lot of people did do this and they did give their kids terrible presents.结果 真的有很多家长这样做了 给了孩子很‘别致’的礼物And a lot of the kids surprisingly reacted poorly to that.而且让我惊讶的是 好多孩子居然不喜欢那些礼物What is it? Your gift, Charlie. I dont want this.看着这是什么?你的礼物 查莉 我不想要这个Oh. What is it? An old banana.噢 看 这是啥?一根坏了的香蕉An old banana? Isnt that exciting? No.一根坏了的香蕉?哇 难道你不觉得很惊喜吗?不What are you doing? Pushing it! Ok.......你在干嘛呢?我要把它挤出来!呃呃好吧……Wow. A battery and an onion! Whats wrong? Her dont want an onion.噢!居然是一节电池跟一个洋葱诶!咋啦?她不想要洋葱Did you smell your onion? Here, smell it! I dont want to smell it.你闻过你的洋葱没?快 闻一下!我不想闻Eggs....eggs.. Open it! A hotdog. What is that?鸡蛋……鸡蛋……快打开看看!一个热 那是什么?I got a……a girl activity book with stickers. Im not a girl!我的居然是一……一本带贴纸的女生手工图册!我不是女孩儿好么!Me......Im not a boy. Im not a boy either.我……我也不是男生啊!我也不是男生Its the worst present ever. What is this?!天 这是我收到过最糟的礼物了 是个什么?Merisa, what do you tell me all the time about my cooking?美丽莎 你记得你是怎么评价我做的东西的吗?I love it. You love my cooking, so I made you something.我很喜欢 对啊 你说你喜欢我做的东西 所以我专门给你做的Then why is it like.......a sanwich thats like that.但为什么它长成这样……三明治也不是酱紫的啊You should appreci.....I appreciate ...I ...你应该感…感 我很感谢……我……I..I heard getting us a present but我…我只是听说是给我们一个礼物 但……I didnt know it would be like that. Yes...A sandwich...oh my.但没想到礼物是酱紫的 一个三明治…我…的…天…I love your cooking when you cook...... like.... dinners.我喜欢吃的是…比如…你…晚餐…时做的东西Like hot pockets...or..buffalo wings..something like that. Not just a sandwich.比如HOT POCKETS 布法罗鸡翅 像这些 而不仅仅是个三明治I dont want to eat off of it.我不想吃这个so Merisa, so you dont want that peanut butter jelly sandwich?所以 美丽莎 你是不想吃这块花生酱果冻三明治了是吧?I will eat it! I will eat it!我会把它吃掉的!我会吃掉它!Open it up! You dont want that for Christmas?快打开看看!难道你不喜欢这个圣诞礼物么?oh..you stinking parents! Take this back!喔 坏老爸!快把它拿回去!Take this back where? This is yours. I want a refund!拿回哪儿去?这是你的啊!我!要!退!货!Its a happy sandwich! Isnt that what you asked for?看呐!是个笑脸三明治诶!难道不是你想要的吗?No. I asked for a toy. What did you say about Santa?不是 我要的是玩具 你刚才说圣诞老人啥?You put me along an naughty list!! Why?你当我傻么?! 为什么?You just gave me a stupid Hello Kitty shirt.你居然给了我一件傻*的HELLO KITTY的衣What did you get Jasden?杰登 你得到的是什么啊?Some blackbeans cheese and a wolf house pan.哇 一些黑豆奶酪和一个华夫饼平底锅诶!Whats in there? A potatohead.里面是什么?一个土豆Oh you got Mr. Potatohead. They are all from Santa.哇 你的得到了一个土豆先生!都是圣诞老人送给你们的哦They are not. Santa did not have those things.才不是呢!圣诞老人才没有这些烂玩意儿呢!You...I saw you went out of the car at garage. Dont did it with the name of Santa claus.是你…我看到你从车库里出来的 别都赖在圣诞老人身上Are you upset? En.. You stupid parents!你不开心啦?嗯哼!你们这些笨家长!Oh.I hate you! I hate you all!! What I got?! Ponies?!啊!我恨你!我恨你们!我的是个啥?!玩具小矮马?!!That was your great grandpas hammer. I got ponies?!那是你曾祖父的锤子 我的居然是小矮马?!Thats nice. Whats wrong?礼物都不错啊 你们怎么了?You are not excited about your presents? I got ponies.你们不喜欢自己的礼物么?我的是小矮马I dont want ponies. They are gir..they are for girls.我不想要小矮马 我觉得太女孩…那应该是给女孩子的Guys...And mine is a stupid book.大家 我的是一本该死的书……We thought really hard about what to get you this year.我们真的想了很久今年该给你们准备什么礼物Well, you didnt do a very good job.那看来你们还是没想到位Its the worst present Ive ever had. A stand pot?这是我收过最差劲的礼物了 一个电水壶?!Charlis, What did you get? A cloth book.Charlis 你得到的是什么?一本装杂志……Maryo, what did you get? I dont know!梅奥 你呢?鬼知道这是个什么玩意儿!Its a visible fence for your dog.那是给你的准备的栅栏She would say that Im a joke.她会觉得我就是个笑话的(I think you will lose....)Well Jimmy Kimmel told me to do it.(我觉得你们会失去……)不怪我 是吉米·坎莫尔让我这么做的Well tell him suck mom balls. Noted.那就让他去吃屎吧 我记下来了哦Let me say. If Santa gives that kid anything, he is fired.我现在宣布 如果今年圣诞老人给那个孩子送了任何礼物 他就被开除了!Hes done. He will have no credibility any more.他就拜拜了!从此以后我对他的信任统统清零!201706/512376

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