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英国女性看淡婚姻 婚否不再重要British women believe marriage no longer relevantSome 31 percent think that marriage is no longer relevant, while 71 percent say that couples marry too quickly without thinking about the move carefully enough, according to a poll released Tuesday."This shift in attitude may be a testament to the fact that women feel liberated enough, sexually and socially, to not have towalk down the aisle, or it could be that today'scynicalattitude to almost everything has minimized marriage to anoutdated, over-romanticised practice," said psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos, commenting on the poll.Most recent official statistics show that the number of marriages annually in England and Wales fell from 351,973 in 1981 to 270,700 in 2004.They add that 54 percent of men and 50 percent of women are married, while 10 percent of men and nine percent of women live together.The poll also explores women's attitudes to work -- 70 percent of women feel pressure to earn as much money as men, while one in 10 said they would be unlikely to quit their jobs to look after children, even if they did not need the money.It also revealed that older women were less inclined to think that marriage should mean one partner for life than younger ones."Older women are, in fact, more cynical when it comes to their views on marriage," Papadopoulos said.Related stories:取消深夜结婚“结婚”妙语(Agencies)英国本周二公布的一项民意调查显示,约31%的人认为婚姻已没什么必要,71%的人认为很多人在没有考虑清楚的情况下就草草结了婚。心理学家琳达·帕帕多普洛斯士对这项调查的结果进行了分析,她说:“对于婚姻态度的改变可能是因为女性在性和社会地位方面已获得彻底解放,因此她们觉得结婚已没什么必要;也可能是由于如今的人们无论对什么都抱着一种‘愤世嫉俗’的态度,因此结婚被‘贬’为一种过时、过于浪漫化的做法。”最新官方数据显示,英格兰和威尔士一年内的结婚数从1981年的351973例下降到了2004年的270700例。此外,54%男性和50%女性已婚,另有10%的男性和9%的女性在同居。此项调查的内容还包括女性对于工作的态度,调查发现,70%的女性觉得要和男人挣钱一样多很有压力,十分之一的女性说,就算家里不缺钱,她们也不大可能辞职在家照顾孩子。另外,与年轻女性相比,年龄较大的女性对“从一而终”看得较淡。帕帕多普洛斯说:“事实上,年龄较大的女性对于婚姻的态度更加玩世不恭。” Vocabulary:walk down the isle: 结婚cynical: scornful of the motives(愤世嫉俗的;玩世不恭的)outdated: old-fashioned(过时的;不流行的) /200803/29698

Preparing for Dieting and Exercise ProgramIf you are a typical mother of a young child or children you likely find yourself very busy. No matter how much time you spend taking care of the business of being a mother, you likely still want to maintain good health and a nice appearance. You may be interested in losing weight.In this regard there are some tips and pointers that you will want to keep in mind so that you can enjoy healthy weight loss and weight maintenance today and into the future. These are tips that pertain to helping you lay the foundation for a weight loss and companion exercise program. You need to understand that you need to develop a comprehensive program that incorporates both diet and exercise.Stop smoking.If you are a smoker, the first step that you will want to take before you begin a weight loss campaign is to stop smoking. You should break this habit as a prelude to losing weight. Losing weight is difficult enough and you should prepare for the process by eliminating this habit first. Moreover, yous imply will not be able to get the most out of any exercise or fitness program if you remain a smoker.If you drink a lot of alcohol, cut back.A glass of red wine per night is healthy. Any more than that is a buzz and you don’t need it. Never, ever, drink before a workout or exercise session.Increase your water intake.Even though you really don’t need to get 8 glasses per day, increasing you water will help you feel full. Also, if you are beginning a workout program it is essential.Avoid sports drinks.You likely don’t need them unless you are sweating profusely for hours, like a pro athlete. Leave the Gatorade for the pro locker room.Always eat before and after a workout.A half hour before and a half hour to an hour after. And remember your water, too.Only cut out necessary caloriesRemember that eating itself is thermogenic, so you have to eat to lose weight. The key is to consume the appropriate amount of calories on a daily basis.Eat fiber at every opportunity.This helps prevent bowel trouble; it also builds bulk in the stomach whichhelps make you feel full.Fiber is a very important and sometimes overlooked element of a diet and wellness regimen. 如果你是一位带着幼童或一群幼童的典型妈妈,你肯定会觉得自己很忙吧。但是不管你有多忙要尽自己的职责当好一位好母亲,你还是要关注身体,注意形象。可能你对减肥饶有兴趣。在此,为了让你现在以及以后的日子里享受到减肥以及保持身材的乐趣,你需要把这些贴士铭记于心。这些贴士是能帮助你打好减肥的基础加以锻炼计划。你必须明白你需要作出一份节食与锻炼齐头并进的综合计划。如果你是一位烟者,那么你开始减肥前必须要做到的就是戒烟。你必须摒弃这个坏习惯作为你开始减肥的序幕。减肥实在太难所以你必须首先抛弃这个习惯来进入到这个过程。进一步来说,如果你执迷不悟继续抽烟的话,那你节食,锻炼计划的效果就不会显著。如果你大量喝酒,马上戒掉。每晚一杯红酒能让你身体健康。略多一点就会成为浪费因为你根本不用。永远不要在健身或运动课程前喝酒。多喝水即使你不用一天喝8杯水,多喝水会让你有饱胀感。当你开始健身运动前,喝水也是必须的。避免运动功能性饮料除非你长时间过多流汗,否则你根本不需要喝它。例如pro athelete。把佳得乐还是留在个人存储室吧。运动前后都要进食在运动前半小时以及运动后半小时至一小时进食并且记住喝水。仅消耗必要的卡路里记住饮食本身就是产生热量,所以你必须靠吃来减肥。关键在于你要靠吃饭来消耗必须的卡路里。适当吃一些纤维质食物它能够帮助你通便,同时由于它在肚子里囤积,让你觉得有饱胀感。纤维质食物是饮食以及健康养身很重要的元素,但是它却常常被忽视。 /200803/29694

Forget Siri. When Mark Zuckerberg wants an AI assistant, he recruits the ;Voice of God.;别提Siri了。当马克.扎克伯格想要一个人工智能助手时,他聘请了“上帝之音”。The Facebook CEO and cofounder posted a teasing an artificial intelligence application on Tuesday that he built for his home, voiced by none other than actor Morgan Freeman.扎克伯格20日发了一段视频,视频中扎克伯格调戏起他为自家设计的人工智能应用,而为其配音的正是根.弗里曼。In October, Zuckerberg asked his followers for suggestions to be the voice for Jarvis, his AI tool inspired by Iron Man. Freeman was a top pick.扎克伯格10月时向粉丝征询为“贾维斯”配音人选的意见。这一人工智能工具的灵感来自《钢铁侠》,而弗里曼成了首选。Zuckerberg personally called Freeman to ask him to do it. Robert Downey Jr. had also offered his services.扎克伯格亲自打电话给弗里曼请他配音。小罗伯特.唐尼也提出愿意帮忙。Like Amazon#39;s Alexa, Jarvis can be activated by voice (or by text) and connect with various objects in the home.贾维斯和亚马逊的Alexa相似,可以通过语音(或短信)激活,并能连接家中的各种物品。In the , the assistant is shown adjusting thermostats, making toast for breakfast and buzzing Zuckerberg#39;s parents into his home by recognizing their faces.视频中,这位助手正在调节恒温器,为早餐烤面包,还识别出扎克伯格的父母并请他们进屋。Jarvis can also play music on command -- or choose not to, as the case may be.贾维斯也可以按命令播放音乐,或者根据具体情况也可以选择不播放。;Play us some good Nickleback songs,; Zuckerberg asks in the . ;I#39;m sorry Mark, I#39;m afraid I can#39;t do that,; Jarvis responds with Freeman#39;s iconic voice. ;There are no good Nickleback songs.;视频中,扎克伯格要求:“给我们播放几首五分钱合唱团的好听歌曲。”贾维斯用弗里曼的标志性声音回答:“对不起,马克,我恐怕做不到。没有五分钱合唱团的好听歌曲。”The is intended to be a ;fun summary and not a live demo,; according to Zuckerberg.扎克伯格称,这段视频是“一个有趣的概括,而不是一段现场演示。”An actual demo provided to Fast Company proved to have a few more glitches when turning off lights and playing music.《快公司》获得的视频样片显示,该应用在关灯和播放音乐时又出现了几个小故障。Zuckerberg made it his New Year#39;s resolution to ;build a simple AI to run my home and help me with my work.; The project proved more challenging than he expected.扎克伯格的新年目标是“发明一个简单的机器人来管理自己的房子,帮他工作”。结果明这个项目比他预期的更具挑战性。He struggled to find appliances whose power could be controlled remotely by an app and had to figure out the nuances of language used to request songs. In total, he spent about 100 hours building Jarvis -- while running Facebook.他努力寻找可以通过应用程序远程遥控的设备,而且还要搞清楚歌曲请求中细微的用语差异。总之,他在经营脸谱网之余,花了约100个小时才打造出贾维斯。;As the CEO of Facebook, I don#39;t get much time to write code in our internal environment. I#39;ve never stopped coding, but these days I mostly build personal projects like Jarvis,; Zuckerberg wrote in a Facebook post this week.扎克伯格本周在脸谱网上发帖称,“作为脸谱网的首席执行官,我没有多少时间在公司内部编写代码。但我从来没有停止过写代码,这些天我主要在打造贾维斯这样的个人项目。”In the future, Zuckerberg hopes to build an Android app for Jarvis and connect it to more appliances and rooms in his home.未来,扎克伯格想为贾维斯开发一款安卓应用程序,并将其连接到家中更多的设备和房间。 /201612/485560

CCTV Headquarters央视大楼The CCTV Headquarters is a skyscraper that is the new headquarters of China Central Television. Groundbreaking took place on September 22, 2004. The building is built in two sections that will be completed in December 2007 and in December 2008 respectively. Rem Koolhaas from Holand is the architect. The building will stand at 234 metres tall and will cover 550 thousand m2 of floor space.央央电视台总部大楼位于北京东部CBD,设计师:雷姆·库哈斯(荷兰)2004年10月正式开工建设,此工程B标段将先一步于2007年年底前竣工,2008年初交付使用,这亦将作为北京奥运转播中心和今后中央电视台节目制播中心。A标段于2008年年底竣工,2009年交付使用,此标段主要是电视文化中心、管理中心,地处中央商务区核心地带,总建筑面积约55万平方米,最高建筑234米。The main building is not a traditional tower, but a continuous loop of five horizontal and vertical sections, creating an irregular grid on the building#39;s facade with an open center. Because of its radical shape, it has acquired the nickname dakucha, translated into English as ;Big Underpants; or ;Big Shorts;. The construction of the building is considered to be a structural challenge.主楼建筑外形就像是一只被扭曲的正方形油炸圈;两座竖立的塔楼向内倾斜,倾角很大;塔楼之间被横向的结构连接起来,总体形成一个闭合的环,有人称之为“大裤衩”。它被认为是世界上设计最激进的建筑。 /201603/430108

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