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One of the most influential users of Chinas top micro-blogging platform appears to have returned to the site seeking forgiveness, after having been detained on charges of soliciting a prostitute in an arrest that signaled the start of what is widely seen as a government offensive to reassert its control online. 中国最大微平台最有影响力的用户之一似乎已经回归微,寻求人们的谅解。之前他因涉嫌嫖娼被拘捕。人们普遍认为这起事件标志着政府在互联网管控战役中吹响了新的号角。Messages posted on Saturday were the first in nearly eight months from the account of Charles Xue, an American venture capitalist whose remarks on Weibo were once a must- for millions of Chinese social media users. They came three days after Mr. Xue was released on bail for unspecified health reasons. Mr. Xue is a U.S. citizen who was born and works in China. 美国风险资本家薛蛮子(Charles Xue)的微账户上周六发布了近八个月以来的首批信息。他在微上的言论曾经是中国数百万社交媒体用户必读的内容。三天前,薛蛮子因为未详细说明的健康原因获得保释。薛蛮子是美国公民,出生于中国并在中国工作Through my lack of self-discipline and mistakes, Ive brought irreparable harm to my family, and for this I apologize sincerely to my wife and family members, said the first of a series of messages on Saturday afternoon from the account of Mr. Xue, whose legal name is Xue Biqun. He uses the handle Xue Manzi online. At the same time, I bow earnestly and sincerely in the direction of my followers. Im sorry. The old man disappointed you, said another. 薛蛮子上周六下午发布了多条信息,其中的第一条中说,“因为我的不自律和过错,给我的家人带来了无可弥补的创伤,在此我真心向妻子家人道歉。”另一条信息说,“同时我也诚心诚意给我的粉丝盆友们鞠个躬,说一声对不起,老汉辜负你们了。”薛蛮子真名薛必群。The posts capped an extended period of Beijings public humiliation of Mr. Xue. Since shortly after being detained, the investor was branded as morally degenerate by state media and shown handcuffed on national television confessing to being reckless online, in what some Weibo watchers described as a 21 century version of a Cultural-Revolution struggle session. 这些文是北京公开羞辱薛蛮子的延续。在薛蛮子被捕后不久,中国官方媒体给他打上道德腐化的标签。在政府公布的视频中,薛蛮子戴着手铐,承认自己在网络上草率地转发。一些微观察人士称,这形同“文革游街示众1世纪版。Mr. Xue couldnt be reached for comment. His family and friends have declined to comment or disclose his current contact information. 记者未能立即联络到薛蛮子置评。他的家人和朋友不愿发表,也不愿披露薛蛮子目前的联系方式。The white-bearded investor was among the biggest of Weibos so-called Big Vs--influential users with verified accounts--who at one point boasted more than 12 million followers. He currently has 11.5 million. Politically liberal, he was sometimes critical of the government. And thanks to his following, Mr. Xue was capable of drawing massive attention to stories that cast authorities in an unfavorable light. 胡须斑白的薛蛮子是新浪微“大V”(拥有众多粉丝、影响较大的认微账户)之一。他的微账户一度拥有,200万粉丝,目前拥有,150万粉丝。薛蛮子是自由派人士,他有时会在微上批评政府。由于粉丝众多,薛蛮子在微上的使那些对政府形象造成负面影响的报道受到了广泛的关注。It isnt clear whether Mr. Xue has stood trial on the solicitation charges or whether he might face trial on those or other charges in the future. Typically, people released on bail are given freedom on the condition that they continue to behave in ways the authorities find acceptable. 尚不清楚薛蛮子是否已经因被控滋事受审,也不清楚未来他是否可能因涉嫌这一罪名或其他罪名受审。一般来说,取保候审的犯罪嫌疑人被暂时解除羁押,前提是保随传随到。On Thursday, the Peoples Daily published a confession under Mr. Xues name in which the 61-year-old apologized for sping unverified rumors. 上周四,《人民日报》发表了署名薛蛮子的悔过书,61岁的薛蛮子就散布未经实的谣言进行道歉As a Big V when I reposted items about Chinas tap water being contaminated with contraceptives, mercury in the fish in Zhoushan, etc., it caused serious damage to society, the Peoples Daily confession said, urging other verified Weibo users to think of their social responsibility before every post. For me to be punished by the law I think is entirely appropriate. 《人民日报》刊登的薛蛮子悔过书称:“作为一个网络大V,我当年转发了关于自来水含避药、舟山渔场含汞等微,造成了很严重的社会危害。”他还敦促其他微认用户每发一条微,都要考虑肩负的社会责任。他说:“我受到法律的惩罚,我认为这是完全应当的。”Pleading for clemency, he also reportedly apologized for his offline behavior. Group sex and soliciting prostitutes and are both repulsive things, and for me theyre also a little difficult to talk about, the article cited him as writing. For this ugliness, Ive aly paid an enormous price. 薛蛮子还对线下的行为表示歉意,并恳请得到从宽处理。他在悔过书中称:“不管是聚众淫乱,还是卖淫嫖娼,都是件非常丑恶的事情,对我来说也是一个说起来有些难以启齿的事情,我为这个罪恶已经付出了很大的代价。”In the last of the messages posted to his Weibo account on Saturday, Mr. Xue was ed as telling his followers that he intended to pursue constructive activities, including helping Chinas youth realize the dream of entrepreneurship, the China dream. The message also said he planned to nurse himself back to health; the Peoples Daily piece alluded to heart problems. The message concluded with: Do you support me? 在上周六发布的最新微中,薛蛮子告诉粉丝,他将继续从事建设性活动,包括帮助青年人实现他们的创业梦、中国梦。这条微还说,他会好好养病(《人民日报》刊文中提到他有心脏病)。在微结尾,他说:“你们持吗?”Though some people exulted in his humiliation, most users pledged their support. Still others dismissed the messages as forced. 尽管有些人感到幸灾乐祸,但大部份微用户表示了持。不过也有一些人认为上述信息是薛蛮子被迫发出的I want to know what you really think. Really, wrote one such user. 一位用户写到:“我想知道你究竟是怎么想的,真的。”来 /201404/289534

Tension between Europe’s governments on Saturday continued to hamper progress on a common response to the refugee crisis as thousands of exhausted migrants reached the Austrian border.周六,在数千名精疲力尽的移民到达奥地利边境之际,欧洲政府之间的紧张关系,继续阻碍它们在共同应对难民危机方面取得进展。At a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Luxembourg, eastern European nations reiterated calls for the union to prioritise shoring up its external borders. They warned that talking up common asylum policies without securing the frontiers would only serve to spur more people to make the journey.在卢森堡举行的欧EU)外长会议上,东欧国家再次呼吁欧盟把加固外部边境作为优先任务。它们警告称,大谈共同避难政策的重要性而不确保边境安全,将只能促使更多人踏上避难之旅。While Austria has suspended EU rules to grant entry to the migrants, Hungary has confirmed its intention to criminalise illegal border crossings in an attempt to stem the inflow of Syrian, Afghan and Eritrean refugees.奥地利已暂停执行接纳移民进入的欧盟规则,而匈牙利实,该国打算宣布非法越境为犯罪行为,试图阻止叙利亚、阿富汗和厄立特里亚的难民入境。Janos Lazar, the Hungarian prime minister’s chief of staff, said legislation adopted by parliament on Friday that would see prison sentences of up to three years for those who damaged its border fence with Serbia and deportations for those who entered at irregular crossings would be activated on September 15.匈牙利总理的幕僚长亚诺什拉扎Janos Lazar)表示,周五国会通过的立法规定,那些破坏与塞尔维亚之间边境围栏的人最多会判三年有期徒刑,那些到达非正规通行处的人将被驱逐出境。该法将5日生效。Saturday’s talks came in the wake of a joint declaration from Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia that reinforced their opposition to any mandatory EU scheme for sharing out refugees. This puts them firmly in the opposition to a bid by Germany, France and Italy to rapidly set up a a system to handle this summer’s influx of asylum seekers.周六的会谈之前,波兰、匈牙利、捷克共和国和斯洛文尼亚已发布了一份联合声明,强调了他们反对欧盟出台任何共同接纳难民命令的立场。这让他们坚定地站在了德囀?法国和意大利的对立面,后三个国家则主张快速建立一项配额制度,以接纳今年夏季的避难者。Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, will set out proposals next week for a scheme that could cover as many as 160,000 refugees.欧盟委员EC)主席克洛德容Jean-Claude Juncker)将在下周提议出台一项可接纳至多16万名难民的计划。Ewa Kopacz, Poland’s prime minister, reiterated on Saturday that the country would not take more than the 2,000 migrants it had aly pledged to accept.周六,波兰总理埃娃科帕Ewa Kopacz)重申,波兰已承诺接纳2000名难民,实际接受量将不会超过这个数字。While Saturday’s meeting was not intended to make key decisions, the talks emphasised the scale of the challenge facing Europe in coming up with answers to the crisis.尽管周六的会议并非旨在做出关键决定,但会谈强调,欧洲在应对这场危机时面临的挑战是巨大的。While Italy’s foreign minister Paolo Gentiloni expressed his hope that “there will not be any vetoes to the commission proposal his Slovak counterpart, Miroslav Lajcak, said his country would not accept a a scheme centred on “an arbitrary decision by some bureaucrat意大利外长保罗真蒂洛Paolo Gentiloni)表示,他希望“欧盟委员会的提议将不会收到任何否决票”,而斯洛伐克外长米罗斯拉夫莱恰Miroslav Lajcak)则表示,他的国家将不会接受基于“某一官僚的独断决定”而建立的配额制度。Mr Lajcak did, however, open the door to the possibility that the country might accept as under certain conditions.然而,莱恰克为一种可能性打开了大门,即该国或许会在某种条件下接受配额安排。“I’m not against as. I’m just saying that we have to be sensitive,he said. “This is a very complex issue,he said.“我不是反对配额。我只是说,我们必须敏感一些,”他说。“这是一个非常复杂的问题。”Ministers did make headway on plans for stepping up measures beyond the EU’s borders, Ms Mogherini said, including in areas such as mission agreements with third countries, fighting people trafficking and beefing up naval controls in the Mediterranean.真蒂洛尼表示,部长们在强化欧盟边界以外措施方面确实取得了进展,包括与第三国的重新接纳协议、打击贩卖人口和加强地中海地区海军控制等方面。She also welcomed what she said was a growing recognition that the crisis concerned all EU nations and must be addressed urgently.她说,各方日益意识到这场危机关系到所有欧盟国家、必须尽快解决。她也对这一点表示欢迎。As migrants streamed into Austria after Vienna struck an agreement with Berlin on Friday to let them in, the country’s government said the situation should give the EU a wake-up call.在维也纳方面于周五与柏林方面达成一项协议、允许移民进入之后,大量移民涌入了奥地利。奥地利政府表示,这种局面应给欧盟敲响警钟。“Even if, thank God, we could solve the problem in a humanitarian way yesterday, I hope Europe will open its eyes,Sebastian Kurz, Austria’s foreign minister, said.“即便,谢天谢地,我们昨天能以人道方式解决这个问题,我希望欧洲将睁开眼睛,”奥地利外长塞巴斯蒂安錠尔茨(Sebastian Kurz)说。Hundreds of migrants started new marches out of Budapest on the highway towards Vienna on Saturday, after thousands swept past the country’s asylum and police controls on Friday.周五,数千移民通过了匈牙利的避难所和警察控制点,到了周六,又有数百名移民离开布达佩斯,走上通往维也纳的公路。Austrian authorities said they expected 10,000 migrants to arrive from Hungary after a week of confusion, anger and chaos. Thousands who had been denied access to trains bound for western Europe had protested at railway stations, refugee camps and in halted train carriages across Hungary this week.奥地利当局表示,他们预计,1万名移民在一周的迷惘、愤怒和混乱之后,从匈牙利来到了奥地利。数千人被禁止登上驶往西欧的列车,本周他们已在匈牙利境内的火车站、难民营和被停止的火车车厢里进行了抗议。Austrian chancellor Werner Faymann said he had agreed with German chancellor Angela Merkel to grant the refugees safe passage into Austria.奥地利总理维尔纳法伊曼(Werner Faymann)表示,他同意德国总理安格拉默克尔(Angela Merkel)的意见,为难民设立进入奥地利的安全通道。The convoy dropped the migrants in Hegyashalom, at the Austrian border, where they were processed before walking a few short paces into western Europe.护送车队让难民在奥地利边境的Hegyashalom下车,他们先接受审核,然后走很短的距离进入西欧。来 /201509/397478

DONETSK, Ukraine The campaign billboards in this city suggested a tight race between Aleksandr Zakharchenko and Aleksandr Zakharchenko.乌克兰顿涅茨克——从这座城市的竞选广告牌来看,亚历山大·扎哈尔琴科(Aleksandr Zakharchenko)与亚历山大·扎哈尔琴科(Aleksandr Zakharchenko)势均力敌。As voters in rebel-held areas of Ukraine went to the polls on Sunday, in defiance of the central government, the European Union and the ed States, the only visible campaign advertising in Donetsk was in support of the current separatist leader, Mr. Zakharchenko, who is, not surprisingly, expected to win.周日,被叛乱分子控制的乌克兰地区的选民无视中央政府、欧盟及美国,前往投票站投票,顿涅茨克地区唯一可见的竞选广告是持现在的分裂派领导人扎哈尔琴科的广告,不出意外的话,他将赢得选举。Rather than offering a range of plausible opposition candidates, the voting for members of Parliament and heads of state in Donetsk and the other breakaway region of eastern Ukraine, Luhansk, was significant for highlighting Ukraines loss of control over these territories, and Russias strengthening influence.在顿涅茨克及乌克兰东部另一个分裂地区——卢甘斯克的议会成员国家首脑的选举中,看不到各色反对派候选人,它的意义在于突显出乌克兰已经失去对这些地区的控制,俄罗斯的影响力不断加强。The elections will likely cement the status quo for Luhansk and Donetsk, which have been controlled in large part by pro-Russian separatists since the spring. Russia has said it will recognize the results, while Ukraine, along with European governments and the ed States, has said it will not, maintaining that the elections violated a cease-fire agreement signed in Minsk in September.选举活动可能会巩固卢甘斯克和顿涅茨克的现状,自今年春天以来,这些地区在很大程度上处于亲俄分裂分子的控制下。俄罗斯曾表示将承认选举结果,而乌克兰、欧盟政府及美国则表示,他们不会承认结果,坚称选举活动违反了今月在明斯克签署的停火协议。The cease-fire, which has been unraveling in daily shooting along the front lines, called for local elections to take place under Ukrainian law, and Kiev has scheduled city and village votes for Dec. 7. However, rebel leaders say they have no intention of allowing them to take place in Donetsk and Luhansk, and scheduled their vote for Sunday instead.停火协议要求地方根据乌克兰法律开展选举活动,但前线每天都会出现开的情况,该协议已被瓦解,基辅将城市及村庄的投票时间定在12日。但叛军领袖表示,他们不打算在顿涅茨克和卢甘斯克举行上述投票活动,并将他们的投票时间定在周日;We hope that it will be a free declaration of will and that nobody will try to ruin it from the outside,; Foreign Minister Sergey V. Lavrov of Russia told the Russian newspaper Izvestia.俄罗斯外长谢尔盖·V·拉夫罗夫(Sergey V. Lavrov)告诉俄罗斯《消息报Izvestia),“我们希望,这是自由意志的展示,没人会试图从外部毁掉它。”Western governments, including Germany and France, have called on Russia to refrain from recognizing the rebel votes. Secretary of State John Kerry called the elections a ;clear violation; of the Minsk agreement.包括德国及法国在内的西方政府曾呼吁俄罗斯不要承认叛乱分子的投票结果。美国国务卿约翰·克里(John Kerry)称这些选举活动“明显违反”了明斯克停火协议。Rebel election officials said about half a million people had voted by midafternoon in Donetsk, amid rising military tensions. The Ukrainian military said Sunday that Russia had in recent days bolstered equipment supplies to separatists. On Saturday, a column of 62 military trucks, including several carrying rocket launchers, drove through Donetsk.反叛团体选举官员表示,在军事紧张局势加剧的情况下,截至下午三点,顿涅茨克已有大0万民众投票。乌克兰军方在周日表示,俄罗斯近日增加了对分裂分子的装备供给。周六,62辆军用卡车开过了顿涅茨克,其中几辆车运载着火箭发射器。Ukrainians voted overwhelmingly last week for the pro-European political parties led by President Petro O. Poroshenko and Prime Minister Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk; the separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk did not take part in those elections and scheduled their own.上周,乌克兰人投票持由总统彼得罗·O·波罗申科(Petro O. Poroshenko)和总理阿尔谢尼·P·亚采纽克(Arseniy P. Yatsenyuk)领导的亲西方政党,使其获得了压倒性的票数;顿涅茨克和卢甘斯克的分裂分子没有参与此次投票,自己设定了投票时间。In an effort to draw voters to an election lacking suspense as the existing rebel leaders, including Mr. Zakharchenko, a former electrician, seem sure to stay on polling stations opened Sunday in Donetsk schools with gigantic piles of cabbage, potatoes, carrots, beets and onions in the yards outside; at one site, the vegetables were sold at far below market price. At other sites organizers gave the vegetables away. Several polling stations offered live entertainment, ranging from a three-member Slavic folk band to a man playing an accordion.包括电工出身的扎哈尔琴科在内的现有反叛团体领导人看起来肯定能留任,为了吸引选民参加这场没有悬念的选举活动,分裂分子周日在顿涅茨克的学校开设投票站,学校外的院子里放置了成堆的卷心菜、马铃薯、胡萝卜、甜菜及洋葱;在其中一个投票现场,蔬菜的售价远低于市场价格。在另一个投票现场,组织者干脆发放蔬菜。还有几个投票站提供现场演出,三人斯拉夫民歌乐队和一名拉手风琴的男子等演出人员参加了演出。In a practice common in authoritarian post-Soviet countries, one candidate in Donetsk endorsed his opponent, Mr. Zakharchenko, in the race. In a 2012 presidential race in Turkmenistan, for example, nominally competing candidates gave speeches standing in front of giant posters of the incumbent, who won.在顿涅茨克,一名候选人在竞选期间公开持其竞争对手,这种做法在威权统治的前苏联国家很普遍。比如,012年土库曼斯坦总统大选中,名义上相互竞争的候选人,站在获胜的现任的巨幅海报前面发表演讲;We dont have any differences, none at all,; Yuri V. Sivokonenko, the head of a police union and candidate for head of state, said in an interview. ;I didnt ask people to vote for me, because I dont have any differences in principle with Zakharchenko.;“我们没有任何分歧,完全没有,”政府首脑候选人、警察工会领导人尤里·V·西沃科年Yuri V. Sivokonenko)在接受采访时说。“我没有让人们给我投票,因为在原则上,我和扎哈尔琴科没有任何不同。”Mr. Sivokonenko said he had put up no campaign advertising because he lacked funds for it. A deputy speaker of the Parliament of Novorossia, Aleksandr Kofman, was also on the ballot but ran a low-profile campaign. No candidates ran in open opposition to the current rebel leadership. The overriding goal of the election, Mr. Sivokonenko said, was to boost the legitimacy of the separatists state. ;By the end of the day, the Donetsk Peoples Republic will have a new status,; he said. ;The election confirms our status as a state.;西沃科年科表示由于缺乏资金,自己没有投放竞选广告。“新俄罗斯Novorossia)议会副议长亚历山大·科夫曼(Aleksandr Kofman)也是候选人之一,但其竞选活动颇为低调。没有候选人公开与现任反政府武装领导人唱反调。西沃科年科称此次选举的首要目标,是巩固分裂分子政权的合法性。“到今天结束的时候,顿涅茨克人民共和国将获得一个新的身份,”他说。“选举将确认我们作为一个国家的身份。”Long lines formed at polling stations in Donetsk. No voter lists existed, raising the risk of duplicate voting. The Donetsk Peoples Republic accepted ballots sent by email if voters attached a scanned copy of a passport.顿涅茨克的投票站排起了长队。没有选民名单,这带来了重复投票的风险。如果选民附上了护照的扫描件,顿涅茨克人民共和国也接受通过电子邮件发送的选票。Aleksandr A. Prokhanov, the editor in chief of the Russian nationalist newspaper Zavtra, who has advised separatist field commanders including Mr. Zakharchenko on ideological questions, said in an interview over the weekend that the Donetsk Peoples Republic would not be bound by rigid Western ideas of democracy.俄罗斯民族主义报纸《明天Zavtra)总编辑亚历山大·普罗科·汉诺Aleksandr A. Prokhanov)会为扎哈尔琴科等分裂主义战地指挥官提供意识形态问题方面的咨询,他在周末接受采访时称,顿涅茨克人民共和国不会受死板的西方民主思想的限制;There are elections when you choose between A and B, and then there are the more difficult ones when you choose between A and A,; he said. ;You are a liberal, so you do not understand this. In the Russian consciousness, you can choose between A and A and A, and choosing between an infinite number of As is true freedom.;“有些选举需要在在A和B之间选择,也有更难的选举,要在A和A之间做出选择,”他说。“你是自由派,所以你不明癀?在俄罗斯的观念体系中,你可以在三个A之间选择。在无数个A中选择是真正的自由。”来 /201411/339896

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